Viewtiful Rekk (10:46:31 PM): Several metal feathers plunge through Kreis's chest as Alastor stands at her back.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:47:35 PM): "Nghkk....!" "Jesus Christ, you Monarchs...nearly every one of you has tried to betray me or go on your own stupid tangets...I should've just gotten Skull Servants or something."
Rakath Chaos (10:47:59 PM): Amy's eyes grow wide.
ToastedBeats (10:48:00 PM): "Ggngh!..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:48:01 PM)
: "Wish I'd thought of doing this to that bastard Mobius." He grabs her with both hands and flings her into the air.
Y Ruler of Time (10:48:32 PM)
: Boot to the head.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:48:40 PM)
: Ungh, damn....! Kreis's armor starts to form around her again.
ToastedBeats (10:49:01 PM): Henry's pupils are huge.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:49:03 PM)
: Alastor takes to the air before Fuji can reach him. "Take this, you traitorous Monarch!" He holds a hand out. "BURST!"
Rakath Chaos (10:49:09 PM): "Riku, now would be a good time to grab Jo, and get outta the way."
Rakath Chaos (10:49:22 PM): Amy mumbles as she transforms, "I don't wanna repeat last time."
Y Ruler of Time (10:49:34 PM): "Agreed," Riku grabs Jo's arm. "Come on, follow the panicking crowd."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:49:48 PM): A flood of red energy shoots out and engulfs the Monarch. When the blast clears, nothing's left, not even the manacle.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:50:11 PM): "B-but...! Ngh, okay...!" "Son of a bitch...." Ichirou growls and unsheathes his katana.
Rakath Chaos (10:50:20 PM): "Strike, strike, strike, strike!" Amy just is out blastin' at Alastor.
ToastedBeats (10:50:25 PM): His fists clench so hard his fingernails nearly cut his own skin.
ToastedBeats (10:50:28 PM)
: "You..."
ToastedBeats (10:50:35 PM)
: "You..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:50:54 PM)
: Alastor knocks the blasts away with ease and looks down.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:50:59 PM): "Ooooh, a new face!"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:51:05 PM): "'Sup? I'm Alastor."
Y Ruler of Time (10:51:08 PM): Fuji readies his staff. '...I need to protect the students...'
Rakath Chaos (10:51:14 PM): "PIERCE!" Amy lauches a blast while Alastor's distracted.
ToastedBeats (10:52:32 PM): A tear streams down the boy's face.
ToastedBeats (10:52:41 PM)
: "Alastor?"
ToastedBeats (10:52:59 PM): "That was a mistake."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:53:02 PM)
: Alastor fires a burst of heat down to intercept the blast. "Why don'tcha stay down before I have to knock you out again, Amy-chan?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:53:14 PM): He then turns back to Henry. "Was it now?" He grins.
ToastedBeats (10:53:31 PM): Henry lifts his hands up.
Rakath Chaos (10:53:42 PM)
: Amy leaps back and incases herself in her wings to block the heat.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:53:43 PM): "Sorry, but these Monarchs have been really getting on my nerves. I summon the seven of them and they just keep on pissin' me off."
ToastedBeats (10:54:01 PM): "Knight of the Heavens, lend be your sword and shield..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:54:06 PM)
: "I'll probably go do the same to Gaius and Zaborg before they get a chance."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:54:12 PM): "Ooooh! What's this?"
ToastedBeats (10:54:14 PM): "Lend me your wings..."
ToastedBeats (10:54:29 PM)
ToastedBeats (10:54:55 PM)
: Suddenly, a blinding light envelops the area.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:55:58 PM): "Henry..." Ichirou's eyes widen.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:56:09 PM): "...Fuji, get all the students inside, now."
ToastedBeats (10:56:21 PM): Before the flash even clears, Alastor would feel the brunt of a heavy shield ramming him in the face at extremely high speed.
Y Ruler of Time (10:56:45 PM)
: "I think they're doing that themselves..." Fuji looks at the fleeing Nameless Faceless Storyless students and sweatdrops.
Rakath Chaos (10:57:27 PM): Amy isn't fleeing.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:57:29 PM): "NNNNGH!" Alastor takes the shield in the chest and is dragged behind it as Henry shoots forward.
ToastedBeats (10:58:15 PM): When anyone could get a good look at him, they would notice that Henry had sprouted three pairs of wings, and was sporting Parshath's sword on one arm, and his shield on another.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:58:45 PM)
: Alastor kicks off of Henry's shield and flies in the opposite direction.
ToastedBeats (10:58:48 PM): On his head is the knight's helmet and visor, and his body is covered in a blinding glow.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:59:14 PM)
: " you're a bit tougher than everyone else...!" He rubs some blood from his mouth.
ToastedBeats (10:59:32 PM): In an instant, Henry is behind Alastor.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:00:00 PM)
: "!" Alastor spins around and bolts in the opposite direction.
ToastedBeats (11:00:20 PM): Everywhere Alastor turns, henry is right there.
ToastedBeats (11:00:28 PM)
: It's as if he's almost teleporting.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:00:40 PM)
: How in the...! Alastor keeps darting away from Henry, only to keep running right into him.
ToastedBeats (11:01:18 PM): Suddenly, the sheild flies back into the boy's hand.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:01:32 PM)
: Ichirou lets out a low sigh. I haven't seen Henry this mad in a while...that Alastor kid is good and screwed.
ToastedBeats (11:01:38 PM): "You think killing the weak makes you strong?"
ToastedBeats (11:01:54 PM): It's as if there's more than one voice coming from the boy's mouth.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:01:58 PM)
: "I think that VICTORY makes me strong!"
ToastedBeats (11:02:11 PM): "I am weak."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:02:38 PM): "Then I'll defeat you right now!"
ToastedBeats (11:02:57 PM): "But because you cannot admit your own weakness."
Polk Kitsune (11:03:00 PM): Vvvvrrrr. Casey looked up, his ATV rolling next to Amy, lifting his visor as he looked up. "Is that what I think it is?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:03:01 PM): Alastor swings both of his arms. Flaming metal feathers go flying.
ToastedBeats (11:03:13 PM): Henry is suddenly behind the boy again.
ToastedBeats (11:03:21 PM): "You are weaker."
Rakath Chaos (11:03:51 PM)
: "That'd be a crazy half dark dragon Alastor fighting a ticked half angel guy."
ToastedBeats (11:03:53 PM): The shield crashes hard into Alastor's neck.
Polk Kitsune (11:04:30 PM)
: "It is what I'm thinking then... Damn."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:04:34 PM): Alastor lets out a cry and goes flying to the ground, making a loud CRASH and a crater in the ground.
Y Ruler of Time (11:05:03 PM): "..." Fuji slings his staff over his shoulders. "I'm glad Henry-kun's visiting."
Rakath Chaos (11:05:13 PM): "If Alastor dies right here and now, don't think ill of me for dancing happily on whatever remains of his corpse."
ToastedBeats (11:05:35 PM): Suddenly, Henry's sword is planted in the ground int front of Alastor.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:05:57 PM)
: Alastor gets back up, a rather painful gash on his head, and one of his wings very dented.
Polk Kitsune (11:06:10 PM): "... What tune would you dance to?"
ToastedBeats (11:06:20 PM): "Do you take lightly the pain you cause?"
Rakath Chaos (11:06:32 PM)
: "Caramalldansen... or something outta riverdance..."
ToastedBeats (11:06:33 PM): "I have never used this sword in battle."
Polk Kitsune (11:07:04 PM)
: "... I'll look through my PDA for it."
ToastedBeats (11:07:57 PM): "Every blow I strike weighs upon my heart."
ToastedBeats (11:08:23 PM): Henry is no longer flying, but walking towards the boy.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:07:46 PM):
Alastor coughs...and then starts laughing.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:07:58 PM): "So...I'm weaker than you, huh...?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:08:11 PM):
", that's not right...I'm strong...I have to be."

Viewtiful Rekk (11:08:36 PM)
: "I AM STRONG!!!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:08:51 PM): Energy explodes outward in every direction.
ToastedBeats (11:09:16 PM): Henry stops walking, but does not move.
Y Ruler of Time (11:09:21 PM)
: Fuji tackles Casey and Amy out of the way like a linebacker.
Polk Kitsune (11:09:42 PM): ((does he tackle the ATV down too?))
ToastedBeats (11:09:47 PM): "To every man there is appointed time."
Y Ruler of Time (11:09:53 PM)
: (you can tackle someone off an ATV...)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:09:54 PM): "I'll show you how strong I am right now!" As he speaks, a red tattoo like a raging flames begins spreading over Alastor's body.
Rakath Chaos (11:10:09 PM):
Amy leaps back and shields herself with her wings, Fuji can fly off of or past that as he sees fit.
ToastedBeats (11:10:00 PM): "A time to reap, and a time to sow."
ToastedBeats (11:10:10 PM): "A time to live, and a time to die."
Polk Kitsune (11:10:25 PM)
: "ERK!" Casey falls back behind his vehicule as he's tackled back.
Polk Kitsune (11:11:29 PM): Casey looked up at Alastor, blinking rapidly, his sight focusing at the tatoo. "... No way..."

ToastedBeats (11:10:26 PM): "You have sown pain."
ToastedBeats (11:10:33 PM)
: "You have lived in darkness."
ToastedBeats (11:11:41 PM): Suddenly, Henry is next to the boy, whispering in his ear.
ToastedBeats (11:11:50 PM)
: "...Now... Reap..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:12:01 PM)
: "....No..." Alastor grins.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:12:04 PM): "You DIE!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:12:12 PM): "CONSUME THE SUN, DARK HORUS!"
Y Ruler of Time (11:12:14 PM): Fuji pokes his head up. "Henry-kun!"
Rakath Chaos (11:12:36 PM): Amy opens her wings a bit, her Halo blocking the opening from anymore incoming energy, watching, "No..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:12:50 PM): Energy explodes outwards from him again, small sparks of black fire flying every which way. Henry should consider backing off.
ToastedBeats (11:13:15 PM): Inches away from the boy's chest, Henry's elbow stops.
ToastedBeats (11:13:29 PM)
: The boy is a few hundred yards away.
Polk Kitsune (11:13:30 PM)
: Casey covered his eyes as the flame went out. "...Sensei... We need to get out of here, all of us."
Polk Kitsune (11:13:44 PM): "He's going to go out of control. If you think he was bad before..."
ToastedBeats (11:14:04 PM): "...I see."
Y Ruler of Time (11:14:35 PM)
: "Someone has to keep him here," Fuji steps over the ATV, "get some passengers and leave quickly."
ToastedBeats (11:14:57 PM): Henry remains silent, as the sword in the ground suddenly flies towards him.
Polk Kitsune (11:14:58 PM)
: "No! You don't understand, it's beyond anything else!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:14:59 PM): Alastor shoots up from the ground, flame covering his body. "I was going to let you get off after a small fight, but now you're gonna DIE!"
Y Ruler of Time (11:15:32 PM): "Heh..." Fuji looks back over his shoulder at Casey, "and you've been going to this school for a year already!"
ToastedBeats (11:15:42 PM): Henry grabs the sword from the air.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:15:50 PM)
: "...Fuji...." A couple beads of sweat are going down his cheek. "Go. That's an order. Take all the students with you."
ToastedBeats (11:15:50 PM): "Death has lost its sting."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:16:05 PM)
: "If Henry can't handle this...I'll need to step in myself."
Rakath Chaos (11:16:14 PM): Amy is crying, Damnit... I can only annoy him with my power so low, and if I did that he'd just kill me and Henry...
Viewtiful Rekk (11:16:58 PM): The flames around Alastor's body part, and now his entire body is covered in black metallic armor, and the two wings have moved to his back.
Y Ruler of Time (11:17:00 PM): "But-!" Fuji looks desperately at Ichirou. Slowly, he nods. "...Alright."
Polk Kitsune (11:17:14 PM): The boy then growled, leaping to his feet, and onto his ATV. "Dammit.... They never listened. None of them." He muttered as he revved it up, and off he went.
Y Ruler of Time (11:17:33 PM): "Oy," Riku places a hand on Amy's shoulder. "I'm bad at takin' advice. Ignore that fact an' listen t' me."
Polk Kitsune (11:18:00 PM): He first went after Amy and Riku. "You two! Get on! NOW!" He screamed out.
Y Ruler of Time (11:18:21 PM): "We gotta go, so quit yer sobbin', an' put yer wings t'use."
Rakath Chaos (11:18:23 PM): "I'm fine, I can fly idiot, carry other people."
Rakath Chaos (11:18:45 PM): Amy wipes her eyes and starts flying off after the ATV.
ToastedBeats (11:18:51 PM): "The sword cries out to me."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:19:03 PM)
: Jo is, at this point, just silently following Riku.
ToastedBeats (11:19:07 PM): Henry swings the blade, and it legthens.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:19:46 PM)
: "Spare me!" Alastor calls out.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:20:01 PM): "No more speeches! No more lectures about pain or whatever shit you were talking about!"
Y Ruler of Time (11:20:02 PM): Fuji has about five students slung over his shoulders. And he's running pretty damn fast away.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:20:28 PM): His metal tail swishes through the air.
Polk Kitsune (11:20:31 PM): Casey growled, reaching out, grabbing Riku and Jo behind the collar, and pulling them to the ATV. "If you don't want to burn, NOW!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:20:38 PM): "We're fighting. Now."
Polk Kitsune (11:20:58 PM): "If that thing's what I think it is, the whole island coudl burn in a second."
Y Ruler of Time (11:21:12 PM): Riku gets pulled onto the vehicle. "...Angel, dragon, swordsman. I kinda wanna stay 'n watch it."
ToastedBeats (11:21:14 PM): Henry pulls back the sword, and suddenly he's gone.
Rakath Chaos (11:21:43 PM)
: "No you don't, remember our first meeting with the Thesty guy, how that hurt. This'll be worse."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:21:44 PM): ...R-riku-sempai, we're in danger if we stay here...!"
ToastedBeats (11:22:18 PM): In the next instant, the elongated sword is glowing hot and swinging with extreme speed and force at Alastor's chest.
Polk Kitsune (11:22:19 PM)
: Casey gave a snort, swiftly giving a punch in Riku's guts, and pulling him over the ATV like a package. "No time to talk."
Y Ruler of Time (11:22:42 PM): "Yeah,'s just..." he stares at the unfolding scene. "It looks so cool and-hungh! Tha' was unnecessary..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:23:30 PM): Alastor blocks the blade with his arm. The glowing sword grinds into his arm, and Alastor brings up his hand and clutches right at Henry's chest.
Rakath Chaos (11:23:31 PM): Dawn is keeping up with Fuji-sensei, granted she's not carrying five students.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:23:58 PM): His hand starts to glow. "BURST!"
Polk Kitsune (11:24:00 PM): Casey grunted, and revved it up, before turning tail, and heading as fast as he coudl. "If you don't realise what you're into yet..."
Polk Kitsune (11:24:04 PM): "You'll thank me later."
Y Ruler of Time (11:24:06 PM): "I really hate getting relegated to babysitter," Fuji says conversationally to Dawn.
ToastedBeats (11:24:09 PM): In similar fashion, henry's sword shield against Alastor's hand, barely keeping it at bay.
Y Ruler of Time (11:24:45 PM)
: "Who're you callin' a baby!?" Nameless Faceless Storyless student complains.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:24:48 PM): Energy rapidly forms in his hand. "Let's see who chickens out first...!"
Y Ruler of Time (11:24:54 PM): "You."
Rakath Chaos (11:25:24 PM): "Even someone as strong as my mom knows when to retreat and re-evaluate the strategy." Dawn replies.
ToastedBeats (11:25:30 PM): Silently, Henry presses both the sword and shield onward.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:26:09 PM)
: "..." Suddenly, with the sound of beating wings, Alastor disappears and reappears behind Henry, the energy having turned red.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:26:42 PM): He fires, the energy flooding out directly at Henry.
ToastedBeats (11:27:08 PM): Without the body to push against, Henry's sword comes full circle, leaving him facing the blast.
ToastedBeats (11:27:47 PM)
: Though able to move partially out of the way, the right side of Henry's body is hit.
ToastedBeats (11:27:51 PM)
: Hard.
ToastedBeats (11:28:08 PM)
: The boy goes spiraling out of control to the ground.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:28:35 PM)
: Alastor shoots after Henry, eventually pulling ahead of him and barreling a foot into his chest.
ToastedBeats (11:30:05 PM): The blow connected successfully, send Henry on a one-way ticket to dirtville.
ToastedBeats (11:30:25 PM)
: As he did, the sword flew out of his charred right hand.
ToastedBeats (11:31:03 PM)
: "Ggghnnh..."
ToastedBeats (11:31:39 PM)
: His right arm swung lifelessly in the wind as the boy plummeted into the earth.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:34:02 PM)
: Alastor shoots after him again, swinging his tail into Henry's chest.
ToastedBeats (11:34:24 PM): At least he would've...
ToastedBeats (11:34:33 PM)
: If Henry was there.
ToastedBeats (11:35:36 PM)
: Likely before he'd have time to realize his folly, he'd be subject to a flying shield from above.
ToastedBeats (11:36:00 PM)
: The object hurtled towards the boy nigh as fast as henry had been flying.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:37:04 PM)
: Alastor spins and attempts to grab the shield, but is smashed on the side by it and goes skidding across the ground.
ToastedBeats (11:37:50 PM): Right behind the sheild is the one who launched it, his left foot prepared to crash into the boy's chest.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:42:57 PM)
: As Henry kicks, Alastor goes flying again, eventually planting both feet into the ground and coming to a stop. He snaps his wings forward, sending more of the flaming feathers at Henry.
ToastedBeats (11:44:50 PM): At almost the same time, Henry raises his left hand, and fires a beam of photon energy at Alastor, super-heating the air around it.
ToastedBeats (11:45:19 PM)
: The beam incinerates a few of the feathers, but the majority connect directly with the boy.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:45:51 PM)
: Alastor tries to dodge away, but the beam smashes on to his right side, heavily damaging his armor.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:47:54 PM): As soon as the beam ends, Alastor darts forward, bouncing between the air and the ground and eventually going into a flying tackle directly at Henry.
ToastedBeats (11:48:51 PM): Though still reeling from the previous attack, the boy somehow manages to bring a knee into Alastor's chest as he's tackled.
ToastedBeats (11:49:45 PM)
: "Aaagh!!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:50:11 PM)
: :Nngh!!"
ToastedBeats (11:50:14 PM): The blow sent Henry spinning sideways, nearly hitting the ground.
ToastedBeats (11:52:42 PM)
: "You... will NOT hurt anyone else!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:52:47 PM)
: Alastor punches the ground.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:52:52 PM): "SHADOW!!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:53:08 PM): Black chains shoot from the ground and attempt to ensnare Henry.
ToastedBeats (11:53:38 PM): "PHOTON!!!"
ToastedBeats (11:55:35 PM)
: Simultaneously, light begins to gather behind Alastor, forming what looks like a monster of some sort.
ToastedBeats (11:56:19 PM)
: Henry is, however, ensnared by the chains.
ToastedBeats (11:56:38 PM)
: "...Gggg!!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:57:35 PM)
: Smoke starts to rise from Alastor's armor as the light around him burns at him.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:58:36 PM): "NnnAAAAGH!" His legs start to buckle, as feathers wildly shoot from his whole body at the monster around him.
ToastedBeats (11:59:29 PM): The chains begin to pull Henry down to the ground, slowly pulling him down. Henry's body begins to glow bright, and an eplosion soon follows bursting the chains off of the boy.
ToastedBeats (11:59:53 PM)
: "Ah... AHGGH!!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:00:06 AM)
: The feathers tear at the monster, eventually shattering its presence.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:01:17 AM): "..." Alastor laughs.
ToastedBeats (12:02:18 AM): "...What are you laughing about?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:02:22 AM)
: He starts to rise into the air.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:02:37 AM): "If only that teacher wasn't there..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:02:48 AM): "I'dve been glad to to take this fight all the way..."
ToastedBeats (12:03:10 AM): "You're not leaving here!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:03:33 AM)
: "Don't try to posture! You're doing just as badly as me!"
ToastedBeats (12:05:04 AM): "Gnngh.."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:05:57 AM)
: "..." Ichirou stares straight at Alastor, and shifts his glance to Henry for one second. In that instant, Alastor shoots off towards the forest.
ToastedBeats (12:06:50 AM): "You..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:07:18 AM)
: "...Henry." Ichirou immediately starts walking towards him.
ToastedBeats (12:07:48 AM): The boy begins to float down slowly, eventually hitting the ground.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:09:14 AM)
: He sighs. "...How many times have I told you not to overexert yourself, Henry..."
ToastedBeats (12:09:58 AM): The boy drops to his knees, reverting to his regular self. His right arm and leg look badly injured.
ToastedBeats (12:10:11 AM)
: "...Ichirou... he..."
ToastedBeats (12:10:21 AM)
: Tears begin to stream down henry's face.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:11:27 AM)
: "..." Ichirou sighs, and adjusts the boy so he's laying on his back.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:11:38 AM): "Henry...don't beat yourself up."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:12:03 AM): "She was a Monarch. They're...very tenuous."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:13:26 AM): He lays his sword on his right side. "...This'll sting a bit, but I need to stabilize you before I take you to the infirmary."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:13:47 AM): He pierces the sword into Henry's skin, and energy flows from teacher into student.
ToastedBeats (12:14:06 AM): "Aah... AAGGGHH!!! AGH!!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:14:53 AM): After about five seconds, Ichirou pulls the sword out and sheathes it.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:15:30 AM): He then picks Henry up, looping one of his arms over his shoulder. "C'mon. We're going to the infirmary."
ToastedBeats (12:16:23 AM): "Sorry... Ichirou..." With that, Henry slumped over the man's shoulder, slipping out of consciousness.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:16:32 AM)
: "..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:16:50 AM): "You don't have anything to be sorry for." He eventually says.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:17:13 AM): -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------