Viewtiful Rekk :----------
Viewtiful Rekk : Amado silently walked towards the exit of the Ra Arena... before shooting a glance back at Henry. ....We'll settle this eventually, Ra. And pushing the door open.
Sinisquirrel : Feeling the door open, a figure in black stepped back and, unsure of what to do, promptly ran for it.
Viewtiful Rekk : ... "What in the....?" Part of Amado breifly wondered who the heck that was...
Viewtiful Rekk : But the other part realized-- it didn't matter. "HEY YOU! COME BACK HERE!" He bellowed, pointing a finger at the fleeing person.
Myushu : Jenna snorted, hearing the yell of Amado. "Who the hell's he bossin' around now, that dumbarse," she muttered out, standing near Henry.
Sinisquirrel : !! ... ... Stopping, she turned around and sheepishly walked back. Which was a good thing anyway, since in her haste she'd forgotten her violin case... which still had her deck laying on top of it.
BreakneckChao : Henry walked along with Jenna out the opposite door, ecstatic from his recent victory. "So what'll it be, Jenna? Victory smoothie or victory..." Then Henry heard the scream, and ran back towards Amado.
Viewtiful Rekk : "Not stopping, eh? Then I'll just have to show you... AMADO'S ARMED MOTORCYCLE!" The Obelisk bellowed, and somehow pulled out a chrome motor scooter, before leaping on it.
Viewtiful Rekk : "Try to outrun me NOW!" Vroooooom.
Viewtiful Rekk : ... And then he shot right past her. "Huh? ... You're a tricky one! Try to dodge me THIS TIME!" He said, and wheeled around.
Sinisquirrel : "But... I'm coming ba--!! A-ahh!" She put her hands up, attempting to sheild herself from his 'attack.'
Myushu : Jenna followed after Henry, speeding up when she heard the motorcycle sounds. Seeing what was going on, Jenna yelled out. "What the hell are you doing?!" And she dashed infront of the stranger girl.
Viewtiful Rekk : ... And then the motor scooter crashed into a rock, flipped over, and landed right on Amado as he landed on his face.
Viewtiful Rekk : "... Ow."
Sinisquirrel : "..." Lily opened an eye, spying her savior. "... thank you..." Then, looking back a the fallen driver. "... what... was that?"
Polk Kitsune : Casey leaned back on a wall, watching the comotion. He winced, seeing the crash. "That stopped it..."
Myushu :Jenna blinked, staring at the fallen Amado. "... Eh?" she stared, then grinned, pointing a finger at him "HAHA! Dumbass!" she then looked back at the girl. "No prob!"
BreakneckChao : "Whoa... what's he doing now?!" Amado was speeding around the Ra dorm for no apparent reason. Then he saw her and heard Jenna's comment.
BreakneckChao : "Ditto. You're that teacher's daughter! I thought you didn't want to go here...."
Myushu : "You know her, Henry?" she looked over at her friend.
Sinisquirrel : "Aah, I'm..." Looking for an appropriate distraction, she walked over to the fallen blue boy.
Sinisquirrel (6:49:03 PM):"... are you all right?"
BreakneckChao (6:49:49 PM):"Try THE teacher's kid. Everybody around campus knows at least her name."
Viewtiful Rekk : In an instant, Amado was back up, hands on his hips, laughing triumphantly. "AHAHAH! It takes more than that to take down Amado Tsukayama!"
Polk Kitsune : Casey shook his head. "Some people are better left with brain damage..."
Myushu : "A teacher's kid, huh? Wow, that's gotta suc-- I mean, how cool, heheh!"
Sinisquirrel : "... wow..." Someone was impressed by the haphazard display, anyway.
Myushu : ... "Stop showing off, dumbass!" She glared at Amado.
Viewtiful Rekk (6:51:17 PM):"... Showing off?"
BreakneckChao (6:51:17 PM):Henry turned an eye to Amado, who had, oddly enough, been making a fool of himself. "Dude... You okay?"
Viewtiful Rekk (6:51:22 PM):"That's not showing off."
Viewtiful Rekk (6:51:33 PM):And he was on that damned scooter again. "THIS IS SHOWING OFF!"
Sinisquirrel (6:51:56 PM):I should have kept running...
Viewtiful Rekk (6:51:57 PM):And with that, he shot off again. this time driving... straight towards Casey.
Myushu (6:52:03 PM):"Oh, that's right. You're just being a dumbass-- what are you doing?!" Jenna gave a shout as he got on the scooter.
BreakneckChao (6:52:22 PM):"My gosh... with all this showing off, you'd think SOMEBODY had a crush, eh Jenna?" Henry chuckled.
Myushu (6:52:58 PM):Blink. "Huh?!" Jenna turned to Henry, blushing, and quite confused by his comment.
Viewtiful Rekk (6:52:59 PM):Fortunately for Henry, Amado was too busy driving like a madman to kill him.
Sinisquirrel (6:53:21 PM):... "Oh! The case!" With all this haphazard careening, Lily felt that it might be best to get her valuables to a safer place: namely, her arms.
Polk Kitsune (6:53:38 PM):Casey groaned, pulling off his yellow jacket and tossing it at Amado's face before jumping to the side.
Viewtiful Rekk (6:54:32 PM):"... Huh?" Amado said dimly before the jacket flew over his face. "... Oh crap." Was all he said, before his bike crashed into a wall.
BreakneckChao (6:54:40 PM):"Anyway, don't mind him. He's... um... something else. The name's Henry. Pleased to meet you!" Henry reached out a hand to shake Lily's as she reached for her case.
Polk Kitsune (6:55:22 PM):Casey smirked as he walked back to Amado, grabbing back his jacket. "And that's what you get for causing that much trouble..."
Sinisquirrel (6:55:28 PM):"Ah? O-okay..." Cards safely back in their hiding spot and case in hand, she hesitated before taking his hand. "I'm... Lily. Lily Sakuma."
Myushu (6:55:31 PM):Jenna looked back at the wall as Amado crashed. Grinning, she pointed again. "Dumbass!"
Polk Kitsune (6:56:28 PM):"Now if I had a knife on me..." He looked at the scooter a moment, pondering. "Well, maybe just disconecting the fuel pipe should do the trick."
BreakneckChao (6:56:32 PM):"Soooo... This may be a bit sudden, but... Why don't you go here? You're pop's a teacher, after all. you'd think he'd want you here..."
Viewtiful Rekk (6:56:44 PM):"NO."
Viewtiful Rekk (6:56:55 PM):"Do what you will to me, but stay away from my scooter!"
Sinisquirrel (6:57:23 PM):The black-clad girl winced at the other girl's harsh words. But, before she could inquire about anything... "Ahh, well... that's a long kind of story..."
Polk Kitsune (6:58:54 PM):Casey smirked. "I don't know... Your baby-bike could use a remodel."
Viewtiful Rekk (6:59:04 PM):"... Baby-bike."
Viewtiful Rekk (6:59:35 PM):In the next instant, Amado's duel disk was active, and about five Armed Dragons were surrounding Casey.
Polk Kitsune (7:00:02 PM):Casey gave a low whistle. "Touchyyyyy."
BreakneckChao (7:00:23 PM):Henry jumped at the sight of the Armed Dragons, and suddenly Barrel Dragon and Blowback Dragon were standing facing them.
Polk Kitsune (7:01:08 PM):Casey raised an eyebrow, slowly pulling out his own duel disk. "Though going after an unarmed duelist... Bad form..."
BreakneckChao (7:02:06 PM):"Both of you guys need to cool it. Amado, if you trash this dorm with that scooter, it's my head for dueling you here in the first place."
Myushu (7:02:24 PM):"I'm not sure if the jerk even cares.."
BreakneckChao (7:02:37 PM):"And whoever you are... um... no knives."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:02:57 PM):"Yeah, Drop-Out Girl hit the mark right there. I totally don't care."
Myushu (7:03:11 PM):"JERK! I'm not a damn drop-out!"
BreakneckChao (7:03:19 PM):"Then I'll just have to make you care!"
Myushu (7:03:27 PM):"Get the hell outta here! You lost, you suck, so scram!"
Polk Kitsune (7:03:38 PM):"Casey's the name. And with maniacs like him running around the place, I'm surprised they didn't issue us a taser."
BreakneckChao (7:03:53 PM):"Boys, what are you doing?! Dueling in the halls is strictly forbidden!"
Sinisquirrel (7:04:08 PM):Lily simply looked back and forth from person to person... such wild people.
BreakneckChao (7:04:19 PM):Henry gasped as a teacher strolled down the hall. Busted...
Viewtiful Rekk (7:04:54 PM):"I SUCK?"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:05:01 PM):"Who's the one who lost a PRACTICE duel?!"
BreakneckChao (7:05:04 PM):"UM... Uh... It's not what it looks like!"
Myushu (7:05:32 PM):"Shut up! Stupid jerk! I'm a beginner!"
Polk Kitsune (7:05:55 PM):Casey blinked, but quickly placed his duel disk on, pulling out a few cards before baby-rider could notice.
Sinisquirrel (7:06:18 PM):Lily blinked. A beginner? So only a little ahead of me... I didn't know those kinds of students existed.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:06:21 PM):Dr. Chronos suddenly shot a glare at Jenna, his eyes going over her red clothing as though it were a huge warning sign.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:06:36 PM):"An Osiris?! What in heaven's names is an OSIRIS doing in this dorm!?"
Myushu (7:06:49 PM):Jenna froze "Uh... uh..."
BreakneckChao (7:07:08 PM):"Uh... I was helping her learn the basics." Henry said shakily...
Polk Kitsune (7:07:12 PM):Casey blinked. "Damn..."
Myushu (7:07:18 PM):"Yeah! That's all!"
Sinisquirrel (7:08:05 PM):Lily scooted herself behind the one who called himself Henry. If it was bad for a girl in red to be in here, then she was surely worse off, as she wore no uniform at all.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:08:42 PM):The professor's eyes snapped over to Henry, and it looked as though he was about to say something to him... before his eyes went to the girl that was now behind him.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:09:11 PM):"And you! You're not even in uniform! That's a GRAVE violation of the rules, I'll have you know!"
Myushu (7:09:38 PM):Jenna sighed, mumbling under her breath. "These uniforms really suck..."
Sinisquirrel (7:09:51 PM):"I was just... here to run an errand for my father..." Which was true, although she'd dawdled to watch Henry and Amado's duel.
Polk Kitsune (7:10:01 PM):Casey facepalmed, muttering. "This is gonna turn so sour..."
BreakneckChao (7:10:30 PM):"Hey, you can't do anything to her because she doesn't go here."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:10:46 PM):So many disobedient students... so little time.
Sinisquirrel (7:10:51 PM):Lily's eyes widened. You shouldn't talk back to a teacher! She thought, panicked.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:11:36 PM):"I can do anything I wish, young man! I am a PROFESSOR here, and that gives me authority over all the minors in this school!"
Myushu (7:12:17 PM):"But she doesn't go to this school..."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:12:42 PM):"But she is IN this school, little Osiris, so that means she falls under my jurisdiction!"
BreakneckChao (7:12:48 PM):"Oh? Well I'm sure Sakuma-sensei would love to hear that you punished HIS DAUGHTER."
Myushu (7:13:05 PM):Little Osiris? Ugh. Was Jenna that small? "Hrmph..."
Sinisquirrel (7:13:09 PM):... "Please, really, you don't have to..."
Myushu (7:13:42 PM):"Don't worry, girly. Henry'll take care of all this." She looked back at Lily.
Sinisquirrel (7:13:42 PM):She was beginning to fidget now... she hated bringing up her father for anything, let alone as 'protection.'
Polk Kitsune (7:14:07 PM):Casey gave a low whistle. "Sakuma's daughter, huh?..."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:14:24 PM):Chronos seemed to be taken by surprise by that one just for a second, but he ragained his composure fast.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:14:50 PM):"Thretaning a professor? I don't think that's in your best interest, my yellow-jacketed friend!"
Myushu (7:15:47 PM):Yellow-jacketed friend? What the hell was up with this teacher? "Why're ya picking on us?" She pointed at the blue bastard." He's the one charging at people with his moter scooter..."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:17:09 PM):"Hrm? Charging at people with the damndable thing again, are we Amado?" Chronos asked, his gaze now centered on his own student.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:18:10 PM):"Uh....well, heheh, maybe. Y'know 'charging' is such a broad term... no. No. NO! Don't take it away, nooooo!" He said, as Chronos grabbed the scooter and began dragging it off.
Myushu (7:18:33 PM):Jenna snickered at Amado. Serves him right.
Sinisquirrel (7:18:35 PM):"... possessive..."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:18:42 PM):"I'm going to put THIS thing where it can't injure anybody else... I'll deal with the lot of you afterwards!" Chronos said, and then walked off, dragging the scooter after him.
Polk Kitsune (7:18:43 PM):Casey started to laugh. "OH, now THAT'S rich!"
Sinisquirrel (7:19:19 PM):Inward sigh. Disaster averted.
Myushu (7:19:19 PM):As the teacher went off, Jenna, yet again, pointed at Amado. "Hahaha! Jerk."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:19:31 PM):"Grr..." Amado mumbled once Chronos was gone, before spinning back over to Jenna. "You... STUPID DROP-OUT GIRL!" Pounce.
BreakneckChao (7:20:00 PM):"Get the heck off her, Amado!"
Myushu (7:20:18 PM):"Gack!" Pounced. What the hell? She fell over, taking Amado down with her... and punched at his head as she did. "GET THE FUCK OFF!"
Polk Kitsune (7:20:47 PM):Casey grabbed Amado by the collar and tried to pull him off. "Back off, Bozo."
Sinisquirrel (7:20:50 PM):Lily backed away. Insane... they're all insane... no wonder mother didn't want me here!
Viewtiful Rekk (7:21:37 PM):Amado swung frantically at Jenna as he was eventually pulled off. "C'mon! She deserves it! She got my bike taken away!"
BreakneckChao (7:22:26 PM):"Ugh... would everybody just calm down? We're gonna get in even MORE trouble."
Polk Kitsune (7:22:34 PM):"Your baby-bike? For what you did with it, it should be taken appart. You're lucky you haven't been thrown out, buster."
Myushu (7:22:35 PM):As Amado was pulled off, Jenna scooted up, almost slipping in her awfully big mary-janes. "Bitch! How dare you attack a girl!!" Up with her heavy heeled foot... right as Amado's crotch.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:23:15 PM):As the kick came... Amado's hand shot down to block it (although it probably made his hand sting like hell).
Viewtiful Rekk (7:23:31 PM):"You'll have to do better than that, DROP-OUT GIRL!" He bellowed, before going to bean her in the face with his duel disk.
Sinisquirrel (7:24:08 PM):Walking quickly over to Jenna, Lily pulled her back before the disk came into contact.
Myushu (7:24:23 PM):"H-hey!" She tried to pull her foot away, but let out a squeal as the duel disk was sent towards her face. Arms went up to block it-- but she was soon pulled away. "H-huh!"
BreakneckChao (7:24:55 PM):"You guys are freaking insane! Lay off of us! We're already gonna be in enough trouble as is!"
Myushu (7:25:20 PM):Jenna looked back at Lily. "Hey... Thanks, girly!" She then looked at Amado. "Back off, jerk, or I swear I'll kick your ass into the ground-- dirty fighter!"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:25:27 PM):"Grrr...."
Sinisquirrel (7:25:52 PM):"I'm sorry, but you should stop... it doesn't look good for... any of your classes." Particularly focused on Amado here.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:25:55 PM):"Fine then! I'll kick your ass the old fashioned way! With a DUEL!" Amado said, his duel disk activating.
Myushu (7:26:28 PM):"D...duel?" Jenna blinked. She couldnt go against a Obelisk...
Sinisquirrel (7:26:30 PM):... well, that went well. Smooth as butter, yes sir. If the butter were chock full of railroad spikes.
Polk Kitsune (7:26:32 PM):Casey facepalmed. "This just had to go this way..."
BreakneckChao (7:27:12 PM):"You guys are being total jerks... WHAT? DUEL JENNA?!"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:27:33 PM):"You've been wanting to shut me up since I showed up... well, here's your chance, Drop-Out Girl!"
BreakneckChao (7:27:37 PM):Henry did a double-take. There was no way she could win.
BreakneckChao (7:28:16 PM):"You're not dueling her alone... Let's have a tag duel! You two jerks versus us! Loser takes the fall!"
Myushu (7:28:34 PM):"Pfft. Y'know.. just by beating you with a deck of cards won't take the ugly off your face-- or keep that mouth shut." She was trying to act a little cocky-- she knew she couldnt win. But then Henry wanted to tag duel?
Sinisquirrel (7:28:42 PM):... Lily looked at the other boy, Casey. "Was he really that much of a jerk...?"
Myushu (7:28:58 PM):"Huh?! Henry! We... we don't have to waste our time-- besides, the other dude seemed okay! ...Right?"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:28:59 PM):Amado shot a glance over at Casey. "Who, this loser? No way."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:29:18 PM):And now... we get to see the awesomeness of Amado's logical thought process.
Polk Kitsune (7:29:29 PM):Casey snerked. "Me and baby-boy here? He'd probably slow me down..."
Myushu (7:29:43 PM):"Exactly! So that's an awful idea."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:29:57 PM):Hmm... everyone here but me sucks. But that girl in black... she's not even wearing a uniform. ... She must be in a secret BLACK dorm! Where only the greatest and best duelists are!
Viewtiful Rekk (7:30:19 PM):"Heheh...fine. A tag-duel it is. But for my partner...I choose HER!" Amado said, and dramatically pointed a finger at Lily.
Sinisquirrel (7:30:41 PM):"... what? B-but... I don't even know how!"
Myushu (7:30:55 PM):"... Her?" She looked at the shy girl. Wasn't she, like, not part of the school?
Viewtiful Rekk (7:31:12 PM):"Don't even know how...?" ...Of course. She's bluffing! "... Right. Well, I think we can handle it." He said, and winked at the girl.
Myushu (7:31:19 PM):"... Hey, I can go for that, I guess.. Still a waste of my time, though!"
BreakneckChao (7:31:25 PM):"Her?!" Henry didn't know what to say. Beating a teacher's daughter wouldn't look good on his record...
BreakneckChao (7:31:42 PM):"Oh well, I guess it's on then!"
Sinisquirrel (7:31:43 PM):"... but... I don't have one of those... disks either... and... uhm... no?" Huge sweatdrop.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:32:18 PM):"Aheheh... right. Welll maybe you can borrow--" Wink. "--one from someone." Wink.
BreakneckChao (7:32:52 PM):"Hey, just grab one of the spares. We keep a couple extra in the arenas for people who forget theirs."
Polk Kitsune (7:32:59 PM):Casey frowned. "If she doesn't have a disk, she doesn't have a deck... and I'm NOT letting anyone touch my cards."
Sinisquirrel (7:33:10 PM):... "Oh, but I have a deck--!" ... Oops. Shimata.
Myushu (7:33:20 PM):"Then you'll duel?"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:33:21 PM):HA! I was RIGHT!
BreakneckChao (7:33:38 PM):"You ready, Jenna?"
Sinisquirrel (7:33:38 PM):"But. I. Don't. Know. How. To." Emphasis on each word.
Myushu (7:34:09 PM):"I suppose so... Just... back me up-- a lot-- okay, Henry?!"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:34:12 PM):... Okay, this act is getting lame. "Well, it's pretty easy to learn, you know?"
BreakneckChao (7:34:32 PM):"You got it! We'll work as a team!"
Myushu (7:34:49 PM):"... I never tag dueled before, though."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:35:03 PM):"I DON'T THINK SO!"
BreakneckChao (7:35:06 PM):"It's not hard. You'll learn on the fly!"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:35:28 PM):Looks like someone is back from confiscating dangerous motor vehicles...
Sinisquirrel (7:35:28 PM):"Uhm..." It didn't seem like he'd let her out of this one. "Okay, if you-- ah?"
BreakneckChao (7:35:47 PM):"Ooooooh... Crap..."
Myushu (7:35:51 PM):"... Eww, it's that teacher.."
Polk Kitsune (7:36:03 PM):Casey blinked, and looked at Chronos. "And here comes our favorite teacher..."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:36:05 PM):"Interhouse dueling is COMPLETELY against the rules unless Duel Request forms are filled out in TRIPLICATE at least ONE WEEK in advance!"
Sinisquirrel (7:36:24 PM):Inward sigh. Disaster averted. Again. Hopefully.
Myushu (7:36:39 PM):"What kinda rule is that, sir?"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:36:49 PM):"It's an ACADEMY RULE, you Drop-Out Girl!"
Myushu (7:36:57 PM):"... Wha?"
Myushu (7:37:04 PM):"I'm not a drop-out!"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:37:21 PM):"That red clothing of yours says differently!"
Sinisquirrel (7:37:23 PM):"So, then that fight earlier..." Quick mouth close.
Myushu (7:37:40 PM):Jenna glared at the teacher. "But I thought this was for beginners!"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:37:55 PM):Luckily, Chronos was too much on a roll against this most recent infraction to stop to listen to her.
Polk Kitsune (7:37:57 PM):Casey facepalmed. "Someone's gona blow a fuse sooner or later."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:38:01 PM):"THis is all besides the point!"
Myushu(7:38:16 PM):"I don't even like your uniforms! Why's this place gotta be so strict? It's really unfair!" But it looked like she went unheard. She kept muttering on, though.
BreakneckChao (7:38:17 PM):"Dr. Chronos, I take full responsibility! This is my fault!"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:38:57 PM):"If you want to have this little 'Tag-Duel' of yours, then you must go fill out the necesarry Duel Request forms! In TRIPLICATE!"
Myushu (7:39:24 PM):"...and I really hate your shoes... so you better not say a thing about my mary-janes or... FINE! We'll fill out the darn forms!"
Sinisquirrel (7:39:56 PM):"Oh, but we don't have to..." Why were these people so intent on fighting? Whyyyy?
BreakneckChao (7:39:57 PM):Henry was now whispering to Jenna. "No prob. We'll fill them out once and copy them twice!"
Myushu (7:40:32 PM):Jenna calmed down hearing Henry, nodding her head. "Okay."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:41:24 PM):"GOOD. Now then. I'm off to have a manicure. Ta." And with that, Chronos exited once more.
Sinisquirrel (7:41:34 PM):"... manicure...?"
Myushu (7:41:40 PM):"... I hate this school so much."
Polk Kitsune (7:41:54 PM):Casey sighed. "And I thought baby-boy here was weird..."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:42:40 PM):"... Wait a sec."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:42:46 PM):"HOLY CRAP! I HAVE CLASSES!"
Myushu (7:43:02 PM):"Again?"
Sinisquirrel (7:43:04 PM):There was a heavenly glow around Lily as the tag duel seemed to be averted once more. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Viewtiful Rekk (7:43:06 PM):And the classes that Amado had ignored during his duel with Henry now came roaring back to his mind.
Myushu (7:43:13 PM):"Pfft, excuses!"
Myushu (7:43:24 PM):"Just forfiet and be off, then, blue-bum."
Sinisquirrel (7:43:27 PM):"... it IS a school..." she helpfully reminded the boisterous girl.
Polk Kitsune (7:43:45 PM):Casey groaned and shook his head. "How he got to Obelisk is a mystery..."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:43:59 PM):"AAAAAAAAH! DON'T MARK ME LATE, DAITOKUJI-SENSEI!" He shouted, running off in a frenzy.
Myushu (7:44:20 PM):"... Gosh, he's such a dumbarse."
BreakneckChao (7:44:24 PM):"Bet he wishes he had that scooter right about now..."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:44:39 PM):Damn, I wish I had my scooter right about now!
Sinisquirrel (7:44:41 PM):"... thank god... got out of that one..." Lily muttered lowly.
Myushu (7:44:44 PM):Jenna paused, looking at Henry. "Hey... do I have any classes today?"
Polk Kitsune (7:44:46 PM):"Like that baby-bike could help..."
BreakneckChao (7:45:55 PM):Henry stared blankly at Jenna. "I dunno. Check the schedule on your PDA."
Sinisquirrel (7:46:40 PM):And now, time for a masterful escape! (Though it's doubtful they'll let her.) "Well, I guess I'll be going back home... uhm... 'nice' meeting you all..." Slowly now, easy does it...
Polk Kitsune (7:46:41 PM):"We probably all have... But then again, who cares?"
Myushu (7:47:21 PM):"They put your schedule on these things?" The girl took out her PDA-- she never really had one before. "Huh.. Oh well. No one will miss me anyway. I hate that Osiris Red crap."
BreakneckChao (7:47:33 PM):"Hey, don't leave yet! When he gets back, we'll have that duel." Henry grinned and stood in front of Lily.
Sinisquirrel (7:47:57 PM):"B-but... like I said... I don't know how..." Do these people not speak English?
Myushu (7:48:14 PM):"When he gets back? Ya mean we gotta WAIT here for him?"
Polk Kitsune (7:48:19 PM):"Oh, we can teach you. It's not THAT hard."
BreakneckChao (7:48:29 PM):"Wait... are you serious? You're dad's a teacher, and you can't duel?"
Sinisquirrel (7:48:57 PM):"It's... my mother... she doesn't allow me to..." And that was pretty much it.
Myushu (7:49:03 PM):"Then we're in the same boat, girly. Kinda. I think. I can sorta duel, but heh, I'm not too good..."
BreakneckChao (7:49:31 PM):"Well, one of us could duel you to help you learn... or two of us could duel and you could watch... or..."
Sinisquirrel (7:49:55 PM):... It didn't seem like she'd get out of this. Her mother would kill her if she knew, but then again... she'd wanted to try it once, right?
Sinisquirrel (7:50:13 PM):"Uhm, well... if she's pretty new, she could use practice, right? So how about that? With... you coaching?"
BreakneckChao (7:50:47 PM):"You got it, Lily! That okay with you, Jenna?"
Myushu (7:51:01 PM):"Huh? Me dueling with.. her?" She looked at Lily. A duel she could win! "Well.. yeah!"
Sinisquirrel (7:51:23 PM):... My, she was eager... perhaps this was a mistake...
BreakneckChao (7:51:27 PM):"Then it's settled! Everbody into the arena!"
Polk Kitsune (7:51:45 PM):Casey eyed them with a bit of interest. "This could be... entertaining..."
Myushu (7:52:40 PM):"Wow! Two duels in one day!" One loss... one win. She was so going to win! Finally, Jenna felt truely confident at the game.
Sinisquirrel (7:53:14 PM):My first duel... I only hope it doesn't go... too badly.
BreakneckChao (7:54:07 PM):"Time to decide who's first! Heads for Jenna, tails for Lily!"
Myushu (7:54:25 PM):"Okay! Flip the coin, Henry!"
Sinisquirrel (7:54:35 PM):Henry flipped it, and it came up... tails. Joy.
BreakneckChao (7:54:36 PM):"Lily goes first!
Myushu (7:54:48 PM):"All right, Lily. You get to draw six cards."
Sinisquirrel (7:55:08 PM):"Oh, all right..." Making sure to give the deck a good shuffle, Lily draws her cards. "Then what?"
BreakneckChao (7:55:56 PM):"You can play monsters or magic/trap cards now."
Sinisquirrel (7:56:15 PM):"Uhm, all right..." Selecting cards...
BreakneckChao (7:56:16 PM):(not going into great detail because I already discussed this with Jean)
Sinisquirrel (7:57:58 PM):Oh, this looks like a good combination...
Myushu (7:59:18 PM):"G'luck, girly!" Jenna grinned at Lily before giving her kitty plush a smooch, wishing herself luck too. She had already drew her five cards... she just had to wait on Lily
Sinisquirrel (7:59:40 PM):"I guess... I'll summon Prickle Fairy in defense mode." (300/2000) "And... I'll put down... two magic/trap cards, face-down?"
BreakneckChao (8:00:28 PM):"... Whoa... That's one heck of a first move for a girl that's never played before... Must be in the genes"
Myushu (8:00:49 PM):"Huh..."
Sinisquirrel (8:01:26 PM):"And thank you..." Remembering her manners. "And... I think I'm done."
BreakneckChao (8:02:11 PM):"You're up Jenna!"
Myushu (8:02:17 PM):"Right!"
Myushu (8:02:23 PM):"To start off..."
Myushu (8:03:59 PM):"First, I'll summon Mystical Elf (800/2000) in attack mode! And then I'll put down... one spell card and one monster card, face down! End turn."
Sinisquirrel (8:05:25 PM):"Okay..." Feeling nervous, Lily draws the next card to start her turn.
Sinisquirrel (8:07:18 PM):"Uhm, I'll put in Archfiend of Gilfer, in attack mode... (2200/2500) and... I forget, is this where I can attack?"
Myushu (8:08:14 PM):"Gack... yes..."
BreakneckChao (8:08:42 PM):"Hold up!"
Sinisquirrel (8:08:50 PM):"But... I finish drawing first before that... right?" Sweatdrop. She'd seen fights before, but never quite gotten this part down.
Sinisquirrel (8:09:03 PM):"Oh, I'm sorry! I can't do that, can I!"
BreakneckChao (8:09:15 PM):"Lily, you can't play a 6 star monster without first sacrificing a monster."
Sinisquirrel (8:09:19 PM):She noticed the level of the card... a simple rule she'd already forgotten.
Myushu (8:09:37 PM):... Phew.
Sinisquirrel (8:10:02 PM):"Sorry, sorry..." She quickly put the card back in her hand, turning red.
Myushu (8:10:17 PM):"It's okai! I almost did that too, once!"
Sinisquirrel (8:10:45 PM):"In that case I'll put down one magic or trap card and... end my turn..."
Myushu (8:11:04 PM):"Okay!" Jenna drew another card.
Myushu (8:12:18 PM):Damn... her monster's in defense mode...
Sinisquirrel (8:12:34 PM):She sighed, grateful that the girl understood. If it had been THAT guy... she shuddered to think.
Myushu (8:14:49 PM):"I summon Amazoness Chain master, in defense mode! (1500/1300) Annnd..."
Myushu (8:15:46 PM):"I end my turn."
Sinisquirrel (8:16:42 PM):"Mm..." Lily drew her next card, thinking it was time...
Sinisquirrel (8:18:02 PM):"First I'll put out Cliff the Trap Remover (1200/1000)... and then I'll activate this trap card, DNA Surgery."
Myushu (8:18:45 PM):"A trap card...?"
Sinisquirrel (8:18:48 PM):"It allows me to change all of the monsters in play to one type, and since Prickle Fairy is out, uhm... I'll declare insect." She felt a little guilty about doing this...
BreakneckChao (8:19:14 PM):All face-up monsters become insects.
Myushu (8:19:18 PM):"... Okay!" she wasnt sure how this would affect her.
Sinisquirrel (8:19:27 PM):"Oh, and uhm..."
BreakneckChao (8:19:28 PM):"You gotta be kidding me!
BreakneckChao (8:19:45 PM):"How did you pull that off?!"
Sinisquirrel (8:19:49 PM):"Prickle Fairy says that... my opponent can't attack insect-type monsters..."
Myushu (8:20:06 PM):"... Wuh?!"
BreakneckChao (8:20:14 PM):"She's made herself invunerable to regular attacks!"
Sinisquirrel (8:20:17 PM):She looked down, turning red again. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to..."
Myushu (8:20:30 PM):"What... gah... erm..."
BreakneckChao (8:20:34 PM):"No need to be sorry, that was amazing!"
Myushu (8:20:38 PM):"Fine! Fine! Go on!"
Sinisquirrel (8:23:11 PM):"And... I'm afraid I'll send Cliff after your elf..." she squeaked out.
Sinisquirrel (8:23:42 PM):"How does that work again? The calculations?"
Myushu (8:24:08 PM):"Mn... Subject your attack from mine..." (7600)
Sinisquirrel (8:24:44 PM):"Ohh, so it's attack to attack..."
Myushu (8:25:09 PM):"Yup. Done?"
Sinisquirrel (8:25:18 PM):"Yes... I think that's all."
Sinisquirrel (8:25:58 PM):I think I'm actually getting it... She thought, but not with an overwhelming amount of confidence. She felt that it was all luck so far... and that it probably wouldn't last.
Myushu (8:26:08 PM):"Good!" she drew her card and grinned.
Myushu (8:27:26 PM):"Now... What I'm gonna do is use one of my spell cards!" She unflipped a card. "Hammer Shot, girly. I can destory one face-up ATTACK position monster with the highest ATK on field!"
Sinisquirrel (8:27:45 PM):"Oh dear..." There went Cliff.
Myushu (8:28:05 PM):"And guess what? My Amazoness is in defense! So... yeah, bye Cliffie!"
BreakneckChao (8:28:07 PM):A giant hammer smashes Cliff.
Myushu (8:28:20 PM):"And since this was done by a spell card..."
Sinisquirrel (8:28:28 PM):She sighed as the young Trap Remover was sent to the graveyard.
Myushu (8:30:03 PM):"... Your insect stuff doesnt apply, bug-girly. Hehe!"
Sinisquirrel (8:30:17 PM):"Eheheh..." Well, she was glad the girl was happy, anyway...
BreakneckChao (8:30:47 PM):"Nice move, Jenna! You found a way around her combo!"
Myushu (8:32:59 PM):"Nooow... you may have destroyed my Elfie but, I got ya! I'm gonna flip over Invader of the thrnone! (1350/1700)"
Myushu (8:34:06 PM):"And there's an effect with her, too. See, I can switch this baby with one of your monsters!"
Myushu (8:34:36 PM):"And I chose your little Prickle Fairy! So she's mine, and you have that!"
BreakneckChao (8:34:44 PM):Invader and Prickle Fairy switch places.
BreakneckChao (8:35:19 PM):"Nice one! Now her effect is working for you!"
Myushu (8:35:55 PM):"And since I have Prickle Fairy.. and because of her effects... she's working for me now! And thanks to your DNA Surgery... My cuties are protected!"
BreakneckChao (8:36:48 PM):"Wow, this is turning out to be an exiting duel! Go at it, you guys!"
Myushu (8:36:49 PM):"I end my turn."
Sinisquirrel (8:37:14 PM):... she really didn't want to "go at it," but she had to continue at any rate...
Sinisquirrel (8:38:12 PM):Drawing a card from her deck, she looked at what she had down, trying to decide what to do.
Sinisquirrel (8:40:47 PM):"Since the Invader is mine now, I'll sacrifice it and summon Archfiend of Gilfer (2200/2500)... the right way this time..." The fiend appeared on the field, taking place of the young throne snatcher.
BreakneckChao (8:41:34 PM):"Now you have it out legally!"
Myushu (8:44:18 PM):"Okaaay~"
Sinisquirrel (8:47:04 PM):"And I guess that's it..." She's no big strategist, so what's in her hand doesn't look all that promising ATM.
Myushu (8:47:28 PM):"Okay!" she drew a card
Myushu (8:47:42 PM):Grin! "Noooow, lesse..."
Myushu (8:48:40 PM):"I'm going to summon Gemini Elf, in defense mode (1900/900). Not that you can attack me, anyway, hehe!"
Myushu (8:49:12 PM):"Annnd.. That's it for now!"
Sinisquirrel (8:49:29 PM):She sighed, feeling that she'd gotten off rather easily with that one.
Sinisquirrel (8:52:53 PM):Drawing her next card, Lily bit her lip. This deck seemed to have so much going for it at first...
Sinisquirrel (8:53:29 PM):"I'll put a monster card in, face down..."
Myushu (8:53:50 PM):"Okaaay~"
Sinisquirrel (8:54:09 PM):"And that's all."
Myushu (8:54:36 PM):"Okay, girly!" she drew a card. "Hehe, now this turn I'm gonnaaa.."
Myushu (8:55:26 PM):"Sacrifice Amazoness and Gemini Elf to summon Guardian Angel Joan! (2800/2000)."
BreakneckChao (8:57:06 PM):"Whoa... Guardian Angel Joan!"
Myushu (8:57:17 PM):"Annnnd... I also gonna play a spell card!"
Myushu (8:58:19 PM):"Malevolent Nuzzler... and use it on Joan! Bringing her attack up to... 3500. Sorry, girly, but! Gotta do it."
Myushu (9:02:31 PM):"And.. With Joan I'm gonna attack your Gilfer!"
BreakneckChao (9:03:07 PM):Gilfer is destroyed, and it's special ability activates.
Myushu (9:04:37 PM):(Jenna: 7600 | Lily: 7400)
Sinisquirrel (9:08:18 PM):--------------------