Rakath Chaos (6:36:59 PM): -------------------
Polk Kitsune (6:39:36 PM): ((merf?))
Rakath Chaos (6:39:38 PM): (( Someone start... my characters are never out in the open... >.> ))
Viewtiful Rekk (6:39:39 PM): Amado is.......of all places, in the Osiris cafteria. What's he doing? Why, scaring the crap out of smaller weaker students of course!
Rakath Chaos (6:40:05 PM): (( *ques Ed* ))
Viewtiful Rekk (6:40:14 PM): "MWAHAHAHA, FEAR MY POWER RED WEAKLINGS!" He bellows as he smashes some poor first-year in the back of the head with his Bokuto and sends him flyyying (no it's not Ed).
Myushu (6:40:32 PM): (DUDE. Amado needs a life. O_o; )
Viewtiful Rekk (6:40:47 PM): (This is his life. :D)
kwikkidus (6:40:54 PM): However, the first-yearflies right INTO Ed, who was STILL recovering. "G...GRAH! Dude, thatwas my head you just hit!" ye yells, being knocked to the ground."Oh... Hey, Amado."
Viewtiful Rekk (6:41:18 PM): "Oh, hey Ed. Sup?" He asks casually before smashing another small WEAK Osiris into the celing.
Rakath Chaos (6:41:20 PM): "Some way to show your power, picking on weaklings," Dawn says, eating a riceball in a tree.
Rakath Chaos (6:41:35 PM): She can't see them, but Amado is loud.
kwikkidus (6:41:39 PM): "Well, I -was- writing a paper, before you hit me with a student."
Viewtiful Rekk (6:41:46 PM): (Can he hear her? >_>)
Rakath Chaos (6:41:52 PM): (Probably not)
Sinisquirrel (6:42:06 PM): "Such energy..." Lily comments, sitting on the grass underneath said tree. Guess who brought the riceballs?
Viewtiful Rekk (6:42:16 PM): "Well sorry about that. We don't have any training dummies here...and I've always preferred life targets!"
Sinisquirrel (6:42:42 PM): (Thanfully for Dawn, the riceballs are not hand-made.)
kwikkidus (6:42:44 PM): "Well do you mind... you know... NOT hitting people from my dorm? You really don't have a right to, you know."
Myushu (6:43:44 PM): Jenna, with Henry, was thinking of where to go to eat. Suddenly, the Cafeteria just felt.. like a horrible idea. "Y'know, Henry-kun... We should find somewhere special to eat, hm?"
Viewtiful Rekk (6:44:09 PM): "Sure I do. Chronos gave me this permission slip and everything!" He flashes the permission slip before bashing another Osiris into a sink.
Sinisquirrel (6:44:40 PM): "Lots of energy today..." Tea sip.
BreakneckChao (6:44:46 PM): "Yeah, I guess so, huh?" They really ahdn't done much to celebrate beating Terra Firma, had they? What a good idea...
Polk Kitsune (6:44:56 PM): Casey walked by the tree, lookign at his new set of clothes, and leaned against it, tilting his head. "As usuall... With, or without scooter?"
Rakath Chaos (6:45:05 PM): "He'd have more fun fighting other Obelisk students, they fight back," Dawn adds, taking a big bite from a riceball.
kwikkidus (6:45:30 PM): Judai shows up out of nowhere. "Hey! You can't do that!" he yells, pointing at Amado.
Rakath Chaos (6:45:33 PM): Sammi is practically invisible about fifteen feet behind Casey. This is her cameo in todays story.
Viewtiful Rekk (6:45:56 PM): "...What th-? And what the hell are you gonna do about it?" Amado asks with a chuckle, resting his wooden sword on his shoulder.
Myushu (6:45:56 PM): "Yeah.." Jenna let out a little giggle. "Somewhere simple.. but romantic! Just for us."
Sinisquirrel (6:45:57 PM): "I believe it's more fun if they're Osirises... for him, anyway..." She looks up at Casey. "And I believe without, though I could be wrong."
kwikkidus (6:46:54 PM): Judai pwns Amado, somehow leaving him in a garbage can.
Rakath Chaos (6:46:57 PM): "How is it fun if they don't fight back," Dawn asks, actually confused by this idea.
Viewtiful Rekk (6:47:04 PM): Amado is pwnt thusly.
BreakneckChao (6:47:06 PM): What was that supposed to mean?.... "R-romanitc? What do you mean?"
Viewtiful Rekk (6:47:15 PM): (...>_>)
Polk Kitsune (6:47:26 PM): Casey snerked. "Wonder how... Makes me almost glad I'm in the same dorm... Remind me to double lock my doors from now on."
Viewtiful Rekk (6:47:33 PM): (The girl shouts "I LOVE YOU!" and he doesn't think she's interested in romance?)
Viewtiful Rekk (6:47:38 PM): (DENSE)
Polk Kitsune (6:47:43 PM): ((DUH!))
Polk Kitsune (6:47:49 PM): ((classic hero syndrome))
BreakneckChao (6:47:51 PM): (XD)
Myushu (6:47:53 PM): "Romantic. Y'know.. Girlfriends and boyfriends do romantic things..."
Sinisquirrel (6:48:02 PM): "I wouldn't know, Dawn-dono... I've never been interested in fights of any sort, myself."
Viewtiful Rekk (6:48:10 PM): "SOGSGIHS BLAST YOU YUKI JUDAI!" Amado shouts, leaping out of the garbage can.
(6:48:25 PM) kwikkidus has left the room.
Rakath Chaos (6:48:34 PM): Dawn points at Amado from her tree, and laughs.
(6:48:42 PM) kwikkidus has entered the room.
Viewtiful Rekk (6:48:50 PM): "Grrr...shut your face, Spellman!"
BreakneckChao (6:48:52 PM): And theeeen it hit him. "Girlfriend?! Wha? You and me?! When did this happen?" blushes and begins to sweat.
Viewtiful Rekk (6:48:58 PM): (....)
Polk Kitsune (6:49:06 PM): Casey looked behind his shoulder for a moment, raising an eyebrow, then back at front, lookign at Amado, tryign to resist a laugh.
Sinisquirrel (6:49:07 PM): (Classic hero. Gotta love it.)
Myushu (6:49:12 PM): ...Blink.
Polk Kitsune (6:49:16 PM): ((Told ya))
Myushu (6:49:28 PM): "Well..."
Sinisquirrel (6:49:36 PM): Lily looks at Amado and makes one comment. "Bananawara." (Banana-hat.) Meaning, of course, a peel is on his head.
Viewtiful Rekk (6:49:44 PM): "...."
Viewtiful Rekk (6:49:50 PM): Amado tosses the peel off.
Rakath Chaos (6:49:50 PM): "Why should I, I don't play with trash like you."
kwikkidus (6:49:54 PM): "...Ahh, Judai... hero ofthe Osirises everywhere!" Ed muses, smirking. "You know, if I couldbeat Sho in a duel, maybe I'd be HIS sidekick instead of yours."
Viewtiful Rekk (6:50:02 PM): "Grrrrghghg....!"
Myushu (6:50:04 PM): "Back.. at that fight with Bruce.. and you won.. I said I loved you and... You said you loved me too...?"
Sinisquirrel (6:50:13 PM): (That's one potentially yaoi comment of the night.)
kwikkidus (6:50:24 PM): (Damnit, Ed didn't mean it like that!)
Viewtiful Rekk (6:50:30 PM): "Take THIS!" He shouts, and smashes the garbage can with a quck Ryushosen, rocketing it at Dawn.
Rakath Chaos (6:50:31 PM): ( Then Ed can misfire with Amado )
Sinisquirrel (6:50:34 PM): (Too bad for him.)
Viewtiful Rekk (6:50:37 PM): (....NO.)
Viewtiful Rekk (6:50:39 PM): (>_>)
Polk Kitsune (6:50:50 PM): Casey closed his eyes, and whinced...
BreakneckChao (6:50:53 PM): Oooooh crap, Henry. You've really stepped in it this time.... "I do, Jenna!... You're just like a sister to me!"
Myushu (6:51:05 PM): "...."
Viewtiful Rekk (6:51:07 PM): (...)
Sinisquirrel (6:51:08 PM): (OW! STUPID! You don't say that to a girl!)
Rakath Chaos (6:51:09 PM): Dawn spins so she's now upsidedown in the tree, hanging by her knees.
Polk Kitsune (6:51:10 PM): ((OW!... That's harsh.))
kwikkidus (6:51:25 PM): ((Obi-wan: Run, Henry, RUN!))
Sinisquirrel (6:51:26 PM): (That's like a girl saying "let's just be friends" after a hot date!)
Viewtiful Rekk (6:51:26 PM): (PAHAHAHAHAHA!)
Myushu (6:51:31 PM): Wow. Just go rip the girl's heart out already. "Ah..."
Sinisquirrel (6:51:33 PM): ( :has done this: )
Myushu (6:51:38 PM): "Ha...haha.."
BreakneckChao (6:51:45 PM): Henry feels sooooo bad....
kwikkidus (6:52:00 PM): "So... are you... going to leave now, Amado?"
Viewtiful Rekk (6:52:06 PM): (Just 'cause I have to.)
Myushu (6:52:09 PM): "That's right... Sister. ^^; Yeah. I, uh, knew that.."
BreakneckChao (6:52:29 PM): "I'm.... I'm so sorry Jenna..." Henry sees through what Jenna's trying.
Viewtiful Rekk (6:52:37 PM): (...Nevermind. >>)
BreakneckChao (6:52:40 PM): He attempts to give her a hug.
Viewtiful Rekk (6:52:40 PM): "...Bah."
Viewtiful Rekk (6:53:00 PM): He points the Bokuto at Dawn. "Enough of these games!"
Viewtiful Rekk (6:53:08 PM): "Spellman, I challenge you to a duel!"
Viewtiful Rekk (6:53:16 PM): "Do you accept, or are you a coward?!"
kwikkidus (6:53:17 PM): Ed takes cover behind a table. >_<
Myushu (6:53:20 PM): Jenna lets him hug her but she doesn't hug him back. "Really.... It's okay.."
Polk Kitsune (6:53:29 PM): "She's too fast for ya, Amado... You beter give up before you lose a few organs."
Viewtiful Rekk (6:53:30 PM): (Pretty sure Amado and Dawn are outside. >>)
Rakath Chaos (6:53:38 PM): "A duel," Dawn muses, "So that I can publically humilate your Dragons?"
kwikkidus (6:53:50 PM): ((...A park bench, then. :P))
BreakneckChao (6:54:06 PM): Henry knows it's not okay, but also doesn't know what he can do about it.
Myushu (6:54:15 PM): "I just.. misunderstood! Totally my bad. ^^;"
Viewtiful Rekk (6:55:13 PM): "Heh...how simplistic of you."
Myushu (6:55:20 PM): Jenna pulled away from Henry. "I.. I think I, uhm. Forgot something in my dorm."
Viewtiful Rekk (6:55:22 PM): "I don't mean a duel of cards, Spellman."
BreakneckChao (6:55:27 PM): "You'll always be one of ,my best buds, Jenna.... And i'm so sorry for hurting you..." he pauses and looks down. "I guess I'm as dense as everyone says..."
Viewtiful Rekk (6:55:29 PM): "I mean a straight-up physical duel!"
Viewtiful Rekk (6:55:38 PM): (YES.)
Rakath Chaos (6:55:39 PM): "Oh, you want me to help you commit suicide? Well that's even more fun!"
Viewtiful Rekk (6:55:41 PM): (YES YOU ARE.)
Myushu (6:55:49 PM): "I'm not hurt!"
Viewtiful Rekk (6:55:55 PM): "But you can only choose one weapon! None of those infinite number of knives crap!)
Polk Kitsune (6:55:59 PM): "... And another score for the moron..." HE sits by the tree. "This should be good."
kwikkidus (6:56:23 PM): ((Kunai: Only MY knives are infinite! >:O))
BreakneckChao (6:56:28 PM): "I hope... you can forgive me...."
Sinisquirrel (6:56:36 PM): "Saa." Lily nods in agreement. "Riceball?"
Rakath Chaos (6:56:46 PM): Dawn kicks off of the tree, dropping her backpack next to Lily. Dawn lands with a whip in her hand, "Right, I accept those terms, don't go crying to Chronos when I beat you!"
Viewtiful Rekk (6:57:19 PM): "...A whip? Kink- i mean, FINE!"
Polk Kitsune (6:57:29 PM): Casey gave a nod. "Sure." He took one. "Thanks."
Myushu (6:57:39 PM): "Forgive you? For what? Everything's just fine. Uhm... "
Sinisquirrel (6:57:54 PM): (WARNING! When a woman says "it's just fine," it NEVER, EVER is.)
Rakath Chaos (6:57:59 PM): "We start," Dawn lashes out at Amado's arm, "now!"
kwikkidus (6:58:17 PM): ((OBJECTION! It is occasionally just fine. But not often. :P))
Sinisquirrel (6:58:31 PM): (Ah. True. I suppose.)
Viewtiful Rekk (6:58:46 PM): Before the whip even makes contact, Amado seems to dissapear in a circular motion....and brings the Bokuto to strike Dawn up the side of the head. Ryu Kan Sen! (Dragon Spiral Strike!)
Rakath Chaos (6:58:59 PM): (( If they say "It's fine" with a euphoric bliss in their voice it's fine. ))
Polk Kitsune (6:59:11 PM): ((You gota be able to read the signs... And for five easy payments of ninetynine, ninetynine, ninet-*bricked*))
Sinisquirrel (6:59:12 PM): (Like I did last night?)
Sinisquirrel (6:59:17 PM): (I mean... :cough: )
Rakath Chaos (6:59:17 PM): Dawn may be struck in the head, but Dawn's foot has found Amado's crotch.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:00:13 PM): "Ghhrgh!" He grips the Bokuto with both hands....and attempts to bring it crashing down upon Dawn's kneecap.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:00:22 PM): (...Blargh. I gotta jet.)
Sinisquirrel (7:00:30 PM): "... well. Good thing I don't plan on having any children soon."
Myushu (7:00:33 PM): (Awwwww...)
Rakath Chaos (7:01:01 PM): Dawn quickly hand wraps her whip around Amado's Bokuto, as a shield, and brings an elbow to his throat.
Polk Kitsune (7:01:02 PM): "Good plan..."
Rakath Chaos (7:01:04 PM): (( Dammit! ))
Polk Kitsune (7:01:06 PM): ((damn...))
kwikkidus (7:01:16 PM): ((Poop!))
Sinisquirrel (7:01:34 PM): (T'is a schoolnight.)
Viewtiful Rekk (7:01:52 PM): (Yep. See ya. >>;)
kwikkidus (7:01:58 PM): ((Later, duder.))
Polk Kitsune (7:02:07 PM): ((Later))
Rakath Chaos (7:02:09 PM): (( So Amado loses out of vanishing from existance. Dawn wins! ))
Sinisquirrel (7:02:20 PM): (So, will we continue with Henry and Jenna, or just endline this and finish later?)
Myushu (7:02:54 PM): (O_o If you're fine with that.. unless ya'lls wanna finish later.)
Rakath Chaos (7:02:55 PM): (( Let's finish Jenna Henry so Jenna can find either Eon or Takumi (or both) to talk to about this ))
BreakneckChao (7:02:58 PM): (I'm fine with going on)
Polk Kitsune (7:03:16 PM): ((go for it))
Sinisquirrel (7:03:16 PM): (Cool. I have a phone call to take, so I'll be afk.)
Rakath Chaos (7:03:21 PM): (( And so Lily can beat Henry up for being an idiot ))
Sinisquirrel (7:03:39 PM): (Lily wouldn't care. >>; )
kwikkidus (7:04:00 PM): ((I volunteer. :P))
Sinisquirrel (7:04:11 PM): (Cool. AFK now.)
(7:04:26 PM) Viewtiful Rekk has left the room.
Myushu (7:04:45 PM): "...I have to go, Henry. Excuse me!" Jenna quickly turned around, rushing off down the hallway, heading outside.
BreakneckChao (7:04:59 PM): "......"
Rakath Chaos (7:05:15 PM): Jenna's PDA starts buzzing, with a message of "Wanna talk about it?"
BreakneckChao (7:05:28 PM): Gosh, what have I done?.....
Rakath Chaos (7:05:45 PM): (( Well Henry, you let Eon score true love... YOU'VE DOOMED THE WORLD! ))
BreakneckChao (7:06:10 PM): Henry walks out with his head hung.
kwikkidus (7:06:25 PM): Eon falls from the roof,lands on Henry's head, jumps off, and runs out of the door. "You're anidiot, you NEVER tell a girl you think of her as a sister, and I've gota bodyguarding job to do, kay thanks bye."
BreakneckChao (7:07:17 PM): "OW! Hey wait, I..."
BreakneckChao (7:07:27 PM): "Craaaaaaaaap....."
Myushu (7:07:49 PM): Jenna stopped outside, taking out her PDA. "Huh..?" She heads over to a spot by a bush, siting on the ground, and covered up her head with her jacket. "Ah.. Did you see?" she replied to Takumi's message.
Rakath Chaos (7:09:03 PM): "Course I did, I see everything. Wanna talk about it?" Takumi-sensei replied.
kwikkidus (7:10:46 PM): At that moment, Eon runsright by, trips over a root, and falls facefirst onto the ground."Ghhk... Oh! Boss! There you are!" Eon sits up, and laughs nervously."Uhhm... I was sitting on the roof and I overheard evrything."
kwikkidus (7:12:08 PM): ((BAH! AFK and auto-follow for about 30mins or so.
Myushu (7:12:26 PM): (Oh, blah.)
Myushu (7:13:36 PM): "Well... Well... All right..." She replied, then stood up, taking her jacket off her head. She saw Eon. "Er.. uhm.. I'll see you in a bit, okay..?" and headed torwards the computer room.
Myushu (7:16:31 PM): "..Takumi-sensei?" she peeked her head inside the room.
Rakath Chaos (7:16:45 PM): The Computer room happens to look relatively clean, most of the wires are out of the way, with a few, Takumi is playing DDR, "Come in."
Myushu (7:18:09 PM): Jenna came inside, looking at him play DDR. "..You like that a lot, huh?"
(7:18:48 PM) Endless Traveler has entered the room.
Rakath Chaos (7:18:56 PM): "Keeps me from getting fat," Takumi continued to dance as he spoke.
Myushu (7:19:31 PM): Nods. "Ah, right.."
Rakath Chaos (7:19:40 PM): Takumi lands the final steps, "So, the idiot really said that?"
BreakneckChao (7:19:51 PM): (Jen, you wanna get Rane in?)
Rakath Chaos (7:20:03 PM): "Makes me think Amado might be smarter than him... even by a tiny margin..."
Endless Traveler (7:20:43 PM): (I'll read over a little bit and see if I can stick him in. )
Myushu (7:20:49 PM): "Takumi-sensei! Don't say thaaat..." she sniffled, "Herny's not an idiot.. he's just... just a little..."
Rakath Chaos (7:20:56 PM): "Dense?"
Myushu (7:21:19 PM): "....I don't know.." Of course she knew. She just didnt want to admit it.
Endless Traveler (7:21:21 PM): (Oh...and I'll probably be on this name more often on AIM, so you can invite this one.)
(7:21:32 PM) BreakneckChao has left the room.
Rakath Chaos (7:22:38 PM): "Really now, you don't know?" Takumi asked with a large ammount of doubt.
(7:22:58 PM) BreakneckChao has entered the room.
BreakneckChao (7:23:01 PM): (internet conked out)
Myushu (7:23:05 PM): "Well..."
Myushu (7:23:14 PM): "Maybe he is.. a little..."
BreakneckChao (7:23:16 PM): (anybody wanna im me what happened?)
Rakath Chaos (7:23:57 PM): "A little," Takumi eyebrow raised, which nobody can see.
Myushu (7:25:12 PM): "Henry's a nice guy.. He's a really nice guy.. Just a little dense.."
Rakath Chaos (7:25:55 PM): "Well, there are a few tactical options to solve this."
Rakath Chaos (7:26:23 PM): "Option 1: Forcably stuff the truth down Henry's throat. In gruesom and excrutiating detail."
Myushu (7:27:03 PM): "..." Jenna shook her head a little. That didn't sound very pleasing..
Rakath Chaos (7:27:54 PM): "Option 2: A more suble route, which it sounds like you tried and failed."
Myushu (7:28:19 PM): She nodded. "Yeah..."
Sinisquirrel (7:28:53 PM): (Back. :D)
Rakath Chaos (7:29:04 PM): "Option 3: Attempt to force his feelings into sight through jelousy. Not as relaible, but generally gets them to say they love you, without that stupid and suicidal 'sister' clause."
BreakneckChao (7:29:46 PM): Henry, still walking with his head down, was too distracted to see the Obelisk student walking towards him... "Man, what am I gonna... OW!" henry ran into him literally. "Oh, sorry Rane."
Myushu (7:30:19 PM): "Sigh.. If he thinks of me as a sister now.. how can anything change his mind?"
Endless Traveler (7:30:57 PM): *!*... Rane almost staggered back, but caught himself. "Hm? ..Henry, was it?"
Rakath Chaos (7:31:13 PM): "This is the beauty of option 3, it has a backup plan known as option 4: Give up on him if he doesn't love you." Takumi's goggles gleam for a moment dramatically.
Endless Traveler (7:31:45 PM): (Gotta love the gleam.)
kwikkidus (7:32:14 PM): ((Back.))
Endless Traveler (7:32:18 PM): (WB :D)
Myushu (7:32:28 PM): "..Give up on Henry?" Jenna tilted her head. "...I guess I should've been done that.."
BreakneckChao (7:32:50 PM): "Yeah, that's me. Sorry about the collision there... I'm a bit distracted today..." henry hangs his head once again. "...Hey Rane? I think I've done something horrible..."
Myushu (7:33:18 PM): (welcome back, Kiwi~)
Rakath Chaos (7:33:23 PM): "Ah, but Option 3 can ease you into giving up on him. Find some guy, use him as a means to make Henry jelous. If that fails you still have the rube."
kwikkidus (7:33:24 PM): (I'm a kiwi?!)
Endless Traveler (7:33:38 PM): "Oh, it's alright. . . I'm a bit distracted, myself.."
Endless Traveler (7:33:46 PM): "What did you do...?"
Myushu (7:34:10 PM): "Huh.. Is that.. really alright to do, Takumi-sensei?"
BreakneckChao (7:35:06 PM): "Jenna thought I was her boyfriend, and I... well... you get the picture.... I don't know how I'm supposed to face her.... She probably hates me..."
Rakath Chaos (7:36:13 PM): "Perfectly sound thing to do," Takumi answered quickly,
Rakath Chaos (7:36:25 PM): "Since you want Henry, but you don't wanna be alone forever. So find a guy you like, date him, if Henry will ever come around, he will. If he doesn't, you still have someone."
Endless Traveler (7:37:04 PM): He blinked. Gah...? He didn't tell me he was a relationship advisor. . . This is going to be hard.. "Well...Did you tell her that you didn't...y'know.."
Myushu (7:37:53 PM): "...Yeah. Yeah, okay. Thank you, Takumi-sensei."
(7:38:42 PM) kwikkidus has left the room.
(7:38:45 PM) Endless Traveler has left the room.
BreakneckChao (7:38:46 PM): "Yeah... I told her that I loved her, though, and i do! I'd do anything for her. I'd risk my life for her, and ironically, I have lately... But she's like my little sister..."
(7:38:57 PM) Endless Traveler has entered the room.
Rakath Chaos (7:39:01 PM): "Now the question is... who do date now?"
BreakneckChao (7:39:18 PM): BreakneckChao (7:38:39 PM): "Yeah... I told her that I loved her, though, and i do! I'd do anything for her. I'd risk my life for her, and ironically, I have lately... But she's like my little sister..."
Sinisquirrel (7:39:53 PM): (Jenna: After what I show you I can do, you will NOT think of me as your 'little' ANYTHING, buster.")
Endless Traveler (7:40:00 PM): "Oh... I see.."
Myushu (7:40:40 PM): "Hum... I don't know."
Endless Traveler (7:40:51 PM): "Hn... I'm not sure what to say on this.."
Endless Traveler (7:41:41 PM): "After you told her, what happened. . .?"
BreakneckChao (7:42:11 PM): "She insisted everything was fine, and she... ran off..."
Endless Traveler (7:42:22 PM): "...Everything's not fine."
BreakneckChao (7:42:35 PM): "Yeah, I kinda realized that one..."
(7:43:13 PM) kwikkidus has entered the room.
Myushu (7:43:22 PM): (Welcome back!)
Endless Traveler (7:43:27 PM): (Wubs! :D)
kwikkidus (7:43:36 PM): ((What'd I miss? Someone PM it ta' me. >>'))
Endless Traveler (7:43:51 PM): "Hn... Find her and talk to her. That's all I can suggest right now.."
BreakneckChao (7:44:43 PM): "...Right... Thanks Rane, you're a real pal..."
BreakneckChao (7:45:07 PM): with that, Henry ran back in the direction jena had gone.
BreakneckChao (7:45:11 PM): *Jenna
Rakath Chaos (7:45:25 PM): "Well, once again, you have options," Takumi said simply.
Myushu (7:46:04 PM): "...Yeah." she nodded her head, "Thank you, Takumi-sensei.. I'll find someone.."
Endless Traveler (7:46:19 PM): Or is he...? Geeze, that was hard. Rane took off his glasses and cleaned them with a handkerchief. I'll never do that for him again... Now, where's his next class again..? He continued to wander the halls.
kwikkidus (7:46:41 PM): Eon leans against the outside wall of the building. "Hmm hmm... hope Takumi isn't trying to make out with boss or anythin'."
Rakath Chaos (7:47:33 PM): "Well, look at your 'good' choices currently. Someone close to Henry hurts more to see you with."
Myushu (7:48:00 PM): She nodded. "All right.."
BreakneckChao (7:48:04 PM): "....Dang, this is hopeless, I'll never find her this way... I wonder if her PDA is on..."
Myushu (7:48:42 PM): "Uhm, I'll be going now, Takumi-sensei. Thank you again."
BreakneckChao (7:48:50 PM): Henry pulls out his PDA and tries to contact Jenna.
Rakath Chaos (7:49:14 PM): "Right, I'll contact you for your lessons in dueling." Takumi grinned and went back to his DDR machine.
Myushu (7:49:45 PM): As she left the computer room, Jenna's PDA started beeping, and she checked it. "Yes?"
BreakneckChao (7:51:05 PM): "Hey Jenna?... It's me... You think you could stand to meet me at the fountain? I need to talk to you..." Henry sounds very sad and apologetic.
(7:51:57 PM) Endless Traveler has left the room.
(7:52:10 PM) Endless Traveler has entered the room.
Endless Traveler (7:52:27 PM): ...?]
Myushu (7:52:41 PM): "Ah..! Henry! Ah, well," she looked around franticly, tearing, "I can't right now! I'm, uhm. I'll see you later!"
Polk Kitsune (7:53:05 PM): ((And there goes the kick in the crotch!))
Sinisquirrel (7:53:21 PM): (Takumi is recording the exact moment Henry ker-splodes.)
Endless Traveler (7:53:28 PM): (XD)
Polk Kitsune (7:53:50 PM): ((Of course he is. Takumi records everything))
BreakneckChao (7:53:57 PM): "...CRAP. She hung up..."
Sinisquirrel (7:54:19 PM): (Yeah, but in this case he's got it pinpointed to the second. On a special disc.)
Rakath Chaos (7:54:33 PM): ( Should Sammi be brought in... or can I idle? )
kwikkidus (7:54:46 PM): "Boss. How goes it now?" Eon mutters, leaning cooly against a wall, and staring at a crack in the tiling.
Sinisquirrel (7:54:50 PM): (Idle with me~)
BreakneckChao (7:54:54 PM): DANGIT! I've ruined everything! I've lost one of my best friends to my freaking stupidity!
Polk Kitsune (7:55:01 PM): ((Last I checked, Casey was watching the fight >>...))
BreakneckChao (7:55:09 PM): Henry begins to tear up...
Polk Kitsune (7:55:15 PM): ((stuck in time...))
Rakath Chaos (7:55:18 PM): (( Wing went away so the fight vanished ))
Sinisquirrel (7:55:25 PM): (Penguin Soldier: Squeeek... *pats shoulder*)
Sinisquirrel (7:56:00 PM): (And that's not how it typically, er, works there. >>; Otherwise we could just make up whatever when someone goes missing.)
Myushu (7:56:10 PM): Sniff. "I... hung up on him.." she looked over at Eon, starting to cry.
Sinisquirrel (7:56:47 PM): (Of course, technically, this didn't have to be at the same time... but since Jenna mentioned the cafeteria, it's a little stuck.)
kwikkidus (7:56:53 PM): Eon falls silent, lookingaway. "Is there anything you need to do? Anything at all. Say the word.Horse's head in a bed, love letter, whatever you need."
BreakneckChao (7:57:03 PM): Screw this... I need some time to think....
Rakath Chaos (7:57:04 PM): (( We could make up Amado geting punted into the ocean? *grin* ))
kwikkidus (7:57:30 PM): ((We could make up Casey assuming the fight was over and leaving.))
Sinisquirrel (7:57:54 PM): (Cool, I guess so. >>; )
Polk Kitsune (7:57:57 PM): ((>> ))
kwikkidus (7:58:06 PM): ((I am filled with solutions! ^_^))
BreakneckChao (7:58:43 PM): Henry turns to the nearby docks... Why not... what else have I got to lose? Henry got in one of the small rowboats without asking the attendent, who was conveniently on break, and began to row out...
Sinisquirrel (7:58:44 PM): (Or just general disinterest after a few minutes of watching them.)
BreakneckChao (7:58:58 PM): I just need some time to figure something out...
Polk Kitsune (7:59:07 PM): Casey sighed, and walked off. "I should have known they'd do something stupid..."
Myushu (7:59:33 PM): Jenna lowered her head, wiping her eyes. "Ah... uhm.." she started to walk over to him.
Polk Kitsune (7:59:36 PM): "It's Amado and Dawn. Can't expect anything less..."
kwikkidus (8:00:04 PM): "Ah-uhm? What's that supposed to mean?" Ooh look. An ant. This ant has suddenly become incredibly interesting.
Sinisquirrel (8:00:13 PM): Ever the polite spectator, Lily waves as Casey walks off. "See you later."
Rakath Chaos (8:00:27 PM): Sammi takes a step out into the open, and steps on a twig. *snap*
Polk Kitsune (8:01:28 PM): He waved back. "See you later. I'm gona need a play by- huh?" He blinks, and quickly looks where he heard the noise. "Who's..." He blinked again, seeing Sammi. "... there..."
Myushu (8:02:00 PM): "Could you..?" she started to ask, but stopped, and latched on tightly to the flunky.
kwikkidus (8:02:42 PM): Eon's face turns about asred as his eyes are, and he rather stiffly pats her on the back, in anawkward hug. "Uhh... Are you okay?"
Sinisquirrel (8:02:48 PM): (So, who gets called 'boss' in bed?)
kwikkidus (8:03:06 PM): ((...Huh?))
Sinisquirrel (8:03:13 PM): (... nothing.)
Rakath Chaos (8:03:19 PM): ( Jenna, you know Eon's into 'that' ))
Sinisquirrel (8:03:41 PM): (What? Misfiring?)
Rakath Chaos (8:03:53 PM): ( No, calling the girl 'Boss' )
Sinisquirrel (8:04:03 PM): (Oh. Pooh.)
Polk Kitsune (8:04:49 PM): Casey waved at Sammy, smilling. "Hi there."
(8:05:10 PM) Endless Traveler has left the room.
Myushu (8:05:15 PM): Jenna shook her head. "No.. I don't know.." she mumbled out into his jacket. "I just wanted.. a hug.."
Rakath Chaos (8:05:49 PM): Sammi was spotted, and her heart skipped a beat, "H-hi."
kwikkidus (8:06:54 PM): Eon nods, continuing topat her on the back. "Well.. that's what I'm here for, I guess. I don'tget to annihilate anyone, least I can do is hug you."
(8:07:13 PM) Endless Traveler has entered the room.
Polk Kitsune (8:07:42 PM): He walked to her, smilling still. "What are you doing out here?"
Myushu (8:07:47 PM): "I'm sorry... I probably don't give you exciting jobs.."
Myushu (8:08:06 PM): (>_> Don't say anything, Jean.)
Rakath Chaos (8:08:34 PM): ( Exciting jobs... you can fix that Jenna... >.> )
kwikkidus (8:08:37 PM): "Keeping up with yoursocial life is proving to be more than exciting enough. It's quitecomplicated... what, between Henry and Takumi-sensei."
Sinisquirrel (8:08:50 PM): (Don't need to. Rak speaks my mind.)
Myushu (8:09:04 PM): (Rar. ._.)
Myushu (8:09:14 PM): "And.. Takumi-sensei..?"
kwikkidus (8:09:46 PM): "Well... yeah... right?"
Myushu (8:10:44 PM): "...What are you implying?"
kwikkidus (8:11:30 PM): "Well, he WAS the one who hired me with a porno tape he made himself." Eon says, with more than a little sarcasm.
Myushu (8:13:06 PM): "I don't want to be in Takumi-sensei's tapes... I don't like him like that.."
kwikkidus (8:14:18 PM): "...So what'd he want, anyways?"
Rakath Chaos (8:15:00 PM): (Takumi isn't in Takumi's tape... I hope you all realize this... )
Sinisquirrel (8:15:17 PM): (Too bad for him. Sounded pretty hawt.)
kwikkidus (8:15:20 PM): ((Eon does. :P))
kwikkidus (8:15:33 PM): ((The tape was, after all, just lesbian pr0n. But the point is he TAPED it.))
Myushu (8:16:03 PM): "He was just talking to me about..." she sighed a little, "..Henry.. He saw it all."
Rakath Chaos (8:16:05 PM): (( Actually the school did... he just got a copy off their tapes ))
kwikkidus (8:16:31 PM): ((Which he then sold to aflunky in exchange for, and let me make this clear, help in taking overthe world. Liiiiiittle bit weird.))
Sinisquirrel (8:16:32 PM): (And mixed in music. Test My Best.)
kwikkidus (8:17:16 PM): "Oh... that. I uh... Sorry... Anything I can do to help about that..?"
Rakath Chaos (8:18:39 PM): (( Hey, it's hardly Takumi's fault they decided to do it in the Obelisk Blue arena... made it easier. Also we gotta wonder what keeps landing Eon in detention... ))
kwikkidus (8:18:52 PM): ((Skipping detentions, obviously))
Polk Kitsune (8:20:04 PM): Casey tilted his head, aproaching Sammi. "Are you okay?"
Myushu (8:20:09 PM): "I don't know.." Jenna looked up at him. "Kinda embarressing, huh? I'm suppose to hook you up and I can't even realise if I'm seeing someone or not."
(8:20:13 PM) Endless Traveler has left the room.
Rakath Chaos (8:20:18 PM): Sammi stammered out, "F-f-fine..."
(8:20:26 PM) Endless Traveler has entered the room.
kwikkidus (8:21:37 PM): "...Oh! That reminds me."Eon's tone becomes slightly more businessmanlike. "When are you goingto be finding me this person with which to 'hook up?' I mean... notthat I don't ENJOY being a flunky and all, but... yeah."
Rakath Chaos (8:23:12 PM): Takumi messages onto Jenna's PDA, "Options 3 and 4: Find a rube."
Polk Kitsune (8:24:42 PM): He smiled, nodding. "Good to hear. Where were you going?"
Myushu (8:24:52 PM): "Nrm.." Of course she remembered what Takumi said. But could she really go through with it? She didn't want to use anyone.. nor did she want to hurt Henry, even after this. "Well.. Eon.."
Rakath Chaos (8:25:12 PM): Sammi really doesn't have an answer to this, and just stammers out what sounds like she does have an answer, but is mostly gibberish.
kwikkidus (8:26:00 PM): Eon tilts his head to the side. "Oh, you didn't find anyone..? Ahh, it's fine. I gotcha."
Myushu (8:27:14 PM): "Eon... What do you think of me?" she asked a bit shyly.
kwikkidus (8:28:56 PM): "Of you? Well... I thinkyou're cute... a bit attached to Henry... overall a nice person,though... 7 of 10 on the perfect boobage scale... and you're prettymuch the only student in the school who doesn't fear my wrath, boss.Why?"
Polk Kitsune (8:29:23 PM): casey blinked and raised an eyebrow. "Is... that... so?..." He shook his head a bit. "Don't mind if I walk with you then? Ever since that Tera Firma thing's ended, I
Polk Kitsune (8:29:40 PM): 've been... unocupied..." He sighed.
(8:29:53 PM) BreakneckChao has left the room.
Rakath Chaos (8:30:10 PM): "O-okay..." Sammi answers, a small hint of read on her face.
(8:30:29 PM) BreakneckChao has entered the room.
BreakneckChao (8:30:36 PM): By this time, Henry had drifted quite aways out to sea. The school was still clearly visible, though, and he knew he'd go back when he felt he knew what to do. Henry was basically just laying down in the tiny boat.
Myushu (8:30:41 PM): "...Just to see what kind of girl you-- Perfect boobage scale?"
kwikkidus (8:30:56 PM): "Well... yeah. What, doesn't everyone have one?"
Myushu (8:31:39 PM): "I... don't know. I guess guys do..." And maybe Dawn.
BreakneckChao (8:31:55 PM): Henry let his hand glide across the water as he sighed, "This is a fine mess you've gotten yourself into this time, Kaito..."
Rakath Chaos (8:32:03 PM): ( Dawn: I don't care about that! I care if they shave... >.> )
Myushu (8:32:23 PM): "...Well. I think I'm done with Henry."
Sinisquirrel (8:32:42 PM): (Lily: ... I'm rather... uhm... :fidget: I need to leave. :runs: )
kwikkidus (8:32:50 PM): "er-hemm." Quick clearingof the throat. "Oh. Well. I mean. Erm." Shrewd thinking time. "I thinkI see where this is going. Do I get to be an act of vengance?"
BreakneckChao (8:32:52 PM): "...I'm not sure Jenna will ever forgive you for this..."
Myushu (8:33:18 PM): "Act of vegance?"
Polk Kitsune (8:33:20 PM): He smiled, then blinked a bit, seeing her cheek, but tried not to mention it, his curiosity tickled. "Hmmm... How about a walk by the docks? The view of the sea's great there, I think... What do you say?"
kwikkidus (8:33:32 PM): "Revenge against Henry. Or something like that."
Myushu (8:33:44 PM): "..You don't deserve to be treated like that."
BreakneckChao (8:34:06 PM): And with that, henry drifted off to dreamland, aided by the gentle rocking of the waves...
kwikkidus (8:34:19 PM): "Oh yeah, you're caring too. Sometimes to the point of a fault. Forgot that one."
Rakath Chaos (8:34:24 PM): Quite close to fainting, "S-sure... the view is N-nice..."
Myushu (8:34:43 PM): "I guess not many of your bosses have been caring, huh?"
BreakneckChao (8:35:08 PM): To anyone looking at the boat with the Ra asleep inside, it appeared to be an unmanned boat adrift in the ocean.
kwikkidus (8:35:11 PM): "I'm a hired hand. This usually means shady underhanded deals. Of COURSE they're not caring."
Myushu (8:35:23 PM): "...Oh. Right."
Polk Kitsune (8:35:29 PM): He tilted his head a bit, placign his hand on her shoulder. "Sammi?..."
kwikkidus (8:35:30 PM): "Yeeeah."
Myushu (8:35:48 PM): "Well... I care about you. So.."
BreakneckChao (8:36:02 PM): Not that it would be easily visible... The current was pulling him farther and farther out to sea...
Rakath Chaos (8:36:25 PM): Sammi jumps a bit, heart skipping a beat. "Y-yes..."
kwikkidus (8:36:35 PM): "So you're NOT planning on using me as some sort of rube. Well, that's good to know. This hug'd feel really dirty if I was."
Myushu (8:37:55 PM): "Yeah... It would.. and I'd hate that. I like your hugs..."
kwikkidus (8:38:28 PM): Eon sweatdrops. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were hitting on me, boss."
Myushu (8:38:55 PM): "I am?"
kwikkidus (8:39:10 PM): "Well, you DID just comment on liking my hugs."
Rakath Chaos (8:39:12 PM): ( Jenna *in skimpy see through nighty*: I'm hitting on you, don't be silly." )
kwikkidus (8:39:28 PM): ((...I don't know whether to laugh or cry.))
Myushu (8:39:45 PM): (o_o)
(8:40:26 PM) Endless Traveler has left the room.
Sinisquirrel (8:40:36 PM): (... :Lily wears same for Dawn: )
(8:40:38 PM) Endless Traveler has entered the room.
Myushu (8:40:43 PM): "..But I do. 'Cause-- well.. Nevermind."
Sinisquirrel (8:41:10 PM): (Jenna, please note that in that cell just a day or so before how Eon comment on your flat chest.)
kwikkidus (8:41:16 PM): "..." Eyetwitch. Sunglasses moved to top of forehead. "Because why?"
Sinisquirrel (8:41:20 PM): (And now he is suddenly rating it a 7/10.)
Rakath Chaos (8:41:22 PM): ( *Dawn drags Lily off to the nearest closet that isn't bugged with cameras...* )
kwikkidus (8:42:01 PM): ((*Dawn and Lily find themselves somewhere in scotland after this search*))
Polk Kitsune (8:42:22 PM): He looked into her eyes a moment. "Are you... Going to be okay? You're... trembling..."
Rakath Chaos (8:42:24 PM): (( No, just off school grounds... So Lily's closet would work* ))
Sinisquirrel (8:42:31 PM): (Lily: The land of half of my PEOPLE!)
Myushu (8:43:33 PM): Jenna went silent before speaking up again. "I just don't.. get hugged like that a lot."
Rakath Chaos (8:43:57 PM): Sammi smiles, still blushing, "I-I'm fine... r-r-really..."
kwikkidus (8:44:00 PM): "Well pining after Henry that's no real suprise, is it... kid's denser than Bruce's entire deck."
BreakneckChao (8:44:20 PM): (Henry hugged her. >o<)
Myushu (8:44:31 PM): (Not like EON.)
BreakneckChao (8:44:36 PM): (XD)
kwikkidus (8:44:40 PM): ((And either way, YOU GOT BURNED!))
Myushu (8:45:13 PM): "..Heheh.. He's not that dense. A little but.. well.. Maybe he is."
Sinisquirrel (8:45:26 PM): (MAYBE!? If you suggest that, you're denser than he is.)
Polk Kitsune (8:45:38 PM): Casey smiled, and softly took her hand into his. "Good... I'd hate to see anything happen to you."
Myushu (8:45:44 PM): (Aww. XD She just doesnt want to admit it.)
Rakath Chaos (8:45:57 PM): 3. 2. 1. Sammi faints.
Polk Kitsune (8:46:07 PM): ((Denial... it's a powerfull thing))
kwikkidus (8:46:21 PM): "Allow me to recount theentirety of the conversation. 'So, now that you're my BF...' 'BF?!WTF?!!' 'U said u luvd me.' 'lolz, az a sister, mayb.' ';____;!'" Yes.He just said ';____;!'"
Myushu (8:46:56 PM): "....."
BreakneckChao (8:46:59 PM): (There was no lolz! ;_;)
BreakneckChao (8:47:07 PM): (Curse you smiley!)
Myushu (8:47:24 PM): "...He's very.. dense.. Alright. Henry's dense."
kwikkidus (8:47:33 PM): "Yeah...that's not something anyone with, you know, any amount of intelligence says to someone as cute as you are!"
Polk Kitsune (8:47:58 PM): Casey quickly caught her, a bit more prepared. "Woah... She's light... Either that, or more nervous than a turkey on Christmas eve."
BreakneckChao (8:48:01 PM): (He wasn't trying to be mean, he really wasn't. ;___;)
Myushu (8:48:06 PM): Jenna blushed. "You think I'm cute?"
BreakneckChao (8:48:14 PM): (I SWEAR I'LL KILL THAT SMILEY!)
Myushu (8:48:26 PM): (XD Wah.. calm down David~)
BreakneckChao (8:48:31 PM): (XD)
kwikkidus (8:48:31 PM): "Erm... shit, I did just say that, didn't I." Grimace. "Ye--yeah... kinda... sorta... A little. Maybe."
Sinisquirrel (8:49:03 PM): ("Only..." Breathes in, breasts moving upward. "...maybe?")
Myushu (8:49:37 PM): "I'm not gonna attack you for thinking I'm cute, Eon-- even if you did say a bunch of stuff about me back in that cell.."
kwikkidus (8:50:18 PM): "Yeah, well, I was beingpaid to be an ass. I figured I may want to give them their money'sworth." Pause. "Erm... so to speak. Professionalism is something Ipride myself on."
Myushu (8:51:08 PM): "Sometimes your professionalism isn't very fun.. You should loosen up more."
Polk Kitsune (8:51:27 PM): Casey laid her on the grass, and sat down, watching over her...
(8:51:27 PM) BreakneckChao has left the room.
kwikkidus (8:51:28 PM): "..Huh. You really think so?"
Myushu (8:52:06 PM): "Yeah. You don't have to be professional to have a girly... You just gotta be yourself and be caring."
Sinisquirrel (8:52:33 PM): (Isn't that a contradiction right there?)
kwikkidus (8:52:42 PM): "Oh. Well then..." Eon draws his face into an incredibly unnatural-looking smile. "Is this better?"
Rakath Chaos (8:52:55 PM): (( Eon is Sora!? ))
Myushu (8:52:58 PM): (O_o Maybe?)
Sinisquirrel (8:53:02 PM): (Bwahaha.)
kwikkidus (8:53:10 PM): ((...NO FLOPPY SHOES!))
Myushu (8:53:24 PM): Jenna stared at Eon and... stared to giggle.
Sinisquirrel (8:53:25 PM): (Aw, c'mon. You know what they say about a guy with big shoes.)
kwikkidus (8:53:35 PM): ((Yep. He's got big feet.))
(8:53:38 PM) Endless Traveler has left the room.
Sinisquirrel (8:53:42 PM): ( :sighs: )
Rakath Chaos (8:53:43 PM): ( They're gay and like other guys in big shoes? )
Polk Kitsune (8:53:50 PM): ((Hopefully not compensating for something >>))
(8:53:51 PM) Endless Traveler has entered the room.
kwikkidus (8:53:52 PM): "...WHAT?!" The smile is gone now, replaced by mild inditnation.
Myushu (8:54:56 PM): "That looked weird-- but it's a start."
Polk Kitsune (8:55:04 PM): Casey sighed, and pulled out the smelling salts again. "I beter buy more of that soon..."
kwikkidus (8:55:18 PM): "Huh. Well, I don't smile, so feel privilaged. Then again, I never really move the sunglasses either. LEads to weird questions."
Rakath Chaos (8:55:26 PM): Sammi slowly opens her eyes, then sits up and checks her surroundings.
Myushu (8:56:11 PM): Jenna started to tiptoe up a little to stare at him closely in the eyes. "...Huh!"
Polk Kitsune (8:56:11 PM): Casey pocketted the salts quickly, and smiled at her. "Welcome back to conciousness..."
kwikkidus (8:57:00 PM): Eon looks back. Yeuuup.They're red. "I have a rare form of a sort of limitedAlbi...no...ism..." his voice just kinda trails off.
Myushu (8:57:19 PM): "They're so... cool!"
(8:57:45 PM) BreakneckChao has entered the room.
Rakath Chaos (8:57:48 PM): "I-I fainted again?" Sammi asked, bringing her knees up in a fetal position, which is a mistake with one of those Sailor Moon sized skirts on.
kwikkidus (8:57:51 PM): "Hu...huh?!" Eon steps back about a good two steps. "They're WHA?!
BreakneckChao (8:58:33 PM): (Sorry. my net died. Could anybody fill me in or im ,me what happened?)
Myushu (8:59:05 PM): As Eon stepped back, Jenna just proceeded to step closer, smiling a little. "They're so cool! They're all red! And pretty! Totally goes great with your hair! ...They're really cool.."
kwikkidus (8:59:19 PM): "...You actually LIKE my eyes?!"
Polk Kitsune (8:59:30 PM): Casey blinked, looking down for the fraction of a second, then looked up, blushing hard. "I-I-I... Yeah..." He kept blushing, trying to politely avoid the sight without showing it. "You did..."
Myushu (8:59:50 PM): Jenna nodded her head. "..Yeah."
Rakath Chaos (9:00:32 PM): Sammi sighs, closes her eyes, and looks down. Feeling really bad for fainting again.
kwikkidus (9:00:39 PM): Eon smirks. "Can't sayI've heard that one before... usually the redness is something of aturn-off. Hence..." He pulls down the sunglasses again.
Myushu (9:01:44 PM): Jenna took his sunglasses off. "Forget whoever doesn't like them then!"
BreakneckChao (9:01:51 PM): Okay, cue Henry dream sequence!
Myushu (9:02:02 PM): (Hurray!)
kwikkidus (9:02:08 PM): Eon shuts his left eye, and grits his teeth. "But... I mean... they're cool!"
Sinisquirrel (9:02:10 PM): (Wonder if it can have a guest star.)
BreakneckChao (9:02:20 PM): (who>)
BreakneckChao (9:02:24 PM): *?
Sinisquirrel (9:02:26 PM): ( :D)
Polk Kitsune (9:02:42 PM): Casey looked at her, and sighed, sliding next to her to avoid the pantyshot, and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "Sammi..."
Sinisquirrel (9:02:54 PM): (Everyone's favorite head-invader, the great Lily Sakuma!)
Myushu (9:02:58 PM): "Smile again." She held onto the sunglasses.
kwikkidus (9:03:29 PM): Eon smiles, the sight still a little... unnatural. Kind of like seeing a demon smile.
Rakath Chaos (9:03:35 PM): Sammi blushes again, "C-casey-kun..."
BreakneckChao (9:03:53 PM): Jenna: "Henry... I hate you. I loved you, and you threw me away. I hate you i hate I hate you...." *Jenna fades into the background*
Myushu (9:04:03 PM): "..You're not happy enough."
BreakneckChao (9:04:48 PM): Eon: "I can't believe you did that. You never do that to a girl... never never never never...."
kwikkidus (9:04:53 PM): "Well... yeah. Happinessis unprofessio--damnit." He sighs. "Alright. Let's try this again." Heshuts his eyes, and taps himself on the temple. "Happy thoughts...and... NOW!" An actual smile. Wow. :o
BreakneckChao (9:05:01 PM): *Eon fades into the background*
Rakath Chaos (9:05:28 PM): ( *Random guy with cheese on his head appears in Henry's dream. )
Polk Kitsune (9:05:44 PM): ((PACKERS!))
Myushu (9:05:53 PM): Jenna looked at him, nodding her head, and started smiling again as well. "Much better!"
BreakneckChao (9:05:57 PM): Rane: "I'm sorry... but I don't think I can help you Henry henry henry henry..."
BreakneckChao (9:06:03 PM): *Rane fades away*
Rakath Chaos (9:06:05 PM): (( No Pooka... no... ))
Endless Traveler (9:06:18 PM): (....Poor Henry. ;-; )
Sinisquirrel (9:06:37 PM): "So is that all that happened?" A voice asks behind dream-Henry.
kwikkidus (9:06:41 PM): "Heheh... I feel like I'm looking REALLY stupid."
(9:06:51 PM) Endless Traveler has left the room.
BreakneckChao (9:06:52 PM): "Wha? Lily?"
(9:07:03 PM) Endless Traveler has entered the room.
Myushu (9:07:07 PM): "You don't.. you look really nice..."
Myushu (9:07:16 PM): "..What were you thinking about?"
Sinisquirrel (9:07:27 PM): She's sitting there... well, sitting, floating in the air. And much, much younger to boot. "Yes and no."
Rakath Chaos (9:07:29 PM): ( Eon: You topless. )
kwikkidus (9:07:32 PM): He winks. "Well... I was... uh... do I have to?"
Rakath Chaos (9:07:42 PM): ( Wait, I'm right!? )
BreakneckChao (9:08:08 PM): "What... does that mean?"
Myushu (9:08:14 PM): "...Please?"
Sinisquirrel (9:08:51 PM): The apparition sighs. "Well, obviously, I'm not quite the Lily you know..." She stands next to Henry, about half his height.
kwikkidus (9:08:52 PM): "...You topless?" Nervous laugh. Like, 'I'm about to get hit' nervous.
Polk Kitsune (9:09:17 PM): Casey took Sammi's chin into his hand, lifting it up, looking into her eyes. "Sammi-san... Please..." He smiled softly at her...
BreakneckChao (9:09:18 PM): "....Whoa..."
Sinisquirrel (9:09:38 PM): "You're dreaming."
Rakath Chaos (9:09:47 PM): Bigger blush, "N-nani?"
Myushu (9:10:02 PM): Jenna turned red. "..Me topless?"
kwikkidus (9:10:11 PM): "Erm... well, you had a bra, if it helps."
BreakneckChao (9:10:25 PM): "...I am? Well I guess that explains the pint-sized you...."
Sinisquirrel (9:10:30 PM): ("A shiny, black..." :smacked: )
Rakath Chaos (9:10:47 PM): ( nonono, not shiny, lacy, frilly, red. )
Rakath Chaos (9:10:56 PM): ( matching Eon's eyes. )
Myushu (9:11:01 PM): "Heh. You're such a perv!" Oddly enough, she didn't seem all that upset.
kwikkidus (9:11:27 PM): "...Wait. Wait. Something's off." Eon shakes his head. "This is where you're supposed to threaten to kill me."
Sinisquirrel (9:11:42 PM): "Idiot. I'm a CHILD." The Little Lily makes a face at him. "But that's not important. Jenna spilled her guts and you kinda didn't notice in time, right?"
BreakneckChao (9:12:15 PM): "...Yeah..." Henry hangs his head.
Myushu (9:12:33 PM): "For thinking something? Eh! Can't help what you think.. even if it's of me.. like that.." She blushed again.
kwikkidus (9:13:01 PM): "Oh. Uhm. Yeah. If you say so." More nervous laughter.
Sinisquirrel (9:13:04 PM): "Kind of a shame..." the girl swirls around some dream cloud-stuff between her fingers. "What are you going to do about it?"
Rakath Chaos (9:13:06 PM): ( Takumi text message: Take it off for him. )
Polk Kitsune (9:13:26 PM): "You don't need to be so nervous around me..." He hugged her softly. "Please... Let it all out..."
Myushu (9:13:56 PM): "..I won't hit you. Unless you try to make me topless, or something, fair enough?"
BreakneckChao (9:13:57 PM): "I don't really know if there's much I can do... I've really screwed up this time..."
Rakath Chaos (9:14:18 PM): Sammi just hugs Casey as an answer.
Sinisquirrel (9:14:27 PM): "Hmm..." the image of a crude boy and girl appear. "Perhaps it isn't so bad, though, is it?"
kwikkidus (9:14:42 PM): "Fine..." Eon nods, andthen scratches at the back of his head. "Well.. I suppose I should beheaded off... to do... stuff... or something!" God, I suck at excuses for leaving awkward situations.
Myushu (9:15:12 PM): She grabbed onto Eon before he could run off. "Wait.."
kwikkidus (9:15:27 PM): Eon gets grabbed, and stops. "...Yeah?"
Rakath Chaos (9:15:28 PM): ( *Jenna flashes Eon* )
kwikkidus (9:15:41 PM): ((*Eon dies of nosebleed?*))
Myushu (9:15:48 PM): "We're not just.. boss and flunky are we?"
Sinisquirrel (9:15:54 PM): (Funeral at Lily's place.)
Rakath Chaos (9:16:09 PM): ( Dawn: I'll bring party games! )
Rakath Chaos (9:16:21 PM): ( *Everyone stares at Dawn like she's crazy* )
Sinisquirrel (9:16:21 PM): (Lily: I'll do the embalming.)
BreakneckChao (9:16:25 PM): "No...It's horrible... I tink she ates me, and I really hurt her..."
Rakath Chaos (9:16:25 PM): ( Dawn: What? )
Polk Kitsune (9:16:52 PM): Casey smiled, and hugged her, his heart pounding strongly...
Sinisquirrel (9:17:21 PM): Little Lily floats up to Henry and gives him a light smack on the face. "Please note that this is Jenna we're considering. Unless your name is Amado, I don't think she can hate you. Do you?"
kwikkidus (9:17:54 PM): Eon pauses for a second. "I uh... No. No we're not." Damnit! Stop catching me off guard! I can't think straight when you do that! ;_;
BreakneckChao (9:17:55 PM): "...I... I don't know anymore..."
Sinisquirrel (9:18:28 PM): Sigh and pout from the tot. "Mou... this is just your problem. Thinking too little and then thinking too much."
Myushu (9:19:06 PM): Jenna smiiled, hugging onto him again. "I'm so glad.. You've made me feel a lot better.."
BreakneckChao (9:19:16 PM): "Huh? What do you mean?"
kwikkidus (9:19:42 PM): Eon hugs back, smirking slightly. "I'm... glad I could help, boss." A pause, then, "Can I have my glasses back?"
Sinisquirrel (9:19:44 PM): "Look at the facts. Jenna confesses she likes you. Now, if you like someone, how hard is it to suddenly hate them if they do one thing wrong?"
(9:20:03 PM) Endless Traveler has left the room.
Sinisquirrel (9:20:12 PM): "The answer," she states before he can say anything, "Is that it is VERY hard."
Sinisquirrel (9:20:15 PM): "ERGO!"
(9:20:17 PM) Endless Traveler has entered the room.
Sinisquirrel (9:20:35 PM): "She doesn't hate you right now... she wants you to LIKE her. Got it?"
Myushu (9:21:01 PM): "Please call me Jenna.." she still didn't give him the glasses.
kwikkidus (9:21:28 PM): "...Alright bo--Jenna. I uh... I'm glad I could help."
Rakath Chaos (9:22:04 PM): "It's too late for him," Harpy Girl, or something similar, hugs Henry from behind, "If he loved like he dueled, something else would be happening right now."
BreakneckChao (9:22:09 PM): "Which LIKE are we talking about here?"
BreakneckChao (9:22:30 PM): "Wha?"
BreakneckChao (9:22:41 PM): *Henry is hugged*
Sinisquirrel (9:23:04 PM): "Oh, definitely... I'm just trying to make him realize that Jenna doesn't hate him."
Sinisquirrel (9:23:31 PM): "And that there's a good chance she'd still want to be friends. After all, she's a nice girl..."
Myushu (9:23:38 PM): "Hehe.. I hope we talk like this more-- I really like it." she let go of him, reaching into her jacket, and pulled out her pink kitty plush. She then handed it, and the sunglasses, to Eon. "Here. You're a really swell guy.."
Polk Kitsune (9:23:38 PM): ((time for me to hit the hay...))
Polk Kitsune (9:23:47 PM): ((nightall))
Endless Traveler (9:23:50 PM): (Night ;-; )
Sinisquirrel (9:23:50 PM): (Night!)
kwikkidus (9:23:57 PM): (Night!)
Myushu (9:23:57 PM): (Bai bai!)
Rakath Chaos (9:24:07 PM): (( *sets Pooka on fire* ))
BreakneckChao (9:24:30 PM): "...I hope... I hope you're right..."
Polk Kitsune (9:24:32 PM): ((*douses Rakath in oil and sets him on fire*))
Sinisquirrel (9:24:33 PM): "Besides..." Little Lily giggles. "If he played like he dueled, wouldn't he... misfire sometimes?"
Rakath Chaos (9:24:41 PM): * Hugs Pooka *
BreakneckChao (9:24:57 PM): "..."
Rakath Chaos (9:25:04 PM): Harpy Girl giggled, "Didn't he just misfire now?"
Rakath Chaos (9:25:13 PM): "Like a sister... really now..."
BreakneckChao (9:25:35 PM): "What are you talking about?" Henry is now wierded out by his own dream.
kwikkidus (9:25:40 PM): "..Thanks." Eon says,mildly stunned as he puts the sunglasses back on his forehead, and theKitty Plushie in his jacket pocket, where its head is poking out.
Sinisquirrel (9:25:45 PM): "Iya, iya, don't say it like that!" the little girl hops up and down. "I just got him to think in the right direction!"
BreakneckChao (9:26:35 PM): Two hands appear out of the darkness, and push little Lily and Harpy Girl HARD out of the way.
Sinisquirrel (9:26:54 PM): "And of course I'm right!" She puts her hands on her hips. "I may be 50% smaller, but I'm 100% her...!" And she's shoved out.
Myushu (9:27:04 PM): "It's for good luck, okay? I like you, Eon. You're cool." She smiled, rubbing her head.
Rakath Chaos (9:27:17 PM): "Oh come on, using that line is a death senta-" SHOVED.
BreakneckChao (9:27:29 PM): Mysterious Voice: "...You weren't supposed to get out of this... You'll never be able to make it up to her you know..."
kwikkidus (9:27:32 PM): "Right. I'll keep it with me no matter where I go, okay? And uh... you'
kwikkidus (9:27:38 PM): re not half bad yourself."
kwikkidus (9:27:47 PM): ((Stupid ' and enter being next to each other.))
Sinisquirrel (9:28:15 PM): "What the--!" Little Lily pops back out of cloud stuff. "You shut up, you!"
BreakneckChao (9:28:19 PM): And then, a mysterious figure steps out into Henry's mind, and he looks just like...
BreakneckChao (9:28:25 PM): Henry...
Endless Traveler (9:28:30 PM): (*dun dun dun*)
Myushu (9:28:50 PM): "Thanks. ^^ You can go now if you want. I'll be okay."
BreakneckChao (9:29:20 PM): Henry2: "It's not over yet, you know. In order to get out of here, you're going to have to face me." The other Henry smirked.
kwikkidus (9:29:31 PM): "...Oh, uhm... well...stuff is tricky, you know... I guess I could put it off... a littlewhile..." His eyes are darting ever which way.
BreakneckChao (9:29:32 PM): Henry: "Who are you?!"
Sinisquirrel (9:29:55 PM): "... wow, he IS dense." Little Lily ends her guest appearance.
BreakneckChao (9:29:56 PM): Henry2: "Me?"
BreakneckChao (9:30:07 PM): "...I'm your inner demon..."
Rakath Chaos (9:30:19 PM): "I thought his inner demon would be Amado..."
Myushu (9:30:26 PM): "...Huh?" Eon's words absolutely confused the girl.
Rakath Chaos (9:30:27 PM): Harpy Girl flutters and watches.
Sinisquirrel (9:30:47 PM): Meanwhile, back at the fight with Amado and Dawn! (Or something.) A familiar figure in black appears to be a little... dazed.
kwikkidus (9:31:02 PM): "What I mean is... which is..." He stops talking, and gives Jenna another hug. "I'm not really in that big a hurry."
Sinisquirrel (9:31:17 PM): (SMOO HER!)
BreakneckChao (9:31:18 PM): "You know me... every time you've ever doubted yourself, I've been there... any time you've done something wrong, I was there..."
kwikkidus (9:31:37 PM): ((...o___o But i thought she only did that with Amado.))
Sinisquirrel (9:31:51 PM): (... a voodoo doll of Eon, coming up.)
BreakneckChao (9:31:56 PM): "And I'm here now... And I'm finally ready to put my weaker side to rest..."
Rakath Chaos (9:32:01 PM): Dawn is sitting next to Lily, "He's not half bad in a fight... ouch."
kwikkidus (9:32:05 PM): ((This won't end well. >>'))
BreakneckChao (9:32:14 PM): "Let's duel!"
Myushu (9:32:20 PM): "..." she hugged back, resting her head against him, "..I'm glad then."
Myushu (9:32:32 PM): (MY Henry. What dreams you have.)
Sinisquirrel (9:32:34 PM): Lily blinks, bringing up and arm to clutch her forehead. "Ah?"
Sinisquirrel (9:32:48 PM): (*an)
(9:33:17 PM) Endless Traveler has left the room.
(9:33:30 PM) Endless Traveler has entered the room.
kwikkidus (9:33:46 PM): "You know... I rebuilt mydeck. I'll need all the luck I can get. I'm only in Obelisk Bluebecause I've never officially been beaten. Chronos HATES me."
BreakneckChao (9:34:09 PM): Suddenly the dark purple barrier indicitave of a Yami no Game appears around the spec of a boat in the distance.
Rakath Chaos (9:34:17 PM): "Yeah... now if he could think like that when he's a normal person, maybe he could do something good with himself."
Sinisquirrel (9:34:49 PM): "Conditionals: when, maybe..."
Sinisquirrel (9:35:05 PM): (... is Henry really gonna duel himself? >>; )
BreakneckChao (9:35:16 PM): (yup. XD)
Sinisquirrel (9:35:26 PM): (... 'kaaay.)
Endless Traveler (9:35:48 PM): (:D This ought to be fun to watch. . .but I have to leave, unfortunately.)
Myushu (9:35:53 PM): "Really? ...Probably part of why you're in detention so much, too, huh?"
kwikkidus (9:36:07 PM): "Actually, that's mostly from skipping so many detentions."
BreakneckChao (9:36:15 PM): "We'll be playing my favorite type of duel..."
BreakneckChao (9:36:22 PM): "SUDDEN DEATH!"
BreakneckChao (9:36:33 PM): (3000/3000)
kwikkidus (9:36:45 PM): ((Real men Sudden Death at 50 LP))
BreakneckChao (9:37:07 PM): ((Fine, fine...))
Sinisquirrel (9:37:08 PM): (Real mean pull Last Turn at the first!)
Rakath Chaos (9:37:09 PM): (( Nono, 1 LP ))
Sinisquirrel (9:37:18 PM): (*men)
BreakneckChao (9:37:24 PM): (screw it, 3000)
Myushu (9:37:32 PM): "Maybe you should stop skipping..."
kwikkidus (9:38:03 PM): "Have YOU ever tried ironing Chronos's dresses? Not fun. Seriously. Especially when he forgets to wash them off..."
Endless Traveler (9:38:19 PM): (Chronos] . . . *Naga laugh*)
kwikkidus (9:38:20 PM): ((..And there's all ths white sticky stuff on them. I know you're thinking it, Rak.))
Sinisquirrel (9:38:44 PM): (I know I'm thinking it.)
Myushu (9:38:50 PM): "...Ew. I'll ask Takumi-sensei if he could.. make the detentions disapear."
BreakneckChao (9:39:00 PM): "AND YOU!" he eyes Harpie chick. "He won't be having any help from his little baby friends, either!"
Rakath Chaos (9:39:09 PM): Dawn leans on Lily's shoulder, "I probably shouldn't of pushed so hard in that fight."
BreakneckChao (9:39:11 PM): *Harpie Chick EXPLODES*
Myushu (9:39:38 PM): (zomg, evil Henry. o_o')
Rakath Chaos (9:39:38 PM): ( Name is Harpy Girl you nit. )
BreakneckChao (9:39:53 PM): Henry: "What the heck are you doing?!"
kwikkidus (9:40:06 PM): "Heh... Don't try toohard, but thanks." He squeezes her a little tighter, then breaks offthe hug, smirking cockily as he lowers the sunglasses. "As it is now...well.. If you need me, I'll be around. Ya know?"
BreakneckChao (9:40:33 PM): I. D.: "I'll start this off... I draw!"
Myushu (9:41:29 PM): Jenna blushes again, smiling a little. "Okay.. I'll see you later, Eon-kun."
Sinisquirrel (9:41:43 PM): Lily is leaned upon. "So why did you?"
kwikkidus (9:41:50 PM): Eon starts walking off, then freezes. "K-k-kun? I'm a kun?"
BreakneckChao (9:42:07 PM): "Hehehe... Card Destruction!"
Rakath Chaos (9:42:15 PM): "He's an idiot that has no love of hunting, just violence."
Sinisquirrel (9:42:59 PM): "Mm..." Lily appears thoughtful for a moment. "I can't say I don't prescribe to that method."
Myushu (9:43:14 PM): "Uhm. Uh.." she looked away slightly.
BreakneckChao (9:43:21 PM): *Henry's hand get's blasted*
BreakneckChao (9:43:37 PM): "And I play Kaiser Sea Horse in attack mode!"
Rakath Chaos (9:43:39 PM): "He goes and attacks people that don't fight back, why bother to do that?"
BreakneckChao (9:43:54 PM): (1700/1650)
Sinisquirrel (9:44:14 PM): "I wouldn't care to tend to a guess," she says with a slight shrug.
BreakneckChao (9:44:46 PM): "And I'll equip him with Fairy Meteor Crush and United We Stand!"
BreakneckChao (9:45:01 PM): (2500/1650)
Rakath Chaos (9:45:32 PM): (( 2500/2450 >.> ))
kwikkidus (9:45:37 PM): Eon looks back over hisshoulder, smirking and waving with his right hand. "Hey, it's alright.I mean, I know I'm sexy and everything. It's only natural that you'dfall for me, right? See ya later, Jenna-chan." Composure regained.
BreakneckChao (9:46:00 PM): "And I'll lay a reverse card, and let you take your turn. I love to see my victims squirm."
(9:46:30 PM) Endless Traveler has left the room.
Rakath Chaos (9:46:45 PM): "Also, he earned it for throwing that trashcan at me."
BreakneckChao (9:47:02 PM): Henry: "I...I can beat you, whatever you are! I'll draw!"
Sinisquirrel (9:47:26 PM): "A. Sou." Lily offers a handerchief for... whatever reasons.
BreakneckChao (9:47:39 PM): "Reasoning!"
BreakneckChao (9:48:05 PM): I.D.: "Delaying the inevitable, as always... 4 stars."
Myushu (9:48:10 PM): "...See you." She mumbles out, blushing yet again, and watches Eon leave.
(9:48:27 PM) Endless Traveler has entered the room.
Myushu (9:48:31 PM): (*Ponders Jenna beeping up Henry and interrupting his duel, mwahaha*)
BreakneckChao (9:48:44 PM): Henry's face says it all. Roulette Barrel goes to the grave.
Rakath Chaos (9:48:49 PM): Dawn coughs some blood up, "Thanks... but I'm fine," wipes on her sleeve.
kwikkidus (9:49:07 PM): Eon heads off, taking the cat plushie and setting it on his head, balancing it there as a hat. Ooh yeah. dig it.
Rakath Chaos (9:49:23 PM): Random Obelisk Blues laugh at Eon.
BreakneckChao (9:49:47 PM): I.D.: "I knew it, you just can't seem to pull an original move. You're so predictable..."
kwikkidus (9:49:56 PM): Eon fails to care.
BreakneckChao (9:50:17 PM): *He twists and reforms himself into looking like Amado*
BreakneckChao (9:50:34 PM): "Can you, Kaito?"
Sinisquirrel (9:51:34 PM): Lily... stares at her for a moment, an odd expression on her face... then, with a slight nod, puts the kerchief back into the pocket it came from.
BreakneckChao (9:52:23 PM): "Gah?!.... Grrrrr.... How's this for an original?!"
Sinisquirrel (9:52:28 PM): "Your face..." she says somewhat dreamily. "The blood... it smeared."
BreakneckChao (9:52:29 PM): "RAIGEKI!"
kwikkidus (9:52:40 PM): ((And I go bed. Night.))
Sinisquirrel (9:52:45 PM): (Night!)
Rakath Chaos (9:52:50 PM): "It did?"
(9:52:54 PM) kwikkidus has left the room.
BreakneckChao (9:53:11 PM): "Heh... you're slipping, Kaito. You just used your most powerful card on a single monster..."
Sinisquirrel (9:53:18 PM): "Yes." Lily is studiously looked at a building, as if attempting to count the bricks in the wall.
Sinisquirrel (9:53:25 PM): (*looking)
Rakath Chaos (9:53:48 PM): Dawn rubs some of the blood off, but there is some still on her lips, "Did I get it?"
Sinisquirrel (9:54:17 PM): Lily offers up a compact. "Please don't ask me to check."
Rakath Chaos (9:54:39 PM): Dawn gets in Lily's face, "Why can't you check?" Asking out of curiousity.
BreakneckChao (9:55:15 PM): "Screw you, Amado! I play Mirage dragon in attack mode, and attack your life points directly!"
BreakneckChao (9:55:30 PM): "Oh I'm not Amado..."
Sinisquirrel (9:55:48 PM): "Because, it..." And there it is, a little smear of red on the lips... the girl is obviously nervous just looking at it. "It..."
BreakneckChao (9:55:53 PM): *mirage takes a bite out of his life points*
Rakath Chaos (9:56:12 PM): ( Inner Demon becomes Jenna... now! )
BreakneckChao (9:56:46 PM): Jenna now sits on the ground, sobbing and hurt from the hit...
BreakneckChao (9:56:59 PM): "Henry.... HOW COULD YOU?!"
BreakneckChao (9:57:59 PM): "Jenna?! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to..."
Myushu (9:58:13 PM): (...Awwww)
BreakneckChao (9:58:24 PM): Jenna smirks
BreakneckChao (9:58:59 PM): "...You sick freak... take your turn..."
Rakath Chaos (9:59:32 PM): Dawn just gives Lily a confused look.
BreakneckChao (9:59:34 PM): (1400/3000)
Sinisquirrel (10:00:02 PM): A hand raises up to Dawn's cheek, stroking the apple of it ever so delicately. "It makes me... hungry."
BreakneckChao (10:00:28 PM): "I'll hurt you just like you hurt me! I'll CRUSH YOU!"
BreakneckChao (10:01:14 PM): *skilled white magician appears, and strikes down mirage dragon*
(10:01:26 PM) Endless Traveler has left the room.
BreakneckChao (10:01:29 PM): (1400/2900)
(10:01:39 PM) Endless Traveler has entered the room.
Rakath Chaos (10:01:56 PM): "Hungry?" It takes a bit for that to set in, "Then have a taste." ^_^
BreakneckChao (10:02:18 PM): "How does it feel, Henry? Does it hurt to know nobody loves you?"
Sinisquirrel (10:02:29 PM): (You know at some point Amado would have to bust in and smack Lily on the head or something.)
BreakneckChao (10:03:30 PM): "It's not true! There are people who love me!" Henry's obviously getting flustered.
Rakath Chaos (10:03:32 PM): ( Amado is either A: Torturing the innocent. or B: In the Nurses office for injuries taken. ))
BreakneckChao (10:04:31 PM): "Think about it Henry... I was the only one who stuck up for you..."
BreakneckChao (10:05:11 PM): "Amado called you stupid, he thougt you were worthless... You were just an obstacle to be overcome..."
BreakneckChao (10:05:41 PM): "And Lily? Rane? The others..."
Sinisquirrel (10:05:45 PM): There is a pregnant pause between the two... something is wrong here, and it doesn't seem that it's going to stop.
BreakneckChao (10:06:27 PM): "Well, I guess you wer just too dense to see that no one wanted you around..."
Sinisquirrel (10:06:50 PM): At least until the wind blows just a little too hard, parting some leaves to allow a burst of light into her eye... and with that, the hanky seemed to be out in a flash and against Dawn's lips.
BreakneckChao (10:07:01 PM): "I stuck up for you Henry... I believed in you, Henry..."
BreakneckChao (10:07:53 PM): "What's left to believe in now? A fallen hero? A star that has lost his shine? Tell me how it feels to be ALL BURNT OUT!"
Rakath Chaos (10:08:11 PM): Dawn felt the cloth on her lips, just looking at Lily.
BreakneckChao (10:10:21 PM): Henry sobbed angry tears... "It's not true! It can't be!"
BreakneckChao (10:10:39 PM): And then....
BreakneckChao (10:10:46 PM): WHAM!
Sinisquirrel (10:10:55 PM): Lily looks away, hand moving with the cloth against the lips until she's just positive it's gone. And, looking back, it is... or at least enough to be 'safe.'
BreakneckChao (10:11:29 PM): *Giant fist flies through the air and hit evil Jea on the jaw, knocking her far back into the darkness.*
BreakneckChao (10:11:35 PM): *Jenna
BreakneckChao (10:12:02 PM): "I thought you were better than this, Kaito..."
Sinisquirrel (10:12:16 PM): "Please refrain from that in the future... the sight of blood makes me just a little... funny." Lame finish, there.
BreakneckChao (10:12:31 PM): Armed Dragon LVL 10 back back to Amado
BreakneckChao (10:12:56 PM): "You believed that drop-out?"
Rakath Chaos (10:13:07 PM): Dawn rests her head on Lily's lap, "Fine..." After a small pause, "Vacation coming soon... I've gotta get outta heading home..."
BreakneckChao (10:13:25 PM): "Sometimes I wonder why I'm even friends with you..."
Sinisquirrel (10:13:59 PM): "Oh, really?" Grateful for any subject change, the girl leans back against the tree.
BreakneckChao (10:14:19 PM): "Amado..."
Sinisquirrel (10:14:44 PM): (Wow, that MUST be a dream.)
BreakneckChao (10:15:08 PM): "You're so dense, Kaito! Get out of here and make things right!"
BreakneckChao (10:15:24 PM): "Ama..."
BreakneckChao (10:15:34 PM): "GO"
Rakath Chaos (10:15:52 PM): "Well... my aunt will want to test my strength... and my father will wanna test my knowledge..." Dawn frowns, "I don't wanna fight her, she's scary. And I have enough written exams here..."
BreakneckChao (10:16:02 PM): "Before I have to KICK you out of here mself, you moron..."
Myushu (10:16:10 PM): (>_> I should be going..)
Rakath Chaos (10:16:18 PM): (( Nuu! ))
Rakath Chaos (10:16:25 PM): ( *hugs Shu-chan* )
Sinisquirrel (10:16:30 PM): Lily looks down at Dawn. She thinks someone is scary? "I suppose..."
Myushu (10:16:40 PM): (*hug back* Aw. ;-; But..)
Sinisquirrel (10:16:42 PM): ( :hug, inappropriately feels up Shu-chan: )
Myushu (10:16:52 PM): (Kyaa~)
BreakneckChao (10:16:54 PM): and then... henry wakes up.
Rakath Chaos (10:16:58 PM): ( *wishes he thought of that* )
BreakneckChao (10:17:13 PM): "What the..."
Myushu (10:17:17 PM): Henry's PDA is BEEPING.
Sinisquirrel (10:17:20 PM): (You can make it up on me? ^_^)
BreakneckChao (10:17:28 PM): "Hello?"
Myushu (10:17:52 PM): "..H..Henry? Uhm.. Sorry about earlier, I uh.."
Myushu (10:18:02 PM): "Well. We can meet up later, right?"
BreakneckChao (10:18:19 PM): "..."
BreakneckChao (10:18:33 PM): "You have no idea how glad I am that's actually you..."
Myushu (10:18:46 PM): "...Heheh..."
BreakneckChao (10:18:51 PM): "You got it, I'm on my way back..."
BreakneckChao (10:18:59 PM): ".."
Myushu (10:19:03 PM): "...Okay. See you."
Rakath Chaos (10:19:04 PM): Dawn closes her eyes, "Wish I had somewhere else to go..."
BreakneckChao (10:19:05 PM): "Oops..."
BreakneckChao (10:19:29 PM): Henry watches as one of his paddles floats away on the current.
BreakneckChao (10:19:44 PM): "You gotta be kidding me..."
Myushu (10:19:52 PM): (>_>;; Ohdear.)
Myushu (10:20:01 PM): (Okay. NOW I go.)
Sinisquirrel (10:20:13 PM): (Bye! <3)
BreakneckChao (10:20:15 PM): "Jennadon'thangupIneedsomebodyto..."
Sinisquirrel (10:20:18 PM): (Have a good one!)
BreakneckChao (10:20:20 PM): "..."
BreakneckChao (10:20:28 PM): "She hung up."
Sinisquirrel (10:20:30 PM): (Swim, boy.)
Myushu (10:20:44 PM): (*giggle* Poor Henry.)
Sinisquirrel (10:20:53 PM): Looking to the sky through the leaves, she wishes for the same. "My mother is traveling..."
Myushu (10:20:59 PM): (Night peoplez~)
(10:21:03 PM) Myushu has left the room.
Sinisquirrel (10:21:05 PM): "And my father never leaves this place... I wish I had somewhere to go."
BreakneckChao (10:21:05 PM): (Niiiight!)
Sinisquirrel (10:21:17 PM): (Nighty night!)
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BreakneckChao (10:21:40 PM): (well, I'm outta here too.)
BreakneckChao (10:21:45 PM): (night guys)
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Sinisquirrel (10:22:02 PM): (Wanna finish up in IM or wha? :/ )
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Rakath Chaos (10:22:34 PM): (Sure)
Rakath Chaos (10:22:47 PM): ( Except it takes from our fun ^_~ )
Sinisquirrel (10:23:12 PM): (Oh? Well, there's always OOC. ;3)
Sinisquirrel (10:23:27 PM): (Window simplification: shutting window! IM if needed.)
Rakath Chaos (10:24:46 PM): Dawn looks up, "Maybe I can stay... if it helps you avoid your family, and it keeps me from mine..."
Sinisquirrel (10:26:32 PM): "Mm..." Indeed, there were moments that even the scarce Mr. Sakuma did come around. Usually at mealtimes. And that was something she'd rather avoid, quite frankly.
Rakath Chaos (10:27:07 PM): "I'd suggest coming home from me... but that blood thing makes that a bad idea..." Dawn added, looking away a bit.
Sinisquirrel (10:27:45 PM): Whether or not Dawn would like to hear this detail, it would come out anyway. "I bunked with Amado during the Terra Firma scare. Perhaps..."
Sinisquirrel (10:28:25 PM): "Although I suppose campus would close for the duration. Hm."
Rakath Chaos (10:29:20 PM): "Only person staying at the campus would be Takumi-sensei," Dawn scoffed, "He does all the major repairs during the break."
Sinisquirrel (10:30:00 PM): "That's a bit unsettling in itself..."
Sinisquirrel (10:31:08 PM): She closes her eyes for a minute. "I believe there should be a convention at this time of year... he always seems to find them, anyway. Supposing he doesn't, would you be averse to staying with both me and my father?"
Rakath Chaos (10:32:11 PM): "Anything to get out of my father's papers and my aunt's sparring sessions. I'd almost consider staying with Amado," Dawn scoffed, "Almost..."
Sinisquirrel (10:33:13 PM): A small smile is on her lips. "He can be quite the gentleman..." Especially when greeted with a serrated knife in a seemingly innocent teddy bear.
Rakath Chaos (10:33:50 PM): "I'd rather gut him like a fish than talk to that idiot..."
Sinisquirrel (10:34:44 PM): "Mm..." Not going to dignify that with a response. "So then it's settled. You're coming to my place."
Rakath Chaos (10:36:08 PM): "Okay... and I promise I'll be good," hugging Lily, extra careful to keep her hand on Lily's back, and not elsewhere.
Sinisquirrel (10:36:41 PM): "If you insist."
Rakath Chaos (10:37:04 PM): Hand on ass, "Then again, nobody's perfect."
Sinisquirrel (10:37:24 PM): Light hand smack. "Nobody is."
Rakath Chaos (10:40:19 PM): "Well... I'm glad to stay with you," she moved her hand back to a higher altitude, "Thank you."