Viewtiful Rekk (11:00:34 PM): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Viewtiful Rekk (11:01:08 PM): Kreis turns and...shoves a pamphlet into Amy's face. "Hello! Have you accepted the Light as your personal savior?"
Y Ruler of Time (11:03:00 PM): "...Shit. A zealot. Alastor is one sick dude."
Rakath Chaos (11:03:34 PM): Amy looks Kreis dead in the eyes, unable to see the pamphlet with her eyes opened like the are. "Riku, is she shoving a piece of paper in my face?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:03:35 PM): "Z-zealot?!"
Y Ruler of Time (11:03:51 PM): "Yup."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:03:52 PM): "I-I'm not a zealot! I just spread the good word of the Light to all!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:04:03 PM): "Missionary, sure, but I'm not a zealot!"
Rakath Chaos (11:04:26 PM): "Figures... Look, lady, I don't care. Can't we just duel like normal kids?" Amy mumbles her spell to herself, and her eyes return to normal.
Y Ruler of Time (11:04:50 PM): "Normal kids duel?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:04:55 PM): "Hrmph! Children these days, don't care about higher powers in the least..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:05:09 PM): "If I beat you, then both of you have to listen to what I have to say about the Light! Agreed?!"
Rakath Chaos (11:05:24 PM): "Why would you beating me do thing one to him?"
Y Ruler of Time (11:05:32 PM): "I don' have t'agree to anythin', y'know...
Rakath Chaos (11:05:49 PM): "How about this, you beat me I'll find someone for you to tell this to, deal?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:05:50 PM): "Because he called me a Zealot!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:06:17 PM): "...I suddenly feel a disturbance..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:06:22 PM): "...very well."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:07:45 PM): Kreis brings up her arm. "What is your name, young lady?" The arm begins glowing.
Rakath Chaos (11:08:12 PM): Amy draws her six, "Amy, and you are?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:08:59 PM): A star-shaped Duel Disk appears on her arm, and begins rapidly spinning, each of the five points shooting out, before clicking together into traditional Duel Disk shape. "My name is Hana Mizura, holder of the Light!"
Y Ruler of Time (11:09:49 PM): "No it isn't." Riku deadpans.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:10:08 PM): "...what do you mean?"
Y Ruler of Time (11:11:15 PM): " 'Ve had t'deal with masqueradin' Duel Spirits before...An' that was before Quince was able t'talk t'me. He c'n smell you."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:11:28 PM): "..."
Rakath Chaos (11:11:44 PM): "Yeah, my eyes kinda saw through you too, hence not seeing that paper you had in my face."
Rakath Chaos (11:12:45 PM): "But that doesn't matter, I just need to win, not know your history."
Rakath Chaos (11:12:54 PM): "I set a defender and a reverse, go."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:13:37 PM): Hrmph. I knew these clothes were a waste... "Draw!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:14:48 PM): "Set one monster and two reverses! End turn!"
Rakath Chaos (11:15:17 PM): "Draw!"
Rakath Chaos (11:15:57 PM): "I set a defender, go."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:16:52 PM): "Activate trap - Solemn Wishes!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:16:57 PM): "Draw!" (8500)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:17:43 PM): She flips up her defender. "Cat of Ill Omen!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:18:33 PM): She shows Greed and puts it on top.
Rakath Chaos (11:19:00 PM): "Interesting."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:19:28 PM): "I'll then summon Silent Magician LV4!" A young magician appears and nervously wrings her hands around her staff. This is not something a hologram does. (1000/1000)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:19:54 PM): "One more set card, and I end."
Rakath Chaos (11:20:02 PM): "Draw!"
Rakath Chaos (11:21:24 PM): "I'll tribute my facedown Nova Summoner, for Tethys, the Goddess of Light."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:21:43 PM): Kreis gasps...and bows profusely.
Y Ruler of Time (11:21:51 PM): "..."
Rakath Chaos (11:22:03 PM): "..."
Y Ruler of Time (11:22:21 PM): "She's so shocked she forgot you cut her off there."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:22:22 PM): "Bow, you!" She hisses at the magician. It bows as well. The cat merely rolls its eyes and lays down.
Rakath Chaos (11:22:57 PM): Amy facepalms, "This is going to be a weird day..."
Rakath Chaos (11:23:17 PM): "Tethys, attack the Silent Magician."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:23:31 PM): Eventually, Kreis stops. " cruel...I have to face my goddess on the field of battle..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:23:53 PM): The magician lets out a feeble cry as she's destroyed. (7600)
Rakath Chaos (11:24:20 PM): "Now, in my Main Phase 2, I'll activate Divine Gift."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:24:45 PM): "Such a risky ability, considering you know what's coming."
Rakath Chaos (11:24:56 PM): Amy holds up Dunamis Valkyria, "Indeed, but its coming, not here."
Rakath Chaos (11:25:34 PM): Amy draws two, and holds up another Dunamis. "Now, I get to draw another card."
Rakath Chaos (11:25:37 PM): Draw.
Y Ruler of Time (11:25:47 PM): "..." Riku quirks an eyebrow. "How did that retort make any sense?"
Y Ruler of Time (11:26:09 PM): "It didn't sound cool at all."
Rakath Chaos (11:26:12 PM): "I'll set a reverse, and end for now."
Rakath Chaos (11:26:27 PM): "What, I should wait for her to set and activate Greed, THEN start drawing?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:26:44 PM): "Draw!" (8100)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:27:06 PM): She points at the cat. "I offer Cat of Ill Omen as a tribute!"
Y Ruler of Time (11:27:22 PM): "That's not what I said," he sits down and leans back. "You should either pay more attention or have cooler lines. It's really not fun when you do neither."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:27:41 PM): A heavily armored warrior of light appears. "Kreis the Light Monarch!" (2400/1000)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:28:24 PM): The defender and Tethys are wiped out. "You may draw."
Rakath Chaos (11:28:39 PM): Tethys vanishes as Amy activates a reverse.
Rakath Chaos (11:28:43 PM): "Light of God!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:29:06 PM): "Counter Trap - Dark Bribe!"
Rakath Chaos (11:29:24 PM): "Hrm."
Rakath Chaos (11:29:28 PM): Amy draws 3.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:29:46 PM): Kreis sets one more. "End turn."
Rakath Chaos (11:29:52 PM): "Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:30:07 PM): Greed immediately flips up. "I doubt this will surprise you."
Rakath Chaos (11:30:19 PM): "It doesn't."
Rakath Chaos (11:30:32 PM): "I discard Hekateris."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:30:56 PM): "My my, you think on your feet quite well..."
Rakath Chaos (11:31:22 PM): "And now I'll play Valhalla, the Palace of the Gods!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:31:36 PM): "Hm."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:31:48 PM): Kreis's other trap flips up. "Disturbance Strategy."
Y Ruler of Time (11:31:50 PM): "Y'know..." Riku turns and starts to make conversation with Quince. "It's really kinda ironic the deck strategy she uses."
Y Ruler of Time (11:32:29 PM): "I mean come on, Greed Burn. And she's a missionary. Like she's forcin' people to experience the sin so she can punish 'em for it. Kinda weird."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:32:48 PM): "You over there! Stop judging me!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:32:55 PM): "Judging others at a glance is a sin!"
Rakath Chaos (11:33:16 PM): Amy shuffles and Draws 7.
Y Ruler of Time (11:33:23 PM): "Aren't you doin' that right now?"
Rakath Chaos (11:34:22 PM): "Now, see where my loyalty lies! WINGWEAVER!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:34:43 PM): Kreis gasps again. "Oh my..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:35:19 PM): " must be a chosen one!"
Rakath Chaos (11:35:20 PM): "Not done, Tethys, Marshmallon! BEGONE!"
Rakath Chaos (11:35:28 PM): Soul of Purity and Light joins Wingweaver.
Y Ruler of Time (11:36:05 PM): "Y'know, they're just cards...but the irony's really...well...apparent."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:36:54 PM): "They ARE NOT just cards! You shut up!"
Rakath Chaos (11:37:08 PM): Amy is really feeling this is a bad day. "So Quince and my Wingweaver are just cards?"
Rakath Chaos (11:37:39 PM): "I'll Normal Summon my Freya too."
Rakath Chaos (11:37:54 PM): (500/500) (2400/2200) (3150/2800)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:38:05 PM): "...This will hurt a bit..."
Y Ruler of Time (11:38:10 PM): "You know what I mean. Shut up."
Rakath Chaos (11:38:40 PM): "I'll set two reverses. Wingweaver, attack!"
Rakath Chaos (11:40:23 PM): "Freya, Soul, Direct attacks!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:40:25 PM): The monarch is wiped out. (7350)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:40:52 PM): (4450) "Oof..." Kreis holds a hand over her chest.
Rakath Chaos (11:41:10 PM): "Now then, your turn." (4500)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:41:16 PM): "Draw!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:41:39 PM): (4950)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:42:02 PM): "...Set one monster. End turn."
Rakath Chaos (11:42:22 PM): "Draw!"
Rakath Chaos (11:45:12 PM): "Trap card - Miraculous Descent!"
Rakath Chaos (11:45:29 PM): Marshmallon appears... IN ATTACK MODE! (800)
Rakath Chaos (11:46:18 PM): "Creature Swap."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:46:34 PM): Kreis tosses Amy Des Koala.
Rakath Chaos (11:46:55 PM): "Now, I tribute this new monster, and my Freya."
Rakath Chaos (11:47:12 PM): "For another Wingweaver."
Y Ruler of Time (11:47:56 PM): "...Um...Amy..." Riku sits up. "Don't you think this is a bit...much?"
Rakath Chaos (11:47:59 PM): "All three, Attack Marshmallon!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:48:23 PM): (0000)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:48:32 PM): "Well, it was a chosen one..." The disk disappears.
Rakath Chaos (11:49:05 PM): +9000 points to Amy?
Rakath Chaos (11:49:39 PM): "That was nothing, I did get to draw out 7 cards, I had to draw something." Amy shrugs as her holograms disappeared.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:50:07 PM): "Well, let's see, you had 4500 points gain 9000 more points for this tournament, I suppose."
Rakath Chaos (11:50:31 PM): "Now, who are you really?"
Rakath Chaos (11:50:43 PM): "If I am a chosen one, you can tell me your real name."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:50:46 PM): Kreis's own Dis-Belt glows. She doesn't seem to notice.
Rakath Chaos (11:51:12 PM): Amy's Dis belt glows and she falls over, "Damn... Riku, why didn't you warn me about how that felt!?"
Y Ruler of Time (11:52:29 PM): "Was kinda distracted, gimme a break," he walks over and helps her up. " 'Sides, when it happened to me it was after I got knocked around by an army of darkness."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:52:59 PM): As Riku and Amy are distracted, Kreis makes herself scarce.
Rakath Chaos (11:53:49 PM): Amy blinks, "...Damnit. Let's go find Jin, at least we know they aren't human, and I got a good look at her spirit energy."
Y Ruler of Time (12:00:09 AM): "Nn..." Riku grunts in agreement. "...D'you suppose they're all weird like her?"
Rakath Chaos (12:01:13 AM): "Do you think we're lucky like that?" Amy paused, "Aside the magic summonable duel Disk, her energy was mostly human-like... but..." Amy paused, not sure how to explain the subtle differences in seeing energy.
Y Ruler of Time (12:02:33 AM): "Nah, I know what y'mean. It took Quince a little bit too."
Rakath Chaos (12:05:12 AM): "Her energy was light like mine. But it was rough..." Amy paused, "I'll explain when more people are around, I'd hate to have to repeat this a lot."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:09:12 AM): Meanwhile, Jin is in his own duel. "Sky Lord, direct attack!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:09:42 AM): The angelic stone behemoth raises up a fist and smashes the opponent into next week. Jin deactivates his Duel Disk. "Hrmph."
Rakath Chaos (12:10:47 AM): "Good job Jinnifer," Amy applauded from nearby, watching Jin do his work.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:11:47 AM): His Dis-Belt glows. "...ngh..." He turns around. "What the hell do you want...?" He asks, his breathing a bit labored.
Y Ruler of Time (12:12:07 AM): "...How much've you been doin' that, outta curiosity?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:12:25 AM): "..What's it to you...?"
Rakath Chaos (12:12:42 AM): "We just toasted one of Alastor's minions enforcer chicks."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:12:52 AM): "I see."
Rakath Chaos (12:12:53 AM): "She wasn't human, but I'm not sure what type of spirit she was."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:13:49 AM): "...Well I'll just pull out my magic glasses and go look at her energy myself."
Y Ruler of Time (12:14:20 AM): "Sure, let's just get down t'business, not bother worryin' 'bout each other..." Riku mumbles to himself with a roll of his eyes.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:14:22 AM): He fakes putting on a pair of glasses. "Oh, says here she's a very rare type of 'Go To Hell' spirit."
Rakath Chaos (12:16:18 AM): "See, I try to find out what Alastor's up to, and see the energy, it was a Light Warrior spirit... but that doesn't really narrow the field that much. Well, I guess I can go look for another one and see if I can find them then."
Rakath Chaos (12:16:51 AM): "Now Jin, do you wanna work together and have a shot, or be a jackass?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:17:34 AM): "Stand on your own feet, Amy. I'm not bailing you out of your own stupid mistake again."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:17:38 AM): Jin spins around and walks off.
Rakath Chaos (12:17:50 AM): "So that's why I take on the minion, and you beat up a student."
Y Ruler of Time (12:18:06 AM): "..." Riku blinks. "...What kinda monster is Kreis the Light Monarch?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:18:22 AM): "That's why I crushed Alastor and you were beaten unconscious by him."
Rakath Chaos (12:19:09 AM): "So go beat up Alastor, unless this helpless wimp here was Alastor?" Amy revs up the sarcasm, "Riku, that look like Alastor?"
Y Ruler of Time (12:19:28 AM): "..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:19:50 AM): "If you're going to prattle on so much about what just happened, perhaps I should take my next victory right now."
TheGymRat38 (12:20:15 AM): Said opponent twitches and glares at Amy from where he lays on the ground. "Calling me that when I'm still here..."
Rakath Chaos (12:20:30 AM): "Because us fighting each other in his game helps beat him?"
Rakath Chaos (12:20:36 AM): "Great plan."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:21:08 AM): "I have to get points from somewhere, and it'd shut you up."
TheGymRat38 (12:21:15 AM): Jin's former opponent struggles to his feet. "Hey, go argue somewhere else you old married couple and leave me to scrape together my dignity!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:21:35 AM): Jin glares down at him. "Shut the hell up."
Y Ruler of Time (12:21:42 AM): Riku calmly places a hand on Nameless Faceless Storyless Defeated Opponent and shoves him out of the way.
TheGymRat38 (12:21:53 AM): "Gah!" K'shoved.
TheGymRat38 (12:22:19 AM): He grumbles and begins to wander away. "Always treated like I'm a nameless character in somebody else's story...freaking story of my life..."
TheGymRat38 (12:23:15 AM): "One day I'll be the main character of my own story! That'll show 'em all!"
TheGymRat38 (12:23:42 AM): K'punched.
TheGymRat38 (12:24:25 AM): The grumbling student collapses as a muscle-bound duelist in a sleeveless Red coat saunters forward. "Zyahahahahaha, what a wimp!"
Y Ruler of Time (12:25:23 AM): "...Quince..." Riku mutters. The lion takes a breath...and ROARS less than five feet from Amy and Jin.
Rakath Chaos (12:25:31 AM): Amy looks over to Riku, "Kreis, its Light something... I couldn't keep those eyes open while dueling... he could be a warrior spirit."
Rakath Chaos (12:26:12 AM): Amy hears the Roar, "What's that Lassie, another of those creatures?" Amy chants out a spell and her eyes change color.
TheGymRat38 (12:26:23 AM): Thestalos perks up. "Kreis the Light Monarch you say? Zyahahaha, I know that monster!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:27:23 AM): "!" Jin spins around and sees the monster. "...Hrmph."
TheGymRat38 (12:27:46 AM): The monarch cracks his knuckles and moves forward, eyeing the Botanical Lion. "What an interesting scene we have here, zyahahahaha!"
Rakath Chaos (12:28:33 AM): "Quince, you sniffin' what I'm seein'?" Amy asks the Lio.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:28:46 AM): "...Kreis...." Jin frowns. "And such an obvious aura of fire....Thestalos, then."
Y Ruler of Time (12:29:55 AM): "...He summoned a bunch'a Monarchs?"
Rakath Chaos (12:30:14 AM): "Interesting choice..."
TheGymRat38 (12:30:14 AM): Thestalos smirks and looks at each of them in turn. "Zyahahahahaha, which one of you can point me towards a certain duelist...I'm looking fer someone!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:30:15 AM): "...He doesn't have the Duel Energy to manage that."
Rakath Chaos (12:30:26 AM): "He took a bunch from those Belts."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:30:36 AM): Jin frowns. "Still..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:30:50 AM): "Seven powerful level six monsters..."
Rakath Chaos (12:31:14 AM): "So far a bunch of the duelists with belts weren't lightweights."
Y Ruler of Time (12:31:30 AM): "An' who're ya lookin' for, hothead?" Riku ignores the bickering couple. Again.
Rakath Chaos (12:31:31 AM): "Jinny, Six of them are level Six."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:32:10 AM): Jin looks unamused. "Stop splitting hairs."
TheGymRat38 (12:32:26 AM): "Zyahahaha, she's right, Zaborg's a level five!"
TheGymRat38 (12:32:43 AM): He scratches his head for a moment. "Looking for a finkle-something I s'pose..."
Y Ruler of Time (12:32:48 AM): Riku facepalms and lets out a long sigh. 'Why me...?'
Rakath Chaos (12:32:52 AM): Amy mumbles, "You got enough of those as is..."
Y Ruler of Time (12:33:12 AM): "...Finkle-something?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:34:57 AM): Jin smirks. "Perhaps I know."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:35:09 AM): "Thing is, you're an ally of my enemy. I have no duty to you."
TheGymRat38 (12:36:07 AM): "Who gives a crap, in a tournament, everybody is an enemy and nobody is an ally, don't you know that?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:36:17 AM): Jin smirks.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:36:26 AM): "Well said, for someone who speaks so obnoxiously."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:38:08 AM): "Then, you should know where this goes."
TheGymRat38 (12:38:35 AM): "Obnoxiously? Nothing I say is obnoxious, zyahahahahha!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:38:47 AM): "That laugh is very obnoxious."
Rakath Chaos (12:38:57 AM): "Doesn't matter what you say... your voice covers the obnoxious aspect."
Rakath Chaos (12:39:12 AM): "Like Jinderella's attitude."
TheGymRat38 (12:40:03 AM): Thestalos looks at Jin. "Jinderella? Zyahahahah, what a sissy name!"
TheGymRat38 (12:40:25 AM): "And my laugh is perfectly normal!"
TheGymRat38 (12:40:46 AM): "I'm a normal human being of course, zyahahahahhaha!"
TheGymRat38 (12:40:59 AM): Trees behind him burst into flame and burn to cinders.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:41:07 AM): Jin holds up a finger and shoots a very thin bolt of white energy at Thestalos. "Don't mock me, Monarch."
Rakath Chaos (12:41:20 AM): "You're spiritual energy is pretty close to the purest of fires ever... You're not human."
Y Ruler of Time (12:41:22 AM): "..." Riku reaches out and grabs Thestalos' collar.
TheGymRat38 (12:42:11 AM): The bolt of white energy dissipates as Thestalos holds up a hand and...squashes it.
TheGymRat38 (12:42:28 AM): He narrows his eyes at Riku. "What do you want kiddo?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:42:36 AM): "...Let go of it, Riku."
TheGymRat38 (12:42:57 AM): "I'm a he, not an it!"
Y Ruler of Time (12:43:07 AM): Riku glares at Thestalos fiercely, and motions slowly to the ashes. "Don't. Do. That." He hisses/
TheGymRat38 (12:43:31 AM): "Oh? Do what? Burn some trees? Zyahahahhaha! I can burn whatever I want, I'm the essence of fire itself!"
TheGymRat38 (12:43:35 AM): More trees erupt into flames.
TheGymRat38 (12:43:47 AM): "The totally human essence of fire of course! Zyahahahaha!"
Rakath Chaos (12:44:16 AM): "...See, Riku, why did you say something about the others being weird, you jinxed the whole thing now."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:44:37 AM): "...Riku, he's a pyrokinetic, get away from him!"
TheGymRat38 (12:44:37 AM): "The truth is..."
TheGymRat38 (12:44:51 AM): He dissipates into flame and reforms a few feet away.
TheGymRat38 (12:45:14 AM): "I ate the Mera Mera no Mi! Thus explaining why I can control fire! Zyahahahahaha!"
TheGymRat38 (12:45:26 AM): Apparently Thestalos has seen too much television.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:45:31 AM): "...Ugh." Palm, meet face.
Rakath Chaos (12:46:01 AM): "Couldn't he of pulled from a GOOD series?" Amy shakes her head at the stupidity of this Monarch.
TheGymRat38 (12:46:38 AM): "Series? So that wasn't a historical text? Zyahahaha, what a mistake I made!"
Y Ruler of Time (12:46:43 AM): "" Riku's arms tremble, and he holds up his Duel Disk. "COME HERE YOU BASTARD, I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:47:09 AM): ....So Riku's a tree-hugger. Guess that's to be expected.
TheGymRat38 (12:47:34 AM): Thestalos eyes Riku and smirks broadly. "Zyahahaha, what fun! Prepare yourself tree-loving sissy bastard, I'm going to burn you to cinders!"
Y Ruler of Time (12:48:07 AM): 'They're dead...they're dead...they're dead...'
TheGymRat38 (12:48:50 AM): The monarch holds up his right arm, palm out, aimed at Riku.
Rakath Chaos (12:48:58 AM): Amy puts her hands behind her back, mumbling to herself while her Halo forms.
Y Ruler of Time (12:48:59 AM): 'I know, they're dead...Quince, I...' he pauses, and looks over his shoulder at the moaning lion. 'I'm sorry...'
TheGymRat38 (12:49:04 AM): "Grand Fireball!"
TheGymRat38 (12:49:22 AM): A fireball that size of a beachball erupts from his palm and shoots towards Riku.
Rakath Chaos (12:50:01 AM): Amy tossed out her Halo, into the path, "Riku, behind this!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:50:21 AM): Jin starts to move forward, but stops when Amy throws her Halo. "..."
Y Ruler of Time (12:50:54 AM): Riku looks forward, and his eyes widen as the fireball shoots towards him, before the Halo gets in the way.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:51:59 AM): "Tch." Jin shoots another bolt, this time at Thestalos's head. "I'm the one with the info you want. Don't target people who can't defend themselves."
TheGymRat38 (12:54:00 AM): Thestalos shifts his head slightly out of the way so the bolt passes right by him. "If that's the extent of your fighting ability you're a waste of my time."
TheGymRat38 (12:54:13 AM): "But quite frankly at this point I don't care if any of you have the information I want!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:54:35 AM): "I wouldn't waste my full extent on you."
TheGymRat38 (12:54:46 AM): "I'm going to burn all three of you to ash! Zyahahahaha!"
TheGymRat38 (12:55:00 AM): He blinks and then frowns. "Oh that's right...I'm not allowed to kill anybody. What a waste..."
Y Ruler of Time (12:55:12 AM): "..."
TheGymRat38 (12:56:48 AM): "Still, that doesn't prevent me from beating all three of you into the ground! Zyahahahahaha!"
TheGymRat38 (12:57:17 AM): Three fireballs of equal size to the previous one appear above his head, each one aimed at a different duelist.
TheGymRat38 (12:57:22 AM): "Triple Grand Fireball!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:57:36 AM): "As if I'd let you do that."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:58:31 AM): Jin plants both feet firmly to the ground, and closes the distance between himself and Thestalos instantly. He pulls out his short sword, covered in a white aura, and thrusts it at the monarch's chest.
Rakath Chaos (12:59:09 AM): Amy Wingbeat'd out of the way of the fireball.
TheGymRat38 (12:59:24 AM): A hand closes on the sword...except now the hand is significantly larger and covered in metal.
TheGymRat38 (12:59:41 AM): "Zyahahahahaha! A sword won't work on me shitty Jinderella sissy!"
TheGymRat38 (1:00:02 AM): Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch has taken on his true form, and now stands significantly taller than any of them.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:00:20 AM): ", you show your true form."
Rakath Chaos (1:00:53 AM): Amy attempts to transform, glows slightly, and nothing. She tries again, still nothing.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:01:10 AM): "Then I'll just have to fight you on equal terms..."
TheGymRat38 (1:01:24 AM): "You? Fight me on equal terms? Zyahahahahaha!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:01:29 AM): Motes of energy start to gather at Jin's shoulder...but disperse almost immediately after.
TheGymRat38 (1:01:45 AM): "Nobody equals me!"
TheGymRat38 (1:02:00 AM): A massive metal-covered fist comes hurtling at Jin's face.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:02:04 AM): "What the?!" His eyes widen. SHIT! I spent too much of my energy dueling...I don't have enough left to form the Wing!
Viewtiful Rekk (1:02:27 AM): "Nngh!" Jin is stricken hard and flies backwards.
Rakath Chaos (1:02:35 AM): "I'm outta energy due to this stupid band... I couldn't do a full transform now... Damnit."
TheGymRat38 (1:03:25 AM): "No play time for you fools! I'll finish it in one blow!"
Rakath Chaos (1:03:42 AM): Amy stretches out a hand, her Halo returning to her in a blink.
TheGymRat38 (1:03:44 AM): He raises his left arm above his head...and a fireball about half the size of the Obelisk Blue dorm roars into existence.
Y Ruler of Time (1:03:47 AM): "HEY!" Riku stands up.
TheGymRat38 (1:03:59 AM): "Ultimate Fireball..."
Y Ruler of Time (1:04:01 AM): "HANG ON A SEC!"
TheGymRat38 (1:04:10 AM): "FLAME...."
TheGymRat38 (1:04:27 AM): "GENOCIDE!"
TheGymRat38 (1:04:51 AM): The fireball begins to descend towards the ground and Thestalos, immune to its heat, merely laughs. "Zyahahahahaha!"
TheGymRat38 (1:06:52 AM): The obscenely large fireball crashes into the ground and fire erupts into the sky, a pillar taller than the dorm itself.
TheGymRat38 (1:07:31 AM): Thestalos stands at the epicenter, cracking his neck in satisfaction.
TheGymRat38 (1:07:44 AM): "Zyahahaha, the victory belongs to me!"
TheGymRat38 (1:08:24 AM): The smoke dissipates...revealing that the ground is slightly smoky, and the three duelists are...intact?
TheGymRat38 (1:08:38 AM): They are burnt and perhaps have smoke in their lungs, but nevertheless they are alive.
TheGymRat38 (1:08:49 AM): "Zyahaha...what the hell? What gives? My Flame Genocide never fails!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:08:58 AM): "..." Jin looks around. "Ugh. If I'm stuck with you three still, this must be hell."
Rakath Chaos (1:09:12 AM): "Hey, what did Riku ever do to you?"
TheGymRat38 (1:09:20 AM): The giant monarch taps a metal finger against his chin...and then bursts out laughing.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:09:21 AM): He sighs and sits down. "It's mostly just you."
TheGymRat38 (1:09:25 AM): "Zyahahahaha! So that's it!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:09:47 AM): "Knew I should've been nicer to Jo...probably shouldn't have swore as much either."
TheGymRat38 (1:10:23 AM): "Be lucky my binding prevents me from disobeying orders! Even when I willed it, my body wouldn't create a flame hot enough to create a lethal effect!"
TheGymRat38 (1:10:38 AM): He shrugs, seemingly unconcerned.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:10:46 AM): "..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:10:57 AM): "So all that setup...and you didn't even kill us?"
TheGymRat38 (1:11:08 AM): "Hey, shut up! Its not my fault!"
Y Ruler of Time (1:11:08 AM): "..." Riku falls to his knees and clutches his head in sudden agony. 'I...can feel...Quince's sorrow...'
Viewtiful Rekk (1:11:15 AM): "IT IS YOUR FAULT!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:11:51 AM): "I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!" His Duel Disk activates.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:12:02 AM): "...ugh...speaking in such an uncivilized manner..."
TheGymRat38 (1:12:16 AM): And Jin promptly has a giant foot come hurtling at his gut.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:13:42 AM): "Unnngh!" Jin is kicked and slides backwards, but manages to stop himself from falling. "Tch...I see your game now..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:14:11 AM): "You use the drainage of these Dis-Belts to weaken those of us who could fight back against you, and then finish us off!"
TheGymRat38 (1:14:25 AM): "I ain't in the mood to play yer stupid card game! Ya got me riled up, and when that happens I ain't gonna hold back!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:14:29 AM): "Suitably cowardly for a dog like Donovan..."
Y Ruler of Time (1:15:23 AM): "Shut. Up." Riku stands, and glares at Thestalos with a look that might as well have "pissed off" written on it.
TheGymRat38 (1:15:29 AM): He holds up his left hand and opens it, revealing thirty or forty tiny little motes of white flame. "Fire Kill Technique-Thousand Fireflies!"
kwikkidus (1:15:34 AM): "Hem-hem." Small clearing of the throat. "If I may inquire, who just blew up the yard?"
Rakath Chaos (1:16:01 AM): "The big firey Monarch monster." Amy points at Thestalos, still in Duel spirit form.
TheGymRat38 (1:16:05 AM): All of the tiny flames go shooting towards Jin, at the same time as Thestalos hears the 'hem-hem'.
TheGymRat38 (1:16:36 AM): Thestalos tilts his head to the side. "Oh? Another shitty bastard has arrived?"
kwikkidus (1:16:51 AM): "I believe you owe the school an apology."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:17:06 AM): Jin disappears from behind the flames, and appears again in the same spot. "Ugh. The Hellnurse."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:17:12 AM): "My nightmare is officially complete."
TheGymRat38 (1:17:24 AM): "Zyahahahaha, I ain't apologizing for nothing!"
Rakath Chaos (1:17:42 AM): Amy walks over to Riku, "Hey, Flowerchild, can you do me a favor?"
TheGymRat38 (1:17:52 AM): He opens both fists, and even more flames appear. "Fire Kill Technique-Ten Thousand Fireflies!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:17:58 AM): Jin spins around. "He's not dueling me. I'm not wasting my time with this fight anymore."
TheGymRat38 (1:18:20 AM): He unleashes them at Zaniah and Jin. Despite the fact taht there are not ten thousand of them.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:18:21 AM): "You can deal with him, Hellnurse. I'll get what I want from one of the other six." With that, he walks off.
Y Ruler of Time (1:18:32 AM): "Piss off," he mutters, and walks over to pick up a relatively large rock.
TheGymRat38 (1:18:50 AM): "Zyahahahaha, you can't run shitty Jinderella sissy!"
Rakath Chaos (1:18:57 AM): "Oh, okay, I'll just collapse here then..." Amy falls over from overexertion.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:19:14 AM): Jin merely uses the same technique again to dodge them, and continues leaving.
kwikkidus (1:19:36 AM): "I see...." She pulls out a scalpel, before extending a hand. An orange barrier appears, blunting the flames entirely. "Alastor sent you, then?"
Y Ruler of Time (1:20:07 AM): "..." Riku looks between Zaniah and Thestalos, then back at Amy, then down at the...rock.
TheGymRat38 (1:20:10 AM): "I wasn't sent by anybody shitty scalpel jockey! I'm the essence of fire itself, Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch! And who the hell are you?"
kwikkidus (1:20:39 AM): Glare. "I am Zaniah Melancholy, and if you know what is best for you you will surrender now."
Y Ruler of Time (1:20:45 AM): "...I can't do anything, can I?" He sighs, and drops the rock, before walking back to Amy.
TheGymRat38 (1:21:21 AM): "Zaniah Melancholy? That makes you the school's nurse and the head of one of these dorms don't it?"
kwikkidus (1:22:19 AM): "Congratulations. You have just made your first insightful statement all day."
Rakath Chaos (1:22:39 AM): Amy sighs, "This is when the ref 10 counts me as useless..." Amy's halo and eyes fade, her eyes back to normal and her halo gone. "None of us are exactly useful here right now..."
TheGymRat38 (1:22:52 AM): "What a shame...I'm not allowed to fight or duel you..."
TheGymRat38 (1:23:19 AM): "Zyahahahahaha! But just wait! When this tournament ends and all the duelists have fallen, I'll be in control of the item that gives me form in this realm!"
kwikkidus (1:23:29 AM): "Indeed it is a shame... I am under no such compulsion." That scalpel glints in a very unfriendly way. "I recommend you run now."
Y Ruler of Time (1:23:38 AM): Riku pulls Amy up from her prone position. "You're not gonna make me carry you, are ya?"
TheGymRat38 (1:23:42 AM): "When that time comes, I'll be sure to use my Fire Genocide technique at full power to annihilate this entire island!"
Rakath Chaos (1:24:13 AM): "I can walk, just don't ask for straight lines or fast movement..."
TheGymRat38 (1:24:23 AM): "Zyahahahaha! Until then, just wait with baited breath for your hellish demise! Sayonara shitty scalpel jockey and the rest of you shitty bastards!"
TheGymRat38 (1:24:44 AM): Flames erupts all around him, completely engulfing him from view.
TheGymRat38 (1:24:51 AM): And when the fire dies, he is nowhere to be seen.
Y Ruler of Time (1:25:34 AM): "Good enough..." he pulls Amy to her feet, and lets her lean on him if needed. Though the whole time, he's staring pointedly at the burnt ground.
Rakath Chaos (1:26:01 AM): Amy stands, but she's putting a fair deal of weight on Riku she probably couldn't stand without him right now. "Sorry about the plants... I'd of done more but my defenses aren't even that good..."
kwikkidus (1:26:03 AM): With a nod, she heads over to Jin. "Get them inside, Riku. They will be fine, they are simply tired."
Y Ruler of Time (1:27:21 AM): "Like I heard the American said, fuck off," he begins guiding Amy to the Yellow dorms.
kwikkidus (1:28:57 AM): "Of course. Next time I will simply let you burn to death." With a slight smirk, she decides against the pursuit, heading back indoors. "Oh, and... this tournament is very illegal. If you are going to compete, do not get caught."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:29:04 AM): Jin shoots a half-glance to the nurse and continues walking. "What?"
kwikkidus (1:31:02 AM): "Oh. I simply wished to speak to you about the decision regarding your punishment. It can wait, for a time."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:31:21 AM): "..." Jin sighs and shakes his head.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:31:38 AM): "You are, without a doubt, the worst excuse for a teacher I have ever seen."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:31:57 AM): "If you don't have anything important to say, get the hell out of my face."
Y Ruler of Time (1:32:48 AM): Riku pauses. "...Amy, I'm sorry, but...'Ve gotta stop for a bit. Sit down. Think. Stuff like that."
Rakath Chaos (1:33:30 AM): "Its fine, I can rest inside, outside, whatever..." Amy is half asleep sounding.
kwikkidus (1:34:58 AM): "Very well. If you are forced to fight someone when you are at the edge of your stamina, the proper strategy is to destroy them immediately, with what remains of your energy."
kwikkidus (1:35:15 AM): "You cannot expect to win a marathon after already running a sprint, after all."
Y Ruler of Time (1:35:16 AM): "Thanks," he walks them closer to the forest before sitting, and props his arms on his knees and bows his head.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:36:46 AM): " you're saying I should've attempted to kill the Monarch."
Rakath Chaos (1:37:05 AM): "Hey... like I got a choice..." Amy leans against the tree.
kwikkidus (1:38:18 AM): "Oh no. You can not kill a duel spirit in this realm that easily. Most likely, you would simply shock it enough to force it back to its own world, or else have broken the charm it just spoke of."
Y Ruler of Time (1:39:05 AM): "The thanks is for guardin' me," Riku mutters, wiping a hand across his face. "That's twice I owe you. I was just...distracted at the time."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:40:27 AM): "...If I had used a technique powerful enough to do that, Riku and Amy would've been at risk."
kwikkidus (1:41:18 AM): "In not using it, all three of you should have died. I -did- see the fireball."
Rakath Chaos (1:41:38 AM): "He got to you, he's exactly the last thing you wanted to see..." Amy has her eyes closed, she looks almost asleep.
Rakath Chaos (1:41:40 AM): "I wouldn't guard you if there wasn't something in it for me... And I'd rather you not die in a fire, you're interesting and fun."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:41:45 AM): "Donovan ordered the Monarchs not to kill. Our lives were never at risk."
kwikkidus (1:42:36 AM): "Next time, they might be. If you do not improve, you will be charred into cinders and not even I will be able to bail you out."
kwikkidus (1:42:40 AM): "I recommend you get to work on that."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:42:58 AM): "I never wanted or needed you to bail me out."
kwikkidus (1:44:04 AM): "Hmm." For his effort, Jin gets a condescending pat on the head. "It was a valiant effort, nonetheless. Do not forget next time, mm?"
Y Ruler of Time (1:44:08 AM): "Mn...Um...that Wingweaver...partner of yours...tell me," he says, unsteadily, desperate to ask but hesitant at the same time.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:44:18 AM): Jin smacks her hand away.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:44:30 AM): "...don't touch me." He mutters, and walks off.
Y Ruler of Time (1:44:33 AM): "Has she ever felt...enough despair...that it directly affected you?"
Rakath Chaos (1:45:21 AM): "...we're not fully bonded. We have to work at mental links still..." Amy said, kinda embarrassed. "Its why I couldn't fight, my own energy and her's aren't that bound. Its part of her coddling me."
kwikkidus (1:45:43 AM): "Hah..." She heads back on inside.
Y Ruler of Time (1:46:37 AM): "...I see...Don't worry about it then, forget I asked."
Rakath Chaos (1:46:59 AM): "She tells me that when we are bound, it'll happen..."
Rakath Chaos (1:47:07 AM): "But that isn't why we're not bound perfectly yet."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:49:24 AM): Jin lets out a long sigh. "This is all so idiotic...." He mutters as he pulls out his PDA.
Y Ruler of Time (1:49:55 AM): Riku stays quiet for a moment. But, not willing to get up and continue quite yet, he decides to continue the conversation. "So what's the reason?"
Rakath Chaos (1:50:55 AM): "I don't wanna be a kid for the next 40 years..." Amy looks down, "I don't wanna be treated as some no-nothing brat by everyone elses eyes...."
Y Ruler of Time (1:54:52 AM): "I can understand that decision. Though, not for the same reason. I don't think I could stand watchin' everything around me grow old an' die."
Rakath Chaos (1:57:26 AM): "I try not to think about it... but it does cross my mind. I know that I'll outlive all of you..."
Rakath Chaos (1:57:27 AM): Amy smiles, "If I think about it too much I'll probably go find a cave to live the next 1200 years in without worrying about losing people."
Y Ruler of Time (2:01:13 AM): "..." Riku wipes an arm across his face. The sleeve comes away wet, and he stands up. "We should get back."
Rakath Chaos (2:02:40 AM): "Yeah..." Amy gets up, less wobbly then before. But still almost falls over in just standing up.
Y Ruler of Time (2:04:49 AM): Riku places a hand on Amy's shoulder to steady her, and looks up finally, revealing several red streaks on his face starting down from his eyes.
Y Ruler of Time (2:05:27 AM): "Sorry, should've done that first."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:09:38 AM): -------------------------------------------------------