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 Look Who's Coming to Dinner (S.17b) 
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Post Look Who's Coming to Dinner (S.17b)
Jean wrote:
Duel Academy, Obelisk Blue dormitory.

The sun had barely set an hour ago, giving a grand illusion of sinking itself into the waters to the west of Duel Academy. It had been a day filled with scattered clouds, and as the evening began to settle in with a refreshing, cool feeling, the setting sun had left behind a lovely sunset with colors of gold, peach, pink, and violet. Now, the sky began to shimmer with the first stars of the evening, a slivery crescent moon rising slowly among a clear, navy-colored sky.

In one of the large windows of the Oblisk Blue dormitory stood Saitou Honjou, looking out towards the vast sea as he contemplated what was to happen this evening. Or, rather, what he had started to contemplate, but had completely lost track of the moment he allowed his eyes to set upon the rhythmic, almost hypnotic motion of the waves.

He not only builds his house upon the sands, but beneath the feet of an active stratovolcano. To the steel-haired Honjou clan leader, the distinction between 'active' and 'dormant' was nil. It was either dead or alive, and the vaguely horseshoe-shaped pile of earth was most certainly alive. Considering this and everything else I have been told about this school, it is clear that Seto Kaiba enjoys taking a great deal of risks. Too many, perhaps.

Presently, Saitou felt his concentration being broken by something other than the sound of his own thoughts. Annoyed, he flicked his gaze over his shoulder, watching the actions of the other occupant of the room. A tall, curly, short-haired, and obviously much younger blonde man stood before the prepared table in the center of the room, munching idly on a pear he'd apparently pilfered from the display.

"I've heard that the soil that comes from the ash of a volcano is supposed to be quite potent and fertile," Saitou started, turning himself towards his fair-haired guest. "I had been told it was 'the best crop of the season'. Do you agree, Vol?"

"Hnngh!?" Vol Batolli, who had been absentmindedly chewing the entire time Saitou had been talking, turned his head, eyes wide as he heard his name called. Surely, he looked just like a boy who had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and as he looked from host to fruit, he swallowed, laughing. "I always wondered what the fuss was over organic this-and-that, but this almost changes my mind. It's good. Really good." His bright lavender eyes began to travel over the covered plates of food set upon the table. "It makes me wonder what the seafood--"

"Not until the children get here," Saitou interrupted before the man could finish his thought, putting such a tone into it so as to stop his fingers from reaching out, as they had been wont to do as soon as he had mentioned the idea. Between the actions of Mylene's father and Lila Daughtily, Edward Finklesetin's decidedly 'rambunctious' half-sister/guardian, the elder Honjou wondered if he would make it through the night. Perhaps there was something about 'mad' and 'scientists' that just had to fit together. "And especially not before Ms. Daughtily arrives."

"Mmph! Lila!" Vol took another bite and swallow of his purloined fruit as he recalled the name. "Did you ask her again yet?"

"Indeed," Saitou sighed. "Your check is in the mail."

Vol laughed heartily, slapping a hand on his knee. "When are you going to give it up, Saitou? She's never going to say 'yes'."

"It never gets old, though. I sometimes actually believe she looks forward to our yearly exchange. I know you do, and so... I will likely give up only until the payoff becomes so burdensome that I can no longer afford it."

"Saitou Honjou, running low on funds?" The younger blonde made a face of mock shock. "Say it isn't so!"

"It isn't so." Saitou replied in a calm, almost deadpan delivery.

"You're not supposed to take that literally."

"I didn't."

The two men stared at each other a minute or so until Vol began to laugh, unable to hold the joke for very long. Saitou followed suit not too long after, laughing in a way he rarely ever did around anyone save the quirky genius and a few, very few others.

"It's just been too long, Saitou," the younger said after a while, rubbing a hand across a tearing eye. "I haven't seen you much at all since our joint project a while back, and even then your presence was just about ghostly. I was beginning to even wonder if you were still around when Ei-chan said you were on the phone..."


"Speaking of that project, I took a look at it while I was around campus. Nothing suspicious, just glancing. It seems to be doing well, all things considered."

Saitou nodded, turning his attention towards the water again. "She does seem to be doing as well as she can here." He noticed the fair-haired man twitch at his emphasis of gender. "I realize a scientist much detach himself from his work, but she is a young lady, after all. Speaking of which," he started again, deftly changing the subject. "Did you see your daughter as well?"

"Barely," Vol replied, walking to join Saitou at the window. "I kept my distance. Didn't want to be too suspicious."

"And?" Saitou quirked an eyebrow. It wasn't like Mr. Batolli to speak so shortly.

"She was with them all day. The boy and the girl. Mostly the boy, but bouncing between them from the time she joined them in the morning to the time she went back to her room, and even then he didn't leave until an hour later."

And he'd just 'barely' seen her. Saitou snickered before becoming serious again. "His associations bother you greatly, don't they?"

"They do," Vol admitted. "The boy used to be nothing more than a living shell for a demon that took three students of varying abilities to do away with-- for the moment --two of which were your son and my daughter. Then, shortly after this, he becomes the protégé of Ichirou Komatsu, the newly appointed head of Osiris Red."

Saitou watched the man as he briefly recapped events he had been all too familiar with already, thanks to the dutiful reports of his son, Jin. Seeing Vol agitated was an unusual sight, and the man almost wished his wife could have attended the event. Ei knew how to settle his spirits.

"I had always allowed Mylene to do as she wished so she could avoid the deviant path I had traveled because of how others had tried to shape my own genius. I felt that, despite how I think that I would have done things, she had done well. I'm proud of her."

"As we all are."

Vol gave a wry smile at the genteel comment. "But I think there is a time when I do have to step in, as her father, and make some decisions for her. Jin has stepped in to help my daugther sans bond, and possesses abilities that she lacks. I can only surmise that, once the two get over the initial shock and come to know one another better, that they will become the great team we think they will. Yes?"

"Mmn," Saitou nodded. "Though I'm not so certain of my children's personal feelings on the matter, I'm sure that as proper children of the Honjou clan that they will resolve to make some good out of it. Jin will likely be the leading example of the four. Jo may protest at first, but I believe that if her brother pulls through like I imagine he will, she won't be too far behind."

"She'll say she hates me," Vol sighed, holding his hands up in defeat. "It'll be tough."


Vol put his head against the windowpane. "The mood suddenly became too heavy. I wish Lila'd get here. She'd liven things up."


Jeff wrote:
Jin let out an annoyed sigh as he walked towards the Obelisk Blue dorm. "This is completely idiotic. This is a boarding school, the entire point is that for 10 months of the year, I don't have to deal with that man..." He growled, obviously in about as bad a mood as he could get without becoming violent.

His sister didn't seem to be in that great of a mood either, but she seemed more concerned with her brother's attitude than anything else. "Well, you weren't home at all during Summer break, so he couldn't talk to you then, so it probably has to do with that..." She said.

Jin let out a snort. "Yeah, like he gives a rat's ass that I wasn't home for Summer. If he's angry because of that, it's just because he lost out on a month of pissing me off."

"....Does dad do anything that doesn't make you mad, big brother...?" Jo asked. She'd heard this from him so many times, but for the life of her, she couldn't tell why her brother detested their father so much.

"...." Jin glanced down at her for a second. "...Hrmph." He muttered and said nothing more, leading to the two finishing their walk to the Obelisk Dorm in silence.

Trinam wrote:
At that moment, as fate would have it, the cafeteria door is kicked open by a certain overly-happy girl. In one hand is a strap, dragging behind it her massive gun. In her other hand is a coat, dragging behind it a not-so-massive little brother. "Hey guys! Sorry I'm late, there was a bit of a fight getting Ed-kun to dress up in the tuxedo I picked out for him!"

"I thought it was going to explode! You told me YOU had it made, remember?!" With a kick, he tries to get out of the hold, only to fail as he was picked up and dropped in a chair, folding his arms and looking away in a huff. "Don't even see why I have'ta come here anyways... it's some stupid engagement party.... so what, you finally said yes to the old guy, it's not like it matters to me..."

"He's got a lot more spunk recently, you see... I didn't think he had it in him, so that's why I sort of ran a little long and... well that's not important anymore!" she says, sitting nearby and nodding towards Saitou. "So... is everyone else coming? I should hope so... it'd be awkward to announce everything with only one party involved." With a sage nod, she then gives a more serious look. "After all... there's business to finalize. The door is booby-trapped to explode if anyone tries to leave, Ed."

"GHH!" How... how did she... know?!

Quickly and quietly, the Yellow sneaks back to his seat, staring irately at the table.

"So... what's for dinner?"

Fri Jul 10, 2009 7:56 pm
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