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* Kazimir sits alone in a dark, enclosed space. His only source of light is the image on the screen of his PDA, which he observes closely.
<Kazimir> After staring at the image for minutes without speaking or moving, he cuts it off, stands up, and begins typing a message.
<Kazimir> Without sending the message out, he pockets the device, and dons the red cloak of his Order. "I suppose it's time to go, then."
* Alastor is, meanwhile, heading back to his dorm from the infirmary, accompanied by lowerclassmen Ren Ikuhara.
<Alastor> "Three years here, and I've -never- done that much paperwork! Accursed Bureaucratic Cult FIENDS!"
<Ren_Ikuhara> "Accompanied," in Ren's case, meaning several paces behind, and rubbing her writing hand. "Y-yes... But... Uhm... should sensei have really let us go like that, with that... going on?"
<Alastor> "Hah! Clearly, it's a sign of trust! She knows that if any of them try to get the drop on us, I'll dispose of them with a flick of my wrist!"
<Ren_Ikuhara> "M-mmn!" Ren nods enthusiastically. "I... I suppose... ... maybe..."
<Kazimir> "I'd find that quite impressive," Kazimir stated, walking onto the path in front of both Yellows.
<Kazimir> "Hello, Alastor. Miss Ikuhara."
<Alastor> "YOU!" Alastor calls out, pointing dramatically.
<Alastor> "...Who exactly are you?"
<Ren_Ikuhara> "...!" The author has no idea what the Chinese equivalent of ninjas are, but she is doing a NINJA VANISH behind Alastor!
<Kazimir> "You know, I could take this golden opportunity to say 'Your worst nightmare', but let's not bother with such silly theatrics, hm?"
<Alastor> "...."
<Ren_Ikuhara> "B-but he's wearing a... a silly costume..." Ren whispers to Alastor behind his back.
<Alastor> "You're that Farkas fellow I accidentally ran over with a gurney first year, aren't you?"
<Kazimir> "I assure you, it was no accident, Alastor," Kazimir says with a nod, "At least, not on my part."
<Alastor> "...I twisted your leg in four spots, I would've hoped it was."
<Ren_Ikuhara> 'M-me, too...! No accident!? Nuts!'
<Kazimir> "It was quite a learning experience..."
<Alastor> "Well, at any rate..." He says, waving a hand.
<Alastor> "It's quite late, and we're both headed back to our dorm, so is there anything we can help you with, Mr. Farkas?" 'cause he sure didn't look like he needed medical assistance.
<Kazimir> "As a matter of fact, there is," he holds up his left arm, and activates his Duel Disk, "you can help me send a message to the teachers of this academy."
<Ren_Ikuhara> "That he... likes to duel?"
<Alastor> "...You want to duel me?"
<Kazimir> "I would very much appreciate it."
* Alastor frowns just a tad. "Seems quite odd that you'd want to duel me in the middle of the night, rather than during the day."
<Kazimir> "Is it now?" Kazimir begins approaching Alastor, "This is really the most convenient time for me, you see."
* Alastor holds a hand out in a 'STOP' fashion.
<Alastor> "Please, Mr. Farkas! Let's keep our personal space intact!"
<Ren_Ikuhara> "S-senpai... I don't think... you should. Sensei said students shouldn't-- eep!"
<Kazimir> "I'm afraid you have no choice in the matter," Kazimir stated, hurling gas bomb on the ground between them.
<Alastor> "What the?!" Alastor holds an arm up as the gas rises.
* Ren_Ikuhara just cringes behind Alastor, as if THAT'LL do anything useful.
<Alastor> "What's the meaning of thi...this...oogh...." Alastor's legs buckle a bit as he starts to feel woozy.
<Kazimir> "This batch is even more potent than my usual supply," Kazimir muses, bending low and striking at a pair of points in Alastor's lower legs, "I can't pull any punches if I want to show I mean business, you see."
<Alastor> "ARGH!" Alastor falls over as his legs are stricken, clutching both of them tightly.
<Ren_Ikuhara> "S-senpai...!" Ren coughs, holding on to her upperclassman's shoulders. "H-hang in there!"
<Alastor> "Ngh...heheh...I see..." He mutters, standing with a pained expression on his face. 
<Alastor> "Ren-chan. Please back up a bit. This guy apparently really means business."
<Ren_Ikuhara> "But senpai...!"
<Kazimir> "I do appreciate those who agree to my terms without my resorting to threats. Good then." He holds up his Duel Disk and backs up to space himself about ten feet from Alastor.
<Alastor> "Ren-chan..." He shoots a grin at her. "If you ended up hurt because of this malcontent, then Soren-sensei would probably never forgive me!"
<Ren_Ikuhara> "...!!" The grin! Anything but that! "J-just... don't lose..." She mumbles, backing off.
<Alastor> "Hah! As if I'd lose to some malcontent!
* Alastor activates his Duel Disk. "Duel!" (8000)
* Kazimir chuckles. (8000)
<Alastor> "I shall go first. Draw!"
<Alastor> "I summon Knight of the End!" An armored knight holding a rapier appears. (1400/1200)
<Alastor> "When Knight of the End is summoned, I can send one DARK-attribue monster from my deck to my graveyard!"
<Kazimir> "A Dark deck?" Kazimir smirks, "How new age."
<Alastor> "I choose Dark Crusader." He places the monster into his graveyard. 
<Alastor> "Tceh. Darkness is as old as time itself!"
<Alastor> "Two reverses. End turn!"
<Kazimir> "Old as time itself...And so is pain, Alastor." Grinning, Kazimir drew the top card of his deck. "This duel carries with it the legacy of the Order of Holy Suffering! Draw!"
<Kazimir> "I place one monster in defense mode," he declares, "and two facedown cards as well. End turn."
<Alastor> "Draw!"
<Ren_Ikuhara> 'As old as? Legacies?' Unfortunately, Ren isn't following all this showmanship very well.
<Alastor> "Set one monster in defense. Knight of the End, ATTACK!"
<Alastor> "Armageddon Cut!"
<Kazimir> Kazimir doesn't move as the Knight runs into...some bizarre cross of a chia pet and a porcupine.
<Kazimir> "Thousand Needles (1000/1800) should take care of that knight," Kazimir states, and indeed the critter growls, and hundreds of quills extend from its body to impale the Knight of the End.
<Alastor> "Curses..." Several of the needles pierce through the knight and hit Alastor. "Gh--AAAAGH!" (7600)
<Ren_Ikuhara> 'More needles...' Ren cringes.
<Kazimir> "Besides the enhanced pain you're experiencing," Kazimir states, motioning to the slain knight, "Thousand Needles destroys an attacking monster that cannot best its defense."
<Alastor> The Knight coughs up some blood and explodes. "Curses...end turn..."
<Kazimir> "Draw."
<Kazimir> "One card facedown. End turn."
<Alastor> "Draw!"
<Alastor> "Summon Priestess Ohm!" A priestess dressed entirely in black with a pair of red whips in her hands appears. (1700/1600)
<Alastor> "End turn."
<Kazimir> "I draw."
<Kazimir> "Reverse card open," one of his three set cards flips up, and a whirlwind kicks up over one of Alastor's cards, "I activate Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy the card closest to your deck."
<Alastor> Dark Dimension Release is destroyed. "Tch."
<Kazimir> Kazimir places another card on his Duel Disk, and a stumpy armored and masked man bearing a pair of cleavers appears in front of him.
<Kazimir> "I summon Masked Chopper (100/100)," Kazimir announces.
<Alastor> "Haha...a monster that can deal me 2000 points of damage upon the destruction of a monster..."
<Kazimir> The Chopper then becomes surrounded by a golden aura. "United We Stand increases my monster's attack and defense by 800 for each face-up monster on my field."
<Kazimir> "Attack the facedown monster," the Chopper rushes towards the defender with both cleavers raised.
<Kazimir> (1700/1700)
<Alastor> Alastor's monster is wiped out without a fight.
<Kazimir> "And of course you know what comes next."
<Kazimir> The Masked Chopper takes a swipe at Alastor's chest.
* Alastor is cut twice by the axes. He lets out another scream as his legs buckle beneath him (5600)
<Kazimir> "And that will do it for my turn."
<Alastor> "Heh....think so?!"
<Alastor> A bandage shoots up from the ground and ties around Masked Chopper's arm.
* Ren_Ikuhara encourages from the sidelines. "Senpai! Don't fall, no matter what!"
<Kazimir> "What's this?"
<Alastor> "Grave Squirmer's effect activates!" The undead monster (0/0) leaps up from the ground behind the Chopper as it's ensnared by bandages. "When it's destroyed as a result of battle, I can destroy one card on the field!" 
<Alastor> Grave Squirmer reaches out two hands and snaps Masked Chopper's neck.
<Kazimir> "Hm...disappointing...Still, I have no further actions to make this turn."
<Alastor> "Draw!"
<Alastor> "Summon Card Gunner!" The bright red robot appears and beeps enthusiastically.
<Alastor> "I activate its effect three times!"
<Alastor> Dark Crusader, The End Spirits and Dark Armed Dragon are discarded.
<Alastor> "Trap Card - Call of the Haunted!"
<Alastor> "This allows me to special summon one monster from my grave...come forth, Dark Crusader!"
<Alastor> A knight wielding a broadsword with a skeletal face appears. (1600/200)
<Alastor> "Card Gunner, attack Thousand Needles! Card Artillery!"
<Kazimir> The critter is blown away by the robot's fire.
<Alastor> "Dark Crusader! Shadow Crusade!" The knight leaps up and brings the sword down on Kazimir
<Kazimir> "I think not." A quartet of multi-colored furballs appear in front of Kazimir. "Scapegoat gives me four Sheep Tokens (0/0) to shield against your assault."
<Alastor> "Tceh. Priestess Ohm! Dyrad's Shadow!" Ohm slashes the air with her whips, sending a wave of darkness through the air at the goat.
<Kazimir> "You do love flashy attack names, don't you, Alastor?" Kazimir is now two goats short.
<Alastor> Alastor pumps a fist. "A duelist is only as strong as the name and the fervor of his attack!" 
* Ren_Ikuhara claps for Alastor-- he isn't winning by Life Points, but he's definitely making a comeback!
<Alastor> "One card face down. End turn."
<Kazimir> "Draw."
<Kazimir> "Fufu...I do find it amusing when my opponents try to explain to me why they're so 'strong'...Like the innocent naivety of a child, you see?"
<Alastor> "Tceh. Insults will get you nowhere, malcontent."
<Kazimir> "It's not an insult, Alastor," Kazimir says with a grin, "it's a fact. I DO find it amusing, after all. Now then...please call a level as I activate Reasoning."
<Alastor> "...Level 1."
<Kazimir> "Afraid of my Masked Chopper? Very well then..."
<Kazimir> He picks up two cards and places them in his graveyard, before placing the third on his Duel Disk. "Giant Rat (1400/1500) is summoned."
<Kazimir> The man-sized rodent appears as Kazimir makes his next move.
<Alastor> "Hah. Looks like I guessed wrong."
<Kazimir> "So it would seem. I additionally summon Rocket Warrior (1500/1300)." The odd missile/knight monster appears next to the Giant Rat.
<Kazimir> "Giant Rat attacks the weakened Card Gunner." The rodent pounces towards the machine.
<Alastor> "Trap Card - MIRROR FORCE!"
<Kazimir> "...Pity..." Kazimir shrugs as his monsters are wiped out.
<Kazimir> "One card facedown, end turn."
<Alastor> "If I'd left that Giant Rat alone to be destroyed by a monster, you just would've summoned Mask Chopper again!"
<Alastor> "Draw!"
<Alastor> "Card Gunner's effect!" Alastor takes his top 3 cards.
<Alastor> Kuriboh, Knight of the End, and Deep Diver are discarded
<Alastor> "Card Gunner! Card Artillery!"
<Kazimir> Another Sheep Token bites it.
<Ren_Ikuhara> 'D-darn sheep...! Even if they are cute...!'
<Alastor> "Shadow Crusade!"
<Kazimir> "Not this time...Activate facedown card."
<Kazimir> A circle of light appears around the final Sheep Token, and it blinks out of existence. "I sacrifice the token to Spiritual Earth Art-Kurogane."
<Alastor> "What's this...?"
<Kazimir> "Then, from my graveyard, a level 4 or lower Earth monster is summoned in its place." Thousand Needles appears, crouching defensively (1000/1800)
<Alastor> "Tch...end turn."
<Kazimir> "Draw."
<Kazimir> "...Let's try getting rid of that Gunner again, shall we?"
<Kazimir> "I summon Sangan (1000/500) and have it attack your machine," the three-eyed fiend appears and immediately goes after the Card Gunner.
<Alastor> The Card Gunner is immediately wiped out. (5000)
<Alastor> "Erghk....!" Alastor seizes up as the damage hits him. "C-card Gunner's effect....when it's destroyed, I draw one!"
<Alastor> Alastor's eyes widen noticabely at his drawn card.
<Kazimir> "I end my turn."
<Ren_Ikuhara> 'E-eh?' "Dono-s... Senpai?"
<Alastor> "...Draw!"
<Kazimir> "...Something special about that card you've drawn, Alastor?"
<Alastor> "...Ren-chan."
<Alastor> Alastor grins at her. "By the card that I've just drawn...I swear that I'll protect you from this guy!"
<Kazimir> "Really?"
<Kazimir> Three midgets wearing polka-dot briefs suddenly jump in Alastor's face.
<Alastor> "Heh...Ojama Trio, eh?"
<Kazimir> "I don't think I'll allow you that opportunity. Ojama Trio summons three tokens to your remaining open zones (0/1000)."
<Alastor> "Dark Crusader's effect." He shows the Kuriboh in his hand and discards it. "By discarding a dark monster, I increase his ATK by 400." (2000/200)
* Ren_Ikuhara can't speak. The use of '-chan,' the oath to protect, the heavy ignoring of disturbing, brightly-pants'd monsters! Swoon!
<Alastor> "Priestess Ohm's effect!" The priestess evaporates. "I sacrifice her to deal you 800 points of damage!"
* Kazimir blinks as a wave of dark energy crashes into him. "I had forgotten about that..." (7200)
<Alastor> "Dark Crusader, Knight of the End, Grave Squirmer, The End Spirits, Dark Armed Dragon, Kuriboh, Priestess Ohm..."
<Alastor> As Alastor names the seven monsters, their spirits all evaporate into darkness and float up into the night sky.
<Alastor> "I remove the seven of you from play....NOW COME TOGETHER, AND FORM THE RAINBOW THAT PIERCES THE NIGHT SKY!"
<Ren_Ikuhara> "H-heeh...!" Ren looks on in awe as the anticipated monster is called upon.
<Kazimir> "Such flare you have...what are you getting so excited about?"
<Alastor> "ULTIMATE CRYSTAL GOD - RAINBOW DARK DRAGON!" The massive serpentine dark-skinned dragon flies out from out of nowhere, bellowing its presence out to all below it.
<Alastor> (4000/0)
<Kazimir> "...Oh my..."
<Ren_Ikuhara> "Kyaah!" Though, the cry sounds more pleased than frightened, for a change.
<Alastor> "You were talking about my justifications for being 'strong' earlier?"
<Alastor> Alastor brings his hands up and laughs. "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard! If I was obsessed with my own strength, why the hell would I be a nurse's assistant in Ra Yellow!? 
<Alastor> "There's only two things I wanna do - heal people and stop the people who necessitate that I heal those people! And right now, that includes you, Kazimir Farkas!"
<Alastor> "Dark Crusader, attack Thousand Needles!"
<Kazimir> The beast is destroyed for the second time.
<Kazimir> "You do like being dramatic, don't you? I'd like to get back to hurting you, if you don't mind."
<Alastor> "Hah! It just felt natural, what with the timing and everything."
<Alastor> "Rainbow Dragon's effect!"
<Alastor> "By removing all DARK-attribute monsters I control and those in my graveyard, Rainbow Dark Dragon gains 500 ATK for each one!"
<Alastor> Dark Crusader, Knight of the End and Kuriboh all evaporate. (5500/0)
<Kazimir> Sangan is vaporized by the blast, and the impact of the attack sends Kazimir flying backward some ten feet onto his back.
<Kazimir> (2700)
<Alastor> "End turn."
<Kazimir> "...Hehehehehe..." Kazimir slowly sits up from his position on the ground. "You've made a mistake, Alastor..."
<Kazimir> Looking closer would reveal that his eyes have rolled into the back of his head. "Because that actually HURT ME!"
<Ren_Ikuhara> "... er..."
<Alastor> Alastor looks a bit freaked out. Just a bit. "Your eyes....!" '...I may have overdone it with my attack....'
<Kazimir> "I feel stronger than I've felt all year! And don't forget..." he pulls his deck from his Duel Disk, and plucks a card from it without his eyes changing, "you've just given me Masked Chopper back!"
<Alastor> "Rainbow Dark Dragon has 5500 attack points."
<Alastor> "There's no way your Chopper can outclass that, no matter the equip spells you give it."
* Ren_Ikuhara can't take that freaky appearance any more, coving her eyes with a "Gyah!" as Alastor continues.
<Kazimir> Kazimir begins laughing insanely. "You fool! Pain only further opens my eyes to power and knowledge! When I'm like this..." he tears the top card away from his deck, "I'm unstoppable!"
<Kazimir> "Come forth, Masked Chopper (100/100)!" Another copy of the monster comes into play.
<Kazimir> "One card facedown! Now, let's see how much pain we can dig up, Alastor Donovan! End turn!"
<Alastor> "Draw."
<Alastor> Alastor frowns. 'He's obviously trying to bait me into an attack...'
<Alastor> 'But...what if he's trying to bluff me...'
<Alastor> Alastor grins broadly.
<Alastor> "You're betting everything on whether I decide correctly or not right now!"
* Alastor points forward.
<Kazimir> Kazimir's head lists to the side as the attack comes forward, that same manic grin on his face. "I want to share this pain with everyone...And I'll start with you, Alastor!"
<Alastor> Alastor's eyes open wide.
<Ren_Ikuhara> "H-hate... Buster!?"
<Alastor> "Destroy the attacking monster...and inflict damage equal to its ATK..."
<Kazimir> "That's right! That same pain you've given me...You get to experience it as well!" Masked Chopper leaps towards Rainbow Dark Dragon, and together they explode.
<Ren_Ikuhara> "Senpai..."
<Alastor> As the dragon explodes, shards of its body rain down on Alastor, striking him repeatedly. He screams out in pain as he's hit again and again before coughing out a bit of blood...and dropping to the ground.
<Alastor> (0000)
* Kazimir takes a few deep breaths following the conclusion of the duel, and closes his eyes for a moment. When he opens them again, they have returned to normal, although they are bloodshot.
* Ren_Ikuhara immediately rushes over to her fallen 'senpai,' crouching beside him and pulling her PDA out of her pocket. "Hang in there...!"
* Ren_Ikuhara begins to put in Zaniah Melancholy's number. "It's okay," she says softly. "Sensei will come, I know it..."
<Kazimir> "You will be my messenger, Miss Ikuhara," Kazimir says, approaching her slowly.
* Zaniah answers the phone on the first ring, eyebrow quirking. "Hello?"
<Kazimir> He leans over the girl and the fallen Alastor. "...Or perhaps this will be easier." He snatches Ren's PDA from her hand.
<Ren_Ikuhara> "Sensei, Alastor, he--" Unfortunately, Kazimir is approaching, and she has to turn just a little bit vicious. "You stay AWA-- HEY!"
<Zaniah> "...If this is a joke, it is not funny."
<Kazimir> "Hello...Zaniah sensei? This is Kazimir Farkas...I have a message for you."
<Zaniah> "It is?"
<Kazimir> "The Order of Holy Suffering is done hiding, running. Though we are no longer hidden and safe, we are stronger than ever."
<Ren_Ikuhara> "Senpai... D-don't worry... I think you were right... n-no guts... no... glory..." As she says this, she's taking out several 'helpful herbs.'
<Kazimir> "Our time hiding in the shadows, striking only when we can quickly retreat, is done. Those that stand before us will meet the same fate as your assistant...and possibly worse."
<Alastor> Alastor coughs. "U-ugh...ha ha....hurts like hell though..." He mutters.
<Zaniah> "...I see..." She pauses for a second, thinking. "Well then, I suppose I have a message for you as well."
<Ren_Ikuhara> "I'll... carry you b-back as soon as I c-can get you... stabilized..."
<Zaniah> "While you have been busily proclaiming your new world order, I have already taken the liberty of searching your room... tell me, do you know where your PDA is right now?"
<Kazimir> "It's in my POCKET, Zaniah sensei," he rolls his eyes.
<Zaniah> "...You may want to check it. I sent pictures." She smirks slightly, before clicking 'off.'
<Kazimir> "...I suppose I'll check on that later," Kazimir chucks the PDA back towards Ren, then looks down at Alastor.
<Kazimir> "...He should be fine, but make certain he doesn't die. I have a lot of blood on my hands...but I am still not a killer." With that, he begins walking away, taking out his PDA as he does so.
* Ren_Ikuhara snatches the device just inches from her face, annoyed that she has to switch what was in that hand to her mouth in order to keep up her pace of nursing Alastor.
<Kazimir> "Now what could she have meant...?" he checks his PDA for any messages.
* Zaniah has sent one, with attached pictures.
<Alastor> "O-oi...Ren-chan..."
<Ren_Ikuhara> "If he had any r-real guts, he'd be going against sensei... S-SHE'D show hi-- y-yes, senpai?"
<Kazimir> "Hm...not like it would change anything if they searched my room at this rate..." He examines the message and pictures.
<Alastor> "I-I'm probably about to pass out, so....thanks..." He says in reference to her nursing attempts.
<Ren_Ikuhara> "I-it's all right... that's what this is supposed to do." She holds up some leaf of a miscellaneous plant. "Y-you'll also have some... odd dreams... but... you will sleep very soundly!"
<Alastor> "Heh...heh...ah, there it is..." His eyes slide shut as his head hits the ground.
<Zaniah> The message is a simple "If you like pain, you are free to pursue it." The picture is of two of the other cult members, bound and gagged and with needles still sticking out of various recognizable pressure points on both of them. The one on the left is crying.
* Ren_Ikuhara takes the remainder of said leaf and places it under Alastor's tongue to ensure that its effect will last until she can remove it later. And, surprisingly, lifts the boy with ease and walks away with him, glaring over her shoulder to make sure she isn't followed.
<Kazimir> "..." He deletes the message, and goes back to the one he had been writing earlier. He looks over it once, before beginning to edit it.
<Kazimir> "Members of the Order of Holy Suffering. As I am sure Meso has informed you all, we have been discovered. In time, we will be sought out by the staff of the academy, and apprehended."
<Kazimir> "I do not wish to face such a fate for doing what I believed was right. Therefore, I will resist capture for as long as I can, and strike at whoever I can until I am brought down."
<Kazimir> "I invite the rest of you to do the same, but be warned that the teachers are likely already aware of the involvement of each of you. If you do not wish to receive greater punishment than necessary, I suggest you turn yourself in."
<Kazimir> "To those of you who stand beside me...I thank you, for your loyalty until the end. I ask that you do anything in your power to avoid capture, but suggest you avoid the teachers entirely and DEMAND you risk no-one's lives."
<Kazimir> "I thank you all for accompanying this far on our journey. Sincerely, Kazimir Farkas."
<Kazimir> After lancing the message over once more, Kazimir frowned, and deleted two names from the "To" list before sending the message out.
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