kwikkidus: ------------------------------------- ----------------
Hinoryu8: Ryuuji is waiting in the arena, wondering exactly how he got a promotion duel anyway.
Seibu Lion: Joan wonders how she got one too, as she walks into the arena. and manages to trip over her own feet and land on her face..again.
Hinoryu8: "..." Looking at his opponent, maybe this was a punishment for something?
Seibu Lion: "...I'm okay!"
Hinoryu8: "... Are you sure?"
Seibu Lion: Joan stands up and brushes her orange uniform off "Yeah! I do that all the time!"
Seibu Lion: "..W-well not on purpose."
Hinoryu8: Man, if I go all-out against someone like this, I'm gonna feel guilty...
Seibu Lion: "A-anyway. I'm Joan! You're my opponent for the promotion duel, right?"
A Big Finale: ... facepalm. Sometimes, Hannelore regretted the choices she'd made in life. She lacklusteredly waved a hand-made "GO JOAN" flag from the stands.
Hinoryu8: "Akihara Ryuuji, leader of Ryuuoumaru! I think so!"
Seibu Lion: Support! Joan feels warm and fuzzy inside
Seibu Lion: "Ryuuomaru?" Joan asks as she steps up to the arena "Never heard of it!"
Hinoryu8: "... before we start, I just wanna make sure... If I attack you or something, you're not gonna fall over and break your neck or something, right?"
Seibu Lion: "...Probably not!"
Seibu Lion: "Well, there was that one time, but I didn't break my neck.."
Hinoryu8: "... Probably..."
Hinoryu8: This is definitely a punishment for something... What the hell did I do? "Right... Let's just start."
Seibu Lion: "Alright!" Joan pulls a deck out of her jacket and slides it into her disk
kwikkidus: "...JOAN!" Thumbs-up! "GO FOR IT!"
Hinoryu8: "I'll go first." Ryuuji raised his Disk and drew six.
Seibu Lion: Thumbs up back! "I will, Tanaka-senpai!"
Seibu Lion: Joan draws five
Seibu Lion: "..thats the deck I grabbed? aww."
Hinoryu8: "And I'll start out with Terraforming!" He pulled his Deck out of the slot and flipped through it for a minute.
Hinoryu8: "I add Daichi no Ryuumyaku to my hand, but I won't play it just yet.. Instead, I'll set a monster and a reverse card. Turn end."
Seibu Lion: "Draw!" Joan draws a card and..nearly causes her entire deck to fall out of the disk.
Hinoryu8: "......."
Seibu Lion: "..s-sorry!"
Seibu Lion: "I'll activate the Permanent Spell card, Apport! If my opponent controls a monster and I don't control one, I can special summon a psychic type from my hand!"
Hinoryu8: "Psychic-type?"
Hinoryu8: "... they made a new subtype?"
Seibu Lion: "Special summon! Storm Summoner!" Cloudman appears on Joan's side of the field, and her lifepoints drop to 7200 "..why'd my lifepoints go down?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Y'don't know about Psychic-types?!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "And you call yourself the leader of Ryuuoumaru!?"
Seibu Lion: "And yeah, they did! Their pretty awesome, but the E-heroes are still the best!"
Hinoryu8: "Why did they make a new type when there are a bunch of other types that still need support?"
Seibu Lion: Joan holds her disk up to her face to look at apport
Seibu Lion: "..oh! When I special summon one, I have to pay 800 lifepoints! Wow, I didn't know that.."
Hinoryu8: "I mean, is there a single-digit-"
Hinoryu8: Pause.
Hinoryu8: "........"
Hinoryu8: "Did she..."
Hinoryu8: Facepalm.
Seibu Lion: "...I haven't used this deck before!"
Hinoryu8: "..."
Seibu Lion: "...A-anyway! Um..Storm Summoner! Attack his facedown monster!" (2300 attack)
Hinoryu8: "Troop Dragon is sent to the grave."
Hinoryu8: "By Troop Dragon's effect, I summon another one from the deck, in defense mode!"
A Big Finale: "Come on, Joan! Read the cards and then you'll have a better chance of being more awesome!" It was ... SEMI-encouraging.
Viewtiful Rekk: " did this chick get a promotion exam..."
Seibu Lion: Thats more encouragement than normal! "Right! I'll read my cards now!"
Seibu Lion: "And now, I set a monster and a reverse card! Turn end!"
Hinoryu8: "Draw!"
Hinoryu8: "Man, I have to use this this soon?" He summons Sapphire Dragon. (1900 ATK)
Hinoryu8: "Field magic, Daichi no Ryuumyaku!" The arena vanishes, replaced by the rocky wasteland. Sapphire Dragon roars, and grows to 2700 attack.
Seibu Lion: "Daichi no Ryuumyaku?"
Hinoryu8: "All Dragon-type monsters gain 800 attack points."
Hinoryu8: "So I switch my Troop Dragon into attack as well." (1500 ATK)
Seibu Lion: "..Thats not very good."
Hinoryu8: "I dunno, it seems pretty good from where I'm standing. Sapphire Dragon, attack! Sapphire Flame!"
Seibu Lion: I'll assume you're attacking storm summoner, since that's the logical thing. so OW my lifepoints. (6800 LP)
Seibu Lion: "Your dragons are pretty strong!"
Hinoryu8: "Attack the set, Troop Dragon!"
Seibu Lion: "Cabalist!"
Seibu Lion: "When she's attacked and destroyed.."
Seibu Lion: Joan holds the card up to read it
Seibu Lion: "I pay 800 lifepoints to add one psychic type to my hand! I'll add Teleki Attacker!"
Seibu Lion: (6000 LP)
Hinoryu8: Shit, that's no good... With that Apport, she basically just got a free summon of anything she wants. "Turn end!"
Seibu Lion: "Draw!"
Seibu Lion: Joan stares at the card she just drew
Viewtiful Rekk: "Ryuuji, if you lose, I'm stagin' a coup de tat and makin' myself leader!"
Seibu Lion: "Question!"
Seibu Lion: "What's a "tuner"?"
Hinoryu8: "Like hell I'm gonna lose, Amadobastard! I've got the advantage here still!"
kwikkidus: "A tuner... IS A NEW MONSTER TYPE!"
Hinoryu8: "A tuner's a monster used for Synchro Summoning."
Seibu Lion: "Synchro Summoning?"
kwikkidus: "It aligns its burning soul with that of other monsters... to create something entirely AWESOME!"
Seibu Lion: Joan blinks and pulls a card out of..wherever the hell they keep their fusion decks.
Seibu Lion: "You mean like this?" Joan holds up Mental Sphere Daemon
Hinoryu8: "... question."
Hinoryu8: "How did you make a coherent deck if you don't even know what the cards do?"
Seibu Lion: "...."
Seibu Lion: "I saw that they were all psychics!"
A Big Finale: "Talent?" Hannelore unhelpfully suggested.
kwikkidus: "Exactly like that!" Thumbs-up! Note to self. Tomorrow, deckbuilding 101.
Seibu Lion: "So, um..I activate Apport! I pay 800 lifepoints to summon TELEKI ATTACKER!"
Hinoryu8: "..." Bullshit. She's more competent than she acts. She's gotta be.
Seibu Lion: The mighty 1700 attack astro boy wannabe appears!
Seibu Lion: And then looks at the dragons and wishes it never got out of bed this morning
Seibu Lion: Next I'll activate..Psychic-Break! Whenever I normal summon a psychic, I pay 500 lifepoints! They gain 300 attack and one level!
Hinoryu8: "It's stronger than Troop Dragon... But only barely."
Seibu Lion: "So I summon Psycho Commander, which goes up to 1900 attack and level four!" 4700 LP
Hinoryu8: Level four Tuner, level four non-Tuner... She's definitely not as stupid as she acts. Ryuuji watched carefully.
Seibu Lion: "Reverse card, open! I activate my reverse Psycho Healing! I gain 1000 lifepoints for every psychic I control, so I gain 2000 lifepoints!" 6700 LP
Hinoryu8: "No."
Seibu Lion: "No?"
Hinoryu8: "Trap card, open. Dark Bribe."
Seibu Lion: "..What does that do?"
Hinoryu8: "You get to draw a card, but that healing doesn't happen!"
Seibu Lion: "Aw..okay. Draw!"
Seibu Lion: "Um..Tanaka-senpai!"
Seibu Lion: "How do I do that synchro summoning thing?"
Hinoryu8: "... HANG ON a second."
kwikkidus: "You need to have monsters of levels equal to the one you're aiming to summon on the field!"
Hinoryu8: He looks at Amado.
Hinoryu8: "Can I call this on kibbitzing?"
Seibu Lion: Joan looks at the mental sphere daemon she had
Seibu Lion: "So I can summon this!"
kwikkidus: "HOW SHOULD I KNOW!" He folds his arms, grinning. "I cannot see that far!"
Hinoryu8: This is definitely kibbitzing... Not cool. He sighed.
Seibu Lion: "Tuning! M-mental spheres will come together to form a new force!" Psycho Commander blows up into those awesome green rings "Become the path it's light shines upon!" Teleki attacker becomes a wireframe
Seibu Lion: "Synchro summon! Mental Sphere Daemon!" Joan slaps the card onto her duel disk, and Teleki Attacker becomes a giant awesome skeleton demon thing
Viewtiful Rekk: "..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "That..."
A Big Finale: "It is not!" Hannelore shouted. "She needs all the help she can get!"
Hinoryu8: "... It's Demon Summon's Matrix counterpart?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "That Synchro catchphrase...sounds really familiar..."
Hinoryu8: "Help or not, kibbitzing is kibbitzing!"
Seibu Lion: "...Whats kibbitzing?"
kwikkidus: "...If I may ask, what is kibbitzing?"
Hinoryu8: "When the audience helps a player."
Seibu Lion: "..oh."
Seibu Lion: "Sorry, I won't ask for any more help.."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Don't be a jerk Ryuuji, the chick obviously needs help!"
Seibu Lion: Joan sounds like a kicked puppy now, despite the fact that she just synchro summoned with no idea what the hell she was doing.
Hinoryu8: "This is a promotion duel... You're supposed to be showing off your own skill!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Y'afraid you can't beat her or something!?"
Hinoryu8: "Not at all. But even if she does win, she won't get promoted if she only won 'cause a couple others were helping her the whole time!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...I guess."
Seibu Lion: "I'll win on my own now, then! I'll activate an equip spell, Synchro Hero!" Mental Sphere Daemon gets bigger and roars, as it goes up to 3200
A Big Finale: The red/orange clamped her mouth shut, having almost been on the verge of saying, "and that's a bad thing?" It wouldn't do to insult her dormmate.
Seibu Lion: "The monster equipped with this card goes up a level and gets 500 attack points!"
Hinoryu8: "... Oh, hell."
kwikkidus: "That is not the sort of move one can teach!"
Seibu Lion: "MENTAL SPHERE DAEMON! ATTACK SAPPHIRE DRAGON!" Mental Sphere Daemon hits the Sapphire Dragon with a PK Starstorm
Hinoryu8: "Dammit!" (7500)
Seibu Lion: Then snatches an orb from where the sapphire dragon used to be, and chucks it into Joan. (6300 LP)
A Big Finale: "Yeah! Go, Joan!" Unlike with the flag, she really meant it here. That was pretty great playing.
Viewtiful Rekk: Mental Sphere's a deadly card...if Ryuuji's not careful, she'll completely take control of this duel.
Viewtiful Rekk: Amado remembers how badly he was schooled by that card.
Seibu Lion: Joan reads the card real quick so she knows what she's doing "When my Daemon destroys a monster, i gain lifepoints equal to it's original attack!"
Hinoryu8: "The original attack... Not taking Daichi no Ryuumyaku's bonus into account." That's lucky for me.
Seibu Lion: "Yeah..Turn end!"
Hinoryu8: "Draw!"
Hinoryu8: ... This is not what I'm looking for. "I set a monster, and switch Troop Dragon into defense mode. Turn end."
Seibu Lion: "Draw!"
Seibu Lion: "I summon Psycho Whorled! He goes up to level five and has 2200 attack now!"
Seibu Lion: 5800 LP "I can pay 800 lifepoints, and one psychic I control can attack twice this turn! But Whorled can't attack if I use his effect!"
Hinoryu8: "... Oh, hell."
Seibu Lion: Joan would probably look more impressive if she wasn't reading off the card while saying that.
Seibu Lion: "I pay 800 lifepoints!" 5000 LP "My sphere daemon can attack twice now! MENTAL SPHERE DAEMON! Attack his troop dragon, and his set monster!"
Seibu Lion: The daemon blows up Troop dragon's brain, and whatever is set.
Hinoryu8: Masked Dragon and Troop Dragon die.
Seibu Lion: "..eww.."
Viewtiful Rekk: "And that's another 2100 life points..."
Hinoryu8: "Their effects! I get another Troop Dragon, and another Masked Dragon, both in defense as well!"
Seibu Lion: 7900 LP "Wow, I'm almost back to 8000 lifepoints!"
Hinoryu8: "It won't last."
Seibu Lion: "Turn end!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Hey, she's BEATIN' YA, Ryuuji-bastard!"
Hinoryu8: "Draw."
Hinoryu8: Ryuuji smirks, that really annoying smirk one gets when they're about to turn the duel around.
Seibu Lion: Joan has a bad feeling about that smirk. or she would, if she wasn't high on OMG I'M WINNING.
A Big Finale: On the other hand, Hannelore was not the one winning, and so ... "... uh oh."
Hinoryu8: "I sacrifice Masked Dragon and Troop Dragon."
Hinoryu8: "Summon! Tyrant Dragon!!" With a roar, the giant dragon appeared, staring down Joan's monsters. (2900 -> 3700 ATK)
Seibu Lion: Pscho Whorled hides in it's shell. Mental Sphere Daemon stares back.
Seibu Lion: "Thats not good.."
Hinoryu8: Ryuuji smirks. "No smartass comment now, Amadobastard? Tyrant Dragon attacks Mental Sphere Demon! Tyrant Destroyer!" The dragon fires what could effectively be called a focused beam of pure destruction from its mouth at the demon.
Seibu Lion: Mental Sphere Daemon flips Tyrant Dragon off as best something like that can before it blows up
Seibu Lion: "..How do I take that out?!" 7400 LP
Viewtiful Rekk: "Keep your eyes on your opponent, Ryuuji!"
Hinoryu8: "Tyrant Dragon's effect! When you have a monster on the field after it destroys a monster with its first attack, it can attack once more! Tyrant Destroyer!" This time, the death beam was aimed at the Whorled.
Seibu Lion: aieeegh bull slug psychic bits everywhere
Seibu Lion: 5900 LP "erk.."
Hinoryu8: "Turn end." Smirk.
Seibu Lion: "D-draw.." Back to sounding like a kicked puppy
Seibu Lion: "..Turn end"
Hinoryu8: "... Draw." He blinked.
Hinoryu8: Okay, I'm gonna feel like such a dick for this later. "Summon Masked Dragon!" The red thing appears again. (1400 -> 2200 ATK)
Seibu Lion: "Urk.."
A Big Finale: "Igh ..."
kwikkidus: "Don't worry... So long as she gives 110%, she won't lose."
Seibu Lion: Joan is counting on her fingers now
Seibu Lion: "..."
Seibu Lion: "Thats exactly enough to beat me!"
Hinoryu8: Pause. "... Hey, it is."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Kudasai, quit spewing that bullshit!"
A Big Finale: Hannelore raised an eyebrow at Tanaka. There's hot-blooded, and there's stupid.
Hinoryu8: "Attack! Tyrant Destroyer! Masked Fire!"
Seibu Lion: OW OW OW Joan stumbles and falls off the arena. But DOESN'T break her neck!
Seibu Lion: "..aww.."
Hinoryu8: "... Are you okay?"
Seibu Lion: "Yeah, I'm fine!" Joan stands up and rubs her head
Seibu Lion: She walks over and picks up the two cards she had in her hand..Brain Control and Demotion. She pulls another card out of her deck. Mentalmaster.
Seibu Lion: sigh
kwikkidus: "...Well... So long as you try your best and have fun, it's not like there's any shame in defeat. Right?"
Seibu Lion: "..That was a good duel, Ryuuji-san!"
A Big Finale: "Right!" Now that she agreed with.
Hinoryu8: "... If you knew your cards better, you may have won. Practice before your next match and you shouldn't have any trouble."
Viewtiful Rekk: "....right. I've decided!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Amado slams a foot on to the chair in front of him, and points downwards.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Chick with the Psychic deck!"
Hinoryu8: Ryuuji looks up at Amado.
Viewtiful Rekk: "You're joining Ryuuoumaru!"