Viewtiful Rekk (10:04:09 PM): ----------------------------------------------------
Viewtiful Rekk (10:04:41 PM): "..." Amado levels his blade up at Meso. "Get outta my way, or I'll just send you down too!"
TheGymRat38 (10:05:04 PM): "No, he's mine. I'll crush his skull!" Delilah says as she steps forward.
Polk Kitsune (10:05:39 PM): He chuckled gleefully. "Oooohhh, I like that sound. I'll take door number two. Please."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:06:35 PM): "Tch...fine." He then glares at Delilah. "Siddown, Missy, I got this guy."
TheGymRat38 (10:08:01 PM): "This prey is mine."
Hinoryu8 (10:08:03 PM): Ryuuji, in the meantime, was trying (unsuccessfully) to get Meso's goop off of him. He had succeeded in removing the bowl from his head, and that was about it.
Polk Kitsune (10:08:05 PM): His eye twitched as he gave a glance at Delilah. "Oh, so the missy wants a dance too, does she?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:08:34 PM): "Tch...I said..." He walks forward and SHOVES her backwards. "Siddown!"
TheGymRat38 (10:08:36 PM): Delilah turns and beckons him forward with one hand. "A dance...a dance of death only. Are you ready to die, monkey?"
TheGymRat38 (10:08:56 PM): Delilah stumbles, and then in a rage swings a backhand at Amado violently.
kwikkidus (10:09:40 PM): "...Say. Kazimir. What say you we put the fighting on hold... I'm really not particularly in the mood, ne?"
Y Ruler of Time (10:09:43 PM): "Mmn...can't we all just get along?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:10:09 PM): Amado immediately brings his free hand up and snatches her arm before she can hit him. He then attempts to shove her downwards again.
Polk Kitsune (10:11:18 PM): "Ooohhh~" He chuckled, and sat down, using his dagger as a toothpick. "A chick and a guy fighitng over me. Not as good as it could be, buuuuut... Still entertaining."
Y Ruler of Time (10:11:29 PM): "Of course, you are attempting to free a pair of women I have been attempting to detain until now...I cannot exactly just let that pass."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:12:02 PM): "'Pair of women'...we have names, y'chauvinistic grumblegrumble..." Isabel mutters, massaging her arms.
TheGymRat38 (10:12:24 PM): Delilah doesn't budge, and pulls him forward with her arm, making ready with a punch with her free hand. "Just get out of my way!"
kwikkidus (10:12:44 PM): "Oh, I'm not attempting. I'm succeeding. See, I ahh... don't think you quite understand. They're free now." He holds out his hand towards Isabel. "My knife, please?"
Y Ruler of Time (10:13:09 PM): "...Yeesh, 's like a children's playground 'n here."
Sinisquirrel (10:13:36 PM): Ah... they seem to be holding up well. The girl is... very strong, but he's fighting punch for punch, and after his injuries. Good. But at this rate... it's no good.
Y Ruler of Time (10:13:50 PM): "In that case, I think you deserve this completely and utterly."
Y Ruler of Time (10:14:27 PM): Kazimir readies a group of needles...and throws them towards Isabel.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:14:47 PM): Amado leaps up and rams both feet into her chest as he's pulled forward, rocketing himself backwards.
TheGymRat38 (10:15:09 PM): Delilah slides backwards on the balls of her feet and then...bursts out laughing.
TheGymRat38 (10:15:30 PM): "Maybe I should make you both my prey! I haven't had this much fun in way too long!"
Sinisquirrel (10:15:55 PM): "!" Lily, who had been behind Isabel, suddenly gripped the girl and spun the two of them around, changing positions.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:16:39 PM): Damn...this girl's a real fight junkie... "Fine, make me your prey after I beat the hell out of these two!"
kwikkidus (10:17:02 PM): "H... hey!" Eon instinctively jumps... right in the way. "...Ghh!!" The needles sink right in, though not anywhere particularly vulnerable. Predictable... villain.
Hinoryu8 (10:17:07 PM): Ryuuji finally managed to clear the goop out of his eyes, and tried to get a look at the situation. He did the only sensible thing and tackled Kazimir. Still covered in the glueish goop. Well, no one said he was smart.
Polk Kitsune (10:17:24 PM): Meso gave a chuckle. "Oh, she's fuuuun~ If she didn't want my head..." His grin grew wider.
Y Ruler of Time (10:18:31 PM): "Do stop that," Kazimir said with a sigh, not even looking towards Ryuuji.

#06[21:58] * @Meso chuckles hapilly. "If I know that distracting that idiot would be so easy, I should have just taken my time."

#06[21:58] * @Lily blinked. She had expected... something by now. Anything. She knew her body handled pain excruciatingly well, but this well? She turned. "E-Eon-kun!?"

#06[21:59] * @Eon grins, grasping at his side before turning back towards Kazimir. "Don't go getting hurt. That wouldn't be right at all. You hired me to help you, ne?"

#06[22:00] * Isabel appeared similarly surprised that not one, but two people seemed willing to take the proverbial bullet for her.

#06[22:00] * @Lily scowls. "That's not what I hired you for...!"

#06[22:00] * @Kazimir rolls his eyes. "You're fairly predictable, Mister Flunky. Now that you're injured even further, you should be much easier to keep an eye on, hm?"

[22:01] <@Amado> Easy to distract, eh....?

#06[22:01] * @Delilah turned and began to walk towards Meso. "That guy is injured, so I'll just smash your face in first."

#06[22:01] * @Amado spins around, bringing his weapon up, aiming for Meso's face region.

#06[22:03] * @Meso grins wide as the weapon come in, whipping his face, his whole body twisting into the blow.

[22:03] <Isabel> "...Ugh, you're so corny...!" She grabs at him, and pulls him backwards, before shoving him more than a bit roughly to the ground.

#06[22:04] * @Eon scowls a little bit, taking his knife back and crouching over. "I've been through a lot wo--" He's pulled back, and shoved. "Ghh!"

#06[22:05] * @Kazimir quirks an eyebrow. "...And that makes it even easier, though I don't know what prompted it."

[22:05] <Isabel> She then grabs a couple of the needles and -tears- them out, tossing one to Lily. She then points a finger at Kazimir. "If you come one step closer, you're losing your eyes."

#06[22:05] * @Meso keeps on spinning from the blow, flinging his dagger toward Amado's hand, grinning still, ignoring the red mark the wooden stick had created on his face. "Nice hit! Real painful!"

#06[22:06] * @Ryuuji decides it would be wise to back away from the guy who's in danger of losing his eyes to keep his own, and circles around towards Isabel and Lily, keeping his front to Kazimir.

#06[22:06] * @Lily wondered why in the world Isabel would throw the guy who had taken one for her so roughly, barely able to catch said needle in time. "Marias-san!"

#01[22:06] <@Eon> "H...hey!" Though it hurt more than he'd like to admit, Eon sits up nonetheless. "Don't think I'm helpless just because of a few needles..."

#06[22:06] * @Amado is stuck by the dagger in his hand. "Gaaargh!" He sputters out as his grip on the weapon releases. He brings up his Duel Disk arm instead and attempts to smash the apparatus into Meso's chest.

#06[22:06] * @Delilah laughs and charges at Amado from behind, raising one fist in readiness to knock his lights out. "Stay in my path and you'll get killed!"

#06[22:07] * @Kazimir takes exactly one step towards Isabel. "There is a problem with your threat, Miss Marias, and that is that your hunger strike has taken its toll on you."

[22:07] <@Amado> Amado himself doesn't react, but if Delilah stays on that path, she'll be absolutely shot back from...a gust of wind?

#06[22:08] * @Lily scowls. "She is not the only one that prepares to make good on her threat."

#06[22:09] * @Delilah takes a flying leap up and over Amado, her feet on her descent pointing towards Meso. "Striking an enemy while their back is turned, that's just boring!"

#06[22:09] * Isabel holds the needle up as though she knows how to use it perfectly well. "I'm made of sterner stuff than that."

#06[22:09] * @Meso didn't even take a moment to consider as he tok the blow, and ran with it, falling back, gripping onto Amado with one arm as he did, the other pulling out a duel disk himself, swinging it back before he flung it toward Amado's head. "Gotcha!"

#06[22:10] * @Amado is smacked right in the head by Meso's disk. He lets out a few colorful words as he falls/instinctively flees backwards.

#06[22:10] * @Ryuuji glanced over at Amado's situation, and immediately abandoned Lily and Isabel to run over towards Amado and help out.

[22:11] <@Amado> 'This guy is made out of friggin' rubber...!' "...If we're gonna fight with disks..." His red-lined disk activates. "Why not use 'em for what they were made for?!"

[22:12] <@Amado> "HEY YOU!" The red student calls out, pointing at the cult leader. "If I beat this let us all out of here!"

[22:12] <@Kazimir> "...Do you take me for an idiot?"

[22:13] <@Amado> "Yes."

[22:13] <@Ryuuji> "What he said."

[22:13] <@Kazimir> "Why would I accept such a proposal?"

[22:13] <@Amado> "...Becasue...I dunno, aren't you supposed to?!"

#06[22:13] * @Kazimir points a finger at Ryuuji. "You be quiet, unless you want to try hitting me again and getting summarily disappointed."

#06[22:14] * @Meso 's body twists as Delilah's kick makes contact. "GURK!" His eyes came wide, but quickly regained focus as he lowered his whole body to the ground, sliding over a few feet next to Delilah.

[22:14] <@Kazimir> "...No?"

#06[22:14] * @Meso eyes Amado, then glanced at Kazimir... and back to his opponent. "Actually.... I know why..."

[22:14] <@Amado> "...Well what the hell are we gonna do th- eh?"

#06[22:14] * @Eon has picked up Isabel in the meanwhile, and jerks his head at Lily as if to say 'let's get out of here now.' He'll be sneaking towards the exit.

[22:14] <@Ryuuji> "Hey! I was, uh... Going easy on you, that's what it wasn't working!" Ryuuji protested. Someone may want to tell him he's not a very good liar.

#06[22:15] * @Meso pulls a finger in his mouth, and pulls it out, covered in blood from the initial wooden strike. "Because I'm going to up the ante of that little challenge."

#06[22:15] * @Kazimir throws a needle into the backs of Eon's knees. "Do stop trying that, Mister Flunky."

#06[22:15] * @Delilah grins at Meso and hops from foot to foot, raising her fists. "Promise you'll show me how to make that fluffy delight from earlier and I won't kill you, I'll just beat you senseless."

[22:15] <Isabel> "Farkas...!" Isabel hisses out. She then turns to Eon. "Dumbass, stop trying to be a hero!"

[22:16] <@Amado> "...Up the ante?"

#06[22:16] * @Eon tosses Isabel at Delilah, as a direct result of taking a needle to the knee. "Ghaa!"

#06[22:16] * @Meso gives a side glance to Delilah. "Let's make that a date... but unfortunately... I've got bigger fish to fry right now."

[22:17] <Riku> "...Y'know, it's pretty easy to make..."

#06[22:17] * @Meso places the bloodied finger to the ground, and grinned widely. "It's time to really make it serious... To the darkness..." And as he said the words, small fumes of shadows started to seep out of the ground and walls, and began to envelop the room.

#06[22:18] * Isabel shoves herself off of Delilah and immediately returns to where she was about 3 seconds prior.

[22:18] <@Kazimir> "...Why didn't he ever tell me he could do that...?" He looks fairly bewildered, but for some reason not shocked out of his wits.

[22:19] <@Amado> "....Hey....what's with the smoke effects?"

#06[22:19] * @Ryuuji looked around... "Well, at least they have style with their special effects!"

#06[22:20] * @Meso starts to cackle wickedly, his grin growing sharper and sharper as the room turned to black, his cackle mimicked all around as the shadows moved about. "Smoke effects? Oh, you're just hilarious, you know that?"

[22:20] <@Delilah> "Oh? The darkness, what fun!"

#06[22:20] * @Kazimir stops looking around, directing his attention back to the twin. "...Meso...what have you done?"

[22:20] <@Lily> "Ah..." Heartbeat. 'Lily-sama? This is not the time...' '... ah... right...' "Eon-kun?"

[22:20] <Riku> "...Th' hell's goin' on...?"

#01[22:21] <@Eon> "...Yeah?" He stands up again, forced to walk at a limp. 'Down one arm, and one leg... heheh... this really is getting fun.'

#06[22:21] * @Meso grabs his duel disk, and slid it over his arm. "This... I believe they call it... The test of a human's real heart. A shadow game."

[22:21] <Isabel> "...I don't believe it..." Isabel says, frowning and looking at Meso. "...Somebody like him can do something like this..."

[22:22] <Riku> "Shadow Game? Wait a sec', think I-" He is suddenly hurled to the floor as the materialized Botanical Lion pounces on him and begins licking his face.

#06[22:22] * @Amado 's breathes are starting to become quickened. "A Shadow Game...?!"

[22:22] <@Ryuuji> "... No way." Ryuuji was stunned. "He can't do that, right?"

[22:22] <@Lily> "Please don't try to move any more... we can't leave from this. Not unless it's willed to."

[22:23] <Riku> "Hm...that's unexpected..." he doesn't appear too shocked, somehow.

#06[22:23] * @Meso 's eyes fixed onto Amado, licking his lips. "And since you threw down the gauntlet... I took my rights..."

#01[22:23] <@Eon> "Like hell. I promised I'd get you out of here, and I decided to save the other girl too. Being down one leg never stopped anyone."

[22:23] <@Kazimir> "Achilles."

#01[22:23] <@Eon> "Anyone recent."

[22:23] <Isabel> "Sit the hell down, or I'm taking the other one."

#06[22:23] * @Delilah eyes the Botanical Lion and licks her lips. "A tasty snack, perhaps for later."

[22:24] <@Amado> "...I guess you did..."

[22:24] <@Amado> "FINE! I'm not afraid of you!" He shouts out. "Let's rock and roll!"

[22:24] <@Meso> "Yes, a Shadow Game! Where the creatures join us in this duel, where spirits cross with us..."

#06[22:24] * @Eon sighs, and then sits down... a Spell Canceler appearing on his head. He doesn't seem to notice, amazingly. "Why should I sit here and watch this, anyways?"

[22:25] <@Kazimir> "You know Meso, I'd like to ask you about this little trick the meantime, please dispatch Mister...that one, whatever."

[22:25] <@Ryuuji> "... Go kick his ass, Amado!" Ryuuji recovered enough to yell, perhaps a bit too loudly considering they're in an enclosed room.

#06[22:25] * @Meso grins even wider. "Let's dance~"

#06[22:25] * @Amado 's Duel Disk sets to 8000 life points.

#06[22:25] * @Meso slaps his deck into the disk, and the lifepoint counter comes up to life. (8000)

[22:25] <@Amado> "Damn straight I will!"

#06[22:25] * @Lily scowls at him again. "Who did you say your boss was?"

#06[22:26] * @Eon sighs. "You are..."

#06[22:26] * @Amado slides five cards off the top of his deck.

#06[22:27] * @Meso pulled six cards out. "... Interesting..."

#06[22:27] * Riku adjusts his position to get a better glimpse of the duel while sprawled on the floor. "Mmn...still not sure 'f I'm just dreamin' 'r not..."

#06[22:27] * @Lily then replies, in much softer tones. "Then please, trust me when I say that trying to escape now is futile for any of us, including Farkas, if even he wished to leave."

[22:28] <@Amado> 'A Darkness Game...just like dad talked about...if they're as dangerous as he says...' He looks to Ryuuji, Lily, Isabel, Riku and yes, even Eon. 'Then I can't lose!'

#06[22:28] * @Meso picked out two cards from his hand. "One defender... Followed by one facedown card."

[22:28] <@Meso> "And that will end my turn..."

[22:28] <@Amado> "Draw!"

#06[22:28] * @Eon tilts his head to the side. "This is absolutely ludicrous. Nothing can really stop me from leaving now, can it?"

[22:29] <Isabel> "Except the very incarnations of darkness itself given form, no."

#06[22:29] * @Lily shrugs. "Try to, if you wish, then. Obviously I can't stop you."

#06[22:29] * @Kazimir sighs in exasperation. "Move again and the other leg goes."

#01[22:30] <@Eon> "...Whatever." He looks up at the duel. 'Meso Maeromune and Amado Tsukiyama. Let's see how this goes.'

[22:31] <@Amado> Amado grins. "Armed Dragon LV3, attack mode!" The orange dragon appears and squeaks loudly. (1200/900)

[22:31] <@Amado> He then grabs another card from his hand. "I exclude Armed Dragon LV3 from the game!"

[22:32] <@Amado> "Come out - RED-EYES DARKNESS METAL DRAGON!"

[22:33] <@Amado> The small dragon disappears, and in its place, a gigantic dragon with black metallic armor covering its body appears. (2800/2400)

#06[22:33] * @Meso gives a low whistle. "Bringing out the big guns, are you?"

[22:34] <@Amado> "I'm not even close to done yet! Red-Eyes's effect! I can special summon a dragon from my hand or graveyard once per turn!"

[22:34] <@Amado> A large red and grey dragon with spikes sticking out from its entire body appears. "Armed Dragon LV5!" (2400/1700)

[22:35] <@Amado> "Armed Dragon LV5! Attack the defender!"

[22:36] <@Meso> "Quite fast, stick boy..."

#06[22:36] * @Kazimir scratches his chin. 'Hm...a dragon rush deck...this might prove difficult for Meso to handle after all...'

[22:36] <@Meso> His eyes went wide as the little red creature in front of him got destroyed. "Scarr, Scout of Dark World dies... And for that sacrifice, I get to grab another Dark World monster from my deck to my hand..."

[22:37] <@Amado> "But you don't have anything left to defend yourself!"

[22:37] <@Amado> "Red-Eyes! DARKNESS MEGAFLARE!"

#06[22:39] * @Meso eyes the dragon as the fireball came his way. "... Toasty!" *FWOOOOSH!*

#06[22:39] * @Meso coughs out some black smoke, looking a bit toasty from the attack. (5200)

[22:40] <@Kazimir> "It's...real?" Kazimir's eyes widen.

[22:40] <Isabel> "It's real, Farkas."

#06[22:41] * @Meso shook himself, and looked over at Amado. "Well pulled... But is there anything else?"

#01[22:41] <@Eon> "Or it's a combination of clever pyrotechnics and soot."

[22:41] <@Kazimir> "But...they could suffer real injuries...Meso knows...this isn't supposed to happen..."

[22:41] <@Amado> "...One card face down. End turn."

[22:41] <Isabel> "Yeah, looks like you lost control, huh?"

#06[22:41] * @Ryuuji does not seem to care if it's real or not, considering Amado's winning, and it looks cool.

[22:41] <Riku> "Yeah, an' I suppose they found a plant-covered lion at the zoo, too..."

#06[22:41] * @Meso snaps a card out. "DRAW!"

[22:42] <Isabel> "S'what you get for hiring freaks like Maeorunme and Zandel."

[22:42] <@Delilah> "Hahaha, that was a thrill to watch."

[22:42] <@Delilah> (On a leisurely stroll through the woods, Hayden sneezes)

#01[22:42] <@Eon> "Probably. Or it's animatronic. Either way, what matters is the duel."

[22:43] <Isabel> "Oh yeah, Zandel's got a sixth sense too, by the way. It's buried, but he's got it."

#06[22:43] * @Meso looks at the card, and smirks. "I'll play the magic card: Dark World Dealings!"

#06[22:44] * @Kazimir massages his temples. "I have some talks when this is over."

[22:44] <@Meso> "We both draw a card... Then discard one."

[22:45] <@Amado> Amado smirks. "Knowin' Red-Eyes's effect, ain't that a risk?" He draw a card.

#06[22:45] * @Meso grins. "Who said Red-Eyes was staying for the festivities?"

#06[22:45] * @Amado discards Armed Dragon LV3.

#06[22:46] * @Meso draws, then pulls out a card. "I discard Kahkki, Assasin of Dark World."

[22:47] <@Meso> "And when he's discarded..." He grinned as the small grey demon leaped out of the darkness, and drove it's dagger into the metal dragon's neck.

[22:47] <@Meso> "I get to destroy one monster on the field..."

[22:47] <@Amado> The dragon screeches in pain and drops to the ground, evaporating.

[22:47] <@Amado> "Th-that...that was my mom's card, you bastard!"

#06[22:48] * @Meso grinned wider, cackling. "Ooohhh, what a shame. I killed mama boy's prized card~"

[22:48] <@Amado> "Shut up! If this makes the cards real...then that means you made its spirit real too!"

[22:49] <@Kazimir> "You know, he has a point..."

#06[22:49] * @Meso 's eyes go wide. "Of course I did. And what you just saw was the duel spirit being taken down... to the graveyard..."

[22:50] <@Meso> "But enough with the emotional farewells..."

#06[22:50] * @Kazimir slaps his forehead. "Meso, please stop trying to aggravate only seems to make him more stubborn."

[22:50] <@Meso> "I summon Brron, Mad King of Dark World!" The king made it's entrance, cackling madly, chains all aroudn it's arms. (1800/400)

#06[22:51] * @Meso 's eyes went wide. #That's exactly what I want, Kazimir,# he thought. #And in his rashness, he'll get careless..

[22:51] <@Meso> "And... I end my turn."

[22:52] <@Amado> "Draw!"

[22:53] <@Amado> '..He didn't activate that face down card last turn...'

[22:54] <@Amado> 'Is he trying to bluff me?'

[22:54] <@Amado> "....Armed Dragon LV5! Attack Brron!"

[22:55] <@Amado> "Armed BASHER!" The dragon brings up a fist and shoots it towards the mad king.

[22:55] <@Meso> The mad king never stood a chance as the dragon brought it's fist rigth through it, and into Meso's chest. "GACK!"

#06[22:56] * @Meso coughs out, the air knocked out for a moment, but regains quickly, grinning. (4600)

[22:56] <@Amado> "Main Phase 2! Set one card face down and end turn!"

[22:56] <@Amado> "During my end phase, Armed Dragon LV5 activates! It's automatically sent to the graveyard...and calls out the next form of the Armed Dragons!"

[22:57] <@Amado> "Come out! ARMED DRAGON LV7!" (2800/1000)

[22:57] <@Meso> "Fine..."

#06[22:57] * @Meso eyes the new dragon, then pulled the next card. "DRAW!"

#06[22:58] * @Meso looks at the card, and smirks. "I set one facedown card."

[22:59] <@Meso> "And summon Broww, Huntsman of Dark World." (1400/800)

#06[22:59] * @Amado seems distracted from Meso's turn and looks up at his dragon...and actually reaches out a hand to touch it.

[22:59] <@Amado> '...Wow...he's really real...'

[22:59] <@Meso> "YOUR TURN!"

[22:59] <@Amado> "Huh?! Wha?!"

[23:00] <@Meso> "Draw your next card!"

[23:00] <@Amado> "Oh, uh, right! My turn! Draw!"

[23:00] <@Delilah> "Dumbass..."

[23:01] <@Amado> "Armed Dragon LV7! Attack Broww!"

[23:01] <@Amado> "ARMED PUNISHER!"

[23:03] <@Meso> Once more, the demon bit the dust, and Meso received the masive clawed hand on the face. (3200)

[23:04] <@Amado> Amado frowned. 'Why does he keep letting me hit him?!' "...End turn."

[23:04] <@Kazimir> "Meso..." Kazimir muttered, "why attack mode? Why do this? This...this isn't the right way..."

#06[23:05] * @Meso grabs onto a card. "God... all this pain..." He gave a chuckle as he glared toward Amado. "This is just what I needed."

[23:05] <@Meso> "DRAW!"

#06[23:05] * @Delilah grins at Kazimir. "Personally I think its all quite hilarious."

[23:05] <@Ryuuji> "Careful, Amado! He's probably got a plan!" Ryuuji yelled.

#01[23:06] <@Eon> #He has a plan. There's no other reason he'd do something like this.

#06[23:07] * @Amado looks to Ryuuji and nods. He could tell that Meso was planning something...malevolent.

[23:07] <@Meso> "Aaaahhh... Perfect..."

[23:07] <@Meso> "I activate Call of the Haunted."

[23:08] <@Meso> "Scarr, Scout of Dark World makes a comeback... For now."

[23:09] <@Meso> "Then, I'll tribute him for Sillva, Warlord of Dark World." (2300/1400)

[23:09] <@Amado> "It's still weaker than Armed Dragon!"

#06[23:09] * @Meso grins. "I know..."

[23:10] <@Meso> "But that won't matter for long. I activate the magic card, Heavy Storm!"

[23:10] <@Amado> "Tch....CHAIN!"

[23:11] <@Amado> "Immortal Dragon!"

[23:11] <@Amado> A pillar of light shoots up from the ground, and from it...a black metallic dragon appears again. (2800/2400)

[23:16] <@Meso> "Tsk. Activate trap card."

[23:17] <@Amado> "And...Power Level is destroyed..." He mutters.

#06[23:17] * @Meso grins as a chain wrapped around the Armed Dragon's neck, held by Sillva... With a pack if dynamite lit up and active.

[23:18] <@Amado> "A-Armed Dragon!"

#06[23:18] * @Amado looks down at the dynamite. "Hey, wait, don't!"

[23:18] <@Kazimir> "Meso's always been clever with that combo..."

[23:18] <@Meso> "Blast with Chain... And when blast with chain is destroyed..."

[23:19] <@Meso> "Boom~<3"

[23:19] <@Amado> "...No...please, don't do it!"

#01[23:19] <@Eon> "...He just traded one monster for another..."

[23:19] <@Meso> "Toooo laaaate~"

#06[23:22] * @Meso covered his eyes as the dynamite finally detonated, and the dragon became a blazing ball of fire for a few seconds.

[23:22] <@Amado> "ARMED DRAGON!" Amado yells out as the beast is engulfed in flames, and burnt to nothingness.

#06[23:23] * @Meso whistles. "The best way to go, they say."

[23:23] <@Amado> "YOU!" He turns his attention back to Meso. "I won't forgive you for this!"

#06[23:24] * @Meso licks his lips. "You don't know how good you look when you're angry."

[23:24] <@Meso> "End turn..."

[23:24] <@Amado> "DRAW!"

[23:25] <@Amado> "I'm ending this now!" He holds up a spell. "Instant Spell activate! Dragon's Heart!"

[23:26] <@Amado> "This lets me send 3 Dragon-type monsters from my deck to the grave to increase the ATK of one by 1000!"

[23:27] <@Amado> He places the three dragons into his grave. (3800/2400)

#01[23:28] <@Eon> #Sending three dragons to the graveyard. At that point, Amado plans to revive one of them... most likely Mirage Dragon... by his Red-Eyes's effect. Then, Meso will be completely defenseless. Clever... Beating Tanaka wasn't a fluke.

#06[23:28] * @Meso 's eyes went wide. "And then..."

[23:28] <@Ryuuji> "Go Amado!" Ryuuji cheered.

[23:28] <@Amado> "Red-Eyes's effect..."

[23:28] <@Amado> Darkness explodes on to the field.

[23:29] <@Amado> "Come out...DARK ARMED DRAGON!"

[23:29] <@Meso> "And so... Your darkest side rises up..."

#06[23:30] * @Meso chuckles. "How ironic..."

[23:30] <@Amado> An entirely black Armed Dragon rises from the grave and roars out. (2800/1000)

[23:30] <@Amado> "My darkest side...and your greatest nightmare! DARK ARMED DRAGON'S EFFECT!"

[23:30] <@Delilah> "Hahaha, wonderful!"

[23:31] <@Amado> Infernal Dragon slides out of his grave. The spirit appears an evaporates.

[23:31] <@Amado> "DARK GENOCIDE!" The dark dragon creats a sphere of black energy in its hand and flings it at Sillva.

#06[23:33] * @Meso 's eyes watched as the creature was blasted to nothingness, but he didn't seem to care. "I knew it..."

[23:34] <@Amado> "...Surrender."

[23:34] <@Amado> "If the monsters are real, you can't handle a direct attack."

#06[23:35] * @Meso blinks, raising an eyebrow. "... Not planning on finishing me off yourself, are you?"

#06[23:37] * @Amado frowns. "Just do it!"

#06[23:37] * @Kazimir closes his eyes. "Useless. not that kind of person."

[23:38] <Isabel> "Idiot...don't show weakness, just finish him off!"

[23:38] <@Delilah> "Kill him in one attack!"

[23:39] <@Ryuuji> "It's not necessary to do that... Amado already won."

#06[23:39] * @Meso smirks. "Too bad... I thought you might have it in you. Even after all I did to your precious dragons..." He shook his head slowly. "But if it's with all the pain I've felt that I could bring this game on, then it's with this much pain that it will end..."

[23:40] <@Amado> "My dragons are strong enough to withstand anything you do to them! You're a human, you idiot!"

#06[23:41] * @Meso takes a step forward. "I'm not the kind to surrender... Even when I'm facing the end. I'll jump this cliff with a grin on my face."

#01[23:42] <@Eon> "In other words, he wants you to kill him."

[23:42] <@Amado> "I'm not going to do that!"

[23:42] <@Meso> "And if you do end up finishing me off..." He chuckles. "Then I guess that'll be my blood on your hands..."

[23:44] <@Ryuuji> "Just give up! You're beaten already!"

[23:45] <@Amado> Amado looks at his disk 'What if...what if my attack really kills him?!'

[23:45] <@Delilah> "Kill him, that's the way of true battle! Anything less without good reason is just weakness."

[23:45] <@Meso> "Give up?" He snerks. "THIS IS A SHADOW GAME!"

[23:46] <@Kazimir> "MESO!"

[23:46] <@Ryuuji> "So what? Give up and you'll live, at least!"

[23:46] <@Kazimir> He glowers fiercely. "Enough...It's too much already..."

#06[23:47] * @Meso 's eye twitches, then snaps toward Kazimir. "... Too much?"

[23:48] <@Kazimir> "No permanent injury...How many times did I tell you that? What good is defending the Order...if we are unable to stand by its principles?"

#06[23:50] * @Meso takes a deep breath. "If we can't make a stand now... Then I doubt the order will stay under cover for long..."

#06[23:50] * @Kazimir stares at him for some time, quietly. Finally, he closes his eyes in defeat, and turns away. "So be it..."

[23:52] <@Ryuuji> 'Order...?'

#06[23:52] * @Meso takes another deep breath, then glared at Amado. "..."

#01[23:52] <@Eon> "The Order of Holy Suffering. You know, the guys you've been fighting?"

[23:52] <@Amado> "....Are you surrendering or what?"

#06[23:54] * @Ryuuji looks at Eon. "Huh?"

#06[23:54] * @Meso looks to the shadows a moment, then back at Amado. "To throw myself to the dragon.. or the shadows..." He looked up at the dragons. "Not quite yet. I'm sorry, Kazimir..."

#06[23:55] * @Eon glances right back. "That guy. The one with the needles. From what I can gather... and the priest robes... I'd say he's their leader."

[23:56] <@Ryuuji> "Oh... Okay, so what is it?" Ryuuji asked. "All I know is they're bad guys and we're here to kick their asses."

[23:56] <@Amado> '...He's not surrendering...'

[23:56] <@Meso> "I need to see this... to the end."

[23:56] <@Delilah> "This is what life is really like, he understands."

#01[23:56] <@Eon> "I think they inflict pain in order to get some kind of enlightenment. Sort of super-masochists."

[23:57] <@Amado> 'I need more time...I need to think of something!'

[23:57] <@Amado> "...Turn en-" Before he finishes, Amado freezes.

[23:57] <@Ryuuji> "What? Wow, that's messed up..."

#06[23:57] * @Meso 's eyes go wide.

#06[23:58] * @Ryuuji glances back at Amado.

[23:59] <@Amado> "...Worshiper of the darkness..." The voice is the same, but the inflection and tone are far different.

#06[23:59] * @Amado brings up a finger and points it at Meso.

[23:59] <@Amado> "Disappear."

[00:00] <@Amado> "Darkness Gigaflare." The Red-Eyes takes in a deep breath and fires a massive wave of smoke and fire at Meso.

#06[00:01] * @Kazimir grits his teeth and clenches his fists. 'Meso...'

#06[00:01] * @Meso gives off a scream as the flames cover over his whole body. "GYYYYAAAAAHHHHH!!!"

[00:02] <@Ryuuji> "..." Ryuuji stared, stunned, for a good while. Then, finally, he put it as eloquently as he knew how: "What the #hell# was that?!"

[00:02] <@Delilah> "Absolutely delightful."

#06[00:02] * @Amado puts his hands in his pockets.

[00:02] <@Amado> "Rue your own fate. Dark Punisher."

[00:02] <Riku> "More like damn freaky..."

[00:03] <@Amado> The Dark Armed Dragon opens its own mouth and fires another blast of dark energy directly at Meso.

#06[00:03] * @Meso emerges from the flames, his body twitching, trembling... Just in time to see the next assault.

#06[00:07] * @Meso disappears into the blast of darkness, grinning wide as the dark attack envelops him, time slowing down on that little moment for him.

[00:09] <@Amado> "And that is the end of the duel." He says calmly, his disk deactivating.

[00:09] <@Amado> He calmly walks across the field and grabs Meso by the collar, lifting him up as if he were made of cardboard.

[00:10] <Isabel> "....He completely changed in just a couple seconds..."

#01[00:10] <@Eon> "...What the holy hell is going on here..."

[00:10] <@Ryuuji> "Hey, Amado, calm down! The hell's wrong with you?!"

#06[00:11] * @Meso 's eyes seemed empty as he was lifted out, his limbs flopping as if he was a rag doll.

[00:11] <@Amado> "Now...give me one reason why I shouldn't turn the very darkness you created on you and your leader there."

[00:11] <@Kazimir> "..." Kazimir begins walking determinedly towards Amado. "Put him down."

[00:12] <@Amado> "You endangered everyone here with your callousness. I cannot allow such evil to go unpunished."

[00:12] <@Ryuuji> "He looks pretty damn punished to me, Amado."

[00:12] <Riku> "...Who are these people...?"

[00:13] <@Delilah> "End his life, for that's the rule of the strong over the weak. End him, Amado."

#06[00:13] * @Amado glances at Kazimir, seemingly ignoring Ryuuji.

[00:13] <@Amado> "...You're the enemy. I have no duty to you."

[00:14] <@Ryuuji> Story of his life, really. "Hey, Amado!"

[00:14] <@Kazimir> "I treasure the lives of all humans, and always try to avoid injuring them...But if you do not spare my are not a human, you are a monster. And I will act accordingly."

[00:15] <@Amado> "-I- am a monster?"

[00:15] <@Amado> "That is truly amusing."

#06[00:15] * @Amado 's other hand shoots out, and similarly grabs Kazimir and lifts him up as well.

[00:16] <@Amado> "Because looking around here, I can only conclude that -you- are the monster, sir."

[00:17] <@Kazimir> "I have done what I have done because I know I can make others' lives better...How can you improve someone else's life by killing him?" He doesn't seem too intimidated.

[00:17] <@Amado> "Your life matters very little to me."

#06[00:17] * @Meso gave a long, drawn out breath.

[00:18] <@Kazimir> "Twelve."

[00:18] <@Amado> "The lives of others are what concerns me. And by removing threats like you...that goal is accomplished."

[00:19] <@Amado> "...Twelve?"

#06[00:20] * @Kazimir 's hands become a blur, striking repeatedly at Amado's arm in several different places, some of them multiple times in the same spot.

[00:20] <@Amado> Amado's grip doesn't slacken one bit.

[00:20] <@Amado> "That is all the incentive I need to end this."

[00:21] <@Kazimir> Realization dawns on Kazimir's face. "...You're not Amado, are you?"

#06[00:21] * @Meso chuckles lowly, a grin on his face. "It's... Not... him..."

[00:22] <@Amado> "I am close enough."

[00:22] <@Amado> "I call upon the power of the Darkness Game to release us all from this place and end the lives of you bo-" He freezes again.

[00:22] <@Amado> Amado blinks twice....and grabs his arm, releasing them both. "Nngh....AAAAGH!"

#01[00:23] <@Eon> "...Now I'm just confused."

#06[00:23] * @Meso falls to the floor, trembling as he sat up. "Two... in one... Struggling..."

[00:23] <@Kazimir> "I knew it..." Kazimir quickly gets to his feet. "Twelve pressure points left fully exposed with the full extension of his arm...No human could even keep control of their arm after that..."

[00:24] <@Amado> " arm....!" He hisses out as the darkness around them begins to fade.

#06[00:24] * @Delilah frowns and scuffs the foot with her floor. "The other version was more interesting..."

[00:25] <@Kazimir> "That would be our cue," Kazimir declares, readjusting his cloak so that the hood is drawn around his face and nose, and he bites down on the cloth to keep it there.

[00:25] <Isabel> "....Shit..." Isabel says and looks at Ryuuji. "Hey, you. Time to fight our way outta here."

#06[00:25] * @Kazimir then tosses a half dozen spheres to the ground, almost immediately immersing the entire room in gas.

[00:25] <@Ryuuji> Ryuuji looked up. "Fight? They're running!"

#06[00:26] * @Eon staggers back up to his feet, limping towards the door. "Come on, all of you!"

#06[00:26] * @Meso grins, his eye twitching as the room was once more covered in gas.

#06[00:26] * Isabel snorts.

[00:26] <Isabel> "Who the hell said I was letting him!?"

[00:26] <@Kazimir> "Come on, Meso..." he starts to bend over to pick his comrade up.

[00:27] <Isabel> She then grips the needles in her hand tightly and goes at Kazimir, shoving them towards him.

#06[00:27] * @Meso twists his body, and puts his arm on Kazimir's shoulder, hefting himself up. "Kazimir... Gomen..."

[00:27] <@Ryuuji> "Hey, they're running, we don't need to chase! Right now, I just wanna know what's up with Amado!" That said, he ran over to his friend. "You okay now?!"

#06[00:27] * Riku takes a sniff and stands up, realizing the Botanical Lion has gone...and he promptly feels woozy upon inhaling the gas.

#06[00:28] * @Kazimir extends his free hand towards Isabel...letting the needles simply impale his hand.

#06[00:28] * @Delilah rolls her eyes and stalks over, grabbing Eon by the back of his shirt and lifting him up off the ground. "Your stupid limping is getting on my nerves Pervert Thief."

[00:28] <@Amado> "I...I....what...?" He says pathetically as he looks up at Ryuuji, very confused.

#01[00:29] <@Eon> "I don't think I asked for your help, Delilah. Let me go..."

[00:30] <@Kazimir> "You'll never learn, Miss Marias..." Kazimir laments, rearing his hand back and striking with two fingers at her esophagus.

[00:30] <@Ryuuji> "Okay, you can't talk, can you run?" Ryuuji asked. "'Cause we want to get the hell out of here now."

[00:31] <Isabel> "Gaaahck!" Isabel says and stumbles back, clutching a hand over her neck.

[00:31] <@Delilah> "Not helping." She shoves him towards Ryuuji and Amado. "Get them to carry you, so I don't have to deal with listening to your limping."

[00:32] <@Amado> "I...yeah, I think so..." He mutters and slowly gets to his feet.

[00:32] <@Kazimir> With Meso slung over his shoulders, Kazimir makes his way as quickly as possible to the nearest door.

#06[00:33] * @Meso smirks, following with Kazimir. "Good one!"

[00:33] <@Ryuuji> "Right, then." Ryuuji grabbed Amado's arm to help him up, making sure it wasn't the arm that Kazimir abused.

#06[00:33] * @Eon scowls, and just continues right on limping, pausing to nudge Isabel with a foot. "You able to walk still, or did that knock you out?"

[00:33] <Isabel> Unfortunately for Kazimir, before he can get out, somebody stands in his way.

#03[00:33] * Isabel is now known as Ichirou

[00:33] <Ichirou> "...Mmn...what is going on down here?"

[00:34] <@Kazimir> "..." Kazimir looks up at the teacher, petrified with surprise.

[00:34] <@Kazimir> Not to mention dread.

#06[00:35] * @Meso looks up at the teacher. "... Woah..."

[00:35] <Ichirou> "...Kazimir Farkas...Meso Maeorunme..." He looks up. "Ryuuji Akihara, Amado Tsukayma, Lily Sakuma, Isabel Marias, Delilah Pettursodittir and Eon Flunky?"

[00:35] <Ichirou> "Adonis was quite right...something's quite wrong here. Care to explain, children?"

#06[00:36] * @Eon looks over at Ichirou as well. "Oh. Eheh, fancy meeting you in place like this. Well, as to what's going on, I'd be glad to explain... but..."

[00:36] <Riku> " 'Bout damn time," Riku sighs, recovering enough to move over to Eon and Isabel and try to support them up.

[00:36] <@Ryuuji> "... Hi!"

[00:36] <@Delilah> "I was bored. And I'm leaving now." She starts to walk up towards the door.

#06[00:36] * @Eon winces suddenly, falling over on his knee. There are still needles poking out of him. "Khh... I think..." Cough. "I'm hardly in any condition, ne?"

[00:36] <@Ryuuji> Ryuuji's expression best resembled that of a child found sneaking candy when he shouldn't have been. Given the fact that he was still covered in Meso's green goop from earlier, this was rather comical, actually.

#06[00:36] * Ichirou caaalmly grabs Delilah by the shoulder.

[00:37] <Ichirou> "Sorry, Miss Delilah. Nobody leaves for the moment."

#06[00:37] * @Meso gives a low, tired chuckle. "Of all the rotten things..."

[00:37] <@Kazimir> "Meso..." Kazimir whispers as quietly as possible, "Can you run...just for a few seconds?"

#06[00:38] * @Meso dug into his pocket, palming something. "I think... For a minute or so, at least."

[00:38] <@Amado> "....Ryuuji, am I hallucinating, or is that Professor Komatsu...?"

#06[00:39] * @Delilah looks at the hand on her shoulder. "I'm leaving." Then grudgingly she adds "professor."

[00:39] <@Ryuuji> "Nope. That's Professor Komatsu. We're boned."

[00:39] <@Kazimir> "I'll distract him...just for a few seconds...and then catch up. Get ready..."

#06[00:39] * Ichirou gives her a smile. "I don't think you are, miss. I am, after all, the professor here while you are the student."

#06[00:40] * @Meso takes a deep breath. "Looks like we have some time for a 'little more fun'..."

[00:41] <@Kazimir> With his attention occupied by Delilah, Kazimir decided the time to take on Ichirou was now or never. Boosting Meso forward with a jerk of his shoulder, Kazimir hurled another bomb right at the teacher's face.

[00:41] <@Delilah> After a moment it seems she remembers that she is, in fact, a student. She growls and steps backward, muttering quietly to herself, "This world sucks."

[00:42] <@Kazimir> "GO!" he runs, not past Ichirou but towards him, preparing to strike at the teacher's legs to delay any pursuit.

#06[00:42] * @Meso gave a grunt as he was tossed forward, and in a sudden burst of energy, began to run right past the teacher, and through the door toward freedom.

[00:43] <Ichirou> "GAAAHAHAAH!" Ichirou yelled out, somewhat comically.

[00:44] <@Delilah> Sweatdropping hops to the side and thinks 'Is that teacher really so pathetic?'

[00:45] <Ichirou> Ichirou coughs twice. "Oh my...that was rather rude..." He says with a sigh.

[00:45] <@Ryuuji> Ryuuji made no attempt to run, however. "No point in running. He already saw who we all were." He shrugged.

#01[00:46] <@Eon> "I'd like to point out..." Cough. A small trickle of blood-caused by biting his own lip, but who cares. "The innocent parties rarely run. Can we get medical attention now..." cough. "Please?"

#06[00:46] * @Meso kept on running, as much as his battered body could. Even if he did see him there, there was evidence he'd need to dispose of. There was no other way.

[00:46] <@Kazimir> 'Two strikes, one to each ankle, just to throw off his footing if he chases us...' Kazimir quickly thought, both arms reaching forward to deal the blow while Ichirou was still distracted.

[00:47] <Ichirou> "Grrk!" Ichirou says as he stumbles, flying back and on to his rear end, stricken dead-on both times.

[00:47] <@Delilah> 'So pathetic...' Another sweatdrop.

#06[00:47] * @Kazimir stumbles over Ichirou, racing up the stairs and after Meso as quickly as his legs can go.

[00:48] <@Ryuuji> Ryuuji looked down. He had actually come out fairly intact, as Kazimir seemed to ignore him rather than countering with his needles. So the most that was wrong with him was that his clothes now seemed to be glued to him.

[00:48] <Ichirou> "My my...I suppose I'd better stop him..."

[00:49] <Ichirou> "You children stay here, I'll return to escort you to the infirmary in a moment." And with that, the teacher gets to his feet and heads off.

[00:50] <Riku> "..." Riku looks about the room, as the gas begins to dissipate. He takes in the gathered students' injuries, while offering a shoulder of support to Isabel. " everyone alright?"

#03[00:50] * Ichirou is now known as Isabel

[00:50] <Isabel> "I'm -fine-." Isabel wheezes out and shoves Riku away.

[00:50] <@Ryuuji> "I'm okay, just bruised my ego a bit..." Ryuuji sighed.

#01[00:50] <@Eon> "I'll live."

[00:51] <@Amado> "I...I'm good, I guess?"

[00:51] <@Delilah> "Che, only weaklings are injured."

#06[00:51] * Isabel points at Eon. "Help him, he's the one who got his ass handed to him while he was being a hero."

[00:51] <@Ryuuji> "How's your arm, Amado?"

[00:52] <@Amado> "Hurts like hell."

[00:52] <@Ryuuji> "... Really should've expected that, huh."

[00:53] <Riku> "..." Riku reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a copy of Botanical Lion, before staring at it intently. Distractedly, he says aloud, "That thing Meso did...and then's possible that we all could've died..."

[00:53] <@Amado> He smirks. "At least it looked cool, huh?"

#06[00:53] * @Delilah takes a sit, determined to wait for the returning of that pathetic teacher. "Pity, I never learned how that fluffy delight is made."

[00:55] <Riku> "The other teachers should arrive soon," he says, pocketing the card, "I sent all of them a distress message before the fighting started up. But after they get here, and the wounded are taken care of...I want to ask some of you all of what you know about this."

[00:55] <@Ryuuji> "Yeah, whatever you did, it was pretty badass." Ryuuji grinned.

[00:56] <@Amado> "Heh...yeah..."

[00:57] <@Ryuuji> "So... What the hell #was# that?" Ryuuji asked.

[00:57] <@Amado> "...Your guess is as good as mine"

[00:57] <@Ryuuji> "... Should've expected that too."

#03[01:00] * Amado changes topic to ''Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Roleplaying - The Freshmaker! | Current Mode: OOC#'