Viewtiful Rekk (11:11:26 PM): --------------GIGGETY------------------------------GOO
Viewtiful Rekk (11:12:54 PM): A teacher's meeting or something.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:13:06 PM): Chronos is there. As is a bunch of other teachers. Yeah.
Myushu (11:13:51 PM): ((Is this color okay or is it too close to someone else's?))
Sinisquirrel (11:14:04 PM): Kuma-sensei is still going over notes and things that both Ed and his daughter have contributed. "I hope they find a replacement soon, I swear I do..." he mutters.
Sinisquirrel (11:14:20 PM): (I think it's Enishi's but it hardly matters.)
kwikkidus (11:14:38 PM): "Humm? A replacement, yousay? What ever do you mean?" ...Zaniah knows she's technichally not ateacher, but she also fails to care.
Myushu (11:14:39 PM): Silvia's sitting back in her seat, her legs crossed, laptop sitting on her lap.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:14:41 PM): (It totally doesn't matter.)
Rakath Chaos (11:15:24 PM): Takumi is leaning against a wall, apparently asleep.
Sinisquirrel (11:15:43 PM): "Mmn, for Daitokuji's class," he grumbles idly at the hellnurse.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:16:06 PM): " order of business...promotions and demotions for the coming year!"
kwikkidus (11:16:30 PM): "I move we simply expel all the students and be done with it..." Zaniah comments wryly to herself.
Myushu (11:16:50 PM): "There wouldn't be a school, then."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:17:02 PM): "..." Chronos mumbles something not-too-flattering in Italian under his breath.
Rakath Chaos (11:17:14 PM): Takumi is still asleep.
kwikkidus (11:17:40 PM): "Exactly."
Sinisquirrel (11:17:41 PM): Towa's ears perk up at the unflattering speech. They've all heard it before.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:17:55 PM): "Anyway."
Myushu (11:18:03 PM): "Heh... I see someone's reaching her limitis here."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:18:12 PM): (...Good god.)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:18:32 PM): (Y'know what. I'm sure the way I play Chronos is so botched, I'm not even gonna bother trying anymore.)
Myushu (11:18:50 PM): (>_>)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:18:54 PM): (*Waves hands* CHRONOS IS NOW.......someone else.)
kwikkidus (11:18:58 PM): "Anyway, I require a new assistant. My previous one has ended up mysteriously wounded to the point of death."
Sinisquirrel (11:18:59 PM): (Personally I don't think you're botching it... we don't have much good reference to go on.)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:19:22 PM): (His name is................)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:19:30 PM): (Agent Smith.)
Myushu (11:19:30 PM): (But I like Chronos. D:)
Sinisquirrel (11:19:34 PM): (Shishio.)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:19:35 PM): (Yeah. That works.)
Myushu (11:19:40 PM): (...Agent Smith?)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:19:44 PM): (...Eh. Shishio Smith.)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:19:47 PM): (Works. >>)
Sinisquirrel (11:19:51 PM): (YOSH.)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:20:14 PM): "Are we sure that's not thanks to you, Miss Zaniah?"
kwikkidus (11:20:41 PM): "My dear Shishio, what exactly are you insinuating?" she asks, in a bland yet singsongy voice.
Myushu (11:21:06 PM): "...Hmph." She eyes Zaniah before looking back at her laptop, typing away.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:21:16 PM): "I'm insinuating you cut your assistant up like a turkey."
Sinisquirrel (11:21:29 PM): "..." Towa sneaks a look at the laptop.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:21:36 PM): "Anyway..."
kwikkidus (11:21:40 PM): "Now really, we both know I despise paperwork. Why on earth would I do that, if I would have to fill out forms for it?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:22:00 PM): "I suggest before anything else, we look over promotions and demotions made the last time we did so and see if those are holding up."
Myushu (11:22:02 PM): With a quick hit of a button, Silvia closes the laptop slightly, looking at Towa. "Yes, Sakuma-san?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:22:11 PM): "...."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:22:26 PM): Shishio pulls out an air horn and blows it.
Sinisquirrel (11:22:55 PM): "Well, I was just cur-- GHRRK!" Hands over ears, quickly.
Myushu (11:23:04 PM): ..Silvia closes the laptop fully, looking at Shishio ever so slightly.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:23:28 PM): An unimpressed look at his fellow faculty...before a full-out glare at Takumi.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:23:41 PM): "SHOKUNIN. Perhaps you'd like to join us?"
Rakath Chaos (11:25:26 PM): "Shut up and just give a demotion examp to Sho, and get it over with."
Rakath Chaos (11:25:42 PM): Takumi hasn't moved, he could be asleep and still talking, or not asleep at all.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:26:09 PM): "...I swear I don't know why Sameshima keeps his incompetent ass around..." grumblegrumble.
Rakath Chaos (11:26:26 PM): "Or would you rather I speak my mind."
Sinisquirrel (11:26:41 PM): S'probably a tape involved with it. Towa thinks idly, a dull ring still in his ears.
kwikkidus (11:26:51 PM): "Though I am naught but a lowly nurse... I believe the Masami girl should be given a promotion exam."
Myushu (11:26:52 PM): ...Her glasses glint, and the laptop opens again, and back to typing she goes.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:27:00 PM): "....Hrm."
Rakath Chaos (11:27:04 PM): "Give Jin a demotion exam against a high level Ra, and give Promotions to Finklestein and Kaito."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:27:13 PM): "Yes...Miss Masami beat you, didn't she Zaniah?"
Sinisquirrel (11:27:27 PM): "... Finklestein? I thought you hated that kid."
Rakath Chaos (11:27:43 PM): "Doesn't mean he hasn't earned an exam."
kwikkidus (11:27:45 PM): Zaniah doesn't even flinch. "Yes. It was an unfortunate misunderstanding... but that is behind us. She should be tested though."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:27:48 PM): "...Finklestein?" The teacher mumbles, and leafs through a few papers...
Viewtiful Rekk (11:27:57 PM): "...Hm."
Myushu (11:28:05 PM): "...Jenna Masami. Might as well."
Rakath Chaos (11:28:10 PM): Takumi hasn't moved an inch, this includes his mouth.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:28:36 PM): "Beat Meso Maemorune" Yeah, he probably butchered that pronunciation. "And......a record entered for a victory against someone named 'Aussa'?"
Sinisquirrel (11:28:43 PM): "Huh, guess not..." the guy rubs his chin, wondering when Takumi decided to be reasonable.
Rakath Chaos (11:29:09 PM): "Oh yeah, boot Amado out on his ass."
Sinisquirrel (11:29:19 PM): "Seconded."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:29:31 PM): "Grades aren't that great....his grades in Alchemy are superb though..." The teacher mumbles impressedly.
kwikkidus (11:29:42 PM): "I concur. That child has a foul mouth, and no respect for his superiors. Put him up for demotion."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:29:55 PM): "One at a time, please." He says, growing increasedly annoyed.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:30:03 PM): "Hrmph...Amado Tsukayama...."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:30:11 PM): He begins going through papers again.
Rakath Chaos (11:30:16 PM): (Chronos: But... what student will I give shopping tips to!? )
Sinisquirrel (11:30:27 PM): (Rane: ... not me. :runs: )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:30:28 PM): (Amado: THAT ONE *points at Jin*)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:30:39 PM): "...Oh my."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:30:52 PM): "This.....why is this boy even in Obelisk Blue?!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:31:17 PM): "So many losses...most of them against lower-ranked students...and he lost his entrance exam..."
Sinisquirrel (11:31:23 PM): "Ehh, probably 'cause'a y'know..." Sakuma makes a money-pinching motion with his fingers.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:31:36 PM): "....Ahaaah. Yes, it seems that way..."
kwikkidus (11:31:38 PM): "Connections, to be sure. Not all our Obelisks are as skilled as they wish us to believe."
Myushu (11:31:54 PM): "Indeed.."
Rakath Chaos (11:31:58 PM): "He got there due to the high praise his mentor gave."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:32:18 PM): (Ichirou: ....)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:32:30 PM): (Ichirou: Oh, I knew his stupid parents got me drunk for a reason! >_o)
Rakath Chaos (11:32:35 PM): "Rather, just the mention of his mentors name."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:32:51 PM): "Hmph. That's hardly a good enough reason..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:33:11 PM): "Unless there are any objections, Mr. Tsukayama will be put on reveiw for demotion immediately."
Sinisquirrel (11:33:14 PM): ("Come have a couple of DRINKS, Ichirou... it's good for your HEALTH, Ichirou... we're DOCTORS, you know?" Bah!)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:33:31 PM): (Whoa, you remembered that? >_>)
Sinisquirrel (11:33:39 PM): (Ja.)
kwikkidus (11:33:56 PM): "Tch, play him against Masami. If she can defeat a staff member, she can definitely defeat a no-talent like him."
Myushu (11:34:15 PM): "Would probably hurt his ego, too."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:34:24 PM): "...Well, technically, one of Mr. Tsukayama's few victories was against Shokunin...."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:34:40 PM): "And Shokunin is definetly more skilled than you, Zaniah."
kwikkidus (11:34:58 PM): "I would GLADLY prove that wrong, if we both were not so incredibly busy."
Sinisquirrel (11:34:59 PM): "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:35:18 PM): "But. ...At any rate. Unless there are any objections?" He scans the room.
Rakath Chaos (11:35:24 PM): "He had help."
Sinisquirrel (11:35:29 PM): Towa shakes his head.
Rakath Chaos (11:35:42 PM): "His deck was using a card borrowed from another student, which caused me to make a minor miscalculation."
kwikkidus (11:35:43 PM): A man with spikey hair yells 'OBJECTION!', then flees.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:35:50 PM): "...."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:35:57 PM): "NOT THIS TIME, WRIGHT!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:36:04 PM): Shishio grabs a shotgun from under the table.
Myushu (11:36:06 PM): "..." she pushes up her glasses.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:36:13 PM): He fires three shots, and drops the lawyer.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:36:38 PM): "Hrmph. Object that." He puts the weapon back under the table.
Sinisquirrel (11:36:48 PM): Towa glances over. "Silvia-san?"
Sinisquirrel (11:36:55 PM): (Since I, y'know, don't know her last name.)
kwikkidus (11:37:04 PM): "...Ass!" Zaniah hrmphs angrily, and pulls out a first aid kit, tending to the lawyer.
Myushu (11:37:06 PM): (Erk! Mairi XD Sorry)
Sinisquirrel (11:37:13 PM): (S'ok.)
Myushu (11:37:24 PM): "..Yes?" she glanced over at Towa.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:37:57 PM): Derek Stiles and Angie Thompson run in, grab Phoenix Wright, and drive off in Mario Karts.
Sinisquirrel (11:38:09 PM): "Er... Penny f'yer thoughts?"
kwikkidus (11:38:25 PM): "..." She puts away the first aid kit, and wanders back to her original spot.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:38:32 PM): ("...Why did we ever let Nintendo help us build this place?")
Myushu (11:38:52 PM): "..I've no objections to this."
kwikkidus (11:39:19 PM): "Me either. Masami versus Tsukyama seems fittingly cruel."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:39:24 PM): "Alright then. It is official." He writes it down.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:39:32 PM): "Next....Mister Finklestein."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:40:16 PM): "I think he's more than fitting of an exam at least. Who should duel him?"
Sinisquirrel (11:40:47 PM): Sakuma harumphs. "Not a bad kid. Brainy, but shaky on th' field... S'anybody else we wanna get rid of?"
kwikkidus (11:41:17 PM): Zaniah smirks wryly. "Why do we not just have him duel Sho? That would be fun to watch, if nothing else."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:41:41 PM): "...Like a train wreck you can't look away from."
Sinisquirrel (11:41:41 PM): "... A bigger wuss contest! Zaniah-san, I second!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:41:49 PM): "But, Sho is a canon character unfortunately."
kwikkidus (11:41:58 PM): "Ahh yes. That IS an issue."
Sinisquirrel (11:42:04 PM): "... damn."
Myushu (11:42:09 PM): "I would suggest Enishi, but..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:42:11 PM): "My role-player would never stand for it, as he's vehemently against canon characters being involved in this particualr RP."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:42:15 PM): Bricks hit them all.
kwikkidus (11:42:32 PM): "..." Zaniah stays silent, as a bump grows on her head.
Sinisquirrel (11:42:38 PM): "But...?" Towa shakes off the brick like the big bear he is.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:42:50 PM): "Hrm...."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:43:04 PM): "I'm still not sure Mister Yashuharo has been punished enough for that 'Terra Firma' incident..."
Rakath Chaos (11:43:15 PM): (If my text is in italics, it isn't Takumi speaking.)
kwikkidus (11:43:32 PM): "Are you sure? I really did some of my best work on him."
Myushu (11:43:53 PM): "Well, then. What're the chances he'll win against Ed? More of a blow to him, no?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:44:57 PM): "Mrmm...."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:46:09 PM): "I'm still disagreed....but, if there are no objections?"
kwikkidus (11:46:29 PM): "...Are we sure there is no one better?"
Sinisquirrel (11:46:55 PM): "No objections from me... 'Sides, I'm sure Ed'd like a better roommate anyway."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:47:10 PM): "...Hm."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:47:23 PM): "Shokunin, you mentioned Jin Honjou..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:47:42 PM): "He did superbly on his entrance exam, appears to be intelligent...why exactly did you suggest him?"
Rakath Chaos (11:48:03 PM): "I don't like him, why else would I state him?"
Rakath Chaos (11:48:30 PM): "Also, how about having that Lola girl duel Finklestein? She has barely done anything to keep her place."
Sinisquirrel (11:48:38 PM): "S'pretty much how this whole meeting's turning out..." he nods sagely.
kwikkidus (11:48:59 PM): "I do recall there beinginjuries related to mortar and knives reported from that class. Thoughseveral of those were from Flunky, I have heard."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:49:00 PM): "...Mrm. I can't think of anything better..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:49:14 PM): "Any objections?"
kwikkidus (11:49:36 PM): "To Lola dueling Finklestein? None from me..."
Sinisquirrel (11:49:57 PM): "Kid'll do fine no matter who it is, I say." A hand waves dismissively.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:50:06 PM): This is taking too long....
Viewtiful Rekk (11:50:09 PM): "Alright. Next.
Myushu (11:50:10 PM): She shrugged lightly. "I've no preference."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:50:19 PM): "Shokunin, you've mentioned a...Henry Kaito."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:50:29 PM): "He was demoted in a match against Mr. Tsukayama...."
kwikkidus (11:51:02 PM): "Henry versus Jin, ifanything at all. Jin is... cocky. It will bring out Henry'snaturally... boisterous nature." She waggles a finger.
Rakath Chaos (11:51:23 PM): "That... would be an interesting duel, have them duke it out."
Myushu (11:51:34 PM): "Yes.. Interesting indeed.."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:51:37 PM): "....Mm....that would be interesting..."
Sinisquirrel (11:51:57 PM): "Y'mean naturally shonen-heroboy nature... but yeah. Sounds good."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:52:10 PM): "Well, if there are no objec-" "I'VE GOT YOUR OBJECTION RIGHT HERE, YA BUNCHA STUFFED-SHIRT LOSERS!"
Rakath Chaos (11:52:35 PM): "You are ever so tactful Wing-chan."
Myushu (11:52:36 PM): "...Stuffed-shirt?"
kwikkidus (11:52:39 PM): Zaniah looks over at the objector. Note, she isn't wearing a 'shirt' so much as a 'nurse's outfit.'
Viewtiful Rekk (11:52:46 PM): With a KICK, the door opens, Ichirou standing there, obviously being the dispenser of the foot-based justice.
Myushu (11:53:05 PM): "..How rude."
kwikkidus (11:53:06 PM): "...Ahh. Never thought I would see you again." Zaniah actually SMILES.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:53:09 PM): "You jerks gave me a guest room..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:53:26 PM): "But there was NO CHOCOLATE ON MY PILLOW when I got there!"
Rakath Chaos (11:53:28 PM): Takumi is knocked over by the door opening... to show to the world Takumi didn't bother to show up to the meeting, it's a dummy with a speaker and a transmitter.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:53:34 PM): "What kind of shoddy-ass establishment is this?!"
Myushu (11:53:42 PM): "...This isn't a 5-star hotel, mind you."
Sinisquirrel (11:53:49 PM): "The kind that pays halfway decent wages for the things we do."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:53:49 PM): "Obviously not."
Myushu (11:54:04 PM): "If you're unhappy.. Sleep somewhere else."
Rakath Chaos (11:54:14 PM): Behind Ichirou, is a woman, dressed in a man's suit. She seems unphased by any of the idiocy her compainion is giving off.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:54:16 PM): "...."
Myushu (11:54:24 PM): "The wilderness suits you nicely."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:54:24 PM): "Well, truth be told, I stole a jet ski to get here..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:54:41 PM): "It sunk, so until the next ferry, I'm stuck here. Soooooo....."
Rakath Chaos (11:54:48 PM): "You stole it from MY company, you git!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:54:55 PM): (Dude.)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:55:05 PM): (The italics makes your font even more eye-searing. Please turn it off. >>)
Rakath Chaos (11:55:16 PM): ( Geez, fine. )
Sinisquirrel (11:55:22 PM): (Danke. :D)
Myushu (11:55:35 PM): (Is Rak unable to change font color? :o)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:55:44 PM): "Hmph."
kwikkidus (11:55:46 PM): "..?" Zaniah tilts her head to the side. Wait... she knew that voice. Things just got more and more interesting, of late...
Rakath Chaos (11:55:51 PM): ( You took all the good ones )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:55:54 PM): "My best friend marries you and you can't even give me a jetski?"
Sinisquirrel (11:55:56 PM): So what? Go drown you so n' so...
Viewtiful Rekk (11:56:18 PM): "....Sooo....what's goin' on here?"
Myushu (11:56:54 PM): ...Silvia pushes up her glasses, going back to typing.
Rakath Chaos (11:56:57 PM): ( Time check, has fuzzy panda boy been sent away RP time yet? )
kwikkidus (11:57:02 PM): "We are discussing howbest to destroy your protoge. I suggested a certain seal, of course,but they decided against it." A wink.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:57:20 PM): "....We were discussing promotions and demotions for the studen-" "Oh, yeah, make sure you demote that idiot pupil of mine." "...Yes. We already discussed him."
Sinisquirrel (11:57:27 PM): (Uhm. Hm. Last time frame we had was the Manjoume group...)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:57:29 PM): (Huh?)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:57:36 PM): (Oh. Hayato?)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:57:40 PM): (Well...)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:57:50 PM): (According to yesterday's session, Daitokuji's gone.)
Sinisquirrel (11:58:27 PM): (So we could kinda go that way, hm?)
Rakath Chaos (11:58:29 PM): ( Let's say that Koala boy is still around then. )
Viewtiful Rekk (11:58:35 PM): (Sure.)
Sinisquirrel (11:58:38 PM): (Or the other. Your choice.)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:59:04 PM): (But discussing him is sorta pointless. It's only due to Pegasus that the subject of him going to I2 is brought up.)
Rakath Chaos (11:59:04 PM): "Daddy sent me to collect the card designs," the crossdresser smiles, "He's here for... why the hell are you here?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:59:14 PM): (Ne'er mind. >_>)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:59:36 PM): "Eh, y'know, evil crazies trying to blow up the world, I came to help."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:59:47 PM): "There was this one girl I met...."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:00:02 AM): "She's actually pretty good. Wears lots of black..."
kwikkidus (12:00:22 AM): "Hmph. Lily Sakuma. An odd one. Another one of that group."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:00:24 AM): "Had a sorta...Zombie-discard hybrid thing going."
Rakath Chaos (12:00:37 AM): "Zombies, how ugly."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:00:43 AM): "Right. THat was it." He points at Zaniah, not having ackownleged her (sp?) at all beyond that.
Sinisquirrel (12:00:45 AM): "Huh... sounds like..." Zombie discards. "... Yeah, that's her."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:01:05 AM): "She took out that other crazy guy....Donovan."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:01:14 AM): "Promote her.
kwikkidus (12:01:33 AM): ...Very odd. She hasnot been reported wounded even once, and she's been with Amado's group for... two months now? An unlikely record...
Sinisquirrel (12:01:35 AM): "... SHE did?" Hands on the table. "MY Lily!?"
Rakath Chaos (12:01:38 AM): "Idiot. You do realize neither of us have any standing here, right?"
Rakath Chaos (12:01:49 AM): "We can't tell them what to do."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:01:55 AM): Shishio sighs. This is not an open forum...nonetheless, he begins leafing through papers again.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:02:02 AM): "Hey."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:02:18 AM): "You're like....some exec at I2."
Sinisquirrel (12:02:24 AM): But he sits back down again quickly. "But... I can't have a say here. I'm her father and I'm not going to do the favortism thing."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:02:35 AM): "I've placed high in all sorts of tournaments, including a couple thrown by your crazy father."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:02:52 AM): "If Kaiba doesn't want our opinions, I don't know whose he would want."
kwikkidus (12:03:13 AM): "That fact does not makeyou any more or less pathetic than the idiot I dueled against.However... we should probably promote that girl, reguardless."
Myushu (12:03:37 AM): "Hm.. Lily Sakuma.. Sure, promote her."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:03:52 AM): Anyone who can see Duel Spirits will notice Ibris swinging wildly at Zaniah.
kwikkidus (12:04:13 AM): And Zaniah cooly ignoring it. Amazing, her focus and concentration.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:04:17 AM): "...Hmm....Lily Sakuma and Henry Kaito...."
Myushu (12:04:20 AM): Silvia looked at Ibris, her glasses glinting and.. went back to typing.
Sinisquirrel (12:04:21 AM): ... my kid? Th' heck...
Sinisquirrel (12:04:42 AM): (Aw man, not that again!)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:04:49 AM): (What? >.>)
Sinisquirrel (12:04:57 AM): (Remember the last time Lily had to go up against him?)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:05:05 AM): (Oh no, not that. >>)
Sinisquirrel (12:05:13 AM): (In this case it's going to be Henry or her leaving... Oh.)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:05:19 AM): "Why not....examine them both at the same time?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:05:37 AM): "If we could find two opponents for them ,we could organize a tag-duel..."
kwikkidus (12:05:50 AM): "...Jin and Jo. The siblings should be able to mix well."
Rakath Chaos (12:06:06 AM): Sammi has picked up Kaito's file and began reading, "Hmm, he seems like a fun kid."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:06:08 AM): Meanwhile in the Osiris dorm....
Viewtiful Rekk (12:06:24 AM): Jo suddenly lets out a scream, slips and falls on her face.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:06:36 AM): And in the Obelisk dorm...
Viewtiful Rekk (12:06:57 AM): Jin takes a swing at a punching bag, misses, and falls on his face.
kwikkidus (12:07:04 AM): "Or we could have that Flunky child pair with someone... last I ever heard Chronos wants him out of the blue dorm anyways."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:07:31 AM): "Chronos is far too lenient."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:07:38 AM): "I think the boy should be thrown out..."
Rakath Chaos (12:07:41 AM): Sammi giggles.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:08:01 AM): "...Flunky?"
Rakath Chaos (12:08:01 AM): "How about giving those two a real test."
Myushu (12:08:22 AM): "Hm.."
kwikkidus (12:08:29 AM): "Yes. Flunky."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:08:40 AM): "...."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:08:45 AM): "What're you planning, Crawford?"
Rakath Chaos (12:09:16 AM): Sammi sits on the edge of a desk and kicks a leg up, "Well, I assume you want to test the true limits that Zombie girl has, yes?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:09:31 AM): "Well, yes..." He kicks up a seat as well.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:09:49 AM): "She seemed...distracted last time." He uses the back of Shishio's seat as a leg rest.
Rakath Chaos (12:09:54 AM): "I want to test this Kaito boy."
Rakath Chaos (12:10:18 AM): Sammi gets right in Ichirou's face and gives a huge grin.
Rakath Chaos (12:10:23 AM): "Get it."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:10:31 AM): ("....I don't get it."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:10:40 AM): "...Ahaaaaa."
Sinisquirrel (12:10:57 AM): Sakuma-sensei shifts in his seat, somehow uncomfortable at the moment. Got no say, got no say...
Viewtiful Rekk (12:11:37 AM): "....Are you two suggesting you duel these students?!"
Rakath Chaos (12:11:49 AM): "Why not?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:11:49 AM): "No! Absolutely not! A third party cannot engage in Academy affairs!"
Sinisquirrel (12:12:05 AM): ...!! Yay~
Myushu (12:12:10 AM): "..Why are the even in here?" she mumbles.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:12:15 AM): (Somebody mention the Meikyuu brothers. >>)
Rakath Chaos (12:12:15 AM): "You brought in two of my employees."
Myushu (12:12:19 AM): *they
Rakath Chaos (12:12:22 AM): "REMEMBER!?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:12:25 AM): "...!"
Sinisquirrel (12:12:31 AM): ... kuso.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:12:32 AM): "Th-that was....Professor Chronos!"
kwikkidus (12:12:43 AM): "Ahh... and there were Manjoume's siblings."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:12:46 AM): "And it was a disciplanairy action! That's totally different!"
Rakath Chaos (12:12:52 AM): "Is not."
Rakath Chaos (12:13:00 AM): "It was a duel to decide standing in the school."
Rakath Chaos (12:13:03 AM): "Nothing more."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:13:26 AM): Derek Stiles wanders back in. "And there was that Gambler guy."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:13:33 AM): (...There was one more. What was it....?)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:14:31 AM): (Arg! It's on the tip of my fingers!)
Myushu (12:14:40 AM): (o.o)
kwikkidus (12:14:55 AM): "Do not forget Koala-boy's father."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:15:13 AM): "....Fine! Fine!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:15:39 AM): "If there are no objections..." Shishio grumbles.
Rakath Chaos (12:15:46 AM): "Oh, oh, how positively delicious." Sammi hops up and down happily.
kwikkidus (12:16:01 AM): "Why would I object to the pummeling of our students? That just means I have something to do..."
Sinisquirrel (12:16:05 AM): Nothing from the unusually silent bear. Nope, not a peep.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:16:05 AM): "Heheh. Should be fun...." Ichirou smirks.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:16:18 AM): "...."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:16:24 AM): A glance. "You still got Azrael?"
Myushu (12:16:30 AM): Silvia again pushed up her glasses. "....Fine."
Rakath Chaos (12:16:47 AM): "Oh, I hardly see using those as fair."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:16:50 AM): "Alright then...." He scrawls it down.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:17:14 AM): "Hrm..."
kwikkidus (12:17:23 AM): "Why not? I mean, Ichirou loves using them against EVERY opponent, reguardless of skill."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:17:46 AM): "Since we all agree on the matter that Mister Tsukayama needs to be gives his comeuppance sorely...I suggest we schedule his duel first."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:17:59 AM): Ichirou manages to continue ignoring the Hellnurse.
kwikkidus (12:18:36 AM): Hellnurse continuesmaking it difficult. "I mean, he would probably use it against a poordefenseless eight-year-old little girl given even half a chance."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:18:43 AM): "..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:18:49 AM): "Okay. FIRST OFF."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:18:55 AM): "You used that goddamn Seal on me!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:19:04 AM): "And you were far from defenseless!"
Sinisquirrel (12:19:19 AM): "... Ergh. Izzat everyone?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:19:55 AM): A mumble to the bear. "I don't really care anymore....I'm going to go to my room and down a bottle of scotch after this."
kwikkidus (12:19:56 AM): "Yes, as I recall youwere indeed about to lose to an eight-year-old girl who only learned toduel about... two months ago, I believe? It is hard to remember."
Sinisquirrel (12:20:25 AM): "... let's have it at my place," the bear mumbles back. "I've got this collection that's just aged."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:20:26 AM): Ibris is now attempting to use her serpentine body to choke Zaniah.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:20:55 AM): "Right. Let's go."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:21:04 AM): Mr. Smith stands up.
kwikkidus (12:21:08 AM): "Do you mind calling off your etherial geek-dragon? It is beginning to annoy me..."
Sinisquirrel (12:21:19 AM): As does Mr. Sakuma.
Myushu (12:21:28 AM): "...If we're done here.." she closes her laptop, and stands from her seat, leaving behind a little keychain that.. resembles herself.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:21:52 AM): "Pfft. And what're you gonna do about it?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:21:58 AM): (Timeskip to the Sakuma household? >>)
Sinisquirrel (12:22:04 AM): (Uh. Sure. XD)
Rakath Chaos (12:22:10 AM): ( Hold up )
Sinisquirrel (12:22:16 AM): ('Kay. >> )
kwikkidus (12:22:17 AM): "This, obviously." Zaniah simply takes two steps forward, and walks right through it! Astounding.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:22:21 AM): (I figured out of convinence...since 'Mado's probably still there.)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:22:26 AM): Ibris looks crushed.
Sinisquirrel (12:22:38 AM): (Yeah. Lily's about to take 'im if he's still asleep and haul 'im off to his dorm.)
Sinisquirrel (12:22:45 AM): (Papa senses and all.)
Rakath Chaos (12:23:05 AM): Sammi waits for the teachers to leave, before making her little headcharm visible, and looking through the school, "Lily Sakuma... Very interesting."
Myushu (12:23:10 AM): Silvia.. just goes ahead and leaves. Whee.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:23:23 AM): (Now? >>)
kwikkidus (12:23:26 AM): "Ibris's hubris is not enough to root me to one spot, unfortunately... Now, if you will pardon, I have work to do."
Rakath Chaos (12:23:28 AM): ( Yeah. )
Viewtiful Rekk (12:23:34 AM): WHOOTIMESKIP
Viewtiful Rekk (12:23:37 AM): Snore.
Sinisquirrel (12:23:47 AM): "..." Lily looks up from whatever she's doing. "Papa senses."
Myushu (12:23:52 AM): Maidne is so staring at Amado intently.
kwikkidus (12:23:58 AM): "...Papa senses? We have those?"
Rakath Chaos (12:24:12 AM): Before Sammi can get into the door, she is tackleglomped.
Rakath Chaos (12:24:24 AM): "UNCLE SAMMI-CHAN!"
Sinisquirrel (12:24:26 AM): "No, I do." Lily rushes back to her room. "We have to get Amado out of my room. >_>"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:24:36 AM): Amado...rolls over! "Hee hee....Oh Lily...."
Myushu (12:24:45 AM): "...." ;-;
Rakath Chaos (12:24:49 AM): If you thought Dawn was scary when she was evile and twisted, you should have a heart attack right now.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:25:01 AM): "I knew you liked black...but I didn't know you liked leather so much..."
kwikkidus (12:25:07 AM): ...Ed falls over. >_>
Myushu (12:25:12 AM): "...Amado-dono?!"
Sinisquirrel (12:25:13 AM): "..." Lily PINCHES Amado.
Myushu (12:25:23 AM): "..Iya, don't pinch him!"
Rakath Chaos (12:25:27 AM): Sammi walks in with Dawn not letting go of her.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:25:31 AM): "Oh! Maiden, you don't have to be so know you can join in wheneverr you want!"
Myushu (12:25:41 AM): "...Eee~"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:25:44 AM): "...Masami? Spellman?"
Sinisquirrel (12:25:44 AM): "I do NOT wear leather... AND I WOULD NOT DO IT IN CONJUNCTION WITH THAT THING!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:25:51 AM): "Why not?! THe more the merrier!"
Myushu (12:25:55 AM): "...."
Myushu (12:25:59 AM): "AMADO-DONO!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:26:01 AM): "...."
Sinisquirrel (12:26:05 AM): Lily grabs the sleeping Obelisk and shakes him by the collar.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:26:09 AM): "Ladies. Why are you pulling out machine guns?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:26:16 AM): "WAIT! NO! I DIDN'T MEAN IT THE WAY!"
Myushu (12:26:20 AM): "Not like that, Sakuma!"
Sinisquirrel (12:26:24 AM): Note that she is likely straddling him from this position.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:26:33 AM): He wakes up
Viewtiful Rekk (12:26:36 AM): "AH PLEASE DON'T SHOOT ME"
Myushu (12:26:39 AM): "...Sakuma, let go of him, he's in pain!
Sinisquirrel (12:26:42 AM): She suddenly stops. "... Good morning to you, too."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:26:52 AM): "....Oh. Hi Lily."
Myushu (12:27:04 AM): "Aww, Poor Amado-dono, you're safe!" Maiden attempts to glomp Amado-- through Lily and all.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:27:04 AM): (Dear God, I've missed playing Amado. >_>)
Rakath Chaos (12:27:11 AM): ( Is Baka-Wing-Chan there too? )
kwikkidus (12:27:17 AM): "Huh?" Ed sits up. "Amado! You're alive! Or... not comatose! Or something equally good!" Amado gets tacklehugged!
Sinisquirrel (12:27:33 AM): So now it's a Lily, Ed, and Maiden sandwich. Oh boy, Amado's dream come true.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:27:33 AM): (Baka-Wing-Chan is trying to find the his freakin' pillow chocolate. >_>)
Rakath Chaos (12:27:41 AM): ( Ah. )
Viewtiful Rekk (12:27:55 AM): "Guh!"
Sinisquirrel (12:28:00 AM): "E-Ed...! Could you not...!" Something goes squish against Amado's chest.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:28:01 AM): "Geez guys, what is this...?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:28:14 AM): "....Yes. What is this?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:28:23 AM): Guess who showed up at the best possible time! :D
Sinisquirrel (12:28:44 AM): "... weh?" Lily turns to look back. Squish squish.
Myushu (12:28:50 AM): "Amado-dono I so missed you-- Sakuma, get off!" ;-;
kwikkidus (12:28:52 AM): "...Meep." Ed backs away,against the wall, and looks around for a convenient scapegoat...pointing right at Mr. Smith. "He did it!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:29:03 AM): ". . ."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:29:15 AM): "TOWA. WHERE'S THAT SCOTCH?"
Sinisquirrel (12:29:23 AM): "Oh he did not..." Lily gets up off of Amado. "Ed, really..."
Sinisquirrel (12:29:41 AM): "I got it RIGHT HERE, budd--"
Myushu (12:29:44 AM): Maiden happily remains hugging onto Amado.
Sinisquirrel (12:29:55 AM): 3. 2. 1.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:30:03 AM): "....."
kwikkidus (12:30:07 AM): Ed blushes, staying against the wall. "...Well... I mean... He had to have done something?"
Sinisquirrel (12:30:11 AM): THUNK
Viewtiful Rekk (12:30:11 AM): Amado instinctively grabs a lamp as a shield.
Rakath Chaos (12:30:19 AM): Sammi walks up behind Ed, "So, you're that girl's brother?"
kwikkidus (12:30:39 AM): "Wha? No, I'm not related to any of these people! I'm just their friend!"
Sinisquirrel (12:30:43 AM): "..." Lily walks over to her dad, who is how on the ground. "... I think we killed him."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:30:50 AM): "...."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:30:56 AM): "WHOO- I mean, thats terrible!"
Rakath Chaos (12:30:58 AM): "Not her," Sammi grins, "The one that likes guns."
Myushu (12:31:03 AM): "...Aww, poor Kumakuma-san."
Sinisquirrel (12:31:11 AM): Towa groans. Lily notes the comment. "... Nope, still alive..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:31:12 AM): "....."
kwikkidus (12:31:13 AM): Ed's eyes widen. "...L...L...Oneesan mentioned me?!"
Sinisquirrel (12:31:37 AM): "..." Oh, right. New people. "... who are all of you?"
Rakath Chaos (12:31:43 AM): "Nope, I just have connections," Sammi grins. Oh yeah, Dawn is still latched onto Sammi's waist.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:31:53 AM): "I am a teacher. My name is Shishio Smith."
Rakath Chaos (12:32:14 AM): "I'm nobody special," Sammi laughs, "Just your average girl." She is wearing a man's suit.
Sinisquirrel (12:32:31 AM): The trio of Needle Worms bobs up to greet the newcomers. "Screeh!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:32:36 AM): ". . ."
Sinisquirrel (12:32:44 AM): Well, except until Josephine latches on to Ed's leg.
kwikkidus (12:33:05 AM): "...Reeeeeeeh..." Edlooks down at the ground. "Wha---you know about her?! But then... ee...I try not to let people know about her..." Then, noticing Josephine, hepets her on the head. "Hello, you."
Sinisquirrel (12:33:06 AM): "Oh... oh... Uhm. Well, welcome to the Sakuma residence..."
Myushu (12:33:15 AM): And Maiden still stays latched onto Amado, not taking much of a care about the visiters.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:33:18 AM): Point at Sammi. "M-Miss Crawford!?"
Rakath Chaos (12:33:38 AM): "Oh poo," Sammi frowns, "Must you use that name, gets everyone in a big tiff over me."
Sinisquirrel (12:34:09 AM): Towa stirs as Amado points out Sammi the Elder. "... I'm gonna... yeah. Doesn't Takumi have some sorta... kararoke thing?" He ambles off elsewhere.
Sinisquirrel (12:34:31 AM): "Miss Crawford...?" Blink. "... Dawn?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:34:34 AM): "...Right. One thing."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:34:39 AM): He points at Amado. "YOU."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:34:46 AM): "You're going to duel Jenna Masami."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:34:50 AM): "If you lose, you get demoted."
Sinisquirrel (12:35:03 AM): Towa jumps back up. "YEAH! And I hope you do, you punk!"
Rakath Chaos (12:35:18 AM): Dawn is happily hugging Sammi, "Uncle Sammi-chan is good friends with my dad."
Myushu (12:35:23 AM): "..Aww, that sounds easy, Amado-dono! No toughie!" ^-^
Viewtiful Rekk (12:35:27 AM): "...Let's go have that scotch now, Towa."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:35:32 AM): The two (presumabely) walk off.
Sinisquirrel (12:35:41 AM): "Gladly..."
Rakath Chaos (12:36:30 AM): Okay, Dawn looks gleeful, not happily malicious, but innocently gleeful. This should be very weird to see.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:36:49 AM): "...." Don't mind him, he's just having a small overload at the moment.
Sinisquirrel (12:37:01 AM): "Oh, is that it...?" Lily smiles at Dawn and... different lady.
kwikkidus (12:37:05 AM): "..." Him too.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:37:26 AM): And by pure convience...
Viewtiful Rekk (12:37:36 AM): Jenna is getting a message by PDA telling her of her duel with Amado.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:37:37 AM): Yeah.
Myushu (12:38:14 AM): "...Uwah?!" she looks at her PDA, "Him?!"
Sinisquirrel (12:38:16 AM): "Ah, well... anno sa..." Lily pauses, thinking of what to say. "Just why are you all in our house?"
kwikkidus (12:38:24 AM): "Him? Him who?"
Myushu (12:38:40 AM): "..I have a promotion exam and.. I gotta duel Amado.."
Sinisquirrel (12:38:51 AM): There is another text from the night before that she probably hasn't read yet.
Myushu (12:38:57 AM): "..." insert a rather... evilish little laugh.
Sinisquirrel (12:38:57 AM): [Find that tape yet? xoxo, Lily]
kwikkidus (12:39:18 AM): "Oh! Well that'sperfect!" He looks around conspiraorially, and leans down close. "Thinkyou can pay him back for the Henry duel?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:39:26 AM): "Uh...okay."
Rakath Chaos (12:39:33 AM): "Well, the teachers are happily drinking, the Idiot is off looking for chocolates on pillows, and I'm here checking up on you folks."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:39:46 AM): He gets out of his bed, and walks over to Sammi, trying to IGNORE that ugly growth on her side.
Myushu (12:39:53 AM): "Hahaha..! Yeah! I can so--" she sees the next message and her face turns red.
kwikkidus (12:39:56 AM): "...So uh... Lila... she's not... erm... in trouble anymore, right?"
kwikkidus (12:40:08 AM): "...Huh? What's that one say?" Eon attempts to read it.
Myushu (12:40:25 AM): ..Somehow Maiden manages to still stay attached to Amado.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:40:27 AM): "'s nice to see you again, Miss....Sammi?" He says, trying to find an alternative to the name she apparently doesn't like.
Rakath Chaos (12:40:30 AM): "Ed, your sister, when isn't she?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:40:31 AM): (SHE'S NOT SOLID.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:40:39 AM): (SHE CAN'T ACTUALLY LATCH TO HIM. >_>)
Myushu (12:40:44 AM): (She's Maiden. >_> Leave the girl alone.)
Sinisquirrel (12:40:50 AM): (Aww, why not? ; ; )
Sinisquirrel (12:40:55 AM): (Ah well.)
Myushu (12:41:01 AM): (Maiden: Love is like glue. ^o^)
Sinisquirrel (12:41:16 AM): (Lily: ... yeah. It's sticky and it smells.)
Rakath Chaos (12:41:20 AM): Sammi looks down at Amado, "You were the talk of the promotion meeting."
kwikkidus (12:41:21 AM): "...I don't know! I trynot to keep up with them if I can help it! If you've been spying longenough to know me, you should know that too!"
Myushu (12:41:33 AM): "...ahahahaha.." she ever so casually moves the PDA away from Eon. "N-nothing.."
Rakath Chaos (12:41:39 AM): "Seems every teacher, and your idiot mentor, want you demoted fast."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:41:49 AM): "...Whoa, what?!"
kwikkidus (12:41:52 AM): "..." Eon blinks audibly. "Since when does 'nothing' cause you to blush?"
Sinisquirrel (12:41:54 AM): Lily glances over at Amado. "Every teacher...?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:42:01 AM): "Wha-but-...why?!"
Rakath Chaos (12:42:14 AM): Grin. "Well, you do take after your mentor in so many areas."
Myushu (12:42:37 AM): "Uhh... since now?" Pikeru peeks at PDA. "...What tape, jenna-san?" "Eh?!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:42:43 AM): "...Oh god, this is about my horrible losing streak isn't it?!"
Sinisquirrel (12:42:45 AM): "..." Oh, no. Lily's just realized that she's had no time to talk to Amado about his deck...
Sinisquirrel (12:43:05 AM): "Ahahah... Speaking of your... mentor... uhm... Well, maybe we should talk about that later."
kwikkidus (12:43:08 AM): "...Tape? You mean this thing?" Eon walks over to a bookshelf, and pulls it out. "The one for the Terra Firma thing?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:43:10 AM): "Master always said 'There's nothing wrong with a good losing streak'!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:43:16 AM): "I knew he was lying!"
Myushu (12:43:28 AM): "Eheheh.. Yeah."
Rakath Chaos (12:43:32 AM): "Well... you could follow in his footsteps." Laugh.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:43:32 AM): "Damn, damn, I should've taken those Duel-Enhancing-Steroids when I had the chance!":
Sinisquirrel (12:43:47 AM): "... there are such things?" ¬¬
Rakath Chaos (12:43:50 AM): "Turn to the powers of darkness to help you win... and then lose anyway with forged cards."
kwikkidus (12:43:52 AM): "...Oh, you saw it? Was it any good? Haven't had the chance yet..."
Myushu (12:44:00 AM): "Aww, Amado-dono! You're a good duelist!"
Sinisquirrel (12:44:04 AM): ("Shall we watch it together?")
Viewtiful Rekk (12:44:05 AM): "Okay....okay...calm down Amado..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:44:13 AM): "It's just Masami....I beat her before..."
Myushu (12:44:19 AM): Cough. "Uh, well, ah.."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:44:25 AM): He walks over to the nightstand, and grabs his deck.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:44:32 AM): "I'll just use my ol' Armed Dragons!"
kwikkidus (12:44:33 AM): Ed is still petting Josephine. "...They're all crazy but us, Josie. Yep, that's the way it works... right?"
Sinisquirrel (12:44:38 AM): "... you can't."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:44:39 AM): "....Who...are....a lot lighter than usual?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:44:43 AM): "...Bwuh?"
Rakath Chaos (12:44:57 AM): "Kid, you're talking to a worm on your head, and your that girl's sibling. You are just as crazy as us."
kwikkidus (12:44:58 AM): "Well ahh... you -did- watch it, right?"
Sinisquirrel (12:45:02 AM): "... except for Armed Dragon Level 3 and Armed Dragon Level 5... The others... are gone."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:45:17 AM): "....Wait WHAT"
Rakath Chaos (12:45:38 AM): "How about talking to the worm?"
kwikkidus (12:45:47 AM): "She can understand me. Right, Josephine?"
Sinisquirrel (12:45:51 AM): Lily looks down. "Your... Mentor came by while you were... out."
Sinisquirrel (12:46:04 AM): Josephine nods emphatically. "SCREH!"
Myushu (12:46:09 AM): "Kinda-sort've-maybe-a-little-I don't know!" "..Ohhh, that tape. ...That was scary." ._.;
Viewtiful Rekk (12:46:56 AM): "...."
Sinisquirrel (12:46:58 AM): "He said he wanted to take back the cards he'd given to you. I... challenged him for them and lost."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:47:03 AM): "..."
Sinisquirrel (12:47:08 AM): "... I'm sorry."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:47:10 AM): Amado pulls at his coller.
kwikkidus (12:47:11 AM): "..." Eon sighs, andtosses it over his shoulder, before flopping down on his bed. "Well.-I- feel like a loser now. Tape was apparently crap, and here I wentthrough all that just for it. I got cheated..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:47:15 AM): *collar
Viewtiful Rekk (12:47:23 AM): "Is-is it getting hot in here?!"
Rakath Chaos (12:47:29 AM): "Well... I guess you can't duel in your exam, oh well."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:47:39 AM): "Good god, someone turn down the heat! I can't even breathe!"
Rakath Chaos (12:47:51 AM): "Pity you can't beg a someone at I2 to help you right now." Laugh.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:48:00 AM): He begins pulling at his jacket.
Rakath Chaos (12:48:01 AM): Dawn giggles happily at this idea.
Myushu (12:48:08 AM): Blush. "Well, ah, er, it wasn't really crap-- I mean, and uh.."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:48:11 AM): "UGH, it's like I'm being raped by a wookie!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:48:16 AM): (SNL joke yay)
Sinisquirrel (12:48:25 AM): Lily just shifts uncomfortably. She knew it'd be bad to tell him, but...
Myushu (12:48:32 AM): "Amado-dono..?" ;-;
kwikkidus (12:48:45 AM): "...And uh what?" He looks over his shoulder at her. "...You saw it, not me. Is it worth the time?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:48:54 AM): Deep breaths....deep steadying breaths.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:48:58 AM): "Okay....okay...."
Rakath Chaos (12:49:01 AM): Sammi nudges Dawn off, "Dawn, dear, I can't feel my legs, off now."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:49:04 AM): "This is not as bad as it looks...."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:49:11 AM): "I...I still have my E-Heroes..."
Rakath Chaos (12:49:15 AM): Dawn pouts and headsteps Amado off to a nice corner to sit.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:49:21 AM): WHAM
Viewtiful Rekk (12:49:29 AM): Amado barely notices. He must be really stressed.
Myushu (12:49:40 AM): "Personally, I think it's better in person-- err.." Pikeru blinks. She then glares warningly at Eon.
kwikkidus (12:50:05 AM): "Jenna-chan, Pikeru's giving me the evil eye. Should I be worried?"
Myushu (12:50:17 AM): "...Amado-dono! Aww!" >_<
Viewtiful Rekk (12:50:42 AM): "Okay, okay...right. He didn't touch my E-Heroes, did he Lily?"
Myushu (12:50:52 AM): "Pikeru-chan!" "Uwaaah? I didn't do nothing!" glares again at Eon.
Sinisquirrel (12:50:55 AM): Lily shakes her head. "Just the cards he gave to you, he said."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:51:03 AM): "Okay then...."
kwikkidus (12:51:09 AM): "Yep, yep... everyone's insane but us, Josephine." "Does that include me?" "Gah! When did you get here!" "...Well?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:51:11 AM): "I can deal with that later....for now...."
kwikkidus (12:51:48 AM): "See? She's doing it right now! What's that supposed to mean!"
Rakath Chaos (12:51:49 AM): Sammi sits down, and thumbs through her deck. A very loud yawn can be heard by everyone but Amado, and it didn't come from Sammi.
Myushu (12:52:53 AM): Pikeru quickly stops, floating over to the other side of Jenna. "Hrm!" "Aww, Pikeru-chan! You calm down, Eon-kun's a nice guy, you know that!" Mutter mutter.
kwikkidus (12:53:38 AM): "Let's face it. She's never going to like me. Not that I particularly blame her... I'm not too likeable."
Sinisquirrel (12:53:51 AM): Lily stirs in thought. "I'm sorry, can I get anyone anything?" Yep, avoidance.
Rakath Chaos (12:54:02 AM): A Leaf haired sprite stretches out on sofa or something, "You guys make a lot of noise."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:54:15 AM): (Whim! :D)
Myushu (12:54:54 AM): "Aww, Eon-kun! You're very likeable!" she quickly clung onto the boy. "As likeable as brocoli." "Pikeru!"
Sinisquirrel (12:55:22 AM): "Sorry... It's usually quiet here, but events are rather..." No, Lily doesn't see another spirit as unusual at all. Akira Needle Worm scootles up to look at the sprite.
kwikkidus (12:55:47 AM): "...I happen to LIKEbroccoli!" Wait. Being clung to. Eon puts an arm around her in return,and sticks his tounge out at Pikeru. "So there!"
Myushu (12:56:40 AM): Whine. "...Are you reeeally gonna bunk with him, Jenna-san?" "P-pikeru-chan! That, ah, er!"
kwikkidus (12:57:03 AM): "...Shee, it's just to protect her from Meso. It's not like I'll be doing anything illicit!"
Rakath Chaos (12:57:07 AM): Whim ignores the bug, "Well, I barely got any sleep earlier, that loudmouth never shuts up except for when he's destroying things."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:57:44 AM): Amado is...gone?
Sinisquirrel (12:58:01 AM): "Sorry..." ^^; "... Eh? Amado-kun?"
Myushu (12:58:08 AM): "Illict is written all over ya face!!" Pause. Whisper, "Jenna-san. What's illict again?" "Sigh.. It's what you think E-- why are we talking about this?!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:58:23 AM): A scooter falls on Eon.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:58:32 AM): There's a guy in it.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:58:35 AM): The guy is named Amado.,
Rakath Chaos (12:59:01 AM): "Oh yeah, Vampy girl," Sammi looks at Lily, "You're up for promotion. You and that Kaito kid are going to be in a tag duel."
Myushu (12:59:22 AM): "What the fsck?!" Somehow, Jenna avoid being hit. He did just mention Eon, afterall.
kwikkidus (12:59:30 AM): "Illicit i---GAH!" Eon is scooter'd.
Myushu (12:59:37 AM): "...See, toldja. All over his face."
Sinisquirrel (1:00:06 AM): Not ten minutes awake... I wanted to talk, too... Lily's attention turns to Sammi. "Ah... ha. Another one?" She considers it a moment. "Well, at least it's not against Henry this time..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:00:26 AM): "Hello, Masami." Amado says, not bothering to notice Eon.
Myushu (1:00:51 AM): "Hello, jerkface. Nice to see you're doing well-- canya get offa Eon-kun?"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:01:42 AM): "...." He looks down at Eon.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:01:49 AM): "No. Don't think I can, sorry."
Rakath Chaos (1:01:56 AM): "Nope, you've met your opponents."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:01:57 AM): "So. You and I have a duel, it would seem."
Myushu (1:02:21 AM): Twitch twich. "Yes, we do. Move your scooter, damn it!"
kwikkidus (1:02:21 AM): "...This hurts.. in a bad way..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:02:37 AM): "Nnnnnope. Don't see that happening."
Myushu (1:02:51 AM): "..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:02:55 AM): "Anyway."
Myushu (1:03:02 AM): Jenna stands on the bed and SHOVES Amado off scooter.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:03:04 AM): "You and I both know I'll kick your ass."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:03:12 AM): He SHOVES right back.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:03:27 AM): "So I suggest folding right now and saving yourself the embarresment."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:03:44 AM): (....Holy crap, they're indoors? xD)
Sinisquirrel (1:03:50 AM): "Pardon?"
Myushu (1:03:57 AM): (Uh, yah. XD)
Sinisquirrel (1:04:09 AM): (Eon's room.)
Myushu (1:04:18 AM): (I will not question how his scooter got there, though. This is Amado, afterall.)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:04:23 AM): (>___________>)
Myushu (1:04:52 AM): Jenna nearly tumbled back, but kept from falling. "Argh... Y'know what, Amado-kun?" she said with disgust.
Rakath Chaos (1:05:04 AM): Sammi leans forward and smiles, "You dueled one of your opponents, and the other is in here now."
Sinisquirrel (1:06:09 AM): Lily would look back at Dawn, but there's a certain grin that says that's not the second one. "... ... ... why? ; ;"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:06:56 AM): "Yes, Masami?"
Rakath Chaos (1:07:22 AM): "Well, your other opponent has an interest in you, and I want to see what Kaito is made of."
Myushu (1:07:38 AM): "I ain't folding. We're gonna have fun."
Myushu (1:08:05 AM): (holy crap, it's 2)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:08:07 AM): "Masami. Use your tiny cow brain for once."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:08:12 AM): "I've beaten you before."
Myushu (1:08:18 AM): "...."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:08:22 AM): (...You don't have school tommorow, do you? o_o)
Myushu (1:08:33 AM): (Zomg, no.)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:08:35 AM): "I've only gotten stronger since then."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:08:43 AM): "I'll lay your ass out like a rug this time."
Sinisquirrel (1:08:46 AM): "I... see..." Instinct kicks in. Polite bow. "I hope we don't disappoint you both, then..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:08:54 AM): For the record. Yes, Amado is bluffing.
Myushu (1:09:04 AM): "We'll see, Amado."
Sinisquirrel (1:09:07 AM): (Lily: ... if you do, conduct similiar to me afterwards.)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:09:09 AM): "Hrmph."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:09:14 AM): "We CERTAINLY WILL."
Myushu (1:09:31 AM): "Heh. Hope those duels in your dreams were good."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:09:45 AM): He revs the scooter probably grinding the wheels into Eon's back (and head) at very painful speeds.
Myushu (1:10:00 AM): "...." Clench fist.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:10:07 AM): He then drives out the window, before making his way back towards Lily's house.
kwikkidus (1:10:07 AM): "...Ow. My head. Again."
Sinisquirrel (1:10:10 AM): ... and is immediately bricked by the censors. STOPPAT, YOU!
Myushu (1:10:48 AM): "KUSOYAROU! I'LL FSCK YOU UP, DUMBASS! TRY THAT AGAIN!" she yells this, and other unlady-like things, out the window.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:10:59 AM): "OKAY!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:11:14 AM): He chucks a rock, hitting Eon in the head.
Myushu (1:11:23 AM): "...."
kwikkidus (1:11:27 AM): "...Ow.."
Myushu (1:11:32 AM): "What the fuck!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:11:33 AM): He then drives off fo' real.
Myushu (1:11:52 AM): "..." Pikeru nods her head, "it's the illict on his face. Yup."
Sinisquirrel (1:11:56 AM): "..." There's a break in the already uneasy conversation. "... I think he did something again... I can't tell what, though."
Myushu (1:12:24 AM): "Are you okay, Eon-kun?!" Jenna quickly goes back to him.
kwikkidus (1:12:46 AM): "I've... been better... What were we talking about? Something illicit?"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:13:11 AM): Amado walks back in, dusting himself off. "Yo."
Sinisquirrel (1:13:20 AM): "... what did you do?"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:13:35 AM): "Drove my scooter over Eon."
Myushu (1:13:39 AM): Jenna clings onto Eon. "I got a first aid kick, now, so so.. if you need anything, I could..!" "You illict is badluck, Eon-san!!"
Sinisquirrel (1:13:42 AM): "... Oh. Good."
Rakath Chaos (1:13:43 AM): "Well... he's the student of that lout Wing, so really stupid and violen- yeah."
Myushu (1:13:56 AM): *Your
kwikkidus (1:14:14 AM): "Well, my everything kinda hurts..."
Rakath Chaos (1:14:35 AM): ( Eon: would you two ladies kiss my everything to make it better? )
Sinisquirrel (1:14:58 AM): Wait a second. Two and two go together. "... You also 'talked' to Jenna-chan, didn't you...?"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:15:14 AM): "...Yeah. Why?"
Sinisquirrel (1:15:44 AM): "... nevermind." ¬¬' "When's your exam?"
Rakath Chaos (1:16:01 AM): "Somehow I think everything would be better if I didn't save that idiot's soul..."
Myushu (1:16:23 AM): "Aww, Eon-kun.." a smooch to his forehead, "we'll get you fixed up and then get ready for that duel! I'll make him pay!" Rolls eyes. "Uwar."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:16:40 AM): "It's at [some point]."
Rakath Chaos (1:16:56 AM): ( You know... if Ichirou had his soul sealed... Terra Firma would of won. )
Viewtiful Rekk (1:17:03 AM): (...Huh?)
kwikkidus (1:17:16 AM): "Hooray..." Eon mutters, still not able to move.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:17:26 AM): (>_>)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:17:46 AM): (If this is canon to MotG...then if Ichirou got his soul sealed, the world woulda been blowed up by now.)
Rakath Chaos (1:18:22 AM): ( Naw, Rekk could of handled it without Wing. )
Viewtiful Rekk (1:18:46 AM): (Megomi: Thank you for the wonderful vote of confidence! ¬¬)
Rakath Chaos (1:18:49 AM): ( But without Amado most of the GX gang never becomes friends. )
kwikkidus (1:18:56 AM): (I don't think so. Lila was scary. >_>)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:19:03 AM): (Amado: See I am important <_<)
Myushu (1:19:12 AM): "Okay! Pikeru, get the first aid kit!" "I'm, uh, kinda not solid.." "Okay then! I'll ge--" "Can ya even use a firstaid kit?" "..It's like applying make up, isn't it?"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:19:26 AM): (....So anyway.)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:19:32 AM): (Wanna timeskip to the duel? >_> <_<)
kwikkidus (1:19:41 AM): "Mrrp..."
Myushu (1:19:46 AM): (*wonders if she can duel in teh dark*)
Rakath Chaos (1:20:28 AM): Sammi sighs, "I should go keep the lout outta trouble."
Sinisquirrel (1:21:39 AM): "Oh, uhm..." Lily looks at Amado, thinking something... but decides to not address it. "It was nice meeting you... Perhaps we should go as well?"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:22:00 AM): "Yeah, probably..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:22:33 AM): He holds a hand out to Sammi. Apparently, being a constant annoyance to his master makes him admire her at least a little bit.
Rakath Chaos (1:22:40 AM): Sammi hugs Dawn goodbye, which lasts a while since Dawn won't let go.
Rakath Chaos (1:23:17 AM): Sammi ignores him, being pupil to that idiot doesn't score him any points.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:23:58 AM): (Amado: .....;_; )
Myushu (1:24:13 AM): (Ar..)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:25:12 AM): (Are you okay to duel, Shu?)
Rakath Chaos (1:25:15 AM): Sammi finally pries Dawn off and leaves.
Myushu (1:25:27 AM): (XD I'm.. sleepy. And in teh dark.)
Rakath Chaos (1:25:35 AM): Dawn pouts for a moment, and very cutely says, "Bai Uncle Sammi-chan."
Myushu (1:25:43 AM): (Light will attract people. *listens to mother rummage around apartment*)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:25:45 AM): (>_>)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:25:56 AM): (*Forcefeeds Shu coffee*)
Myushu (1:26:06 AM): (*Dies horridly*)
Myushu (1:26:44 AM): (I'll try. Just pray grandma stays sleep. >>)
Sinisquirrel (1:26:49 AM): "... your uncle...?"
Rakath Chaos (1:27:30 AM): Dawn turns around, "That's just what I call her."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:27:47 AM): "....She's never liked me!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:27:56 AM): Amado has gloom lines and what not over his head.
Sinisquirrel (1:28:22 AM): "Ohh..." Lily nods. "... It's all right, Amado, I mean... uhm..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:28:27 AM): "Lousy master always making my life miserable grumble grumble..."
Sinisquirrel (1:28:39 AM): "It sounds like she dislikes him more than you?"
Rakath Chaos (1:28:57 AM): "Well, it's more he hates her and she only enjoys torturing him."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:29:18 AM): "Why does that means she has to dislike me though?!"
Sinisquirrel (1:29:21 AM): "..." Lily looks from Amado to Dawn. "... sounds familiar..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:29:22 AM): "I hate that stupid jackass!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:29:34 AM): Lily gets bricked.
Sinisquirrel (1:29:43 AM): "... ow."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:29:48 AM): THe brick says "I'D STOP THINKIN' SO MUCH IF I WERE YOU"
Myushu (1:30:06 AM): (>__>)
Sinisquirrel (1:30:07 AM): Lily uses jawsome vampire strength to crush the brick with her heel.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:30:12 AM): (>__>)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:30:17 AM): (SO. Timeskip?)
Sinisquirrel (1:30:20 AM): (Ja.)
Myushu (1:30:23 AM): (SLEEPY SHU = CRANKY SHU, BTW)
Myushu (1:30:28 AM): (yay!)
Sinisquirrel (1:30:33 AM): ( :rubs shu: )
Sinisquirrel (1:30:43 AM): (... I HATE THAT PHRASE SO BAAAAD.)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:30:46 AM): Yeah. They're at the arena. Whoo.
Myushu (1:30:46 AM): (....)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:30:48 AM): (MWAHAHAHAHAHA)
Rakath Chaos (1:30:49 AM): Dawn doesn't follow the others.
Myushu (1:30:57 AM): (*shoots Jeff* You insult my cells.)
Rakath Chaos (1:31:02 AM): (Since I got class.)
kwikkidus (1:31:03 AM): Eon is watching, with a bandaged face!
Sinisquirrel (1:31:29 AM): (Aw. G'night Rakkie.)
Myushu (1:31:40 AM): "..She coulda done better-- but at least the illict doesnt show."
Sinisquirrel (1:31:53 AM): Lily sits by Eon. "... the illicit?"
Rakath Chaos (1:31:53 AM): ( Later folks... I'm gunna be so bored next weekend. )
Viewtiful Rekk (1:31:53 AM): (Bye :O)
Myushu (1:32:18 AM): "Eon-san has illict all over his face! That's why he's after poor Jenna-san!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:32:19 AM): Jo is next to them. Or something. Hooray
Rakath Chaos (1:32:35 AM): ( Since I don't have anything planned and Sisu is with her mom next weekend. )
Viewtiful Rekk (1:32:41 AM): Okay's no big's just Masami...the lame drop-out girl from before....!
Viewtiful Rekk (1:32:45 AM): (>>)
Sinisquirrel (1:33:02 AM): (Aw.)
Myushu (1:33:14 AM): Jenna's, like, so ready! ...Please don't screw up this time. >_< Oh yeah. Deffinetely ready.
Sinisquirrel (1:33:17 AM): "... I... see..." Lily looks at Eon with a kind of smirk.
kwikkidus (1:33:52 AM): "You can do it Jenna!" Eon yells, somehow fully audible
Rakath Chaos has left the room.
Myushu (1:34:19 AM): Jenna smiles, waving at Eon-kun, bunny plush in her hand. "Arigato, Eon-kun!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:34:46 AM): Amado takes in a deep breath... "Alright, Masami! Get ready to drop!"
Myushu (1:35:09 AM): Smooches bunny quickly and tucks it in her jacket, "this is revenge, jerkface!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:35:14 AM): In the judges seat....someone has obviously been hitting the bottle. "Y'know...Towa....I don't say this often enough...but you are my BEST. FRIEND."
Sinisquirrel (1:35:16 AM): Lily, not as... cheer-y as some people, merely waves in Amado's direction. "Just do what you can."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:35:28 AM): "I LOVE YOU." Totally hetero guy-hug.
Sinisquirrel (1:35:48 AM): Towa sniffs, obviously having had WAAAY too much himself. "I'd die f'rya man...!"
Myushu (1:36:05 AM): "...." Silvia glances at the two, then shakes her head.
Sinisquirrel (1:36:06 AM): And, of course, squeezes poor Shishio until something pops, probably his back.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:36:17 AM): Shishio starts blubbering.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:36:20 AM): "....Oh the duel."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:36:28 AM): "Whatever. Get started or something, ya little snots!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:36:37 AM): (8000/8000)
Sinisquirrel (1:36:52 AM): "Y'know, Shilllllvia..." Kuma-san leans over to her. "My wife n' I, we don'... HIC... we don' talk much no mo..."
OnlineHost (1:37:02 AM): Viewtiful Rekk rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 3
OnlineHost (1:37:07 AM): Myushu rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 5
kwikkidus (1:37:23 AM): "I would like to remind you that being drunk while on the job is a bad idea.."
Sinisquirrel (1:37:31 AM): "Ah, what the hellm' I saying. GO AMADO!" Yep. Totally blitzed.
Myushu (1:37:36 AM): "...I see." she hands him a keychain that looks like her, "my sympathes."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:37:45 AM): "YOU'RE A BAD IDEA!" He throws a shoe at Zaniah.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:37:48 AM): "YEAH
Sinisquirrel (1:37:56 AM): "... Sankyaa..." A HUG for her, too.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:37:58 AM): ! GO, YA LITTLE DELINQUET!"
Myushu (1:38:03 AM): "Heh! Lady's first, Amado!" she draws six cards.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:38:12 AM): "Whatever." Amado draws five.
Myushu (1:38:15 AM): "..Grk.."
kwikkidus (1:38:16 AM): "Hurrah for doom!"
Sinisquirrel (1:38:30 AM): "... y'r all soft." Squeeze.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:39:04 AM): "....Lily-Sempai." The dimiutive Jo says, looking down at the judges.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:39:12 AM): "Wh-what are the teachers doing...?"
Myushu (1:39:16 AM): "I'll start with summon Ebon Magician Curran to the field! And I'll lay one reverse! Go." (1200/0)
kwikkidus (1:39:25 AM): "...I don't know. But I do know what Jenna's doing."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:39:26 AM): "I draw!"
Myushu (1:39:32 AM): "..It would be in your best interests.. that you released me..."
Sinisquirrel (1:39:33 AM): "... I've no idea, and I care not to speculate." Lily is very much trying to control her feelings of utter shame.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:39:57 AM): "I'll start with Elemental Hero Wildheart!" Wildheart appears and FLEXES. (1500/1600)
Sinisquirrel (1:40:01 AM): "But y'r like... honey. <3"
Myushu (1:40:13 AM): "...Let me go."
Sinisquirrel (1:40:18 AM): "I dun wanna let go. <3" He plants his head between somethings soft.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:40:33 AM): "Take out that weakling magician!"
kwikkidus (1:40:35 AM): Zaniah thwacks Towa over the head with an oversized mallet.
Myushu (1:40:50 AM): "Geh...geh..." twitch.
Sinisquirrel (1:40:52 AM): "HURK!" Down and out. KO!
Myushu (1:41:04 AM): "Hmph! Activate gravity bind!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:41:08 AM): "...Disgraceful." Yep. Good ol' Jin is exactly one seat behind our group of heroes.
kwikkidus (1:41:12 AM): She spins the mallet, and puts it away. "You are welcome."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:41:14 AM): Amado smirks.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:41:22 AM): Wildheart continues, slashing through Curran.
Myushu (1:41:36 AM): "...Thank you."
Sinisquirrel (1:41:38 AM): Lily palms her face. "Later on he'll be crying..."
Myushu (1:42:30 AM): "Eh?!" (7700)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:42:39 AM): "Stupid drop-out...."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:42:47 AM): "Wildheart isn't affected by Trap cards!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:42:58 AM): Wildheart FLEXES.
Myushu (1:43:06 AM): "...I see."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:43:11 AM): "Go."
Myushu (1:43:21 AM): "Draw!"
Myushu (1:44:02 AM): "So.. Wild heart isnt effected by trap cards, huh.." she looked at her cards, "Fine then!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:44:32 AM): FLEX
Myushu (1:44:51 AM): "First, I'll lay one reverse.. And now I'll summon Fusilier Dragon!"
Sinisquirrel (1:44:55 AM): "..." Lily looks down, deciding to focus on Jenna's side of the field.
Myushu (1:45:00 AM): (1400/1000)
Myushu (1:45:36 AM): "And I'll use the magic card Mystic box, destroying your Wildheart and replacing him with my dragon-- who is affected by traps."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:45:53 AM): "....Heh."
Myushu (1:46:05 AM): "Go."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:46:11 AM): Amado draws.
kwikkidus (1:46:17 AM): "You can thank me later. Do not really care how, so long as you do it."
kwikkidus (1:46:38 AM): "Heh. SHe's gotten much better..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:46:49 AM): "I summon The Earth - Hex Sealed Fusion!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:47:04 AM): A large rock appears on Amado's side of the field. (1000/1600)
Sinisquirrel (1:47:20 AM): "It looks like it..." With that E-Hero gone, Lily's back to normal. "It seems like she has a better strategy."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:47:25 AM): "Next up...the magic card Miracle Fusion!"
Myushu (1:47:35 AM): "Hrm.."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:47:48 AM): "This let's me remove E-Heroes on my field and in my grave for a fusion summon1"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:48:02 AM): "So...I sacrifice The Earth and Elemental Hero Wildheart..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:48:29 AM): "Summon - Elemental Hero WILD WINGMAN!" (1900/2300)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:49:30 AM): "Now, I'll just activate Wild Wingman's discarding one card from my hand, I can destroy one spell or trap card on the field!"
Myushu (1:49:44 AM): "..Kuso."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:49:47 AM): "So I'll just discard Elemental Hero Clayman...."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:50:22 AM): Wild Wingman flaps his wings, shooting a wind at the Gravity Bind, destroying it.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:50:48 AM): "Not so glad to have given me that monster now, eh Masami!?" A grin.
Myushu (1:51:07 AM): "Heh."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:51:23 AM): "Wild Wingman! Fusiler! DIRECT ATTACK!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:51:52 AM): (3300)
Myushu (1:52:26 AM): "Flip call of haunted to bring back Curran!" Curran comes back.. but still gets destroyed, awww. (5600)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:53:30 AM): "Heh....go."
Myushu (1:53:40 AM): "Draw!"
Myushu (1:54:28 AM): "Hmm.." I can beat him.. C'mon, I can beat him..! "Set a defender! Go."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:54:35 AM): "Draw!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:54:57 AM): "Heh...another to add to my line-up! Elemental Hero Sparkman!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:55:08 AM): Sparkman appears in all his shocktacular glory.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:55:19 AM): (1600/1400)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:55:27 AM): "Fusiler! Attack that defense!"
Myushu (1:55:55 AM): Magician of Faith dies. "Taking back Mystic box..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:56:29 AM): "Now Sparkman! Wild Wingman! Attack directly!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:56:42 AM): The two E-Heroes double team. Yeah. Rawk. (3500)
Myushu (1:57:11 AM): "Erg..." (2100)
Viewtiful Rekk (1:57:17 AM): "Heh...."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:57:22 AM): "Go!"
Myushu (1:57:33 AM): "Draw!"
Sinisquirrel (1:57:55 AM): "Oh, Jenna..." Lily softly groans in the stands. "Good luck..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:59:00 AM): "Hm...and here I heard that Tsukayama boy was awful...." Jin says, rubbing his chin interestedly. Jo has, for all intents and purposes, bolted, by the way.
Myushu (1:59:00 AM): ...So much for revenge! "Ah.. set a defender and a reverse! End turn."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:59:13 AM): "Draw!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:59:21 AM): ". . .Heh..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:59:24 AM): "Masami...."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:59:29 AM): "A while ago, I stood here..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:59:37 AM): "I was dueling someone else."
Sinisquirrel (1:59:46 AM): "... Jo...?" Oops, she appears to have left. What was that about?
Viewtiful Rekk (1:59:49 AM): "He had no chance. His cards had completely abandoned him..."
Myushu (2:00:00 AM): "...Shut up, jerkface!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:00:03 AM): "That person was Kaito."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:00:12 AM): "I smashed him down just like I'm smashing you down!"
Myushu (2:00:20 AM): "Screw you!!"
Sinisquirrel (2:00:23 AM): "... Oh no. Now he's giving the villainous speech..."
kwikkidus (2:00:32 AM): "..." Eon's eye twitches, and his fists clench. However, he doesn't move.
Sinisquirrel (2:00:35 AM): "JUST SHADDAP N' CREAM 'ER ASS!"
Sinisquirrel (2:00:45 AM): Thud. Towa's back down for the count.
Viewtiful Rekk (2:00:47 AM): "I could destroy you this turn...."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:00:58 AM): "But I'll let you suffer for a bit longer..."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:01:01 AM): "Go."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:01:21 AM): Thud.
Myushu (2:01:26 AM): "...Amado... If it weren't for Lily-chan's happiness.. I would've been happy to see you stuck in that coma."
Myushu (2:01:39 AM): "You were a lot more likeable, then."
Myushu (2:01:51 AM): "Heh.. but even that's giving you too much credit."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:02:04 AM): "Heh..."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:02:10 AM): "That's loser talk!"
Myushu (2:02:26 AM): "My! Your native tounge!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:02:49 AM): "Make your comments now! You'll be licking my boots soon!"
Sinisquirrel (2:02:53 AM): "Eon?" Lily turns to the person beside her.
Myushu (2:03:10 AM): "Not even the hungriest dog will lick your boots!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:03:15 AM): "Heh...why did they ever doubt he should be in Obelisk...?"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:03:25 AM): "He's got the evil speech down pat!"
kwikkidus (2:03:32 AM): "...I'm trying not to think, here. Because if I were to think, right now, I'd probably kill him in the face."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:03:42 AM): "Just take your turn!"
Sinisquirrel (2:03:51 AM): "Ahah... Well... I just want to say... should we ever duel again, can we... not end up like that?"
Myushu (2:03:59 AM): "I'll take it when I'm good and ready to, dumbass!"
kwikkidus (2:04:17 AM): "...Sure. Whatever. At the moment, I'm trying to remember which room is Amado's."
Sinisquirrel (2:04:42 AM): "... Right..." Sweatdrop.
Myushu (2:05:01 AM): "...'Kay, you can go."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:05:11 AM): "...You're passing?!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:05:14 AM): "This is hilarious!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:05:20 AM): "Not even Kaito was this bad!"
Myushu (2:05:26 AM): "Oh, shut up!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:05:33 AM): Amado laughs as he draws.
Viewtiful Rekk (2:05:51 AM): "Wild Wingman, attack that defense!"
Myushu (2:06:00 AM): Fire Princess dies
Viewtiful Rekk (2:06:30 AM): "Fusiler! Direct attack!"
Myushu (2:06:46 AM): "Flip magic cylinder."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:07:06 AM): Amado is hit by his own monster's attack. "Gr..."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:07:11 AM): (6600)
Viewtiful Rekk (2:07:19 AM): " that it?! Sparkman, direct attack!"
Myushu (2:08:04 AM): "Seems your ugly face has made my poor cards sick, Amado."
Myushu (2:08:22 AM): "Hmm.. Or maybe it's all that hot air you produce?"
Myushu (2:08:42 AM): "Really. What does poor Lily-chan see in you?" A sigh.
Viewtiful Rekk (2:09:14 AM): "Just take your last turn, loser."
Myushu (2:09:47 AM): "Owch! That stings Amado." she draws.
kwikkidus (2:13:39 AM): "Jenna-chan... You can do it..."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:14:42 AM): There's no way she can beat me... A grin.
Myushu (2:15:37 AM): "...Hm."
Myushu (2:15:50 AM): "Curran chooses to say hello again, Amado!"
Myushu (2:16:01 AM): The whip wielding girl appears on the field.
Viewtiful Rekk (2:16:10 AM): "Heh...that stupid thing again!? I'll just knock it down twice then!"
Sinisquirrel (2:16:19 AM): (Ryu Kokki: ... <3)
Myushu (2:16:35 AM): "...I equip her with Ordeal of Princess," she continues, "y'know what that does?"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:16:52 AM): "....Huh?"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:17:06 AM): "....Eh! Well, I'm not worried!"
Myushu (2:17:32 AM): "It increases her attack points by 800, for starters." the magician cracks her whip, giving Amado a cocky little smirk.
Viewtiful Rekk (2:19:32 AM): "I'll just blow it up next turn with Wild WIngman's effect!"
Myushu (2:19:52 AM): "Hee!"
Myushu (2:20:33 AM): "Go, Curran!" Curran walks over to Wild Wingman and smacks him with her whip.
Viewtiful Rekk (2:20:44 AM): "...Didn't forsee this."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:20:46 AM): (6500)
Viewtiful Rekk (2:21:13 AM): Ah well...I can still blow up that Ordeal card next turn...! It's still good as dead!
Myushu (2:21:42 AM): "Now guess what?" Curran starts to glow, "When Curran is equipped with Ordeal and kills a monster level 5 or higher, I get to special summon..."
Myushu (2:22:27 AM): "Princess Curran!" she magician turns into the dark, elegant, bunny princess we all love!
Viewtiful Rekk (2:22:38 AM): "....Wait whoa WHAT"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:22:51 AM): "PRINCESS Curran?!"
Myushu (2:23:09 AM): "Like, yeah! Or would you rather Princess Pikeru?"
Myushu (2:23:14 AM): "They're both cute."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:23:59 AM): "....Whatever. Are you done?"
Myushu (2:24:22 AM): "Set two reverses and go!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:24:29 AM): "Draw!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:25:03 AM): "I activate Graceful Charity!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:25:38 AM): "This card lets me draw long as I discard two!
Myushu (2:25:50 AM): "Who doesn't know that? Go on."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:26:14 AM): "I'll discard Dust Tornado and The Dark - Hex Sealed Fusion!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:26:37 AM): "I'll summon another Dark Hex-Seal in defense mode..." (1000/1600)
Viewtiful Rekk (2:27:05 AM): "Then I'll shift my other two monsters into defense mode...and play Premature Burial!"
Myushu (2:27:31 AM): "Geh.."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:27:54 AM): (5700) "This lets me revive Elemental Hero CLAYMAN!" ROCK HARD Elemental Hero appears. (800/2000)
kwikkidus (2:28:19 AM): ((Kirli giggles.))
Viewtiful Rekk (2:28:24 AM): Heheh...I can't outmuscle that Princess YET but with a wall like this, she'll never get through to me anyway!
Viewtiful Rekk (2:28:36 AM): "And finally....SWORDS OF REVEALING LIGHT!"
Myushu (2:28:45 AM): Blink blink.
Myushu (2:29:03 AM): "Awww, but but.. That means I can't attack!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:29:05 AM): Swords of glowing light appear all around the field. "As long as these are in can't attack for three turns!"
Myushu (2:29:20 AM): "Oh, dear me!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:29:32 AM): "So Masami...I've outwitted you again! In three turns time, I'll easily be able to summon a fusion E-Hero, and kill off that Princess!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:29:46 AM): "Take your turn!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:29:53 AM): (By the way, yes, that was intentional.)
Myushu (2:30:04 AM): Princess Curran hmphs. "Okay.. Draw!"
kwikkidus (2:30:06 AM): ((...He's going to be PISSED when Princess's effect shoots off. xD))
Myushu (2:30:19 AM): "...Now, for my favorite part."
Myushu (2:30:34 AM): "Princess Curran's effect!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:30:35 AM): Jin raises an eyebrow.
Viewtiful Rekk (2:30:42 AM): " mistake. The boy is an idiot."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:30:49 AM): "....Wait, wuh?"
kwikkidus (2:30:53 AM): "And Jenna's obviously not trash."
Myushu (2:31:08 AM): "During my stand by, you take 600 damage for EVERY monster on your side of the field. Stupid."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:31:10 AM): "No, I'm quite sure she is."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:31:19 AM): "....WHA"
kwikkidus (2:31:33 AM): "Funny. She's about to be an Obelisk."
Myushu (2:31:59 AM): "Yeah. Go Curran!" Curran, uhh.. hits Amado with her rod! Or whatever.
Viewtiful Rekk (2:32:21 AM): Damage hits....nnnnow! "OUAGOOAGAARGH THAT'S PAIN!" (3300)
Sinisquirrel (2:32:22 AM): ... In the shin! Meanie.
Viewtiful Rekk (2:32:51 AM): "Uh...that was pure luck, Masami!"
Myushu (2:33:18 AM): "Sure, okay. Go!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:33:23 AM): Amado draws...
Viewtiful Rekk (2:33:38 AM): Uh...not a fusion card....!
Viewtiful Rekk (2:34:10 AM): Amado glances at his grave. I could chance's a huge risk....
Viewtiful Rekk (2:34:28 AM): Gr...nothing ventures, nothing gained!
Viewtiful Rekk (2:34:40 AM): "Set a defender! End turn!"
Myushu (2:34:47 AM): Jenna arches an eyebrow at Amado.
Myushu (2:35:04 AM): "At your endphase, I flip a trap.. Solemn Wishes."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:35:13 AM): "Gr....damn...."
Myushu (2:35:47 AM): She then drew a card, "now I get 500 LP when I draw." (1000)
Myushu (2:35:59 AM): "And again.. you get hit by Curran's effect!"
kwikkidus (2:36:19 AM): ((Hehe. Curran knocks Amado up with her staff. >.>))
Viewtiful Rekk (2:36:20 AM): Amado is once again, pimpslapped. (300)
Viewtiful Rekk (2:36:33 AM): "Gr..." Doesn't turn, I'll have her for sure!
Myushu (2:36:47 AM): "Go."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:36:54 AM): Amado draws.
Viewtiful Rekk (2:37:08 AM): "I flip my face down monster! Magician of Faith!"
Myushu (2:37:23 AM): "...Erg."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:37:28 AM): The novice magician appears next to Amado's other monsters. (300/400)
Viewtiful Rekk (2:38:58 AM): "I'll assume you know what her effect is..."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:39:08 AM): "I retrieve one magic card from my grave...Miracle Fusion!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:39:29 AM): "And now...." Grin. "I'll play it! Go, MIRACLE FUSION!'
Myushu (2:39:43 AM): "Hrm.." she pets the bunny plush.
Viewtiful Rekk (2:40:10 AM): A portal appears behind Clayman and Sparkman. The two heroes leap in, and begin swirling about like a washing machine of some sort.
Viewtiful Rekk (2:40:20 AM): "Fusion summon...Elemental Hero THUNDER GIANT!"
Myushu (2:40:41 AM): "Don't think so!"
Myushu (2:41:02 AM): "Flipping my second reverse-- Bottomless Trap Hole!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:41:05 AM): Lightning shoots out of the portal, heralding the apperance of the lightning Elemental Hero. (2400/1500)
Viewtiful Rekk (2:41:09 AM): "...What?!"
Myushu (2:41:18 AM): "You heard me!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:41:53 AM): Amado watches helplessly as his E-Hero sinks into the ground....NEVER to be heard from again.
Myushu (2:42:10 AM): Phew...
Viewtiful Rekk (2:42:35 AM): N-no way...! I still have three monsters on my field! And I don't have any way to get rid of them!
Sinisquirrel (2:42:47 AM): Lily sighs. "If only it were alchemy..."
Myushu (2:43:07 AM): "Are you done, jerkface?"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:43:15 AM): " no no no no...!"
Myushu (2:44:05 AM): "...It looks like you are."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:44:32 AM): "K-kh...I'm not done yet!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:45:01 AM): I...c'mon, it's ONLY MASAMI! This should be a cakewalk!
Viewtiful Rekk (2:45:29 AM): "Gh...I set two cards face down and end my turn!"
Myushu (2:46:03 AM): "Yay, Eon-san! I'm so glad! Your illict hasn't effected Jenna-san's luck!" Pikeru gladly sits on Eon's head.
Myushu (2:46:17 AM): "Heh.." she drew, "This is over Amado!"
kwikkidus (2:46:18 AM): "...Pikeru... illicit wouldn't effect luck..."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:46:26 AM): ""
Viewtiful Rekk (2:46:31 AM): "NO! IT'S NOT OVER!"
Myushu (2:46:38 AM): "This is for all the embarressment and pain you've caused me, Henry-chan, and Eon-kun!"
Myushu (2:47:04 AM): "Princess Curran! Take him out!" Curran's effect activates. She whacks Amado again!
Viewtiful Rekk (2:47:12 AM): S&M'd. (0000)
Myushu (2:47:24 AM): "...Haa.."
Sinisquirrel (2:48:06 AM): Sigh. "Amado-kun..." Lily shakes her head. "Though one could see it coming someday, but..."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:48:11 AM): " way! No way, man!"
Myushu (2:48:17 AM): "...I won.. I finally beat him.."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:48:30 AM): Amado's gaze shoots at Jenna. " must've cheated somehow! There's no way you could beat me!"
kwikkidus (2:48:43 AM): "Tch, that's one lessannoying obelisk I have to put up with. Now I just have to deal withthe one sitting behind me, and I'll be fine!"
Myushu (2:49:00 AM): "I didn't cheat, Amado.. I won."
Sinisquirrel (2:49:52 AM): "The one behind...?" Lily looks at Jin, wondering exactly what she'd missed before she walked in yesterday.
Viewtiful Rekk (2:50:09 AM): "You HAD to have cheated! There's no other way you could beat me!"
Myushu (2:50:44 AM): "Don't be a sore loser! You lost and I won!"
Myushu (2:50:59 AM): "I have the right mind to tell you how much of a disgusting stupid bitch you are right now!"
Myushu (2:51:08 AM): "And embarress you even more infront of EVERYONE!"
Myushu (2:51:16 AM): "Just like you did to Henry-chan! But I won't!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:51:24 AM): (Wanna have Towa and Mr. Smith sober up, Jean? >>)
Sinisquirrel (2:51:33 AM): (Jup.)
Myushu (2:51:38 AM): "'Cause you're not worth it, Amado. You're just a mean slug!"
kwikkidus (2:51:42 AM): "And as much as I would LOVE to see that, the duel IS over. The results ARE final."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:51:47 AM): "You..."
Sinisquirrel (2:51:49 AM): "S'nough, kiddo. You did good." Bearman's hand is on Jenna's shoulder.
Viewtiful Rekk (2:51:55 AM): "I'll SHOW YOU MEAN!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:52:23 AM): Amado looks like he's about to bumrush Jenna...but a certain teacher wanders into his path, knocking him away.
Viewtiful Rekk (2:52:45 AM): "Right. Entertaining as that was....I think that shows quite clearly who the better duelist is here."
Myushu (2:52:45 AM): "That was very interesting.. Heh." she grinned ever slightly, attention going back to laptop.
Myushu (2:53:12 AM): "Oh!" she looked up at Towa, then at Smith.
Myushu (2:53:20 AM): "...So I get promoted.. right?"
Sinisquirrel (2:53:53 AM): "Eh, we still gotta review this n' that, but I say it's in the bag."
Myushu (2:55:03 AM): "...Eee, I'ma be a Obelisk! I get to be closer to Eon-kun! Aww, if only Henry saw!" insert excited hopping.
kwikkidus (2:55:30 AM): Eon sweatdrops, applauding. "Ye-heah... closer! And yet... so far.." ;-;
Viewtiful Rekk (2:55:47 AM): "Pft...."
Sinisquirrel (2:55:56 AM): Lily raises an eyebrow. "And yet so far, hmm?"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:56:13 AM): "If that's all it takes...the pre-requisites for getting into this dorm are SORELY lower than what I assumed at first."
Myushu (2:56:39 AM): Jenna shoots glare into audience.
kwikkidus (2:56:59 AM): Eon turns around, and gives Jin an evil eye. "Or maybe you sorely underestimated Jenna-chan."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:57:22 AM): "No...her preformance was quite sloppy."
Viewtiful Rekk (2:57:27 AM): "Hardly even better than his."
kwikkidus (2:58:10 AM): "Hmph. You think you could do better?"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:58:19 AM): "Very much so."
kwikkidus (2:58:40 AM): "Tch, whaaaaaatever. She'll learn."
Sinisquirrel (2:59:16 AM): "Yeah, that's one thing..." Towa looks down at Masami. "Y'might want t' think about cutting the banter and playing it straight. Y'did good, but..."
Myushu (2:59:34 AM): "...It's his fault!"
Viewtiful Rekk (2:59:52 AM): "At least she didn't pass her turn when she had an oppourtunity to win." Oh he's sublte
Myushu (3:00:12 AM): "Yeah!"
Sinisquirrel (3:00:15 AM): "Ayuh, he certainly has a mouth, that one..."
kwikkidus (3:00:29 AM): "Do you ever shut up?"
Viewtiful Rekk (3:00:53 AM): (....Who's he talkin' to?)
kwikkidus (3:00:58 AM): (Jin. >.>)
Viewtiful Rekk (3:01:06 AM): (...Jin didn't say anything.)
Viewtiful Rekk (3:01:12 AM): (This color = Smith)
kwikkidus (3:01:18 AM): (...He never said ANYTHING!)
kwikkidus (3:01:25 AM): (And I'm colorblind! >_>)
Myushu (3:01:38 AM): "...I can, uhm, go sit now, right?" she looked at the teachers.
Sinisquirrel (3:02:01 AM): "Think so, yep." Another hard pat on the shoulder. "Congrats."
Myushu (3:02:13 AM): "Thank you, Sakuma-sensei!"
Myushu (3:02:27 AM): Erk.. he needs to pat less..
Sinisquirrel (3:02:43 AM): High school girl, high school girl~
Myushu (3:03:09 AM): Jenna... quickly made her way to the benches, glomping onto Eon when she reached him. "Eon-kun!"
Viewtiful Rekk (3:03:15 AM): "....Damn..." Amado let's out a sigh, and, unless impeded, heads toward the stands as well.
Sinisquirrel (3:03:31 AM): Lily moves away from the happy couple. Yick.
kwikkidus (3:03:52 AM): Eon is tackled, andknocked out of his chair, but definitely doesn't seem to mind too much."Huhah! Jenna, ya' did it! ...For some reason, the scooter-wounds feelbetter now."
Viewtiful Rekk (3:04:14 AM): Jin moves likewise. Disgusting.
Myushu (3:04:41 AM): Whee. Jenna, stll clinging, goes down with her. Huha short skirts! "Yeah! I beat him! I so beat him! I really did it!"
Viewtiful Rekk (3:04:47 AM): ".....Hey." Says Amado as he walks up to Lily.
Sinisquirrel (3:05:02 AM): "... Hey."
Myushu (3:05:07 AM): "..Is illict contagious? Jenna-san..." ._.;
kwikkidus (3:05:12 AM): "Now, Jenna. It's not professional to rub it in." ^^;
Myushu (3:05:34 AM): "You're the professional one, Eon-kun. Not me!"
Viewtiful Rekk (3:05:35 AM): "...Well...."
kwikkidus (3:05:48 AM): "...Oh. Uhh. Okay then!"
Viewtiful Rekk (3:05:53 AM): " your duel, and we'll be in the same dorm....I guess...." This, ladies and gentlemen, is a FRONT.
Sinisquirrel (3:06:28 AM): "I guess so..." And obvious front to one. "Do you... want to know what happened while you were out?" Distractioning, much.
Myushu (3:06:33 AM): "I get to be in the same dorm with you!"
kwikkidus (3:06:52 AM): "Tch, assuming I'm not up for demotions!"
Viewtiful Rekk (3:06:56 AM): A welcome distraction at that. "Sure..."
Myushu (3:07:22 AM): "You can't get demoted Eon-kun! You're great!" ..Well, except against Lily-chan, but...
kwikkidus (3:08:04 AM): "Well, yeah, I guess I am pretty awesome. But you could probably beat me into the ground."
Sinisquirrel (3:08:11 AM): "Saa." Lily turns to her friend and her... lap dog. "Ja, Jenna. Congratulations."
Viewtiful Rekk (3:08:46 AM): "I know I could beat you both into the ground." Yep, he's still there.
Myushu (3:08:55 AM): "Ahaha, no I couldn't-- oh!" jenna hopped up, glomping onto Lily, "Lily-chan! Thank you!"
Myushu (3:09:03 AM): She then quickly glared at Jin, "screw you!"
Sinisquirrel (3:09:13 AM): Hugs... sting... bad... "You're... welcome, Jenna..."
kwikkidus (3:09:19 AM): Eon stands up, giving Jin the eye. "...You are, of course, aware that I'm like the Ryo of this seri--" bricked.
Myushu (3:09:49 AM): And.. she quickly goes to glomp Eon, but he's bricked! "Oh, Eon-kun!"
Viewtiful Rekk (3:09:53 AM): Meanwhile
Myushu (3:10:00 AM): ....She glomps him anyway/
Viewtiful Rekk (3:10:00 AM): Ryo spontaneously vomits.
kwikkidus (3:10:19 AM): ((I still maintain that Eon v. Ryo would be a really good match.))
Viewtiful Rekk (3:10:24 AM): (Uh.)
Viewtiful Rekk (3:10:33 AM): (Eon: Set a monster.)
Viewtiful Rekk (3:10:53 AM): (Ryo: Power Bond. Cyber End Dragon. Bye.)
kwikkidus (3:11:15 AM): ((Eon: Discard Kuriboh. You're right. Bye.)
Myushu (3:11:19 AM): (I should really go.. >>)
Sinisquirrel (3:11:26 AM): (Night Shu! ^^)
Viewtiful Rekk (3:11:31 AM): (FINE.)
kwikkidus (3:11:32 AM): (Nighty, Shubar!)
Viewtiful Rekk (3:11:35 AM): (We don't need YOU.)
Viewtiful Rekk (3:11:44 AM): (We can have BITCHIN' party all by ourselves!)
Viewtiful Rekk (3:11:48 AM): (Right guys!? :D)
Myushu (3:11:59 AM): (Your parties suck, sweetie. Sorry.)
kwikkidus (3:12:01 AM): (...Sure, but shu makes everything taste better. :o)
Myushu (3:12:12 AM): (...Omy.)
Viewtiful Rekk (3:12:18 AM): (....Fine. Me and JEAN will party!)
Viewtiful Rekk (3:12:25 AM): (Right Jean?! :D)
Sinisquirrel (3:12:29 AM): (I wish Polka were here. ; ; )
Viewtiful Rekk (3:12:34 AM): (....)
Viewtiful Rekk (3:12:37 AM): (I hate you all.)
Myushu (3:12:42 AM): (..Aww..)
Sinisquirrel (3:12:42 AM): (Love you too. <3)
Myushu (3:12:48 AM): (I'll party with you, sweetie.)
Myushu (3:13:01 AM): (*grabs and takes him with to bed for SNUGGLE PARTY*)
Myushu has left the room.
Sinisquirrel (3:13:27 AM): ( :grabs the only other male still awake in the room and does similar: )
kwikkidus (3:13:36 AM): (*is dragged off* o.o)
Viewtiful Rekk (3:14:18 AM): Amado shoots a very dark 'i-will-kill-you-in-your-sleep' glare at Jenna as Lily as glomped.
Sinisquirrel (3:14:49 AM): There is a very displeased aura at being glomped anyway, but luckily it doesn't last for long.
kwikkidus (3:14:55 AM): Eon adds Amado to his list of people to watch for while Jenna sleeps. >_>
Viewtiful Rekk (3:16:07 AM): "So...what'd I miss anyway?"
kwikkidus (3:16:23 AM): "Dunno. Was out for most of it. Didn't actually do anything."
Sinisquirrel (3:16:26 AM): (Ooh boy.)
Viewtiful Rekk (3:16:44 AM): "I didn't ask you, Flunky."
Sinisquirrel (3:17:18 AM): "Let's see..." Lily takes Amado's arm and leads him from the arena. It's obviously going to be a long talk.
kwikkidus (3:17:23 AM): "Lily? Nextime he's in a coma, I don't CARE, I'm not helping get him out!"
Sinisquirrel (3:17:46 AM): Lily waves a hand back. "We didn't need you this time, and I doubt we'll need it the next."
kwikkidus (3:18:20 AM): Eon 'hrmph's. looking up at the arena ceiling. "Whatever."
Viewtiful Rekk (3:18:23 AM): "...Why did you let him live when you beat him?"
Viewtiful Rekk (3:18:42 AM): "....." Jin bashes his face into the chair in front of him, and is off as well.
Sinisquirrel (3:18:57 AM): "I was feeling generous."
kwikkidus (3:19:01 AM): "...ow."
Viewtiful Rekk (3:19:52 AM): "Well...we can only hope some evil force is stupid enough to try and recruit his moronic ass the next time the world is threatened, right?"
kwikkidus (3:20:13 AM): There is an ominous giggle. That is all. >_>
Viewtiful Rekk (3:21:33 AM): ------------------------------------------