apopalyctic (10:47:26 PM):It's night. The stars are out. So is Lily Sakuma. It seems she couldn't sleep, and chose to attempt to make her insomnia productive by searching for the Shadow Charm. She's quite wary, of course, given the information about it... but it has to be found, right?
Hinoryu8 (10:49:28 PM):Her search comes up empty. The charm is simply nowhere to be found... But that soon seems like it won't matter, judging from the voice behind Lily. "You're Lily Sakuma, right?"
apopalyctic (10:52:06 PM):Cue one small 'ah!' before she turns around. "... Yes..." Is that...? "... and you are...?"
Hinoryu8 (10:53:17 PM):He spins something around on his finger. "Good." There's a small red flash from the object, and a ripple spreads out through the area. "Sorry to be in such a rush, but... Let's play a game."
apopalyctic (10:54:26 PM):And it feels as if the entire world has just suddenly dropped right from under Lily's feet. Excuse her while she pauses, hand near her heart, and falls over, would you?
Hinoryu8 (10:55:43 PM):"... Again?" He sounds incredulous.
apopalyctic (10:56:53 PM):She does get back up again, though. Not... quite standing, but on... three out of four appendages. "... h... rts..."
Hinoryu8 (10:58:06 PM):"Just to make sure, you are still breathing, right? If I lose another target because it's fatal, I'm going to kill someone... Wait a minute."
apopalyctic (10:58:51 PM):She glares at him with legitimate incredulousness.
Hinoryu8 (10:59:32 PM):"Oh, good."
apopalyctic (11:00:30 PM):"Good?"
Hinoryu8 (11:01:13 PM):"It is good you're breathing, right? Or do you not normally need to?"
apopalyctic (11:02:02 PM):"I'm in pain, you moron."
Hinoryu8 (11:03:16 PM):"Yeah, but you're still in better shape than Leafy."
apopalyctic (11:03:41 PM):"'Leafy?'"
Hinoryu8 (11:04:59 PM):"Some idiot. Anyway, I'm in a hurry here."
apopalyctic (11:06:07 PM):"Some idiot? Do you know what you did to him?!" Or nearly, anyway. Don't quibble. "I--!" She'd get up and shake her fist at him, but she finds she's pretty... well, really weak right now.
Hinoryu8 (11:07:05 PM):"I made him exactly like everyone else. Not my fault he was too weak to handle what happened. Or that you are."
apopalyctic (11:08:40 PM):"I was never a powerhouse..." Note the rather gangly limbs, and so on.
Hinoryu8 (11:09:15 PM):"You aren't even wholly human, are you?"
apopalyctic (11:10:43 PM):Lily seems to stiffen. It could be worse if I said... "... so now you are xenophobic as well?"
Hinoryu8 (11:11:59 PM):"Not at all. A phobia is an irrational fear."
apopalyctic (11:12:44 PM):"I don't believe anyone has quoted foreigners as a rational fear for some time."
Hinoryu8 (11:13:53 PM):"Foreigners, maybe not. But demons? Vampires? Things like that?"
apopalyctic (11:14:41 PM):"Of course, the goth is a vampire..."
Hinoryu8 (11:15:14 PM):He spins the pendant around on his finger. "You're pretty clearly something. Otherwise you wouldn't be hurting."
apopalyctic (11:15:37 PM):"Riku hurt. He's human."
Hinoryu8 (11:15:58 PM):"That's not how the Zone works."
apopalyctic (11:16:42 PM):"How long have you had that thing?"
Hinoryu8 (11:17:08 PM):He keeps spinning it. "It came with an instruction manual."
apopalyctic (11:17:55 PM):"Why do you even care? Get bitten by a vampire that doesn't sparkle in the sun?"
Hinoryu8 (11:18:34 PM):He groans. "Don't even joke about that... I read that book."
apopalyctic (11:19:30 PM):"So... what is it? Why do this to people who have never even considered showing you malice?"
Hinoryu8 (11:21:01 PM):"Pre-emptive strike. Any one of you goes nuts... Tsukayama showed what happens. And then every nutjob in the world with superpowers comes to this island for some stupid reason, just 'cause this island has a bunch of superpowered kids. I'm stopping it."
apopalyctic (11:21:30 PM):"I really doubt they come for us..."
Hinoryu8 (11:22:19 PM):"Then why was it just those superpowered ones who got stuck in bubbles when the last psycho attacked? He came just for you guys."
apopalyctic (11:22:59 PM):"Ever consider that was not the intent of every villain?"
Hinoryu8 (11:24:08 PM):"There was the one in Marias, who went around turning the people with powers to her side and using them to attack us."
Hinoryu8 (11:24:20 PM):He pauses, considering. "... I think Marias herself counted as one of the nutjobs who would attack us."
apopalyctic (11:25:56 PM):"Miss Marias was strange, but she was not... evil. And besides, you can't possibly hope to change every powered invididual in the world 'normal' one at a time..."
Hinoryu8 (11:27:01 PM):"Yeah, I'm totally going to tell you my whole plan while I'm trying to get this over with."
apopalyctic (11:27:29 PM):"Really? You've been very typical so far."
Hinoryu8 (11:28:03 PM):"Aren't goths supposed to be the silent ones?"
apopalyctic (11:28:52 PM):"Aren't villains supposed to say 'Just shut up and fight me!'?"
Hinoryu8 (11:29:15 PM):"Clearly neither of us is very good at our stereotype."
apopalyctic (11:30:25 PM):"Clearly..." Except that in talking, she's managed to finally get up again. Unfortunately, a Saiyan she is not... she's just barely able to make it up. "... I can't duel in this condition if it's going to be a shadow game."
Hinoryu8 (11:31:32 PM):"Why bother dueling when we're doing so well at breaking the norm already?" He shrugs. "Name a game you enjoy. It will accomodate."
apopalyctic (11:32:28 PM):"... chess."
Hinoryu8 (11:33:49 PM):Another flash from the pendant, and a table, chessboard already set up, and two chairs simply rise out of the ground. Isamu then takes a pawn of each color, and swaps them around behind his back. "Pick one."
apopalyctic (11:35:00 PM):"..." She doesn't quite trust sitting in either chair, but... sitting would be really nice for her about now. "... the left."
Hinoryu8 (11:35:37 PM):He tosses her the left-hand piece- White. He then takes his own seat and sets up his side. "I hope you're good."
apopalyctic (11:36:55 PM):She doesn't catch it very well. Luckily, it bounces into her lap. "I haven't played since I was a child, and my only partner was rash."
Hinoryu8 (11:37:45 PM):"Oh, no fun then." He spins the king around his fingers before putting it down in its place. "First move is yours."
apopalyctic (11:39:00 PM):"I do apologize for not living up to the expectations of a ne'er-do-well," she replies flatly as she moves her first pawn.
Hinoryu8 (11:41:29 PM):He brings up his own pawn, halting the others' advance. "E7 to E5. Well, I'll accept that apology, I guess."
apopalyctic (11:43:06 PM):"Heaven forbid someone be different, after all." Her knight moves to F3.
Hinoryu8 (11:45:45 PM):"Knight from b8 to c6." He notes as he moves his piece. "You seem very different even other than for the obvious reason."
apopalyctic (11:47:15 PM):Her bishop makes a break from its spot at F1 and moves to C4. "... what exactly does that mean?"
Hinoryu8 (11:49:04 PM):"Knight, G8 to F6. It means you're weird in other ways than being inhuman."
apopalyctic (11:51:17 PM):Pawn to D4. "I take it that's another 'bad' thing in your book. Perhaps you believe in the idea of yamato nadeshiko?"
Hinoryu8 (11:52:33 PM):"I do rock, do you think I have a problem with weird people? I like interesting girls." He moves his pawn. "E5 to D4. First blood's mine."
apopalyctic (11:54:21 PM):"Do you only have half a problem with me because I'm half a person, then? Is that the 'obvious' trait you were speaking of?" She moves her king and her H1 rook. "Castling."
Hinoryu8 (11:55:40 PM):"Yeah, that's what I meant. Knight from F6 to D4."
apopalyctic (11:57:19 PM):Another pawn gone. Why did I pick this game with the experience I have...? Maybe I'm afraid I'm going to die. "I do not see as how I appeared to be any different from your regular student..." The castled rook moves one over.
Hinoryu8 (11:59:40 PM):"D7 to D5." His pawn advances. "I could tell, couldn't I?"
Hinoryu8 (12:03:41 AM):"Queen from d8 captures bishop at d5." He doesn't answer the question.
apopalyctic (12:04:38 AM):She grimaces. "Knight B1 to C3."
Hinoryu8 (12:05:44 AM):"Queen D5 to A5." He quickly brings his queen out of threat.
apopalyctic (12:07:03 AM):Her F3 knight takes the black pawn. "... well?"
Hinoryu8 (12:07:40 AM):"Knight C6 to D4. What?"
apopalyctic (12:08:13 AM):"You didn't answer my question." Her queen takes that knight.
Hinoryu8 (12:09:30 AM):"F7 to F5." His pawn advances. "What, the 'before the charm' one?"
apopalyctic (12:10:07 AM):"Yes," she replies dryly as she moves her remaining bishop. "That one."
Hinoryu8 (12:11:44 AM):"Queen A5 to C5." His queen moves to threaten her opposing number. "Does it matter?"
apopalyctic (12:12:33 AM):Her queen moves dangerously close to his king. "Yes. It does."
apopalyctic (12:12:49 AM):"And check."
Hinoryu8 (12:13:27 AM):Bishop stopping me from taking the queen... "King, E8 to F7." He shrugs. "Not really. Not being able to identify your kind is worse."
apopalyctic (12:14:44 AM):"So that is a 'no'." Her remaining knight takes his.
Hinoryu8 (12:15:45 AM):"F5 captures knight at E4." His pawn blindsides the poor knight.
apopalyctic (12:17:26 AM):Lily feels like this is someone else's fault, but can't quite put her finger on how. This puts her dangerously close to the fourth wall... "So you're a rock and roll comspiracy theorist? Rook A1 to D1."
Hinoryu8 (12:18:17 AM):"Bishop F8 to D6." He pauses. "Rocker who happens to not want to die because of your kind."
apopalyctic (12:19:39 AM):"Ah, but normal folk should believe that things like vampires and boogeymen don't exist." She moves her queen to take his H8 rook.
Hinoryu8 (12:21:17 AM):"Only an idiot would accept something's not real when it's coming close to killing them every month." He looks back at the board. "Crap, my rook... Queen captures bishop at G5."
apopalyctic (12:22:18 AM):"Now you're talking badly about our school's founding father." She snickered as she moved a pawn forward.
Hinoryu8 (12:23:37 AM):"If that's what he believed, then he's an idiot. Queen G5 to H4." He moved his queen out of the pawn's threat range.
apopalyctic (12:26:03 AM):Her rook at E1 takes a black pawn. "Or perhaps he decided to let it be... If I weren't aware I was in a predicament, I could enjoy this better..."
Hinoryu8 (12:27:43 AM):"Bishop, c8 to h3." His bishop fled, leaving his rook exposed. "No, he's an idiot."
Hinoryu8 (12:27:58 AM):"Though, you're smarter than the others."
apopalyctic (12:29:24 AM):She takes the bait, and the rook is HERS! "You know what they say about flattery. I don't believe I'm any smarter than my friends."
Hinoryu8 (12:30:24 AM):"Bishop D6 to C5. Check." He pauses. "They took a long time to realize that they were in danger."
apopalyctic (12:32:24 AM):"None of us knew what the charm did," she replied bluntly as she quickly moved her king to H1. "It is only because of Ren-san that we became aware."
Hinoryu8 (12:33:57 AM):"Bishop, H3 to G2." A pawn gets taken. "They should've realized things were bad sooner."
apopalyctic (12:35:52 AM):"The nature of Shadow Charms are a bit unpredictable... though we were suspicious due to who asked us to look for them." Her King takes the bishop sitting there.
Hinoryu8 (12:36:52 AM):"Queen to G4, check." He sighs.
apopalyctic (12:37:38 AM):Naturally, she moves her king diagonally. "Realizing the responsibility you have?"
Hinoryu8 (12:38:24 AM):"No, I'm just deciding it's time to end the game. Queen to F3, check."
apopalyctic (12:39:42 AM):She moves the king over yet again. "If I, or anyone else dies due to this... 'quest' of yours... will you take responsibility?"
Hinoryu8 (12:40:31 AM):He responds with six words, far more important than her question at the moment. "Queen to F2. Check and mate."
apopalyctic (12:42:21 AM):She sighs. "It was... not so bad. There were some rough patches, and perhaps I should have done more, but..." The girl seems to be... a lot more tired than she had let on. "It wasn't so bad..."
Hinoryu8 (12:43:40 AM):He points at her. "That was a stupid question." He then snaps. The chessboard and table vanish, but the chairs are polite enough to give them a moment to stand.first.
apopalyctic (12:44:36 AM):She doesn't, falling back ungracefully.
Hinoryu8 (12:45:56 AM):He shrugs. "See you around. Well, maybe not..." He turns around and walks off, leaving her there, spinning the pendant around his finger as he goes.
apopalyctic (12:48:51 AM):Wait... She reaches a hand up, but it falls back flat. Is that... it? This it? And stares at the dotted sky with a half-lidded stare. This is more like how Flunky should die... Lily grins a little as she closes her eyes, and...