Viewtiful Rekk (3:59:15 PM): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Viewtiful Rekk (3:59:49 PM): Alastor whistles he tosses Riku and Amy into a river.

Viewtiful Rekk (4:01:34 PM): "Don't worry kiddos, these ropes shouldn't break, and if they do, the river has to stop...somewhere."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:02:03 PM): "ANYWHO, I gotta go deal with those friends of yours. Catch you on the flip side!" And with that, he's off.

Y Ruler of Time (4:02:25 PM): "...Well, this is slightly uncomfortable."


Viewtiful Rekk (4:03:39 PM): "...Mister Hawkeye, just out of curiosity. Do you know where the lab is?"

Y Ruler of Time (4:04:14 PM): "Underground. No, Jin, I happen to have an underground map of the cavern that I discovered less than two hours ago."

Sinisquirrel (4:04:36 PM): Lily feels slightly uncomfortable, having walked for a period of time she was unaccustomed to. If this were a manga, something would show up to help...

Viewtiful Rekk (4:04:36 PM): No need to get snappy....

Sinisquirrel (4:05:21 PM): It was a rather silly question, however... Signaled.

Y Ruler of Time (4:05:32 PM): And at that extremely convenient moment, Quince the leafy lion comes bounding through the forest towards the three.

Viewtiful Rekk (4:06:08 PM): Ohka bounds out and tackles the lion. Jin blinks.

Sinisquirrel (4:06:36 PM): "... ah..."

Y Ruler of Time (4:07:54 PM): Quince squirms out from under the tackle, and snarls fiercely. Upon recognizing the wolf, however, it relaxes.

Viewtiful Rekk (4:08:16 PM): "Ohka! Off!" The angelic wolf grumbles and gets off.
Y Ruler of Time (4:09:05 PM): "...Ohka?"

Sinisquirrel (4:09:16 PM): Interpreted for the blind: "Something resembling a flowered lion had come towards us. Ohka went to intercept it."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:09:16 PM): He glances at the lion. "'re Quince."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:09:33 PM): "Did Riku send you?"

Y Ruler of Time (4:09:36 PM): Quince plods over to Jin, and emits a series of growls, every now and then turning and raising a paw to motion back in the direction it came.
Y Ruler of Time (4:09:58 PM): Alex shakes his head. "I'll never get used to this spirit stuff..."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:10:02 PM): Jin stares very intently at the lion.

Viewtiful Rekk (4:10:08 PM): "....alright. Lead the way."
Viewtiful Rekk (4:10:26 PM): He turns to the others. "Quince can lead us to Riku and Amy."
Rakath Chaos (4:10:31 PM): (( He's drinking Tea ))

Viewtiful Rekk (4:10:32 PM): (Alastor called it back.)

Y Ruler of Time (4:10:40 PM): "How do I even know you guys just aren't plain crazy? I hate this stuff..."

Sinisquirrel (4:10:44 PM): "Sometimes, it is better not to understand..."
TheGymRat38 (4:10:46 PM): (....)
TheGymRat38 (4:10:53 PM): (Horus, you've done great. Return!)
Rakath Chaos (4:11:05 PM): (( Go, Des Caliber Knight! )

Y Ruler of Time (4:11:07 PM): The lion turns and bounds through the forest, expecting the humans to follow.

Viewtiful Rekk (4:11:08 PM): Alastor and Horus are meanwhile, drinking tea. "Good tea." "Yes, it's straight from London." "We should have it more often."
Viewtiful Rekk (4:11:27 PM): Jin dashes after it.

Viewtiful Rekk (4:14:46 PM): A few minutes later, the group steps out of the elevator and into the underground forest. "...Seto Kaiba has far too much money..." He comments wryly.
Y Ruler of Time (4:15:13 PM): "You can never have too much money. Other people can have too much money, but that's another matter."

Sinisquirrel (4:15:34 PM): "Mn." Agreeing with Alexander.
Viewtiful Rekk (4:15:47 PM): "...right." Jin looks over to Quince. "Can you take me to Riku and Amy?"

Y Ruler of Time (4:16:50 PM): Quince looks up at Jin, then sticks its head out of the elevator and sniffs once before immediately running off.

Viewtiful Rekk (4:19:03 PM): "...I guess that's a yes." He turns to Lily. "I take it you can sense that mass of Duel Energy in that direction." He points in a different direction from where Quince ran.

Sinisquirrel (4:19:46 PM): "Mn, from this distance."

Y Ruler of Time (4:20:23 PM): Alex proceeds to grumble to himself something about a "Spirit detector."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:20:27 PM): "That's probably where Donovan's keeping all of the Duel Energy he stole." And with what the two of them should do implied, Jin turned and bolted after Quince.

Sinisquirrel (4:20:51 PM): "Good luck." Lily turned to Alex. "What was that?"

Y Ruler of Time (4:21:14 PM): "Nothing, mental note for later. I'm feeling kinda blind right now. Lead the way."

Sinisquirrel (4:22:06 PM): "Mn." Lily begins to move in the direction of the energy. "Remind me to introduce you to someone after this is over."

Y Ruler of Time (4:23:08 PM): Alex follows. "If it's Soren, don't bother. I don't trust that creepy hippie stuff."

Sinisquirrel (4:24:18 PM): "No, someone more technologically minded. I'm almost a bit jealous, myself."

Y Ruler of Time (4:25:23 PM): (AND THEY ARRIVE)

Sinisquirrel (4:25:33 PM): (( Sure. ))

Sinisquirrel (4:26:33 PM): "This is why... the amount of energy is almost blinding here."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:26:45 PM): There's a lab with a couple holes in the walls. There's also a massive computer that covers all of one wall, and a large glass cylinder in the center. Blobs of green and orange energy hover freely inside it.

Y Ruler of Time (4:27:48 PM): "...Well hell, even I can see the stuff in the cylinder. It must be so heavily concentrated that it somehow becomes visible to the naked eye."

Y Ruler of Time (4:28:32 PM): "If that's the wonder I couldn't figure out how the belts worked. The technology's further along than anything I've heard of."

Sinisquirrel (4:29:05 PM): "Ah, that is... I meant..." It was hard to put into words what she had just meant, but she seemed almost drawn to the cylinder.

Viewtiful Rekk (4:29:17 PM): "Glad you're impressed, Mister Hawkeye!"

Viewtiful Rekk (4:29:24 PM): Guess who just walked in after them.

Y Ruler of Time (4:29:37 PM): Alex whirls around and sneers. "Donovan..."
TheGymRat38 (4:29:58 PM): (villains almost automatically become known by their last name. Please make note of this)

Viewtiful Rekk (4:30:07 PM): "Aww, I thought we were on a more respectful basis than that...."
Y Ruler of Time (4:30:37 PM): "That was before you tricked me into helping you pull this off, you snake!"

Viewtiful Rekk (4:31:17 PM): "Tricked?"

Viewtiful Rekk (4:31:25 PM): "I didn't trick you. I paid you for a service rendered!"

Viewtiful Rekk (4:31:56 PM): "If it was a trick, then give me back my money!"

Y Ruler of Time (4:32:00 PM): "I thought I could trust you not to be some crazy evil mastermind!"

Sinisquirrel (4:32:22 PM): "I wouldn't get into an argument over semantics at this point..." Lily said, a hand on the glass. "What is it for?"

Y Ruler of Time (4:32:44 PM): "Who cares? We're turning it off and turning Alastor in."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:32:59 PM): "Oh, you know, this and that."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:33:16 PM): "I've got a few projects in mind I think it could be used for."

Sinisquirrel (4:33:18 PM): "I care." It is, after all, an incredible source of energy.

Viewtiful Rekk (4:33:32 PM): "Rather important projects, so I can't just let you turn it off willy-nilly."
Y Ruler of Time (4:36:09 PM): "Yeah, well..." Alex holds his hand downwards and extends two fingers. He then turns the hand upwards at Alastor and turns to walk towards the machine.

Viewtiful Rekk (4:36:54 PM): "...."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:36:59 PM): "Did you just tell me to jog on?"

Viewtiful Rekk (4:37:40 PM): "Well, that's quite rude." And quick as a shot, Alastor is behind Alex, and grabbing him by the back of the collar.

Viewtiful Rekk (4:38:12 PM): "At any rate. Please don't touch that." And with that, he spins around and throws Alex at the nearest wall.

Y Ruler of Time (4:38:56 PM): A shocked expression briefly appears on Alex's face, before he flies and subsequently has his flight interrupted. By a wall.
Y Ruler of Time (4:39:27 PM): He falls and lands sprawled out on the ground. "...ow..."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:39:49 PM): "Now, then, Miss Sakuma." He looks to her. "I don't suppose you want to try something so foolish as well?"

Sinisquirrel (4:39:56 PM): "!!" Lily's appreciation of the energy is interrupted by the scuffle, of course. "Alex..."

Y Ruler of Time (4:40:26 PM): Alex slowly begins to reach for the PDA tucked into his Duel Disk.

Y Ruler of Time (4:40:44 PM): 'Why didn't I call anyone before we got here?'

Sinisquirrel (4:40:58 PM): "No. If I could simply break the machine, I don't know what it would do to the energy inside. I can't allow that. You will not turn it off, therefore..." She shows her duel disk.

Viewtiful Rekk (4:40:58 PM): "Oh for..."

Sinisquirrel (4:41:07 PM): "For relinquished control."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:41:15 PM): Again, Alastor is right in Alex's face. Ever see a PDA get punted like a football?

Viewtiful Rekk (4:42:00 PM): "Oh! And before I forget..." He pulls out a Dis-Belt and clasps it over Alex's arm.

Y Ruler of Time (4:42:04 PM): "...I just got that replaced," Alex growls, hitting a button on his Duel Disk.

Y Ruler of Time (4:42:22 PM): He then swings his arm up to hit Alastor's leg with the disk.

Viewtiful Rekk (4:43:01 PM): Alastor responds by kicking right into Alex's chest. "Be with you in just one second, Miss Sakuma!"
Y Ruler of Time (4:44:02 PM): "Oof!" Alex falls back against the wall and slides down into a sitting position, panting heavily.

Y Ruler of Time (4:44:15 PM): 'What the hell IS this guy?'

Viewtiful Rekk (4:44:44 PM): "Can't have you interfering, with all that annoying technology of, take a nap, Mister Hawkeye." With that, Alastor socks him right between the eyes.
Sinisquirrel (4:45:53 PM): She had wanted to call out to Alex to just stop, lay low... whatever it would take for him not to be rendered unconscious. However...

Y Ruler of Time (4:45:56 PM): There's a loud SMACK as the back of Alex's head hits the wall, and he falls limp. Blood begins flowing from his forehead where Alastor hit him.

Viewtiful Rekk (4:46:16 PM): "Right, then!" Alastor spins around.

Viewtiful Rekk (4:46:28 PM): "You said something about relinquishing control."

Sinisquirrel (4:47:29 PM): "... Hawkeye-san..." Lily pauses. "Mn... Duel me. If I win, you relinquish your control of this technology to me."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:48:15 PM): "Heh...well, that sounds fair!"

Viewtiful Rekk (4:48:25 PM): "However, I would need something equal if I were to win..."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:48:50 PM): He tosses her a Dis-Belt. "Put this on."

Sinisquirrel (4:49:12 PM): It lands on the ground first, where she stoops to pick it up. "... I see."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:49:57 PM): While she's doing that, Alastor heads over to the computer and fiddles with the controls for a moment.

Sinisquirrel (4:51:54 PM): She attaches it to her wrist, noting the hidden clasp. "I take it this is just a part of it."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:52:16 PM): He finishes with the computer and smirks. "All taken care of now."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:53:00 PM): He then walks over to stand opposite to her. "I just jacked up the absorption level a bit, is all. Since the stakes are so high, it felt appropriate."

Sinisquirrel (4:54:01 PM): "... I see..." This... could be very dangerous. Alexander's strength is low as it is, and I doubt I could get it from the duel energy itself...

Sinisquirrel (4:54:56 PM): I guess... this is it until Jin returns... if he does... "Then." (8000) "Shall we?"

Viewtiful Rekk (4:55:05 PM): He activates his disk. "We shall." (8000)
Viewtiful Rekk (4:55:35 PM): "Please, ladies first."

Sinisquirrel (4:56:15 PM): "You don't have to be so 'kind,' but if you're in the mood..." She draws six. "What 'things' can it be used for?"

Viewtiful Rekk (4:57:26 PM): "Well, I suppose if you must know..."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:57:53 PM): "They can power Avatar Seals, certain Shadow Charms..."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:58:04 PM): "Even a few cards which require a large donation of energy to be used."

Sinisquirrel (4:58:19 PM): "I feel I must." She places down two cards. "One reverse card. Spell Card - Swords of Revealing Light. End turn."

Viewtiful Rekk (4:58:58 PM): "Draw!"

Viewtiful Rekk (5:00:08 PM): "Hmmm..."

Viewtiful Rekk (5:00:33 PM): "I will merely summon Dark Crusader." An armored knight wielding a broadsword appears. (1600/400)

Viewtiful Rekk (5:00:44 PM): "Then place two cards face down to end my turn."

Sinisquirrel (5:01:31 PM): One of the swords fades. "Draw."

Sinisquirrel (5:03:55 PM): "You know the variety, but what's the interest? Fame? Money?" Lily seems to scowl at her hand. "End turn."

Viewtiful Rekk (5:04:18 PM): "Why so interested? Draw."

Viewtiful Rekk (5:05:10 PM): "Summon Dark Injection Lily in defense mode." A pink-haired nurse garbed in black, holding a large syringe appears, shooting a scowl at Lily. (400/1500)

Sinisquirrel (5:05:40 PM): "I have an inherent interest in things relating to energy." Lily ignores the evil nurse.

Viewtiful Rekk (5:06:30 PM): "Fair enough. I love to battle."

Viewtiful Rekk (5:06:45 PM): "By using this Duel Energy, I become stronger. By the students using their own, they become stronger."

Viewtiful Rekk (5:07:18 PM): "The stronger I become, the stronger my opponents become! And by defeating those strong opponents, I become even stronger myself!"

Viewtiful Rekk (5:07:38 PM): "Does that answer your question? End turn."
Sinisquirrel (5:07:57 PM): "You do realize you are at a dueling academy... Draw."

Viewtiful Rekk (5:08:27 PM): "For now."

Sinisquirrel (5:10:19 PM): "Vampire Lady." (1550/1550) The Lady smiles in greeting.

Viewtiful Rekk (5:10:52 PM): Alastor smirks and inclines his head.

Sinisquirrel (5:12:24 PM): "Lady, attack the Dark Injector." The vampiress eagerly swoops in to the crouching syringe-holding... non-fairy.

Viewtiful Rekk (5:13:25 PM): The nurse is destroyed with ease.

Sinisquirrel (5:14:36 PM): "And the pro league wouldn't be enough for you, after? End turn."

Viewtiful Rekk (5:14:59 PM): "That would be a good steeping stone...but I don't particularly intend to stop anywhere."

Viewtiful Rekk (5:15:12 PM): "As long as I exist I will be able to become stronger. Draw!"

Viewtiful Rekk (5:15:44 PM): "Ah...what am I doing. Activate trap - Solemn Wishes!" The continuous trap flips up, a couple turns late.

Viewtiful Rekk (5:16:03 PM): "Always have such a hard time remembering that one...your swords are still in effect, yes?"

Sinisquirrel (5:16:19 PM): "For this turn, yes."

Viewtiful Rekk (5:16:42 PM): "One card face-down to end my turn, then."

Sinisquirrel (5:17:27 PM): The final sword fades as Alastor declares his turn over. "Draw."

Sinisquirrel (5:21:24 PM): Well, then, I have to do something... yes? "Vampire Magician." Lily's Life Points drop by 1000. (7000) "By tributing a monster with 'Vampire' in its name and paying

Sinisquirrel (5:21:55 PM): 1000 Life Points, I am allowed to summon it with one less tribute." (2450/1800)

Viewtiful Rekk (5:22:13 PM): "Ah, what a useful monster."

Sinisquirrel (5:23:42 PM): 'Too bad it...' No! Don't even start that... "Also... Book of Life! By choosing a monster in your Graveyard, I can remove it from play to summon one Zombie from my Graveyard."

Viewtiful Rekk (5:24:23 PM): "Aaah, removing my Lily to bring back your Lady?"

Sinisquirrel (5:24:38 PM): "Quite." Vampire Lady reappears. (1550/1550)

Sinisquirrel (5:25:39 PM): "Vampire Magician... attack Dark Crusader."

Viewtiful Rekk (5:26:15 PM): The magician's attack strikes a glowing pane of glass that has his and the Lady's reflections in them.

Viewtiful Rekk (5:26:31 PM): "Holy Barrier - Mirror Force!" The pane shatters and the shards rain down on the two.

Sinisquirrel (5:33:32 PM): "... Vampire Lady." Lily says, selecting her card for Magician's revival effect.

Viewtiful Rekk (5:33:47 PM): "Is that the end of your turn, then?"

Sinisquirrel (5:34:19 PM): "No. One reverse. End turn."

Viewtiful Rekk (5:34:26 PM): "Draw!" (8500)

Viewtiful Rekk (5:34:57 PM): He holds up two copies of the same card. "For Dark Crusader's effect, I discard two copies of Dark Ojama Trio!"

Viewtiful Rekk (5:35:17 PM): "For each one, his attack raises by 400!" (2400/400)

Viewtiful Rekk (5:36:53 PM): "Dark Crusader! Direct attack!"

Sinisquirrel (5:37:24 PM): "Mirror Shard." One of Lily's cards flips up, a large shard of glass piercing Dark Crusader.
Viewtiful Rekk (5:38:44 PM): Alastor's other set flips up. A man appears next to Lily, and hands her a bag of gold.

Viewtiful Rekk (5:38:48 PM): "Counter Trap - Dark Bribe!"

Sinisquirrel (5:40:37 PM): "Desperate measures." Lily takes her card and her damage. (4600)

Viewtiful Rekk (5:41:10 PM): Alastor smirks. "End turn."

Sinisquirrel (5:41:19 PM): "Draw."
Sinisquirrel (5:41:53 PM): During her Standby Phase, Vampire Lady revives itself in Defense Mode.

Sinisquirrel (5:46:18 PM): ... this was a ridiculous wager anyway... "NecRomantic Novel. By tributing 1 Zombie on my field, I can draw two cards."

Sinisquirrel (5:50:39 PM): She does so, etc. "Card of Safe Return. One set monster. One reverse. End turn."

Viewtiful Rekk (5:50:55 PM): "Draw!"

Viewtiful Rekk (5:51:01 PM): (9000)

Viewtiful Rekk (5:51:37 PM): "Summon - Sangan!" A small three-eyed demon appears and lets out a screech. (1000/600)

Viewtiful Rekk (5:52:07 PM): "Dark Crusader!" He jabs a finger at the set. "Shadow Crusader!"

Sinisquirrel (5:53:40 PM): The monster is destroyed; however... "Trap Card - Gravekeeper's Adept."

Viewtiful Rekk (5:54:07 PM): Alastor quirks an eyebrow. "Can't say I've heard of that card.

Sinisquirrel (5:54:51 PM): "It can only be activated when a Zombie monster on my field is destroyed as a result of battle during the opponent's turn.

Sinisquirrel (5:55:29 PM): Each time a Zombie is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, said opponent must send one card from the top of their deck to the Graveyard."

Viewtiful Rekk (5:55:59 PM): "Hah! Gladly!" Alastor takes the top card from his deck.

Viewtiful Rekk (5:56:17 PM): Dark Grepher is discarded.

Sinisquirrel (5:57:03 PM): "Also, my destroyed card was Vampire's Assassin... when destroyed by battle, I may select and Special Summon one level four or lower 'Vampire' monster from my Graveyard." The Lady appears... again, in Attack. (1550/1550)

Sinisquirrel (5:57:20 PM): "As well, Card of Safe Return activates..." Lily takes her card.

Viewtiful Rekk (5:58:01 PM): "Heh...very well. I end my turn."

Sinisquirrel (5:58:13 PM): "Mn. Draw."

Sinisquirrel (6:04:04 PM): "Card Destruction."

Viewtiful Rekk (6:04:20 PM): "Ooooh, how harsh!"

Viewtiful Rekk (6:04:28 PM): Alastor discards Darknight Parshath and The Dark Creator. (9500)

Sinisquirrel (6:07:24 PM): Vampire Knight, Robbin' Zombie, Helpoemer, Celebration of Birth, and NecRomantic Novel are discarded.

Sinisquirrel (6:08:48 PM): "..." Better. "Castle of the Dead." The laboratory suddenly turns into the courtyard of a rotting castle adorned with gargoyles, skulls, etc.

Viewtiful Rekk (6:09:25 PM): "Heh...what an appropriate setting!"
Sinisquirrel (6:10:17 PM): "One reverse card, and... Mage Power, equipped to Vampire Lady."
Sinisquirrel (6:12:54 PM): The Lady is surrounded by a magical, swirling mass. (4050/1500)
Viewtiful Rekk (6:13:15 PM): "Haha! Quite impressive!"

Sinisquirrel (6:13:28 PM): "Not yet. Zombie Master." (1800/0)
Sinisquirrel (6:14:17 PM): "By discarding one Monster Card from my hand to the Graveyard..." Which she does, showing Vampire Assassin.

Sinisquirrel (6:15:00 PM): "I can summon one level four or less Zombie monster from either player's graveyard. For the obvious, I'll choose mine..."

Sinisquirrel (6:15:56 PM): "Vampire Knight." (1600/1000) Lily also draws one as the undead swordmaster hits the field.

Viewtiful Rekk (6:16:22 PM): "My my, quite an impressive combo you've set up!"

Sinisquirrel (6:18:09 PM): "E." Said in agreement. "Vampire Lady, destroy the Dark Crusader. Crimson Wave." The Lady unfurls her wings and charges forward.

Viewtiful Rekk (6:19:25 PM): The Crusader holds up his blade to block, but is felled almost immediately by the strengthened vampiress. (7350)

Sinisquirrel (6:19:49 PM): "... Trap Card."

Viewtiful Rekk (6:22:52 PM): He fans out his deck, and holds up Dark Dimension Release, before discarding it.

Sinisquirrel (6:23:54 PM): One of the gargoyles on the castle shines with an eerie, indigo light. "Every time you send a card from your deck to the Graveyard by the effect of one of my Vampire monsters,

Sinisquirrel (6:24:01 PM): Castle of the Dead gains a counter."

Sinisquirrel (6:24:23 PM): (1)

Sinisquirrel (6:24:52 PM): "Vampire Knight, to Sangan. Bloody Parry." The Knight rushes in next.

Viewtiful Rekk (6:25:19 PM): The demon is cleaved through with ease. (6750)

Viewtiful Rekk (6:26:14 PM): "Sangan's effect!" He fans out his deck.

Viewtiful Rekk (6:27:35 PM): Since she seems to be after deck disruption... He holds up Dark Tutu.

Sinisquirrel (6:27:45 PM): "... hmn?"

Viewtiful Rekk (6:28:29 PM): "Surely, you know Sangan's effect to retrieve a monster with 1500 or less ATK from my deck."

Sinisquirrel (6:28:32 PM): Dark... Tutu? I've never heard of such a card...

Sinisquirrel (6:28:59 PM): "That much I'm aware of. That card, however... I suppose if you've selected it, I'll find out."

Viewtiful Rekk (6:29:28 PM): "That you will, Miss Sakuma."

Sinisquirrel (6:29:29 PM): "Also, keep it fanned out. Trap Card, for the effect of my Vampire Knight." It also gains a shiny counter.

Sinisquirrel (6:30:04 PM): So does the castle. (2)

Viewtiful Rekk (6:30:13 PM): Solemn Wishes is discarded.

Sinisquirrel (6:30:36 PM): "Finally, Zombie Master. Necromagic." (1800)

Viewtiful Rekk (6:31:00 PM): (4950)

Sinisquirrel (6:31:24 PM): "Turn end."

Viewtiful Rekk (6:31:51 PM): "Draw!" (5450)

Viewtiful Rekk (6:33:21 PM): He smirks. "I believe I will activate the spell card Giant Trunade."

Sinisquirrel (6:35:42 PM): Lily smiles. "Dark Bribe..."

Viewtiful Rekk (6:35:57 PM): "Hah! Hoisted on my own petard, am I!"

Sinisquirrel (6:36:05 PM): "... you speak it plain."

Viewtiful Rekk (6:36:05 PM): He draws 1. The storm fades before it can do anything. (5950)

Viewtiful Rekk (6:37:27 PM): "Summon - Shadowpriestess Ohm!" A black-robed priestess with two whips in hand appears. (1700/1600)

Sinisquirrel (6:37:33 PM): I wonder... if I drew that because of this... but... Lily looks at her Dis-Belt, wondering just how it reacts to her.

Viewtiful Rekk (6:37:51 PM): "I activate Ohm's effect, sacrificing her to deal 800 damage to you!"

Sinisquirrel (6:39:22 PM): "Eh!" Lily is momentarily consumed in a small fire. (3800)

Viewtiful Rekk (6:39:40 PM): "I wonder, Miss Sakuma...."

Viewtiful Rekk (6:39:47 PM): "Have you kept track of the monsters in my grave?"

Sinisquirrel (6:40:02 PM): "... no."

Viewtiful Rekk (6:40:29 PM): "With Ohm's addition, I have 8. Seven of which have different names."

Sinisquirrel (6:40:53 PM): "..." Such a revelation couldn't be good, even for the wordiest of blowhards. "And?"

Viewtiful Rekk (6:41:09 PM): "Dark Ojama Trio, Dark Grepher, Darknight Parshath, The Dark Creator, Dark Crusader, Sangan, Shadowpriestess Ohm! I exclude all of you!"

Viewtiful Rekk (6:41:29 PM): The named monsters all appear, and their spirits shoot upwards. "Ultimate Crystal God - Rainbow Dark Dragon COME FORTH!"

Viewtiful Rekk (6:42:44 PM): The spirits form together into a point of light which sends a multi-colored flash out across the field. When the flash clears, a serpentine black-scaled dragon is resting on the field, letting out a low growl. (4000/0)

Sinisquirrel (6:42:45 PM): "..." Rainbow Dark Dragon?

Viewtiful Rekk (6:43:41 PM): "And with the activation of Dark Bribe, your Mage Power has lost some of its sting..."

Viewtiful Rekk (6:43:51 PM): "Rainbow Dark Dragon attacks Vampire Lady! Rainbow Reflection!"

Viewtiful Rekk (6:44:21 PM): The dragon's horn glows as it sends a torrent of energy down at the vampiress.

Sinisquirrel (6:44:50 PM): "S-saa..." The Lady has been brought down to 3550.

Sinisquirrel (6:45:33 PM): (3350)

Sinisquirrel (6:47:01 PM): There's not a thing I have... that can match that...

Viewtiful Rekk (6:47:02 PM): "Turn end." Alastor says, grinning widely.

Sinisquirrel (6:47:16 PM): "... draw..."

Sinisquirrel (6:53:15 PM): "Zombie Master, Vampire Knight, defense mode..." The necromancer seats himself behind an outstretched corpse, and the knight bows down.

Sinisquirrel (6:53:43 PM): "End turn..."

Viewtiful Rekk (6:54:27 PM): "Draw!"

Sinisquirrel (6:55:34 PM): I... I should have gone after Amy and Riku... Jin and Alexander... if I hadn't been here, they would have done better... I can't compete against that thing.

Viewtiful Rekk (6:55:38 PM): (6450)

Viewtiful Rekk (6:55:44 PM): "Card Gunner - summon!"

Viewtiful Rekk (6:55:58 PM): The red robot appears, complete with beeps and whirs. (400/400)

Viewtiful Rekk (6:56:08 PM): Alastor snorts. "What's with that look on your face?!"

Sinisquirrel (6:56:43 PM): "The realization of a strategic error, that's all."

Viewtiful Rekk (6:59:01 PM): "Heh...let me guess, one look at my Rainbow Dark, and you already think you've lost."

Viewtiful Rekk (6:59:40 PM): "If you're going to have an outlook like that, then this duel was useless, as was your coming here to fight me."

Sinisquirrel (7:00:02 PM): "Your guess is wrong."

Viewtiful Rekk (7:00:44 PM): "Is it? Well, I suppose we'll find out soon enough."

Viewtiful Rekk (7:01:00 PM): "I activate Card Gunner's effect three times!" He takes the top three cards of his deck.

Sinisquirrel (7:01:31 PM): Although if it were Alex dueling him, he would have already known about Rainbow Dark Dragon... possibly... but I was distracted by the duel energy... why?

Viewtiful Rekk (7:02:04 PM): Dark Nephythys, Mist Archfiend, Magician of Faith are discarded.

Viewtiful Rekk (7:03:45 PM): "Card Gunner attacks Vampire Knight! Rainbow Dark attacks Zombie Master!"

Sinisquirrel (7:05:09 PM): Both are destroyed easily.

Viewtiful Rekk (7:05:38 PM): Alastor takes the top two cards from his deck and discards them.

Viewtiful Rekk (7:06:05 PM): Return From the Different Dimension, Grave Squirmer are discarded.

Viewtiful Rekk (7:06:23 PM): "End turn." He smirks. Card Gunner returns to 400 ATK.

Sinisquirrel (7:06:39 PM): "... draw..."

Sinisquirrel (7:09:32 PM): The gem on the belt glows briefly as Lily draws. She feels lightheaded for a moment. Oh... so that's how...

Sinisquirrel (7:11:09 PM): Lily holds up a green-bordered card. Lightning strikes as she discards it and another card. "Lightning Vortex."

Viewtiful Rekk (7:11:55 PM): Alastor smirks and crosses his arms as Card Gunner immediately explodes when stricken and the massive dragons roars out in pain as it falls to its demise.

Viewtiful Rekk (7:12:15 PM): "Card Gunner's effect. When it's destroyed, I draw 1." He does so. (6950)

Sinisquirrel (7:13:34 PM): Lily put a hand on her Graveyard. A card comes out. "Mezuki's effect. When I remove it from the Graveyard from play, I can Special Summon a Zombie monster from my Graveyard."

Sinisquirrel (7:14:38 PM): "Vampire Magician." (2450/1800)

Sinisquirrel (7:15:01 PM): She draws a card as the monster is "safely returned."

Viewtiful Rekk (7:15:48 PM): Alastor smirks.

Sinisquirrel (7:15:58 PM): "Vampire Magician, direct attack. Dark Revival."

Viewtiful Rekk (7:16:51 PM): "As Ren-chan would say, omodetou, Miss Sakuma." He says as the Magician's attack strikes him head on. (4500)

Sinisquirrel (7:19:15 PM): "Vampire Magician's effect. Select one of EACH, Trap, Spell, and Monster card from your deck and send them to the Graveyard." Castle of the Dead also gains another light. (3)

Viewtiful Rekk (7:21:18 PM): Alastor fans out his deck. Armageddon Knight, Dark Eruption, Sakuretsu Armor are discarded.

Sinisquirrel (7:17:29 PM): "It sounds condescending coming from you, but I'll take it. Turn end."

Viewtiful Rekk (7:17:39 PM): "Heh. Draw!" (5000)

Viewtiful Rekk (7:23:31 PM): "Set two cards face down! Summon Dark Tutu!"

Sinisquirrel (7:24:05 PM): "... that thing..." Somehow, it was just... offensive.

Viewtiful Rekk (7:24:18 PM): A ballerina dressed rather similarly to Lily appears on the field, a visor over her eyes. (1000/800)

Sinisquirrel (7:24:46 PM): "..." Now she knew what it was.

Viewtiful Rekk (7:26:27 PM): "When I have 4 or more DARK-attribute monsters in my graveyard, Dark Tutu can attack directly! Go...." He pauses.

Viewtiful Rekk (7:26:32 PM): " you know any ballet terms?"

Sinisquirrel (7:26:57 PM): "Don't ask your opponent to make up names for you!"

Viewtiful Rekk (7:27:46 PM): "Oh, so sue me for not having an encyclopedia in my mind!"

Viewtiful Rekk (7:28:02 PM): He grumbles something and walks over to the computer, before bringing up Wikipedia.

Sinisquirrel (7:28:58 PM): "... mou..." All I know is the pas de deux...

Viewtiful Rekk (7:30:54 PM): "Alright!" He runs back over. He then points at Lily. "Dark Tutu, Black Jetté"

Viewtiful Rekk (7:31:24 PM): The monster bounds across the field, aiming a kick right for Lily's stomach.

Sinisquirrel (7:32:18 PM): Lily is forthrightly kicked in the abdominals. (2350)

Viewtiful Rekk (7:32:56 PM): "End turn."

Sinisquirrel (7:33:08 PM): "Draw..."

Sinisquirrel (7:35:27 PM): "Sangan, summon." (1000/600

Sinisquirrel (7:36:41 PM): "Attack Tutu!" No, she doesn't have a name for this one. Sangan also looks between the monster on the field and Lily before going after Tutu herself.

Viewtiful Rekk (7:37:28 PM): The Tutu is clawed fatally, but gets in one good kick right in one of the tiny demon's eyes before she drops.

Sinisquirrel (7:38:28 PM): "Nuisance." Lily shows Pyramid Turtle before putting it in her hand.

Sinisquirrel (7:39:31 PM): "Vampire Magician, direct attack."

Viewtiful Rekk (7:39:56 PM): "Instant Spell - Burial From the Different Dimension!"

Viewtiful Rekk (7:40:30 PM): A coffin appears on Alastor's field. It opens, and the spirits of Darknight Parshath, Dark Grepher and Dark Injection Lily shoot back to his graveyard.

Viewtiful Rekk (7:41:10 PM): "This returns 3 of out of play monsters to the owner's graveyard! And I followed that up with Call of the Haunted!"

Sinisquirrel (7:42:03 PM): Magician halts its spellcasting for a moment.

Viewtiful Rekk (7:42:06 PM): A dark-skinned centaur appears, and waves his blade once. "Darknight Parshath!" (1900/1500)

Viewtiful Rekk (7:42:27 PM): "Darknight Parshath's effect...grants it 100 ATK points for every dark monster in my graveyard!"

Viewtiful Rekk (7:43:06 PM): Nine black spheres appear and shoot into the knight's sword. (2800/1500)

Sinisquirrel (7:45:09 PM): ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Sinisquirrel (7:45:16 PM): Break time!

Viewtiful Rekk (8:05:42 PM): -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sinisquirrel (8:05:59 PM): Last time on YUGIOH GX, THE RP!

Viewtiful Rekk (8:06:13 PM): Alastor: Rar, I'm evil!

Viewtiful Rekk (8:06:25 PM): Riku/Amy: Geez, it's wet.

Viewtiful Rekk (8:06:29 PM): Quince: *growl*

Sinisquirrel (8:06:35 PM): Lily: I'm here to conveniently duel you while other things go on.

Viewtiful Rekk (8:06:37 PM): Jin: What's that Lassie, Timmy's stuck in a well?

Sinisquirrel (8:06:53 PM): Alex: X_X

Viewtiful Rekk (8:06:55 PM): Alex: I'm going to shut down this thingymabobber!

Viewtiful Rekk (8:07:00 PM): Alastor: O RLY?

Viewtiful Rekk (8:07:04 PM): Alex: Ow, my face and organs.

Viewtiful Rekk (8:07:20 PM): Lily: Duel me.

Viewtiful Rekk (8:07:22 PM): Alastor: lolk

Viewtiful Rekk (8:08:18 PM): And now you know....the rest of the story!

Sinisquirrel (8:09:32 PM): "... damn," Lily mutters, watching replay occur. She chooses to move into her Main Phase 2.

Sinisquirrel (8:12:20 PM): "... one reverse. Turn end."

Viewtiful Rekk (8:13:05 PM): "Draw!" (5500)

Viewtiful Rekk (8:13:32 PM): A grin crosses his face as his Dis-Belt glows.

Viewtiful Rekk (8:13:55 PM): "Equip Spell - Premature Burial!"

Viewtiful Rekk (8:14:32 PM): (4700) "I'm sure you know what this card does...and I'm sure you'll remember one of the monsters I discarded for Card Trooper. ARISE, DARK NEPHTHYS!"

Sinisquirrel (8:15:02 PM): "Dark Nephthys?"

Viewtiful Rekk (8:15:36 PM): Flames whirl around Alastor's field as a jet-black phoenix appears, screeching out loudly. (2400/1600)

Viewtiful Rekk (8:16:06 PM): "When Dark Nephthys is special summoned, I can destroy 1 spell or trap card on the field!"

Viewtiful Rekk (8:17:12 PM): Nephthys waves her arm, sending a wave of fire at the newly set reverse.

Sinisquirrel (8:17:22 PM): Shield Crush is destroyed.

Viewtiful Rekk (8:17:41 PM): "Hah. Well now don't I feel silly!"

Sinisquirrel (8:18:04 PM): "Mmn..." Although I had been hoping you'd be more like... well... Picture Eon in this space here.

Viewtiful Rekk (8:18:58 PM): "Darknight Parshath attacks!" (2700)

Sinisquirrel (8:20:39 PM): The undead magician is cleaved in two. (2100) "Maa..."

Sinisquirrel (8:21:36 PM): "Lady..." Despite knowing, just knowing that she wasn't going to survive the turn.

Viewtiful Rekk (8:23:09 PM): Alastor takes the top card of his deck and places it in. It's Allure of Darkness.

Viewtiful Rekk (8:23:38 PM): "I would activate Darknight Parshath's effect now...but I think we both agree, that'd be an exercise in futility."


Viewtiful Rekk (8:24:14 PM): The phoenix flaps both wings at Lily repeatedly, sending a storm of fire at her.

Sinisquirrel (8:25:05 PM): Jin, Alex... I'm sorry... The fire overtakes her as Lily's Life Points plunge to 0. Immediately afterwards, she falls.

Viewtiful Rekk (8:26:23 PM): Alastor just smirks. "It was a valiant effort, Miss Sakuma. I will give you that."

Viewtiful Rekk (8:27:04 PM): Both of their Dis-Belts glow and energy becomes all but flying out, back into the cylinder in the center of the room.

Sinisquirrel (8:27:29 PM): Over her body, the Lady appears, watching Lily's peculiar brand of energy fly toward the cylinder.

Viewtiful Rekk (8:28:24 PM): Alastor's body stiffens, and he looks as though he's about to drop down, but he manages to stay on his feet. " I see Miss Sakuma has herself a partner as well..."

Sinisquirrel (8:29:48 PM): She seems almost concerned as she looks down at Lily, and mutters to Alastor. "Be careful."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:31:46 PM): "Are you speaking to me or her?"

Sinisquirrel (8:33:16 PM): The Lady wears a look of contempt. "To you. After all, not all sources of Duel Energy are the same..." She strokes Lily's hair. "Ryuuji Akihara would say so, too."

Viewtiful Rekk (8:33:45 PM): Alastor merely grins. "Are you to say that there's some inherently dangerous quality of Miss Sakuma's Duel Energy?"

Sinisquirrel (8:34:34 PM): "... saa, ne..." Naturally, she chooses to fade out, back into the still body.

Viewtiful Rekk (8:35:45 PM): Alastor merely chuckles. "I suppose I should get these two secured and go find Mr. Honjou...."

Viewtiful Rekk (8:36:45 PM): A gust of wind shoots through the lab. "That won't be necessary." One second later, a fist is ramming into Alastor's jaw and sending him to the floor. Above him, stands Jin Honjou, a semi-enraged look on his face.

Viewtiful Rekk (8:37:00 PM): --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------