kwikkidus(6:31:35 PM): --------------------------------------------------------
kwikkidus(6:33:25 PM): Eon runs through the forest, and although he's about 80% sure he's lost... he's looking for something. Any sign of his boss, namely... or that other guy she was working with.
Polk Kitsune(6:34:26 PM): "I say... this is going to be one bad blind date." He said as he looked own at the girl he was holding in his arms. "I knew I shouldn't have gone with Old Spice. Tsk."
kwikkidus(6:35:49 PM): "...!" he looks towards the voice, slowing down. "Well well well... that sounds like... Meso, ne?"
Polk Kitsune(6:37:12 PM): "Well, it isn't the Adams Family." To which, he snapped his fingers. "And this must be my dear good friend, Eon."
kwikkidus(6:38:23 PM): "...Yeah, I suppose it is. Say, who's that you've got there?" He walks towards the other student, his hands in his pockets.
Polk Kitsune(6:43:54 PM): "Well that's..." He gave a rather sheepish grin, quickly sliding between Eon and the girl. "Something between me and this charming lady..."
kwikkidus(6:46:29 PM): "...Oh... so then it is Lily." He raises a hand, the one with his duel disk on it. "...Could you do me a favor and give her back? I kind of doubt she'd much appreciate what I'm certain you have in mind, ne?"
Polk Kitsune(6:51:35 PM): "My my, whatever do you mean?" He shook his head slowly, shrugging. "Usually, I wouldn't be threading on your territory, but I'm afraid that I'd be the better... tour guide for her."
Polk Kitsune(6:51:50 PM): "Besides, I believe you'll soon have your hands full."
kwikkidus(6:53:01 PM): "...Now really, Meso. I hate to have to fight you... but I'm afraid I'm under contract, and not even your resources are worth the pay I'll be getting, ne?"
Polk Kitsune(6:55:37 PM): "Maybe... But you see, the problem is that I can't exactly let her go, whether I want it or not." He gave a shrug. "A deal's a deal, after all."
kwikkidus(6:56:50 PM): "And I'm afraid mine is quite binding. If you won't move... I'll just have to make you move, ne?" He begins walking towards Meso.
Polk Kitsune(7:01:35 PM): "That's... what I wanted to hear." And with barely a rustle of leaves, in case another person, quickly slapping a black metal collar around Eon's neck, following by a pair to his feet. "Gotcha~!"
kwikkidus(7:02:29 PM): "...So... you've decided to distract me while your sister moved in with the shock collars. Heh. Hindsight, I should have seen that coming, ne?"
Polk Kitsune(7:05:36 PM): He held out a finger. "One of the basic rules of survival. Never act alone." "Two heads will always be better than one." She giggled as she leaped backwards before Eon could lash at her.
kwikkidus(7:07:00 PM): "That was... the original plan. Well then... How long do you suppose it'll take to pick the locks on these things?" He fiddles with his belt a bit, before producing a set of lockpicks. "My guess is ten minutes max. You should run."
Polk Kitsune(7:11:20 PM): "If you can pull that off with three booby-trapped digital locks, I'll be impressed." He picked up the unconscious body of Lily in his arms. "Besides, you know I love a good race."
Polk Kitsune(7:11:45 PM): Melissa gave a sneaky little giggle, waving a little gold card as she walked away. "Of course, you could always ask for the key~"
kwikkidus(7:12:50 PM): "..." He feels a bead of sweat fall down his temple. "You... I underestimated you two, huh. Just hand over the key, and we can all just go our separate ways."
Polk Kitsune(7:16:40 PM): The brother just raised an eyebrow. "You're giving in this easily? With a guy so loyal as you, I thought you'd have a little more loyalty... But maybe it's me who just read you wrong now, is it?"
kwikkidus(7:17:23 PM): "...Or you read me too well... Who can really say? Now hand over the key. Or else I'll have to do something drastic... mm?"
Polk Kitsune(7:25:37 PM): "Mmmnnn. No... No, it's not that easy." She shrugged, shaking her head. " It wouldn't take you five minutes before you grab backup, or simply try to charge us." She smirked, holding up a duel disk.
Polk Kitsune(7:25:54 PM): "It can only end in drastic, won't it?"
kwikkidus(7:26:24 PM): " you're challenging me to a duel for the fate of the damsel in distress." He quirks an eyebrow. "How very cliché. You know that, right?"
Polk Kitsune(7:30:39 PM): "Cliché, maybe. But you think there's a better way?" She struck a pose, glaring toward him. "I haven't had much time to dance, and I need a way to distract you long enough. That's all."
kwikkidus(7:31:42 PM): "It's not a distraction if you tell me it's a distraction, you know..." he mutters, moving towards Meso.
Polk Kitsune(7:33:08 PM): He held out a hand. "Five... four... three..."
kwikkidus(7:33:36 PM): "...Enough counting. Just drop the girl and everything'll be fine. Ne?"
Polk Kitsune(7:36:19 PM): "One... Now" And with the last word, the collar gave one small crackle as a warning before a large shock ran through Eon's body.
kwikkidus(7:36:43 PM): "...GHH!" He winces, before moving back. "Okay, what the HELL was that."
Polk Kitsune(7:39:33 PM): Meso gave a chuckle. "A little modification of mine, if you can call it." He said as he started to back away. "Like shock collars for dogs."
kwikkidus(7:40:16 PM): "...Heh.. So then, what..."
kwikkidus(7:42:06 PM): "You expect me to duel with the pinkhaired girl while you run away?"
Polk Kitsune(7:42:10 PM): "As soon as you leave the limit, by even one step... Zap!"
Polk Kitsune(7:43:19 PM): "The more you talk, the more distance you'll have to cover." He gave a chuckle as he ran off, humming the batman theme song.
kwikkidus(7:44:12 PM): "...Humph." He looks over at Melissa. "Miss Maeromune. I don't have time to waste on you, so we'll make this quick, ne?" The duel disk activates. "Feel privileged. As a rule I avoid dueling others."
Polk Kitsune(7:45:56 PM): "ooohhh, I am~" She said with a giggle, activating her duel disk. "I'm going to make sure to stretch this privilege as much as I can."
kwikkidus(7:46:51 PM): "Whatever. Don't cry when I win." For the first time, ever. "This is, after all, a duel under the stars."

Polk Kitsune(7:48:33 PM): "Aaahhh. How poetic..." She gave a giggle. "I'll start. Draw!"
Polk Kitsune(7:49:13 PM): She scanned her cards, and finally smirked. "I'll start with one defender... And one facedown card."
Polk Kitsune(7:49:18 PM): "You turn!"
kwikkidus(7:49:22 PM): "...Then I draw."
kwikkidus(7:49:58 PM): "It's best to begin with Soul Absorption. Next, a monster card. Banisher of the Radiance."
kwikkidus(7:51:22 PM): "Banisher of the Radiance..." (1600/0) He thinks back to the duel against Lily for a second. "Alright, why not. Attack!"
Polk Kitsune(7:51:45 PM): She gave a small snerk. "Newdoria dies..."
kwikkidus(7:52:17 PM): "...And is removed from play."
kwikkidus(7:53:24 PM): (8500) "Then, Soul Absorption takes effect, and I gain 500 life points. My turn ends here. Go."
Polk Kitsune(7:53:49 PM): "Okay! Draw!"
Polk Kitsune(7:55:31 PM): "I'll set a defender... and that's all."
kwikkidus(7:55:36 PM): "Then I draw."
kwikkidus(7:55:50 PM): "It's time. I play a second Soul Absorption."
kwikkidus(7:56:05 PM): "Now, Banisher of the Radiance." He points at the defender. "Destroy it!"
Polk Kitsune(7:56:49 PM): She turned her head a bit. "Grand Tiki Elder's gone..."
kwikkidus(7:57:04 PM): "And I gain a thousand life points this time!" (9500)
kwikkidus(7:58:07 PM): "I set one reverse card... and my turn is over!"
Polk Kitsune(7:58:38 PM): "I draw!"
Polk Kitsune(7:59:35 PM): "Not to sound repetitive... But one more defender."
kwikkidus(7:59:56 PM): "You sound like my uncle..."
Polk Kitsune(8:01:04 PM): "That ends my turn..."
kwikkidus(8:01:10 PM): "Mine then! Draw!"
kwikkidus(8:01:27 PM): "Now, I summon Card Trooper, in attack mode." (400/400)
kwikkidus(8:02:40 PM): "Its effect activates. This allows me to toss three cards from the top of my deck to the grave. Each one gives it 500 attack points."
kwikkidus(8:02:49 PM): "Of course, Banisher of the Radiance removes them from play, and for each card thusly removed, both Soul Absorptions activate."
kwikkidus(8:03:14 PM): (1900/400) (12,500)
Polk Kitsune(8:03:36 PM): "Quite a combo..."
kwikkidus(8:03:54 PM): "I hadn't noticed. Card Trooper!" He points. "Attack!"
Polk Kitsune(8:05:27 PM): She gave a smirk. "Finally one defender you can't get through so easily. Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World." (100/2100)
kwikkidus(8:05:58 PM): (12,300) Spark, spark. "...Ghh! Heh... that's it?"
Polk Kitsune(8:07:26 PM): "For now... the more damage, the greater the shock..."
kwikkidus(8:08:10 PM): "Whatever... My turn ends here, and with it so does Card Trooper's boost."
Polk Kitsune(8:08:26 PM): "Good... Draw!"
Polk Kitsune(8:10:11 PM): "Mmnn... Nothing loss, nothing gained."
Polk Kitsune(8:10:33 PM): "I summon Grand Tiki Elder to the field."
Polk Kitsune(8:11:00 PM): "But that's only temporary as I tribute both monsters for the Masked Beast, Des Gardius!"
Polk Kitsune(8:12:45 PM): "Now, Des Gardius, attack the Banisher of Radiance!"
kwikkidus(8:13:35 PM): "...Well..." He flips his reversed Mirror Force. "No. Sorry."
Polk Kitsune(8:16:25 PM): "... should have seen that coming."
kwikkidus(8:16:55 PM): "Both are removed from play." (14300)
Polk Kitsune(8:17:26 PM): "That ends my turn."
kwikkidus(8:17:32 PM): "Draw."
kwikkidus(8:17:57 PM): "Card trooper activates." Three more cards go to his RFP. (17,300)
kwikkidus(8:18:32 PM): "Banisher! Trooper! Double Direct attack!" (1900+1600)
Polk Kitsune(8:23:11 PM): "KYYAAAA!" Her body twitched in pain as the shock ran through her. "D-damn..." (4500)
kwikkidus(8:24:25 PM): "...Heh... I'm sorry, but I'm on a mission. It's not Eon that's dueling you now. My turn is over.'
Polk Kitsune(8:24:53 PM): "Not.... Eon?"
Polk Kitsune(8:25:06 PM): She shook her head, and pulled a card. "Draw!"
Polk Kitsune(8:26:05 PM): "One defender... That's all..."
kwikkidus(8:27:47 PM): "Draw." He looks at the card in his hand."Call me... Well, call me whatever you like. I'm not going to stop until my client is safe."
kwikkidus(8:28:16 PM): "Card Trooper! Remove three!"
kwikkidus(8:29:14 PM): (20,300) "This duel... Meso stole my camera, and my client. That's simply rude. And now to have you here...blocking my way. Card trooper!" He points at the defender. "Blow it clear away!"
Polk Kitsune(8:30:29 PM): The brain jacker didn't stand a chance as it was blown apart.
kwikkidus(8:30:55 PM): "...Now... Banisher of the Radiance!"
kwikkidus(8:32:37 PM): "Direct attack!"
Polk Kitsune(8:32:38 PM): "Nnnngh!" Her body twitched, forcing her down on one knee. "No way..."
Polk Kitsune(8:32:50 PM): ((2900)
kwikkidus(8:33:00 PM): "...My turn ends again. Draw your card!"
Polk Kitsune(8:33:17 PM): "Gh... Draw!"
Polk Kitsune(8:34:10 PM): "Maybe... But in the end, no matter the outcome..."
Polk Kitsune(8:34:16 PM): "I play, Heavy Storm!"
kwikkidus(8:34:45 PM): Both his soul absorptions are removed from play, along with her two cards as well. "Alright then."
Polk Kitsune(8:35:14 PM): "And then, I'll summon Melchid, the Four-Face Beast."
Polk Kitsune(8:35:30 PM): "Melchid, attack the Card Trooper!"
kwikkidus(8:36:37 PM): It's destroyed, and removed from play, as the shocks begin to whir to life. "...Hnn..." (19,200) "Khh... hhhn!"
Polk Kitsune(8:40:52 PM): "And that ends my turn, Mr Wright."
kwikkidus(8:41:53 PM): "...Draw."
kwikkidus(8:42:11 PM): "Now, I set one defender. My turn ends."
Polk Kitsune(8:42:57 PM): "Draw!"
Polk Kitsune(8:43:17 PM): "Melchid will attack your defender."
kwikkidus(8:43:30 PM): "Chaosrider Gustaph." (1400/1500) "Deflect!"
Polk Kitsune(8:44:54 PM): "Hrph... I'll set one defender, and that's all."
kwikkidus(8:45:12 PM): "Draw."
kwikkidus(8:45:27 PM): "...Let's stop playing around now, shall we?"
kwikkidus(8:47:35 PM): "I tribute Chaosrider Gustaph along with Banisher of the Radiance..." The two erupt in light.
kwikkidus(8:48:09 PM): "Go! Helios Tris Megistus!" The three suns appear before him. (0/0) "Now.... I'm sure you're wondering about their effect."
Polk Kitsune(8:50:08 PM): "I'm sure you'll give me the crash course..."
kwikkidus(8:50:41 PM): "For every monster removed from play, it gains 300 attack and defense points. I have eight, and I count six from you... which makes fourteen." (4200/4200)
kwikkidus(8:51:09 PM): "Now, Helios Tris Megistus... Dimensional flare!" He points at the Multi-masked beast.
Polk Kitsune(8:54:03 PM): She had to shield her face away from the bright flash. She knew her beast was toast. Which was quickly folowed by a severe shock. "KYYYAAAAAAAHHH!!!" (200)
kwikkidus(8:54:20 PM): "Unfortunately... I have to end my turn now. But, you can make your move."
Polk Kitsune(8:55:33 PM): "Gh... Gnh..." She struggled to get back on her feet, rubign her eyes. "It's... not... yet... over..."
Polk Kitsune(8:55:36 PM): "Draw!"
Polk Kitsune(8:55:53 PM): "... One defender."
Polk Kitsune(8:55:56 PM): "That's all."
kwikkidus(8:57:00 PM): "...I draw,
kwikkidus(8:57:38 PM): "Now then, I'll begin by setting one card facedown on the field." The card flashes on the field. "Next, Tris Megistus attacks your new monster."
Polk Kitsune(9:00:10 PM): She tightened her teeth. "Grand Tiki Elder..."
kwikkidus(9:01:14 PM): "My turn ends."
Polk Kitsune(9:01:50 PM): "Draw!"
Polk Kitsune(9:02:25 PM): "... There's no denying it, it's hard to see victory now... But all I need is to stall long enough for my brother to make an extra mile or two."
Polk Kitsune(9:02:36 PM): "One defender... And as long as I can keep this up..."
Polk Kitsune(9:02:40 PM): "End turn..."
kwikkidus(9:02:42 PM): "I draw, then."
kwikkidus(9:03:11 PM): "Another reverse, before Tris attacks that defender, too."
Polk Kitsune(9:05:01 PM): "Jowls of Dark Demise dies... And for that, I'll take your big monster for a while."
kwikkidus(9:05:34 PM): "For the whole turn. I end. Gimme."
Polk Kitsune(9:08:07 PM): "Of course... Draw."
Polk Kitsune(9:08:20 PM): "One facedown card... I end my turn."
kwikkidus(9:08:43 PM): "Hold off. During your end phase, I activate Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy it."
Polk Kitsune(9:09:31 PM): "Call of the Haunted dies..."
kwikkidus(9:09:53 PM): "Then I draw."
kwikkidus(9:10:41 PM): He grins widely. "Now, I pay one thousand life pointts..." Zap! Grimace! "To activate Excavation from the Different Dimension." (18,200)
Polk Kitsune(9:11:39 PM): "Huuuuh?"
kwikkidus(9:12:17 PM): "Two cards from my Removed From Play area are returned to my hand." He lets them materialize. "Next, I will activate the spell card Chaos End."
kwikkidus(9:12:35 PM): "This spell card can't be activated unless I have at least seven removed from play cards. It destroys all monsters on the field.
kwikkidus(9:14:25 PM): "Now then... The field is clear. I activate Soul Release next... to remove every last card in my graveyard from play, aside from Chaos End."
Polk Kitsune(9:14:47 PM): "Gh..."
kwikkidus(9:16:20 PM): "Then, I activate a second Soul remove Soul Release number one, along with my Chaos End and all three of the monsters you have in your grave right now."
kwikkidus(9:16:50 PM): "Finally..." He places a card on his duel disk before raising his hand. "Gren Maju Da Eiza, which gains 400attack points for each one of my cards that is gone from the game!" The monster appears, glowing with a heckuva big aura.
kwikkidus(9:17:06 PM): "I have... eighteen." (7200/7200)
Polk Kitsune(9:17:20 PM): ".... Woah..."
kwikkidus(9:17:37 PM): "I told you... Eon Milliardo Flunky may be a loser..." He points at her. "But right now... I'm someone else. Bolt From Beyond Hell! Direct attack!"
Polk Kitsune(9:17:40 PM): Her eyes went wide with shock. "Big..."
Polk Kitsune(9:19:22 PM): She simply froze in place as the attack came straight for her. The shock of the attack alone knocked her off her feet, followed by a massive shock all through her body. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"
Polk Kitsune(9:20:06 PM): Light wisps of smoke filtered from her body, as finally, her twisted body fell to the ground, twitching here and there... (0)
kwikkidus(9:21:02 PM): He puts a hand in his pocket, before walking towards her. "Game. Set. And match." He picks up the keycard,swiping it to release his restraints before looking at her. "...Hmph. You alive?"
Polk Kitsune(9:21:59 PM): She gave a small groan of pain, but otherwise, the only sign of life was her breathing. She didn't seem strong enough for anything more after the shock.
kwikkidus(9:23:59 PM): "...Out here in the forest, there's a pretty good chance you'll be eaten by wild animals or some other horrible fate will befall you, ne?" he says to the twitching girl on the ground, kick rolling her over onto her back.
Polk Kitsune(9:25:51 PM): Her eyes turned from a relaxed glance to a deep frowning, knowing exactly what he was talking about. She gave a groan, but finally tilted her head, trying to nod.
kwikkidus(9:27:09 PM): "Something to consider before the next time you decide to go dueling someone in a match like this, ne? Now then, if you somehow communicate to me where he plans on taking her, I might be inclined to help you."
Polk Kitsune(9:32:28 PM): She shivered slightly, and took a deep breath in, trying to tighten her fists closed tightly. "Nnngh..."
kwikkidus(9:33:47 PM): "...Nngh isn't a word."
Polk Kitsune(9:37:41 PM): "I think she's trying to say 'If I could say something, I already would have, wiseass'."
kwikkidus(9:38:43 PM): "...Oh, there you are. Now, the better question. Where's the lady."
Polk Kitsune(9:40:31 PM): His eyes narrowed as he looked down. "I think she's lying at your feet right now."
Polk Kitsune(9:40:55 PM): "As for my little guest... Well, I already made my little deposit at a safe place."
kwikkidus(9:43:07 PM): "Well, that's fine. I'll just be looking,huh?" He stretches a bit, before walking past Meso. "It was a fun event, I suppose. You're next... if you don't give me back my camera this moment."
Polk Kitsune(9:46:53 PM): "Then I'm glad the two of you had some fun." He said with a chuckle. "As for your camera..." He tossed it back over to him. "I already got what I wanted. Nice collection, by the way."
kwikkidus(9:49:02 PM): "Heh." He grabs the camera, putting it back in his pocket, before pausing for a second. "...I've got some other things you may be interested in later. After I'm done dismantling the Order of Holy Suffering, that is. Ja."
Polk Kitsune(9:51:29 PM): He blinked a moment, as if he'd heard something rather disturbing. He then rolled his eyes, as he picked up his paralized sister. "Oh really? And what may that be?"
kwikkidus(9:52:45 PM): "Well... information for information seems an adequate trade." he says quietly. "Where's the girl?"
Polk Kitsune(9:56:21 PM): He gave a chuckle. "Something you're going to give to me later, for your mission... Now that's hardly a fair trade now, do you, Mr. Wright?"
kwikkidus(9:57:15 PM): "Oh... Well I was going to just give you them now for the information, but... Whatever." He starts walking off into the forest. "Have fun with a paralyzed sister."
Polk Kitsune(10:00:20 PM): "Oh, I wiiiiill~" He gave a low chuckle as he walked off. "A little patience never hurt, you know?"
kwikkidus(10:00:48 PM): "If you say so... It's not like I don't already have a few ideas." With that, he runs off into a forest.
Polk Kitsune(10:02:40 PM): And as soon as he knew Eon was out of an earshot, Meso grinned wickedly. "Oh, I hope you're not too disappointed. You knew you wouldn't be able to communicate with him, dear..."
Polk Kitsune(10:02:52 PM): She clenched her eyes together, a few tears sliding down.
Polk Kitsune(10:03:27 PM): "Besides... With the way things are unfolding now, it's only a matter of time..."
kwikkidus(10:07:47 PM): -------------------------------------------