Rakath Chaos (9:06:56 PM):----------
Viewtiful Rekk (9:07:41 PM):OBELISK ARENA. Ed and Lola's duel ended a while ago. Some crazy crap went down
Viewtiful Rekk (9:08:49 PM):"Hum te tum..." Ichiriou mumbles, already standing at his spot on the arena, shuffling his deck.
Sinisquirrel (9:09:08 PM):Towa Sakuma, for better or worse, has decided to remain away for the next duel. We all know why. His daughter, though, is there, looking as pensive as her normally apathetic face can.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:09:55 PM):"S'been a while since I've been in a tag-duel....s'been a while since I've dueled with Crawford....wonder how this is gonna go." He says to no one but himself.
Sinisquirrel (9:10:49 PM):Pale ears perk up. "With Crawford?"
Rakath Chaos (9:11:12 PM):The doors to the arena fly open, a large expensive sky blue carpet rolls toward the arena down the stairs. Two big ugly muscle headed pegasus goons walk down to the arena spreading flower petals.
BreakneckChao (9:11:13 PM):A relatively lax Henry Kaito, complete with a large pair of headphones that cover his entire ears and a drink of some kind in his hand, strolls into the arena.
Sinisquirrel (9:12:10 PM):Mylene, still on call as maintenance worker, whistles lowly in the stands. "Daang. Flower petals and everything!"
Rakath Chaos (9:12:59 PM):Down walks the heir to I2, clad in a sky blue business suit and a purple cape. It seems she has her dad's flair for overdamatics.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:13:10 PM):"Tch...flashy entrance as always, Crawford." He mumbles.
Sinisquirrel (9:13:47 PM):If she were more uncouth, Lily's jaw might have dropped. Instead, she looks over to her lax partner. "You're listening to tunes at a time like this?"
Rakath Chaos (9:14:02 PM):Up to the air goes the cape, rare cards flying every which way from it, "Hey, going to do anything, go big." ^_^
BreakneckChao (9:14:28 PM):Henry looked at Lily, and almost screaming, said, "...WHAT?"
BreakneckChao (9:14:47 PM):He then took a sip of his drink.
Sinisquirrel (9:14:49 PM):Mylene looks at the flying cards, but realizes they're nothing she needs. "Must be nice t'be rich," she mumbles.
Sinisquirrel (9:15:17 PM):"..." Lily marches over to her partner and yanks the headphones off of his ears. "I said, "You're listening to tunes at a time like this!?""
Viewtiful Rekk (9:15:55 PM):Checking to make sure that Ol' Bruno isn't around...he wocks his partner on the back of the head.
Rakath Chaos (9:16:37 PM):Bruno ninja appears and blocks said strike. Sammi waggles her finger, "Naughty Wing-chan."
BreakneckChao (9:16:58 PM):"Oooooh.... Yeah! Music always helps me at times like this." Some of the music coming from the headphones was actually slightly audible now.
BreakneckChao (9:17:00 PM):"...That's just the way that lady luck dances, so roll the bones..."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:17:32 PM):"....Meh." He retracts his hand. "I hope you're not as crappy as when we were that age."
Sinisquirrel (9:17:42 PM):"..." Lily drops the headphones, letting them clap back on to the boy's ears. "I can see why so many people hate you."
BreakneckChao (9:18:32 PM):Henry removed the headphones. "Hate me?" The boy's expression changed quite a bit.
Rakath Chaos (9:18:35 PM):"Funny, I was going to say that to you."
BreakneckChao (9:18:38 PM):"Did I do something?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:19:13 PM):"Please. I've been improving for 10 years, not runnin' some fancy company."
Sinisquirrel (9:19:23 PM):Now he chooses to pay attention. "Nothing directly, but... there are some people who don't find you nearly as charming as others."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:19:54 PM):".....QUIT'CHER YAKKIN' AND START THE DUEL! I GOT A 1000 YEN RIDIN' ON THIS!" Amado, ever so pleasent.
BreakneckChao (9:20:00 PM):Henry looks genuinely apologetic and stores the headphones. "I'm sorry, Lily..."
Sinisquirrel (9:20:31 PM):"... I... didn't mean it quite like that..." Lily is instantly apologetic back, until Amado pipes up. "On whose side!?"
Rakath Chaos (9:20:39 PM):"Wing-chan," Sammi starts, "Do you mind if I have Bruno suggest an attitude change on that slacker you trained?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:21:03 PM):"....Whose do ya THINK?! YOURS!" "Please."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:21:12 PM):"Be. My. Guest."
Sinisquirrel (9:21:20 PM):"Hmph. Good."
BreakneckChao (9:21:44 PM):"I'll do my best, Amado!"
Rakath Chaos (9:21:44 PM):Sammi snaps her fingers. Bruno bumrushes Amado and flicks him on the forehead... through his seat.
BreakneckChao (9:22:01 PM):"..."
Rakath Chaos (9:22:13 PM):"Bruno's been training for the past ten years too."
Sinisquirrel (9:22:15 PM):Turning around in time not to see the assault on her beloved, Lily feels much more relieved.
BreakneckChao (9:22:16 PM):"GEEZ!"
BreakneckChao (9:22:38 PM):Henry begins to run up into the stands.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:22:43 PM):"....Pahahah. Now I know why Rekk likes you so much." He chuckles as Amado goes sailing.
BreakneckChao (9:22:45 PM):"You okay, Amado?!"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:22:46 PM):"...Hey kid!"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:23:01 PM):"Don't you have something to do down here?"
BreakneckChao (9:23:08 PM):Henry perks up. "Huh? You mean me?"
BreakneckChao (9:23:18 PM):"OH!"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:23:58 PM):"Ow...Ow....gr...My girlfriend is gonna kick your boss's ass, pal!" He says, pointing at Bruno.
BreakneckChao (9:24:03 PM):"But... um..." Henry turns around and goes back. "Awww crap."
Rakath Chaos (9:24:17 PM):"He's about as egotistical as you... almost."
BreakneckChao (9:24:20 PM):"Oh well, he's back to yelling. i think he's fine."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:24:33 PM):"Nobody's more egotistical to me."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:24:37 PM):"Except maybe Kaiba."
Sinisquirrel (9:24:45 PM):"That's our Amado." Cue the rather dry laugh from Lily as the pressure of having to 'kick someone's ass' is added to the pile.
BreakneckChao (9:25:49 PM):Henry runs up to Lily and holds out a fisted hand in anticipation of knkocking fists with his partner. "Aright. let's rock, Lily!"
Rakath Chaos (9:25:51 PM):"Can we get this going, I have other things to do." Sammi twirled her finger through her hair.
Sinisquirrel (9:25:54 PM):Meanwhile, the other Red student present, and a mere few chair away from Amado, is now a few more chairs away from him. "Scary people."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:26:12 PM):"Anyway...." Once everyone is back in place. "I happen to believe that proper ettiquette should be reserved, regardless of situation."
Sinisquirrel (9:26:14 PM):Lily, of course, totally misses the silent cue.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:26:23 PM):He points at Henry. "You. Introduce yourself."
BreakneckChao (9:26:44 PM):"Name's Henry Kaito!"
BreakneckChao (9:27:04 PM):"And you are?"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:29:05 PM):"Who I am? My name is Ichirou Komatsu! On the pro circuit, I am known as the Dragon's Fang!" His Duel Disk slips into an active position at his words, and flower petals are now fluttering behind him.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:29:25 PM):What was that he said about flashy entrances?
BreakneckChao (9:29:38 PM):"...Just a name would've been fine, but whatever."
BreakneckChao (9:29:53 PM):Henry's disk also goes active.
Sinisquirrel (9:30:03 PM):"Where in the world do they keep getting those things from...?"
BreakneckChao (9:30:08 PM):"...Pro or not, you're going down!"
BreakneckChao (9:30:19 PM):Henry smirks.
Rakath Chaos (9:30:36 PM):"I'll go next!" Sammi jumps and punches into the air, "I'm the heir to Industrial Illusions, Samantha Penni-Jennifer Crawford!"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:30:50 PM):"Heheh....is that what Kaiba's teaching you kids? That you can beat pros, even at your young age!?"
Sinisquirrel (9:32:04 PM):Could the egos in this room get any bigger? "I suppose I'm last... Lily Sakuma." Besides a small curtsy and disk activation, that's it for her.
Rakath Chaos (9:32:37 PM):Sammi activates her duel disk, the thing starts playing Butterfly as background music.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:33:06 PM):"...." A sigh. I should've done this alone...
OnlineHost (9:33:08 PM): Viewtiful Rekk rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 1
OnlineHost (9:33:15 PM): Sinisquirrel rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4 2
BreakneckChao (9:33:21 PM):"Nice!"
OnlineHost (9:33:21 PM): Rakath Chaos rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 4
OnlineHost (9:33:29 PM): BreakneckChao rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 2
BreakneckChao (9:33:39 PM):"...Crap."
Rakath Chaos (9:34:26 PM):Sammi giggles and draws her hand.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:36:04 PM):"Hrm..." He draws five.
Sinisquirrel (9:36:24 PM):A sigh as Lily draws her set.
BreakneckChao (9:37:39 PM):Henry draws his five.
Rakath Chaos (9:37:43 PM):"I think... I'll start by summoning Forgiving Maiden in defense mode (800/2000) and set a facedown card."
Rakath Chaos (9:38:20 PM):"That's it."
Sinisquirrel (9:38:37 PM):Lily nods, ancipating her turn with a draw. "Draw."
Sinisquirrel (9:41:20 PM):With a few considerations, she puts a card on her duel disk. "I activate the spell card, Call of the Mummy."
Sinisquirrel (9:43:33 PM):"With its effect, I summon Vampire Lord to the field in attack mode." The undead bishounen appears with sparkly dramatics, cape flaring out. (2000/1500)
BreakneckChao (9:43:59 PM):"Whoa... sweet."
Sinisquirrel (9:44:24 PM):"I end my turn with one face-down defender." A card appears in the space next to Vampire Lord.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:44:38 PM):"Draw..."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:45:33 PM):"I summon Dol Dora in attack mode!" The two-headed dragon appears and let's out a small roar. (1500/1200)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:45:52 PM):"I then activate the magic card Stamping Crush!"
Viewtiful Rekk (9:46:24 PM):The dragon leaps towards the Call of the Mummy Card on Lily's field and smashes it instantly.
Sinisquirrel (9:47:46 PM):"Mph." As the card blows up, Lily and Henry's lifepoints go down 500. (15500)
Viewtiful Rekk (9:48:08 PM):"I will then set one card face down... and play the magic card Different Dimension Capsule."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:49:13 PM):An Egyptian Casket appears, one of the cards from Ichirou's deck going into it, before the casket is buried underground.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:49:21 PM):"I set one reverse card and end my turn."
BreakneckChao (9:49:52 PM):"Draw!"
BreakneckChao (9:50:00 PM):Henry looks at his cards.
BreakneckChao (9:50:37 PM):"Decisions, decisions...."
BreakneckChao (9:50:45 PM):"Ah, here we go!"
BreakneckChao (9:51:05 PM):"One defender, and a reverse!" Henry smiles and places the cards down.
BreakneckChao (9:52:05 PM):"And that'll end it for me."
Rakath Chaos (9:52:14 PM):Sammi yawns, and pokes a button on her duel disk, "Let's see what's out now."
Rakath Chaos (9:52:21 PM):Ceasefire reveals itself
Sinisquirrel (9:53:02 PM):Lily groans as Spirit Reaper flips himself up.
BreakneckChao (9:53:21 PM):"Ghh..." Search-light dragon reveals itself.
Viewtiful Rekk (9:54:14 PM):Dol Dora flexes.
Rakath Chaos (9:54:25 PM):"That makes five monsters."
Rakath Chaos (9:54:30 PM):Maiden prays.
Rakath Chaos (9:55:03 PM):"So now you take 2500 damage."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:57:16 PM):16000/13000
Sinisquirrel (9:58:36 PM):"Well, that's depressing." Lily looks over to her partner. "You're all right?"
BreakneckChao (9:58:57 PM):"Yeah, I'm fine."
BreakneckChao (9:59:07 PM):Henry smiles
Viewtiful Rekk (9:59:25 PM):"...If you two are done holding each other's hands..."
Viewtiful Rekk (9:59:32 PM):"Crawford. Get on with your turn."
Rakath Chaos (9:59:58 PM):Sammi draws. "Anyway, I'll use this little number, Gift of a Winged Messenger" Six angel wings appear behind the nun and enclose around her. "See, I tribute an Angel, and any Fusion Materials in my deck."
Rakath Chaos (10:00:24 PM):"This counts as a Fusion summon, but I lose my battle phase for the turn."
Rakath Chaos (10:00:41 PM):Forgiving Maiden vanishes, and a card moves from deck to grave.
Rakath Chaos (10:01:44 PM):"Now say hi to Saint Joan!" The wings fade, leaving an armor clad red-head with a sword (2800/2000).
Rakath Chaos (10:01:56 PM):"That does it for me."
Sinisquirrel (10:02:07 PM):Hello, Joan. "Draw."
Sinisquirrel (10:06:08 PM):Slightly daunted by the higher-powered angel on the field, Lily looks over her hand before making her decision.
Sinisquirrel (10:07:58 PM):"Vampire Lord will attempt an assault on Dol Dora."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:08:38 PM):The Dragon is immediately vanquished. (15500/13000)
Sinisquirrel (10:09:22 PM):"From your deck, choose a Spell Card."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:10:18 PM):Dragon's Mirror enters the grave.
Sinisquirrel (10:10:36 PM):Now I only wonder... no, there probably is a Magician of Faith in there.
Sinisquirrel (10:10:54 PM):"I'll end my turn with a face-down." The back of a card appears behind Lily's monsters.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:11:40 PM):"Dol Dora returns in defense mode." And sure enough, the dragon is revived, albeit with reduced stats. (1000/1000)
Viewtiful Rekk (10:11:45 PM):"Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:12:38 PM):"I summon Mirage Dragon in attack mode!" The wispy yellow serpent-like dragon appears. (1600/600)
BreakneckChao (10:12:57 PM):"Whoa-boy..."
BreakneckChao (10:13:04 PM):"I know that card."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:13:08 PM):He points at Henry's defense. "That card that was revealed before...I believe it will be quite useless to you at this particular juncture."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:13:16 PM):"Mirage Dragon, attack! Spectrum Burst!"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:13:38 PM):The Dragon take a breath in, and shoots a rainbow-colored blast from it's mouth at Henry's defense.
BreakneckChao (10:13:53 PM):Before being destroyed, search light dragon shines a bright spotlight on Henry's deck.
BreakneckChao (10:14:39 PM):"Useless, huh? Search light lets me bring a Blowback or Revolver dragon from my hand to my deck when it's destroyed."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:14:51 PM):Smirk. "I know what it does, boy."
BreakneckChao (10:14:53 PM):Henry takes a card from his deck.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:14:55 PM):"Go."
BreakneckChao (10:15:18 PM):"Draw!"
BreakneckChao (10:15:30 PM):Henry looks at Lily.
Sinisquirrel (10:16:34 PM):"You can borrow what you like, Henry. I trust you."
BreakneckChao (10:17:03 PM):"Awesome! I'll sacrifice Spirit Reaper for Blowback Dragon!" (2300/1200)
BreakneckChao (10:17:38 PM):"But that's not all! I'll also play the field spell, Gun Dragon Warfield!"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:18:37 PM):"Not all too bright, are you? Reverse card, OPEN!"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:18:50 PM):A tidal wave washes over the field drowning every monster at once.
BreakneckChao (10:18:59 PM):"What?!"
Sinisquirrel (10:19:10 PM):Lily shrugs as Vampire Lord is washed away with the tide.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:19:22 PM):"I told you that effect would be useless to you... you should listen to those more skilled than you."
BreakneckChao (10:19:51 PM):"Blah, blah, blah... always with the talking down."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:20:26 PM):"Yeah, get used to that...." Grumblegrumble.
BreakneckChao (10:20:34 PM):"Unfortunately for you, it's still my turn!"
BreakneckChao (10:20:57 PM):"I'll lay a reverse, and flip my trap, Call of the Haunted!"
BreakneckChao (10:21:05 PM):*Blowback reappears*
Sinisquirrel (10:21:08 PM):Mylene, still from further away, wonders why adults always feel the need for such dramatics and small-talk.
BreakneckChao (10:23:02 PM):"Alright! I'll also activate the field spell, Gun Dragon Warfield!"
Rakath Chaos (10:23:09 PM):"How about... No."
BreakneckChao (10:23:24 PM):"Wuh?"
Rakath Chaos (10:23:35 PM):The magic card explodes, a shiny ball of green light sitting there instead.
Rakath Chaos (10:24:00 PM):"That's my Herald of Green Light. He says no to magic cards. Whenever I want."
Rakath Chaos (10:24:16 PM):Sammi sends the monster and another card to her graveyard.
BreakneckChao (10:25:28 PM):"Dangit... Well, I can still activate Blowback's effect. Here we go!"
OnlineHost (10:25:37 PM): BreakneckChao rolled 3 2-sided dice: 1 2 1
Viewtiful Rekk (10:25:51 PM):"... Tch."
BreakneckChao (10:25:58 PM):"Yeah!" Blowback fires at and destroys D.D. Capsule.
BreakneckChao (10:26:08 PM):"There goes your trump!"
Viewtiful Rekk (10:26:21 PM):The capsule burns to nothingness underground, the card inside meeting a similar fate.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:26:42 PM):"Please....what kind of idiot would I bet to put my trump card into that capsule when it wouldn't go off for two cycles?"
BreakneckChao (10:27:51 PM):"Well, whatever. I'll attack with my Blowback on what's his face... Itchy-rump."
Sinisquirrel (10:28:11 PM):Lily has some rather fleeting thoughts, perhaps thinking something that Amado would be right now... but decides not to comment.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:28:26 PM):"....That's Ichirou. Honestly, it's a common boys name...." He doesn't react to the attack as his lifepoints decrease.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:29:02 PM):13200/13000
BreakneckChao (10:29:36 PM):"Okay, that should do it."
Rakath Chaos (10:29:48 PM):Sammi draws, and suddenly gains 200 lifepoints.
Sinisquirrel (10:29:52 PM):"'The first son,'" Lily idly comments. "They're our guests, so we should take care to use their names."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:30:23 PM):"Thank you, Miss Sakuma." He says, lightly dusting his cloak off.
Rakath Chaos (10:31:10 PM):"Hmm, anyway, let's see what this monster has to say on things." Breaker appears on the field.
Sinisquirrel (10:31:21 PM):"200 gain..." Lily's brain searches her database. "Aha. Marie the Fallen one?"
Rakath Chaos (10:31:32 PM):"Well, what else is used to make Saint Joan?"
Rakath Chaos (10:31:45 PM):Marie appears behind Sammi, all demonic and sexy.
Rakath Chaos (10:31:56 PM):13400/13000
Sinisquirrel (10:32:00 PM):"I've seen alternates used before... I also had that card in my original deck."
Rakath Chaos (10:32:25 PM):"Well, I don't like that gundragon thing, so very ugly, don't you agree Breaker-kun?"
Rakath Chaos (10:32:37 PM):Breaker nods, and chucks his blade at Call of the Haunted
BreakneckChao (10:33:23 PM):"Aww dang."
BreakneckChao (10:33:35 PM):Blowback sinks back into the grave
Viewtiful Rekk (10:34:32 PM):"...Shit. WIthout that gundragon, they're wide-open...." Amado grits his teath.
Rakath Chaos (10:35:13 PM):"Now let's put a card face down, and have Breaker hit... um... Gothy-chan!" Breaker rushes Lily.
Sinisquirrel (10:35:28 PM):"Way to state the obvious." A certain blonde is hanging over the back of a chair, a suker in her mouth. She offers another. "Want one?"
BreakneckChao (10:35:34 PM):"Crap! Lily!"
Sinisquirrel (10:35:58 PM):"Auh!" Lily goes into the typical defense pose as Breaker rushes her, but she seems otherwise unaffected.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:36:08 PM):"Eeerrr, whatever." He snatches.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:37:38 PM):13400/11400
Rakath Chaos (10:38:17 PM):"I'm done now."
Sinisquirrel (10:39:17 PM):"All right... Draw." Lily does so.
Sinisquirrel (10:39:51 PM):"In my Standby Phase, Vampire Lord returns to the field in attack." The blue-haired one is once again on the field.
Sinisquirrel (10:43:29 PM):"I summon Tsukuyomi to the field." The spellcaster with long, purple hair appears. (1100/1400)
Sinisquirrel (10:44:02 PM):"Breaker will please turn over."
Rakath Chaos (10:45:32 PM):Breaker vanishes, a face down card appearing in his place. "Your spellcaster is cute, but he won't help that much."
Sinisquirrel (10:46:29 PM):"I only do what I can, ma'am." Lily slides a card into her disk. "I activate the spell card: Nobleman of Crossout."
Sinisquirrel (10:49:00 PM):Anybody can guess what its target is, and unless Miss Crawford has something up her sleeve again, Breaker goes boom.
Rakath Chaos (10:49:04 PM):"That's annoying."
BreakneckChao (10:50:37 PM):Signal obligatory "Woohoo!" from Henry.
Sinisquirrel (10:50:38 PM):"Moving on to the Battle Phase, I choose to lead an attack on Mister Komatsu, starting with Vampire Lord."
Rakath Chaos (10:50:58 PM):Vampire Lord doesn't make it to Ichi.
Rakath Chaos (10:51:08 PM):In it's path, is a cute, female, fluffball.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:51:39 PM):"... Been a while since I've seen one of those." A chuckle.
Rakath Chaos (10:51:53 PM):"Yeah, it has been a long time, and usually it isn't your friend."
Rakath Chaos (10:52:58 PM):"Say hi to Kuriboh, isn't she just so pretty?"
Rakath Chaos (10:53:04 PM):"Sad she's dying here..."
Sinisquirrel (10:53:09 PM):"Ahh, an annoyance for an annoyance."
Rakath Chaos (10:53:11 PM):Kuriboh go boom.
Sinisquirrel (10:53:35 PM):"I still choose to have Tsukuyomi attempt the second wave."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:53:58 PM):12300
Sinisquirrel (10:54:29 PM):"And with that, I'll end it." The spirit card goes back into Lily's hand.
Viewtiful Rekk (10:54:39 PM):"I draw."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:55:53 PM):"....Heheh...."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:56:11 PM):"I activate the magic card... FUTURE FUSION!"
BreakneckChao (10:56:23 PM):"... The heck?"
Rakath Chaos (10:56:35 PM):Sammi giggles. "This should be good."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:58:31 PM):"Future Fusion...it's a very potent magic card. As the name suggests, it preforms a fusion summon..."
Viewtiful Rekk (10:58:52 PM):"But rather than drawing from my hand, field, or graveyard, this is a fusion from the future, a fusion from my deck!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:01:22 PM):"And I shall fuse between two of my very favorites....Tail of Ibris and Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:02:40 PM):"I Fusion Summon the Falcon God - Horus!" THe mid-leveled Horus reappears in a burst of flame, letting out a loud roar. (2500/1800)
Sinisquirrel (11:02:43 PM):Lily makes a slight jilt at the mention of Horus.
Sinisquirrel (11:03:21 PM):And now... sight of it. If she could go any paler, she would.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:03:33 PM):"As I'm sure you know, Horus LV6 ignores all spells in play effortlessly."
BreakneckChao (11:03:46 PM):"Oh boy..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:03:50 PM):"My Falcon God is similar...it spreads that immunity to all dragons on my field!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:05:55 PM):"Next...I'll normal summon Breaker, the Magical Warrior!"
Sinisquirrel (11:06:20 PM):"That guy sure gets around."
BreakneckChao (11:06:39 PM):"Freaking heck... Not again!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:06:51 PM):"You may put your facedown card in the graveyard now Miss Sakuma."
Sinisquirrel (11:07:12 PM):"All right." Fairy Meteor Crush vaporizes.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:07:23 PM):"Tch. Baited... Oh well."
BreakneckChao (11:07:31 PM):"A fake-out!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:07:42 PM):"At any rate...this is where I should explain the remainder of Future Fusion's effect."
Rakath Chaos (11:08:03 PM):"Not a very good one."
BreakneckChao (11:08:13 PM):"There's more?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:08:15 PM):"It is merely a projection of what will happen in the future, thus my fusion monster is tied to it."
Sinisquirrel (11:08:44 PM):"Typically, there is always more," mutters the dark one.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:08:48 PM):"If it's destroyed, my monster will become lost within the resseces of time, never returning."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:09:20 PM):"Also, since the technologoy is not flawless, I would normally have to wait a turn to attack with a monster summoned by it."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:09:58 PM):"Of course...." Horus glows brightly. "Since all dragons on my side of the field ignore the effects of spells... that is not a concern." Smirk again.
Rakath Chaos (11:10:27 PM):"Sorry sexy, but you stay dead this time," Sammi is talking to Vampire Lord.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:10:44 PM):"Now, Falcon God Horus, strike down that Vampire Lord with your Black Flare!"
Sinisquirrel (11:10:44 PM):Vampire Lord poses anyway.
Sinisquirrel (11:11:02 PM):He goes down in style, dammit.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:11:41 PM):"Now, since I am far too mature to butcher my opponent's name...I shall just have Breaker the Magical Warrior attack Mr. Kaito."
BreakneckChao (11:12:29 PM):"Oh well..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:13:12 PM):12300/9300
Viewtiful Rekk (11:13:27 PM):"I end my turn."
BreakneckChao (11:13:53 PM):"Draw!"
BreakneckChao (11:14:00 PM):"Hmmmm...."
BreakneckChao (11:14:11 PM):"I'll lay a defender, and end"
Sinisquirrel (11:14:16 PM):We're just not doing very well at all, are we...? I wonder exactly who set this up?
Rakath Chaos (11:14:31 PM):Sammi's facedown card reveils itself as Henry ends.
Rakath Chaos (11:14:45 PM):A simple clothed girl appears on her field, and dances a little.
BreakneckChao (11:14:50 PM):We'll make it through this yet... what the?
Rakath Chaos (11:14:54 PM):Sammi draws and gains 500 lifepoints.
Rakath Chaos (11:15:15 PM):And then again by 200 points.
Rakath Chaos (11:15:55 PM):13000/9300
Sinisquirrel (11:16:09 PM):"Somehow, this is taking me back to my first duel with Jenna."
BreakneckChao (11:16:46 PM):"Don't let 'em get you down, Lil. We can still win this one."
Rakath Chaos (11:16:51 PM):"I think that does it for me." Sammi giggles, and dances along with Wishes.
Sinisquirrel (11:17:24 PM):"Mmn. Draw." Lily looks at her new hand.
Sinisquirrel (11:20:15 PM):"I hate to disappoint you, ma'am, but Vampire Lord is not gone for good." A card slides into Lily's disk. "Book of Life."
BreakneckChao (11:20:30 PM):"Woo! See?"
Sinisquirrel (11:28:02 PM):"I believe that for the spell to complete itself, I'll remove Marie the Fallen One from play."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:28:31 PM):Ichirou, who had been looking slightly apprehensive ever since Book of Life was played, lets out a small sigh of relief.
Sinisquirrel (11:29:19 PM):If all goes well, Vampire Lord is back and posing on the field again.
Rakath Chaos (11:29:42 PM):Sammi narrows her eyes, "Vampire Lord will die."
Sinisquirrel (11:30:38 PM):"To him, I attach the equip spell card: Mist Body. As long as it is equipped, he cannot be destroyed as a result of battle... but he'll still receive damage."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:31:15 PM):"Heh....interesting."
Sinisquirrel (11:32:02 PM):"For my normal summon of the turn, I call back Tsukuyomi to the field." The long-haired spellcaster appears again, working his magic on Horus.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:32:52 PM):"...." A small chuckle. "As you wish." The falcon god is flipped.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:33:22 PM):"But that means you can only destroy one of my monsters this turn."
Sinisquirrel (11:34:12 PM):"That's fine." Lily points to Vampire Lord. "Destroy the dragon."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:34:51 PM):Horus is revealed, and is stricken down easily by the Vampire...but after it dies, Ibris's spirit remains in its place.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:35:23 PM):"Ibris's first special ability. When a monster it was used for a fusion summon leaves the field, it returns to my hand."
Sinisquirrel (11:36:23 PM):"Aha. I didn't have the pleasure meeting it last time. I end my turn." Tsukuyomi does his thing, his card returning to Lily's hand.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:36:42 PM):"Mm. Quite dissapointing." He draws.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:37:56 PM):"....Hm. Guess I have nothing better to do."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:38:33 PM):"I summon Tail of Ibris once more!" The Serpentine bespecaled dragon appears. (1900/1000)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:38:40 PM):"And next... the magic card Dragon's Mirror!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:39:09 PM):"I shall offer Ibris... as well as Falcon God Horus, Horus LV6, Mirage Dragon, and Dol Dora..."
BreakneckChao (11:39:20 PM):"Dear gosh..."
Sinisquirrel (11:39:32 PM):"I do hope you have something in mind, Henry."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:39:50 PM):The five dragon spirits disappear in favor of...you guessed it! "Fusion summon - F.G.D.!" (5000/5000)
BreakneckChao (11:39:50 PM):"I'm doing what I always do, Lil..."
BreakneckChao (11:39:59 PM):"Makin' it up as I go along..."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:40:43 PM):"That Vampire seems to be a glutton for punishment... so I'll just oblige it! Go, Five-Headed Burst!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:41:04 PM):The Dragon rears back its five heads and sends a massive stream of POWAH at the Bishie Vampire.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:41:26 PM):"....I swear, I am the ONLY ONE who can't nail an attack with that thing!"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:41:42 PM):Amado bangs his head against the back of a chair. "I hate everyone."
Sinisquirrel (11:42:04 PM):Mylene stares at the boy. "Just bad luck?"
Viewtiful Rekk (11:42:08 PM):(12300/6300)
Viewtiful Rekk (11:42:16 PM):"I'll place one card face down and end my turn."
BreakneckChao (11:42:30 PM):"Here goes! Draw!"
BreakneckChao (11:48:29 PM):"Hmmm... Okay"
BreakneckChao (11:48:39 PM):"I'll lay a defender, and end"
Rakath Chaos (11:48:55 PM):"Draw!"
Sinisquirrel (11:49:09 PM):"I don't believe that's going to do us much good, Henry," Lily mutters to her partner.
Rakath Chaos (11:49:11 PM):Dancing happens, +500.
Viewtiful Rekk (11:49:25 PM):(12800/6300)
Rakath Chaos (11:49:42 PM):"I'll just set a facedown and end my turn."
Sinisquirrel (11:51:33 PM):Lily feels a little unsteady as she utters the word "Draw."
Sinisquirrel (11:53:23 PM):There are two set cards on the field. Either one of them could really mess it over... but I don't take the chance... "I'll play the spell card: Riryoku."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:54:07 PM):"... Heh. Interesting."
Sinisquirrel (11:55:56 PM):The big, bad dragon shrinks down in size, and Vampire Lord becomes... even more pretty, somehow.
Sinisquirrel (11:58:21 PM):To the tune of 4500 attack points, Lily points Vampire Lord in the direction of Breaker. "Please."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:59:10 PM):"... Reverse card, OPEN!"
BreakneckChao (11:59:45 PM):"Oh DAG-NABIT."
Viewtiful Rekk (11:59:49 PM):"Trap Card - MAGIC CYLINDER!"
Sinisquirrel (12:00:25 AM):Well, now, this was certainly familiar. Expecting something of the sort, Lily embraces her own monster's attack.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:01:04 AM):(12800/1800)
Sinisquirrel (12:01:12 AM):There's something of a twinge inside, but otherwise... "Sorry, Henry. I'm going to have to rely on you."
Sinisquirrel (12:01:24 AM):"In my second Main Phase, I summon Tsukuyomi."
Sinisquirrel (12:01:57 AM):Vampire Lord is suddenly gone, the backside of a card in his place. Mist Body goes boom.
BreakneckChao (12:02:10 AM):Dangit, Henry. Your friend is counting on you! You just gonna up and let her down?
Sinisquirrel (12:02:17 AM):"I'm done."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:02:22 AM):... Heh. She went for the best course that she could...
Viewtiful Rekk (12:02:26 AM):"Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:03:06 AM):"...I'm going to attack Vampire Lord..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:03:14 AM):"Go, Five-Headed Burst!"
Sinisquirrel (12:03:33 AM):The bishie lord is sent to the graveyard as a very crispy critter. Owwies.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:04:19 AM):"Breaker the Magical Warrior, attack the defense!"
BreakneckChao (12:06:19 AM):Before Henry's monster is destroyed, a burst of candy, party favors, and confetti shoot out at both him and Lily.
BreakneckChao (12:06:34 AM):"You just attacked my Confetti Gun Dragon!"
Sinisquirrel (12:06:56 AM):"Owwies..." The blonde-haired Red in the stands sucks on her lolipop. "She's really costing them this duel."
BreakneckChao (12:07:08 AM):"When he's destroyed, we gain 1000 life points, and I get to flip a coin!"
BreakneckChao (12:07:26 AM):"If it comes up heads, I can draw a card!"
OnlineHost (12:07:35 AM): BreakneckChao rolled 1 2-sided die: 2
Viewtiful Rekk (12:07:42 AM):Fist meets Miss Battoli's face.
BreakneckChao (12:07:46 AM):"Erg... crap."
BreakneckChao (12:07:51 AM):"Sorry Lily."
Sinisquirrel (12:08:02 AM):The little one dodges, ducking behind a chair. "Eep!"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:08:04 AM):"Shut up... they can still win..."
Sinisquirrel (12:08:23 AM):"I-I didn't say they couldn't! Mean-face!" And she's off on the other side of the arena.
Sinisquirrel (12:08:35 AM):"You've given us more than I have."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:08:38 AM):"HENRY! LILY! DON'T YOU DARE LOSE HERE!"
BreakneckChao (12:08:56 AM):Cue Henry fist clentch.
Rakath Chaos (12:09:32 AM):"He doesn't get it, does he."
BreakneckChao (12:09:33 AM):He's right. Lily's promotion is riding on this, not just mine. I can't screw this up....
Viewtiful Rekk (12:09:38 AM):"... Idiot. He hasn't changed at all...."
BreakneckChao (12:09:42 AM):I can't...
Viewtiful Rekk (12:09:46 AM):"Go."
BreakneckChao (12:10:00 AM):Don't let me down...
Rakath Chaos (12:10:02 AM):"I'm the heir of Industrial Illusions, I know more about this game then the teachers."
BreakneckChao (12:10:15 AM):"DRAW!"
BreakneckChao (12:10:26 AM):Henry's face changes dramatically.
Rakath Chaos (12:10:36 AM):"And Wing-chan here is a top pro circut player," she chuckles, "If they can get us down to half lifepoints it's a shock."
BreakneckChao (12:12:29 AM):"Okay... I'll sacrifice my search light dragon... for Blowback Dragon!"
BreakneckChao (12:13:09 AM):Henry takes a card from his deck
BreakneckChao (12:13:22 AM):"Next, I'll activate Blowback's effect!"
OnlineHost (12:13:36 AM): BreakneckChao rolled 3 2-sided dice: 1 1 1
BreakneckChao (12:14:14 AM):"Alright Blowback! Take out that dragon!"
BreakneckChao (12:14:33 AM):Blowback freaking obliterates FGD
Viewtiful Rekk (12:14:48 AM):One of F.G.D.'s heads is blown clean off.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:14:54 AM):The other four die from lead poisoning.
BreakneckChao (12:15:02 AM):"What? Only one head?"
Viewtiful Rekk (12:15:09 AM):"...Luck only takes you so far lad."
Sinisquirrel (12:15:30 AM):"Think of it as the question of how many crows."
BreakneckChao (12:15:47 AM):"Maybe so... but Lady luck is asking me for one last dance."
Rakath Chaos (12:16:00 AM):"Then dance already."
BreakneckChao (12:16:07 AM):Henry holds up a card from his hand. "Polymerization."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:16:09 AM):"But..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:16:19 AM):"Ibris was a part of that fusion summon."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:16:30 AM):Ibris returns to Ichirou's hand once more.
BreakneckChao (12:16:53 AM):"I fuse Revolver Dragon and Blowback dragon to form..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:16:54 AM):"...Heh. Summoning Gatling Dragon?"
BreakneckChao (12:17:03 AM):"Gatling Dragon!" (2600/1200)
Rakath Chaos (12:17:16 AM):"That's a bit reckless..."
Sinisquirrel (12:17:28 AM):"Henry... be careful."
BreakneckChao (12:18:25 AM):"For once, I've atually done my homework... sort of."
BreakneckChao (12:18:37 AM):"I've used this card the wrong way before."
Sinisquirrel (12:18:57 AM):Lily nods. She should know... she's the one he learned that one from.
BreakneckChao (12:19:19 AM):"Okay, Gatling! Attack that Breaker!"
Rakath Chaos (12:19:27 AM):Walls appear around Breaker
Rakath Chaos (12:19:34 AM):On top... a whack-a-mole box.
Rakath Chaos (12:19:46 AM):"Stupid, dance with Lady Luck one last time now."
OnlineHost (12:20:36 AM): Rakath Chaos rolled 1 2-sided die: 2
Viewtiful Rekk (12:21:16 AM):(11800/2800)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:21:45 AM):"Well well...seems luck is oddly with you today..."
BreakneckChao (12:21:55 AM):"Little known fact. I'm a pretty good dancer."
Sinisquirrel (12:22:44 AM):Lily makes a face that might be a smile. She's seen Henry dance before, too... he's really not that good.
Rakath Chaos (12:23:38 AM):"I can see that."
BreakneckChao (12:24:04 AM):"Next, I'll play Mechanical Dragon Cavalry Unit, and bring back Blowback and Polymerization to my hand."
BreakneckChao (12:24:20 AM):"Your turn, guys."
Rakath Chaos (12:24:43 AM):"Draw." Dance dance +500, and then box drains 500.
Rakath Chaos (12:26:07 AM):"I summon The Agent of Force - Mars!" The awesome shirtless angel appears (0000/0000)
Viewtiful Rekk (12:26:18 AM):"...." A small chuckle.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:26:21 AM):"It's over."
Rakath Chaos (12:26:30 AM):"And now, a change of venue! Sanctuary in the Sky!"
Rakath Chaos (12:27:35 AM):The ground shatters away, white pillars growing behind Sammi and Ichirou's field, a small fortress appearing as they stand on a ground covered with clouds.
BreakneckChao (12:27:38 AM):"Gnh..."
Rakath Chaos (12:27:51 AM):Mars has his eyes open.
Rakath Chaos (12:28:03 AM):DBZ style power aura as he jumps to 9000/9000
BreakneckChao (12:28:18 AM):"Sorry, Lily."
Rakath Chaos (12:28:31 AM):The hammer he weilds is about the size of a double decker bus.
Sinisquirrel (12:28:33 AM):"It's okay." Lily holds her hand out to her friend. "Together?"
BreakneckChao (12:28:43 AM):"Yeah." Henry nods.
BreakneckChao (12:28:57 AM):Henry grabs her hand.
Rakath Chaos (12:29:30 AM):"Now then, see the dragon, go get it!" Mars brings down a hammer that demolishes the field, utterly, I mean god if this was a shadow game there would be a huge crater.
Sinisquirrel (12:31:29 AM):Together, the two take the resounding blow as their lifepoints drop down, down, down.
Rakath Chaos (12:31:54 AM):As Mars vanishes, his stats climb to 11800/11800
Rakath Chaos (12:32:19 AM):Dawn drops down from the ceiling, and holds a hand out to Amado, "Pay up."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:32:28 AM):Ichirou shuffles his cards back into his deck.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:32:43 AM):"... Why the hell did you bet against Lily anyway?" He slaps the money into her hand.
Viewtiful Rekk (12:32:59 AM):"....I must say..."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:33:05 AM):"I'm not all too impressed."
Rakath Chaos (12:33:09 AM):"Bet against Uncle Sammi? I'm not stupid."
Sinisquirrel (12:33:11 AM):Lily's hand, shaking a little, lets go of Henry's.
BreakneckChao (12:33:44 AM):"You... okay?"
Rakath Chaos (12:33:50 AM):Sammi dusts her shoulder, "Yeah, this was a missmatch. You two didn't do too badly considering."
Sinisquirrel (12:34:41 AM):"Mmn." The dark-haired girl offers something that might be considered a smile. "There are a lot of "ifs" and "should haves," but... ... I'm okay."
BreakneckChao (12:35:16 AM):"We'll get 'em next time, huh?"
BreakneckChao (12:35:25 AM):Henry smiles.
Sinisquirrel (12:36:02 AM):"Perhaps..." Lily turns to her opponents and bows deeply.
BreakneckChao (12:36:55 AM):Henry does the same, minus the bow. "... And I do owe you an apology for the whole "itchy-rump" comment."
BreakneckChao (12:37:15 AM):"You were good... despite what I thought."
BreakneckChao (12:37:21 AM):"Better than me, anyway."
Rakath Chaos (12:37:27 AM):"Kid."
Rakath Chaos (12:37:32 AM):"You're in school."
Rakath Chaos (12:37:57 AM):Sammi walks over and pokes him on the forehead with two fingers, "You weren't going to win."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:38:33 AM):"Yeah.....students beating pros doesn't happen in the real world."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:38:49 AM):A good 50% of Yuki Judai's opponents sneeze.
Sinisquirrel (12:38:57 AM):Or outright cry.
Rakath Chaos (12:39:16 AM):Elsewhere...
Rakath Chaos (12:39:38 AM):All of Judai's bested opponents are suddenly in a bar, heavily intoxicated, and trying to forget the shame.
BreakneckChao (12:40:58 AM):Para: Set me up another shot.
BreakneckChao (12:41:09 AM):Dox: We're going to have to drink a lot.
BreakneckChao (12:41:12 AM):*both sob*
Rakath Chaos (12:41:20 AM):"I wanted to see what you could do, I had no belief that you were going to get close to winning."
BreakneckChao (12:42:08 AM):"Seriously?..."
Sinisquirrel (12:42:28 AM):Lily is... rather quiet, preferring to be in the sanctuary of her friend's shadow for the moment.
BreakneckChao (12:42:51 AM):Henry perks up quite a bit.
BreakneckChao (12:43:00 AM):"Well, maybe you're right."
BreakneckChao (12:43:15 AM):"But one of these days, I'd like to play you guys again."
Rakath Chaos (12:43:38 AM):"It'll happen, you'll still lose against me... him..." Sammi grins, "You'll beat him down."
BreakneckChao (12:44:05 AM):"Hehehee."
Sinisquirrel (12:45:11 AM):"I wonder what this means for our scholastic standing, though."
BreakneckChao (12:45:33 AM):"I only wish I hadn't screwed up Lily's promotion..." Henry listened to his friend. "Yeah."
Sinisquirrel (12:46:09 AM):"You?" Lily looks at Henry increduously. "I believe the fault was mine."
Rakath Chaos (12:46:09 AM):"We started at sixteen thousand lifepoints. You successfully put us down to a little under twelve thousand. That's a good feat to pull, since I was healing all game and he was hitting you hard."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:46:37 AM):"She is correct. The fault was with her." The dragon user speaks up.
Rakath Chaos (12:47:22 AM):"Not that you were clear on all things either, dancer."
BreakneckChao (12:47:26 AM):"No way... I hardly did anything but defend and mooch off Lily the whole first half of the game."
BreakneckChao (12:47:43 AM):"Her Vamp was what was keeping us alive most of the time."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:47:44 AM):"If I may."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:47:48 AM):"You destroyed F.G.D."
Sinisquirrel (12:48:01 AM):"But it also cost us 3000 and 4500, respectively."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:48:04 AM):"She dealt you 4500 points of damage by running into an obvious trap."
Viewtiful Rekk (12:48:30 AM):'Mado looks about ready to run down a choke someone, btw.
BreakneckChao (12:48:55 AM):"I've done much worse, trust me."
Rakath Chaos (12:50:06 AM):"Wing-chan, let me ask the lucky one a question."
Rakath Chaos (12:50:32 AM):"What were you expecting to happen when you killed Breaker?"
BreakneckChao (12:51:20 AM):"I... don't really know. I was just trying to get rid of the threat."
Rakath Chaos (12:51:37 AM):"Threat?"
Rakath Chaos (12:52:14 AM):"You dealt with the threat already."
BreakneckChao (12:52:21 AM):"Well, he could be sacrificed... or if Gatling got destroyed, then... yeah."
Rakath Chaos (12:52:38 AM):"Gatling got destroyed, because he was in attack mode."
Rakath Chaos (12:52:49 AM):"You lost because you overreached."
BreakneckChao (12:52:54 AM):"...Holy crap..."
BreakneckChao (12:53:01 AM):"You're right."
Rakath Chaos (12:53:36 AM):"You." Sammi points at Lily, "What resources did you have in your hand at the end of the game?"
Sinisquirrel (12:53:59 AM):"Ah... Tsukuyomi and Morphing Jar."
Rakath Chaos (12:54:59 AM):"And you," turns back to Kaito, "If you played Blowback in defense mode and used his effect. No playing Gatling or attacking, what would my turn have been?"
BreakneckChao (12:56:43 AM):"Not... very effective?"
Rakath Chaos (12:57:15 AM):"You didn't know my turn at the time, however you did know that your lifepoints were VASTLY lower."
Rakath Chaos (12:57:32 AM):"So unless you can all out win right there, you do not leave an opening."
BreakneckChao (12:58:02 AM):"Huh... that thought honestly never even crossed my mind."
Rakath Chaos (12:58:41 AM):Sammi turns to look at the school staff, "You are pathetic teachers."
Sinisquirrel (12:59:36 AM):Sakuma-sensei is really, really glad he's not present right now. For no reason. "Hey, Dox brothers! Hand me another scotch!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:00:09 AM):"Blame Towa. He's the one who teaches strategy."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:00:19 AM):"HE LIES! THE TEACHERS HERE ALL SUCK!"
Rakath Chaos (1:00:53 AM):Sammi walks over and wispers into Henry's ear.
BreakneckChao (1:01:55 AM):Henry whispers something back
Viewtiful Rekk (1:02:04 AM):While those two are busy.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:02:09 AM):"...Miss Sakuma."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:02:16 AM):"If I may make a small insight?"
Sinisquirrel (1:02:25 AM):Lily looks up at the pro-circuit man. "Yes?"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:03:03 AM):"I think... you duel better when you become more focused. When you have to fight for something."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:03:35 AM):"That Donovan fellow... whether it was by his lack of skill or by your own, you defeated him quite soundly...."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:03:47 AM):"Even if the ending there wasn't viewable by the rest of us."
Sinisquirrel (1:04:18 AM):She tilts her head slightly. "... Thank you."
Sinisquirrel (1:05:30 AM):"Though... I don't really recall that one myself, but... It does mean something."
BreakneckChao (1:05:32 AM):Henry nods.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:05:38 AM):"Unless I miss my guess...that is a skill that will carry you very far at the right times."
BreakneckChao (1:05:41 AM):"Thanks. Really."
Rakath Chaos (1:07:15 AM):"Don't mention it," Sammi giggles, "Now... GROUP HUG!" Sammi hugs Lily and Henry, not Ichirou.
Rakath Chaos (1:07:36 AM):Sammi slips a card in Henry's pocket during said hug.
Sinisquirrel (1:07:51 AM):"Nnhh...!" Lily is definitely not a close-contact person, and looks highly uncomfortable.
BreakneckChao (1:07:57 AM):"Heheheh!" henry smiles and hugs them both.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:08:30 AM):"...."
Sinisquirrel (1:08:34 AM):"Why... are we hugging...? Urk!" Henry sure knows how the squeeze the life out of someone.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:09:00 AM):Ibris is behind Ichiriou, sniffling as though she's watching some tear-jerker movie.
Rakath Chaos (1:09:07 AM):"Why not, you kids did good," Sammi giggles and lets them go.
BreakneckChao (1:09:30 AM):"D'aaw."
Sinisquirrel (1:10:10 AM):Lily is suddenly behind Amado. "I don't think I like it when she giggles."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:11:06 AM):"... I don't think I like them at all."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:11:16 AM):Wow, he's not freaked out. He must be pretty mad.
Rakath Chaos (1:11:46 AM):Dawn, standing on Amado's head, "Uncle so cool."
BreakneckChao (1:12:10 AM):Henry walks over to Amado. "Sorry about your bet, man."
Sinisquirrel (1:13:47 AM):"A-ah..." Right. The bet. "Sorry..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:14:20 AM):After swatting Dawn off, he let's out a sigh. "Dun worry about it."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:14:29 AM):"You guys should've won."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:14:44 AM):"You got a bum draw, that's all."
Sinisquirrel (1:15:48 AM):Huh... He really does seem upset... But why, really? Not that she would ask in public, though.
Rakath Chaos (1:16:15 AM):Dawn pirches on her chair, and looks up, "Uhuh, yeah, and you could definitly beat Kaiba in a duel too."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:16:21 AM):"...."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:16:30 AM):"Hey Crawford."
Rakath Chaos (1:16:37 AM):"I can't beat Uncle in a duel, what makes you think they could?"
Rakath Chaos (1:16:45 AM):Sammi looks over, "Yeah?"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:17:00 AM):"Make sure you and Rekk don't have kids 'til after I'm dead."
Rakath Chaos (1:17:19 AM):"So I should kill you if I get pregnant?"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:17:29 AM):"For one, they are stronger than you."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:17:52 AM):"Since you got your ass handed to you by Li, and Lily took out his boss."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:18:13 AM):"I just don't wanna have to deal with another annoying child. They make me feel old."
Sinisquirrel (1:18:24 AM):"That... might have been a lucky draw as well, Amado-kun..." Lily didn't really want a fight to break out.
Rakath Chaos (1:19:59 AM):Wynn appears, and possesses Dawn right then and there. "Amado, please, please don't bring up that duel."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:20:36 AM):"...Why, 'cause you don't like being reminded how he kicked your ass?"
Rakath Chaos (1:20:42 AM):"Wrong duel."
Rakath Chaos (1:20:54 AM):"Don't bring up Lily against Alastor."
Sinisquirrel (1:20:56 AM):Lily blinks at the sudden shift. "... Wynn?"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:21:06 AM):"...Why the hell not?"
Rakath Chaos (1:21:15 AM):"..."
Rakath Chaos (1:21:21 AM):"I... I can't say, just don't."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:21:24 AM):"...Wait, Wynn?"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:22:14 AM):Amado glances from Henry to Lily back to Dawn, a confused look on his face.
Sinisquirrel (1:22:29 AM):Lily looks back at him, shrugging.
BreakneckChao (1:22:49 AM):Henry shrugs as well.
Rakath Chaos (1:22:49 AM):"If you continue on this path of conversation, it will end badly. Please, just... just change the subject."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:23:10 AM):"..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:23:16 AM):"You're not Spellman, are you?"
BreakneckChao (1:23:24 AM):"Wynn?"
Sinisquirrel (1:23:29 AM):The dark-haired one puts a hand on Amado's shoulder. "I think we should do as she says..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:24:05 AM):"Ehhh..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:24:17 AM):"Get put into one little coma and ya miss everything...." He grumbles.
BreakneckChao (1:24:39 AM):"Yeah... we'd best change the subject."
Sinisquirrel (1:25:04 AM):"I can tell you what I remember when we move your stuff?"
BreakneckChao (1:25:19 AM):"How about getting some smoothies?"
BreakneckChao (1:25:30 AM):Henry reaches for his wallet.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:25:36 AM):"... What is it with you and smoothies?"
BreakneckChao (1:25:37 AM):"My tre..."
BreakneckChao (1:25:47 AM):"What the..."
BreakneckChao (1:26:11 AM):Henry pulls out a card from his pocket and looks it over.
BreakneckChao (1:26:25 AM):"On second thought, you guys...."
BreakneckChao (1:26:45 AM):"I'm gonna have to take a rain chack."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:26:57 AM):"..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:27:00 AM):SNATCH.
Sinisquirrel (1:27:01 AM):"You could just give us the money anyway." Cue a shifty-eyed look.
BreakneckChao (1:27:02 AM):Henry's facial expression changes dramatically. "I gotta bolt."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:27:27 AM):Snatch as in he snatched the card in his hand.
BreakneckChao (1:27:42 AM):"What the... No! Amado, give that back!"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:28:10 AM):The Yellow fends the Red off with a foot and looks at the card.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:31:23 AM):"...."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:31:27 AM):Blink.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:31:29 AM):"Whoa."
Sinisquirrel (1:31:45 AM):"... 'whoa?'"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:31:48 AM):"Y'knoooow, I dunno if you can be trusted with a card like this, Henry."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:32:02 AM):"Maybe I should hold on to it for ya."
BreakneckChao (1:32:05 AM):"Amado, you danged well better give that back."
Rakath Chaos (1:32:08 AM):Bruno suddenly has Amado in a choke hold.
Rakath Chaos (1:32:15 AM):"Give it back to him."
BreakneckChao (1:32:30 AM):*snatch*
BreakneckChao (1:32:35 AM):"Thank you!"
BreakneckChao (1:32:47 AM):Henry bolts out the door and away from the arena.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:32:48 AM):"Gahahgh...can't breathe...."
Sinisquirrel (1:33:06 AM):Blink, blink. "Err...! That's enough? Please?"
Rakath Chaos (1:33:11 AM):"Bruno-dear, let him go now, we don't want him dead..."
Rakath Chaos (1:33:16 AM):Bruno drops Amado
Viewtiful Rekk (1:33:24 AM):"Drop the we stuff woman."
Rakath Chaos (1:34:05 AM):"I meant me and Dawn, who else can Dawn torture if he dies? I mean he is her favorite victim."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:34:28 AM):"...Eh. Makes sense, I suppose..."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:34:55 AM):"...I dislike him verily..." The Ra Yellow growls.
Sinisquirrel (1:35:15 AM):"... I see..." Not to mention that Lily's affections for the boy aren't a good enough citation.
Rakath Chaos (1:35:23 AM):"Dawn-chan, I think it's time I headed back home, wanna walk with me to my helicopter?"
Rakath Chaos (1:35:43 AM):Dawn headsteps Amado into headstepping Ichirou and lands next to Sammi.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:35:52 AM):DOJ.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:36:04 AM):"Please. That hasn't worked on me since....last month."
Rakath Chaos (1:36:33 AM):Sammi snaps her fingers, "That reminds me, Dawn Talon asked for your address."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:37:01 AM):"Tell her to go to hell."
Sinisquirrel (1:37:37 AM):"They're such pleasant people, eh...?" Lily mumbles very lowly. "Shall we sneak away?"
Rakath Chaos (1:37:41 AM):"Right," Sammi nods and walks off, "I'll tell her your address when I see her."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:38:06 AM):"Please." He grumbles back.
Sinisquirrel (1:38:44 AM):Of course, Lily chooses to 'sneak away' in the most unpleasant manner possible... for Amado, anyway. They'll be back at his old blue room.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:40:37 AM):That Tennis guy is making out with one of Asuka's creepy friends.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:40:42 AM):".......I FREAKIN' KNEW IT!"
Sinisquirrel (1:41:07 AM):"Eh...? Ur!" That so wasn't what Lily had meant to do.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:41:40 AM):He points. "You TRAMP!"
Rakath Chaos (1:41:45 AM):Wynn left Dawn to follow Henry.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:41:56 AM):"....I asked you out, and you declined, and I'm WAY better than this jerk!"
Sinisquirrel (1:42:08 AM):"..." Sakuma eyebrow raise.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:42:22 AM):"...It was before I met you."
Sinisquirrel (1:43:25 AM):"..." Lily looked at the making out couple, who were probably just as confused as she was. And with that, she had them off again.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:44:04 AM):This time, they end up in Ra Yellow dorm...in Misawa's room...as he makes out with a calculator.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:44:10 AM):"....AGAIN. I FREAKIN' KNEW IT!"
Sinisquirrel (1:44:33 AM):"... I think that that duel affected me more than I thought." Lily is physically dragging Amado out.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:45:15 AM):"Wait! I can start a tabloid if you keep doing it!"
Rakath Chaos (1:45:20 AM):Outside of the room, several female Ra students are there for what seems like no reason, "That's the crossdessing freak!"
Sinisquirrel (1:45:56 AM):"Oh, what is this!?" Feeling no other alternative, Lily pops them out again.
Sinisquirrel (1:46:08 AM):"This has to be the last one, because I'm getting tired..."
Rakath Chaos (1:47:08 AM):Faint, thud, Sammi the Blue student is down for the count as she was changing as the two popped in.
Sinisquirrel (1:47:36 AM):"... that was convenient."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:53:13 AM):"......." He pulls out a cellphone and snaps a picture.
Viewtiful Rekk (1:53:21 AM):"Duel Academy Tabloid, here I come!"
Sinisquirrel (1:53:36 AM):"... You realize I'm going to crush that thing when you're not looking, don't you?"
Viewtiful Rekk (1:53:50 AM):"Heheh.....yeah."
Viewtiful Rekk (1:53:56 AM):----------