Viewtiful Rekk (6:53:52 PM): -----------
Sinisquirrel (6:54:22 PM): (Tadaa.)
kwikkidus (6:54:58 PM): ((Yar.))
Viewtiful Rekk (6:55:14 PM): (GRRR)
Endless Traveler (6:55:38 PM): (Bwahah! :D)
Viewtiful Rekk (6:55:40 PM): Amado is.....sitting cross-legged in front of, of all places, Jenna's dorm.
Viewtiful Rekk (6:56:16 PM): Stupid Masami, I get out here at 6:00 AM and she's not even back yet?! Bah. Drop-Out GIrl.
Sinisquirrel (6:57:16 PM): (Masami and Eon come out together, both with mussy hair.)
Myushu (6:57:27 PM): (...TEMPTING.)
Viewtiful Rekk (6:57:29 PM): (xD)
Rakath Chaos (6:57:29 PM): ( Shu, care for me to set where Jenna is? )
kwikkidus (6:57:38 PM): (xD)
Myushu (6:58:03 PM): (O_o Arr-- I was probably gonna go with coming back from the Blue Dorms-- but knock yourself out.)
Polk Kitsune (6:59:18 PM): ((merf?))
Rakath Chaos (6:59:46 PM): Amado PDA blinks on She's not home, leave nitwit.
Endless Traveler (7:00:03 PM): "Ohh...It's you again!!" A voice chimed from behind Amado. Oh no, it was that crimson haired Osiris student from the other day, and just as chipper, too. "Hello~!
Myushu (7:00:48 PM): Jenna's with Takumi, playing DDR. "Wah, Takumi-sensei! This totally wakes you up!"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:00:51 PM): AMado grabs his PDA. "I need to talk to her. Sod off."
Polk Kitsune (7:01:03 PM): A brown haired girl walked through the forrest, eyeign each trees, trying to find somekind of marks in her head. Yeah, she was a bit lost allright...
Viewtiful Rekk (7:01:08 PM): He looks at the crimson-haired Osiris. "Oh, it'"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:01:27 PM): (Polk. That's Lola? :o)
Polk Kitsune (7:01:32 PM): ((eyup >>))
Endless Traveler (7:02:36 PM): ...Blink. "Y' don't remember me, don't you?" He asked with one of those blank stares and a smile.
Polk Kitsune (7:02:38 PM): She sighed. "Good going... First time, and I just couldn't resist. Just had to run into the forrest on your own..." She looked around. "And I lost sigh of kitty too..."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:03:24 PM): "Nah, can't say I do."
Myushu (7:03:42 PM): Overhearing Amado finally, Jenna piped up. "Talk to me? Who's wanting to talk to me?"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:04:05 PM): "....Is that Masami right there?"
Endless Traveler (7:04:14 PM): *sniffle*. . . WTF, he was sad a second ago, and he perked up again? "It's alright! Not many people remember me. Name's Ildrad."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:04:21 PM): "Masami, why the hell aren't you at your dorm? I've been waiting here for THREE HOURS!"
Myushu (7:04:43 PM): "...Who the fsck's that?" she said with such disinterest.
Polk Kitsune (7:04:44 PM): She kept walking, talking softly. "Kitty! Kiiiiitttyyyyy! Come come out wherever you are!"
Rakath Chaos (7:04:51 PM): She's here... if you must talk to her we're in the closed down arena in the Ra Yellow dorms.
Endless Traveler (7:05:37 PM): "Sorry I wasn't able to ask your name before. I left in a hurry, y' s--" *?* "Hello?" he asked, now noticing Jenna. "Oh, hi! Who're you? :D"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:05:42 PM): (>>)
Viewtiful Rekk (7:05:51 PM): (They're not actually in the same place.)
Sinisquirrel (7:05:53 PM): (brb)
Endless Traveler (7:06:13 PM): (:D Chop what I said, then.)
Viewtiful Rekk (7:06:16 PM): Amado stood up immediately. "Uh....person. I need to go. Stuff to do. See ya."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:06:20 PM): He's gone.
Endless Traveler (7:06:31 PM): (:/ Confusing stuff. :hacks pervious post with a chainsaw: >D)
Myushu (7:06:42 PM): Blink. "..Ugh, is he coming here?"
Rakath Chaos (7:07:18 PM): Takumi, still dancing, "Yeah, but you shouldn't rest on his account, he's probably coming to do something rash and empty headed."
kwikkidus (7:07:25 PM): "...Was that Amadorunning off?" Ed comments, walking out from around a corner of thebuilding. "He doesn't usually come down to the Osiris dorm."
Polk Kitsune (7:07:33 PM): She finally finds a break in the forrest, and comes out, looking around. "Nyuuu?"
Endless Traveler (7:08:06 PM): ...*?* "But. . . He didn't even tell me his name yet. . ." *frown* A brief pause. "...Oh well! We'll run into each other again!" And the eccetric Osiris resumed down the hall towards class.
Rakath Chaos (7:08:15 PM): (Jean, shall we greet the lost little girl?)
Endless Traveler (7:08:17 PM): eccentric*
Myushu (7:08:19 PM): "I don't see why he wants to see me-- I really don't want to see that ugly face of his!" she stomped down onto the dance pad.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:08:27 PM): Amado has his scooter out, and is immediately headed towards the Ra Yellow dorm.
Rakath Chaos (7:08:53 PM): For those that haven't realized, Takumi and Jenna are doing DDR WHILE Takumi uses his PDA.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:09:06 PM): (:O)
Viewtiful Rekk (7:09:10 PM): (He's a DDR MASTA!)
Sinisquirrel (7:09:13 PM): (And yes, let's greet.)
Endless Traveler (7:09:15 PM): (....Robocop-sensei = l33t.)
Polk Kitsune (7:09:17 PM): ((DUH!))
Rakath Chaos (7:09:47 PM): Dawn looks down from a tree at the lost little girl, "Hmm... what are you doing out here?"
kwikkidus (7:10:25 PM): Ed blinks, as the exxentric Osiris goes running off. "Dori-chan? Why does everyone ignore me?" "You're easy to overlook?" "...That didn't help." "Oh. Sorry."
Polk Kitsune (7:10:51 PM): She stifenned up a moment, then looked up at the voice. "I... I'm a little lost. I came in chasing after kitty, and... Well, it's my first time in these woods..."
Sinisquirrel (7:11:39 PM): Wherever Dawn is, well... these days you won't find a certain someone too far behind. Or in this case, below. "What does it look like...?"
Polk Kitsune (7:11:47 PM): She fidgetted a little, blushing, not sure what to do about this.
Rakath Chaos (7:11:50 PM): "Should be careful, there are MONSTERS in these woods," Dawn gave one of those giggles that would cause a grown sumo wrestler to cower.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:12:07 PM): For the sake of time, Amado busts into said abandoned room. "...Wow. I thought this was where Chronos kept the bodies of the students he killed."
Endless Traveler (7:12:15 PM): (XD Chuck a brick at the guy's head. He'll respond then.)
Rakath Chaos (7:12:37 PM): "No, that's the other closed arena, the Blue one," Takumi answered, not missing a step.
Sinisquirrel (7:12:46 PM): Lily looks up at Dawn, eyebrow arched. "That's only partly true," she murmured.
kwikkidus (7:12:50 PM): (Ed's NICE, though.)
Myushu (7:13:18 PM): Jenna, missing too many steps and getting booed, finally just hopped off the dance pad. "Hmph!"
Polk Kitsune (7:13:18 PM): She shivered at Dawn a moment, then blinked, looking at the other one. "He's... Little, purple fur with small swirl-like motifs..." She shook her head a bit. "Why are you askign all this?"
Rakath Chaos (7:13:19 PM): (Ed isn't nice, he wants real Monsters, he has to be EVIL! )
Myushu (7:13:32 PM): She spun around to look at Amado. "You."
Endless Traveler (7:13:36 PM): (...XD)
kwikkidus (7:13:38 PM): (He's evil like PEGASUS is evil!)
Endless Traveler (7:13:50 PM): (OK, fine. grab a pebble and chuck it at him.)
Viewtiful Rekk (7:14:19 PM): "Figgers." Amado says, in response to Takumi, shaking his head.
Sinisquirrel (7:14:24 PM): "... that's different... Might have noticed something like that."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:14:27 PM): He then glances at Jenna. "...Yeah, me."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:14:32 PM): (....)
kwikkidus (7:14:34 PM): Ed suddenly feels compulsed to grab a pebble and chuck it at 'him.' So he does so.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:14:37 PM): (CATNIPPED KITTY. >_>)
Sinisquirrel (7:14:43 PM): (Doi. XD)
Polk Kitsune (7:15:11 PM): She sweatdroped. "Yeah... but he's very good at hiding. You're sure you haven't seen him?"
Rakath Chaos (7:15:28 PM): "Sounds like a weird cat from some video game," Dawn mumbled.
Myushu (7:15:57 PM): "What do you want?"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:16:06 PM): (*so tempted to pull a Red Foreman here*)
Viewtiful Rekk (7:16:14 PM): (*Sorta doubts anyone here knows who that is* >_>)
Viewtiful Rekk (7:16:21 PM): "What do I want?"
Sinisquirrel (7:16:24 PM): Lily nodded, though the description was familiar. "I'm not sure that I have... I'm not very good with small animals."
Rakath Chaos (7:16:28 PM): ( This isn't the 70s )
Viewtiful Rekk (7:16:29 PM): "What do I want?"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:16:35 PM): "I'll tell you what I want!"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:16:39 PM): "...I want to apologize."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:16:43 PM): (>_>)
Sinisquirrel (7:16:47 PM): ("I DEMAND SEX!")
Myushu (7:16:57 PM): Jenna rolled her eyes at firstbut.. then stared at Amado. "...Apologize?"
Myushu (7:17:04 PM): "You're AMADO, right?"
Rakath Chaos (7:17:06 PM): Takumi raised an eyebrow... not that that can be seen by anyone. He feels the world ending any moment.
Polk Kitsune (7:17:18 PM): She shrugged. "Mew..." She shook her head. "I can't find him, and I can't find my way back..." She sighed. "What a day..."
Endless Traveler (7:17:25 PM): (XD compelled? Ed's gone evil.)
kwikkidus (7:18:04 PM): (...Now THERE'S an idea... *pictures it* Naah. Never work. He lacks evil credibilty.)
Viewtiful Rekk (7:18:12 PM): Amado pulls off his reveal that he's really PEGASUS.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:18:14 PM): 'Cept not really.
Sinisquirrel (7:18:28 PM): "Hnn... as I recall, animals tend to find their way back home on their own... particularly cats... And I do believe we know the way back. Yes, Dawn-kun?"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:18:31 PM): "Yes, yes, I'm Amado. I haven't killed him and replaced him with a clone, blah blah blah blah blah."
Sinisquirrel (7:18:36 PM): (Yes. -kun. Because she's like that. <3)
Myushu (7:18:50 PM): "Right, right... So."
Myushu (7:18:54 PM): "I'm listening."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:18:58 PM): "Right."
Rakath Chaos (7:19:20 PM): "Yes, yes we do, I guess we can help her," Dawn answered staring off boredly
Viewtiful Rekk (7:19:21 PM): "So I was pretty much completely alone during the break. And Lily told me that she wanted me to become friendly with you and Kaito."
Polk Kitsune (7:19:39 PM): She sweatdropped. "R-really? Could you two help me then?" She blinked a moment, turnign as she heard a mewing sound. "Huh?"
Myushu (7:19:56 PM): "And so you're just doing this for Lily-chan, huh?"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:20:05 PM): "Well."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:20:26 PM): "At first, yeah."
Sinisquirrel (7:21:00 PM): Lily looked up at Dawn, waving a hand. "There are ways to make it exciting, tree-hopper."
Polk Kitsune (7:21:07 PM): Soon, out of the bushes, the little purple kitten apeared, held up by the skin on the back of it's neck by a second, white cat, a bit larger, with a safety helmet on it's head. "Mew?"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:21:16 PM): (....)
Viewtiful Rekk (7:21:20 PM): (Rescue Cat! <333)
Rakath Chaos (7:21:34 PM): Dawn raised an eyebrow and does a flipping leap to the ground.
Sinisquirrel (7:21:37 PM): "..." Blink. "How apropo..."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:21:50 PM): "But then...I thought about it." He then takes his wooden sword, and raises it up.
Myushu (7:22:08 PM): Jenna started to glare.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:22:11 PM): "You know the sword style I use, right?"
Rakath Chaos (7:22:21 PM): Wynn walks out from behind Dawn, and runs over to the kitty, scratching it's chin excitedly.
Endless Traveler (7:22:32 PM): (Sorry. Windows had me held up. :/)
Polk Kitsune (7:22:34 PM): The girl smiled, and picked up the two little duel spirits in her arms. "THERE YOU ARE!"
Myushu (7:22:41 PM): "..Yeah, I guess."
Sinisquirrel (7:23:00 PM): Shiver. How utterly adorable...
Endless Traveler (7:23:32 PM): *ponk!* "Ow!" The student turned around, glancing down at the thing that hit him in the head. "...Huh? Who threw this? ;-;"
Polk Kitsune (7:24:01 PM): She snuggled them, lettign Wynn scritch them. "I guess they do find their way back after all..."
kwikkidus (7:24:10 PM): Ed waves. "Hey! Guess youdidn't see me! Not that it matters... but a simply 'uh-huh, I don'tcare, go away' would have been nice!"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:24:40 PM): "Hiten-Mitsurugi Ryu is a sword that was made to protect the weak. During the break, I realized that I had only been using it for my own selfish purposes....which completely disgraces every technique of it I've used."
Rakath Chaos (7:24:41 PM): Wynn's eyes go wide a second and shivers, turning to look Dawn right in the eye.
Rakath Chaos (7:25:00 PM): "Wynn? But, that doesn't make any sense at all."
Polk Kitsune (7:25:23 PM): She blinked a little, tilting her head. "Nyu?"
Sinisquirrel (7:25:23 PM): Lily turns. "What doesn't...?"
(7:25:25 PM) BreakneckChao has entered the room.
Myushu (7:25:29 PM): Nods. "So.. Turning over a new legue?"
Rakath Chaos (7:25:46 PM): Dawn scratched her head, "Well, Wynn thinks something very bad is happening."
Endless Traveler (7:25:48 PM): *!* "Hm?" He glanced over to the other Osiris student, head canted to the side in question. "Didn't see you?"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:26:02 PM): "More or less, yeah."
Endless Traveler (7:26:15 PM): "Eh...It was more like 'wasn't paying attention'. I was...kind of heading to class."
Sinisquirrel (7:26:33 PM): After realizing that none are the Light type, Witch pops up behind Wynn and hugs her. "S'up, sweetie~?"
Polk Kitsune (7:26:35 PM): She tilted her head. "What kind of thing?"
Myushu (7:26:37 PM): "I see..."
kwikkidus (7:26:41 PM): "...Class? Which one?" Ed glances at his watch. "It isn't Daitokuji-sensei's is it..? No, that's not for a while yet..."
Rakath Chaos (7:27:09 PM): Dawn and Wynn just looked at each other before Dawn answered, "Wynn can't tell, she's just very spooked."
Endless Traveler (7:27:40 PM): "Oh, that's my next one! I have gym right now. . . but as I said, I'm 'kind of' going there."
Rakath Chaos (7:27:50 PM): (Every duel Spirit should be a bit spooked, Dryad more than all the others)
Polk Kitsune (7:28:20 PM): She tilted her head on the other side. She looked at the cats, who were trembling, curling onto one another.
Sinisquirrel (7:28:57 PM): Witch goes from hugging Wynn to protectively curling herself around her, promising that it's okay.
kwikkidus (7:29:50 PM): "I try to avoid's just that..." Ed pauses, leaning to his right. For those in theknow, it's Doriado whispering to him. He blinks for a second, thenbows. "Sorry, I've got to be going myself. I uh... I have to findAmado!"
Rakath Chaos (7:29:57 PM): Wynn is now more spooked by Apprentice Witch than the dark feeling she has.
Endless Traveler (7:30:26 PM): *?* "Wait~! The least you could do is tell me your name, so I can remember it!"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:30:40 PM): Amado suddenly perks up. "Huh...?" He then looks over his shoulder. "...Something wrong?"
kwikkidus (7:30:42 PM): "I'm Ed! Thanksgottagobye!" ZOOM! He's gone.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:31:11 PM): (Follow him! :O)
Myushu (7:31:19 PM): "Iyaaa-- Amado-dono ;-;" Maiden appeared, latching onto Amado.
Sinisquirrel (7:31:57 PM): There's a slight distubance in the Lily... though she's only sensing evil of a pinkish, clinging type.
Myushu (7:32:10 PM): "..Eh?!" "Jenna-mama. >_<" Pikeru flew into the girl's arms. "Ah! Pikeru-chan..?"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:32:12 PM): "Whoa whoa, what's wrong?" Amado asks, blinking as the Maiden clutches to him.
kwikkidus (7:32:18 PM): At that exact moment, Ed bursts through teh door. "AMADO! I've got--Oh my. I'll come back later?"
Endless Traveler (7:32:24 PM): ...*blink* "Hu... and people call me weird." A side smirk came to the joker's face. He's not getting away that easy! This guy seems fun! Without giving it a second thought, the Osiris gave chase to Ed.
Endless Traveler (7:32:38 PM): (*shoots wireless router* CURSE YOU >:O)
Viewtiful Rekk (7:32:38 PM): (Covered Core: ;_; Takumi: ....I'm not hugging you.)
Sinisquirrel (7:32:57 PM): Feeling the little spirit more uncomfortable with herself than anything, the Witch sighs and disappears.
Rakath Chaos (7:33:20 PM): Covered Core appears... half in the wall, he's a fucking huge spirit, "Energy levels increased 30%, cause unknown."
Myushu (7:33:30 PM): "Oh, Amado-dono..." she stayed clinging, rubbing her cheek against his, "You will keep me safe, won't you? You're so strong and brave.. Ohhh."
Polk Kitsune (7:33:40 PM): The girl blinked. "What's happening?"
Endless Traveler (7:33:46 PM): (:D Amado is blushing on the inside.)
Rakath Chaos (7:33:54 PM): Dawn frowns, "Dunno, let's go find answers!"
Sinisquirrel (7:34:11 PM): The hairs on the back of Lily's neck prickle. "I have... no idea. But for some reason I wish to find the others..."
kwikkidus (7:34:13 PM): Ed finds himself blushing, and somehow unable to look away. " Do... you need privacy?"
Rakath Chaos (7:34:18 PM): Dawn, with great Inuyasha type skills, picks the new girl up on her back, and bounds off for the school, "Lily, take the shortcut."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:34:24 PM): Amado, suave bastard that he is, just grins suavely. "You know it, my dear. If anyone strikes at you, I shall give them a taste of my blade!"
kwikkidus (7:34:45 PM): Elsewhere, on top of a roof, Magical Merchant is going crazy. However, Eon is blissfully unaware of this. ^_^
Myushu (7:34:46 PM): Pikeru stayed hugging onto Jenna. "Hrm.." "Pikeru-chan.. What is it? What's wrong?" "Somethin' just doesn't feel right.."
Polk Kitsune (7:34:50 PM): She blinked, her eyes goign wide as she was picked up. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!"
Sinisquirrel (7:34:52 PM): "Haai! Take care!" The girl waves, then seems to slip into the forest.
Rakath Chaos (7:35:15 PM): "Stop screaming (crying)!" Dawn orders.
Myushu (7:35:21 PM): "Ah.." she looked at Takumi, "What does Core mean? What energy levels?"
Rakath Chaos (7:35:56 PM): Takumi, now off the DDR pad, is tapping away at a computer, "This says spiritual energies are rising... this makes no sense at all."
Myushu (7:35:58 PM): "Ahh, Amado-dono~ You're so wonderful. I feel so much better around you, honey.. ^^"
kwikkidus (7:36:05 PM): "Look. Something. Bad.Really bad. Elemental somethings. Someone. Messing with things theyshouldn't. Big things, like duel spirit things. Dori-chan feltsomething wrong... and... and... AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS!" Deepbreath.
Sinisquirrel (7:36:14 PM): Spotting someone with an insane duel spirit on his head, she shouts up to its partner: "So, yours is going nuts too, huh?"
Rakath Chaos (7:36:27 PM): "Covered Core, vanish!" Takumi bellows out, the ship disappearing quickly.
Polk Kitsune (7:36:28 PM): She suddenly shuts up, clinging tigthly, scared from the sudden movement, the cats' claws cligning onto her back.
Myushu (7:36:38 PM): "..But not that much better. ;-; Amado-doonoo.." More clinging.
Myushu (7:36:56 PM): "Spirtual energies..?"
Endless Traveler (7:37:02 PM): As if saying 'boo', a hand touched Ed's shoulder. "You know, maybe you should take it one word at a time before you give yourself asthma, yes? :3" ... Someone get a stopwatch and clock this guy's speed.
Rakath Chaos (7:37:12 PM): Takumi frowns, "I need to run these numbers a few time, get back to me later."
kwikkidus (7:37:59 PM): Three feet jump, straight up. "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Turned around, defensive stance. "Where did you..?!"
Myushu (7:38:00 PM): "..All right." She looked down at Pikeru, "Let's go find Eon-kun, hm? And see how Merchy-san is..."
Endless Traveler (7:38:30 PM): *?*... "What? What'd I do? o_o"
Sinisquirrel (7:38:34 PM): "... oh, forget this..." Lily pulled out her PDA and punched in Jenna's line.
Rakath Chaos (7:38:36 PM): Dawn lands in the courtyard, "You can get off now..."
Myushu (7:39:08 PM): "Uuu.. Hai." "Amado..." she looked at the boy, shuddering at the Maiden. "I appriciate you trying to apologize but-- ohh.."
Polk Kitsune (7:39:15 PM): She trembles, holdign on still. "Nyyyuuuu? A-a-are you sure? We stopped moving?"
Myushu (7:39:18 PM): Jenna pulled out her PDA. "Lily-chan?"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:39:18 PM): "....What's wrong?"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:39:26 PM): "Oh. Geez. Don't worry about the Maiden."
Sinisquirrel (7:39:42 PM): "Jenna, quick question. Did Pikeru freak out just now?"
Rakath Chaos (7:39:49 PM): (( Now... all the Duel spirits are now VERY real, as in no longer just hallucinations, so Eon can talk to Mercant ))
(7:39:50 PM) BreakneckChao has left the room.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:39:56 PM): "Hrm. Lily? Is she okay?!"
kwikkidus (7:40:08 PM): "You scared me... ANYWAYS! AMADO! I think the world is in danger! Again! Dori-chan said so!" "Actually, I just said that someone was harnessing incredibly powerful elemental spirits..." "What she said! It's the same thing!"
Sinisquirrel (7:40:30 PM): Broom bonk to the head. "Stupid, ask where she is first." "I'll get there when I get there..."
Myushu (7:40:40 PM): "Yeah.. She is.. And so is Amado's..."
kwikkidus (7:40:44 PM): "End of the woild sale!Everthin' must go! 50% off all itemz in stock!" "...What the hell areyou?" "No time for introductions, myboy, just buy buy buy!"
Rakath Chaos (7:40:45 PM): Wynn tries to float all spirit like, and can't, she looks over at Dawn.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:40:45 PM): (Wait. Where's Ed?)
Sinisquirrel (7:40:50 PM): "... did you just BONK me on the HEAD?"
Endless Traveler (7:41:01 PM): A concerned frown crossed his usually smiling face. "Scared you? But, I was standing here for a minute. You could have sensed me behind you or something. . ."
Rakath Chaos (7:41:09 PM): "Wynn what do you mean you feel weird, you cant' feel? you don't have a body!"
Polk Kitsune (7:41:11 PM): The girl whinced a bit, felign the claws on her back. "Ow..."
kwikkidus (7:41:12 PM): (Currently? In the room with the DDR.)
Sinisquirrel (7:41:12 PM): "Yeah, so what abou--" Pause. Broom drop. "HOLY SHIT!"
Rakath Chaos (7:41:23 PM): Dawn goes over to wave her hand through Wynn... and she's solid.
kwikkidus (7:41:24 PM): "What do you think I am, psychic or something?!"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:41:25 PM): (kay.)
Viewtiful Rekk (7:41:38 PM): "...Ed, when the heck did you get here?"
Sinisquirrel (7:41:43 PM): "Okay, right... uhm... Where are you? I need to find you and everyone else."
kwikkidus (7:41:50 PM): "Right after the Maiden in Love decided to hug you."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:41:58 PM): "Ah."
Polk Kitsune (7:41:59 PM): The girl let go off Dawn, and grabbed the cats by the back of the necks. "Ny.. u?"
Endless Traveler (7:42:08 PM): "Hey, everybdy has a little bit of it whether they know it or not. :D" he said in response to Ed's psychic comment.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:42:12 PM): MEANWHILE.
Endless Traveler (7:42:13 PM): everybody*)
Rakath Chaos (7:42:20 PM): ( Maiden in love is now solid... )
Sinisquirrel (7:42:31 PM): (HISS.)
Viewtiful Rekk (7:42:32 PM): Hayata: HOLY CRAP, THERE'S A KOALA IN MY ROOM!!!
Rakath Chaos (7:42:33 PM): ( Amado: Hot damn! *drags Maiden off to nearest closet )
Myushu (7:42:57 PM): "In the closed down arena of Ra Yellow.. Amado and-- oh Ed's here too!"
Sinisquirrel (7:43:02 PM): Judai: You think you have it bad!? I've got a face full of Kuriboh!
Polk Kitsune (7:43:04 PM): She looked at Dawn and the witch. "Are... What's happening?"
Endless Traveler (7:43:07 PM): (XD Holy crap, there's a koala in my room. explain that to the teachers when your homework is eaten.)
Polk Kitsune (7:43:13 PM): ((XD))
Viewtiful Rekk (7:43:28 PM): Manjyome: ...No. No. NO. IT'S BECOME SOLID! OH GOD! AAAAAAAAAAH!
Rakath Chaos (7:43:31 PM): Dawn and Wynn stared at each other again, "She thinks it's a Shadow game, but..."
Endless Traveler (7:43:34 PM): (LOL)
Viewtiful Rekk (7:43:38 PM): Manjyome snapz.
Polk Kitsune (7:43:42 PM): ((XDDDD)
Rakath Chaos (7:43:51 PM): Dawn just punches a tree, "This spirit stuff NEVER makes sense!"
kwikkidus (7:43:56 PM): "Anyways, Dori-chan saidthat..." He reaches back to point at her... and ends up poking her."...That... that... that... th-th-th-tha..." Faint. "..." Doriado blinks. "I hope he's okay..."
Polk Kitsune (7:44:11 PM): The girl looked down at the cats. "I don't get it..."
Sinisquirrel (7:44:12 PM): "All right, I'll-- we'll meet you there."
Endless Traveler (7:44:16 PM): "Ooo... He fainted. I hope I didn't cause that."
Rakath Chaos (7:44:24 PM): Takumi frowns, "This makes no sense at ALL!"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:44:28 PM): "..."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:44:39 PM): "Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:44:45 PM): "Lois, this is not my Batman glass."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:44:47 PM): "I mean."
Sinisquirrel (7:45:06 PM): "Wow, I kinda like this... hey, whoa--!" Lily has grabbed Witch by the hand, heading off for Jenna's location.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:45:16 PM): He raises a hand and touches Maiden on the forehead.
Rakath Chaos (7:45:19 PM): "The readings are the same, THE EXACT SAME, as when Enishi and Jinzo did the Shadow game... only all over the island!" Takumi scratches his head.
Myushu (7:45:29 PM): Maiden blinked, seeing Ed faint. "What an odd little guy-- Oh!" she looked at Amado. "Tickly. ^^"
Endless Traveler (7:45:51 PM): "...Lois? Silly man, thats not my name. That's funny. You're funny. XD"
Polk Kitsune (7:46:16 PM): Casey blinked, lookign at his side, a familiar red biker weilding his lance, mounted on his motorbike. "Ooooookaaayyyy..."
Myushu (7:46:25 PM): ..Jenna gave Pikeru a little squeeze. "P-pikeru?" "Easy there, Jenna-mama. >_<;" "Wah.. I can really.. Feel.. you."
kwikkidus (7:46:35 PM): "Maiden, I certainly hopeyou aren't plying your trade now, of all times. As you may have noticed, we're having a small crisis." she comments, picking up Ed.
Rakath Chaos (7:46:52 PM): Sammi is all scared, and cuddling up Chiron's back as she sits on his back.
kwikkidus (7:47:01 PM): "Someone get this annoying bouncing thing off my head..." "ALL CARDS, HALF PRICE! NO OFFER SHALL BE REFUSED!"
Polk Kitsune (7:47:06 PM): The girl blinked, tilting her head. "Aren't you suposed to go to the others or such?"
Sinisquirrel (7:47:16 PM): Spotting Dawn and Cat(s) Girl: "Jenna... and the others... or so I think... they're in the abandoned Ra Yellow place..."
Myushu (7:47:20 PM): She pulled out her PDA, contacting Eon. "Eon-kun! Where are you?"
Myushu (7:47:32 PM): "Ahem.. Crisis. Yes, I know that..."
Polk Kitsune (7:47:38 PM): She looks at Lily. "Really? Where's that?"
Rakath Chaos (7:47:41 PM): Dawn frowned, and grabbed the girl again, bounding off for where the others are.
kwikkidus (7:47:49 PM): Eon flips open his PDAand answers it. "Oh. I'm on top of the dorm. And there's a weird bug ontop of my head, commenting about an 'end of the world' sale."
Rakath Chaos (7:47:55 PM): "Wynn says that way!"
Polk Kitsune (7:47:59 PM): "WOAH!" And here we go again!
Myushu (7:48:32 PM): "Bug? That's Merchy-san! You two come down to the abandoned Ra arena, now, okay? Somethin's going on."
Polk Kitsune (7:48:37 PM): She sweatdropped. "Do you always do this?"
Sinisquirrel (7:48:41 PM): "Y'know, now that I'm solid, it kinda sucks being around yo-- OI OI OI!" Dragged off again by Lily.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:48:42 PM): "This.....geez. This is bizzare."
Rakath Chaos (7:48:43 PM): "Yes."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:49:14 PM): He shoots a glance at Takumi. "So...what're we gonna d- HOLY SHIT!" he then points behind Takumi, a supremely freaked out look on his face.
kwikkidus (7:49:34 PM): "Huh? Oh. Right. Be therein a second." A poof of fire is heard. Seconds later, Eon jumps downfrom the rafters. "At your service, Jenna-dono." "ALL ITEMS MUST GO!""...Shut up already." =__=
Rakath Chaos (7:49:47 PM): Takumi sighs, "I've got Covered Core watching the island, I can't bring him in here since he's the size of the building.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:49:58 PM): "N-n-not that..."
Endless Traveler (7:50:03 PM): "Ildrad...!!" *?!* The Osiris turned, looking at... "L-Lady...?" *eye twitch* "I thought I left you in my room! How'd you ge-- ...Eh.. I'm going nuts." "Yes, you are! You're supposed to be in Gym! Why aren't you there? T_T" "Uh..
Endless Traveler (7:50:06 PM): "*
Sinisquirrel (7:50:09 PM): "Shutting up, coming up!" Broom whack to the bug. Guess who's here?
Viewtiful Rekk (7:50:22 PM): (What's Illdrad's spirit? :O)
Rakath Chaos (7:50:35 PM): Wynn runs over and tackle hugs Pikeru... cutely!
Endless Traveler (7:50:42 PM): (Lady of Faith and Witty Phantom. LoF = nagging mother :D)
Rakath Chaos (7:50:49 PM): Dawn and Lola hopping down and walking in the door.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:50:59 PM): Behind a tea-sipping, monocle wearing dragon.
Rakath Chaos (7:51:15 PM): Takumi looks up, "Oh yeah, Amado, that's your duel spirit."
Polk Kitsune (7:51:15 PM): Lola trembled still, and finally let go. "Ow... Cat... Claws... Ow..."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:51:18 PM): "...I say, why's he so afraid? He's seen the spaceship before..."
kwikkidus (7:51:20 PM): "Mmph!" The bug goes flying into a wall. "Why thank you, miss... Well. You look almost exactly like a Witch's apprentice."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:51:24 PM): ".....Who, me?"
Viewtiful Rekk (7:51:35 PM): "Oh, dear teacher, I'm sorry, but Sir Amado can't see me."
Myushu (7:51:49 PM): "Eon-kun!" Jenna hugged him. "Watch it. ;-;" "Ah, sorry.. So Merchy's all.. solid too, huh?" she watched the bug hit the wall.
Sinisquirrel (7:51:50 PM): "S'what I am, buster," she huffed with a fold of her wings. "I never liked that bug. Ever."
Rakath Chaos (7:51:58 PM): "You're solid right now Armed Dragon," Takumi states, still typing.
Polk Kitsune (7:52:28 PM): Lola blinked, lookign around at all the people and all the spirits. "Ny... u?"
Myushu (7:52:29 PM): "Aw.. So that's Amado's duel spirit.." Maiden said with a bit of jealousy.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:52:34 PM): "..." "..."
Rakath Chaos (7:52:37 PM): ( Shu, Pikeru just got tackle hugged by Wynn... cutely! )
Viewtiful Rekk (7:52:46 PM): "So I am." He goes back to his tea.
Endless Traveler (7:52:56 PM): *ear grab!* "Don't you 'uh' me, young man. You're going to gym, even if I have to drag you there!" This actually feels kind of nice to do. ^^ "Come on!" *YANK!* "Ow...! ;-;" Off they went out of the room, unfortunately towards gym
Endless Traveler (7:52:57 PM): class.
kwikkidus (7:53:02 PM): "Apparently he is..." Eonmutters, nodding as he hugs back. "And from Pikeru, Merchant, and Apprentice... not to mention all these other monsters everywhere, I canonly guess that everyone on the island is in some form of shock."
Myushu (7:53:02 PM): (RIGHT! X_x; Wah *getting lost already*)
Viewtiful Rekk (7:53:03 PM): Amado just stares.........and falls down. a @_@ look on his face.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:53:12 PM): (Me too. >__>; )
Sinisquirrel (7:53:14 PM): "So... many spirits..." Lily looked around the room, until... "And that one. Why that one...?"
Myushu (7:53:37 PM): Pikeru blinks, getting tackled by Wynn. "Oh! Wynn!"
Myushu (7:53:48 PM): She hugs her tightly.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:54:09 PM): He then gets back up, and shakes his head. "Okay, okay, everything's okay..."
Sinisquirrel (7:54:09 PM): "... ..." Witch is torn. There's a cute pile going on, but if she gets near Pikeru... "Waaah... T_T;"
Polk Kitsune (7:54:12 PM): Lola shook a little, holding onto her cats. "What's happening here?..."
Rakath Chaos (7:54:25 PM): Wynn beams as she hugs Pikeru.
kwikkidus (7:54:25 PM): "Can we return to thetask at hand, please? Something has happened here that should not havehappened. Things are being thrown out of balance."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:54:26 PM): "I can just see stuff no...." He looks around...and notices all the magical girls.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:54:30 PM): "......."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:54:44 PM): "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!"
Sinisquirrel (7:54:44 PM): "It's not just seeing, Amado-kun."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:54:52 PM): Amado runs like crazy out of the Ra dorm.
Endless Traveler (7:54:54 PM): A chibi form of himself is flailing around. "Stop~! You're gonna hurt my ear~! I'm being -- uh.. -- spiritnapped! ;-;"
Sinisquirrel (7:54:55 PM): Annd hands over the ears.
Myushu (7:55:05 PM): "Awww-- ohh.. Amado-san seems frightened. o.o"
Rakath Chaos (7:55:05 PM): Dawn nudges Lily, "Lily-chan, with the duel spirits solid... maybe you should keep a distance, your... you know."
Myushu (7:55:21 PM): "Ahh! Amado-dono!!" she goes after him
Polk Kitsune (7:55:27 PM): Lola blinked, looking at the running Amado. "Woah..."
Sinisquirrel (7:55:41 PM): "... Amado-DONO!? When did THAT...!?" Then, nudged by Dawn. "... right..."
Rakath Chaos (7:56:20 PM): Takumi frowns, "I cannot cofirm these readings."
Viewtiful Rekk (7:56:20 PM): Armed LV5 walks up to Lily.
Viewtiful Rekk (7:56:31 PM): "You must excuse Sir Amado and Miss Maiden."
Rakath Chaos (7:56:36 PM): Takumi shouts at everyone, "SIT DOWN AND LISTEN!"
Myushu (7:56:56 PM): "Shock.. totally.. I don't get how this is all happening.." she then blinked, hearing Takumi, and shushed up looking at him.
Polk Kitsune (7:56:58 PM): Lola blinked, and sat down quickly, beign drawn inot this unwillingly...
Sinisquirrel (7:56:58 PM): "Though they all seem to be lively enough to..." Again with the ear-covering, thank you SENSEI.
kwikkidus (7:57:02 PM): Ed is too unconcious to hear..
Viewtiful Rekk (7:57:12 PM): "Oh. The teacher is calling." The Brit of a dragon signals to everyone there to beging sitting down.
Rakath Chaos (7:57:15 PM): Ed must be too close to Lily.
kwikkidus (7:57:17 PM): Eon looks over at Takumi as well.
Sinisquirrel (7:57:30 PM): (No, he's just fainted because of Doriado. I think.)
kwikkidus (7:57:45 PM): It was Doriado's fault, actually. Who is still sitting down, while holding Ed.
Endless Traveler (7:58:02 PM): "Call the army! Get the police! Call the authorities! There's a ninja in my room...!!!" Rane skid into the room, falling short to slip on his rear. ... Pfft. Halcyon, indeed. "Ick..."
Rakath Chaos (7:58:04 PM): "Right now I confirm the readings as a Shadow Game... however, without a real duel, I cannot confirm this, so we need to duel, or find people dueling on the island falling over in gut wrenching pain."
Sinisquirrel (7:58:38 PM): "A bit risky to simply have us duel straight off to find out..."
Polk Kitsune (7:58:49 PM): Lola blinked, feelign a pull on her hair, than reached back, pulling a bunny and placing it with the cats, then back at sensei. "Nyu..."
Rakath Chaos (7:59:36 PM): "We can either choose two decks that will limit the damage, or we can go with searching the island.  Also, something must be causing it." Takumi goggle glints.
Myushu (7:59:54 PM): "A shadow game.." She shuddered, remembering the Psychoshocker.
Polk Kitsune (8:00:47 PM): Lola gulped. "Well... I mostly have small monsters..." She fidgetted a bit.
kwikkidus (8:00:48 PM): "Why are you having to 'be sure' that we're in a massive shadow game? I would think it's pretty obvious."
Polk Kitsune (8:01:03 PM): "But there must be plenty of people duelign around, no?"
Polk Kitsune (8:01:10 PM): "There are arenas..."
Rakath Chaos (8:01:22 PM): "The readings are too strange, no shadow game has ever been this large since LONG ago."
Endless Traveler (8:02:22 PM): *twitch*... My back almost went out again.. Shoot. He sat up, glancing around before getting into a comfortable position to sit and listen. Better off not saying anything after that slip up he did. . .
Sinisquirrel (8:02:38 PM): "It should be easiest for Takumi-sensei to tap in to the arenas to see if duels are going on first..."
kwikkidus (8:03:03 PM): "If it helps, before this started--I sensed something."
Rakath Chaos (8:04:02 PM): "No arena duels are happening, the blue arena is down since SOMEBODY had a fistfight in the Obelisk arena," Takumi glares at Dawn.
Polk Kitsune (8:05:49 PM): Lola tilted her head. "So we need to make a duel of our own?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:06:09 PM): The Armed LV5 sipped his tea. "Well....there is an easier way."
Rakath Chaos (8:06:19 PM): "It would be easier for you all to find duels happening," Takumi adds, "I suggest splitting up." (for the sake of easier scenewriting).
Viewtiful Rekk (8:06:38 PM): "Well put, teacher." Sip.
kwikkidus (8:06:56 PM): "That does seem like a smarter course of action."
Myushu (8:07:01 PM): "Splitting up.." Jenna nodded. "Sounds good."
Polk Kitsune (8:07:06 PM): Lola gulped, feeling like she was gona have another trip on Dawn's back...
Sinisquirrel (8:07:24 PM): (Boy, for someone who has the school 'wired,' having to split up... eh.)
kwikkidus (8:07:27 PM): "So we're splitting up. Right."
Rakath Chaos (8:08:05 PM): "However, some of your duel spirits might want to stay here. Since a dragon is large and easily spotted."
Polk Kitsune (8:08:31 PM): Lola blinked, and pondered about her other duel spirit, sweatdropping.
Endless Traveler (8:09:00 PM): All he could think about was that ninja that "ambushed" him when he left his dorm.
Rakath Chaos (8:09:49 PM): Dawn grinned, man is she scary lookin', "So I should go look for a Blue student to trounce?"
Sinisquirrel (8:09:51 PM): Witch patted the dragon on the knee. "There, there, I'll stay behind with big fella here."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:09:57 PM): "I say, there's probably a few that are more noticable than I, teacher."
kwikkidus (8:10:09 PM): "Like, say, a giant spaceship."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:10:17 PM): "For example." Sip.
Rakath Chaos (8:10:45 PM): Takumi sighs, "He's in as high an orbit as he can get, also Armed Dragon you're bigger than the door."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:11:08 PM): The dragon looks over at the door. " I am..."
(8:11:13 PM) BreakneckChao has entered the room.
Polk Kitsune (8:11:17 PM): She tilted her head. "Too bad he can't Shrink..."
Polk Kitsune (8:11:22 PM): ((yo))
Endless Traveler (8:11:25 PM): (>D WB to hell, David.)
kwikkidus (8:11:27 PM): "...Why can't he?"
BreakneckChao (8:11:48 PM): (Internet wonked out. >_<)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:11:53 PM): He sighs. "Oh well....."
Endless Traveler (8:11:57 PM): (Aww. ;-; )
Polk Kitsune (8:11:58 PM): ((doesn't it always?))
BreakneckChao (8:12:03 PM): (Yeah)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:12:05 PM): "I suppose I'll have to do this......" He closes his eyes.....and begins glowing.
Sinisquirrel (8:12:09 PM): "Should probably worry less about the spirits and who's going where..."
BreakneckChao (8:12:13 PM): (Freaking Aim + Stupid Router)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:12:42 PM): His skin turns from red to orange.....grey to tan...and he begins shrinking in size.
kwikkidus (8:12:50 PM): "Anywhere you need us is fine with me."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:13:29 PM): When he's done, the very identifiable form of Armed Dragon LV3 is hovering in the air. "Sigh... I rather dislike this form."
Endless Traveler (8:13:30 PM): (Lady of Faith] Oh.. What a cute dragon! :D :hugs Armed Dragon LV3: )
Polk Kitsune (8:13:40 PM): Lola blinked.
Polk Kitsune (8:13:47 PM): "Cute!"
Rakath Chaos (8:13:48 PM): "Pupil!" Takumi says, lookin' at Jenna, "Go get Henry and fill him in."
Myushu (8:14:16 PM): "Awww.. How cute" She looked at the now smaller dragon. "Ah! Henry, right! Okay!"
Sinisquirrel (8:14:52 PM): Lily raised an eyebrow. Cute? She didn't see it.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:14:58 PM): "Would you mind if we picked up Sir Amado on the way, Lady Jenna?" The tiny dragon asks, in a more high-pitched voice.
Myushu (8:15:23 PM): "I want to go too. >_<" Pikeru stood up, clinging onto Jenna. "Alright.. And, no I don't mind.. Will Eon-kun come too?"
Rakath Chaos (8:15:33 PM): Dawn give Lily a small kiss, "I'm going to get information. Later."
Sinisquirrel (8:15:46 PM): "Mmph... right... later... good luck."
kwikkidus (8:15:49 PM): Eon smirks. "Of course I'm coming.. I have a job to do, remember, Jenna-dono."
kwikkidus (8:15:53 PM): ((?*))
Rakath Chaos (8:15:55 PM): Takumi nodded, "Sure."
Sinisquirrel (8:16:10 PM): "Armed... I was hoping to search for Amado myself... since we're supposed to split up and all."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:16:31 PM): "...Ah. Right."
Rakath Chaos (8:16:34 PM): Dawn puts Wynn on her back and leaps out and vanishes.
Myushu (8:16:48 PM): "Aw, Eon-kun.. Don't call me 'dono' so much."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:16:49 PM): The orange dragon then switches from Jenna over to Lily. He hovers over her shoulder.
Myushu (8:17:05 PM): "Well.. Alright. So I guess just gotta find Henry. Let's go."
Polk Kitsune (8:17:07 PM): Lola sighed. "This is so weird..."
Sinisquirrel (8:17:09 PM): (Since, well, currently she'd be partner-less.)
kwikkidus (8:17:41 PM): "If you inist..." he mutters, heading out the door. His hand is at the ready over his duel disc.
Polk Kitsune (8:18:14 PM): she muterred a bit. "I barely even know two of these people..."
kwikkidus (8:18:18 PM): "Well, now that one party has been dispatched, what else would you consider, Takumi? After all, the lay of the land is yours."
Rakath Chaos (8:18:20 PM): (Who wants to duel one of the new villains? )
Viewtiful Rekk (8:18:32 PM): (>_> It'd be greedy for me to say yes.)
Polk Kitsune (8:18:34 PM): She looked down. "I hope Bee is allright..."
Sinisquirrel (8:18:35 PM): "Hmmkay, so where d'ya figure the spazz went off to?" "His room?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:18:39 PM): (Don't care. I do. <_<)
Myushu (8:18:41 PM): "Alright.. Best to see where Henry is, first off." she took out her PDA, following Eon, and contacted Henry. "Henry? Where're you?"
BreakneckChao (8:18:48 PM): Henry, currently just outside the Osiris dorms is wondering... "What the heck is going on, Airknight?"
Endless Traveler (8:18:49 PM): (>_> You deserve to be frwacked.)
BreakneckChao (8:19:25 PM): Henry's PDA rings... "Jenna! I'm outside the Osiris dorms!"
kwikkidus (8:19:39 PM): (I'll do it if needed.)
Sinisquirrel (8:19:42 PM): Lily looked back at the cat girl. "... Would you like to come along? Currently it's just myself and a couple of real spirits, so..."
BreakneckChao (8:19:46 PM): (I DO!)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:19:51 PM): "...Henry-san. So you've realized something is wrong?" It's none other than everyone's favorite mini-megalomaniac! :D
Myushu (8:19:56 PM): "Okay, stay there. Me and Eon-kun" "And me. ._." "And Pikeru are coming."
Myushu (8:20:08 PM): (Enishi <3)
Rakath Chaos (8:20:10 PM): (Whoever duels will probably get blasted six ways to sunday... EON! )
BreakneckChao (8:20:12 PM): Airknight: "...It's you!"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:20:31 PM): "Indeed...." He taps the Airknight a couple teams.
Myushu (8:20:31 PM): (Noooo, not Eon. ;-; )
Viewtiful Rekk (8:20:33 PM): "Solid...."
Polk Kitsune (8:20:41 PM): She blinked, and gave a nod. "Yeah!... If you don't mind."
Endless Traveler (8:20:52 PM): (Aww.... He's still bad. ;-; )
Myushu (8:20:55 PM): "C'mon Eon-kun. He's by Osiris dorms." she headed off in that direction.
kwikkidus (8:21:22 PM): "Right..." He follows after her, still scanning around for possible threats.
Sinisquirrel (8:21:31 PM): She shrugged. "It can't hurt." "The more the merrier! 'Cause yanno, witches, cats... it makes so much sense."
BreakneckChao (8:21:31 PM): Henry: "Yeah, he is... You know why?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:21:48 PM): He sighs. "Cannot say that I do..."
BreakneckChao (8:21:50 PM): Airknigh: *Jerks back from Enishi*
Polk Kitsune (8:22:03 PM): Lola giggled. "Yeah, true." She looked at the bunny. "And you too, no worries."
Sinisquirrel (8:22:24 PM): (So, timeskip or something?)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:22:34 PM): (shure y not)
kwikkidus (8:22:43 PM): (Yay timeskip.)
Endless Traveler (8:22:58 PM): (Hooray for the timeskip.)
Polk Kitsune (8:23:01 PM): She extended her hand toward Lily. "By the way, my name's Lola..."
Rakath Chaos (8:23:51 PM): Takumi is cruching numbers, waiting for Ed-boy to wake up to help him research this.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:23:55 PM): "But..." He holds up a locket around his neck, and opens it, showing Bruce's Terros card.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:24:15 PM): "My odd. I have no idea why."
Sinisquirrel (8:24:39 PM): Ever polite, Lily took it. "Lily. And this is Armed Dragon LV3, and the Witch's Apprentice... do you have a name?" "Not that I recall any more. Nice t'meetcha, kiddo." Witch claps Lola on the back.
BreakneckChao (8:24:43 PM): "At least I know you're not behind this, then..."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:25:16 PM): The mini-dragon nods to the girl. "Pleased to meet you miss."
Rakath Chaos (8:25:21 PM): ( I've decided on Li's target! Where are Enishi and Henry? )
Viewtiful Rekk (8:25:29 PM): (>_>)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:25:35 PM): (Osiris dorms.)
Endless Traveler (8:25:39 PM): (;-;....Rakkie scares me now.)
Sinisquirrel (8:25:44 PM): (brb)
kwikkidus (8:25:59 PM): Ed finally gets around to waking up. "Ghh... Is that... sorry, I kinda." Massive blush, jump tofeet. "Ahh! Alright! Uhm... Hello! Did I miss anything?!"
Myushu (8:26:08 PM): The group soon got to the Osiris dorms and Jenna spotted out Henry.. "Henry! There you are.. with Enishi..?"
Polk Kitsune (8:26:08 PM): Lola smiled widely, and bowed. "Nice to meet you!" She pointed the the cats. "This is Catnipped Kitty, this is Rescue Cat,a nd this is Blade Rabbit." The trio waved from their places in Lola's arms.
BreakneckChao (8:26:29 PM): "Yeah, he just showed up..."
kwikkidus (8:26:30 PM): "Aahhh! Shorty! How ya' doing?"
Polk Kitsune (8:26:58 PM): ((I always said it... Rakkie is pure evil...))
Myushu (8:27:04 PM): "Airknight-sama~" Pikeru waved at the spirit.
Endless Traveler (8:27:06 PM): (...Pure evil? ;-; )
Polk Kitsune (8:27:22 PM): ((Pure, solid, unaldurated, evil...))
Viewtiful Rekk (8:27:30 PM): "Ah. Hello Masami-Sama. Eon-San."
BreakneckChao (8:27:39 PM): Airkinght: "Hello, Pikeru." Airknight waved his sword-hand back.
Sinisquirrel (8:27:51 PM): (... sama?)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:28:08 PM): Armed LV3 bows polightly to the three animals.
Myushu (8:28:14 PM): (Pikeru favors Henry. o.o So she'd like his spirit a lot, I guess.)
Myushu (8:28:29 PM): (Oh.. Masami-sama)
Polk Kitsune (8:28:59 PM): She sweatdropped a little. "Usually, Bee would be with me, but... He wanted to stay in the forrest for a while."
Sinisquirrel (8:29:18 PM): "... Bee? Should I ask?"
Myushu (8:29:26 PM): "Eni...Enishi-san. Hey. Well..." she looked at Airknight, "He's here too.. Of course. Alright so something's going on, obviously."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:29:27 PM): "Who?" The dragon quirks an eyebrow.
Polk Kitsune (8:29:54 PM): She shook her head. "I'll show you later, no worries."
Myushu (8:29:57 PM): "All the duel spirits are becoming solid.." she glanced down at Pikeru, "Takumi-sensei thinks it may be a shadow game-- a really big one."
Polk Kitsune (8:30:06 PM): "Besides, don't we have somethging to do?"
Sinisquirrel (8:30:46 PM): That had been why they were walking while they were talking, but sometimes it was hard to notice the way she had them going. "Mm... I haven't seen a duel yet, though... a rather slow day. Odd."
(8:30:46 PM) BreakneckChao has left the room.
kwikkidus (8:30:58 PM): "Like, hugely big."
Polk Kitsune (8:31:28 PM): "When you've got spirits going solid all around you... Dueling might be the last of your worries..."
(8:31:30 PM) BreakneckChao has entered the room.
Sinisquirrel (8:31:58 PM): "Mm, especially if it's Shadow Game related... ah well."
BreakneckChao (8:32:23 PM): "So you're as confused as I am?"
kwikkidus (8:32:30 PM): "Robocop-sensei, what the hell's going on? I mean, I didn't cause this! And... well... Uhhm..." "Ed..." "WELL I DIDN'T!"
Rakath Chaos (8:32:54 PM): Takumi types, "Something is making a huge Shadow game without a duel.
Myushu (8:33:18 PM): "We have to look around and see if anyone's dueling-- and in pain..."
Polk Kitsune (8:33:20 PM): She gave a nod. "Scary... And I've barely started at the academy..." She sighed. "Is this what usually happens?"
kwikkidus (8:33:27 PM): "So there's a localized shadow game, making every monster inside it real..?"
kwikkidus (8:33:37 PM): "Or I could always summon Exodia."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:33:53 PM): "..." Enishi sweatdrops.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:34:03 PM): "And kill yourself, most probably."
Sinisquirrel (8:34:05 PM): Lily gave that question some thought. "Actually, the last time it was a hostile takeover by a group... this should swing the average by some."
Myushu (8:34:23 PM): "'Kill yourself?' Wah.. Eon-kun, no!"
kwikkidus (8:34:25 PM): "I have a -little- more power than you'd think, Enishi."
Polk Kitsune (8:34:27 PM): She sweatdropped. "What did I get myself into?..."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:34:45 PM): "Which is why Bear-San trounced you."
Sinisquirrel (8:35:09 PM): (Don't you go around using the -kuma like that. >>; )
kwikkidus (8:35:09 PM): "THAT! WAS! LUCK! I had her in ONE TURN!"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:35:24 PM): "Hm. I wonder if that tiny fellow is up to no good again....he did seem rather distressed over the large fellow dying."
Myushu (8:35:35 PM): "C'mon.. Let's not start arguing.."
Sinisquirrel (8:36:01 PM): "Highly doubtful given his condition...s..." Yes, she added on the "s" long after.
Polk Kitsune (8:36:24 PM): She blinked. "My turn... should I ask?"
kwikkidus (8:36:29 PM): "Aww... but it's the only thing he's good at, Jenna-do--chan."
Sinisquirrel (8:36:32 PM): Simple. "No."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:36:52 PM): "Hm. How do you know?"
Myushu (8:36:59 PM): "^^; You can argue later, Eon-kun.. But right now we have something to do."
BreakneckChao (8:38:24 PM): "So what should we do, then?" Henry turned to Jenna.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:38:27 PM): "Hm? What condition...s?"
Endless Traveler (8:38:33 PM): (I've withdrawn from the madness for now. >D)
kwikkidus (8:38:38 PM): "Takumi... if that's the case... why does it matter?" Ed asks, blinking. "A shadow game over the island... what's the big deal?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:38:41 PM): "Figure out who caused this..."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:38:49 PM): "Yami no Game's don't start without a catalyst."
Sinisquirrel (8:38:53 PM): "I don't believe it would be wise to list them all in front of impressionable company, Armed."
Endless Traveler (8:38:56 PM): (:/ Seriously, I have to poof out for the night.)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:39:02 PM): (;_; )
Myushu (8:39:04 PM): "Yeah. What Eni..shi-san said."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:39:05 PM): (Bye, Jen.)
Polk Kitsune (8:39:13 PM): She gulped...
kwikkidus (8:39:18 PM): ((Later, Jenishi.)
Polk Kitsune (8:39:20 PM): ((aaaaawwww...))
Myushu (8:39:23 PM): (Aww, bai Jen)
Polk Kitsune (8:39:24 PM): ((bye bye))
Rakath Chaos (8:39:26 PM): "Every duel would injure students, and every duel spirit would be in danger?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:39:32 PM): "Like with catalyst was my hatred towards you, and my need to do well for Brusu-Sama."
Endless Traveler (8:39:33 PM): (Meh... Hpefully everything'll be better whenthe nephew from H-E- double hockey sticks leaves tomorrow night.)
Endless Traveler (8:39:44 PM): (Night everybody.)
Sinisquirrel (8:39:49 PM): (Night!)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:39:57 PM): (Newphews suck. :/)
Viewtiful Rekk (8:39:59 PM): (Bye.)
kwikkidus (8:40:02 PM): "So someone really really really hates us."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:40:20 PM): "Weeelll...the catalyst doesn't have to necesarilly be full of emotion."
kwikkidus (8:40:31 PM): "...Stupid ethical issues." Ed mutters. "So, what do you need me to do?"
(8:40:44 PM) Endless Traveler has left the room.
kwikkidus (8:40:52 PM): "So someone really really really doesn't care? Oh, CRAP! I did it!"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:40:53 PM): "My emotion just sort of...took the place of magical strength." He pushes up his glasses.
Rakath Chaos (8:40:54 PM): "Research, I need all the information on how one would try to make a Shadow game this big."
BreakneckChao (8:41:21 PM): "Magical... strength?"
Myushu (8:41:28 PM): Jenna arched an eyebrow at Eon. "Eon-kun.."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:41:52 PM): "Indeed."
kwikkidus (8:41:58 PM): Ed blinks. "I think... Imay have information on this back at my dorm. Unless it's with me...Ehh..." He sits down and pulls out a notebook, flipping through it."Shadow games... shadow games... the effects... the powers..."
Myushu (8:42:10 PM): "How would someone go about getting that magical strength?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:42:14 PM): "But really, the point of this all is; this wasn't random. Someone intentionally did this."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:42:32 PM): He sighs. "That...remains to be seen."
Polk Kitsune (8:42:45 PM): A low growl could be heard coming rom the forrest. Lola blinked, looking toward the direction. "Bee..."
kwikkidus (8:42:49 PM): "And why the hell would someone do thi--think it was that other short kid from this dorm? He's kinda crazy. He could've."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:43:07 PM): "Finklestein?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:43:20 PM): "Pf. He may do it just to make his beloved 'Dori-chan' real."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:43:43 PM): Armed LV3 hrrrrrms. "Well...Perhaps someone from Terra Firma still did it...."
Sinisquirrel (8:43:50 PM): ... Yes, it was time to actually know what that was about. "Lola... just what is Bee?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:43:53 PM): "Sir Eon... no... Teacher... no..."
Myushu (8:44:40 PM): "Ed.. No.. He wouldn't have done this-- I don't think so, at least.."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:44:43 PM): "Sir Loki... doubtful. Lady Dawn?"
Polk Kitsune (8:44:45 PM): Lola blinked, and looked at Lily. "A.. duel spirit of mine..."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:44:57 PM): He glances at Lily. " did she act when all this started?"
Sinisquirrel (8:44:58 PM): "Hmph, somebody should check out that Bruce card the shorty's got now. And no, not Dawn. She's been with us for the past week."
Myushu (8:45:10 PM): "He wouldn't have passed out like'at if he done it." Pikeru nodded.
Rakath Chaos (8:45:11 PM): A small lightning strike near Henry.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:45:14 PM): "Ah..." He goes back to hrrming.
kwikkidus (8:45:19 PM): "Summoning Gah, it's not in this one. Sorry... I'm going to have to headback to my dorm." He stands up and bows. "Want to come with?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:45:25 PM): "....?" Enishi arcs an eyebrow.
BreakneckChao (8:45:29 PM): "WHAT THE?!"
Polk Kitsune (8:45:43 PM): She tilted her head. "Want to... meet him?"
Myushu (8:45:46 PM): "Eh?!" "Ah, Henry! Are you okay? Who did that?!"
BreakneckChao (8:46:02 PM): Henry looks at the smouldering ground. "I'm fine..."
Rakath Chaos (8:46:05 PM): Takumi sits there, "No, I'm going to work here.
kwikkidus (8:46:09 PM): Eon looks up, and raises an eyebrow. "It's not even raining."
Sinisquirrel (8:46:36 PM): "The way any of us did... confused..." Looking back to the girl. "Unless that growl was a friendly one, I'd have to say "later." Besides, we're still searching for a duel."
BreakneckChao (8:46:41 PM): "What the heck is going on here?...."
kwikkidus (8:46:47 PM): Ed bows again. "Right! I'll ahh... be back soon!" He runs out the door. "Uhh... me too." she bows as well, and takes off after him,
Rakath Chaos (8:46:49 PM): DYNAMIC ENTRY! Henry is kicked over.
BreakneckChao (8:47:10 PM): "AGH!"
Myushu (8:47:13 PM): "Wah, Henry!"
kwikkidus (8:47:16 PM): Eon's eyes widen, and he takes on a 'wtf?!' look! "What the--?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:47:30 PM): Enishi holds up a card that says '8.7'
Polk Kitsune (8:48:03 PM): She closed her eyes, and gave a nod. "Well... He's rather friendly, if not overprotective." She shook her head. "But you're right."
Rakath Chaos (8:49:33 PM): "So, I would assume you're already aware of the new twist on this school's duels?" The spiky blonde haired kid said, his green jacket blowing in a dramatic wind.
kwikkidus (8:50:20 PM): "Which twist is this? That every one is now a shadow game?"
BreakneckChao (8:50:21 PM): "What the heck was that fo... Twist? What are you talking about?"
BreakneckChao (8:50:42 PM): "Wait... the school is doing this?"
Rakath Chaos (8:51:01 PM): Sigh, "No."
Rakath Chaos (8:51:08 PM): "I am!" Nice guy pose!
Myushu (8:51:21 PM): "Why are you doing this?"
BreakneckChao (8:51:41 PM): "You?! Who are you?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:51:56 PM): ".....Raikou Li." Enishi growls at the boy.
Rakath Chaos (8:52:22 PM): "Yes, yes I am."
BreakneckChao (8:52:29 PM): "You know this guy?" Henry looks at Enishi.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:52:38 PM): "Yes..."
kwikkidus (8:52:54 PM): "Then... who the hell is he?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:53:15 PM): "We approached him to join Terra Firma..."
Rakath Chaos (8:54:12 PM): He shakes his head, "Why would I join you, you had a pathetic plan, this plan... is perfect!"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:54:13 PM): "He refused, and made some vastly stupid comments when he did."
Myushu (8:54:51 PM): "What's so perfect about this? Why're you doing this?"
kwikkidus (8:54:57 PM): "So I'm guessing the lesbian-porno VHS's didn't work on him?
BreakneckChao (8:55:24 PM): "What? What are you planning?"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:55:54 PM): "Indeed...."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:56:10 PM): "A school-wide Yami no Game is deadly, to say the least, but I fail to say where it goes."
kwikkidus (8:56:37 PM): At that moment, Ed and Dori go sprinting buy. "Hi guys!" "Bye guys!"
Rakath Chaos (8:56:46 PM): "Your vision is so small," Li crossed his arms, and nodded sagely.
Viewtiful Rekk (8:56:58 PM): "Hmm...but where are we going to find a duel? Everyone's probably frightened by all of the odd happenings..."
Viewtiful Rekk (8:57:14 PM): Enishi pushes up his glasses. "That's why I have these..."
kwikkidus (8:57:37 PM): "Hmm... So you're going to insult us, rather than explain anything, eh Li?"
Sinisquirrel (8:57:59 PM): "I've no idea. Even as a student I'm rather worthless in these situations. All I can do is look and hope to find something useful."
Rakath Chaos (8:58:01 PM): "Well, why don't I show you a small taste of the power we have. I don't even need to duel you!"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:58:17 PM): Suddenly......a large fireball explodes into life a bit of ways away from the dorm.
kwikkidus (8:58:34 PM): "Oooh... cool trick!"
Myushu (8:58:51 PM): Jenna blinked. "What the-?"
BreakneckChao (8:59:03 PM): Henry jumps. "Holy crap!"
Viewtiful Rekk (8:59:36 PM): Then...a laugh begins echoing from the starts out small, and slowly gets louder....until it is quite obviously a maniacal laugh.
kwikkidus (8:59:51 PM): From a window of the dorm room. "KEEP IT DOWN OUT THERE! I'M TRYING TO READ!"
Polk Kitsune (9:00:16 PM): Lola shivered. "And I've barely arived here... I'd probably get us lost rather than find a duel."
Polk Kitsune (9:00:29 PM): ((I need to go to bed...))
Viewtiful Rekk (9:00:37 PM): (Aww....;_; )
Polk Kitsune (9:00:45 PM): ((sorry -.-))
Myushu (9:00:47 PM): (Puuf. >o<)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:00:54 PM): (No prob. Work and everything. >>; )
Myushu (9:01:00 PM): (Bai bai Mr. Foxxie)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:01:07 PM): "... Oh. What's that?" Armed LV3 points at the fireball.
Polk Kitsune (9:01:22 PM): ((yeah... No problem if it was a tuesday night,... merf...))
Polk Kitsune (9:01:25 PM): ((nightall))
Sinisquirrel (9:01:39 PM): (Eheh... Might want to direct that action to where Lola isn't.)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:01:53 PM): (Well, didn't want you left out. << >>; )
Sinisquirrel (9:02:04 PM): (I'm fine? XD I can't really be useful anyway.)
Polk Kitsune (9:02:09 PM): Lola took the moment of distraction, and jumped off toward the forrest, running off to find Bee...
Polk Kitsune (9:02:20 PM): ((...or should I scratch that? >>))
Sinisquirrel (9:02:25 PM): (Eh, keep it in.)
Rakath Chaos (9:02:37 PM): A Ninja covered in bandages drops down behind Li, "Sasuke, would you teach this Henry fellow?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:03:02 PM): Out of the fireball....steps a derranged looking Osiris Red student, his black hair tied behind him in a ponytail.
BreakneckChao (9:03:02 PM): "Sa... Sasuke?!"
Myushu (9:03:09 PM): "Don't you dare!" "Leave Henry alone >_<"
Sinisquirrel (9:03:10 PM): "It appears to be a large fireba-- oh?" The girl was gone...
kwikkidus (9:03:27 PM): "Huh. It's that kid from the nurse's office!"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:03:28 PM): "Ahahah.....Li, don't get started without me!"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:03:52 PM): The students breaks into a dash, and leaps over to where everyone else is.
Sinisquirrel (9:04:03 PM): "Well there's a clue for you..." "No kidding..."
Rakath Chaos (9:04:07 PM): "I wasn't planning on it," Nice guy pose!
Viewtiful Rekk (9:04:19 PM): "Demon of the flames....ALASTOR DONOVAN!" He jabs a thumb at himself, grinning wickedly.
Myushu (9:04:34 PM): "Him!" Jenna glared.
BreakneckChao (9:04:43 PM): "Al? What the heck are you doing here?!"
kwikkidus (9:04:44 PM): "Also known as the hospital flunky!" Eon adds.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:04:59 PM): "Hmm...shall we investigate?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:05:38 PM): "What am I doing here...?"
Sinisquirrel (9:05:56 PM): "Indeed..." Though that wasn't saying she felt at all comfortable about doing so. Who knew what was over there now?
Viewtiful Rekk (9:06:02 PM): "You're so stupid. This Yami no is my brainchild!"
BreakneckChao (9:06:28 PM): Henry doubletakes. "You?!"
Myushu (9:06:33 PM): "Why? What the heck is this for already?!"
kwikkidus (9:06:56 PM): Eon stays silent. Better to leave the surprise for those who aren't trying to seem calm.
Rakath Chaos (9:06:57 PM): "We, unlike some other villains, won't share our hands till we hold all the cards."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:07:17 PM): "Yes, yes."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:07:36 PM): "And sadly, that hasn't happened yet. So, we shant show you our plan just yet."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:07:55 PM): "But I think we can still make things interesting for them right now, don't you think Li?"
kwikkidus (9:07:56 PM): "Hold all the cards... So you need some form of cards! That's it, isn't it?!"
Sinisquirrel (9:08:00 PM): "Now, now, Jenna. It's perfect tradition for the villains to bloat around until a later time..." Yep. Sakuma convenient show-up ability, activated.
Rakath Chaos (9:08:15 PM): "I won't get involved, show off what is waiting? Sasuke shall do it for me."
Myushu (9:08:32 PM): "H-huh? Lily-chan?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:08:48 PM): Armed LV3 hovers above her shoulder. "Oh my..."
Sinisquirrel (9:09:51 PM): "Just remember last time, Jenna... we have to have at least 10 episodes of the villains gloating about how great their plan is and how they're completely unstoppable and woe is us..." Yeah. You get the picture.
kwikkidus (9:10:11 PM): "And then you kick the asses of the villains. BY SHEER LUCK!"
Myushu (9:10:17 PM): "..." Sweatdrop. "Right.."
Sinisquirrel (9:10:27 PM): Thumbs up. "Exactly."
kwikkidus (9:10:40 PM): Ed and Dori run by again, each of them carrying about fifteen more notebooks. "Hi guys!" "Bye guys!"
Rakath Chaos (9:10:41 PM): The ninja vanished. And reappeared in front of Henry two inches from his face, "Boo."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:10:59 PM): Alastor chucks a brick at Lily.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:11:04 PM): "No breaking the fourth wall!"
Sinisquirrel (9:11:08 PM): "Hello, goodbye..." BRICKED.
BreakneckChao (9:11:10 PM): "Gah!"
Rakath Chaos (9:11:25 PM): The ninja grinned, "Let's play a game!"
Sinisquirrel (9:11:28 PM): "Geez, kiddo, when did you turn so cynical... oh wait. Forever."
Myushu (9:11:50 PM): "Waaah, Henry!" Jenna rushed over to him, trying to pull Henry away from the ninja by his arm.
BreakneckChao (9:11:52 PM): "A game? You... Wanna play a game?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:11:54 PM): "Henry-san! Get back, unless you want to die!"
BreakneckChao (9:12:07 PM): "Is that all?'
Rakath Chaos (9:12:19 PM): "Just a simple duel, that okay with you Henry?"
kwikkidus (9:12:41 PM): "... Duels in magic conditions where monsters exist... huh."
BreakneckChao (9:12:54 PM): "Sure... I'm up for a duel! Let's go!"
Myushu (9:13:14 PM): "Henry..." So much for tugging.
BreakneckChao (9:13:33 PM): Airknight: "I am with you, Henry." Airknight steps forward.
Rakath Chaos (9:14:01 PM): Ninja vanishes and appears a good distance away, "Fine then, allow me to take advantage of timing!" *Draws six*
Sinisquirrel (9:14:04 PM): Lily shook her head, standing up. "Hmm... seems as if Ed were in a hurry... perhaps..." "Research?" "Seems so." "Wanna help?"
kwikkidus (9:14:39 PM): "Henry!!" Eon yellsdramatically. "..." Pause. "..." More pausing. "...I'm not sure. ShouldI yell 'kick his butt,' or 'crash and burn?'"
BreakneckChao (9:14:51 PM): "Alright!" *draws five*
Myushu (9:15:08 PM): "For Henry's sake.. 'Kick his butt'"
Sinisquirrel (9:15:18 PM): Seeing what appeared to be the beginning of a duel, this seemed a perfect time to report back to Takumi... "Yes. I believe I'd be more suited to it anyway..."
kwikkidus (9:15:20 PM): "Right! Henry! Kick his butt!"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:15:30 PM): "...Hrmph. Stupid..."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:15:44 PM): "Don't lose. Or you'll make me and Brusu-Sama look bad."
BreakneckChao (9:16:00 PM): "Thanks for the support, guys!" Henry looked back at the others and grinned.
Rakath Chaos (9:16:02 PM): I'll summon the Cyber Harpy Lady (1800/1400), and set three reverse cards!" Sasuke played the cards out on a table he magically made real via ninja trickery.
Sinisquirrel (9:16:19 PM): "Jenna." She'd feel a light tap on her shoulder. "I'm heading back. Use the PDA to give us updates."
kwikkidus (9:16:21 PM): ((It's a carved version of one of those blasted logs! >:O))
Viewtiful Rekk (9:16:23 PM): "...Be careful."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:16:32 PM): "The only thing that can defeat a ninja is a pirate!"
Rakath Chaos (9:16:35 PM): "Go."
BreakneckChao (9:16:42 PM): "I draw!"
Myushu (9:16:56 PM): Jenna nodded her head. "I will."
kwikkidus (9:17:11 PM): "....But there ARE no pirates in Yu-Gi-Oh!"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:17:30 PM): "Good luck to you, Lady Jenna." THe mini-dragon bows, and follows Lily when she leaves.
BreakneckChao (9:17:32 PM): "Okay... First, I'll play Reasoning!"
Sinisquirrel (9:18:07 PM): "Tear him apart, Henry! ... but leave a slice for us!" And with that, the trio of girl and two spirits are off.
Rakath Chaos (9:18:17 PM): "Hmm... Four is the most logical choice."
Rakath Chaos (9:18:30 PM): Li smiles, teeth go ping.
BreakneckChao (9:18:32 PM): "Wah?!..."
BreakneckChao (9:18:45 PM): Henry shakes as he discards...
kwikkidus (9:19:45 PM): Ed bursts back into the arena, Doriado just behind him, and the two drop the notebooks into two piles. "Alright... These are the newest ones, I guess we shouldcheck them first, and work our way back... any references, we keep."
(9:19:46 PM) BreakneckChao has left the room.
Rakath Chaos (9:20:41 PM): Takumi keeps typing at his keyboard, streams of data reflecting on his goggles, "What have you got for me?"
(9:20:43 PM) BreakneckChao has entered the room.
BreakneckChao (9:20:54 PM): (Sorry >_<)
BreakneckChao (9:21:44 PM): ...Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke...
kwikkidus (9:21:58 PM): "Every last note I've taken on paranormal dueling since about three years before I entered this school, including word-for-word transcripts of each of Daitokuji-sensei's lectures, with notes expanding on them from me."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:22:04 PM): "..."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:22:07 PM): "Li."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:22:11 PM): "I'm seeing double."
kwikkidus (9:22:18 PM): He sits down, and sighs, opening one. "Now we just have to sort through it all... like looking for a needle in a haystack.
Sinisquirrel (9:22:19 PM): "I'd say he has too much..." would come the reply from the doorway. Then, walking in, she'd take one from the stack. "Start here?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:22:19 PM): "Is that one your ninja's damn tricks again!?"
Rakath Chaos (9:22:52 PM): "Not my trickery," Sasuke answered, "Just odd luck."
BreakneckChao (9:23:01 PM): "Dang..."
kwikkidus (9:23:36 PM): "Ahh! Lily-san! I ahh--yeah, you can start there. Tell me if you find anything interesting." Doriado grabs a notebook as well, and begins flipping through it. "Hopefully, this will spread some light on the issue."
Sinisquirrel (9:24:29 PM): The Wtich, while staying as far away from Doriado as possible, takes a notebook as well and begins flipping through it.
(9:24:29 PM) BreakneckChao has left the room.
(9:25:09 PM) BreakneckChao has entered the room.
Sinisquirrel (9:25:12 PM): "Hmm..." Lily hums as she flips through, speed-reading over contents. "So this is what classes are like..."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:25:13 PM): Armed LV3 picks up a notebook. "Hmm....Teacher. Would you mind brewing some tea?"
BreakneckChao (9:25:16 PM): (BLASTED AIM)
Rakath Chaos (9:26:08 PM): Computer monitor blips on, with the phrase "B.E.S." blazen across it. "Sir, I'm reporting four extremely strong energy signatures at four points on the island."
kwikkidus (9:26:10 PM): "Only if you actually bother staying awake during them... most students don't." Ed comments, setting one notebook down and grabbing another. "Nothing there..."
BreakneckChao (9:26:14 PM): "Okay then... I'll lay a reverse card and play Reload!"
Rakath Chaos (9:26:38 PM): Takumi doesn't look up from his screen, and just goes "Hmm."
Sinisquirrel (9:27:10 PM): "Oh, before I forget..." she sets down a notebook. "Sensei, there is a duel going on near the Osiris dorms. Jenna's going to keep in contact with the proceedings."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:27:24 PM): "... Ah, I'll just make it myself." He nods.
kwikkidus (9:27:27 PM): "Hmm? What's the hmm?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:27:41 PM): He then looks out at the various humans and Duel Spirits. "Pardon me friends, how do you all take your tea?"
BreakneckChao (9:27:55 PM): "Okay... I'll lay two more reverses and end."
Rakath Chaos (9:28:11 PM): Takumi just keeps staring at his screen, "No Tea, coffee, black."
Sinisquirrel (9:28:19 PM): Commenting absentmindedly. "No tea, just the sugar if you please." "Cream in mine," Witch replies and sets down another notebook.
Rakath Chaos (9:28:26 PM): Ninja Draw!
kwikkidus (9:28:33 PM): "Two teaspons of cream, and a spoonful of sugar." "Not fond of tea. Get me a soda."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:28:52 PM): "Coffee...." The dragon mumbles something that sounds like "bloody Americans..."
Rakath Chaos (9:29:11 PM): "I'll activate my facedown Good Goblin Housekeeping!"
Rakath Chaos (9:29:17 PM): Ninja draw, again!
Rakath Chaos (9:29:58 PM): Ninja sends a card to the bottom of his deck.
Rakath Chaos (9:30:36 PM): "I'll now summon Solar Flare Dragon (1500/1000)."
kwikkidus (9:31:35 PM): Ed slams down his fourthnotebook. "HAH! I knew I'd read about this somewhere before! But... gah, it looks like it's just some kinda' rumor. A scare-story orsomething similar."
(9:31:58 PM) BreakneckChao has left the room.
Sinisquirrel (9:32:07 PM): Lily looks up. "But most stories are based on some sort of fact... what is it?"
(9:32:28 PM) BreakneckChao has entered the room.
kwikkidus (9:32:39 PM): "Something about plunging the world into darkness, and 'kings of elemental power...'"
BreakneckChao (9:32:42 PM): (I. Hate. AIM.)
kwikkidus (9:33:15 PM): Ed shakes his head. "That's all I wrote, so I guess there wasn't much else important to it... Gah, could I have been any more vague?!"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:33:54 PM): About five minutes later.....he's somehow brewed all the cups of tea, one cup of coffe, and one cup of sugar.
Sinisquirrel (9:33:59 PM): "... four points on the island and 'Kings of Elemental Power...'" Pause. "Sounds pretty suspicious."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:34:12 PM): He passes out said cups to those who ordered them. "Here you all are..."
Rakath Chaos (9:34:48 PM): Takumi is still staring at the screen, studying the same numbers, "Name for me monsters that are about as strong as Jinzo."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:35:16 PM): "Myself, when I'm in normal form, for one."
Rakath Chaos (9:35:40 PM): "Can't be you, you're here, name another."
kwikkidus (9:35:44 PM): "...Kings... strong as Jinzo..." Ed mutters, looking at the ground. "Those cards you added to your deck?" "...Yeah. Maybe the Monarchs?"
Rakath Chaos (9:36:16 PM): "Monarchs?"
Sinisquirrel (9:36:26 PM): "Thank you..." she dips a finger in the sugar and licks that off. "Mm, Mobius... and..."
Rakath Chaos (9:36:34 PM): Ninja pointed a kunai at Henry, "Cyber Harpy Lady, strike!"
kwikkidus (9:37:04 PM): "Yeah... LightningMonarch, Firestorm Monarch, Frost Monarch, and... uh... Rock Monarch?They all have 2400 ATK and 1000 DEF..." "And they aren't that great at conversation, for what it's worth."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:38:03 PM): "Aaah yes."
Rakath Chaos (9:38:06 PM): ( Sorry for ignoring you for a second there Henry. )
Rakath Chaos (9:38:26 PM): Takumi turned from his computer, "That still leaves a question."
Sinisquirrel (9:38:39 PM): "Which is?"
Rakath Chaos (9:38:51 PM): "Why?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:39:01 PM): "Well...."
Rakath Chaos (9:39:07 PM): "There's no greater ends to making every duel monster real on one island."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:39:12 PM): "That black-haired lad seemed rather unstable."
Sinisquirrel (9:39:31 PM): "I'd say why, but I would likely end up breaking the fourth wall again."
kwikkidus (9:39:43 PM): "Maybe someone wanted to make a world-wide shadow game..? I mean, it doesn't seem so bad until you stop to think about it."
Rakath Chaos (9:39:57 PM): "They aren't you Ed."
(9:40:15 PM) BreakneckChao has left the room.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:40:33 PM): Armed LV3 pulls out a brick while sipping his tea, and drops it on Lily's head.
kwikkidus (9:40:38 PM): "...What's that supposed to mean?" Doriado quietly sips her tea, avoiding eye contact with anyone.
Sinisquirrel (9:41:09 PM): "Mm... but that's just it. They're not Ed. Their intentions are a lot less... pure."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:41:19 PM): "Well... you never know."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:41:34 PM): "Everyone thinks they're in the right in a situation like this."
Rakath Chaos (9:41:43 PM): Takumi laughs at the idea Ed's intentions are pure.
Sinisquirrel (9:42:25 PM): Lily nods. "Exactly... but think of it... Remember how Bruce thought he was an invincible overlord? Imagine the same in this circumstance."
kwikkidus (9:42:33 PM): "..." Ed blushes and goes back to reading through the notebooks. And a teacup is hurled at Takumi-sensei. ^^
Rakath Chaos (9:43:10 PM): Takumi dodges, and his computer is hit by a teacup... Doraido should start running now.
kwikkidus (9:44:17 PM): She's not aware of this fact, sorry. I mean, who knew he was a compuphile?
Sinisquirrel (9:44:57 PM): "So, what? Four points, four monarchs, four guys, something like that? ... Wow, that's a lotta fours."
Rakath Chaos (9:45:09 PM): Takumi rushes by, and dumps piping hot coffee on Dryad's head.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:45:11 PM): "444...."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:45:18 PM): "The number of the beast......Oh wait."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:45:23 PM): "That's 666." He coughs.
kwikkidus (9:45:38 PM): "I think the idea of it is... that the four points are the monarchs. And from there, it can befigured that we have to get rid of them if we're going to remove this shadow game."
kwikkidus (9:46:11 PM): It all drips off of that rediculous hat, and completely misses hitting anywhere actually important. So THAT'S why she wears it.
Sinisquirrel (9:47:08 PM): "So we'd have to either find each monarch or each point and have good old-fashioned brawls for the fate of the world?" Pause. "Again?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:47:40 PM): "....Oh my." Armed LV3 stares at Doraido.
kwikkidus (9:47:50 PM): "There's gotta be asimpler way than that..." Ed mutters, shaking his head. "There's just gotta. I don't want to have to duel for the sake of the world."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:47:51 PM): "Teacher, shall I brew you another cup of coffee?"
Rakath Chaos (9:47:53 PM): "Finding them would be hard, my computer that controls the various scans was hit with TEA!"
kwikkidus (9:48:08 PM): "Well it's not my fault! You're the one who dodged!"
Rakath Chaos (9:48:35 PM): "Ed, take your harlot and go research elsewhere."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:49:10 PM): "Oh my... all right, I think we all just need to calm down for a few moments..."
Rakath Chaos (9:49:11 PM): ( Wing )
Viewtiful Rekk (9:49:14 PM): (?)
kwikkidus (9:49:18 PM): "HARLOT?!" "HEY, WHO ARE YOU CALLING A HARLOT?!" Mirrored indignation from the both of them.
Rakath Chaos (9:49:31 PM): ( Didn't Jenna go up to Ra yellow before the break? )
Viewtiful Rekk (9:49:47 PM): (Yah.)
Rakath Chaos (9:49:48 PM): ( Why was Amado at the Osiris dorms? )
Viewtiful Rekk (9:49:55 PM): (He forgot. >_>)
kwikkidus (9:49:59 PM): (Amado is an idiot. :D)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:50:12 PM): (Or maybe thought she hadn't moved, since the move was right before break.)
Sinisquirrel (9:50:21 PM): "Oh boy, looks like a fight..." "Yare, yare..."
Rakath Chaos (9:51:38 PM): "Before any of my other computers are damaged by that trollup, leave."
Sinisquirrel (9:52:43 PM): "... I can help you carry your notebooks back..."
kwikkidus (9:54:01 PM): "... Fine. Let's get out of here." "Right. Before he starts making out with his precious injured computer." "Dori..." "We both know he does it." "No he doesn't..." They scoops up a good portion of the notebooks, and head out.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:54:24 PM): And they bump into a certain blue-coated student.
kwikkidus (9:55:02 PM): Ed back up, shaking his head. "Hu-- oh. Hello, Amado. D'ya mind? I need to get back to my dorm."
Rakath Chaos (9:55:04 PM): "You should leave before I decide to have Covered Core blast the Osiris dorms."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:55:06 PM): "Yo Ed."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:55:09 PM): "And...."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:55:13 PM): He glances at Dori.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:55:24 PM): He pokes her hat to make sure it's solid.
Myushu (9:55:40 PM): Maiden's latched onto Amado's arm.
Sinisquirrel (9:55:48 PM): Lily sighs, picking up the last of the books... and spotting that THING on Amado's arm.
Rakath Chaos (9:56:01 PM): ( Dawn: *looks at Maiden* THAT'S why Amado vanished. You dawg. )
Myushu (9:56:17 PM): She looks over at Lily, glaring slightly. "Ah. Lily."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:56:18 PM): (*Amado and Maiden's hair is mussy. Amado has a ciggarette in his mouth*)
Sinisquirrel (9:56:20 PM): (Lily: :looks at Dawn: That's why we vanished... :blush: )
Viewtiful Rekk (9:56:25 PM): "...Okay. Okay."
kwikkidus (9:56:25 PM): She smiles. "Nice to meet you, Amado. Now if you'll pardon, we're to leave Robocop-sensei to his computers."
Sinisquirrel (9:56:40 PM): "Maiden."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:56:55 PM): "There's obviously animosity between you two." He's standing in front of the door, blocking Ed from leaving.
Rakath Chaos (9:56:57 PM): "Ed."
Rakath Chaos (9:57:17 PM): "Your next report card has two D minuses on it."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:57:30 PM): "....."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:57:35 PM): Amado restrains Ed.
Sinisquirrel (9:57:39 PM): The Witch goes up to Maiden, squinting at her. "Oh, so THIS is that one Lily complains about... don't see why. Yer kinda scrawny."
kwikkidus (9:57:49 PM): "That's not unusual... It's really just the A in Paranormal Dueling that keeps me in here. I'm a washout in tactics."
Myushu (9:58:06 PM): "Sc...scrawny? Amado-dono! Do you think I'm scrawny?!"
Rakath Chaos (9:58:29 PM): "No, I meant two of your normally decent grades are crap now, just because I dislike your hooker."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:58:39 PM): "Nooo... you're... dainty!" He then glances at the Witch. "...What happened to the Ojama Losers?"
Sinisquirrel (9:58:46 PM): "Hell yeah, scrawny! N' I'm not talkin' 'bout yer hips, either..." The Witch makes a motion, cupping around the chest area.
kwikkidus (9:59:01 PM): Notebooks dropped, attempting to run, but he's restrained. "YOU LITTLE... SHE IS NOT A HOOKER!"
Sinisquirrel (9:59:11 PM): "'Jamas? I ate 'em."
Myushu (9:59:18 PM): "Ha! Amado-dono called me dainty-- what is that supposed to mean?!" she glared at Witch.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:59:20 PM): ".....I like you already."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:59:29 PM): He then looks at Ed. "Ed. Ed. Calm down."
Myushu (9:59:49 PM): "A..amado-dono? You like her..? ;-;"
kwikkidus (10:00:02 PM): "He's gonna' screw up my paranormal dueling record!!! I'm the TOP OF THAT BLOODY CLASS!" Flail.Flail. More flailing. "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD THAT IS?!"
Sinisquirrel (10:00:07 PM): "Hey, a man's gotta have more than just FRIED EGGS, honey..."
Myushu (10:00:40 PM): "Fried.. eggs?! Why, I will not stand for this!" she stomped her foot.
Rakath Chaos (10:00:50 PM): Takumi is actively surveying the damage to his computer, while he dances. Yes, yes he is just that good.
Myushu (10:00:55 PM): "Amado-dono! Please unhand the pipsqueek and let's be off!"
Sinisquirrel (10:01:03 PM): Witch pokes the girl with her broom. "Then siddown, why doncha?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:01:06 PM): Amado's too busy holding Ed back to take notice of Maiden and Witch.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:01:16 PM): "....Uh. Sorry, but that only works after I hit you."
Rakath Chaos (10:01:26 PM): ( *coughEdadocough* )
Viewtiful Rekk (10:01:36 PM): (...>_>)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:01:46 PM): "Ed."
Sinisquirrel (10:01:47 PM): (Emado!)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:01:56 PM): "Stop struggling, or I'll....'"
Rakath Chaos (10:01:58 PM): (He's too busy holding Ed to notice two chicks)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:01:58 PM): "I'll...."
Myushu (10:02:13 PM): "Why... Amado-dono...Oh!" Maiden hops back after getting poked.
Myushu (10:02:20 PM): "Don't do that!"
Sinisquirrel (10:02:27 PM): "... ED..." Clonk to the head. "Calm down. Don't make the situation worse, hmm?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:02:40 PM): "! Dragon guy! A little help?"
Sinisquirrel (10:02:50 PM): "Heheh." Poke, poke. "Make me, wuss."
kwikkidus (10:03:00 PM): @______@ "Oww...." Doriado shakes her head. "These books are getting heavy..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:03:07 PM): Armed LV3 sips... and dumps his tea on Witch.
Myushu (10:03:13 PM): She grabbed the broom. "Stop it!"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:03:28 PM): "Apologies. My loyalty to Sir Amado and his friend outclasses any ties I may have to you."
Sinisquirrel (10:03:36 PM): The Witch looks down at her soaked dress. "Hmm... a wet t-shirt contest? Capital idea!"
Rakath Chaos (10:03:47 PM): Dawn drops from the ceiling, don't ask how she got in, she just did, her clothes have some claw cuts on them, as does her skin, "Well... definitly a Shadow Game..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:03:54 PM): "... No no, that wasn't it."
kwikkidus (10:04:11 PM): "..." Massive blush. "Ed? We're leaving. Now." "Huh? Oh. Right. Amado? Lemme down!" Mild flailing again.
Sinisquirrel (10:04:12 PM): Witch's own tea from earlier finds itself on Maiden. "Now we compare!"
Myushu (10:04:31 PM): "Kyaaa!!"
Myushu (10:04:42 PM): "My.. this was my favorite dress!"
Rakath Chaos (10:04:47 PM): Wynn just showed up too.
Myushu (10:04:54 PM): "Amado-dono! Amado-dono!"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:04:54 PM): "Sigh. Sorry about this, Ed."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:05:16 PM): He lets the guy down....and then smashes him with his Bokuto, probably sending him sailing right out the door.
Sinisquirrel (10:05:20 PM): "Tch. How high maintenance..."
Sinisquirrel (10:06:04 PM): Lily, quite frankly, wasn't going to touch either situation. "Dawn...? What happened?"
kwikkidus (10:06:14 PM): A whip made of crackling random elemental energy is now holding onto the bokuto. "That's the line, Amado-san.." Where she got it from is anyone's guess.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:06:25 PM): "...."
Rakath Chaos (10:06:31 PM): "I realized AFTER activating it that in a Shadow game Astral Barrier is a bad idea."
Sinisquirrel (10:06:35 PM): (MIIIIISSSSTRESSSS~ Doriado!)
kwikkidus (10:06:42 PM): ((*KILLS YOU!*))
Viewtiful Rekk (10:06:46 PM): "Let go of my sword, please."
kwikkidus (10:06:57 PM): "Do NOT hit my duelist, please."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:07:14 PM): "He was making a scene, and I'm sorta busy."
Sinisquirrel (10:07:21 PM): "Poor Dawn... does it hurt?" She'd hug, but... wounds and hugging are not a good idea.
Rakath Chaos (10:07:28 PM): Dawn looks at Amado and Doraido, and nods to Wynn, "Amado, you owe me."
kwikkidus (10:07:32 PM): Ed, meanwhile, has gathered up his books, and is currently running like hell! :D
Rakath Chaos (10:07:47 PM): Wynn skips over and waves her wand at Doraido, a hypnotic light coming from it.
Sinisquirrel (10:08:09 PM): ("This is not the duelist you are looking for...")
Viewtiful Rekk (10:08:15 PM): Armed LV3 sighs......and socks Witch in the face.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:08:21 PM): "Again. Apologies."
kwikkidus (10:08:43 PM): Doriado looks at it, and blinks, staring as though quite hypnotized. The whip vanishes.
Sinisquirrel (10:08:58 PM): "Dude, I like, stopped 10 seconds ago..." The Witch rubs her face gingerly in the spot.
Rakath Chaos (10:08:58 PM): Dawn smiles, "A little care from you later would help." Wink at Lily and kiss her.
Myushu (10:09:15 PM): "Thank you Dragon-san.."
Sinisquirrel (10:09:19 PM): "And what happened to your little 'no violence' stance? How unprofessional."
Rakath Chaos (10:09:25 PM): Wynn just keeps waving the wand, keeping Doraido busy.
Myushu (10:09:42 PM): "Though late, still quite apprciated.."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:09:45 PM): Amado takes back his bokuto and rests it on his shoulder.
kwikkidus (10:09:51 PM): Doriado just keeps following it. "...So... shiney... can't... look... away... must... self-narrate..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:10:13 PM): The dragon shrugs. "As I said. Apologies."
Rakath Chaos (10:10:20 PM): (( If someone wants to stop Wynn... it should be Witch... >.> ))
Sinisquirrel (10:10:29 PM): Lily blushes, books still in her arms. "I sorta need to do this first, though..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:10:39 PM): He then hops over to Lily.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:10:43 PM): "SO."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:10:47 PM): "Lily-chan. Hi."
Sinisquirrel (10:10:59 PM): Witch just looks at Wynn. "Keep at it, kiddo."
Sinisquirrel (10:11:20 PM): "Hello, Amado-kun. Back to your senses?" ^_^
Myushu (10:11:29 PM): Maiden clings onto Amado. "That Witch wet my dress, Amado-dono.."
Rakath Chaos (10:11:32 PM): Wynn giggles, and keeps Doraido hypnotized, leading the Elemental Spellcaster out the door.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:11:52 PM): "Well, I used to be completely unable to see these all of them have become solid...was a bit freaky." latch'd.
Rakath Chaos (10:11:55 PM): ( Maiden: Stare at it, right here, over my tits! )
kwikkidus (10:12:03 PM): Doriado follows, carrying some notebooks with her.
Sinisquirrel (10:12:09 PM): She does call out something, though. "Just don't kill her, Wynnie!"
Rakath Chaos (10:12:48 PM): Wynn feels very good about having this sort of power, and is now leading Doraido out to the Osiris dorms.
Sinisquirrel (10:12:51 PM): Mutter mutter. "Save that for the bitch in the dress..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:12:56 PM): "Errr....s-sorry Maiden..." He pats her on the head comfortingly.
kwikkidus (10:13:11 PM): Doriado is apparently heading to the Osiris Dorms.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:13:18 PM): (Y Halo thar Risu. >_>)
Sinisquirrel (10:13:30 PM): "Mm... we're currently on missions to figure out why... so far all we know it's one giant Shadow Game."
Sinisquirrel (10:13:46 PM): (Nooo, Risu'd tell her to take her over a cliff.)
Rakath Chaos (10:13:51 PM): (( Meanwhile...
Myushu (10:14:13 PM): Maiden blushes and stays snuggling his arm.
Rakath Chaos (10:14:27 PM): Li yawns, his teeth ping as he does. Sasuke just looks at Henry, "Dramatic tension is one thing..." ))
Sinisquirrel (10:15:50 PM): Lily gives a slight frown at the ever-cuddlesome Maiden. "I see Edward isn't the only one with his own lovable female spirit."
(10:16:09 PM) BreakneckChao has entered the room.
(10:16:11 PM) BreakneckChao has left the room.
Rakath Chaos (10:16:29 PM): (( Can we pretend that Henry got smacked around by Phoenix? ))
Viewtiful Rekk (10:16:39 PM): (A sec.)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:18:30 PM): "....Okay. I see we need to get some things settled here."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:18:51 PM): "Lily. You have some animosity towards Maiden because she possessed Jenna and kissed me, yes?"
Rakath Chaos (10:18:55 PM): Dawn grins, "So  Amado, you planning on using this time to make a woman out of Maiden there?"
Myushu (10:19:18 PM): "Siiigh, what a kiss.."
Sinisquirrel (10:19:29 PM): She just HAD to flaunt it. "... 'Some' would be putting it mildly..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:19:42 PM): "Well. Here's the thing."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:20:06 PM): "You are still my girlfriend."
Rakath Chaos (10:20:20 PM): Dawn coughs, almost choking at that line.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:20:21 PM): "Also, I apologized to Masami, and I'm willing to be friendly with her."
Sinisquirrel (10:20:22 PM): Hmm. Maybe if I could drag her off... hmmmm...
Viewtiful Rekk (10:20:32 PM): "I'm gonna ask you to do the same for the Maiden. Okay?"
Rakath Chaos (10:21:06 PM): Wynn breaks her spell on Doraido outside of Ed's dorm, and runs off.
Sinisquirrel (10:21:13 PM): "... fine. I shall be perfectly civil towards the... young lady. I cannot, however, speak for my own spirit..."
Myushu (10:21:14 PM): Maiden made a little "hmph" sound as he said girlfriend.
kwikkidus (10:21:29 PM): "Hu--oh. How'd I get here?" She looks around, shrugs, and heads inside.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:21:31 PM): (Just so everyone knows: David is really sorry about all this, and he's gonna try to get his comp fixed up ASAP)
Sinisquirrel (10:21:48 PM): "Damn straight. I can still kick 'er ass, right, 'Mado-kun?"
Myushu (10:21:55 PM): "I'm willing to be friendly with Lily. ^_^ But Amado-dono, keep her spirit away."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:22:06 PM): "I'll kick your ass right back if you do. Sound good?"
Rakath Chaos (10:22:09 PM): Some badassly cool move involving Phoenix, Ninjas, and Statue of the Wicked kicks Henry's ass, we might see it later.
Myushu (10:22:19 PM): (brb, lagging...)
kwikkidus (10:22:29 PM): "Dis remindz me... anyone wanna buy a hoofed mammal?"
(10:22:29 PM) Myushu has left the room.
Sinisquirrel (10:22:30 PM): "Got yourself a deal, shrimpy."
(10:22:43 PM) Myushu has entered the room.
kwikkidus (10:22:43 PM): Buggy's up again! :D
Rakath Chaos (10:22:44 PM): We will, for the sake of Henry not being here, and his history of being KOed often.
Sinisquirrel (10:23:01 PM): (So he's ded now?)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:23:16 PM): "That okay with you, Lily?"
Rakath Chaos (10:23:18 PM): Say that Henry is out cold. Sasuke vanishes and Li NICE GUY POSES!
kwikkidus (10:23:25 PM): "That... was a pretty crazy deck."
Sinisquirrel (10:23:40 PM): "Whatever suits you."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:23:52 PM): Alastor sticks a lit matches all over Henry's clothes, and evil grins.
Myushu (10:24:05 PM): Jenna shoved Alastor away from Henry
Myushu (10:24:10 PM): "STOP!"
Rakath Chaos (10:24:16 PM): Dawn walks past Amado, her voice merely a whisper, "Lily says I'm a better kisser."
Sinisquirrel (10:24:42 PM): "..." Ears and cheeks turn red. Yes, she heard that.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:24:57 PM): ".....Hmph."
Myushu (10:25:06 PM): "...Hmph."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:25:07 PM): Alastor makes no move to do anything to Jenna. "As you wish."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:25:24 PM): "....." In classic Amado fashion. "Oh YEAH?!"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:25:33 PM): He grabs Lily, dips, and PASSIONATELY kisses.
Rakath Chaos (10:25:43 PM): Wynn is back, and is now waving her wand for Armed LV5
Myushu (10:25:51 PM): "...." Teary face.
Rakath Chaos (10:25:52 PM): Wynn loves this trick.
Sinisquirrel (10:25:54 PM): "Uwaaah~" Uncharacteristically cute squeal from the girl.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:26:03 PM): Armed LV3 stares at the light.... "......So....pretty...."
kwikkidus (10:26:05 PM): Merchant sits on Maiden's head. "You knowz... I'z available... and rich."
Sinisquirrel (10:26:08 PM): Witch just smirks and flips the bird at Maiden.
Myushu (10:26:33 PM): "Nrm.." she glares at the pyro-boy then looks back at Henry. "...Poor Henry. >_< Damn it."
Rakath Chaos (10:26:45 PM): Dawn leans in again, "That wasn't where kissed her."
Sinisquirrel (10:26:48 PM): (It'll be funnier if Henry wins. >>; )
kwikkidus (10:27:01 PM): Eon shakes his head. "Could be worse. At least he's not dead."
Myushu (10:27:07 PM): Blink blink. "Eh?!"
Sinisquirrel (10:27:13 PM): ... Dawn-saaaaan... T____T;
Myushu (10:27:16 PM): "I wouldn't date a bug!"
Myushu (10:27:29 PM): "Amado-dono! It's obvious Lily is cheating on you!"
kwikkidus (10:27:31 PM): Merchant looks positively crestfallen. "Discrimination'z!"
Myushu (10:27:39 PM): "What girlfriend is good if they cheat?!"
Myushu (10:27:47 PM): "Your poor heart, Amado-dono!"
Sinisquirrel (10:27:52 PM): "You tell 'er, bug..." and directly followed up with another bug whacking.
kwikkidus (10:28:05 PM): ((*doesn't note that MIL is the ultimite cheating-card*))
kwikkidus (10:28:17 PM): MM is down again. :D
Rakath Chaos (10:28:21 PM): (( She doesn't cheat, she teases. ))
Sinisquirrel (10:28:37 PM): (Well noooo kidding. >>; )
Viewtiful Rekk (10:28:48 PM): "..."
Sinisquirrel (10:28:54 PM): "I hate that bug more than I hate you... go figure."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:28:58 PM): Amado breaks the kiss and gets up.
Sinisquirrel (10:29:12 PM): (In the middle of a crowd? Oh MY.)
kwikkidus (10:29:15 PM): "It'z 'cause I stolez ya' bra that one time, izn't it?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:29:26 PM): ...Hiten-Mitsurugi Ryu is to PROTECT. PROTECT. PROTECT. PROTECT.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:29:44 PM): ....And she'd kick my ass into the ground if i used anything besides Hiten-Mitsurugi Ryu.
Sinisquirrel (10:29:58 PM): Best... energy source... ever... Lily is practically floating.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:30:19 PM): Amado... yawns.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:30:24 PM): (Er.)
Sinisquirrel (10:30:26 PM): "It's because you stole it... and tried to sell it on E-bay starting at a PENNY!" WHACK, WHACK, WHACK.
Rakath Chaos (10:30:41 PM): "Wynn, stop abusing Amado's spirit," Dawn shouts without looking.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:30:44 PM): "... Weird... I feel sorta drowsy all of a sudden..."
kwikkidus (10:30:47 PM): "Ey! Ey! I got a whole quartah for it!" Hit. Hit. Hit!
Viewtiful Rekk (10:31:02 PM): Armed LV3 is still staring, mouth half-open.
Sinisquirrel (10:31:03 PM): "And where were my ROYALTIES, BITCH!?"
Myushu (10:31:06 PM): Jenna sighed, nodding her head. "Y..yeah.. We better get him to the nurse-- or his dorm.. or something.. I'm gonna contact Lily.." she got out her PDA, contacting her.
Myushu (10:31:26 PM): "..Amado-dono..?"
Sinisquirrel (10:31:27 PM): Lily sighs, flipping open the PDA. "Hai, Jenna-channnn? <3"
Rakath Chaos (10:31:30 PM): Wynn stops and hops over to Dawn, quite happy with this power.
kwikkidus (10:31:32 PM): "The nurse is probably not a good idea... Remember, firemonger is her lackey."
Myushu (10:32:06 PM): "...Right.. Ah! Lily-chan... Henry lost the duel. ._."
Sinisquirrel (10:32:20 PM): "... really? How is he?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:32:26 PM): "'s okay! I'm fine." He says, waving a hand dismissively.
Myushu (10:32:35 PM): Maiden clinged onto Amado. "Let's get you to BED."
Myushu (10:32:48 PM): "I'd be heartbroken if you passed out right here, Amado-dono!"
kwikkidus (10:32:54 PM): Eon picks up Henry in the meanwhile, putting him over a shoulder. "He's out like a light."
Myushu (10:33:14 PM): "Yeah.. We're gonna bring him to his dorm."
kwikkidus (10:33:29 PM): "Which is..." Eon looks at the door right in front of him. "Right here."
Rakath Chaos (10:33:31 PM): Dawn, not being one to pass up something like this, whispers to Maiden, "You know, you'd impress him if you were more... forceful, not just tell him what you want, show him."
Sinisquirrel (10:33:31 PM): "Hm. Means that other than the usual, he should be all there... All right."
Sinisquirrel (10:34:21 PM): Witch sees the scene, and gets... and awful idea. She doesn't really like Amado anyway. "Bed rest does sound ideal..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:34:21 PM): "....I'm not gonna pass out, don't worry." He then PUNTS Dawn. "I dunno what you said Spellman, but I'm sure it's not good!"
Myushu (10:34:26 PM): "..Oh yeah. Henry's red again." Blink blink. "Well, yeah. He should be fine.."
Rakath Chaos (10:34:47 PM): Dawn, kicked in a wound, doesn't land as well as normal.
kwikkidus (10:34:53 PM): Eon deposits Henry on the dorm bed. "Right... so, are we staying guard or what, Jenna-dono-chan?"
Myushu (10:34:58 PM): "I'll tell you if anything else happens, okay, Lily-chan? Keep your eye out for those two fellows, too..."
Myushu (10:35:15 PM): "..I guess. Everyone seems to want to hurt Henry.." she looked at Eon.
Sinisquirrel (10:35:19 PM): "Right. We'll discuss the details of the duel later. Keep it fresh in mind... it might contain clues."
kwikkidus (10:35:34 PM): "Guilty as charged. I mean... what? What're you talking about?"
Sinisquirrel (10:36:19 PM): PDA closed, and... Dawn is down? Lily rushes over to her. "Perhaps that TLC should be sooner...?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:36:25 PM): "..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:36:31 PM): "Oh c'mon, she's faking."
Myushu (10:36:46 PM): "Oh my.." she blushed at what Dawn said.
Rakath Chaos (10:36:47 PM): Dawn lifts her shirt showing a large sword gash in her side.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:36:56 PM): "..."
kwikkidus (10:36:57 PM): ((SHE'S FLASHING US ALL! :O))
Viewtiful Rekk (10:37:03 PM): "Okay, where'd that come from?"
Rakath Chaos (10:37:32 PM): "I went to see if this was a Shadow Game...  Astral Barrier isn't such a good move in these situations."
Sinisquirrel (10:37:32 PM): "Gash..." Lily shakes her head. "Yes. Well. Can we make it back to the dorms quick enough? I should be able to handle that much..."
kwikkidus (10:38:39 PM): ((Let it be noted, Ed still also probably wants his notebooks back, Lily. XP))
Myushu (10:38:43 PM): Maiden grabbed Amado's arm. "Can we go, Amado-dono? Surely we could do better off without them.."
Sinisquirrel (10:38:55 PM): (Yes, well, torn up Dawn > Ed's books)
Myushu (10:39:03 PM): Jenna arched an eyebrow at Eon. "Well... So many people have it in for Henry! Amado.. Enishi.. That Alastor guy.. And now Li.."
kwikkidus (10:39:05 PM): ((Ed: NOT TO ME! ;_;))
Myushu (10:39:27 PM): "Sigh. Henry's a nice guy, but so many people want to hurt him... I don't get it."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:39:33 PM): "Hey, I'm right here!" ;
Rakath Chaos (10:39:38 PM): (( *coughAmaidencough* ))
Myushu (10:39:41 PM): "Errr."
Sinisquirrel (10:39:43 PM): Books... "Right... Witch, would you? I'm sure Ed would be happy to get these back..."
kwikkidus (10:39:49 PM): Eon shakes his head."It's the price of having minimal brainpower and a large amount of moral fiber. At least, that's how I see it. At least he's not totally inept like Enish--oh. Nevermind."
Rakath Chaos (10:39:56 PM): Li vanishes, like a ninja, but not a ninja.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:40:09 PM): "...."
Sinisquirrel (10:40:19 PM): "Eh? Pfft, why not?" The taller takes the books and heads off for Ed's place. "And Maiden... you take REAL good care of Amado-kun, will ya?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:40:20 PM): Alastor flicks a lit match at Eon's eyes, and leaves.
Myushu (10:40:35 PM): "Wah! Eon-kun!"
kwikkidus (10:41:04 PM): Eon catches it in his hand, the half gloves keeping it from burning him. "Amatuer. Real fires are more over-the-top."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:41:06 PM): Amado sweatdrops as Maiden grabs him.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:41:12 PM): "No....we should stay together."
Rakath Chaos (10:41:36 PM): (( Maiden should just Love token Amado and get it over with. ))
Myushu (10:41:41 PM): "Nrrrm... Amado-dooonoo..." she mumbles to him "I don't like them. ._."
Rakath Chaos (10:41:47 PM): Dawn smiles, "I'm fine... you should of seen the other guy..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:41:50 PM): (She can't do that unless Amado attacks her. >_>)
kwikkidus (10:41:51 PM): ((Amado'd have to attack Maiden, tho. Or vice-versa.))
Myushu (10:42:07 PM): (Hurhum. O_o It works vice-versa?)
Sinisquirrel (10:42:08 PM): (... Witch is now thankful she didn't think of that while she was poking Maiden...)
kwikkidus (10:42:12 PM): ((Yeah.))
Viewtiful Rekk (10:42:22 PM): (No it doesn't. o.o)
Sinisquirrel (10:42:28 PM): (Although she'd have to have Cupid's Kiss to make it do anything.)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:42:46 PM): (Yeah. Not to mention that it only worked after the Maiden Counter was out.)
Sinisquirrel (10:43:19 PM): "Ohh? Feel like describing in detail while we get you fixed up...?"
Rakath Chaos (10:43:22 PM): ( So, Maiden just needs to wait for Amado to strike at someone and get in the way. )
Rakath Chaos (10:43:47 PM): Dawn smiles, "Of course, you'll love the details on this one."
Sinisquirrel (10:44:20 PM): Smallest murmur. "You know I love pillow talk..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:44:23 PM): "Well....sorry, but they're my friends..."
Myushu (10:44:25 PM): Jenna sighed and hugged Eon. "So cool."
Myushu (10:44:37 PM): "Siiiigh.. Yes yes yes. Friends."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:45:00 PM): "Hrmph. Formidable....but let's see how your flimsy pyrotechnics match up against THIS"
Sinisquirrel (10:45:07 PM): MEANWHILE! Ed's room, the door flies open! "Hey HEYYY, Ready Eddy! Got yer books!"
kwikkidus (10:45:09 PM): He hugs back. "Damn straight. I am the coolest." He's still wearing the pink kitty plushie, just for those who don't know. :o
Viewtiful Rekk (10:45:11 PM): A giant fireball explodes all around Alastor....and he's gone.
kwikkidus (10:45:26 PM): "...Didn't I invent that trick?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:46:21 PM): Amado then shoots a glance at Lily.
Myushu (10:46:23 PM): Jenna blinked, looking at Alastor disappearing in his explodey glory. "..You so did~"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:46:34 PM): "...What did you two do over break anyway?"
kwikkidus (10:46:40 PM): Ed looks up, withwide-eyed furor. He appears to have been busy trying to take a napwhile using Doriado as a pillow. "I ahh! I mean! Right!" He staggersover to the door. "Thanks..."
Rakath Chaos (10:46:43 PM): Dawn nuzzles up to Lily, with double effort now that Amado is looking.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:47:04 PM): .....To protect. To protect. To protect. To protect.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:47:13 PM): Amado keeps repeating this to himself in his mind.
Myushu (10:47:26 PM): "....So that's really your girlfriend, Amado-dono?"
kwikkidus (10:47:53 PM): "That kid is just one bigripoff. Typical Osiris." A rather arrogant 'huff,' followed by moving his right bang to hang loosely behind his ear. "I'm going to enjoy seeing him lose."
Sinisquirrel (10:48:00 PM): "Ooh, hey... sorry to interrupt the lovebirds..." She hands them over and beats a hasty retreat... but not before poking her head back in.
Sinisquirrel (10:48:26 PM): "Oh, n' Dori... while you've got the chance, don't forget to show Ed just why the word "mistress" is in your name. TOODLES!" And she's gone.
Myushu (10:48:36 PM): "Typical Osiris..?" she looked down, "..Oh. Right. Ra."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:48:43 PM): "YES, SHE'S MY GIRLFRIEND" he snaps at the Maiden, his tongue coming out forked in typical anime fashion.
kwikkidus (10:48:56 PM): A teacup follows her out.
Myushu (10:49:02 PM): Sniffle. "A...amado-dono..." ;__;
Sinisquirrel (10:49:09 PM): "Eh?" Lily looks up. "We... well... bonded, you could say..." Finger fidget.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:49:16 PM): "...S-sorry..." He mumbles, rubbing the back of his head.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:49:23 PM): "....Bonded? How?"
kwikkidus (10:49:35 PM): "Most Osirises simplycopy the strategy of someone else, and you know it... it's how theysurvive. Then there are the people like Judai... They're the ones towatch."
Sinisquirrel (10:49:37 PM): "... In... certain ways... why? Are you... jealous?" ^_^
Rakath Chaos (10:49:49 PM): Dawn looks at Amado, "You want an answer to that that's honest?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:49:56 PM): "Yes."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:49:58 PM): "Yes I do."
Myushu (10:50:30 PM): "Ah.." Jenna nodded her head. "Right."
Sinisquirrel (10:50:43 PM): Lily looks back at Dawn with panicked eyes. Just... not that... anything but that...
Rakath Chaos (10:50:50 PM): "Well..." and at this point some GREAT thing interupts this moment to stop Dawn from answering.
kwikkidus (10:50:54 PM): "This kid... obviously copied my style. But I somehow doubt he's stolen my deck."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:51:10 PM): (>_>)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:51:17 PM): (Wow, Eon thinks a lot of himself.)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:51:38 PM): Armed LV3's tea falls on Dawn.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:51:48 PM): "Oh, a thousand apaologies! Slipped out of my hands there!"
kwikkidus (10:51:52 PM): (Eon: He's using FIRE and BADASSERY! What am I supposed to think?!)
Rakath Chaos (10:52:01 PM): Dawn leaps out of the way, as she doesn't want tea in her wounds.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:52:02 PM): (Alastor: I'm better than you?)
kwikkidus (10:52:10 PM): (Eon: Bull.Shit.)
Rakath Chaos (10:53:55 PM): Wynn looks Maiden in the eyes, nothing says what's going on, just staring, Dawn stifles a giggle.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:54:09 PM): "...." Amado glances at Lily. " you wanna tell me?"
kwikkidus (10:54:11 PM): "Jenna-dono-chan, I thinkwe need to regroup. However, at the same time, we need to make surethis..." He pokes Henry in the ribs. "Stays safe."
Sinisquirrel (10:54:30 PM): Lily shifts around uncomfortably, not answering.
Myushu (10:54:37 PM): "Wah.. Eon-kun! Don't poke him too hard!"
Myushu (10:54:42 PM): "But.. Yeah.. we should.."
Myushu (10:55:04 PM): Maiden looked at Wynn, blinking. "Oh?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:55:12 PM): "....Lily. I promise. I won't be mad."
kwikkidus (10:55:13 PM): "Er... right. Anyways. Any ideas?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:55:17 PM): "Just....tell me. Okay?"
Myushu (10:55:31 PM): She then looked at Amado, grabbing onto his arm. "Leave her be, Amado-dono!"
Sinisquirrel (10:56:02 PM): "With all due respect, I doubt I can trust that particular..." Maiden. Latching. Again. "... statement."
Myushu (10:56:09 PM): "If she wants Dawn, let her. You still have me. ^^" Smooch.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:56:22 PM): Shove away. "Not now, Maiden."
Rakath Chaos (10:56:22 PM): Wynn smiles, and skips back over to Dawn and Lily... keeping a fair distance from Witch.
Rakath Chaos (10:56:31 PM): ( Shove = Attack? )
Viewtiful Rekk (10:56:39 PM): (He's lightly pushing her away.)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:56:44 PM): (It's not an attack. >>; )
Sinisquirrel (10:56:55 PM): The Witch, however, is nowhere near the vicinity, instead finding low-level Light cards to terrorize.
Myushu (10:57:10 PM): "Wah... Amado-dono.. ._."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:57:32 PM): "Okay..."
Myushu (10:57:37 PM): "We could... Lock his dorm and then go out?"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:57:45 PM): He takes his bokuto off his belt, and tosses it to Lily.
kwikkidus (10:57:55 PM): "...Why didn't I think of that?"
Sinisquirrel (10:58:03 PM): "Ah!" She manages to catch it without fumbling it too much.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:58:13 PM): "There. You have that, so even if I did get mad, I wouldn't be able to do anything."
kwikkidus (10:58:25 PM): ((Eon: LIES! HE CAN KILL WITH JUST A DUEL DISK!))
Myushu (10:58:38 PM): "Because! Though Eon-kun is awesome, Jenna-chan is simply fantastic!" Puts on sunglasses and nods.
Sinisquirrel (10:58:39 PM): "Well, well, well... if it isn't my good friend MOKEY MOKEY!"
Sinisquirrel (10:58:49 PM): "How's THIS for a smackdown!? BWAHAHAHA!" Etc.
Myushu (10:58:51 PM): (Mokey Mokey!)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:59:18 PM): (xD)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:59:21 PM): (Maiden rockz)
Sinisquirrel (10:59:34 PM): (Hey, with Witch's ability Mokey'd be down at -100 attack if it were possible.)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:59:35 PM): Enishi watches, eating some popcorn as he does.
kwikkidus (10:59:49 PM): "I'm forced to agree..." Nod. Nod again. Eon turns heading for the door. "We've got a lot of ground to cover." He opens it, and holds it there, motioning for her to exit.
Sinisquirrel (11:00:33 PM): "..." Lily looks over at Dawn, feeling a particular loss of words.
Myushu (11:00:51 PM): "Heh! Thank you, Eon-kun." She exited.
Rakath Chaos (11:01:14 PM): Dawn looks back, "I don't care to hurt his feelings, or care to tell him unless it makes him mad."
kwikkidus (11:01:37 PM): He locks the door, shuts it, then follows after. "To the drama-cesspool of the world. Wherever Amado's at."
Sinisquirrel (11:03:01 PM): Lily looks down, and sighs. "I..." She looks up, sweatdrop. "I'm not entirely sure."
Myushu (11:03:20 PM): Giggle. "How true.." Jenna grabbed hold of Eon's hand. "He might've gotten back with Lily-chan.. so let's head to where she is."
Sinisquirrel (11:03:30 PM): (YES. PLEASE. >>; )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:03:48 PM): (>>)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:03:53 PM): (So did they rock the casbah or what?)
kwikkidus (11:03:56 PM): "Ready for a cool trick? Hold on."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:04:04 PM): Amado sighs.
Sinisquirrel (11:04:09 PM): (Uhm... Did we, Rakkie?)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:04:12 PM): "Whatever....I think I have a rough idea anyway."
Rakath Chaos (11:04:14 PM): Dawn nuzzles Lily's neck, "If I tell him it'll be worse than if you don't tell him."
Myushu (11:04:17 PM): Jenna tilted her head.
Rakath Chaos (11:04:43 PM): (They did things you can't mention on TV before 10 PM... and can't show on TV ever. ))
Viewtiful Rekk (11:05:13 PM): (>_>)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:05:25 PM): (Well it wasn't sex then. *glances at That 70s Show*)
Sinisquirrel (11:05:28 PM): She sighed. "There's something you should know... Dawn-san... figured it out, and she... well... I don't know if you'd..." She trailed off.
kwikkidus (11:05:33 PM): Eon holds onto her hand quite tightly, then backflips, pulling her with him. There's a fireball, and somehow at a blinding fast speed... they appear in a similar fireball in the rafters of the area Lily, Amado, and Dawn area.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:05:40 PM): ('Least not the regular kind.)
Sinisquirrel (11:06:03 PM): (Between two girls, that's hardly considered 'regular.')
Rakath Chaos (11:06:12 PM): ( Yeah... )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:06:13 PM): (...Point.)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:06:39 PM): (...Wait. I don't get that sentence Jean.)
Sinisquirrel (11:07:10 PM): (Hmm? Maybe you're not supposed to? >>; )
Myushu (11:07:21 PM): "Kya!" Jenna yelped out, but as they appeared in the rafters, blinked. "..."
Rakath Chaos (11:07:27 PM): ( I'd go for that answer. )
kwikkidus (11:07:33 PM): "Neat, huh?"
Sinisquirrel (11:08:00 PM): A distracting "Kyah!" caught her ear. Lily looked up. "Jenna, Eon! ..." mutter "thank god."
Myushu (11:08:06 PM): "That was... So... So really cool~!" she jumped up. "We have to do that again! Sometime! I mean! Wow!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:08:08 PM): (...Not that one, chowderhead.)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:08:13 PM): (The IC one. .; )
Sinisquirrel (11:08:22 PM): (I was talking about that one.)
kwikkidus (11:08:31 PM): "Maybe later. As it is, we have an entrance. Can you jump that far?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:08:33 PM): (...Oh. >.>)
Sinisquirrel (11:08:40 PM): (It's supposed to be confusing. She's mumbling a lot of different thoughts at once.)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:08:48 PM): (Ooohkay.)
Rakath Chaos (11:08:49 PM): ( You know how Jenna reacted... out of context... >.> )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:09:15 PM): Amado glances at Eon.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:09:20 PM): "You're such a stupid showoff."
kwikkidus (11:09:39 PM): "HEY! Maybe I prefer a dramatic entrance to charging in willy-nilly to crash my scooter into a tree!"
Myushu (11:09:40 PM): (O_o Well, uh.. she's impressed?)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:10:17 PM): "Uh huh."
Rakath Chaos (11:10:24 PM): "As far as dramatics go," Dawn pecks Lily on the cheek, "She beats both of you hands down."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:10:28 PM): "Well... y'know what they say. All flash, no substance."
Sinisquirrel (11:10:55 PM): "Mmph..." another uncomfortable, but not unhappy shift.
kwikkidus (11:10:57 PM): "Whatever..." Eon heads for the access ladder, and climbs down.
Myushu (11:11:27 PM): Jenna follows after Eon.
kwikkidus (11:11:49 PM): I will not look up. I will not look up. I will not look u--damnit!
Viewtiful Rekk (11:12:00 PM): He sighs, unimpressed with this. "Spellman, give it a fuckin' rest, will you?"
Sinisquirrel (11:12:05 PM): (Dammit? More like "Hot damn," I'd say.)
kwikkidus (11:12:49 PM): (Eon: You miss the point of 'neutrality,' don't you?!)
Myushu (11:13:06 PM): "...Eon-kun. >_<; You're not lookin' are you? Hurry up and get down there!"
Sinisquirrel (11:13:08 PM): (Completely.)
Rakath Chaos (11:13:34 PM): ( Eon: I reserve the responce of 'hot damn' for when a girl goes commando. )
kwikkidus (11:13:39 PM): "...What? Me? Looking? Never! I mean..." He doesn't stop staring straight down now, until he's off the ladder.
kwikkidus (11:13:46 PM): ((That's probably true. XD''))
Myushu (11:15:04 PM): Jenna gets off the ladder, fixing her skirt. "Hate ladders-- so hard with heels.." She then headed over to Lily. "Lily-chan."
Sinisquirrel (11:15:40 PM): She nods. "Jenna. How's Henry?"
Myushu (11:15:59 PM): "He's still out.. Sigh. We left him in his dorm."
kwikkidus (11:16:08 PM): "Amado..." he mutters, nodding with an 'I've got a bone to pick with you' tone to his voice.
Sinisquirrel (11:17:02 PM): "Mmm... I... rather need to get Dawn back to her dorm as well..."
Rakath Chaos (11:17:10 PM): Dawn sticks her tounge out at Amado, then licks lily's cheek.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:17:44 PM): "..."
Myushu (11:17:49 PM): Jenna blinked, staring at Lily. I'm hoping not for what I'm thinking.
Sinisquirrel (11:18:12 PM): N-nooo! Not for that! "She needs a little medical attention..." Lily points to the wounds.
kwikkidus (11:18:35 PM): "Wouldn't the nurse's office be more expedient?" I mean, even though Alastor's there...
Viewtiful Rekk (11:18:50 PM): "The nurse is a bloody sadist..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:18:53 PM): "Let's go with that."
Myushu (11:19:01 PM): "So two people hurt already.."
Sinisquirrel (11:19:02 PM): "With what happened last time? No, thank you. Besides, these are... fairly minor."
Rakath Chaos (11:19:58 PM): "Yeah, I'll be fine with some bandages, nothing too bad," Dawn smiled.
kwikkidus (11:19:59 PM): "Fairly minor, you'll be out in an hour. She had the damage 'Mado there dealt to me back to normal in about a day. And with no scarring!" Wink. Lensflare. Probablyscreaming fangirls.
Myushu (11:20:23 PM): (Eee <3)
Sinisquirrel (11:20:29 PM): (BLEAH.)
kwikkidus (11:20:49 PM): (I didn't say WHAT they'd be screaming. :P)
Sinisquirrel (11:21:09 PM): "All the same... shall we?" Lily offered her hand to Dawn. Looks like Eon wanted something from Amado anyway.
Sinisquirrel (11:21:22 PM): (And that last line = Out of Context waiting to happen.)
Rakath Chaos (11:21:54 PM): "Yeah, let's go..." Dawn put her arm over Lily's shoulder. "I guess we gotta take your shortcut out of this."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:22:45 PM): "I'm coming." The Obelisk says simply. He then glances over at the Armed Dragon LV3, who is still sipping his tea, just watching everything unfold.
Myushu (11:23:27 PM): "Then I'll go as well!" Latches onto Amado's arm.
Rakath Chaos (11:24:01 PM): Dawn scowls, "How about me and Lily leave, and Maiden makes a man out of Amado."
Sinisquirrel (11:24:06 PM): So much company now that monsters were real...
Myushu (11:25:35 PM): Blink. "She can make a man outta him?" Pikeru, out of the blue. "Ahh! Why! Well..! Amado-dono.." Snug.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:25:43 PM): Amado glance at Dawn. "How about you shut your damn mouth before you use what's left of my patience?"
kwikkidus (11:25:46 PM): Eon reaches to move his sunglasses to his forehead. Then he remembers he loaned them to Jenna, and just kinda grabs at the air. "Well. Anyways. Amado. The cash in regards to the incident. Have you gotten it yet?"
kwikkidus (11:25:55 PM): ((Eon has WORST TIMING EVER. :D))
Rakath Chaos (11:26:28 PM): (( Lily still has the Bokuto? ))
Sinisquirrel (11:26:33 PM): (Yepper.)
kwikkidus (11:26:40 PM): ((...Second-worst timing ever.))
Rakath Chaos (11:26:55 PM): Dawn grabs the Bokuto from Lily, grinning at Wing, "And?"
Sinisquirrel (11:27:11 PM): "Ahh!" Aw, crap. She'd forgotten to give it back...
Myushu (11:27:16 PM): "You let that go! It's not yours!"
Rakath Chaos (11:27:44 PM): ( I just had one of the cruelist ideas ever... )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:27:58 PM): "..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:28:04 PM): "Oh, please."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:28:23 PM): "Without a style to it, my bokuto is nothing more than a stick to you."
kwikkidus (11:28:45 PM): "She can break a stick, Amado..." Eon mutters in a singsongy voice.
Rakath Chaos (11:28:51 PM): "Oh, yeah, it's kindling  to me."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:29:00 PM): "...Do I look like Enishi to you?"
Sinisquirrel (11:29:12 PM): "Dawn-san, must you...?" Sweatdrop.
kwikkidus (11:29:25 PM): "No. Which is why I told you. Enishi probably would have assumed this already."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:29:30 PM): "You broke my plastic one too, dumbass. My parents can just get me a new one."
Rakath Chaos (11:29:44 PM): Dawn shoots Wynn a look, Wynn starts waving her staff at  Armed LV3.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:29:56 PM): "....." Eyebrow quirk.
kwikkidus (11:30:19 PM): Merchant sits on Amado's head. "Wynn removalz, onlyz a quoitah!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:30:21 PM): "...So hypnotic..." The dragon is wowed again.
Myushu (11:31:08 PM): "You sell a lot of things for just a 'quoitah' Merchy-san. How do you make money?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:31:16 PM): The tiny orange dragon floats over to Dawn....and bites the bokuto in half.
kwikkidus (11:31:27 PM): "I don't ever buyz anythin', missy."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:31:33 PM): Amado sighs. "What point did that have...?"
Rakath Chaos (11:32:03 PM): "None really, but you're unarmed while I leave," Dawn waves off, dropping splinters of sword.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:32:03 PM): "Spellman. Listen to me. MY PARENTS CAN GET ME ANOTHER ONE. All you're doing is stocking up reasons for me to beat your ass."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:32:24 PM): Amado's foot smashes into her chest first.
Sinisquirrel (11:32:42 PM): (Right while I'm standing there...)
Rakath Chaos (11:32:45 PM): Dawn flies back, and Wynn waves at Armed Dragon again.
kwikkidus (11:32:48 PM): ((If this were Digital Devil Saga, Dawn's chest would EAT YOUR FOOT!))
Viewtiful Rekk (11:32:48 PM): (He's mad. >.>)
Sinisquirrel (11:33:29 PM): "Ah!" Right out from under her arm Dawn flew, forcing Lily to topple over as well.
kwikkidus (11:33:35 PM): "Jenna... want me to do soemthing?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:33:39 PM): The tiny dragon spirals into a headbutt and smashes into Amado. "Grrgh!"
Myushu (11:34:08 PM): "Ah... Uh.. Is it our place to-- Ah, Lily-chan!"
Myushu (11:34:25 PM): "Eon-kun. Yes. Go and stop this-- there's no time for fighting.."
Sinisquirrel (11:34:30 PM): "Dawn..." She scrambles over the blue-haired one. "I'm so sorry... I should have blocked..."
kwikkidus (11:34:54 PM): Eon wanders over and stands between group A and group DL.
Rakath Chaos (11:34:58 PM): "It's fine..." Dawn growls, "Let's just go."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:35:01 PM): Amado slaps a card on to his Duel Disk...and E-Hero Edgeman appears in front of Wynn, blades crossed in an X-shape in front of her neck.
kwikkidus (11:35:29 PM): "Now. It has come to my attention that you are all being jerks towards each other."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:35:32 PM): "I don't think that that's dealt with...."
Rakath Chaos (11:35:54 PM): * Dawn leaps in between Edgeman and Wynn *
kwikkidus (11:36:16 PM): He holds out his dueldisc arm, and shuts his eyes. "I would like to remind all present, I-do- have Exodia in this deck. I -will- use it to stop all this pointless fighting, if necessary."
Rakath Chaos (11:36:35 PM): Dawn lays a card on her disk, A large hammer BASHES Edgeman to the ground.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:37:00 PM): Edgeman raises a fist towards Dawn... but is hammer'd.
Sinisquirrel (11:37:08 PM): "End the fighting and all of us? Oh, swell, Eon."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:37:30 PM): "..." Armed Dragon LV3 flutters over to Eon, before he's hypnotized again.
kwikkidus (11:37:36 PM): "...Well, I tried." Eon mutters, before starting to search through his deck. "Now where did I put them..? Oh, there's one."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:37:40 PM): "Please, Sir Eon, do not add to this chaos...."
Myushu (11:37:59 PM): "Aahh.. Eon-kun.. I don't know about Exodia.."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:38:20 PM): Amado slaps a card on to his Duel Disk, and a fist somehow shoots out of the celing and smashes right on to Wynn.
Myushu (11:38:37 PM): "Can't you guys just postpone this fight? I mean.. We still gotta think about what to do with this shadow game!"
kwikkidus (11:38:43 PM): "I'm going to end this chaos. Without destroying a thing." he says succinctly. "You see, a big enough, badass enough creature will cause anyone to be given pause. And the biggest, badassest of them all... well, most people go 'Huhwha?!' at just the hologram. So the real thing..."
Rakath Chaos (11:39:03 PM): Wynn is knocked backwards, Dawn forcably stabs three knives into Amado's duel disk
Rakath Chaos (11:39:37 PM): Dawn, with another growl, "You do that again, I WILL pull your intestines out and use them as a jumprope."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:39:38 PM): "....Sir Eon, pleeeeeease." Armed Dragon LV3 pleads.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:39:42 PM): (...Uh. Rak.)
kwikkidus (11:39:57 PM): "Three. Four.... Egh,missed the last one." He starts the search over. "What, is Exodia like,totally superultrapowerfuluncontrollable or something?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:40:02 PM): (Smashing Ground's text says "Destroy". Not "Knock Backwards" >.>)
Rakath Chaos (11:40:25 PM): ( Amado, if "destroy" always meant destroy, Armed LV5 was already dead last storyarc. )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:40:26 PM): (....)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:40:29 PM): (*looks up*)
Rakath Chaos (11:40:39 PM): ( And then you would have no tea sipping Armed LV5 )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:40:41 PM): (So I would. >_>)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:41:00 PM): (Rak: the thing was supposed to be that Duel Spirits can be destroyed, but not permanently)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:41:08 PM): (Least that's how I understood it. Looked at Hane Kuri)
Myushu (11:41:21 PM): "Well.. I don't know.. But I'd rather not find that out, Eon-kun."
kwikkidus (11:41:32 PM): "Well, see, this here's a duel spirit. It should know."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:41:42 PM): (Even in Yami no Game's, he gets the crap slapped out of him.)
Rakath Chaos (11:41:47 PM): ( Hane Kuriboh has only been destroyed IN duels )
Rakath Chaos (11:41:51 PM): ( This isn't in a duel )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:42:02 PM): ".....Probably. So please dont try."
Rakath Chaos (11:42:18 PM): ( Also note that in the last storyline every monster gets battered around A LOT before dying )
kwikkidus (11:42:34 PM): "...Aww... I mean... seriously. I just wanna... Please? A little?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:42:34 PM): (You mean the Memory Arc?)
Myushu (11:42:56 PM): "..Another time? ._."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:42:59 PM): "......" He sighs.
Rakath Chaos (11:43:01 PM): ( Yeah... they all just get bashed around. )
Sinisquirrel (11:43:03 PM): "Yes... another time?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:43:04 PM): He dumps his tea on the Duel Disk.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:43:16 PM): "I apologize." He bows deeply to the human.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:43:26 PM): (Guh....)
kwikkidus (11:43:28 PM): Eon stares at the duel disc. "...You little.. fine then."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:43:37 PM): (Can't argue that....)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:43:59 PM): (Fine, fine. >>; )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:44:27 PM): As Dawn forcibly stabs his Duel Disk, he raises the arm that has it, and smashes her away with it.
kwikkidus (11:44:41 PM): Eon pockets his deck, takes off the disc, and hucks it at Dawn's disc. "C'mon... smash!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:44:42 PM): "I'd like to see you try."
Sinisquirrel (11:45:20 PM): Lily grabs Dawn before she can attempt something else. "Please... let's just go."
Sinisquirrel (11:45:54 PM): (This is so she won't hit the ground and immediately spring up before I can type anything. >>; )
Rakath Chaos (11:46:00 PM): Dawn growls snatching up Wynn, "Fine."
kwikkidus (11:47:07 PM): "Are we all done here? Really? Can we stop? Please?"
kwikkidus (11:49:18 PM): Eon shakes his head. "Jenna... remind me again why it is we hang out with such wantonly violent people?"
Myushu (11:49:40 PM): "Ah.. I don't know?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:50:10 PM): "...."
kwikkidus (11:50:13 PM): "Damn. Amado, then... remind me again why we hang out with you wantonly violent people?"
Myushu (11:50:19 PM): "..Though I can't say much. I get rather violent myself, too.."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:50:39 PM): "Fine...whatever."
(11:50:45 PM) Rakath Chaos has left the room.
Myushu (11:51:09 PM): "Poor Amado-dono... ._. Might I make you feel better?"
(11:52:02 PM) Rakath Chaos has entered the room.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:52:05 PM): "Lily. Go ahead and be with her. I really don't care anymore. It's obviously what you want, and obvioulsy what she wants."
Rakath Chaos (11:52:32 PM): Dawn mutters, "Finally he says something that makes sense..."
Sinisquirrel (11:52:56 PM): "All I really wanted right now was to take a person who needs medical attention to a place to receive said attention."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:53:17 PM): "Uh huh."
Rakath Chaos (11:53:24 PM): "Lily," Dawn says quietly.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:53:30 PM): "Then answer me this."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:53:46 PM): "Why didn't you invite me to go with you on break? Or, even better, why'd you invite her?"
kwikkidus (11:54:19 PM): "...I think we should go now..." Eon whispers quietly to Jenna.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:54:27 PM): "Especially considering everything she pulled while we were fighting Terra Firma. Including, actually getting in our way because Enishi said she'd give you to her."
Sinisquirrel (11:54:46 PM): "I invited her under circumstances. I did not invite you because I knew you two would not get along... I didn't want you two to be at each other the whole vacation."
Myushu (11:55:06 PM): Jenna nodded her head, grabbing Pikeru's hand. "Yeah..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:55:24 PM): "What circumstances would those be?"
kwikkidus (11:55:33 PM): Eon grabs the mildly unconcious Merchant, and heads elsewhere. Not sure where. But not here anymore.
Rakath Chaos (11:55:53 PM): "That's none of your business," Dawn spits, hopefully before Lily answers.
Sinisquirrel (11:56:10 PM): "... Private ones..."
Myushu (11:56:34 PM): And so Jenna and Pikeru head elsewhere with them.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:56:46 PM): "I'm sure."
Sinisquirrel (11:56:57 PM): And the Witch is somewhere, still terrorizing Light monsters for the hell of it.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:57:22 PM): Blue-Eyes White Dragon: ;____;
Sinisquirrel (11:57:34 PM): "... If you've ever had something you never wanted another to know about... then you would be sure."
kwikkidus (11:58:11 PM): ((Lily: For instance, hypothetically, sleeping with Dawn.))
Sinisquirrel (11:58:17 PM): (Not that. >>; )
kwikkidus (11:58:30 PM): ((You're right. She'd tell EVERYONE about that.))
Rakath Chaos (11:58:48 PM): "Lily... let's get me patched up at your house... I'd rather be there than here."
Sinisquirrel (11:59:28 PM): She takes one last look, thinking He'd never get it... and I don't believe he wants to anyway. Nod. "Right."
Sinisquirrel (12:00:02 AM): ('Sides, that's where her medical supplies'd be anyway... >>; )
Rakath Chaos (12:00:26 AM): (It's also where neither has a roomate.)
kwikkidus (12:00:52 AM): ((This reminds me. WHo the hell IS everyone's roomate? o_O"))
Sinisquirrel (12:01:01 AM): (Technically haven't we been missing roomates since the start of this?)
Rakath Chaos (12:01:11 AM): ( Dawn's roomate is 'missing'... >.> )
Rakath Chaos (12:01:20 AM): ( I doubt they will ever find a body )
Sinisquirrel (12:01:28 AM): (Wonder if it's even wise for Lily to have one...)
kwikkidus (12:01:28 AM): (I vote Ed has to room with Enishi. >>')
Sinisquirrel (12:01:43 AM): (Though I suppose that she could still attend the school and live at home. No need for a dorm.)
Rakath Chaos (12:01:56 AM): ( We could solve some of this by saying Dawn rooms with Jenna )
Myushu (12:02:11 AM): (o.o Hum.)
kwikkidus (12:02:47 AM): ((Eon: I bunk alone. Anyone who wants different gets blasted. ...Unless you're female.))
Sinisquirrel (12:02:57 AM): (Jenna: <3)
Rakath Chaos (12:04:32 AM): ( So Jenna and Eon ran off because of Lily Amado moodiness, and Lily and Dawn ran off due to injuries and being tired of Amado... so endline? )
Sinisquirrel (12:04:49 AM): (Pretty much, I'd say.)
kwikkidus (12:04:54 AM): ((OBJECTION!))
kwikkidus (12:04:58 AM): ((>> <<))
Viewtiful Rekk (12:05:06 AM): (Why not? >>)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:05:08 AM): ------------------------