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 Henry and Aussa (S.10) 
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Post Henry and Aussa (S.10)
David wrote:
Aussa, duel spirit of all earthy sandy things, dips her head down through the ceiling of another cell, "I hope he's in this one, this is getting tiresome if every cell is empty." And, sure enough, there he was. The spirit flies down and lands with a soft... well, she has no physical substance so her landing does nothing to the cell. "...I'm sorry..." she mutters to herself, "...this is sorta my fault..."

If the duel spirit would take a closer look, she might notice that there was something slightly odd about the boy... like his heyes were shut, and he wasn't moving at all. Was the boy unconcious? Well, technically, yes. However, it was merely in the sense that the boy had passed out... asleep. He wouldn't stay that way for long, though, as the duel spirit's words spurred his eyes to slowly begin to open. The boy yawned a bit. "Aaaah... Aw geez, my head..." Henry rubbed the back of his skull where he had previously been banged up. Henry glanced once around the room, looking for the sound that woke him from his sleep. "..." The boy blinked a few times as he recognized the culprit next to him. "...Aussa? What are you doing here?"

"I came to help, if I know where exactly you are and where the doors to you are it'll be easier for the others to rescue you," Aussa looked away. She wasn't exactly talking to Henry when she said this but it was loud enough for him to hear, "Why did the pirates just take you, why didn't they..." at that point her words trailed off to the point they couldn't be heard.

Henry mustered up a smile for the spirit. "Aww, thanks... Wait, the others are coming?" Cue a bigger smile... and then, the smile dropped. "...Wait, wait... You gotta tell them to turn back. They could get themselves hurt!" Henry slumped a bit. The girl began to speak again, and he didn't really get all of it, but he thought he got the gist. "I really have no clue." Henry shrugged, still smiling. "I just woke up here. I'm really fine, though, cept for a little headache... but that's really no biggie. I'm sure I'll be out of here in no time." Henry paused for a moment. "...How did you find out, anyway?"

If they all duel as bad as the pirates, how much danger could we be... Damnit! Aussa turned around, "You have to promise not to tell anyone!"

Henry tilted his head to one side. "...Tell anyone what?" Henry raised one eyebrow. "Aussa, how did you find out?

"Promise first..." Aussa looked incredibly serious, "I don't want anyone to treat me differently."

Henry made a motion with his finger across his chest. "Cross my heart and hope to die."

"Which could happen the others can't save you..." Aussa shook that thought out of her head, "Well... I was there when that pirate dueled me and then kidnapped you... I wish I could of done more to stop him." She closed her eyes hoping he would get that, but this is Henry, he's not exactly sharpest knife ever. Who knows how this could go.

Henry let the thought process. "...When the pirates dueled you?" Henry blinked a few times. "...But Aussa, I didn't think you were in Amilie's deck..." Believe it or not, the brain was at work here, and ever so slowly piecing things together. It took a few seconds, but the look on Henry's face slowly began to change. "...You aren't in her deck, are you? You are her, just like Wynn was Dawn!"

"It is kinda like what Sis did, but Amilie is a blank body," Aussa fidgeted slightly, she'd rather of written this down and read it than just thought of it, "She's a coma patient, I couldn't find any mental proscesses in her at all. So I... borrowed her. I wanted to try out this human thing, I rarely use my powers, its just my body is weak. I couldn't save you with it."

"And just because I feel bad for you getting kidnapped right next to me, don't think I like you. If it wasn't for the guilt I'd leave you here."

A little shocked by what he was hearing, Henry just kinda sat there with a blank look on his face. And then the whole, "I don't like you, I'd leave you here" comment. Well... not exactly something Henry wanted to hear, but at least she was honest. "Uh... well..." Henry was sort of grabbing for words at this point. It was kind of a high-tention, akward situation with no real good response. Finally, Henry was able to manage out, "...Thanks for at least trying to come and help me. It's not like you had any obligation to... It really wasn't your fault I got kidnapped, so please don't feel bad."

"I was right there, I had almost beaten that Pirate. Another second he'd of been down for the count and we could of escaped," She floated a little lower, half her body was hidden by the cell floor. She sorta knew it wasn't her fault, if she was only human and acted only human she couldn't have taken all those pirates. Even as a duel spirit none of them would react to her will. There was no move she could have done differently... however she still felt guilty about it. "We're going to save you, there is no way any of them would take your message and listen. Just sit tight, don't do anything too stupid."

Henry nodded. "Thanks, Amilie. I'll do my best."

"Aussa, I'm Aussa right now. Please remember that," she sank all the way out of the room.

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