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 The Rules — Updated: 01/08/2009 
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Post The Rules — Updated: 01/08/2009
These rules will be posted in multiple sections to help make sure they're not missed. Please make sure to read these carefully, and at least get the gist of them before starting on your character. You (and the rest of us) will be glad you did later!

1. Mature themes ahead.

This is not so much of a rule, but a warning. Most of the participants in this RP are of at least 18 years or older (most much more so) and, as a result, mature themes tend to pop up. Our contents would likely be in the range of a PG-13 to R rating, though we normally tend to keep more to the former than the latter. Some potential offenses include adult language, intimate relationships, mature and fantasy violence... you get the idea.

If this sort of thing makes you uncomfortable, you may want to reconsider joining right now. If you want to evaluate for yourself, though, you can request to be put into an observation group (you can see the forums, but can not post in them). Just ask one of our Administrators to set you up via PM.

2. You will need AIM Instant Messenger in order to fully participate in this RP.

All of our dueling is done over AIM (and, rarely, mIRC), as is much of our plotting and planning. Therefore, having some form of access to AIM is necessary. You can download the latest client from AIM's official website, or you can use popular AIM alternatives Trillian, AIM Express, or Meebo.

When AIM isn't working, we use mIRC as a backup communication client. Our channel is #gxrp, and the server is There is also a web-based alternative. In the area marked 'WebChat Login', enter a Nickname and a Realname (they can be anything), and #gxrp as the Channel.

3. No official characters.

Our story is based off of canon, but not canon itself. As a result, our cast is also not canon. That's simple enough, yes? If you want a longer explanation of when and where we are, visit this thread.

4. We use the Advanced Format Forbidden and Restricted List as written by Konami and UDE.

Right now, there is no difference between the OCG and TCG Forbidden and Restricted Lists, and we follow that list to the letter. In addition to that, we have our own restrictions for our created cards (henceforth referred to as "CAC"). A list on the specifics will be linked here as soon as a thread for it is created. Under construction.

5. Keep your decks believable.

There are precious few cards that are marked as being extremely rare (see the list that will be eventually posted in Rule 4), but they are always done so with reason. So, it stands to logic that Joe Hardluck from the poorest neighborhood and without a nickel to his name probably doesn't own any of those kinds of cards. Any character that is submitted that has a deck containing one or more of these rare cards is going to need a good reason for it— Wealth, inheritance, ties to the mafia, etcetera. This rule goes double for first time character profiles submitted by new members.

6. Don't do God Draws without your opponent's permission and/or without the situation confirming it.

If you've seen any of the anime at all, you've seen it happen. The good guy (and occasionally bad guy) draws exactly the card he needs at just the right time, and wins ferociously as a result. Now, if your opponent says you can do this, good. If the two of you have a rough plan of action before the duel, that's even better! But do NOT pull a God Draw out of nowhere. Yes, there are very rare exceptions to this, but just the idea of cheating your opponent like that seems kind of rude, doesn't it? So, as a rule of thumb, ask your opponent first.

If you know you're supposed to lose (yes, there are story duels like this) but still want to go out with a bang, still ask you opponent. It's just the fair thing to do.

7. CACs.

See this thread.

8. Certain cards are off limits.

Although the TCG/OCG allows every card (save the Gods) to be played, there are canon reasons that we use that put some cards off limits. If you've watched the anime, you'll know that some of these include the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, the Sacred Beasts, and the aforementioned Egyptian God cards. If you haven't seen the anime, it probably won't matter because you won't know about these guys anyway. Unsure? Just ask.

There are exceptions, however! Sometimes, we choose to disregard the story that canon has established for certain cards in order to create our own backstory for them in order to make them usable for the RP. One example of this will be our eventual use of the Wicked Gods from Yu-Gi-Oh! R. If there's a card that you think could be used with its own backstory in the RP, by all means, bring it up!

Also note that these rules do not apply to the use of deck themes such as Elemental Heroes, Crystal Beasts, Vehicroids, Neo-Spacians, and so on. Since we don't have a canon cast, it is almost always okay. The only exception to this rule are Destiny Heroes (and, yes, it includes splashing one or two of them into other decks).

9. Don't be rude about posting!

Part I: Telling others to post.

When asking another person to post, it's best to keep in mind the Golden Rule ("Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."). Be polite. Something simple like, "If you're not busy later, could you post in this thread?" is generally acceptable. Telling someone to post, or outright demanding it, is not okay in our book. Really, it's sort of the number one way to get a person to not post! However, if someone is honestly just not posting and it's causing a problem, take the issue to an Administrator. They will talk to the person and eventually resolve the issue in one way or another.

Part II: When you yourself are asked to post by another member.

On the other hand, let's say you've become involved in a thread. It's been a while since you posted, you know your interaction is really needed, and someone has (politely) asked you to post. For the sake of fairness, post... or talk to an Administrator. We understand that life can throw some unexpected curve balls, and we know all about writer's block. Together, we'll figure something out. But it's probably easier if you just post something, even if it's only a sentence long (quality over quantity rules here).

It should be noted, however, that it is not okay for this to become a repeat problem. If it does, an Administrator will be sent to talk to you, and you may be asked to take a hiatus in order to sort things out.

Part III: Rudeness from both sides.

If you're either being unnecessarily pestered by someone to post, or being snapped at by someone you've (nicely) asked to post, that's rudeness, and rudeness doesn't fly here. Talk to an Administrator and they'll set things straight. It really helps us if you document the problem (by saving AIM conversations or PMs related to the issue), so we can get a clear perspective of what's going on instead of having to judge solely by 'he said, she said'.

10. Eon can't get lucky with girls in any way, shape, or form.

Ever. 'Nuff said. (This is obviously an in-joke.)

Thu Jan 08, 2009 4:10 pm
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