Rakath Chaos (8:08:59 PM):--------------------------------------
Viewtiful Rekk (8:09:19 PM):(MENTOK HAS NO POWER HERE.)
Rakath Chaos (8:09:39 PM):(Mentok, THE MIND TAKER, has power everywhere!)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:09:44 PM):(>_>)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:09:48 PM):(I like being official)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:09:56 PM):(l00k for Sammi. Everyone cool with that? <_<)
BreakneckChao (8:10:05 PM):(Amado still needs to fill el Henrito in on what went down with Jenna)
Rakath Chaos (8:10:23 PM):(Henry has a bloody recording of what happened)
BreakneckChao (8:10:44 PM):(XD. Jeff said Amado was going to do it.)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:10:50 PM):(Yeah, who's gonna deliver it to him? >>)
Rakath Chaos (8:11:03 PM):(Finklestein should.)
kwikkidus (8:11:10 PM):(DAMNIT! Why me? ;_;)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:11:13 PM):(Fine. How's this?)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:11:20 PM):(We tell Henry, then go look for Sammi.)
Sinisquirrel (8:11:35 PM):(Sounds capital?)
Rakath Chaos (8:11:49 PM):To offset the ammount of OOC talk, Dawn hops off of Amado's head, wherever he is.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:12:48 PM):Amado is standing outside Henry's room (presumabely with Finklestein and Lily there?)
Sinisquirrel (8:12:58 PM):(Presumed right.)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:13:06 PM):"SIDFHSJGD DAMMIT SPELLMAN, KNOCK IT OFF!" He shouts after her as she probably dissapears.
Sinisquirrel (8:13:09 PM):(On Li's part anyway.)
kwikkidus (8:13:09 PM):Ed is outside Henry's room, indeed. (When is this, in relation to the duel? Next day or something?)
Sinisquirrel (8:13:18 PM):(Same day I think.)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:13:42 PM):(Sure, why not? >_>)
kwikkidus (8:14:04 PM):(To which one?)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:14:20 PM):(Same day.)
Sinisquirrel (8:14:30 PM):"So, who gets to be the bearer of bad news?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:14:51 PM):"I do."
kwikkidus (8:15:07 PM):"You think you can dodge the shoe best?
Viewtiful Rekk (8:15:23 PM):"...He won't throw a shoe at me."
kwikkidus (8:15:34 PM):"You hope."
(8:15:50 PM) Rakath Chaos has left the room.
Sinisquirrel (8:16:02 PM):"Nn, this is Henry we're talking about. A game controller, maybe... a shoe, no."
(8:16:28 PM) Rakath Chaos has entered the room.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:16:56 PM):"...Screw this."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:17:00 PM):He kicks the door down.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:17:03 PM):"KAITO, RISE AND SHINE!"
Rakath Chaos (8:17:27 PM):(Internet asploded)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:17:39 PM):Sinisquirrel (11:15:01 PM):"Nn, this is Henry we're talking about. A game controller, maybe... a shoe, no."
BreakneckChao (8:17:44 PM):"Wha? Amado, what'd you do to my door? This is like, what, the third time it's been knocked down?"
BreakneckChao (8:17:59 PM):"Oh well..."
Sinisquirrel (8:18:31 PM):"Sigh. Pardon us..." she mutters, stepping inside after Amado.
BreakneckChao (8:18:53 PM):"Oh, no problem. Always glad to have company!"
kwikkidus (8:18:55 PM):"We have some moderately horrible news."
Sinisquirrel (8:18:57 PM):(It's so hard to translate what I wanted to say... which is more like "we're intruding now.")
BreakneckChao (8:19:20 PM):"...Moderately horrible?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:19:45 PM):"..."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:19:59 PM):"Ed. Remember how I used the Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki on you?"
kwikkidus (8:20:15 PM):"Yes. Wasn't it for me punching you in the face?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:20:28 PM):"Yes. I'm about to do it again."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:20:31 PM):"Shut up, kay?"
BreakneckChao (8:20:47 PM):"...What's going on, you guys?"
Sinisquirrel (8:21:25 PM):(brb)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:21:34 PM):"..Uh..." He coughs.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:21:41 PM):How to go about this delicately....
Viewtiful Rekk (8:21:45 PM):Oh.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:21:46 PM):Wait.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:21:48 PM):I'm Amado.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:22:18 PM):"Napoleon and Takumi-Sensei owned Ed and Jenna in a duel. When it was over, Napoleon kidnapped Jenna."
BreakneckChao (8:22:32 PM):".."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:22:39 PM):"..."
BreakneckChao (8:22:46 PM):"...You gotta be kidding me."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:22:50 PM):"Just know, I'm ready to hold you down if you're gonna do anything stupid."
Rakath Chaos (8:22:53 PM):(Just show him the recording.)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:23:04 PM):"No I'm not." He takes the recording and inserts it into his Duel Disk.
BreakneckChao (8:23:16 PM):"We just got everybody back! Gosh, what is wrong with these creeps?!"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:23:25 PM):There's a few shots of Elf Swordsman and Gaia of the Gale stabbing Enishi from different angles.
kwikkidus (8:23:46 PM):"That's the wrong duel, Amado."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:24:45 PM):After the shots end, Amado fast forwards...up 'til the point where F.G.D. attacks Ed and Psychoshocker grabs Jenna before fleeing.
Rakath Chaos (8:24:56 PM):(Elsewhere: Enishi> Okay, why does that recording start with me getting owned? Takumi> "I thought it was funny.")
BreakneckChao (8:25:33 PM):"Grrrr... That little punk.... Do you know where they took her?"
kwikkidus (8:25:52 PM):"I would guess to their base? Maybe?"
Sinisquirrel (8:25:57 PM):"Why, so you can go rushing off after her when you don't need to?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:26:08 PM):"Probably to their base."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:26:29 PM):"Like I said, if you're gonna do anything stupid, I'm holding you down."
BreakneckChao (8:26:50 PM):"Bingo. Thanks Amado." Henry lifts himself out of bed. "But I'm fine, seriously."
BreakneckChao (8:27:09 PM):Henry pulls on his shoes.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:27:15 PM):"...."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:27:17 PM):He sighs.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:27:32 PM):"Kaito, don't make me do something I'm gonna regret..."
Sinisquirrel (8:27:33 PM):"That and the phrase "Watch this!" are the two that usually precede death."
BreakneckChao (8:28:25 PM):Henry flashes back to a skateboarding mishap... * "Hey Jenna, watch this!" *Mega Crash**
BreakneckChao (8:28:39 PM):"Interesting..."
BreakneckChao (8:29:13 PM):"Oh well, what's life without the risks, eh?
BreakneckChao (8:29:25 PM):Henry begins to walk out the door.
kwikkidus (8:29:56 PM):"If you go right now, they will crush you, and laugh as they throw you into their fire." Ed mutters. "We need a plan."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:30:08 PM):Amado sighs.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:30:16 PM):He grabs Kaito. "Kaito. Listen."
BreakneckChao (8:30:32 PM):"And what if they toss Jenna in? What do we do then, ed?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:30:34 PM):"If you go after them in your conditio, you will die. This is exactly what they want."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:30:54 PM):"If Masami gets tossed in, it's her own stupid fault for getting kidnapped."
Rakath Chaos (8:31:08 PM):(Amado> "They probably threw her in, let that fill your mind, turn to the dark side.")
Myushu (8:31:16 PM):(Jenna: BITCH. If I were there, I'd STRANGLE you.)
BreakneckChao (8:31:19 PM):"No, I won't accept that."
Sinisquirrel (8:31:27 PM):"I also highly doubt, given the way that they're obviously baiting us, that they're not going to do a thing to her."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:31:30 PM):"Then you're a dumbass."
Rakath Chaos (8:31:34 PM):(Amado> Blame Ed then, his fault.)
BreakneckChao (8:31:39 PM):"Maybe so..."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:31:40 PM):(>__>)
BreakneckChao (8:31:55 PM):Henry walks out the room's door.
Myushu (8:32:09 PM):(Jenna: ;_; It's no one's fault I'm kidnapped. This is all just a stupid plot twist!)
Rakath Chaos (8:32:19 PM):Somewhere, out there, Sammi is watching a sunset, or some other natural beauty thing.
BreakneckChao (8:32:36 PM):(I just had an idea!)
kwikkidus (8:32:40 PM):Ed just stays silent, and looks at the floor.
BreakneckChao (8:32:52 PM):(How's this sound, guys?)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:32:54 PM):"Kaito."
Rakath Chaos (8:32:56 PM):(Jenna: I blame the writers! WE WANNA SPEAK TO MEL BROOKS!)
BreakneckChao (8:33:02 PM):(Henry gets away)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:33:02 PM):"Get back in here before I beat you down and drag you back."
Sinisquirrel (8:33:05 PM):Lily sighs. Then, addressing Ed. "Well. Do you want to stay for the fight, or come with me to try to find Sammi again?"
BreakneckChao (8:33:11 PM):(Henry finds Sammi)
BreakneckChao (8:33:21 PM):(They talk it out)
BreakneckChao (8:33:32 PM):(they both come back of their own free will)
Sinisquirrel (8:33:40 PM):(Then you'd, uh, better convince us that he's only going to go get Sammi?)
Rakath Chaos (8:33:49 PM):( Sammi can't. )
BreakneckChao (8:33:57 PM):(I figured he'd just stumble on her. >_<)
Rakath Chaos (8:34:00 PM):( Sammi can't be in the school with you guys. )
Viewtiful Rekk (8:34:13 PM):(Can't or won't? >>)
BreakneckChao (8:34:14 PM):(Okay, nix that then)
Rakath Chaos (8:34:29 PM):( Well, she's under the impression Takumi WON'T kill you if she stays out of the fight. )
kwikkidus (8:34:33 PM):"...I guess we may as well just go and find her. At least she still MIGHT be able to go some good."
Sinisquirrel (8:35:12 PM):"Funny, and here I was hoping we'd do some good for her."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:35:23 PM):"Kaito."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:35:27 PM):"I said get back here."
Rakath Chaos (8:35:32 PM):( We all know that Takumi is, a liar, and plans to kill all of you. But she's far too trusting. )
BreakneckChao (8:35:42 PM):"Amado..."
BreakneckChao (8:35:56 PM):"We can't just leave her..."
BreakneckChao (8:36:01 PM):"We can't..."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:36:09 PM):"We can, and we will."
BreakneckChao (8:36:54 PM):"Why? Why should we just leave her there?"
kwikkidus (8:36:56 PM):"You're right. We should find her."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:37:22 PM):"Because they want us to go in there charging for her."
Sinisquirrel (8:37:26 PM):"Excuse us, gentlemen..." And I use the term loosely. And, given nothing should stop her, she would slip past the two arguing close by the door.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:37:38 PM):"....?"
BreakneckChao (8:37:45 PM):"wuh?"
Sinisquirrel (8:37:57 PM):"We're going to go find Sammi. See if she's okay."
Sinisquirrel (8:38:08 PM):"I trust you have things on this end."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:38:30 PM):He sighs.
BreakneckChao (8:38:39 PM):"Wah? Sammi's missing too?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:38:43 PM):"I wanted to go look for her, not keep this idiot from killing himself..."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:38:49 PM):"Bah. Fine. Good luck."
Sinisquirrel (8:39:02 PM):"Right." Exit, stage left.
BreakneckChao (8:39:06 PM):"Go look for her. I'll be fine."
Rakath Chaos (8:39:09 PM):Sammi is on the roof of the Obilisk Blue main building.
kwikkidus (8:39:14 PM):Ed follows after Lily,quietly. "By the way... if the duel discs project holograms, why isHenry so beaten up? Something to think about."
BreakneckChao (8:39:31 PM):"I'm fine, dangit!"
Sinisquirrel (8:39:48 PM):"Two different applications. The disks aren't powerful enough, but the arenas are."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:39:50 PM):(IT'S THE YAMI NO GAME :O)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:39:53 PM):"You're NOT fine!"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:40:10 PM):"You're not fine mentally or physically!"
Sinisquirrel (8:40:19 PM):"Besides, you know more about these spirits than I do... you tell me."
Rakath Chaos (8:40:25 PM):(Amado> SEE! *pokes in ribs with sword* Henry> You bastard, you stabbed me! )
Viewtiful Rekk (8:40:47 PM):"Physically, you should be in bed. Mentally, you'red ready to go charging into an obvious trap like the dumbass you are!"
kwikkidus (8:41:06 PM):"There's no logicalreason for it, unless the Armed Dragon wanted revenge on Henry for somereason." Ed mutters, before shaking his head. "Oh, why do I care? It'snot like my studies matter anymore."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:41:09 PM):"You're a strong duelist, but that's why Terra Firma's always going to beta you Kaito! You're too damn soft to think with your head instead of your heart!"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:41:27 PM):(Armed LV10> Revenge? Why noooooo.... >_>)
Sinisquirrel (8:41:59 PM):Lily sighs. "Give it a week, Ed. You'll feel differently. Now, since we already searched the inside... let's try outside."
BreakneckChao (8:42:05 PM):"Grrrrr...." Henry's fists clench, then loosen. "Fine, what do you suppose we do, Amado?"
NaturalIyCynical (8:42:19 PM):(Bah. I have to go for a bit. Be back in 5.)
(8:42:24 PM) NaturalIyCynical has left the room.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:42:25 PM):"We wait."
BreakneckChao (8:42:39 PM):"Wait... for what?"
Rakath Chaos (8:42:41 PM):( Amado> "Or! We find Sammi!" )
Viewtiful Rekk (8:42:48 PM):"Wait until you get better."
kwikkidus (8:42:53 PM):Ed sighs. "If you say so. Now, where would we expect she would be hiding?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:42:55 PM):"Wait until they make a move first."
Rakath Chaos (8:43:27 PM):Everyone can see a centaur on the roof of the Obilisk main building.
Sinisquirrel (8:43:37 PM):Opening a pair of double doors to the outside, the girl shrugs. "I don't know her well enough to even guess... I'm just going to look until I see... ... something."
kwikkidus (8:43:45 PM):"Like that centaur?"
Sinisquirrel (8:44:00 PM):"... Yeah. Like that."
BreakneckChao (8:44:10 PM):"I... I may not be in perfect health, but I am feeling much better..."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:44:32 PM):"...." Amado sighs.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:44:39 PM):"Fine. Here's the facts, Kaito."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:44:45 PM):"Ever hear a monster called F.G.D.?"
kwikkidus (8:44:45 PM):"Let's head there, then..." He starts walking towards the centaur.
BreakneckChao (8:45:05 PM):"No.... What is it?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:45:13 PM):(Lily: *leaps on Ed's shoulder* Further to the left!)
Myushu (8:45:22 PM):Somewhere in Terra Firma base... "Stupid bastards! ...Think they'd at least give a girl a bottle of water.."Ano.. ._. That's not important right now..." "...hai. Just had to get napped.. I hope Henry's not doing somethin' stupid.."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:45:24 PM):"It's a fusion of five dragon monster's."
Sinisquirrel (8:45:32 PM):"Riight..." Then, assuming they get to the base of the building where the sight can be seen. "So, feel like climbing?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:45:45 PM):"Any five dragon monster's. Any at all."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:46:03 PM):"It has 5,000 attack points, and can't be attacked by anything except Light-Attribute monsters."
Sinisquirrel (8:46:05 PM):(Aww, Jenna moment. <3)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:46:11 PM):"Now. Ever hear of a card called Dragon's Mirror?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:46:22 PM):(Arr, I'll do something for Enishi in a sec. >>)
BreakneckChao (8:46:28 PM):"Yeah, I know that one."
kwikkidus (8:46:28 PM):"Right now I feel likecurling up in a bed and crying. So... no, I can't say I do. But I willanyways." Ed replies, before starting to CLIMB!
Myushu (8:46:41 PM):(Take your time. o.o)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:46:44 PM):"Then you know what it means."
Rakath Chaos (8:46:51 PM):(I'm waiting for them to get to the roof and find a stair enterance.
Sinisquirrel (8:47:15 PM):"... ... I was kidding..." she says, pointing to the series of fire escape ladders.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:47:25 PM):"After five dragons are in the graveyard or on his field, he can summon a nearly invulernable monster."
Rakath Chaos (8:47:43 PM):(WHICH DIED BEFORE ATTACKING!)
Rakath Chaos (8:47:52 PM):(( >.> <.< ))
Viewtiful Rekk (8:48:03 PM):((God, shut up. >_>)
Myushu (8:48:10 PM):(brb)
(8:48:19 PM) Myushu has left the room.
kwikkidus (8:48:26 PM):Ed falls off the building, and slowly walks to the ladders, before climbing them this time. "Whatever."
BreakneckChao (8:48:28 PM):"But... My whole deck is pretty much light. I'm sure we could figure something out..."
(8:48:34 PM) Myushu has entered the room.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:48:50 PM):"Do you have any light monsters with over 5000 attack points?"
Sinisquirrel (8:49:11 PM):"Heheh." Allowing Ed to go first, Lily climbs up after him. "If you see her, try not to surprise her if you can."
Rakath Chaos (8:49:15 PM):(I have a D.D. Warrior Lady, that count?)
BreakneckChao (8:49:28 PM):"No... but I can make one. United We Stand, remember?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:49:36 PM):Enishi stands on the outside of Jenna's cell. "Why, something stupid is probably exactly what Kaito is doing."
Sinisquirrel (8:49:59 PM):(Hefner robe! Hefner robe!)
Sinisquirrel (8:50:05 PM):( :bricked: )
Viewtiful Rekk (8:50:15 PM):He throws a glance at her. "Once he knows I have you, he'll probably rush down here, only thinking to rescue you."
kwikkidus (8:50:16 PM):"I'll be as quiet as a mouse..." Ed mutters, continuing the climb up to the top.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:50:38 PM):"He will be in such a rage.....it will be all the more perfect when I cast him into the flames."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:50:56 PM):Amado sighs. "Remember Armed Dragon? Remember Stamping Crush?"
Rakath Chaos (8:51:04 PM):Sammi is sitting on the roof, back to the fire escape. Looking out onto the horizon, thinking about what she will do now.
BreakneckChao (8:51:12 PM):"Okay, okay... I get it."
Myushu (8:51:39 PM):Jenna glares at Enishi, "you shut up, sick bastard! You're not tossing anyone into those damn flames! Henry-kun's not stupid!"
Myushu (8:51:55 PM):"No one's gonna come.. They're not gonna fall for your trap!"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:52:20 PM):"Oh, I disagree. He's very stupid."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:52:34 PM):"He fell for my first trap. I see no reason why he won't fall in this one."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:53:03 PM):"Don't worry though. Beyond being bait for him, I have no use for you. When he goes down, you'll be quick to follow."
kwikkidus (8:53:27 PM):"Sammi, wasn't it?" Ed comments casually, sitting down nearby. "Hello."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:53:45 PM):"Good."
Rakath Chaos (8:53:53 PM):Sammi, startled, hell everything startles her, "W-why are you here!?"
kwikkidus (8:54:10 PM):"Honestly? I'm not entirely sure."
Myushu (8:54:20 PM):Another glare. How Jenna wouldn't mind taking that attitude of Enishi and shoving it where the sun doesn't shine. She shivvered a bit at hearing his last sentence. "Hmph! He learns from mistakes.. they wouldn't let him come..."
Sinisquirrel (8:54:23 PM):Right. Anything scares her. "To see you, of course." Lily waves. "Hi again."
Rakath Chaos (8:55:15 PM):"Y-y-you shouldn't be near me..." Sammi stammers out, "H-h-he told me you'd be safe if I stay'd away from you guys."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:55:35 PM):"Hah! He obviously doesn't..."
Myushu (8:55:55 PM):"Shut up!"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:55:59 PM):"You saw the recording. I beat him down to nothing with my Armed Dragon and he just got right back up and challenged me again."
kwikkidus (8:56:01 PM):"I'm forced-neutral now. You may as well call me Switzerland Finklestein."
BreakneckChao (8:56:19 PM):Henry sighed and walked back towards his bed, when suddenly...
Sinisquirrel (8:56:27 PM):"Well, that's if you stay away from us, right?" She sat down on the roof, adjusting her skirt to make herself comfortable.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:56:30 PM):"If all your little friends hadn't interfered...he'd be in that cell, not you."
Sinisquirrel (8:56:38 PM):"Nothing about us staying away from you."
Rakath Chaos (8:57:19 PM):"N-n-n-no! He said you'd not die if I wasn't near you, if I stayed away and never looked back."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:57:31 PM):"...?"
BreakneckChao (8:57:42 PM):There was the Penguin Soldier, right on the bed. He looked at Henry with eyes that seemed to say, "Where is your spirit, man?! Pull it together!" Even though all he said was... "Squeeee!"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:57:50 PM):"...."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:58:00 PM):Katana smashes Penguin.
Myushu (8:58:16 PM):"Gr... You'll pay! Karma's gonna kick you, hard... You're not going to get Henry in any fire, I swear!"
BreakneckChao (8:58:20 PM):"Aaaack! Amado!"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:58:20 PM):"Stupid bird." Amado has a very death-glare on his face right now.
Sinisquirrel (8:58:35 PM):"Oh? And who is 'he' exactly?"
BreakneckChao (8:58:39 PM):"Wat's he do?!"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:58:58 PM):"He was STUPID."
Rakath Chaos (8:59:02 PM):Sammi looked down, "I can't."
BreakneckChao (8:59:06 PM):Penguin Soldier fades away, shaking his flipper menacingly at Amado.
kwikkidus (8:59:09 PM):"And why not?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:59:16 PM):"God, I hate that stupid thing..."
Rakath Chaos (8:59:32 PM):"I-I just can't..."
BreakneckChao (8:59:39 PM):"What's wrong with him? he's saved me countless times..."
kwikkidus (8:59:54 PM):Ed sighs. "Well, your day sounds terrible. Wanna hear mine?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:00:03 PM):"EXACTLY."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:00:08 PM):"Most of those times were against me."
BreakneckChao (9:00:20 PM):"Oh... heheh... righto."
Rakath Chaos (9:00:45 PM):"I-I guess..." Sammi said, looking to Chiron for any help at all.
(9:00:53 PM) NaturalIyCynical has entered the room.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:01:09 PM):"Anyway."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:01:22 PM):"You were getting back in bed."
Sinisquirrel (9:01:27 PM):Lily looks to where the girl does, giving a slight nod in the centaur's direction as if to pay her respects to such a good friend.
BreakneckChao (9:01:40 PM):"Dangit... I feel so helpless..."
Sinisquirrel (9:01:55 PM):(... at first I'd read that as "we're getting back in bed." >_>; )
Viewtiful Rekk (9:02:05 PM):(You would. >>)
Rakath Chaos (9:02:13 PM):(OMG YAOI!)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:02:23 PM):"I've had my fair share of karma already..."
kwikkidus (9:02:27 PM):"I ended up in a tag duelwith Jenna against Enishi and one of the teachers... can't remember hisname. They ended up beating us... and all because I made a few too manystupid mistakes. Then they kidnapped Jenna."
Sinisquirrel (9:02:27 PM):(Hey, this time it WASN'T intentional! XD)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:02:30 PM):"I have no intention of losing again."
NaturalIyCynical (9:02:46 PM):(XD Aww.)
Rakath Chaos (9:03:04 PM):( Henry> Amado, I love you. *Amado smacks each female RPer.* Amado> No, BAD THOUGHTS!)
BreakneckChao (9:03:05 PM):Henry sat back down on his bed.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:03:25 PM):"Ooooh...before I forget."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:03:34 PM):"I'm told you have a little...friend in there with you."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:03:49 PM):Psychoshocker appears next to Enishi. "Well...my friend would like to have a few words with her."
Rakath Chaos (9:03:51 PM):"T-that's terrible..."
Sinisquirrel (9:03:53 PM):("I wouldn't call you a friend. Besides, you're not even in here.")
BreakneckChao (9:04:01 PM):(Henry: You guys suck! I'll never date Jenna this way! Have you not been following the story?! >_<)
Sinisquirrel (9:04:20 PM):(Lily: Shut it! You can be her hero at the end of this arc. Blockhead.)
BreakneckChao (9:04:45 PM):(Plus, I'm not gay. >_<)
Rakath Chaos (9:05:01 PM):(Neither is Yugi, that hasn't stopped an infinite number of fangirls.)
BreakneckChao (9:05:07 PM):(...)
BreakneckChao (9:05:29 PM):(Sad, but true. XD)
NaturalIyCynical (9:05:33 PM):(...That scares me>)
NaturalIyCynical (9:05:40 PM):.*)
Sinisquirrel (9:05:43 PM):"Isn't it, though...?"
Myushu (9:06:05 PM):Jenna scoots back some. "Nuh-uh..." She shook her head, but despite her wishes, the little magician appeared next to Jenna, upsetly. "Wha?" "Pikeru! >_<"
Rakath Chaos (9:06:25 PM):"I-I want to help... but..." Sammi finger figits (Those that watch Naruto knows exactly who she is acting like currently.)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:06:53 PM):(....)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:06:54 PM):(<3)
NaturalIyCynical (9:07:10 PM):(:3 Aww.)
kwikkidus (9:07:10 PM):"But what?"
Rakath Chaos (9:07:21 PM):"I-I can't..."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:07:25 PM):"...Is she there?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:07:31 PM):"...Aah. Have your fill then."
Sinisquirrel (9:07:41 PM):"That's fine. Ed here can't, and we still love him." She gives a why smile in his direction.
Rakath Chaos (9:07:53 PM):(Pikeru should have the power of all her other cards... >.> )
Sinisquirrel (9:07:54 PM):*wry
kwikkidus (9:07:57 PM):Ed sighs. Odd, because he'd normally take offense at that and yell.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:08:31 PM):Psychoshocker moves OMINOUSLY towards Pikeru.
Rakath Chaos (9:09:03 PM):( Suddenly Ordeal of the Princess and Shrink activate! )
Viewtiful Rekk (9:09:15 PM):Amado gazes at Henry. "...So. You're sure you won't do anything stupid?"
Rakath Chaos (9:09:17 PM):( Psychoshocker turns chibi and dies. )
Sinisquirrel (9:09:43 PM):"Hey, now, I mean that. Well, more in a 'we're just friends' way... but I mean it. You did what you could. Nobody blames you."
Myushu (9:09:45 PM):(XD Wuh! If only Jenna had that deck with her.)
BreakneckChao (9:10:28 PM):"I'll do my best, Amado. I hate to leave Jenna like this, but I'd be no help to her either dead or stuck in some Terra Firma trap they've got rigged and waiting for me."
Rakath Chaos (9:10:33 PM):( Should Takumi stop Jinzo? )
BreakneckChao (9:10:47 PM):"I'll rest."
kwikkidus (9:10:52 PM):"Nobody except for me, of course."
NaturalIyCynical (9:11:07 PM):(Psychoshocker] NO! I want my Kibbles n' Pikeru! T_T)
Myushu (9:11:13 PM):Jenna stands up infront of Pikeru. "Don't you DARE!" she tries to block him. "Pikeru! Leave!" ">_< I don't want to leave you alone with that!"
Myushu (9:11:20 PM):(Go ahead, Rak!)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:11:22 PM):(I'm debating if ULT Armed LV5 should leap out and bitchslap them both.
Sinisquirrel (9:11:22 PM):(Ojama: You harm her and you'll have to deal with US!!)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:11:31 PM):(Psychoshocker: ....Kay.)
Sinisquirrel (9:11:41 PM):(Ojama: ... Later, Pik. >>; )
Myushu (9:12:06 PM):(Pikeru: Wh-wha?! You leave NOW?)
Sinisquirrel (9:12:23 PM):(Ojama: You bet, look at that thing!)
Rakath Chaos (9:12:29 PM):Jinzo stares down a very large spaceship. Takumi sitting on the thing, "Psychoshocker. Not part of the plan."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:13:02 PM):"THANK YOU."
Sinisquirrel (9:13:13 PM):Lily sighs, adding a small chuckle. "You'll get over it. Have a talk with the lady, take some time to think about it."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:13:17 PM):"....So now what?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:13:26 PM):"..."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:13:32 PM):"Must you always spoil my fun?"
Rakath Chaos (9:14:01 PM):Takumi grins, his goggles glinting again, "Jinzo gets his meal, he can just walk off, remember?"
BreakneckChao (9:14:07 PM):"I dunno... not much to do but wait..."
Myushu (9:14:23 PM):Pikeru looks over t the spaceship, somewhat relieved. "Fun...? So sick.."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:14:33 PM):"Eheh..."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:14:49 PM):"The deal was, he leaves after we accomplish our goals, or once he gets my soul."
Rakath Chaos (9:14:57 PM):By and by, Takumi's duel spirit is the Covered Core.
Rakath Chaos (9:15:10 PM):"Jinzo lies more than I do, nimwit."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:15:32 PM):Psychoshocker glares menacingly at the ship.
Rakath Chaos (9:15:53 PM):Covered Core has no face, but some very armed laser cannons.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:16:20 PM):"Honestly...Don't you think there's a chance he'll leave if I keep starving him too?"
Rakath Chaos (9:17:14 PM):Takumi smiled, "Yes, there is. I'm more hoping he feeds on you."
Rakath Chaos (9:17:29 PM):"Your job is so much nicer than mine."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:17:56 PM):"....Touché"
Sinisquirrel (9:18:06 PM):(Bless you.)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:18:33 PM):"Oh well. I was hoping we could avoid a confrontation in such cramped halls...." He places a card on his Duel Disk....and is suddenly uppercuted right in the face.
Rakath Chaos (9:18:54 PM):"That and this girl and her duel spirit belong to Terra Firma, and will feed our goals, not your spirit."
Myushu (9:19:32 PM):Jenna stared at the two conversating, seriously creeped out. Duel spirits feeding on other spirits- - other people? Gross.. "Pikeru.. Leave now." "But.." "Go." The little duel spirit vanish.
kwikkidus (9:19:38 PM):"...I don't know if she'll still even WANT to talk."
Myushu (9:19:52 PM):Feeding this and that... This whole Terra Firma was just sick.. "Nrm.."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:19:55 PM):When he looks for who did it...nothing's there. "What the....how the hell did you do that?! That battleship doesn't have any fists!"
Rakath Chaos (9:20:38 PM):"That... wasn't me..." Takumi looked around, he removed his goggles but convient shading blocks his eyes from sight.
Sinisquirrel (9:20:46 PM):"Mhmm... and... how do you know if you don't try talking to her first?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:20:59 PM):(Johnny Bravo> I can't be seen without my glasses!)
kwikkidus (9:21:20 PM):"If she wanted to talk, don't you think she'd BE here? Or something?"
Sinisquirrel (9:22:18 PM):"I suppose it might be due to your receptiveness... if spirits are anything like ghosts, only the willing can see them."
Sinisquirrel (9:22:34 PM):"Perhaps you're just not willing right now."
Sinisquirrel (9:22:49 PM):(Since I'm assuming Ed hasn't locked up his deck yet?)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:22:51 PM):He gazes at his Duel Disk. "....Damn. Stupid things...." He throws a glance at Jenna. "I'd thank Tsukayama if I were you. It seems his monsters still have some disobidience in them..."
kwikkidus (9:22:54 PM):"...Egh, I don't know. What's it matter."
kwikkidus (9:22:59 PM):(Indeed he hasn't. XD)
Rakath Chaos (9:23:06 PM):"Damnit!" Takumi shouts, "Covered, bring the spirit back. We don't want it spilling any of Enishi's mindless dribble."
Myushu (9:23:19 PM):"Anything smart would disobey you.."
Rakath Chaos (9:23:20 PM):Covered Core vanishes.
Sinisquirrel (9:24:03 PM):"I would suppose-- and this is just a guess, mind you-- that it matters a lot to you?"
Rakath Chaos (9:24:21 PM):Sammi looks at the other two, looking at her deck for a moment... "I want you to take something to Amado for me."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:24:32 PM):Psychoshocker stares intently at Pikeru. "...No. Not today."
kwikkidus (9:24:41 PM):Ed seizes the chance to avoid yet another question. "Something for Amado. Right. What is it?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:25:20 PM):Psychoshocker growls faintly...and dissapears. Enishi glances at Jenna. "...Fine. It'll mean more if I make you suffer while Kaito is watching..."
Sinisquirrel (9:25:25 PM):Deftly dodged, Lily looks over at the girl.
Rakath Chaos (9:26:08 PM):Sammi takes a card from her deck, and a piece of paper from her pocket, scribbling a note, her face changing a brief second before her features soften again. She wraps the card in the note, "Take this to Amado."
Myushu (9:26:10 PM):"Why do you always try to hurt Henry?"
Myushu (9:26:16 PM):"Leave him alone!"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:26:36 PM):"No."
Rakath Chaos (9:26:40 PM):Takumi groans, "Enishi is just spiteful... he wants to hurt anyone he remotely feels threatened by."
kwikkidus (9:26:48 PM):Ed takes the card, and nods. "Right. I'll see that it gets there. Lily, you give it to him." He hands it over to her.
Sinisquirrel (9:27:16 PM):She laughs, taking the card and note from his hand. "Done and done."
Rakath Chaos (9:27:22 PM):(Should Covered catch Pikeru? )
Myushu (9:28:08 PM):(Ara! Pikeru had vanished. ._.')
kwikkidus (9:28:21 PM):"Anything else, Sammi?"
Rakath Chaos (9:28:28 PM):( Covered is going after it. Takumi want nobody to escape. )
Rakath Chaos (9:28:45 PM):Sammi looks down... "T-tell them to stop following me."
Sinisquirrel (9:28:50 PM):(I think it went 'poof' rather than fleeing?)
Rakath Chaos (9:29:16 PM):(Ah, well, Takumi still scouts with the giant spaceship)
Rakath Chaos (9:29:30 PM):"I-I can't be seen talking to any of you..."
Myushu (9:30:00 PM):(Ah! o_o Shall I have Pikeru come back again, then?)
kwikkidus (9:30:02 PM):"Right. Lily, again, your job. As for me..." Ed looks down. "I have to figure out what the hell I'm in this for."
Sinisquirrel (9:30:37 PM):Lily looked at the girl for a while. She really didn't understand that they wanted to kill the group no matter what they did... but why
Rakath Chaos (9:30:44 PM):Covered Core (which, for the record, is never fully in the room since it's bloody huge) pokes through the wall and beeps, Takumi sighed, "She's hiding, well, keep scouting the area for intruders as always."
Sinisquirrel (9:30:54 PM):let her know that? So she simply stood. "All right. I'll deliver your message..."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:31:39 PM):"So..."
Sinisquirrel (9:31:40 PM):"But when this is all over with, I'd like it if you came to visit us again."
Rakath Chaos (9:31:45 PM):( Wing already knows what card Amado's getting... since we needed some way for Amado to not die in his duel. )
Viewtiful Rekk (9:31:47 PM):"Do you think they'll come alone or together?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:31:53 PM):(>>)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:32:00 PM):(Shu and Jean know of this already.)
Rakath Chaos (9:32:19 PM):( So we leave Trin without knowing, cool. )
Rakath Chaos (9:32:28 PM):"Together... except one."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:32:42 PM):"Who?'
Rakath Chaos (9:33:04 PM):"The traitor seems to go it alone now, since they know he betrayed them as well."
Myushu (9:33:17 PM):Jenna glanced over at the mechanic monster, then at the two. She sighed a little-- this is exactly what Henry didnt want.
Rakath Chaos (9:33:56 PM):"There is also that girl who stabbed a guard... but I really don't want to deal with her..." Takumi was looking away, cleaning his goggles before putting them back on. Again you don't see his eyes.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:34:43 PM):"Ugh...don't remind me. Little sadist..." IRONY.
NaturalIyCynical (9:35:06 PM):(...Hooray for convenient eye shadow!)
kwikkidus (9:35:08 PM):"I've never lost like that before... ever." Ed mutters, quietly. "And it was all my fault..."
Rakath Chaos (9:35:10 PM):Takumi laughs at what Enishi just said.
Myushu (9:35:15 PM):"Hmph.. look who's talking.." she mumbled, in reponses to Enishi' comment.
kwikkidus (9:35:16 PM):((Who's wearing eye shadow?))
Viewtiful Rekk (9:35:28 PM):"...What?" He asks, almost innocently.
Rakath Chaos (9:35:30 PM):(( Amado ))
NaturalIyCynical (9:35:34 PM):(....shadowing of the eyes, not eye shadow!)
NaturalIyCynical (9:35:47 PM):(*bops Trin* :/ )
Viewtiful Rekk (9:35:52 PM):(Amado: ....I have rings under my eyes, shut up! ;_; )
Rakath Chaos (9:36:19 PM):( Amado: They talked me into cosplaying Gaara and the make-up won't come off. )
Rakath Chaos (9:37:25 PM):( *Sammi, Dawn, and Takumi sit in the back dressed as Hinata, Haku, and Shino's dad respectively.* )
NaturalIyCynical (9:37:43 PM):(???] :D One big happy family! :camera click: )
Viewtiful Rekk (9:38:40 PM):(Enishi: *Shikimaru* How troublesome....)
Rakath Chaos (9:39:07 PM):( Henry = Naruto, Jenna = Sakura BELIEVE IT! )
Viewtiful Rekk (9:39:28 PM):('Cept Jenna doesn't think Henry is a dumbass. >>)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:39:38 PM):"...."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:39:49 PM):"I'VE GOT IT!" Amado leaps up, landing a foot on Henry's head as he does.
Sinisquirrel (9:39:49 PM):"Well then... I guess I'm off," Lily said, walking back over to the ladders. "And trust me. Things will get better."
Rakath Chaos (9:39:51 PM):( Henry = Naruto, Jenna = Sasuke YAOI! )
Myushu (9:40:01 PM):(O_o)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:40:07 PM):(Jenna: *Sharingan'd*)
NaturalIyCynical (9:40:12 PM):(o_O That...doesn't fit.)
Rakath Chaos (9:41:07 PM):( So? )
NaturalIyCynical (9:41:14 PM):(x.X Illogical...Illogical...Illogical, illogical, illogical! ILLOGI--*head explodes*)
kwikkidus (9:41:17 PM):"...I should probablyleave you alone too, Sammi." Ed mutters, standing up and heading forthe ladder. "Nice meeting your centaur."
Rakath Chaos (9:41:26 PM):( Also, Wing, Enishi is Kabuto )
Viewtiful Rekk (9:41:36 PM):(Oh. Totally.)
Rakath Chaos (9:41:36 PM):( Since we know that Bruce is Orochimaru )
Sinisquirrel (9:41:42 PM):(... :thinks of the pokemon and laughs:)
Myushu (9:41:53 PM):(..Heheh)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:41:57 PM):(>>)
Rakath Chaos (9:42:04 PM):( And, I'll let Jen say it since she always makes that connotation about Bruce and Enishi )
Sinisquirrel (9:42:35 PM):"Got what, Amado-kun?" Damn, how DOES she do it...?
NaturalIyCynical (9:42:36 PM):(Yaoi!)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:43:36 PM):"HOLY CRAP!"
Rakath Chaos (9:43:39 PM):( You know I just read that as "Got what, Amado-kun?" "Yaoi!" )
Viewtiful Rekk (9:43:41 PM):"...Don't do that."
Sinisquirrel (9:43:41 PM):(Convenient time-skippage. >>; )
kwikkidus (9:44:05 PM):(Oooh, time-skippage? That means...) There is a knock at Terra Firma's door. :o
Sinisquirrel (9:44:15 PM):Sweatdrop. "I can't seem to help it..." Lily holds out the note-wrapped card to him. "This is from Sammi."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:44:31 PM):"I'll look later." He takes the note and shoves it in his pocket.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:44:50 PM):"Now. I figured something out."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:44:55 PM):"If Kaito goes alone, he's dead."
Rakath Chaos (9:45:21 PM):Amado is knocked face first into the bed as someone uses him as a stepping stone.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:45:21 PM):"But if I go with him..."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:45:29 PM):"Terra Firma will wet themselves in fear."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:45:34 PM):And he's face-stepped.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:45:47 PM):(I swear to god, Dawn is the Risu of this RP. >>)
Sinisquirrel (9:45:49 PM):"... just like they did when you were holed up in their cell?"
Sinisquirrel (9:45:55 PM):(MWAHAHA.)
NaturalIyCynical (9:45:59 PM):(XD)
Rakath Chaos (9:45:59 PM):Dawn lands on a chair, pirched like a bird on the seat, looking at Amado and Henry in bed.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:46:03 PM):"That time doesn't count. I was wearing a dress."
NaturalIyCynical (9:46:10 PM):(yaoi!)
Rakath Chaos (9:46:12 PM):"Wow, I didn't know that about you idiot.
Rakath Chaos (9:46:38 PM):"
Rakath Chaos (9:48:12 PM):(Sorry, once Wing said "stood on the foot of the bed" I had to do it. ^_^ )
BreakneckChao (9:48:26 PM):(Well, It seems the Hery-ing is done for the night. I'm gonna hit the hay, as I am the tired. Merry hristmas Eve, everybody!)
BreakneckChao (9:48:37 PM):*Christmas
kwikkidus (9:48:44 PM):((Night, Henry.
Rakath Chaos (9:48:46 PM):(Merry hristmas to you to! )
Viewtiful Rekk (9:48:52 PM):(You could still stay for Amado's awesomne logic! ;_; )
Sinisquirrel (9:48:56 PM):('Night then. :D)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:49:04 PM):(Bleh. Merry hristmas. >>)
BreakneckChao (9:49:05 PM):(It hasn't happened yet? XD)
NaturalIyCynical (9:49:17 PM):(:D Happy Henry to all, And to all a good Henry!)
Sinisquirrel (9:49:23 PM):"... Anyway... continue?"
BreakneckChao (9:49:29 PM):(I thought the whole, "If we go together..." thing was it.)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:49:44 PM):(He's gonna continue.)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:49:46 PM):"Well."
BreakneckChao (9:49:47 PM):(I'll saty just a little while longer)
Myushu (9:50:00 PM):(Yay! *latch to David*)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:50:05 PM):"When they see me, they'll obviously flee in terror."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:50:19 PM):"And I'll go kick Napoleon and Gorilla's asses..."
Rakath Chaos (9:50:24 PM):"I'm sure the villains who beat both of you will totally fear you together..."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:50:37 PM):"Leaving Kaito able to go save his little girlfriend."
Sinisquirrel (9:50:55 PM):"And... what if there are more?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:51:13 PM):"I'll kick their asses too?"
Rakath Chaos (9:51:28 PM):Dawn grips her stomach as she laughs at that idea.
Sinisquirrel (9:52:14 PM):Lily found the idea to be off, but not quite as hilarious as Dawn did. "... no."
kwikkidus (9:52:29 PM):Ed snaps, and leaves the TF front door. "Note to self. Don't bother knocking on the front doors of supervillains."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:52:35 PM):"...Aw c'mon!"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:52:45 PM):"Kaito, back me up."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:52:50 PM):"This is a great plan, right?"
Sinisquirrel (9:53:16 PM):"Actually, backing up was more what I was aiming for..."
BreakneckChao (9:53:19 PM):"There's no way we can beat us both! Seriously!"
Rakath Chaos (9:53:21 PM):(Ed: Want to buy this wonderful set of encyclopedias? )
NaturalIyCynical (9:53:32 PM):(Rane] ¬¬ I'd actually volunteer, but he left me to three ravenous girls because of a sleepover he went to!)
Sinisquirrel (9:53:33 PM):(Ed: Pizza man!)
Myushu (9:53:38 PM):(O_o; *Just realises they timeskipped*)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:53:46 PM):"Hah! See?!"
Sinisquirrel (9:53:59 PM):"... that's the same boy you claim to be an idiot on an hourly basis."
Rakath Chaos (9:54:10 PM):"Excuse me," Dawn hopped off the chair and poked one of Henry's sore spots REALLY HARD.
BreakneckChao (9:54:15 PM):"..."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:54:18 PM):"See, you're just mincing details now."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:54:27 PM):(Henry: *screams like a little girl* DON'T DO THAT!)
BreakneckChao (9:54:52 PM):"Argh! What the heck?"
BreakneckChao (9:54:56 PM):"I mean..."
Sinisquirrel (9:55:07 PM):Lily sighed. "Right, then. How about this, then? You and Henry can go and kick ass..."
Rakath Chaos (9:55:07 PM):"Right, him in pain will surely scare them off."
BreakneckChao (9:55:12 PM):"That didn't hurt hardly as much as I thought it would..."
BreakneckChao (9:55:16 PM):*wince*
Rakath Chaos (9:55:31 PM):Dawn pirches on the chair again.
Sinisquirrel (9:55:43 PM):"... but you're taking more than just yourselves."
Sinisquirrel (9:56:03 PM):(aka "Let me help you be alone!")
Viewtiful Rekk (9:56:05 PM):"..."
NaturalIyCynical (9:56:08 PM):(XD)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:56:10 PM):"NO."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:56:18 PM):"NO. NO. NO. NO. NO."
Sinisquirrel (9:56:27 PM):"Why?"
NaturalIyCynical (9:56:29 PM):(...Damn. Where's Ed? I wanna bother him.)
kwikkidus (9:56:47 PM):(Walking back to somewhere. >>')
Viewtiful Rekk (9:56:50 PM):"Because..."
kwikkidus (9:56:53 PM):(Go ahead and bother. :P)
NaturalIyCynical (9:56:58 PM):(:3 Walking back to where?)
kwikkidus (9:57:05 PM):(Probably his dorm room. XD)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:57:06 PM):"What if they try to abduct you like they did Drop-Out Girl!?"
Rakath Chaos (9:57:09 PM):(Ed *dressed as a baby in a basket*> *rings doorbell of TF HQ, and sits there being cute. )
NaturalIyCynical (9:57:12 PM):(XD Alrighty.)
BreakneckChao (9:57:21 PM):"Yeah! We can't have that!"
Sinisquirrel (9:57:47 PM):"And I could get abducted being all by my lonesome here..." Yes, she's trying THAT tactic.
Rakath Chaos (9:57:54 PM):"As oppose to all of you dying when Terra Firma succeeds."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:58:03 PM):"...Well, you are 500x safer by my side..."
Rakath Chaos (9:58:31 PM):(Note the 'when' is there, in place of 'if')
BreakneckChao (9:58:39 PM):"...Dangit, either way you're in danger..."
Sinisquirrel (9:58:57 PM):"So I might as well join the party. After all, they're expecting us all to come."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:59:03 PM):"...But before you come, I have only one thing to say."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:59:14 PM):His voice suddenly goes very zombie-like. "Explodia Deck."
Sinisquirrel (9:59:25 PM):"... what?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:59:33 PM):Back to normal.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:59:34 PM):"Huh?"
kwikkidus (9:59:35 PM):Eon, wherever he is, sneezes. That is all.
Sinisquirrel (9:59:45 PM):"... nothing. I think I misheard something."
Sinisquirrel (10:00:10 PM):(And Lil is conveniently IGNORING the 'when' comment.)
NaturalIyCynical (10:01:06 PM):Wonder if Ed ever had the feeling if he was being watched. . . If he didn't now, a kunai held at the neck from behind would do the trick. "...Boo."
Rakath Chaos (10:01:17 PM):Dawn just looks at them, why the hell is she here. I mean, she doesn't think any of them but Lily has a brain.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:01:28 PM):And Amado casts a glance at Dawn.
kwikkidus (10:01:42 PM):Ed is amazingly enough, not at all scared. "If you're going to stab me, make it quick. I have things to do."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:01:44 PM):"....So. Are you gonna help us or them?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:01:54 PM):"This is gonna go down pretty quick, so I would decide if I were you."
Rakath Chaos (10:02:04 PM):"I'm helping me, like always."
BreakneckChao (10:02:14 PM):"Helping who?"
BreakneckChao (10:02:22 PM):(nix that)
Sinisquirrel (10:02:29 PM):"As soon as Henry heals, you mean. That was the deal, after all."
BreakneckChao (10:02:31 PM):(just noticed the me)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:02:34 PM):"...And who's that mean in this situation?"
BreakneckChao (10:02:40 PM):(I'm tired. >_<)
NaturalIyCynical (10:02:52 PM):*blink*... "Why would I want to do that...?" The kunai was quickly put away, Rane walking up to stand eside Ed. "I was just testing you."
Sinisquirrel (10:02:59 PM):(You can go and sleep then... it's all right. I don't think we're starting anything tonight... have a good one. ^^)
Rakath Chaos (10:03:00 PM):"Currently... it means I duel anyone that looks fun."
kwikkidus (10:03:11 PM):"Oh, so I failed another test. Well, two in one day isn't TOO horrible."
BreakneckChao (10:03:17 PM):(Okai. Night guys!)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:03:29 PM):(Adioz.)
Myushu (10:03:31 PM):(Baaai, David<3)
NaturalIyCynical (10:03:31 PM):(Night! :D)
Sinisquirrel (10:03:35 PM):(Night David. Have a merry.)
(10:03:40 PM) BreakneckChao has left the room.
NaturalIyCynical (10:03:41 PM):*?*... "Failed?"
kwikkidus (10:03:41 PM):(Night! Merry Xmas Eve!)
kwikkidus (10:03:45 PM):(...Damnit!)
Rakath Chaos (10:03:48 PM):( You know... Amado is still in bed with Henry... )
Sinisquirrel (10:03:57 PM):"So all we have to do is hope one of the bad guys looks like fun. Shouldn't be too hard..."
NaturalIyCynical (10:03:59 PM):"I'd say you passed. You didn't freak out or flinch...amazingly."
kwikkidus (10:04:38 PM):"Yeeeeah... I'd be moresuprised if my day wasn't horrible enough already. A quick death mightmake it improve." Ed mutters,still walking.
Sinisquirrel (10:04:54 PM):(Doriado: Ed-kun... ; ; )
NaturalIyCynical (10:05:11 PM):Rane followed Ed. "If I did that to someone else, they'd either thwack me with a plastic weapon, throw me over their head and bash me with a lamp, or elbowed me below the belt.." *cringe*.. >>;
Rakath Chaos (10:05:15 PM):( *Dori-chan rubs Ed's shoulders as he walks* )
Viewtiful Rekk (10:05:30 PM):"Okay, well....yeah, whatever." He turns back to Lily.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:05:38 PM):"So, if we're going, who else should we take?"
Sinisquirrel (10:06:07 PM):"Well... Ed's been forced into neutral... Sammi can't or won't come near us... I believe that leaves us with Rane as the last member."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:06:36 PM):"...Hm. With Kaito, the only makes four."
kwikkidus (10:06:40 PM):"Or, me up to about threeor four hours ago, would have probably lost all control of his bowels.Let me tell you, getting hit by a FGD changes your outlook on life."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:06:45 PM):"Not a lot to work with..."
Sinisquirrel (10:07:23 PM):"We could as Loki, but..." she's obviously not thrilled with the idea, even with his promise to make things better.
Rakath Chaos (10:07:25 PM):(( Wow Amado sucks at numbers ))
Sinisquirrel (10:07:27 PM):*ask
Sinisquirrel (10:08:18 PM):(Purposely leaving her out of the count, huh?)
Rakath Chaos (10:08:41 PM):"Funny, I only count three good duelists."
Rakath Chaos (10:09:58 PM):"Suicidal idiots and egotistical fencers hardly count for anything."
kwikkidus (10:10:00 PM):"...Especially when the whole thing was all your fault." Ed shuts his eyes, and keeps walking. Right into a tree. "...Ow."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:11:02 PM):("Hah! This is shonen anime! That stuff counts for EVERYTHING!")
Viewtiful Rekk (10:11:12 PM):"...No. No Loki."
Sinisquirrel (10:11:17 PM):(The more suicidal, the better!)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:11:19 PM):"He can die and go to hell for all I care."
Rakath Chaos (10:12:01 PM):( Not looking very shonen with both our heroes in bed together... )
Viewtiful Rekk (10:12:08 PM):(...)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:12:09 PM):(>_>)
Sinisquirrel (10:12:22 PM):"That's pretty much it, then. You, me, Henry, Rane and Dawn... more or less..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:12:34 PM):"Minus that last one, probably."
Rakath Chaos (10:13:10 PM):"Right, you're starin' death in the face and insulting one of your few allies.
NaturalIyCynical (10:13:18 PM):"...Are you alright, Ed? You don't sound like your usual self.."
Rakath Chaos (10:13:29 PM):"I see every sword swing drops your IQ a few points."
NaturalIyCynical (10:13:30 PM):"Eh.. Not like I really know how you are usually.."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:13:51 PM):"The day I'm desperate enough to count you as an ally is the day I'm desperate enough to try and nail Kaito."
Rakath Chaos (10:14:39 PM):"I'll sell tickets for, tomorrow?"
Sinisquirrel (10:14:46 PM):Lily looks at Dawn with a look of: I'm still working on him.
kwikkidus (10:15:13 PM):"You're quite perceptive.Yes, I'm not my usual self. Indeed, I'm questioning if I'm even worthyof being my usual self. Becase, you see, for all my talk about Doriado,I couldn't even protect her when it counted. Let alone Jenna."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:15:18 PM):"Try when hell freezes over."
Rakath Chaos (10:15:35 PM):"If you guys fail, that will be sometime this week."
NaturalIyCynical (10:16:04 PM):*frown*... "Sorry for prodding."
kwikkidus (10:16:21 PM):((Amado to nail Kaito sometime this week! More at 11!))
NaturalIyCynical (10:16:40 PM):XD]]
Viewtiful Rekk (10:16:41 PM): (( http://ssrp.spindash.net/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=9078#p9078 ))
Viewtiful Rekk (10:16:50 PM):"There's the thing."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:16:58 PM):Cheezy hero grin. "We're not gonna fail."
Sinisquirrel (10:17:01 PM):Lily sighed. There was simply no helping the two, short of some sort of miracle.
Rakath Chaos (10:17:20 PM):"Sure you will if you keep insulting people like this..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:17:49 PM):"You mean sadistic little sub-humans?"
Sinisquirrel (10:17:54 PM):"She has a point... Even if she's doing things for her own reason, right now she's still with us, here."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:17:59 PM):"Nah, I do that all the time. Hasn't hit me back yet."
kwikkidus (10:18:18 PM):Ed shakes his head."No... it's okay. I just... I don't know. I put my heart and soul intoa deck,and it gets crushed like a grape."
Rakath Chaos (10:18:46 PM):Foot to Amado's face.
NaturalIyCynical (10:19:01 PM):"Well...you're not dead, are you?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:19:06 PM):Foot meets plastic.
Rakath Chaos (10:19:12 PM):"I'm as human as you are... well, that isn't disagreeing with that 'sub-human comment'."
Rakath Chaos (10:19:21 PM):Second foot to Amado's face.
kwikkidus (10:19:23 PM):"Last time I checked."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:19:34 PM):"Please...I could see that coming the day befORHG!"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:19:49 PM):(Amado: Why can't I ever beat her?! ;_; )
NaturalIyCynical (10:19:56 PM):"Well, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."
Sinisquirrel (10:20:18 PM):(Risu: For the same reason Rekk can't beat me. MWA-HAHA!)
NaturalIyCynical (10:20:26 PM):"You could probably...avenge your deck by making another one."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:20:44 PM):(Amado: I'm 20 times more badass than that loser. Rekk: ..... ;_; )
Myushu (10:21:16 PM):(Jenna: HA! Your badass is waaaay in the negatives.)
kwikkidus (10:21:19 PM):"...I could do that, yes. But I don't have the right." He replies quietly, now stepping into his dorm.
Sinisquirrel (10:21:31 PM):(Risu: Yeah, well have I ever just blindsided Rekk? C'mon, now.)
NaturalIyCynical (10:22:14 PM):*?*... He stopped at the foothold of the door. "...Don't have the right? Who said that?
Rakath Chaos (10:22:14 PM):Dawn does a small handspring back to the chair. "Now, you guys going to knock on their front door, or come up with a real plan?"
NaturalIyCynical (10:22:21 PM):"*
Viewtiful Rekk (10:22:21 PM):(Amado: Eh. I dunno, maybe you love him or something. You did spend about 20 minutes figuring out ways to sit on his lap...)
Sinisquirrel (10:22:41 PM):(Risu: ... well. Now I suppose I HAVE to blindside him. Thanks. :D)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:22:51 PM):(Rekk: wait what?!)
Myushu (10:22:59 PM):(Misa: *twitch* It was.. for 20 minutes? ;__; REKK.)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:23:12 PM):"I think front door works."
Sinisquirrel (10:23:13 PM):(Risu: Perhaps I should tell him "Sure, Fang's cool. Come on down.")
kwikkidus (10:23:18 PM):Ed looks over at Risu, shaking slightly. "I did... she deserves better than a hack like me."
Sinisquirrel (10:23:37 PM):(Risu: ... I'm in the RP! ; ; )
Rakath Chaos (10:23:49 PM):( Should I add in some odd love triangle type deal? )
Viewtiful Rekk (10:24:05 PM):(...Huh?)
Myushu (10:24:29 PM):(Wth. XD Ed looked at Risu?)
Sinisquirrel (10:24:30 PM):"Unless there's another option...?" Lily glanced at Dawn. After all, she'd gone off a couple of times... perhaps she had something to offer.
NaturalIyCynical (10:24:30 PM):(...Risu?)
NaturalIyCynical (10:24:31 PM):XD WTF!)
kwikkidus (10:24:41 PM):(XD RANE*)
kwikkidus (10:24:49 PM):(This is my revenge for calling me Henry. >>')
NaturalIyCynical (10:24:49 PM):(GAH! XD)
NaturalIyCynical (10:26:26 PM):A moment of silence. . . No, it wasn't for the deceased; it was for thought. "Forgive me for saying this, but that's a pile of bull."
NaturalIyCynical (10:26:51 PM):"You can't keep pounding yourself into the ground like that."
kwikkidus (10:27:28 PM):"...She hasn't spoken to me since. I can take a hint."
NaturalIyCynical (10:27:56 PM):"Maybe she's waiting for you to do something first."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:28:36 PM):(Hm.)
NaturalIyCynical (10:28:38 PM):"Then again, if you're the kind of person to forget a promise when you're kicked down. . ."
Rakath Chaos (10:29:01 PM):"I know an enterance with less guards..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:29:09 PM):"Why?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:29:12 PM):"Did you stab one?"
kwikkidus (10:29:12 PM):Ed stays quite silent.
Rakath Chaos (10:29:21 PM):"No... I stabbed both of them."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:29:24 PM):"..."
NaturalIyCynical (10:29:29 PM):(OMGZ. D3th)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:29:39 PM):Amado coughs.
Sinisquirrel (10:29:45 PM):"Wow, and to think I only hacked mine up..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:30:05 PM):Damn, I need to get a real Katana and start cutting people...
Viewtiful Rekk (10:30:18 PM):Man, how awesome would Lily think THAT was?
Viewtiful Rekk (10:30:32 PM):And he slips into his own illusion of grandeur.
Rakath Chaos (10:30:38 PM):"Really, can I see the blade?"
Sinisquirrel (10:30:57 PM):Eh, maybe if you did it Freddy Krueger style...
kwikkidus (10:30:59 PM):"I would never forget a promise."
Rakath Chaos (10:31:10 PM):Dawn scoots closer to Lily.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:31:16 PM):...
NaturalIyCynical (10:31:17 PM):(Yuri!)
Sinisquirrel (10:31:17 PM):"Chainsaw. It's back in the shed."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:31:19 PM):Amado shoves her away.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:31:25 PM):"3 foot rule."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:31:47 PM):(Jack Spicer: *Hugs Chase Young* Chase: 3-Second Rule! *Smacks Jack off*)
Rakath Chaos (10:31:53 PM):Super cool kicking move to Amado's body, "That's two feet, good enough?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:32:57 PM):"Bllrfgh!" Amado shoots back and hits the opposite wall.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:33:12 PM):Combo! 20 points! appears above Dawn's head.
NaturalIyCynical (10:33:14 PM):"You should stay true to your promise, then, and show her you're not a quitter."
Sinisquirrel (10:33:15 PM):Blink. "Foot rule...?"
Rakath Chaos (10:33:20 PM):Dawn goes back to scooting over to Lily.
Sinisquirrel (10:34:04 PM):"Ahah..." Lily scoots closer to Henry.
Rakath Chaos (10:34:51 PM):"I won't hurt you... much..." Dawn grins.
kwikkidus (10:35:31 PM):"I intended to."
Sinisquirrel (10:35:40 PM):"... I'm a sadist, not a masochist."
Sinisquirrel (10:35:55 PM):(... did I just mix up those terms AGAIN?)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:36:00 PM):Nine Japanese Kanji appear around Dawn.
Sinisquirrel (10:36:01 PM):(God dammit... :dictionary:)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:36:05 PM):(>>)
kwikkidus (10:36:12 PM):(Sadists inflict. Masochists take. >>')
Myushu (10:36:21 PM):(You had it right)
Sinisquirrel (10:36:26 PM):(YES! Thank god.)
NaturalIyCynical (10:36:28 PM):(:D Hooray!)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:36:57 PM):Amado suddenly rushes towards Dawn and strikes her nine consecutive times on each of the points. Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu: Kuzu Ryu Sen! (Nine-Headed Dragon!)
Rakath Chaos (10:37:46 PM):Dawn flies backward, not without leaving a token, a knife in Amado's thigh.
Sinisquirrel (10:37:58 PM):Y'know, maybe a real blade would be more impressive...
NaturalIyCynical (10:38:14 PM):"That's the spirit." Rane smiled lightly. "You know. . . You remind me of myself when I was younger."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:38:43 PM):"HAH! Take tha- ..." Pain. "ARGH!" He doubles over.
kwikkidus (10:39:02 PM):"I can see where this speech is going, and you can stop it right now. Seriously."
NaturalIyCynical (10:39:22 PM):·- ·; "What speech? I wasn't going into a speech."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:39:34 PM):(....)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:39:45 PM):(Isn't everybody supposed to be near the same age in this RP? xD)
kwikkidus (10:39:52 PM):"Exactly." (>>')
NaturalIyCynical (10:39:53 PM):"Unless... ...Ugh, stupid character clichés." Pulled a Duel Masters, much?
Sinisquirrel (10:39:54 PM):(Pretty much?)
NaturalIyCynical (10:40:07 PM):"Anyway, nevermind." >>;
Viewtiful Rekk (10:40:29 PM):"Lily, she frickin' STABBED me!"
Sinisquirrel (10:40:33 PM):"A... Amado!" Lily runs over to him. Blood...? No! Concentrate!
Sinisquirrel (10:40:54 PM):(Okay, how far in is it?)
kwikkidus (10:40:56 PM):"Yeah... no more minding of the.." Ed jumps forward about seven feet. "HOLYSHIT!"
Rakath Chaos (10:41:09 PM):"Well," Dawn gets up, "You just became more interesting."
NaturalIyCynical (10:41:38 PM):*!!* Well, since Rane was still standing at the threshold of the door, Ed hit him.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:41:39 PM):(THEN, in his fight with Takumi...)
kwikkidus (10:41:57 PM):YEeeeeep. Collision. "Something just poked me!" >__<
Viewtiful Rekk (10:42:04 PM):(Takumi repeatedly kicks the wound. Eventually, Amado tears it open and says "Is this enough of a handicap for you?!")
Myushu (10:42:45 PM):(o_o)
Sinisquirrel (10:42:48 PM):(Is that an attempt to pull a Zoro?)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:43:31 PM):(I was hoping it was obvious enough to indicate yes. :P)
NaturalIyCynical (10:43:33 PM):"..Please...get off.." He'd try to do that himself...but he didn't want to. Simple. Eh..not that he-- awh, screw it. Already drilled that in the ground enough to try and save it.
Rakath Chaos (10:43:35 PM):(Takumi hates violence. )
Sinisquirrel (10:44:16 PM):(So... how deep is el knife-o? >>; )
kwikkidus (10:44:45 PM):Ed jumps instantly to hisfeet, and begins pointing, and flailing. "There is something hauntingmy dorm room! AAAAH! What the hell... o_o
Rakath Chaos (10:44:53 PM):(Four inch blade... bured to the hilt.)
kwikkidus (10:44:59 PM):((hell..."*))
Sinisquirrel (10:45:01 PM):(... rouch.)
Rakath Chaos (10:45:01 PM):(buried*)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:45:19 PM):(....o.o)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:45:40 PM):(How...bad is four inches deep?)
Sinisquirrel (10:45:40 PM):(Well. Now we have to wait for Amado to heal too...)
Sinisquirrel (10:46:02 PM):(In the thigh? Nothing vital, but pretty bad. Meaty.)
Rakath Chaos (10:46:09 PM):( *Amado and Henry share a hospital bed...* )
Sinisquirrel (10:46:34 PM):(Ooh ooh! Can I say yaoi this time?)
NaturalIyCynical (10:46:37 PM):*?*... Rane stood up, looking at Ed's room. "You mean a poltergeist or something..?" Ah, shoot. I didn't want to deal with ghosts! I did all the ghost busting I could when I dressed up as a GhostBuster
NaturalIyCynical (10:46:41 PM):for Halloween..
Viewtiful Rekk (10:47:15 PM):"It hurts!" He's on the verge of crying like a little baby.
kwikkidus (10:47:58 PM):Ed shakes his head."Idiot, there is no such thing as ghosts... it's a haunting, andprobably angry duel spirit." "...I'm not angry." "Oh good, it's notangry. We're slightly less dead."
Sinisquirrel (10:48:07 PM):"Just... don't move it..." Lily moved over to the phone in the room, dialing the emergency number listed there.
Rakath Chaos (10:48:28 PM):Now, as timing sucks, Dawn glomps Lily.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:48:37 PM):"Am I gonna get gangreen?! are they gonna amputa- ...."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:48:41 PM):"WHAT THE FUCK!?"
NaturalIyCynical (10:48:41 PM):"Slightly...less...dead?" Record scratch. Did he just call me an idiot? "Did you just call me an idiot?"
Sinisquirrel (10:48:42 PM):"Uwaa!?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:48:51 PM):(Record scratch. xD)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:48:59 PM):"LET HER GO, SPELLMAN!"
Rakath Chaos (10:49:12 PM):"Aww, but she's so cute, and she yelled at me."
Myushu (10:49:31 PM):(*Misses shy Lily*)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:49:47 PM):(Where's that sketch of Lily you did, Jean? :O)
Sinisquirrel (10:50:09 PM): (http://www.onigami.net/!/ygo/lilysakuma.png I think)
kwikkidus (10:50:10 PM):"A little bit, but that's not the point!" "Apologize to him, Ed." "Fine... Sorry, Rane."
Sinisquirrel (10:50:39 PM):(Dammit. I'll find it... >>; )
Sinisquirrel (10:50:55 PM): (http://www.onigami.net/!/ygo/characters/sakumalily.png )
Sinisquirrel (10:51:06 PM):(There.)
NaturalIyCynical (10:51:10 PM):*nod*.. "Apology accepted..."
NaturalIyCynical (10:51:16 PM):"I take it she's back?"
Sinisquirrel (10:51:41 PM):"C-can I help you...?" Major sweatdropping here...
NaturalIyCynical (10:52:01 PM):(:D Lily is cute!)
Sinisquirrel (10:52:24 PM):(I need to draw 'er in my own style.)
Rakath Chaos (10:52:25 PM):"No, I'm fine for now." Has yet to let go of Lily, and isn't looking at loosening this death hug.
Sinisquirrel (10:53:11 PM):"Then, annou, mind if I call someone to take care of that injury... I mean, the blood..."
Rakath Chaos (10:53:43 PM):"He's cute bleeding, but if you gotta call someone, you can." Still hasn't let go.
kwikkidus (10:54:02 PM):"...Either that orthere's a very reasonable facimile in my room." "You can't sleepwithout a teddy bear." "Yeah, it's her." Ed is staring quite focusedlyat a chair near his deck, whre Doriado is sitting.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:54:36 PM):The handle of a certain sword shoots toward Dawn's head.
Rakath Chaos (10:55:02 PM):(Wow will this come out wrong...)
Sinisquirrel (10:55:05 PM):"Well, I don't disagree... I MEAN! Yes! Phone call." She somehow, maybe manages to complete her call.
NaturalIyCynical (10:55:10 PM):(Amado] :D :waltzes in Ed's room and sits on the chair Doriado is in.: *pushed off by invisible force* WTF? ><)
Rakath Chaos (10:55:24 PM):Dawn wraps her legs around Lily, and catches the sword with her now free right hand.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:55:45 PM):"...."
NaturalIyCynical (10:55:53 PM):(..House of Flying Daggers, much?)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:56:07 PM):Amado just drops right there. Gloom lines above the head and everything.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:56:19 PM):"I have disgraced the Hiten-Mitsurugi school!"
Sinisquirrel (10:56:32 PM):"You are STABBED. STop trying to move!"
Rakath Chaos (10:56:46 PM):"Good, go commit a ritualistic suicide." Goes back to hugging Lily.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:57:24 PM):He takes his plastic katana.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:57:37 PM):He thrusts the sheath into his chest.
Sinisquirrel (10:57:55 PM):"..." WHYEEEEE?
Viewtiful Rekk (10:58:01 PM):(...Er. I meant to say he takes his sheath. Since Dawn has the katana. >>)
NaturalIyCynical (10:58:55 PM):"...Facimile..?" Mental consultation of a dictionary. . . "Oh." He glanced at Ed, then to where he was looking at the chair. "So...she's there?" Thank you, Captain Obvious.
Sinisquirrel (10:59:39 PM):"No! No cleansing rituals!"
Sinisquirrel (11:00:40 PM):"... and why are you hugging me, exactly?" >_>
kwikkidus (11:00:57 PM):"Yeah, she's there." Ed replies, giving him a sidelong glance. "And she doesn't exactly look... happy..."
Rakath Chaos (11:01:48 PM):Dawn, being one to answer with actions over words, kisses Lily right on the lips.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:01:57 PM):"...."
NaturalIyCynical (11:02:02 PM):"I won't ask why..."
Sinisquirrel (11:02:15 PM):"... ..." Soul lost. Falling... THUD.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:02:20 PM):The color slowly drains out of Amado.....and he then shatters.
NaturalIyCynical (11:02:58 PM):(Yuri!)
Sinisquirrel (11:03:02 PM):And Jenna thought she had a bad first kiss...
Myushu (11:03:07 PM):(YURI.)
Sinisquirrel (11:03:17 PM):At least hers was with a BOY! ; ;
NaturalIyCynical (11:03:23 PM):XD Outta nowhere, Shu..)
Myushu (11:03:34 PM):(Hey, Shu loves her yuri.)
Sinisquirrel (11:03:41 PM):(HISS.)
Myushu (11:03:43 PM):(I'm just mad Jenna didnt kiss Lily first.)
Sinisquirrel (11:03:55 PM):(... I go die now...)
Rakath Chaos (11:03:59 PM):( ^_^ )
NaturalIyCynical (11:04:01 PM):(XD)
Sinisquirrel (11:04:02 PM):(SEPPUKU!)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:04:11 PM):"...oh....Oh YEAH?!
Myushu (11:04:31 PM):(Jenna: Heeey, Lily.. Since we finally have a private slumber party.. ^_^ Wanna practice kissing~?)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:04:39 PM):He somehow manages to walk over to the two of them, he then pulls Lily away. "Watch THIS!" He kisses her on the lips himself.
Rakath Chaos (11:05:01 PM):( *Dawn, at hearing this, is at the slumber party... in a pink set of pjs.* )
Sinisquirrel (11:05:29 PM):"..." She stirred. What is...? Annd promptly back to fainting.
Sinisquirrel (11:05:51 PM):Though not without a healthy throwing of arms around the stabbed, bleeding boyfriend.
Rakath Chaos (11:05:54 PM):Dawn frowns, and grabs Lily. She kisses Lily again, with tounge!
kwikkidus (11:05:58 PM):"Look, Dori-chan.. sorrythat I--" "You don't need to be. We lost. Big deal. But stopping mefrom talking to you over it is entirely too much." "...I did WHAT?!"
NaturalIyCynical (11:06:26 PM):>>;... Rane scooted away from Ed a couple of steps.
Sinisquirrel (11:06:32 PM):(... please let this progress no more, or else Lily'll lose it in Henry's room...)
Rakath Chaos (11:06:49 PM):(Let's move to... Dawn's room, it has handcuffs. >.> )
kwikkidus (11:06:53 PM):(In some kind of deranged threesome, even. >>')
Sinisquirrel (11:06:55 PM):(LET'S NOT!)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:06:57 PM):(*Henry goes and kisses Lily*)
Sinisquirrel (11:07:06 PM):(Lily: I HATE YOU ALL!)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:07:10 PM):(*And then the Ojamas all kiss her*)
Rakath Chaos (11:07:11 PM):( No Wing. )
Sinisquirrel (11:07:17 PM):(Lily: :flees to the safety of Ed:)
Rakath Chaos (11:07:19 PM):( * Henry goes and kisses Amado * )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:07:25 PM):(.....>_>)
Sinisquirrel (11:07:31 PM):(...)
Myushu (11:07:37 PM):(Dawn has handcuffs? o.o)
Sinisquirrel (11:07:40 PM):"WHOA! Now that's what I call a SCENE!"
kwikkidus (11:07:40 PM):(Ed: *protects lily.* >>')
Myushu (11:07:47 PM):(I knew I liked her.)
Sinisquirrel (11:07:52 PM):"And to think we don't have a camera..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:07:54 PM):"HAH!"
Rakath Chaos (11:08:03 PM):Takumi has cameras... >.>
Viewtiful Rekk (11:08:06 PM):"Whaddaya think of THAT Spellman?!"
Sinisquirrel (11:08:23 PM):(Uhm. She just tongued Lily.)
kwikkidus (11:08:27 PM):"Ed, what was lesson 32in your Paranormal Dueling class...?" Ed pauses thinking for a second,and then thwacks himself on the forehead. "Damnit, Lily, why'd you haveto be right?!"
Rakath Chaos (11:08:31 PM):While Amado is talking, Dawn is still frenchin' Lily.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:08:32 PM):"Oh my....I didn't know Ms. Sakuma was so popular."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:08:41 PM):"...."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:08:53 PM):Amado ponders tearing the knife out and stabbing Dawn in the neck with it.
Sinisquirrel (11:09:08 PM):Waking up... slowly... Mm, Amado, you're such a good kis-- And cue one LARGE shove away.
Rakath Chaos (11:09:20 PM):Dawn is shoved away.
Myushu (11:09:28 PM):(Pahahaha)
NaturalIyCynical (11:10:28 PM):"..Should I even bother asking what you're talking about?"
Sinisquirrel (11:10:44 PM):"Wha... what're YOU doing here!?"
kwikkidus (11:11:29 PM):"A spirit that is linkedto a person can be more or less cut off from the physical realm if theperson involved chooses not to allow them to manifest. Apparently, whenI lost... I didn't want to see her." Ed says, rather sheepishly.
Rakath Chaos (11:11:36 PM):(( Enishi is watching from a camera... >.> ))
Sinisquirrel (11:11:50 PM):(Oh... was hard t'follow. >>; )
Sinisquirrel (11:12:02 PM):(Oh. I got it. Convenient black out. Run with it.)
Rakath Chaos (11:12:12 PM):(( Yeah, Takumi has has access to all the security cameras ))
Sinisquirrel (11:12:39 PM):"We were... just... planning something, weren't we...?"
kwikkidus (11:12:40 PM):"You know, Enishi, I wouldn't much mind frenching the other one, if you get Sakuma."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:13:14 PM):"Heh...I doubt either of them will be interested in us after this all goes through..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:13:34 PM):"...Yeah. Like calling the emergency number?"
kwikkidus (11:13:41 PM):"Which leaves you with Bruce and me with hordes of concubines. SCORE."
Rakath Chaos (11:13:44 PM):(( She called ))
Viewtiful Rekk (11:13:56 PM):(He was too busy comitting seppuku to notice. >>)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:14:01 PM):"..."
NaturalIyCynical (11:14:04 PM):"R-really..?" A faint blush started to show on his cheeks, but he quickly turned away, straightening his glasses. "Wow, I...nearly forgot that lesson." *Eh heh!*
Viewtiful Rekk (11:14:05 PM):"No thanks."
Myushu (11:14:13 PM):(Yaoi!)
NaturalIyCynical (11:14:19 PM):(STFU XD)
Sinisquirrel (11:14:19 PM):"I... think I did that... I just can't quite recall..." Yes, she can. Back to the floor.
kwikkidus (11:14:31 PM):"You sure? Ya' make a cute couple."
Myushu (11:14:45 PM):(Yaoi.)
Rakath Chaos (11:14:47 PM):Dawn is still hugging Lily.
NaturalIyCynical (11:14:56 PM):(STFU.)
NaturalIyCynical (11:14:59 PM):(>>; )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:15:01 PM):"...Ah. I thought you meant me with the hordes of concubines."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:15:05 PM):"My mistake." He smirks.
Myushu (11:15:15 PM):("Burusu-sama, anya~ <3")
Sinisquirrel (11:15:20 PM):(... XD)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:15:21 PM):(>_>)
NaturalIyCynical (11:15:24 PM):(XD WTF)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:15:27 PM):(...What's anya mean?)
Rakath Chaos (11:15:29 PM):Takumi sighs, "You kids and your crazy hormones... makes me remember when I was younge... *NOSEBLEED!*
Sinisquirrel (11:15:29 PM):("Aun, yamite~")
Sinisquirrel (11:15:42 PM):(Anya is just a noise.)
Sinisquirrel (11:15:49 PM):(You know, like "kyaa" or "ooh!")
kwikkidus (11:16:06 PM):Ed sighs, and then smilesagain. "You're right, Dori-chan... I'll get to work on a new deck." Hegrabs Rane by the collar. "You. Aid me. Now."
Sinisquirrel (11:16:20 PM):(Wow, even Ed's feeling frisky.)
kwikkidus (11:16:27 PM):"Wait... you... and... Bruce... you actually... Oh, my brain reels at the possibility."
Rakath Chaos (11:16:33 PM):( Lily> "That's it! Vampire Lord, just take me now!" )
kwikkidus (11:16:34 PM):(Ed: *thwacks you*)
NaturalIyCynical (11:16:35 PM):*?!* Help...? x.x; "H..Huh?"
Rakath Chaos (11:16:43 PM):( Dawn> *dresses as Vampire Lord* )
Sinisquirrel (11:16:54 PM):(Lily: NOT YOU!)
Rakath Chaos (11:17:18 PM):( Hehe. ^_^ )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:17:24 PM):"..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:17:33 PM):"Don't hurt yourself, please."
Sinisquirrel (11:17:34 PM):"... I would ask you to get off of me, but I suppose you would misinterpret my request on purpose."
kwikkidus (11:17:46 PM):"I need to tinker with adeck. Which reminds me... I'll have to thank Enishi." "...Reeh?" "Heinspired an idea. You see, since I can't win off of just having youalone, I need to make sure that you have proper support."
Sinisquirrel (11:17:48 PM):Yes, the corpse speaks.
NaturalIyCynical (11:18:25 PM):"A-Aide..? Why me? I'm horrible at making decks!" ...Oh, isn't that a lie. "Well..at least I don't think so." >>;
Rakath Chaos (11:18:25 PM):"I could mishear you," Dawn giggles. Dawn just giggled, RUN FOR YOUR MISERABLE LIVES. She hasn't let go of Lily yet.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:18:38 PM):"..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:18:44 PM):"Dear God, she just giggled."
kwikkidus (11:18:48 PM):"I'm more worried aboutyou, unless he really is compensating for something, but that's totalybesides the point. The point is... She has a cute giggle. When theworld is ours, I claim her."
Rakath Chaos (11:19:05 PM):( Once again, Trin made an idiot. )
Sinisquirrel (11:19:14 PM):"Don't we have more, an, important things to be doing...? Like... plotting an attack...? Or something...?"
NaturalIyCynical (11:19:14 PM):(XD Wee~!)
kwikkidus (11:19:29 PM):(He was in detention for the last two months. Has to be an idiot.)
Rakath Chaos (11:19:31 PM):"That can wait."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:19:32 PM):"..."
Sinisquirrel (11:19:49 PM):"No it can't!" T___T;
Viewtiful Rekk (11:19:59 PM):Enishi sighs. "Dumbass..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:20:09 PM):"...."
Rakath Chaos (11:20:33 PM):"They can wait too."
Sinisquirrel (11:20:36 PM):(Y'know, I have no idea how to NPC emergency medical folks, so...)
kwikkidus (11:20:39 PM):"Fine then, get out ofhere. I have work to do!" Ed yelps, before throwing a big box o' cardsonto the floor, along with most of his deck... before gingerly settingthe Doriado cards on the table nearby.
Sinisquirrel (11:20:45 PM):"What, non-slaughted children!? Where!?"
Sinisquirrel (11:20:50 PM):... oops.
kwikkidus (11:20:54 PM):"...What? Did I miss something about her and giggling?"
Myushu (11:21:07 PM):(Nurse shu away!)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:21:12 PM):(>>)
Sinisquirrel (11:21:25 PM):(Nurse Misa!)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:21:36 PM):"Takumi-Sensei...why is he here again?"
NaturalIyCynical (11:21:37 PM):*blink* ...He officially scares me. "I didn't say I wont be able to help...I was just asking why me?"
Myushu (11:21:48 PM):And there came a knock on the door! "Hello? Medical!"
kwikkidus (11:21:53 PM):"Well, because you're here, obviously."
Rakath Chaos (11:22:00 PM):"I don't know... but he's going to kill himself he can," Takumi answers.
NaturalIyCynical (11:22:02 PM):(:D Misa in a nurse outfit!)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:22:03 PM):"THANK GOD."
Sinisquirrel (11:22:11 PM):"THANK GOD."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:22:15 PM):He tears open the door and points at Dawn.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:22:18 PM):"SHE'S ON DRUGS."
Rakath Chaos (11:22:26 PM):"The idiot slipped on a knife, after snortin' coke."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:22:38 PM):"Oh. And I have a knife in my thigh or so- ...YOU STABBED ME, YOU BITCH!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:22:45 PM):Henry is somehow, sleeping through all of this.
Myushu (11:22:51 PM):The young woman jerks back in surprise, staring at Amado like he was inside.
Sinisquirrel (11:22:56 PM):(He's a HEAVY sleeper...)
Rakath Chaos (11:22:57 PM):"Right, medical officers," she stares at them, reminding them of what she can do to them.
Myushu (11:23:02 PM):*insane
NaturalIyCynical (11:23:15 PM):(Injection Fairy Lily!)
kwikkidus (11:23:18 PM):"I am NOT going to killmyself. And I'm here because I'm a better duelest than the rest of youlot, so nyeah." Eon replies, giving them both a rasberry.
Rakath Chaos (11:23:26 PM):"He's also the crossdresser that keeps sneaking into the female dorms."
NaturalIyCynical (11:23:41 PM):"Oh! ...Well, in that case, I guess I can help out -- or at least try to."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:23:41 PM):"..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:23:58 PM):"Eon...what year are you, and how old are you?"
Sinisquirrel (11:24:00 PM):"... Dawn-saaan..." Lily says sweetly. "Allow the nurse to do her job?"
kwikkidus (11:24:08 PM):"Thanks... Now, you see what I was thinking was...." *FADE INTO OBSCURED SPEECH!*
Myushu (11:24:11 PM):"D..drugs?" she then looked down at Amado's wound. "Oh dear! I should've brought a wheelchair-- can you make it to the-- Wait."
Myushu (11:24:23 PM):"He's the one intruding on the girl's dorms?"
kwikkidus (11:24:44 PM):"Second year, and I'm 17... why?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:24:45 PM):"......" Enishi flips a P.A. switch for Henry's room and speaks.
NaturalIyCynical (11:24:46 PM):(XD I love the fades.)
Rakath Chaos (11:24:52 PM):Dawn nods, and is still hugging Lily, but right not it almost looks cute, in place of scary.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:25:00 PM):"Three times now."
Myushu (11:25:04 PM):"I've been hearing a lot about that, uhuh! I know EXACTLY where you're going after you're all fixed up."
Sinisquirrel (11:25:13 PM):"No! It's a different Obelisk! His name is Rane Conicle!"
Sinisquirrel (11:25:19 PM):Yes. She just ratted out Rane.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:25:20 PM):(.....xD)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:25:27 PM):"Wh-what do you mean?!"
NaturalIyCynical (11:25:31 PM):(Rane] ...No..? ;-; )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:25:35 PM):"You're not gonna send me to Osiris Red are you!?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:25:44 PM):"..." Enishi LAUGHS.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:25:54 PM):"Aah...bravo, Miss Sakuma." He claps.
kwikkidus (11:26:07 PM):"...Did she do something profound, there?"
Myushu (11:26:13 PM):"Rane?Uhuh-- I heard there was two of them.. I'll find that other one later." she grabbed Amado by the ear, "you look like you can walk, oddly enough. C'mon! To the nurse's office, quickly!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:26:27 PM):"Nooooo!"
Sinisquirrel (11:26:31 PM):"... that didn't work out quite how I'd planned..." Cue the soul-leaving.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:26:35 PM):"Lily, don't let them make me a Red!" ;_; face.
Sinisquirrel (11:26:50 PM):"I'm kinda busy down here! NOT THAT WAY!"
Rakath Chaos (11:26:54 PM):Dawn looks at Lily, who seems to be losing it, maybe she should do CPR.
NaturalIyCynical (11:27:00 PM):(Rane] I thought that was cleared! Why was I ratted on?! .__. )
Sinisquirrel (11:27:11 PM):(Lily: Convenience.)
Myushu (11:27:19 PM):"Should've thought of that before stealing girls' clothes, young man!" she tugged Amado out the room.
kwikkidus (11:27:25 PM):((...Do I need to get the Magical Girl Keiko-san?))
Viewtiful Rekk (11:27:46 PM):"Grr..." He glares at the nurse with the Hitokiri eyes. "I said let go."
NaturalIyCynical (11:27:50 PM):(Rane] ;-; I'm going to have to cut my hair, get different eye color contacts, and change my name.)
Sinisquirrel (11:28:03 PM):"Nurse! Could you maybe also help remove, uh... this?" Somehow, Lily can point at Dawn.
kwikkidus (11:28:42 PM):(Lily: Dawn, I got you a restraining order! Dawn: Oooh, I love it when you play hard-to-get with me. ;)))
Rakath Chaos (11:28:51 PM):(( XD ))
NaturalIyCynical (11:28:55 PM):(Yuri!)
Sinisquirrel (11:28:59 PM):(... you all dieeeee... XD; )
Rakath Chaos (11:29:01 PM):(( *applauds Trin* ))
NaturalIyCynical (11:29:06 PM):(XD)
Myushu (11:29:14 PM):"Aere you glaring at me? Do you want the knife out or not?!" she seemed a bit preoccupied to care about Dawn.
Sinisquirrel (11:29:34 PM):(... what was Enishi bravo-ing at anyway?)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:29:47 PM):(Ratting out Rane.)
Sinisquirrel (11:29:54 PM):(Lovely. >>; )
kwikkidus (11:29:54 PM):"Enishi, what WERE you bravo-ing at anyway?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:29:54 PM):"...."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:30:04 PM):The glare didn't even work?! I'm losing my touch...
Myushu (11:30:24 PM):(Nurse Nurse isnt scared of little boys!)
Myushu (11:30:37 PM):(*Payback for all the times Amado was mean to Jenna*)
Sinisquirrel (11:30:39 PM):"Maybe, perhaps... you could let me go now?" Lily quietly asks Dawn.
kwikkidus (11:31:04 PM):A short time later, Ed is sitting there with a deck in front of him. "...Alright. I think this should do it."
Rakath Chaos (11:31:11 PM):"Aww..." keeps a tight grip, "But you'll be cute when you squirm."
Myushu (11:31:19 PM):"Now come on! We don't want that stab getting infected, do we? I know some alchohol will fix it right up!"
Myushu (11:31:31 PM):"Oh, and you too girls... No fooly cooly on school grounds!"
NaturalIyCynical (11:31:33 PM):(Amado] ....*girl scream*)
Myushu (11:31:43 PM):*two
Sinisquirrel (11:31:54 PM):A nun. I will become a nun. I have the wardrobe for it...
Rakath Chaos (11:32:05 PM):"We'll be good," Dawn said sweetly. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES AGAIN!
Viewtiful Rekk (11:32:13 PM):"...."
NaturalIyCynical (11:32:20 PM):"That actually took shorter than expected..."
Sinisquirrel (11:32:25 PM):Amado-kuuuun... ; ;
Viewtiful Rekk (11:32:37 PM):"Pardon me, I must take care of something."
Rakath Chaos (11:32:57 PM):( The next morning: Henry wakes up to find Lily tied to the floor snuggling with Dawn. ))
Myushu (11:33:02 PM):"I don't get paid waiting for you kids to decide when you're ready to get some first-aid, y'know."
kwikkidus (11:33:12 PM):"Consider the help..." Edsays, pointing to Dori. "She's an honest-to-god spirit, she knows whatcombos don't work well. Then again, so do you."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:33:13 PM):Amado grips his katana and places it into his sheath and going into Battojutstu stand. "Release her. Or perish."
kwikkidus (11:33:26 PM):Doriado just blushes.
Rakath Chaos (11:33:29 PM):(( I still have the katana ))
Rakath Chaos (11:33:36 PM):(( You never got it back from throwing it ))
Viewtiful Rekk (11:33:44 PM):(...Damn. Do you?)
Sinisquirrel (11:33:49 PM):(She do.)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:33:54 PM):(He just goes into battojutsu stance with the sheath then. >>)
Rakath Chaos (11:34:30 PM):"Really going to try doing that with a bad leg and me hugging this beautiful girl?"
Myushu (11:34:41 PM):"Boy, stop harressing these poor girls. Let's GO. You called me, you're stabbed, by god I'm not being blamed for you amputation!" she grabbed his ear again, pulling hard.
Sinisquirrel (11:34:42 PM):--Lily's limit break! Fake Corpse!--
Sinisquirrel (11:35:07 PM):The girl simply slumps over, seeming not to breathe.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:35:16 PM):"...."
Rakath Chaos (11:35:20 PM):Dawn, gives CPR, like a good girl.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:35:26 PM):". . ."
Sinisquirrel (11:35:55 PM):(Necrophile!)
Rakath Chaos (11:36:22 PM):(Dawn> I'm saving your life, I know how you can thank me later. )
Myushu (11:36:22 PM):"Oh dear!" she cries out, seeing Lily, "do you know how to do CPR? What happened to her?! Here, give me her!" she let go of Amado, going over to the two
Myushu (11:36:39 PM):(Blah, BRB. Lagging)
(11:36:47 PM) Myushu has left the room.
(11:36:58 PM) Myushu has entered the room.
Sinisquirrel (11:36:58 PM):Heheheh... Only I can revive myself! Try all you want!
NaturalIyCynical (11:37:03 PM):"Thanks..."
NaturalIyCynical (11:37:08 PM):(Wubs! :D :hugs Shu: )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:37:10 PM):As soon as he's released, Amado shoots forward, attempting to bring the sheath down on Dawn's HEAD.
Myushu (11:37:13 PM):(Lubs~)
NaturalIyCynical (11:37:14 PM):(Damn...Lag on the "Thanks" )
Rakath Chaos (11:37:31 PM):Dawn blocks the attack with a foot... to Amado's throat.
NaturalIyCynical (11:37:43 PM):(..daaaamn.)
Myushu (11:37:47 PM):"....What on earth is wrong with you kids?!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:37:50 PM):(>..You're evil.)
kwikkidus (11:37:50 PM):Ed smiles. "No problem!You see, the basic thing I noticed was that, well, Amado was right.Dori needs support to be effective. this deck SHOULD give that support.I hope."
Sinisquirrel (11:37:50 PM):(Right in front of the nurse too. >>; )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:38:04 PM):"Ghhhk....!"
Rakath Chaos (11:38:09 PM):"I dunno why he's attacking me, honest."
Myushu (11:38:33 PM):"That's it. Move it!" the nurse took up Lily. "I have no time for this-- people dieing all over-- boy, bleed for all I care! Come to me when you're ready for care!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:38:36 PM):"You're one good cry away from nailing my girlfriend, THAT'S WHY!"
Myushu (11:38:43 PM):Annnd.. she began to leave to figure out why the poor Lily collasped.
NaturalIyCynical (11:38:53 PM):"Don't hope...It will."
Rakath Chaos (11:39:38 PM):Dawn leaves a note for Henry "Amado's blood, blame him."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:39:54 PM):"...."
NaturalIyCynical (11:39:55 PM):[XD]
Viewtiful Rekk (11:40:02 PM):"Damn, I still have this knife in my thigh."
Rakath Chaos (11:40:10 PM):Dawn then leaves in a standard way, kicking Amado, grabbing her knife from his thight, and out the window.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:40:18 PM):"...Ah, I'll just take it out and get some banda- ......"
NaturalIyCynical (11:40:21 PM):(:D Take it out, lick the blood off it, and chuck it to a wall!)
kwikkidus (11:40:23 PM):"Heheh, right. With anyluck, I'll be able to protect her this time." "You mean I'll be able toprotect you, right?" Ed sweatdrops, grinning nervously. "Yeah, thattoo."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:40:34 PM):THe nurse probably hears the screams even if she's left.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:40:51 PM):(Wait. What about his katana? >>)
Rakath Chaos (11:41:04 PM):( Dawn still has it. )
Sinisquirrel (11:41:13 PM):(Great chance to get a real one!)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:41:24 PM):(>>)
Myushu (11:41:31 PM):Her eye twitched. "I guess I'll have to make a second round back here." and.. with Lily she's gone. >>
NaturalIyCynical (11:41:41 PM):(Rane] >:D I can help! I know a very good merchant.)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:41:42 PM):(*After the TF arc is over, Amado imports a Sakabato from the mainland*)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:41:47 PM):He CRAWLS after.
NaturalIyCynical (11:42:04 PM):(Rane] *eye glint* That's where I get my weapons from. Very, very sharp.)
Sinisquirrel (11:42:25 PM):(Okay, why do all the good guys carry sharp weapons?)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:42:30 PM):"...I'm sure a beautiful not to mention genius nurse such as yourself wouldn't want to leave me here, right?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:42:39 PM):(....What do Jenna, Henry, and Ed have? >>)
kwikkidus (11:42:39 PM):(Ed: I carry a sharp wit! :D)
Rakath Chaos (11:42:50 PM):( Dawn> I'm a good guy? When did this happen honey. *kidnaps and ties Lily up* )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:43:01 PM):(Enishi: *pushes up glasses* As sharp as a pillow.)
Sinisquirrel (11:43:03 PM):Annd Lily's Limit Break... ENDED! The girl stirred. "Help him...?"
NaturalIyCynical (11:43:06 PM):(Rane] :D I...conceal mine within my jacket. :ten kunai fall out of his coat, then crams them back in: >>; No one saw them!)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:43:23 PM):(...)
kwikkidus (11:43:26 PM):(Ed: I'll make you eat those words! >:O)
Sinisquirrel (11:43:28 PM):(Ah, fsk it. >>; )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:43:33 PM):(If Kunai and Bastion had a bastard child. >>)
Rakath Chaos (11:43:43 PM):( XD )
NaturalIyCynical (11:43:52 PM):(XD WTF, man...)
Myushu (11:43:54 PM):The nurse looked down at Amado, then at Lily. "What the.." She placed Lily down, then glanced back at Amado.
NaturalIyCynical (11:44:00 PM):(XD You are SO going to die now, Jeff.)
Rakath Chaos (11:44:12 PM):( Kunai> Well, I did get drunk after that duel with Megomi, and woke up in front of the Ra Yellow dorms... )
Sinisquirrel (11:44:35 PM):"Please? It's a long story... But... he... he really needs it."
Myushu (11:44:43 PM):"Don't you pull anything funny anymore, boy! C'mon." the nurse attempted to help Amado up and walk him to the office.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:44:52 PM):"...Wait."
Rakath Chaos (11:44:57 PM):Dawn heads over to Amado's dorm, to leave his sword there... all five pieces of it.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:45:00 PM):"I'm not going to Osiris Red after this, am I?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:45:06 PM):(...)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:45:08 PM):(EVIL.)
Myushu (11:45:32 PM):"Never said you were-- but I am still reporting you for stealing those clothes."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:45:51 PM):"But Professor Chronos will kill m- ..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:45:59 PM):"Hell, he'd probably try to give me fashion tips."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:46:04 PM):"...OH GOD, PLEASE DON'T TELL HIM."
NaturalIyCynical (11:46:22 PM):"Well, now that your deck is done, when are you planning on testing it?"
Myushu (11:46:22 PM):"If you shut up, I'll think about it. =_=;"
Rakath Chaos (11:46:51 PM):( Chronos shows up at Amado's room with some lovely skirts, "My daddy gave these to me when I was just a boy, I want you to have them now. )
NaturalIyCynical (11:47:04 PM):(LOL)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:47:13 PM):Amado shuts up posthaste
Sinisquirrel (11:47:15 PM):(His daddy or his mommy? >>; )
Rakath Chaos (11:47:28 PM):( His daddy )
kwikkidus (11:47:41 PM):Ed shrugs. "I don't know.. I'll just wait to test it later."
Sinisquirrel (11:48:10 PM):(Hrm... I'm just thinking his daddy isn't exactly a daddy in this case...)
Myushu (11:48:12 PM):"Thank you. Honestly, such babies in this school..." the nurse then started helping him towards her office.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:48:44 PM):"...Are you going to tell Chronos-sensei or shall I, Takumi-sensei?"
Rakath Chaos (11:49:11 PM):"If you want to, go for it," Takumi says calmly, "Want a video?"
kwikkidus (11:49:16 PM):"Can I do it?"
Rakath Chaos (11:49:26 PM):"No."
NaturalIyCynical (11:49:26 PM):*nod*... "Alright, just don't wait too long to test it or it'll be too late."
kwikkidus (11:49:39 PM):"Oh come on! I promise I won't try to steal the golem this time..."
kwikkidus (11:50:06 PM):"Right... we'll find a good use for it before too long, I'm sure."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:50:15 PM):"Sure." He smirks, pushing up his glasses.
NaturalIyCynical (11:50:17 PM):(Eon] Please...?! Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? Please? (Oo)(Oo) )
NaturalIyCynical (11:50:27 PM):(Eon] Yay! ^_^)
kwikkidus (11:50:47 PM):"Really? Sweet!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:50:51 PM):"..."
Myushu (11:50:54 PM):(*Likes Eon*)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:50:59 PM):"I was speaking to Takumi-Sensei, no-talent."
Rakath Chaos (11:51:10 PM):"I'll give you a recording in a bit."
NaturalIyCynical (11:51:11 PM):(Eon] Awwh.. ;-; )
Myushu (11:51:16 PM):(*Dislikes Enishi more.* >o)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:51:20 PM):"Thanks."
kwikkidus (11:51:36 PM):"No-Talent?! I'll haveyou know that while you weren't looking, I SO totally just swiped yourArmed Dragon and Big Co-oh yeah, I have an appointment, I'll be leavingnow bye."
NaturalIyCynical (11:51:57 PM):(...Big Co--*bricked*)
Myushu (11:52:06 PM):(...Clepto-whacha-mah-callit. o.o)
NaturalIyCynical (11:52:12 PM):(Must have been the chicken.. x.x; )
Sinisquirrel (11:52:14 PM):(Kleptomaniac.)
kwikkidus (11:52:24 PM):(Compulsion to steeeeeeeeal! :D)
Rakath Chaos (11:52:27 PM):"Check again, I swapped Core with his Jinzo."
Myushu (11:52:30 PM):(Yeah, that. o.o)
kwikkidus (11:52:40 PM):"Wow, that's slightly better! Thanks!"
Rakath Chaos (11:52:57 PM):"Not really, the Jinzo wants to eat you."
Sinisquirrel (11:53:07 PM):Walking behind the nurse and Amado, Lily can only think of one thing: I must somehow mind-wipe myself. ... Or get him to kiss me again...
kwikkidus (11:53:13 PM):"Like everything else in this school?"
Rakath Chaos (11:53:42 PM):( Lily> Dawn's kisses taste like blood and Hell. )
NaturalIyCynical (11:53:42 PM):(Jinzo] Kibbles...n'...Pikeru.. ><)
Sinisquirrel (11:53:52 PM):(... but she'd LIKE that!)
Rakath Chaos (11:54:43 PM):( Dawn> It is destiny then! *kidnaps* )
Myushu (11:54:49 PM):They had arrived in the nurse's office and the Nurse helped Amado sit on the table (thingie-mah-bob).
Sinisquirrel (11:54:52 PM):I mean... we are bunking together... maybe... She shakes her head. Aiee, no!
Myushu (11:55:20 PM):"Hum.. It's high up there.. Gonna have to get those pants off, kiddo."
Sinisquirrel (11:55:20 PM):(Nurse: Okay, boy. Strip.)
Rakath Chaos (11:55:45 PM):( Amado> Could Lily dress my wound... privately? )
Myushu (11:56:02 PM):(Nurse: No fooly cooly! >o)
Sinisquirrel (11:56:24 PM):(Lily: FOOLY! Pleasey? ; ; )
Myushu (11:56:40 PM):(Nurse: Looked like you had enough of that with that girl.)
Rakath Chaos (11:56:51 PM):( Nurse> *while dressing wound* "Now I know why you run Armed LV10 and carry a sword everywhere." )
Sinisquirrel (11:56:51 PM):(Lily: THAT'S THE POINT! I need to cleanse!)
Sinisquirrel (11:57:54 PM):(Lily: ... grower, not a shower.)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:57:55 PM):"..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:58:01 PM):"I'm not taking my pants off."
Sinisquirrel (11:58:26 PM):"Oh just take them off!" ... Okay, that didn't sound right at ALL. "So she can get to the wound!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:58:36 PM):"....Fine."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:58:45 PM):He takes his pants off and reveals....
Viewtiful Rekk (11:58:49 PM):Plain boxers.
Sinisquirrel (11:58:55 PM):Lily turns around and studiously counts the bricks in the wall.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:59:02 PM):That's right. No oppourtunites for you weirdoes to make your BIZZARE jokes.
NaturalIyCynical (11:59:05 PM):(XD)
Rakath Chaos (11:59:12 PM):( Aww, I was hoping for pink hearts, or Sasuke kissing Naruto... )
Sinisquirrel (11:59:20 PM):(Well, you know what they say about guys who wear boxers, right?)
NaturalIyCynical (11:59:22 PM):(:D Or bunnies!)
NaturalIyCynical (11:59:43 PM):(:3 Or fish.)
Rakath Chaos (11:59:46 PM):( Wing, nothing can stop the jokes, you know this. )
NaturalIyCynical (11:59:48 PM):(:3 Or water waves.)
Sinisquirrel (11:59:57 PM):(Or Yugi!)
NaturalIyCynical (11:59:57 PM):(:3 Or--*bricked*)
Sinisquirrel (12:00:13 AM):(Yugi and Yami. For no reason.)
NaturalIyCynical (12:00:24 AM):(:D Or Millenium Puzzles!)
Rakath Chaos (12:00:43 AM):( So, we bring ourselves to one of our heroes alone in a bed... finding his room covered in blood... )
Myushu (12:00:56 AM):(Poor Henry.)
NaturalIyCynical (12:00:57 AM):(...Or, by some twist of WTFness, Mario.)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:01:05 AM):(Henry: Oh man, I slept gre.....HOLY CRAP!)
Rakath Chaos (12:01:09 AM):( While our other hero is happily waking up in pain since a girl is sitting on his stabbed thigh... and was sitting there all night. )
NaturalIyCynical (12:01:14 AM):(:D Or Konami banners!)
kwikkidus (12:01:15 AM):((I think now is a fairly good time for me to bed.))
Viewtiful Rekk (12:01:32 AM):"...."
NaturalIyCynical (12:01:34 AM):(:D Or dragon heads!)
NaturalIyCynical (12:01:42 AM):(:D Or *may blab on for hours*)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:01:49 AM):Enishi points in the opposite direction of the cameras. "LOOK OVER THERE"!
Myushu (12:01:54 AM):"Now was that so hard?" the nurse said, teasingly, and started wiping the blood from off his leg. "How on earth did you get such a thing, anyway?"
Rakath Chaos (12:01:55 AM):( Or... KURIBOH BOXERS! )
kwikkidus (12:02:05 AM):Eon looks. >>'
NaturalIyCynical (12:02:13 AM):(:D Or Winged Kuriboh!)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:02:17 AM):"The girl is a psychopath."
NaturalIyCynical (12:02:23 AM):(:D Or Dark Magician Girl!)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:02:27 AM):"She stabbed me and upped and started frenching Lily for no reason."
Sinisquirrel (12:02:39 AM):(No way. Lily's going to be sleeping with him tonight.)
Rakath Chaos (12:02:41 AM):Takumi has video feed in his goggles, while it appears he is looking at the screen, he's watching hot lesbian identicle twin porno.
NaturalIyCynical (12:02:43 AM):(:D Or skulls!)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:02:58 AM):(...Perv. >>)
NaturalIyCynical (12:03:20 AM):(XD So that's how Takumi gets his fix...and that's why his eyes are shadowed..)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:03:27 AM):Enishi quickly fiddles with the controls....and watches Bruce. "Ha..."
Rakath Chaos (12:03:33 AM):( YAOI! )
Sinisquirrel (12:03:35 AM):A small groan escapes from Lily. "Please don't mention that part..."
NaturalIyCynical (12:03:36 AM):(Yaoi!)
Myushu (12:03:38 AM):"She stabbed you? Now why didn't you say that before instead of acting all silly?!" and, whee, down came a happy cotton wet with alcohol.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:03:50 AM):(>_>)
kwikkidus (12:04:03 AM):Eon looks back. "There was nothing over there, Enish--Reeh?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:04:05 AM):"HOLY CRAP THAT STINGS!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:04:12 AM):"...Keep looking!"
kwikkidus (12:04:19 AM):"...What the hell?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:04:21 AM):(Btw.)
NaturalIyCynical (12:04:22 AM):*?*... "Ed, did you hear something?" >>;
Viewtiful Rekk (12:04:34 AM):(I was this close to putting a ~ at the end of the "Ha...")
Rakath Chaos (12:04:40 AM):( Dawn> How can you not like my kiss, I taste like the blood of the innocent and oppression. )
kwikkidus (12:04:40 AM):"Me? Nothing unusual... why do you ask?"
Sinisquirrel (12:04:41 AM):(YOU SHOULD HAVE.)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:04:54 AM):He forcefully spins his head back around. "I said KEEP LOOKING."
Sinisquirrel (12:05:02 AM):(Lily: B-but... I prefer the taste on boys...)
Sinisquirrel (12:05:21 AM):(So essentially Eon's had his neck snapped.)
Rakath Chaos (12:05:29 AM):( Dawn> Boys that dress like girls? )
Rakath Chaos (12:05:38 AM):( Amado> I'm never going to live that down. )
kwikkidus (12:05:48 AM):Eon pokes Enishi in the forehead. "I don't know what's scarier. That I was right, or that you expect that to work. Shrimpy."
Sinisquirrel (12:05:50 AM):(Lily: Why not? He looks good as a girl.)
Rakath Chaos (12:05:51 AM):( Dawn> Not after the website Enishi started )
NaturalIyCynical (12:05:58 AM):"Uh... It could probably be my hearing..I need to get it checked, or so my brother says." A shrug, and he set the yelling aside to think about something else. Wonder how he's doing, come to think of it..
Myushu (12:06:01 AM):"Oh you hush! Kids these days are such crybabies," she continued cleaning him up.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:06:02 AM):"..."
kwikkidus (12:06:19 AM):"What'd it sound like?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:06:22 AM):"Fine."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:06:28 AM):"Watch if you must." He goes back to the screen.
Sinisquirrel (12:06:31 AM):(I keep thinking of how serious that wound is, really... eesh. >>; )
NaturalIyCynical (12:06:45 AM):*?*... "Sounded like a wail of pain."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:06:46 AM):(>>)
Myushu (12:06:50 AM):(Okay. I like nurses-- never said I was a good one. o.o)
Sinisquirrel (12:06:58 AM):(No, it's not you! XD)
kwikkidus (12:07:01 AM):"You know... there's a video camera in the girl's shower, too... why don't we check it instead."
Rakath Chaos (12:07:03 AM):( No... Dawn missed the main artery )
Sinisquirrel (12:07:17 AM):(Ah, okay... it's just four freakin' inches... eesh.)
NaturalIyCynical (12:07:20 AM):(:D She ish teh Haku!)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:07:25 AM):(Kenshin heals from a leg stab and numerous head injuries in like....a week.
Sinisquirrel (12:07:44 AM):(So it's like our Sonic characters... :cough:REKK: cough: )
kwikkidus (12:07:47 AM):"Yeeah, that was just Amado. Like I said, nothing unusual."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:07:50 AM):(...>>)
Rakath Chaos (12:07:55 AM):( Dawn> Just think of me as a boy missing a part. *handcuffs Lily* )
Viewtiful Rekk (12:08:01 AM):"...The girls shower?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:08:04 AM):"Pervert."
NaturalIyCynical (12:08:13 AM):"Oh...So it was... So I'm not going crazy." *hmhm*
Sinisquirrel (12:08:15 AM):(Lily: What, you mean like your BRAINS!? Lemme go! ; ; )
kwikkidus (12:08:20 AM):"Hey, I'm not the one spying on our leader."
Rakath Chaos (12:08:30 AM):Takumi jokes, "I have Bruce's personal shower rigged up."
kwikkidus (12:08:36 AM):"Perhaps you should check it out?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:08:37 AM):(Rekk: It's HER fault! *points at Risu* She glass'd me. ; ; )
Sinisquirrel (12:08:38 AM):(And yet Eon hasn't realized there's a girl in the cells.)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:08:43 AM):"....Really?!"
NaturalIyCynical (12:08:49 AM):"....No, I don't think I will."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:08:51 AM):He regains his composure.
kwikkidus (12:08:51 AM):(No one tells me anything. ;_;)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:08:53 AM):"I mean."
NaturalIyCynical (12:08:55 AM):(YAOI!)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:08:56 AM):"Do you now?"
Rakath Chaos (12:08:57 AM):"Idiot..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:09:21 AM):"...That was cruel, even for you."
Rakath Chaos (12:09:31 AM):"Eon, use your imagination, and go stare at the prisoner."
kwikkidus (12:09:43 AM):"...WE HAVE A PRISONER?"
Myushu (12:09:47 AM):(Jenna: ...Noooo.>_<)
Sinisquirrel (12:10:03 AM):(Lily: If I don't get through this pure, then NOBODY DOES!)
Rakath Chaos (12:10:11 AM):( Shu, you're the only person EVER to say they like Eon, you brought this on yourself. )
Viewtiful Rekk (12:10:11 AM):"Yes. Don't touch her or it'll just unesecarilly piss Kaito of - ...."
NaturalIyCynical (12:10:14 AM):(Eon] Goody goody, gumdrops! :D *trots away*)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:10:15 AM):"Touch her all you like."
Myushu (12:10:25 AM):(Jenna: NOOO...)
kwikkidus (12:10:28 AM):"Goody goody gumdrops!" Eon exclaims, trotting away. :D
Rakath Chaos (12:10:30 AM):"Bruce wants her unharmed."
NaturalIyCynical (12:10:33 AM):(LOL!!!)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:10:41 AM):"..Liar."
Sinisquirrel (12:10:45 AM):("Oh trust me... the only thing she'll be hurting for is MORE.")
Sinisquirrel (12:11:03 AM):(... I think I just pulled a Zipp.)
kwikkidus (12:11:04 AM):(Jean, that's a Kunai quote. Not a Eon quote. :P)
Rakath Chaos (12:11:06 AM):"We hurt her and we can't use her to full potential as a bargaining chip for Henry."
Myushu (12:11:16 AM):Jenna start near the bars, banging her rollarblades into them boredly. "Bah..."
Sinisquirrel (12:11:24 AM):("True, and what I want to take from her she can't get back...")
Rakath Chaos (12:11:37 AM):( *Pikeru sits in the corner eating a scapegoat* )
kwikkidus (12:11:38 AM):"Bah? Is that like something from a christmas special or something?"
kwikkidus (12:11:48 AM):(Also a Kunai quotable.)
NaturalIyCynical (12:11:48 AM):(Scapegoat] Baa... ;-; )
Viewtiful Rekk (12:11:56 AM):"We're not using her as a bargaining chip."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:12:01 AM):"We're using her to piss Kaito off."
Sinisquirrel (12:12:06 AM):(Pikeru in the corner, making out with Curran.)
Myushu (12:12:15 AM):(...Oo <3)
Myushu (12:12:21 AM):(Nooo)
Myushu (12:12:25 AM):(*Smacks Jean*)
Rakath Chaos (12:12:27 AM):"If somehow Kaito gets an advantage, what better way to chuck his game then use her as a hostage you moron."
Sinisquirrel (12:13:08 AM):(Hurt me baby hurt me.)
NaturalIyCynical (12:13:12 AM):(XD)
Myushu (12:13:18 AM):(Ohh, not now Jean~)
Sinisquirrel (12:13:31 AM):(Yes, NOW! You know I hate to wait.)
kwikkidus (12:13:31 AM):"Anyways, hello there hostage. What's your name? I go by Eon."
Rakath Chaos (12:13:33 AM):( Pikeru> Curran, show me you know how to use that whip/jump rope)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:13:50 AM):"Exactly what I intend to do..."
Rakath Chaos (12:14:11 AM):"Except if she's damaged goods, it'll show."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:14:11 AM):"When Kaito comes, I intend for our match to be in the fire room."
NaturalIyCynical (12:14:23 AM):(Lily] T_T I go by 'Touch me and I'll stick a knife in your throat'.)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:14:28 AM):"What better way to throw him off....then have her hanging over the fire right behind me?"
Myushu (12:14:31 AM):(O_o Wait. Have those cameras been near the cell the whole time?)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:14:40 AM):(....Probably.)
Rakath Chaos (12:14:44 AM):( Yes )
Sinisquirrel (12:14:52 AM):(Well. No private functions for you.)
Rakath Chaos (12:15:00 AM):( We'd be sucky villains if we didn't keep an eye on you. )
Myushu (12:15:08 AM):Well. Scratch out the borednes-- Jenna was just plain creeped out right now-- even more so than before.
Rakath Chaos (12:15:20 AM):( Fortunatly Takumi isn't a phedo, so the bad tapes were deleted )
kwikkidus (12:15:25 AM):"Soo... ahh... enjoying your stay in jail?"
Myushu (12:15:31 AM):She eyed Eon. "Nmph."
NaturalIyCynical (12:15:36 AM):(Gotta head off...Waaaay pass 2. >>; )
Myushu (12:15:41 AM):"Like I said.. I could use a bottle of water."
NaturalIyCynical (12:15:43 AM):(Night! :D)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:15:45 AM):(Byyyye Jen.)
Sinisquirrel (12:15:49 AM):(Night~)
Myushu (12:15:49 AM):"And less creepy shrimps around."
Rakath Chaos (12:15:49 AM):( Only 3 15 )
Rakath Chaos (12:15:52 AM):( Wimp )
Myushu (12:15:57 AM):(Awww, bai!)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:16:03 AM):(I'll make sure to make the yaoi jokes TWICE as obvious in your stead! :D)
NaturalIyCynical (12:16:05 AM):(>:D I have work. Shut your mouth.)
kwikkidus (12:16:08 AM):"So you want water, that short kid who dueled with you... anything else?"
NaturalIyCynical (12:16:20 AM):(:D Thanks, Jeff.)
NaturalIyCynical (12:16:25 AM):(>:D And Jeff...)
kwikkidus (12:16:26 AM):((Night!))
Viewtiful Rekk (12:16:28 AM):"A gag, maybe..." He mumbled, pushing his glasses up.
NaturalIyCynical (12:16:38 AM):(>:D Sleep with one eye open.)
Rakath Chaos (12:16:43 AM):"She probably doesn't want to talk to you Eon!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:16:43 AM):(....o.o)
Myushu (12:16:57 AM):"Shut it!" she glared at Enishi, then sat up some. "HEY. I kinda like this guy."
Myushu (12:17:07 AM):"A lot nicer than some other people here." Glares at Enishi.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:17:15 AM):(Enishi is in the camer4 room.)
(12:17:23 AM) NaturalIyCynical has left the room.
Rakath Chaos (12:17:28 AM):"Trust me, you won't like him soon," Takumi says over the intercom.
kwikkidus (12:17:32 AM):"Well, I figure if we'regoing to be using you as bait to lure someone out, it's best that yoube in relatively tip-top acting shape... after all, it pisses off Kaitoeven more, correct?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:17:33 AM):(Unless that's in the same place as Jenna's cell...)
Myushu (12:17:38 AM):(But I asked if the cell was near the cameas...)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:17:44 AM):(Oh. >>)
Myushu (12:17:44 AM):(*SOB IN CONFUSION*)
Rakath Chaos (12:18:07 AM):"Hey, Enishi?"
kwikkidus (12:18:15 AM):"Unless of course youLIKE him, which would mean that you'd want to be mildly presentable forthe cliche'd 'Oh Kaiiiito-kun!' scene at the end, no?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:18:18 AM):(Let's just say...they're close? >>)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:18:24 AM):"Hm?"
Myushu (12:18:33 AM):"....Nmph. Lay a hand of him and I'll smack you so hard it wont be fun-- WHAT?"
Rakath Chaos (12:18:33 AM):"Why the hell are you in here, go find a hobby other than mine."
kwikkidus (12:19:04 AM):"I wasn't planning on touching him anyways. You've got something he doesn't.
Sinisquirrel (12:19:15 AM):(Two somethings?)
Myushu (12:19:17 AM):Jenna jumped up to her feet, nearly slipping. "I'm not playin' some damzel in distress bud-- WTF does that mean?!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:19:33 AM):"..."
kwikkidus (12:19:36 AM):"Doubleyou tea if do you think?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:19:38 AM):"Fine."
Rakath Chaos (12:19:42 AM):"Eon, I'll burn your Exodia cards if you finish that idea."
Sinisquirrel (12:19:53 AM):(Lily: BURN THEM!)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:19:54 AM):Enishi pulls up a chair and pulls out a copy of Love AI.
kwikkidus (12:20:08 AM):"Oh PLEASE. I'm not in to Lolita, and she's too young to have a nice chest, we both know it."
Myushu (12:20:17 AM):"...."
Myushu (12:20:35 AM):Jenna lunges forth, trying to grab at him through the bars. "YOU PIG!"
Rakath Chaos (12:20:39 AM):( Not as insulting as Kunai turning you down... but close. )
Sinisquirrel (12:20:56 AM):(Age check again?)
Myushu (12:21:06 AM):(14 ;-; )
Viewtiful Rekk (12:21:07 AM):(On who? >>)
Rakath Chaos (12:21:14 AM):( Huh? )
Sinisquirrel (12:21:19 AM):(Is that really 'loli?')
kwikkidus (12:21:28 AM):(17) Eon backs up aliiitle, letting the hands fall just short of him "As a matter of fact,I am absolutely completely 100% certain no one would want to rescue herin the first place. Horrible temper, angry...(con)
Rakath Chaos (12:21:51 AM):( Depends on the person, I counted 14 as out when I was 17 )
kwikkidus (12:21:57 AM):"Incredibly childish,even for her age, and absolutely NO sense of style... and she's aboutas attractive as a wet rock. Why's SHE our bait?"
Myushu (12:22:10 AM):"...." TWITCH.
Rakath Chaos (12:22:12 AM):( Every other character in the RP is either ugly or too young for Mecha-sensei )
Sinisquirrel (12:22:14 AM):(Ah... I didn't. >>; )
Myushu (12:22:24 AM):"What do you mean I have no style? And I am so attractive!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:22:33 AM):"You'd be surprised...." He thumbs a page. "She has a thing for Kaito. Apparently he's too dense to realize it, but he has it back."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:22:43 AM):(What about Megomi? <<)
Myushu (12:22:47 AM):"It's not like someone with your IQ could appriciate someone like me-- SHUT UP SHRIMP."
kwikkidus (12:22:52 AM):"Yeah, come back when you graduate from an A-cup, missy... and I saw that duel of yours... yawn material."
Rakath Chaos (12:22:57 AM):"Eon, I'm very tempted to take your cards after letting the prisoner kill you. Keep going."
Rakath Chaos (12:23:27 AM):( Eon does realize that Dawn is flatter than any other character, right? )
kwikkidus (12:23:32 AM):"Oh please, I'm just having fun..."
kwikkidus (12:23:38 AM):(Dawn is also pure evil. >>')
Myushu (12:23:48 AM):"FUN?!"
kwikkidus (12:23:51 AM):(Evil ALWAYS equals sexy. ALWAYS.)
kwikkidus (12:23:57 AM):"Fun."
Myushu (12:24:19 AM):"...Hmph!" she skated back over to her lonely little seat.
kwikkidus (12:24:32 AM):"Sooo, bottle of water, I take it?"
Myushu (12:25:10 AM):Another "hmph" as she turned her gaze away from him.
kwikkidus (12:25:37 AM):"Figured as much. Probably for the best. Wouldn't be becoming to see you wet yourself when Kaito-kun gets smashed by Enishi."
Rakath Chaos (12:25:54 AM):Takumi locks out the camera controls and heads over to the cell.
kwikkidus (12:26:22 AM):"Oh heya, Takumi-sensei! What's up?"
Myushu (12:26:27 AM):"Grrrr..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:26:28 AM):"...."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:26:36 AM):Enishi begins trying to hack the cameras.
Rakath Chaos (12:26:55 AM):Enishi is flooded with every camera showing him get owned by Tricky Elf Swordsman
Viewtiful Rekk (12:27:06 AM):"...Grrr..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:27:13 AM):He continues his hack attempts VIGILANTLY.
Rakath Chaos (12:27:36 AM):"Sorry about the hired hands, they seem to lack basic social graces.
kwikkidus (12:27:56 AM):"Pfft. I offered her some water."
Myushu (12:28:13 AM):"Water won't make up for all that trash you said!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:28:24 AM):He stomps over to the cell.
Myushu (12:28:28 AM):"At least ONE of you have some manners.."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:28:34 AM):"Takumi-sensei. Can you please unlock the cameras...?"
kwikkidus (12:28:35 AM):"It's not trash if it's true, dearie!"
Myushu (12:28:52 AM):"No it's not!"
kwikkidus (12:29:05 AM):"Burden of proof's on your shoulders, not mine.
Rakath Chaos (12:29:06 AM):"Well ma'am, I'm lying sleeze, I tricked that Sammi girl into not getting involved by promising you and the others would live."
Rakath Chaos (12:29:26 AM):"Enishi, I'm busy, and no."
Sinisquirrel (12:29:57 AM):("Way to hard to hack with one hand, if ya know what I mean.")
Myushu (12:30:03 AM):"Wha? Is that why everyone couldn't find her..? Bah!"
Myushu (12:30:18 AM):Jenna turned her attention away from them again.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:30:39 AM):He sighs.
Rakath Chaos (12:30:46 AM):"Just because I'm evil doesn't mean we can't be polite."
kwikkidus (12:31:11 AM):"I thought it did."
Sinisquirrel (12:31:26 AM):(Impolite intruders.)
Myushu (12:31:46 AM):"I doubt there's a polite bone anywhere in that dope!" she glared over at Eon.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:32:00 AM):"Very true."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:32:16 AM):"He makes me look like Prince Charming..."
kwikkidus (12:32:21 AM):"HEY! I can be polite, thank-you-very-much!" Eon yells indignantly. "SEE?! I was polite! Right there!"
Myushu (12:32:29 AM):"HA. Yeah right. You're still a shrimp, shrimp"
Rakath Chaos (12:32:31 AM):"Yeah... kinda sad to admit that..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:32:45 AM):"...." In leiu of a sweatdrop, he pushes up his glasses.
Myushu (12:32:47 AM):"And... that's not being polite. That's annoying."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:32:58 AM):"I wonder..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:33:06 AM):"Why do so many people insult me based on my height?"
Myushu (12:33:41 AM):"I already call someone dumbass and jerk-face... Needed something else for you."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:34:09 AM):"Well really, at least call me something more fitting..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:34:14 AM):"Like 'lordship'."
kwikkidus (12:34:17 AM):"How about shrimpy mc.Yaoi-boy?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:34:21 AM):"Or 'Enishi-Sama' at least."
Rakath Chaos (12:34:22 AM):"Now now, manners, all of you. No need to be rude, any of us."
kwikkidus (12:34:35 AM):"Oh come on! Shrimpy Mc Yaoi-boy was good!"
Myushu (12:34:44 AM):"Lordship? Enishi-sama?"
Myushu (12:34:58 AM):"Whatever, Enishi-sama, lord of all the shrimps."
Sinisquirrel (12:34:58 AM):(Napo-sama.)
kwikkidus (12:35:28 AM):"That basically just means he beat that other short kid in a duel."
Rakath Chaos (12:35:48 AM):"Well, maybe our guest will be nicer if we, you know, give her a good meal. And you guys might gain some manners with heavy drug use."
kwikkidus (12:36:08 AM):"Naah, the heavy stuff just makes me hallucinate."
Sinisquirrel (12:36:09 AM):(Or she might be friendlier with drugs IN the food.)
Myushu (12:36:16 AM):She ignored Eon. "A meal sounds nice.
Rakath Chaos (12:36:52 AM):"Right, I'll make a meal, Enishi, Eon?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:37:02 AM):"Hm...I could go for some Soba..."
Rakath Chaos (12:37:04 AM):"Please do me a favor... kill each other while I'm gone."
kwikkidus (12:37:11 AM):"Consider it DONE, sir!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:37:16 AM):"..."
Myushu (12:37:23 AM):"Man. What is his problem?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:37:23 AM):"We need him for the duels, rremember?"
kwikkidus (12:37:44 AM):"Well,confidentially, I just got out of a two-month detention with Cronos."
Rakath Chaos (12:37:47 AM):Takumi walks over to get some food for Jenna
Myushu (12:37:56 AM):"Geesh, when are you going back?"
kwikkidus (12:38:11 AM):"Well, probably the next time I get caught.
Myushu (12:38:49 AM):"Hope that's soon."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:39:07 AM):"I hope you can keep yourself out of trouble until after the door opens."
kwikkidus (12:39:10 AM):"Well, if we tke over the world, it probably won't be."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:39:16 AM):"We can just kill you after that."
kwikkidus (12:39:34 AM):"And as Bruce isn't planning on letting me leave this cave until AFTER the door opens, I think I can keep out of trouble."
Rakath Chaos (12:39:41 AM):Takumi comes back with a burger, "Don't be honest to the help Enishi."
Rakath Chaos (12:40:16 AM):Takumi takes a bottle of water from his jacket pocket, and gives the plate with the burger and the water to Jenna.
kwikkidus (12:40:32 AM):"Pssh. I'm a better duelest than both of you combined."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:40:36 AM):"Hmph. Must I prepare my own Soba...?"
Rakath Chaos (12:40:49 AM):"I don't see you behind bars, and you're not a guest."
Myushu (12:40:54 AM):Jenna took the plate and water "Ah, thank you!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:41:02 AM):"I do outrank you both though."
Rakath Chaos (12:41:31 AM):"I have video of you kissing a large photo of Bruce."
kwikkidus (12:41:32 AM):Eon looks over at Takumi. "If he were to die, do you think we could pin it on Jenna?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:41:41 AM):"..."
Myushu (12:41:46 AM):..."What?!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:41:51 AM):"That's PRIVATE, you bastard!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:41:54 AM):"I mean."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:42:06 AM):"I have no idea what you're talking about." He pushes his glasses up.
Myushu (12:42:20 AM):("BURUSU-SAMA <3")
Myushu (12:42:45 AM):She cocks an eye-brow at Enishi, taking a bite of her burger. "So. He's gay?"
Sinisquirrel (12:42:48 AM):(I'm gettin' tired... we should wrap this up?)
kwikkidus (12:42:51 AM):"Oooh, you're blackmailing people now, huh? What'cha got on me? Huh huh huh?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:43:05 AM):(...Right. Log Monkey.)
Rakath Chaos (12:43:08 AM):"Eon, you have nothing of value."
kwikkidus (12:43:14 AM):"SWEET!"
kwikkidus (12:43:20 AM):"...Wait, what?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:43:36 AM):(If you wanna sleep, g'head. I can e-mail you whatever else happens after, kay? >>)
Rakath Chaos (12:43:48 AM):( I kinda wanna wrap up too. )
kwikkidus (12:43:50 AM):(I'm about to need bed too.)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:43:53 AM):(Ah. >>)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:45:14 AM):"...Hrmph. I'm going to my dorm. You morons enjoy yourselves." Enishi storms off.
kwikkidus (12:45:30 AM):"...Well, I'm going to take a nap. Ni~ight."
kwikkidus (12:45:43 AM):Eon also wanders off.
Myushu (12:46:03 AM):"Good riddence.." Jenna continued on with her burger, ready to block everyone else out for a bit.
Rakath Chaos (12:46:32 AM):"I'm in the other room, if you need something just shout."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:46:45 AM):-----------------