Rakath Chaos: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Rakath Chaos: Dawn, Wynn, whatever, clings onto Henry's arm as they walk. It isn't a deathgrip, but she's making it akward for Dawn's rep of 'scary evil' to keep alive.

BreakneckChao: "It's just a little farther, Wynn." The two had been hiking for a good long while, and were decently far up the island's volcano. Throw in the fact that Henry told Wynn to wear a bathing suit, and you probably

BreakneckChao: Get one very frightened Wynn. Volcano dipping probably wasn't that enjoyable.

BreakneckChao: As the two closed in on the exit of a small cave, the dim and dreary passage opened up...

Rakath Chaos: Wynn is frightened, not really of the volcano and swimming, but more of the Dawn killing Henry for seeing her body in a bikini.

BreakneckChao: To reveal a dazzling night sky, briliantly lit by hundreds of beautiful stars, and clear view of nearly the entire island.

BreakneckChao: Upon even a passing glance, one would easily notice steam clouds rising from just a few feet off.

BreakneckChao: "Here we are!"

Rakath Chaos: Wynn is surprised Henry thought of this little trip, and is still confused about the bathing suit she is wearing under Dawn's ONLY sundress.

Rakath Chaos: Which, for the record, is sky blue with rips in it from what was probably a sparring match with several thousand pairs of scissors.

BreakneckChao: Henry walked a few feet forward. "I found this while exploring this place..." Henry pulled Wynn forward a few more feet.

Rakath Chaos: Wynn, figuring out that Volcanoes have heat vents, "You found a Hot spring?"

BreakneckChao: "It's a volcanic hot springs!"

BreakneckChao: "Awww, you figured it out?"

Rakath Chaos: "What, you thought I'd think it was Volcano swimming?" Wynn smiled cutely.

Rakath Chaos: "You'd want Hiita-Nee if you were to swim in lava with someone."

BreakneckChao: "Well, as far as I know, we're the only ones who know about this place."

BreakneckChao: "It's where I come when I need to do some heavy thinking, or when I'm really worn out..."

BreakneckChao: "And I actually do do some serious thinking from time to time, believe it or not."

BreakneckChao: Henry grinned widely.

BreakneckChao: Henry began taking off his shirt and shoes, tossing them in a pile.

BreakneckChao: He had worn the swimming trunks, so there was no need to change.

Rakath Chaos: Wynn giggles a little before speaking, "So a first date as a trip to a natural hot spring...," she thinks about how this isn't classic romance, but keeps that part to herself.

BreakneckChao: "Well..." Henry looked out over the island, and up at the sky...

BreakneckChao: "It was the most beautiful place I could think of"

Rakath Chaos: She takes her dress off over her head revealing a white bikini underneath.

BreakneckChao: Henry takes Wynn gently by the arm, and leads her down into the water.

BreakneckChao: "Aaaaaaaah..." Henry sat down in the wonderfully hot water.

Rakath Chaos: Wynn sits down next to him, enjoying the feeling of a hot spring, one of those things she hasn't done in her life yet. She doesn't make any noise as she gets in the water.

BreakneckChao: "So?... How do you like it?" Henry looked over at Wynn.

Rakath Chaos: Wynn ponders, "It feels... nice. But..."

Rakath Chaos: "I'm not sure if I like it or just Mistress's body does."

BreakneckChao: "Hmmmm...." Henry looked a bit puzzled. "Well, either way. it's enjoyable." Henry grinned.

BreakneckChao: Henry slowly, and a bit nervously, began to place his arm around Wynn's shoulder.

Rakath Chaos: Wynn nods, "Hai!"

Rakath Chaos: Now, if the nice warm water of the hot spring didn't already put a bit of a flush on Wynn/Dawn, the arm DID put a flush on Wynn/Dawn.

BreakneckChao: "Hehe... You know, this is kinda silly, but..."

BreakneckChao: "This is my first date..."

BreakneckChao: "Hey... Wynn."

Rakath Chaos: Wynn sighed, relieved he didn't say anything other than that. As the pause did leave bad mental wandering, "That's okay... this is my first too..."

BreakneckChao: "What's it like?... Your world, I mean..."

Rakath Chaos: Wynn smiles, "Well, close your eyes and I'll describe it."

BreakneckChao: Henry slowly closed his eyes. "Okay..."

Rakath Chaos: "First, imagine sitting outside an old castle, big and classic castle like in Europe."

BreakneckChao: "Okay..."

Rakath Chaos: "On one side, across the sea, you see a beautiful city in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by dancing fish and merfolk."

BreakneckChao: "Oooooh..."

Rakath Chaos: "Now on the other side, up high in the clouds, you can see the side of a great city there. In the clouds surrounded by dancing and singing angels."

BreakneckChao: "Whoa..."

Rakath Chaos: "And as you stare up there, you see dragons streak across the sky, not all of them attacking, just moving about."

BreakneckChao: "Okay..."

Rakath Chaos: "Then, you go inside to see that there is work being done on another powerful machine which has fallen into disrepair. However you're on your way to the library. Inside you find a room filled with books."

Rakath Chaos: "And you know, just by looking at the room, it is ten times bigger than the whole castle that it's inside."

BreakneckChao: No way..."

Rakath Chaos: "This world is so complex and simple at once, it is the way it is and that's all there is to it."

Rakath Chaos: "Here, this world, is the opposite."

Rakath Chaos: "Some things are as they are, but then you humans have figured out all these rules for how a world should be, and what is."

BreakneckChao: "It's true..."

BreakneckChao: "So... Which one do you like better?"

Rakath Chaos: "Right now? Here." Wynn snuggles up closer to Henry.

BreakneckChao: Definite blush for Henry. Not really a common occurrence.

Rakath Chaos: Wynn notices and giggles.

BreakneckChao: Okay. Time for a biiiiiig risk...

BreakneckChao: Henry begins to lean in towards Wynn.

Rakath Chaos: Wynn notices, moves to accept what Henry's bold move, the wait seeming to get longer as time slows for her (in her mind).

Viewtiful Rekk: "...Hello, children."

BreakneckChao: Moment. Interrupted.

Rakath Chaos: Wynn has this sudden wish to murder whoever just spoke.

Viewtiful Rekk: There's suddenly a very tall...green-skinned man standing outside of the hot spring.

BreakneckChao: "Gah! Who the heck are you?!"

BreakneckChao: "...And... Why is your skin green?"

Viewtiful Rekk: "My name is Mutant Highbrain."

Rakath Chaos: Wynn, instinctively, moves closer to Henry, which isn't too much of a movement considering.

BreakneckChao: "You need me to take you to the nurse or something?"

Viewtiful Rekk: "I'm a duel spirit."

BreakneckChao: "Oh..."

BreakneckChao: "Well, what do you want?"

Viewtiful Rekk: "...." A glance down at the two. "....Oh. I interrupted something, didn't I?"

BreakneckChao: "Uh... Yeah. Kind of."

Rakath Chaos: Wynn is glaring at him, in a manner that says 'DUH'.

Viewtiful Rekk: "Go ahead. I'll wait."

BreakneckChao: "Geh?!" Henry sweatdrops.

Rakath Chaos: Wynn uber Hinata blushes of doom.

Viewtiful Rekk: "...Hm. I kind of ruined the moment, didn't I." More a statement, and not a question.

Viewtiful Rekk: "Then I'll just do what I came to do, and be on my way."

BreakneckChao: "What did you come to do?"

Viewtiful Rekk: He raises up one of his arms, and reveals...a Duel Disk.

Viewtiful Rekk: "Master Jin sent me to deal with the two of you."

BreakneckChao: Henry looks at Wynn, and then back at the guy.

BreakneckChao: "Holy crap. Now?"

BreakneckChao: Henry sighs.

Rakath Chaos: Wynn is currently looking over Highbrain for the charm making him real.

Viewtiful Rekk: "My apologies. I wasn't given a very flexible timetable."

Viewtiful Rekk: There is no such charm on him.

BreakneckChao: "Bah... It's okay, I understand."

Viewtiful Rekk: There's one of those pink rings on his finger though.

BreakneckChao: Henry begins to get out of the water, picking up his towel and drying off.

BreakneckChao: "S'not like it's your fault."

Viewtiful Rekk: "And so it's fair..." He holds up the hand holding the pink ring, which gleams in the sunlight.

BreakneckChao: "..."

Rakath Chaos: Wynn considers getting out of the water. Decides against it, if all else fails she can use her fun wind control to make a waterspout of very hot water at the Highbrain guy.

Viewtiful Rekk: "If I win, I will take one of your duel spirits...but if I lose, I will release the duel spirit that is inside my ring."

Viewtiful Rekk: He probably doesn't know that he can't take Wynn when she's in Dawn's body.

BreakneckChao: "Do you promise?"

Viewtiful Rekk: "On my life."

BreakneckChao: "Jin kinda pulled a change up on me last time."

Viewtiful Rekk: "I am not Master Jin."

BreakneckChao: "But..." Henry looks at his deck. "Alright."

Rakath Chaos: Wynn looks over at her dress, as if speaking to something, then nods, "Henry-kun! My pocket."

BreakneckChao: "Huh?" Henry glances over at Wynn's clothes. He bends down... "Your pocket?"

BreakneckChao: Henry reaches inside...

Rakath Chaos: Sonic Duck (Wind/Bird/3/1700/700 - No Effect)

BreakneckChao: "..."

BreakneckChao: Henry actually slips the card into his deck.

Rakath Chaos: "Mistress says if you lose him that's on the list of reasons to kill you in your sleep."

BreakneckChao: "Well, I'm hoping not to add to that one."

BreakneckChao: Henry chuckles.

Viewtiful Rekk: "...Are you ready, then?"

BreakneckChao: Henry slips the deck into his disk as it activates. "As I'll ever be."

Viewtiful Rekk: His Duel Disk activates. "You may have the first turn."

Viewtiful Rekk: (8000/8000)

BreakneckChao: "Okay. Draw!"

Viewtiful Rekk: (Crap. One sec.)

Viewtiful Rekk: (Kay. Continue.)

BreakneckChao: Henry face faults a bit, as Sonic Duck appears behind him.

BreakneckChao: "Hehehee..."

Viewtiful Rekk: "....?"

BreakneckChao: "Well, it looks like he showed up sooner than I thought..."

BreakneckChao: "Anyway..."

BreakneckChao: "I'll play one defender, and lay two reverses."

BreakneckChao: "You can go."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw..."

Viewtiful Rekk: "I will special summon the Cyber Dragon..."

BreakneckChao: "..."

Viewtiful Rekk: He places a card on to his duel disk, and a sleek metallic dragon appears and lets out a loud roar. (2100/1700)

Viewtiful Rekk: "And then I will normal summon the Cyber Phoenix." A similarly robotic phoenix appears and lets out a screech. (1200/1600)

BreakneckChao: Cyber... Phoenix?

BreakneckChao: That's pretty cool...

Rakath Chaos: Wynn knows that this is not a good thing.

Viewtiful Rekk: "Cyber Phoenix! Attack his defender!"

Rakath Chaos: "Does Kaiser-kun know what you're using?"

Viewtiful Rekk: The phoenix screeches again, and shoots out a burst of flame at Henry's defender.

BreakneckChao: Shining Angel is burned in the flames.

Viewtiful Rekk: "...Kaiser Ryo?"

Rakath Chaos: Wynn nods.

BreakneckChao: "I think you know my Angel's effect.

Viewtiful Rekk: "Heh. You're perceptive. Yes, I took the decktype of Kaiser Ryo and adapted it to myself."

Viewtiful Rekk: "He is the strongest in this Academy...so naturally if I use a deck similar to his, I will have that same strength."

Viewtiful Rekk: "And yes, I know of your Angel's effect."

BreakneckChao: Another Shining Angel appears, this time in attack mode.

Viewtiful Rekk: "Cyber Dragon. Dispose of it." Cyber Dragon lets out a hiss-like roar and shoots a yellow stream of flame at the angel.

BreakneckChao: "Activate Trap!"

BreakneckChao: "Magic Cylinder!"

BreakneckChao: The cylinder appears and reverses the dragon's flame.

Rakath Chaos: Wynn shakes her head...

Viewtiful Rekk: As Cyber Dragon's blast is headed into one of the cylinders, Cyber Phoenix roars loudly, returning the trap to its reversed position as Cyber Dragon's attack continues on to Shining Angel.

Viewtiful Rekk: "My apologies. As long as Cyber Phoenix is in play, you can't target my machine monsters with spells or traps."

BreakneckChao: "What?!"

BreakneckChao: *Shining Angel is destroyed*

BreakneckChao: (-700)

BreakneckChao: Henry quickly searches his deck. "Well, with my angel's effect, I'll special summon..."

BreakneckChao: “Winged Kuriboh, in attack mode."

BreakneckChao: (300/200)

Viewtiful Rekk: Highbrain glances at the little puffball. "As you say."

Viewtiful Rekk: "One reverse, and I end my turn."

BreakneckChao: "Okay. Draw!"

BreakneckChao: "Alright, I'll switch my Kuriboh to defense, and play Photon Angel LV3 in attack mode!"

BreakneckChao: (1600/600)

BreakneckChao: "Next, I'll have my Photon Angel attack your Cyber Phoenix!"

Viewtiful Rekk: Cyber Phoenix is destroyed. (-400)

Viewtiful Rekk: "Cyber Phoenix's effect activates."

Viewtiful Rekk: "If it's destroyed in battle while in face-up attack mode, I may draw one card." He does so.

BreakneckChao: Photon Angel grows slightly larger.

BreakneckChao: "Okay."

BreakneckChao: (1800/600)

Viewtiful Rekk: "...Your angel got bigger."

BreakneckChao: "It's effect activated."

BreakneckChao: "Every time it destroys a monster, it gains 200 attack points."

BreakneckChao: The cute little guy just smiles and waves.

Viewtiful Rekk: "Ah...interesting." He said it was LV3....that likely means it'll evolve soon if he keeps destroying my monsters.

Viewtiful Rekk: "Is it my turn?"

BreakneckChao: "Sure."

Viewtiful Rekk: (7300/7600)

Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Firstly...I play the magic card Smashing Ground!"

Viewtiful Rekk: "This destroys the monster with the highest defense on your side of the field." A gigantic fist shoots out of nowhere and punches Photon Angel in its plasma-based jaw.

BreakneckChao: "Crap!"

BreakneckChao: The poor little guy is blasted straight to the grave.

Viewtiful Rekk: "Beyond that, I'll merely set a defender and have Cyber Dragon attack Winged Kuriboh."

Viewtiful Rekk: Cyber Dragons fires another blast of lightning at the winged puffball.

BreakneckChao: "Okay, now I'll activate Magic Cylinder."

Viewtiful Rekk: Highbrain watches as the blast goes into one cylinder and flies out the other, crashing into him and sending him back.

Viewtiful Rekk: "Urh....well done." (-2100) "I end my turn."

BreakneckChao: "Alrightie, then. Draw!"

BreakneckChao: "Hmmm..."

BreakneckChao: "I think it's time I brought my own Mechanical Dragon out to play."

Viewtiful Rekk: "...Hm?"

BreakneckChao: "I'll sacrifice Winged Kuriboh for Blowback dragon!

BreakneckChao: (2300/1200)

BreakneckChao: "And I'm sure you know his effect..."
: BreakneckChao rolled 3 2-sided dice: 2 2 1

BreakneckChao: "Aww, crap..."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Close, but ultimately inferior."

BreakneckChao: "Well, I'll activate my facedown, Dust Tornado, to destroy your reverse"

Viewtiful Rekk: Sakuretsu Armor is eliminated.

Viewtiful Rekk: "Ah...unfortunate."

BreakneckChao: "Phew... That could have been bad."

BreakneckChao: "Okay, I'll have Blowback attack and destroy your Cyber Dragon!"

Viewtiful Rekk: Cyber Dragon is eliminated in the face of the gundragon's attack. (-200)

BreakneckChao: "And now, I'll end my turn."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Ah...very nice."

Viewtiful Rekk: "First and foremost, I'll flip Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive."

Viewtiful Rekk: A purple train car appears (1400/1200) "And with it's flip effect, I may draw one card."

Viewtiful Rekk: "And then I will play Premature Burial to resurrect my Cyber Dragon..." (-800) "And normal summon The Light - Hex Sealed Fusion."

Viewtiful Rekk: "I'm sure you're familiar with my Light's effect, Mr. Kaito?"

BreakneckChao: "Yeah, I think so."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Good...then you won't be surprised when I offer both to special summon my Cyber Twin Dragon!" A two-headed Cyber-Dragon appears, both heads roaring. (2800/2100)

BreakneckChao: "Whoa boy..."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Cyber Twin Dragon will attack Blowback Dragon."

Rakath Chaos: Wynn is a bit unhappy about that turn of event, but watches quietly.

BreakneckChao: *Blowback is blown away*

Rakath Chaos has left the room.

Viewtiful Rekk: "He will then attack you directly." The dragon's second head shoots a second blast directly at Henry. "And then Dekoichi will do similarly." Some sort of train-based attack takes place. We're all tired.

Viewtiful Rekk: (-4600 total)

BreakneckChao: "Gngh!"

Viewtiful Rekk: "I will then set one reverse and end my turn."

Rakath Chaos has entered the room.

Viewtiful Rekk: (4500/2700)

BreakneckChao: "I draw."

BreakneckChao: "Okay, I'll lay one defender, and one reverse..."

BreakneckChao: "Go."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."

Viewtiful Rekk: "...I apologize, but I believe this duel will be ending soon."

BreakneckChao: Not if I can help it.

Viewtiful Rekk: "I will set one defender, and shift my Dekoichi to defense..."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Cyber Twin Dragon, attack his defense!"

BreakneckChao: *Miracle Dove ASPLODES*

Viewtiful Rekk: "...It looks like you're at the end of your rope, Mister Kaito."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Cyber Twin Dragon, direct attack!"

BreakneckChao: "Gngh.... I'm not giving up yet!"

BreakneckChao: "Activate trap!"

Viewtiful Rekk: "Hm?"

BreakneckChao: "Mirror Force!"

Viewtiful Rekk: "...Ahah. Should've expected that, I suppose..."

Viewtiful Rekk: Cyber Twin Dragon is vaproized.

Viewtiful Rekk: "I end my turn."

BreakneckChao: "Alright... here goes nothing..."

BreakneckChao: Henry draws.

BreakneckChao: "..."

BreakneckChao: It's one of those very telling, "I just got a good card" faces.

Viewtiful Rekk: Highbrain doesn't react. He's cool like that.

BreakneckChao: "Alright, here we go!"

BreakneckChao: "I summon Photon Angel Lvl 3 in attack mode!"

BreakneckChao: (1600/600)

Viewtiful Rekk: "Again, eh..."

BreakneckChao: "But that's not all!"

BreakneckChao: "I'll equip it with the magic card, United We Stand!"

Viewtiful Rekk: "...Oh my."

BreakneckChao: The little guy begins to beef up

BreakneckChao: (2400/600)

BreakneckChao: "And according to his effect, he's got a little growing up to do!"

Rakath Chaos has left the room.

BreakneckChao: "Level Up!"

Viewtiful Rekk: "...It levels up when its attack points are increased. Interesting."

BreakneckChao: "Photon Angel Lvl 5!"

BreakneckChao: (2800/1000)

BreakneckChao: (field check)

BreakneckChao: "Alright, next, I'll activate my facedown!"

BreakneckChao: "Heavy Storm!"

Rakath Chaos has entered the room.

Viewtiful Rekk: "....Oh well."

Viewtiful Rekk: Highbrain wordlessly puts his reverse card into his grave.

BreakneckChao: "Can't be too careful."

BreakneckChao: "Now, Photon Angel, attack his Dekoichi!"

Viewtiful Rekk: Dekoichi is vaporized by the angel's attack.

BreakneckChao: Photon Angel shifts and changes, growing bigger once again.

BreakneckChao: (2300/1000)

BreakneckChao: "Alright, I'll end my turn."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw..."

Viewtiful Rekk: "One reverse...I end.

BreakneckChao: "Alright, I draw."

BreakneckChao: "Okay, I'll lay a reverse, and a defender."

BreakneckChao: "And I'll end."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw..."

Rakath Chaos has left the room.

Viewtiful Rekk: "I'll flip Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive..." Another purple train car appears. (1400/1200)

Viewtiful Rekk: "This allows me to draw once more." He adds a card to his hand.

Viewtiful Rekk: "And then, to Dekoichi's summoning, I chain Torrential Tribute!"

BreakneckChao: "Yeesh..."

BreakneckChao: *Photon Angel is blown to the grave*

Rakath Chaos has entered the room.

Viewtiful Rekk: A massive wave washes over the field, destroying everything.

Viewtiful Rekk: "Now...I activate the magic card Overload Fusion!"

Viewtiful Rekk: "I'll remove Cyber Dragon, Cyber Twin Dragon, Cyber Phoenix, and my two Dekoichi..."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Fusion summon - CHIMERATECH OVERDRAGON!"

Viewtiful Rekk: A massive black dragon that takes up almost all of Highbrain's field appears, each head letting out an earth shattering roar.

BreakneckChao: "Crap! Not again!"

Viewtiful Rekk: "For every dragon used to bring out my Chimeratech Dragon...it gains 800 attack points!"

Viewtiful Rekk: (4000)

Viewtiful Rekk: "Now Mister Kaito....any last words?"

BreakneckChao: "...."

Rakath Chaos has entered the room.

Viewtiful Rekk: "...Nothing at all?"

Viewtiful Rekk: "Alright then. Chimeratech Dragon, direct attack!"

BreakneckChao: "Just two..."

BreakneckChao: "Activate Trap!"

BreakneckChao: "Call of the Haunted!

Viewtiful Rekk: "Hm?"

BreakneckChao: Blowback dragon reappears in attack mode, only to be immediately destroyed.

Viewtiful Rekk: "...Clever."

Viewtiful Rekk: "You're still holding on."

Viewtiful Rekk: "But you're in quite a bind now..."

Viewtiful Rekk: "I end my turn."

Viewtiful Rekk: (4500/1000)

BreakneckChao: "Alrightie, then."

BreakneckChao: "Draw!"

BreakneckChao: "Hmmm..."

BreakneckChao: "I'll lay a reverse, and special summon Cyber Dragon in defense mode!"

BreakneckChao: "Now, I'll end."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."

Viewtiful Rekk: "...Chimeratech Overdragon, attack Cyber Dragon!"

BreakneckChao: *Cyber gets blown away as well*

Viewtiful Rekk: "...Heh. No trap cards this time?"

Viewtiful Rekk: "I end."

BreakneckChao: "Alright... I draw!"

BreakneckChao: "Okay, I'll summon Divine Warrior Annelise, and I'll chain Torrential Tribute to her summon!"

Viewtiful Rekk: "...Heh."

Viewtiful Rekk: Chimeratech roars indignantly, but sinks beneath the waves just the same.

BreakneckChao: "Next, I’ll set one reverse."

BreakneckChao: "And I'll end."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw..."

Viewtiful Rekk: "...Tch...what a rotten hand...."

Viewtiful Rekk: "I end."

BreakneckChao: "Draw!"

BreakneckChao: "All right, I play Mirage Dragon in attack mode!"

BreakneckChao: (1600/600)

BreakneckChao: "And I'll also play the field magic card, luminous spark!"

BreakneckChao: (2100/200)

BreakneckChao: "Alright, Mirage! Take him down a peg!"

Viewtiful Rekk: "...Well this is unfortunate..."

BreakneckChao: Mirage speeds toward his opponent, taking a bite out og his life points.

Viewtiful Rekk: Highbrain is hit head-on. (2400) "Urg..."

BreakneckChao: "Alright, I'll end my turn with that."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw..."

Viewtiful Rekk: He glances at his hand....at the field....at his hand...

Viewtiful Rekk: "I end."

Rakath Chaos has left the room.

BreakneckChao: "Alright, I'll draw."

BreakneckChao: "This is where the duel ends."

BreakneckChao: "PREMATURE BURIAL!"

BreakneckChao: (-800)

Viewtiful Rekk: "Well...that's no good..."

BreakneckChao: *Blowback reappears once again, ready to kick some tail*

BreakneckChao: (2300/1200)

BreakneckChao: "I may only have 200 life points left, but you're about to have 0!"

Viewtiful Rekk: "...It would appear so."

BreakneckChao: "Blowback! Mirage! End this!"

BreakneckChao: Both attack simultaneously in a spiral of light and dark.

BreakneckChao: (200/0)

Viewtiful Rekk: The remainder of Highbrain's lifepoints are removed by the combined light and dark attacks.

Viewtiful Rekk: "Urgh..."

Viewtiful Rekk: "...I lose, it would seem..."

BreakneckChao: "Hey, you played a good game, and you're a lot nicer than most people would be if they were trying to steal my duel spirits."

BreakneckChao: "It was really close."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Ah...while I appreciate your compliments..." He shuffles his cards back. "We technically are enemies."

BreakneckChao: Henry walked over to his opponent, offering his hand for a shake.

Viewtiful Rekk: "...." He raises up his hand and accepts the handshake.

Rakath Chaos has entered the room.

Viewtiful Rekk: "However, we did make a fair wager..." He plucks his ring off his finger and begins mumbling something.

BreakneckChao: Parshath...

Viewtiful Rekk: A vortex shoots out of the ring...and out tumbles an ethereal Silent Magician LV0.

BreakneckChao: "...."

Viewtiful Rekk: "This may inconvenience you, but I don't happen to have the ring that contains the Airknight Parshath."

Viewtiful Rekk: "Master Jin happens to possess that ring."

BreakneckChao: Henry twitches for a sec, but somehow, miraculously keeps his cool.

BreakneckChao: "I really wish you would've told me that earlier... But there's no helping it now."

Viewtiful Rekk: The Silent Magician looks around for a sec...and then shoots behind Henry, casting an afraid glance up at Highbrain.

Viewtiful Rekk: "Perhaps I should've...but then, I thought it was implied."

BreakneckChao: "But then... whose duel spirit is this?"

Viewtiful Rekk: "No one's."

Viewtiful Rekk: "I pulled her here from the other side with a contract and then placed her into my ring."

Viewtiful Rekk: "There's less risk involved than dueling someone, I find..."

Viewtiful Rekk: "...At any rate. Our duel is done, I followed through with my half of the deal..." He turns and begins to walk off. "Next time we see each other, I doubt it'll be under such lax circumstances..."

Viewtiful Rekk: "See you." Unless stopped, he's gone.

Rakath Chaos: Wynn flops at the edge of the hotspring, "So annoying."

Viewtiful Rekk: -------------------------------------------------