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 One Piece Data Collection 
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Post One Piece Data Collection
Till we have a better place to put this, I'll set this up here. On the chance that people want to get involved who don't know much about One Piece or who haven't gotten terribly far, I've got the low-down on a bunch of different topics. I'll add to it as time goes on, but I'll start with the very basics.


Okay, here's the basic breakdown. The world of One Piece which has no official name (we'll call it Earth OP for reference) is broken down very differently from our Earth. Whilst we have massive continents and a series of lakes, huge oceans, and seas....Earth OP is a little more organized (sorta).

Basic points.

The Blues
*There are four 'Blues' or oceans in the world of One Piece. They represent each of the four major cardinal points and are thus called "South Blue", "North Blue", "East Blue", and "West Blue". These areas have smatterings of islands of various different sizes, ranging from tiny to huge (possibly even up to the size of Greenland). Very little information about the individual Blues has been presented in One Piece so far, since the only Blue we've truly seen is East Blue. Our setting is currently in South Blue, of which only a few pieces of information have been presented (for instance Mr. 5's revolver was a new model from South Blue). If you want me to put up specific known geographic points in each Blue, just let me know and I'll add those.

Red Line
*Here's where things get even weirder. The entirety of Earth OP is split in half by the Red Line, a massive continental mass of land that goes in a perfect circle around the world and acts like our Earth's Prime Meridian. It actually reaches from the very deepest part of the ocean floor, about 10,000 meters below sea level (the location of Fishman Island) and is so tall ABOVE the ocean floor that its top cannot be seen from the base by the naked human eye. Exactly how high up this makes it, and exactly whether or not this height is static is uncertain as this is some of the only information on the subject. As far as we know, Red Line does consist of different countries all of which are member states in the World Government. None of this has been made explicitly clear, however we do know that at the peak of the Red Line is the Holyland Marie Joie, the seat of the World Government.
*There are a few gaps in the Red Line which allow people to cross, including Reverse Mountain and the underwater route through Fishman Island.

Calm Belt
*These are long patches of ocean that stretch to the North and South and of the Grand Line. Each of these ocean patches is unique and dangerous, as both of them have little to no wind or current (making passing through them extremely difficult for ships that rely primarily on sails) and are also known to be heavily infested with Sea Kings, which are giant monster fish (basically) with hefty appetites. There don't seem to be many islands in the Calm Belt, and if there are its unlikely most people are aware of them due to the difficult in traversing the Calm Belt.
*A very important location in the calm belt is the great underwater prison Impel Down which is deliberately built in this area UNDER the seafloor in order to add protection through the Sea Kings that surround it and the difficulty of reaching it and escaping from it due to the lack of winds and current.

The Grand Line
*While the Red Line acts like Earth OP's Prime Meridian, the Grand Line is its equator and stretches like a long belt to circle around Earth OP. The combined splitting effect of Grand Line and Red Line is what divides the Blues into their four sections. There are few entrances to the Grand Line, primarily Reverse Mountain is the method of entrance to the first half.
*The first half of the Grand Line is unnamed and stretches from Reverse Mountain to the exact opposite end of the Red Line. The first half of the Grand Line is significantly more dangerous than any of the Blues and, combined with the second half, is what gives the Grand Line its nickname of the 'Pirate's Graveyard'.
*Climate in the Grand Line is erratic, and the weather and currents can change in an instant. A skilled navigator is necessary to survive this sort of strangeness. There are four different climates for islands in the Grand Line: Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall. Strangely enough, on an island that is a 'Winter Island' there are still 4 seasons, however these are different from what we would call our seasons. This means that there are a total of 16 different types of seasons in the Grand Line.
*In terms of navigation the Grand Line is also unusual because each island has its own magnetic field. So a standard compass which attempts to point Magnetic North will be utterly useless in the Grand Line. Instead navigators must rely on a 'Log Pose' which locks onto a specific magnetic field from one of the seven different routes along the Grand Line and the navigator then follows it. At the location of the locked on field the Log Pose will then set itself by locating the next island in the chain. This process takes time, anywhere from a few hours to a year depending on the island. An Eternal Pose has a specific island always locked in as its position, and so this allows for easier navigation towards a particular point.
*Each of the seven routes of the first half of the Grand Line meet at the Red Line, which must be crossed to reach the second half. The second half is called the 'New World' and is considered the most dangerous place in the world. Little is known about this area. The last island in the New World is called Raftel, and this is one of the only specific pieces of information so far available about the New World.

Notable Locations! Weeeee!

*The hometown and place of execution of the legendary Pirate King, Gol D. Roger which occurred in 1500 AOS, kick-starting the 'Great Age of Piracy'. Known as the town of beginnings and endings (its a pun on prologue and epilogue obviously as well as the word 'rogue') it is located in East Blue and is fairly close to East Blue's Reverse Mountain entrance to the Grand Line. The site of Gol D. Roger's execution is a tourist spot and because pirates often come to visit from East Blue before heading to the Grand Line it can be a rough and tumble place.

*An island in West Blue known for its legendary scholars. Ohara and all of its citizens (save one) were burned to the ground by a Buster Call invoked by the Marines. This occurred in 1502 AOS, just two years after the execution of Gol D. Roger and thus two years after the beginning of the Great Age of Piracy.

Calm Belt Locations
*Amazon Lily: the island of woman, very few people have been here due to its dangerous location in the middle of the Calm Belt (which is heavily infested by Sea Kings and has little to not current). It is considered a legendary island for this reason. The tribe of women that inhabit this island are called the 'Kuja'.
*Impel Down: The Great Underwater Gaol (or prison), it is the legendary maximum-security prison run by the Marines. Its location underwater in the Calm Belt and thus surrounded by Sea Kings and difficult to get to is the first of it defenses. It is arranged in descending levels of torture and prisoner rank from levels 1 to 5. Prisoners of the least danger are kept in level 1, while those of greatest threat are kept in level 5. Each level is called a 'Hell' and has a different theme of torture. Supposedly there is a sixth level, but this is uncertain. Only one person, Kinjishi in 1502 AOS, has ever escaped Impel Down.

Reverse Mountain
*A mountain at one of the points where the four Blues meet and is one of the two known entrances to the Grand Line. This place is unique in that rivers from the Blues flow up the mountain, meet at the top, and then flow down into the Grand Line. This is due to the fact that the mountain, being a "Winter Island" using Grand Line terminology, is much colder than the surrounding sea in the Blues but not in the Grand Line. Many pirates entering the Grand Line die before they can even go up the mountain, because the hostile water currents and storms force them to crash into the mountain walls. On the rivers' borders are several gates built by an unknown hand.

Enies Lobby
*known as The Judicial Island it is a government-controlled stronghold in the Grand Line. Enies Lobby is located on an island referred to as both an "afternoon island" and a "never-night island". Enies Lobby leads to Impel Down and the Marine Headquarters directly. Because of this, there are many Government Agents stationed here, roughly 10,000 troops, a mix of those from both the World Government and the Marines. The island also has a courthouse, which makes it easy to transfer high-level criminals through Enies Lobby and directly into Impel Down, or to the Marine Headquarters. Although all but the marines themselves are unaware, Enies Lobby is also the headquarters for Cipher Pol 9, the secret ninth cipher pol.

Sabaody Archipelago
*An area close to the Red Line. Though it is called an archipelago, it is actually a massive mangrove forest growing out from middle of the ocean with each tree of the forest serving as an "island" for which people live on. Since it is just a forest and not an island like those found in the Grand Line, it has no magnetic pull for which to affect a Log Pose. Due to the place being in close proximity to the part of the Red Line bordering the first half of the Grand Line and the New World, it is a highly visited rest stop for all sorts travelers to prepare before entering the New World. Aside from its unique environment and it being a booming business hub, it is notable for the World Nobles who visit there and a thriving slave trade supported by them. Passing through this location and having one's ship coated by a coating mechanic is the only way to pass down to Fishman Island and thus enter the New World without having to go over the Red Line itself.

*Marine Headquarters, located directly next to Mariejois on the Red Line. It is one of the access points to the New World and is where the strongest of all Marines, including the Admirals and many Vice-Admirals reside. The strength of Marines who reside here is generally considered to be significantly greater than those of marines in any other location. This location is also the residence of the Fleet Admiral, the supreme military commander of the Marines.

Holy Land Mariejois
*The capital of the World Government, located near Marineford on the Red Line. Those who live here are called the 'World Nobles' and are the descendants of the founders of the World Government. The Council of Kings meets here, as well as the ruling body of the World Government the Gorousei.

Fishman Island
*An underwater island which dwells 10,000 meters under Mariejois, in a giant hole that goes under the Red Line. It serves as an underwater gateway to the New World for those who do not wish to cross over the Red Line above. It is the home of the Fishmen and some Merfolk. The only way for a standard ship to reach here is to be coated by a coating mechanic on Sabaondy Archipelago.

*The final island of the Grand Line, located at the end of the New World. Little is known about this island, though supposedly it is the location of the treasure One Piece. Due to this belief, it is possible that only the Roger Pirates have ever reached this location. Why this might be is uncertain.

Some information on World Government agencies! Weee!

*The first and most obvious is the World Government's naval power and general military group, the Marines. Their primary forces are located in the Grand Line due to its dangerous nature, however Branch Offices do exist in the other 4 Blues, but the presence here is much lighter than that in the Grand Line. The ranking system follows the fairly standard naval system and is generally as follows in order of ascending rank (known):
--Infantry and Sailor Division: Chore Boy, Apprentice, Seaman Recruit, Seaman, Petty Officer, Chief Petty Officer, Master Chief Petty Officer, Chief Warrant Officer
---Commissioned Officers: Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant, Lieutenant-Commander, Commander, Captain, Commodore, Rear-Admiral, Vice-Admiral, Admiral (only 3 exist), Fleet Admiral (only 1).

*Also known as the 'Royal Shichibukai' these are seven former pirates whose bounties (if they had them) have been rescinded and they now operate (relatively) under Marine jurisdiction. Thus they are 'privateers'. Shichibukai are only allowed to attack other pirates and are required to pay the Marines 1/10th of any loot they gain in this manner. Each member must be powerful and show great skill at intimidation in order to cow other pirates. It can be assumed that wide-spread knowledge of the defeat of a Shichibukai can invalidate one's rank as it would decrease the reputation of the organization. When not directly under the orders of the World Government the Shichibukai are not required to follow the orders of marines or even aid them, this can even include ignoring the desires of a marine of Admiral rank apparently. The seven Shichibukai are considered amongst the strongest pirates in the world.

*The local defense forces of the World Government, they reside purely on dry land and are tasked with the containment of everyday crimes and criminals. Basically like the police in our world. No known ranking system has been revealed.

Cipher Pol
*A World Government organization. The various Cipher Pol cells are stationed throughout the world and investigate for the World Government. They supplement the Intelligence Branch of the World Government's Marine forces, but seem to operate more as an counter-insurgency agency that also has more general law enforcement duties. If they encounter pirates, they will apprehend them, but, as an agency, Cipher Pol seems to focus more on political threats to the World Government than more generic criminals. So far, the bulk of the CP agencies seen on the Grand Line are those groups number CP5 and above, which may indicate that CP1 through CP4 are based in the Blues while the higher units are based on the Grand Line. Of course, those four units may well be in the vast number of CP Agents that we see later in the story. There are eight official Cipher Pols that are numbered from CP1 to CP8 with a single unofficial unit, which is named CP9. This Cipher Pol has the license to kill any citizen that does not cooperate with the World Government or acts contrary to the interests of the World Government. Under certain circumstances, this will even require the assassination of certain individuals. Because such a radical method of applying justice by one of the World Government should not be common knowledge, this group is a super secret organization.
---Known Cipher Pols: CP5- their agents have not displayed superior physical ability. CP6-agents have displayed at least some superior physical ability, with the strongest being a skilled fighter trained on Karate Island. CP7-only one agent shown, this agent called 'CP7's ace' thus it can be assumed that his superior ability to the CP6 strongest implies that the abilities of CP7 are greater than those of CP6 and below. May also imply that the strength of individual agents rises with the numbering of the Cipher Pol
----Cipher Pol 9: The secret organization of the Cipher Pols. In order to exceed the limits of the human body, CP9 agents receive special training beginning in their childhood. In order to become a full-fledged member of CP9, the agents must master a martial arts technique that is called Rokushiki. They reside (when not on missions) in Enies Lobby's Tower of Justice. The number of agents of CP9 is thus small, and each agent is considered super-human, to such a degree that any individual member's defeat is considered horrifying by the CP9 themselves and by the Marines as a whole.

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