Viewtiful Rekk: ---------------------------------------------------------------
kwikkidus: And lo, there was a sullen silence for a good ten minutes or so, as a certain Obelisk was busily walking through the corridors of the school, seeming very much put off.
kwikkidus: "This... isn't... FAIR! How totally not fair is this!? It's beyond not fair! It's beyond totally unfair! This is... the single... worst.... thing... EVER!" A flailing. "How could she just waltz right up to me and say it's over?!"
kwikkidus: "And then after that... to decide to hookup with that... that... WHITEHAIR... It's... it's not fair! How dare she... what did he... they... she was mine... Mine, damnit!"
kwikkidus: "...They'll pay." A suddenly sullen look on her face. "...They'll all see what you get when you cross me... and then she'll be begging me to forgive her... but I don't think I'll let HER come back..." Maniacal laughter.
kwikkidus: Her eye continues twitching dangerously. "They'll all... every last one of them. They did this, I know it. That... That blasted priestess! Grrrr... Fine then!" She whips out a cell phone, and starts dialing Meso.
Polk Kitsune: Meso's voice responded. "Heloooooooo~! Whom do I have the pleasure to talk to?" He looked at the display. "Boss lady?"
kwikkidus: "...Meso. Spirits. Strongest ones in school. Who has them, where can I find them?"
Polk Kitsune: "Strongest ones, huh? Gimme a moment." There were shuffling sounds, objects falling off, glass breaking and other ambient chaotic noises. "Were is... Oh, sorry, Alfredo. Didn't noti- HA! Here we go!"
kwikkidus: "...Well?" A pregnant pause.
Polk Kitsune: He looked at a list for a moment. "Let's see... The strongest ones... I have a few names here, along with their spirits. Some are even considered 'gods' of some sort. You want us to go hunt them down?"
kwikkidus: "...Exactly. We want all the gods we can pull together... and the sooner the better." A scowl. "I'm tired of people."
Polk Kitsune: He snickered. "Good thing I don't fit that technicality. All right."
Polk Kitsune: "The first two are probably the easiest. A certain Lola, whom has a certain Behemoth, king of something, along with three smaller spirits... And a certain Jo. Sometimes cross-dresses, but she carries Neo-Daedalus."
Polk Kitsune: "The next one was my 'former boss', if you knwo what I mean, Alastor, carrying Horus, the fire god. Hard to find, but tougher than your regular fries."
kwikkidus: "...So someone with skill should go after him. I see. Anyone else?"
Polk Kitsune: "The last one... Might be quite potent. Enishi. Not too sure about his dueling skills myself, but he carries Terros around his neck."
Polk Kitsune: "Somehow, I doubt he'll let it go so easily, seems to have sentimental values. He'll be desperate. Was involved in the Terra Firma incident. Couldn't tell where he was by the end though."
kwikkidus: A smirk appeared on her face. "Very well then... I shall handle him myself. Meso, send orders to Highbrain todeal with Alastor... I trust Melissa should be able to deal with Jo, and yourself with Lola, correct?"
Polk Kitsune: He grinned. "I love the way you think, boss lady. You can count on the twins. I'll call mister high and mighty right now!"
kwikkidus: "...Very well. I believe I shall go on a hunt myself. ...I want to make someone's life a living hell right now. If you'll pardon."
Polk Kitsune: "Have fun! Enjoy yourself!" He raised a fist in the air. "You go girl!"
kwikkidus: "...I intend to." A smirk, and she clicks the 'end call' button, before walking onwards. "...They'll all pay."
Viewtiful Rekk: Enishi is out on the grounds or something. Reading. Yeah. There ya go.
kwikkidus: There, he may well notice some blue-haired girl lifting each and every student she passes by the collar and yelling, "Are you Enishi?!" before putting them back down and continuing to the next.
Viewtiful Rekk: "...." He quirks an eyebrow. Tch. Ed's never around when he could be useful...
kwikkidus: "You?! Are you Enishi?!" Throw. "You! Are you Enishi?!" Throw. He's next, and she's coming his way.
Viewtiful Rekk: "...." Enishi stands up, and makes to walk away.
Viewtiful Rekk: Note the card around his neck.
kwikkidus: "...Fleeing the scene... and.." He wears Terros around his neck. "You! Stop right there!" She books after him. In heels. Somehow.
Viewtiful Rekk: "..." He stops, and shoots a glance behind. "What?"
kwikkidus: "...That necklace. What is it?" An eye glint. "Hmm..?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...This?" He holds it up. "It's a card that belonged to my sister. What's it to you?"
kwikkidus: "...I think you wanna show it tomeeee...~~" There's the usual attempt at persuasiveness... but there's also a slightly threatening note to it.
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Why in the hell should I show you her card? It's none of your business." He turns and attempts to walk away.
kwikkidus: "Aww... but I'm curious. What was your sister's name, huh?" A smirk, and another eyeglint.
Viewtiful Rekk: "..." He sighs. "Not that it's any of your business, but her name's Jenna."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Any more moronic questions?"
kwikkidus: A silent pause. Then in an instant, she's pointing at him. "You're a liar. How.. how dare you mention that name in front of me! I'm going to crush you, you idiot!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Pardon me?" He quirks an eyebrow. Note to self. Think out sister lie better...
kwikkidus: "I'm going to crush you. And then I'm going to take Terros from you!" A scowl.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Pfeh...."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Guess it's pointless to lie do you know about Brusu-Sama's card?"
kwikkidus: "...Well, I figured there couldn't be two people who would wear a card around their neck. Then you told me. Genius, isn't it?!" cue sparkles. "But enough of that! Less talking, more me destroying you!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Before that...why exactly do you want to destroy me?"
kwikkidus: Note now that she's not wearing her duel coat. Eep.
kwikkidus: "Because I want Terros for myself... to use for the purpose of revenge. Easy enough to understand?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "If Sakuma lopped your arm off back at our base, it's not my faul....ahah."
kwikkidus: "...Don't you 'ahah' at me, you shrimp."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Heh..." His glasses glint slightly as he pushes them up.
Viewtiful Rekk: "How foolish."
kwikkidus: "We'll see who's playing the fool in a moment."
Viewtiful Rekk: "So. I notice you don't have a Duel Disk. So I can only assume that means you've got a gun somewhere, eh?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Don't see how you could effectively kill me with anything else, not having an arm."
kwikkidus: "..." She puts her hand on the pink stuff of her pendant. "Oh... I can't use a duel coat for this. Well... I suppose I could, but it wouldn't be as fun, you see."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...?"
kwikkidus: She shuts her eyes, and the rock inside it begins flowing, out from the pendant, and up her shoulder onto the stub of her other arm and then out, taking shape into a left arm.. though obviously a fake, folded over the first. "Heh."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Tch."
kwikkidus: Then, from the wrist of it emerged a blade, complete with the required slots for use in a duel. "... I believe I am ready now. And I believe... that this will be the last duel you ever see."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I've heard that before." He places his deck into his Duel Disk.
Viewtiful Rekk: "But every time, I manage to survive." The device activates, Enishi's life points going to 8000.
kwikkidus: She places hers into her... arm, I guess. "Then, I suppose it is time to end that lucky streak. I hope you don't mind... I don't." A smirk, as hers set to the same number.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I believe I'll go first." He draws six.
kwikkidus: She draws five. "Very well then..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I'll start with my Graceful Charity magic card. This allows me to draw three cards..." He picks up three. "As long as I discard two." Mystic Box and Mystic Plasma Zone enter the grave.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I will then summon Mythical Beast Cerebrus." A two headed wolf being appears, growling in preperation. (1400/1400)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Two reverses. I end."
kwikkidus: "...A Light monster?" She draws her card. "That is perfect!"
kwikkidus: "Very well then... I shall lead off with Witch's Apprentice, in attack mode!" The monster jumps on to her broom, hovering there. "And since your Cerebus is a Light type..." (1050/500) "It loses attack, right?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...It does." Cerebrus growls angrily. (1000/1400)
kwikkidus: "Now, I think I'll draw out your trap card... Witch! Attack his Cerebus with Shot to the Moon!" She rushes in with her broom ready for thwacking.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Rather foolish." The Witch is surrounded by a ring of grenades, which ignite, reducing her to nothing.
Viewtiful Rekk: (6950)
kwikkidus: (6950)
kwikkidus: "I'm not done yet. I set one card facedown, and activate the spell card, Spell Absorbtion."
kwikkidus: "Make your move.."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Why thank you." Enishi smirks, and a counter appears on his Cerebrus.
Viewtiful Rekk: "During your end phase, I believe I'll use Mystical Space Typhoon."
kwikkidus: She smirks right back. "Oh will you?" (7450) Waboku explodes.
Viewtiful Rekk: Kirli's face down card is wiped out. Cerebrus gains a second counter.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I summon the Injection Angel Lily!" An angelic nurse with a heart on her hat and an obnoxiously large syringe appears. (400/1500)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Now. Cerebrus, attack directly!" Cerebrus roars as its two spell counters activate and it rushes at Kirli. (2400)
kwikkidus: She takes the attack, and several cuts appear on her as it hits. "Ghh." (5050)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Now Lily, direct attack!" Lily races at Kirli, as Enishi's life points drop. "And since I'm using her effect..." He smirks, and lets his monster show her. (3400)
kwikkidus: The needle stabs her, and again leaves quite a visible mark. "GYAGH!" (1650)
Viewtiful Rekk: "I'll set one reverse card and end my turn." (4950)
kwikkidus: "Then, I believe it is my turn to draw."
kwikkidus: "I begin with the spell card, Curtain of Black Magic!" (825)
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Tch."
kwikkidus: "This card lets me summon a Dark Magician to my field! At the cost of half of my life points... And since it's also a spell card..." (1325) "I gain life points for using it!"
kwikkidus: "Now, I'll have Dark Magician attack your Cerebus."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Mm...I think not."
Viewtiful Rekk: Dark Magician is covered in a suit of armor before he can reach Cerebrus. The suit then explodes.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Sakuretsu Armor. Rather handy."
kwikkidus: "Hold on."
kwikkidus: The Magician in the armor glows, before vanishing, only to be replaced by a much cuter, female, and downright Jenna-esque one. "Dimension Magic."
kwikkidus: "And due to its effect..." She points at the Lily. "Explode."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Tcheh. Should've seen that coming..."
Viewtiful Rekk: Lily frowns, and then gives Kirli a rasberry before exploding.
kwikkidus: "I'll be setting one card facedown, and that will be it for my turn."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I play Heavy Storm!"
Viewtiful Rekk: A tempest shoots through the field, wiping out both of Kirli's cards.
kwikkidus: "Hold it! I chain Waboku!" The monks appear.
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Pfeh. Fine. But Cerebrus has 3 counters just the same. Go."
kwikkidus: "I won't let you touch her... And I won't let you win! Draw!"
kwikkidus: "...Hmm! Nightmare's Steel Cage!" The iron bars erupt around his field. "Neither of us will be killing anyone anytime soon."
kwikkidus: "Your move.."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Just keep adding counters to my monster."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Since you were so kind to prevent either of us from attacking... I'll play Apprentice Magician!"
Viewtiful Rekk: The apprentice appears, does a little dance, and Cerebrus gets a fifth counter. (400/800)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Go."
kwikkidus: "I draw, then!"
kwikkidus: "I see your Apprentice Magician... And I raise you a Rapid-Fire Magician!" The creature appears, brandishing its staves. (1600/1200) "Go!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I shift Apprentice Magician to defense mode, and summon Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer." A robed masked man with some beads appears. (1800/700)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Go."
kwikkidus: The steel cage falls. "I draw..."
kwikkidus: "I set one monster in defense mode, and move all my monsters to defense..." A sigh. "Make your move."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Alright....Kycoo, take out that pesky Rapidfire Magician, will you?"
kwikkidus: The magician asplodes.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Then I'll just set one reverse and end my turn."
kwikkidus: "...I draw, then."
kwikkidus: "I have to end... I guess. Go."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I draw..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "..." A smirk. "I play White Magician Pikeru in attack mode!"
Viewtiful Rekk: The pink-haired magician appears, spinning her wand between her fingers. (1200/0)
kwikkidus: "..." Her eye glints. "An insult such as you have given me right now... How dare you?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...What exactly do you have against Masami-sama anyway...?"
kwikkidus: "What business is that of yours, hmm?!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "You're trying to destroy me. I think it's my business."
kwikkidus: "Don't worry. It's not personal. I just want that spirit of yours."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Pfeh. This card happens to be very important to me."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I have a right to know just why you want it so badly."
kwikkidus: "So that I can bring everything to its rightful end, of course... I want to finish you all." ^^
Viewtiful Rekk: "Pfeh..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "You said you wanted revenge...?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "That's foolish. Such a motive won't accomplish anything."
kwikkidus: "...It'll make me feel better. And that's what I want to do... make me happy! Understand?!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...You won't be happy."
Viewtiful Rekk: "You won't even succeed."
kwikkidus: "And you won't be around to gloat afterwards!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Listen to me for a moment."
Viewtiful Rekk: "You won't suceed in getting revenge."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Masami-sama...and her friends."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I tried to fight against them. It's impossible."
kwikkidus: "...Then I have to start by being better than you, won't I?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "It doesn't matter how strong you are."
Viewtiful Rekk: "They're always stronger."
Viewtiful Rekk: "They have an amazing power...the power to become as strong as they ever need to be."
kwikkidus: "...And I have the power to take their power. Which, in the end, makes me the stronger, no?"
Viewtiful Rekk: " don't understand at all."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Kycoo, attack the Dark Magician Girl!"
kwikkidus: The Dark Magician girl is destroyed, instantly. "U...Uwah..?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Pikeru, attack her defender!"
kwikkidus: The Apprentice Magician is destroyed. "And I set a monster... I think I want my Old Vindictive Magician!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Tch."
Viewtiful Rekk: She'll definetly target my Cerebrus when that thing is flipped....I'd better force her to do it now, rather than later.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Cerebrus! Strike the defense!" Cerebrus roars loudly as its attack shoots up, and it rams into the defening magician.
kwikkidus: "...I destroy the Cerebus!" The Magician bites for the jugular.
Viewtiful Rekk: Both spellcasters are destroyed.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Tch...go."
kwikkidus: She draws. "Hmm."
kwikkidus: "I set two cards facedown, and end my turn!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "And thanks to Pikeru's special effect... I gain 1200 life points!" (6150)
Viewtiful Rekk: Tch. Can't risk an attack... "Go."
kwikkidus: "...I draw."
kwikkidus: "One more card facedown. Go!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "And Pikeru's effect...." (7350)
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Go."
kwikkidus: "I draw."
kwikkidus: "I will set one monster in defensive position, and end my turn..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw." (8550)
Viewtiful Rekk: "I will summon the Ebon Magician Curran!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Curran appears, and shoots a glare at Pikeru. Pikeru does likewise. Kycoo shoots them both a 'break it up' look.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Next...the spell card Magic Blast!"
Viewtiful Rekk: All four of the spellcasters on Enishi's field begin glowing... beofre they shoot out a fairly large ball of magic straight at Kirli.
kwikkidus: "...Four spellcasters..?"
kwikkidus: (1025) "Ghh..."
Viewtiful Rekk: He places the card into his grave.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Let me spell this out for you..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "At my next turn, Curran will take 300 life points from you for the monsters on your field."
Viewtiful Rekk: "And then I will add Magic Blast back into my hand and play it again, for 800 more points of damage."
Viewtiful Rekk: "That's 1100 points. Seventy-five more than you have."
Viewtiful Rekk: "You've lost. Accept that. Move on. Forget revenge."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I end my turn."
kwikkidus: "...I draw."
kwikkidus: "It's never over. Not yet. I flip summon Old Vindictive Magician! And he will destroy your Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Kycoo asplodes.
kwikkidus: "Old Vindictive Magician, attack that Apprentice Magician. Countering?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Consider that it's weaker? No."
kwikkidus: "I activate three cards. All three."
kwikkidus: "First, Dimension Magic. Then, two Magician's Circles!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Tch."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Fine. Summon your monsters and destroy one of mine so I can use Magician's Circle."
kwikkidus: "First, we both summon two spellcasters! I pick two of my lovely Dark Magician Girls!" (2300) (2300)
kwikkidus: "Now, you get to summon two. And THEN, the Dimension Magic resolves. Comprende?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Hmph. I summon Skilled Black Magician and Dark Magician Girl!" (1900/1700) (2300/1700)
kwikkidus: "Now, my spell activates... and I will tribute my Old Vindictive Magician for a Dark Magician! And I'll destroy your Dark Magician Girl in the process!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Dark Magician Girl is destroyed. What an ironic turn of events.
kwikkidus: "Now, Dark Magician! Destroy that Curran!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Kh." Curran is all blowed up. How unfortunate. (7250)
kwikkidus: "Dark Magician Girl! The Pikeru!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Pikeru meets the same fate. (6150)
kwikkidus: "And now, final Dark Magician Girl, destroy the apprentice Magician."
Viewtiful Rekk: Apprentice is destroyed, leaving only the Skilled Black on Enishi's field.
kwikkidus: "...I end, for now."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I'll do as you did... and set Old Vindictive Magician."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: ... Damn... this is a difficult situation...
Viewtiful Rekk: At most, I can only take out two of her monsters... dammit.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I'll set one reverse card, and shift Skilled Black Magician to defense mode."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Your move."
kwikkidus: "I draw, then."
kwikkidus: "Breaker, the Magical Warrior. I'll have him take care of your newest facedown."
Viewtiful Rekk: Enishi smirks.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Trap card, ACTIVATE!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Pillars of water begin shooting from the ground.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Torrential Tribute!"
kwikkidus: "...Ghh!"
kwikkidus: "...I... End." A sigh.
Viewtiful Rekk: Enishi places both of his monsters in to the grave, and draws.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Spirit Reaper!"
Viewtiful Rekk: The purple cloaked scythe weilding one appears. (300/200) "STRIKE!"
kwikkidus: "Gyagh!" (725)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Go."
kwikkidus: "I draw."
kwikkidus: "I... Set a monster, and end."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: I place one monster in defense mode, and shift Spirit Reaper to defense."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Go."
kwikkidus: "I draw."
kwikkidus: "I have nothing else I can do this turn. Go."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I sacrifice my two monsters..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Come forth, BLACK MAGICIAN OF CHAOS!"
kwikkidus: "..."
Viewtiful Rekk: The magician with the pointiest hat of all appears. (2800/2000)
Viewtiful Rekk: "And, I'll add Graceful Charity back to my hand... and play it!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Enishi draws three cards and discards two.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Now, Black Magician of Chaos, strike the defender! Death Ultima!"
Viewtiful Rekk: A sphere grows on the tip of the Magician's staff, which he flings at Kirli's defense.
kwikkidus: The Apprentice Magician is destroyed, andanother defender quickly pops into its place, as she smirks. "The one card that can blunt your Magician."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Tch. Looks like."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Go."
kwikkidus: "And I will place a Magician of Faith. Draw!"
kwikkidus: "...I don't have much choice. It'll buy me a turn. Go!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Black Magician of Chaos! Strike the Magician of Faith!"
kwikkidus: It explodes, and Spell Absorption comes back to Kirli's hand. "Nnnff..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Go."
kwikkidus: "I draw!"
kwikkidus: "I activate Spell Absorption!"
kwikkidus: 'Then, I have a Spell Card for you. It's called Bait Doll!" (1225)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Hmph." Mirror Force is revealed. It's destroyed.
kwikkidus: "Now... I play the spell card Premature Burial to revive my Dark Magician Girl! In attack mode!" (925) The girl spins back to life. (2600/1700)
Viewtiful Rekk: "...." Enishi's eyes narrow.
Viewtiful Rekk: "But it's weaker... why would you waste all those cards to summon i...."
Viewtiful Rekk: Enishi's eyes widen. "!"
Viewtiful Rekk: " can have that card...!"
kwikkidus: "...Huh? Kid... I'll let you in on a little secret."
kwikkidus: "I've been around long enough to watch the pyramids being built. I've had plenty of time to find it." A smirk, as a lightning bolt comes down from the sky, and engulfs the Girl, staff-first. "I tribute her..."
kwikkidus: "And I summon Dark Magician Princess!" The lightning grows blinding, then settles, revealing a princessly-robed Magician Girl, with a dignified sceptre. (2000/1700)
Viewtiful Rekk: "..." Enishi mumbles a curse as the souls of all of his magicians begin floating out of his grave.
Viewtiful Rekk: Ten souls in all from his grave are now swirling around the princess.
kwikkidus: The spirits from her own grave begin rising as well, circling it slowly. "Now... For every spellcaster in either of our graves, it will gain 300 attack points. Let's see just how high she goes..?"
kwikkidus: Twelve more come from Kirli's, making a total of twenty-two that are sucked into the odd, pinkish stone on the princess's sceptre. "Twenty-two times three hundred equals... This many!" (8600/1700)
Viewtiful Rekk: "N-no way..." It's even's stronger than Terros...!
kwikkidus: "Now... Crush that Dark Magician of Chaos!" With a wave of the sceptre, a rediculously large and rediculously pink beam fly forth towards the opposing spellcaster, seemingly powered by the gold-laid stone.
Viewtiful Rekk: The Dark Magician of Chaos is blown away, as are a good deal of Enishi's life points. (300)
kwikkidus: "Now then. Which of us was losing...? Go."
Viewtiful Rekk: "D-draw..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Gh...." Enishi gazes down at his hand.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I play the Swords of Revealing Light!"
kwikkidus: "..." Kirli gasps for breath. "You're grasping!" (1425)
Viewtiful Rekk: Three swords shoot down from the heavens, inbetween Enishi and the princess.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Call it what you will... my swords protect me for three turns."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I set three reverse cards."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Go."
kwikkidus: "Draw!"
kwikkidus: "Heh... I end." An eerily sweet smile.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I set a monster in defense mode, and end my turn..."
kwikkidus: "Draw!"
kwikkidus: "I set a card facedown, and end."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I place a monster in defense mode...go."
kwikkidus: "Draw"
kwikkidus: "It is my turn for a Graceful Charity." She plays it. (1925)
kwikkidus: "I discard Dark Magician and Magic Box of Death... But that just makes my Princess stronger!" (9200)
kwikkidus: "Go."
Viewtiful Rekk: The swords shatter.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Kh....d-draw..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I...I set one monster in defense mode and end..."
kwikkidus: "Draw."
kwikkidus: "Now, I equip my Princess with a Big Bang shot!" (2425) Her scepter grows still larger. (9600)
Viewtiful Rekk: Enishi's eyes widen. N-no!
kwikkidus: "...And finally I play Diffusion Wave-Motion." (1925) "I pay 1000 life points..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Kh...!" He snatches his PDA out of his jacket.
Viewtiful Rekk: I have to warn them...!
kwikkidus: "Destroy every last one of his monsters!" Remember how big that last beam was? This one's about four times its size. At least.
Viewtiful Rekk: Cerebrus, Curran, and Breaker monetarily appear... and are all utterly obliterated.
Viewtiful Rekk: All that damage winds back to Enishi... sending him flying back quite the distance. Whoop, just hit a tree. (0000)
kwikkidus: ""...And now, for the rest of it." She again places a hand on her pendant, and the wind starts blowing rather... fiercely, creating a small cyclone that quite literally extends from it. "Give me your god, punk."
Viewtiful Rekk: Enishi feebly clutches to the Terros card around his neck.
Viewtiful Rekk: Gh...B-Brusu-sama...
kwikkidus: It wasn't the card she was after anyways... 'twas the inhabitant, which would be getting sucked towards her amulet right about... nowish. Cue the cackle.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Wh-what are you...?"
kwikkidus: "...Angry." The stone begins glowing hotly from the power that it had just recieved. "And you just happened to be in my way."
kwikkidus: She turned, walking slowly away. "Don't take it personally... but you're all going to die."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Gh..." He watches as she leaves... and uses what little strength wasn't blown to hell by the attack to grab his PDA and punch in a number-- Jenna's.
Myushu: ... And the girl blinked, hearing her PDA suddenly go off. She answered it, "Hn?"
Viewtiful Rekk: She would see Enishi, looking like he could drop off into unconciousness at any second.
Viewtiful Rekk: "M-masami-s-sama...."
kwikkidus: "...Is that who it sounds like?"
Myushu: "..E..Enish-san? What.. what happened to you?!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "S-she...s-she has it...."
Myushu: "She? Who's she? Has what..? Where are you?!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "T-terros...I-I couldn't stop her..." He lets out a sharp gasp of pain.
Myushu: "Terros..? Enishi-san! Tell me where you are, please!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "T-the one-armed girl... Terros... she... princess... too strong..." Seems like he's just saying random stuff now.
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Ugh." His eyes close. He slips out of conciousness.
Myushu: "...Kirli? K...Kirli did this to you? Enishi? Enishi!!" she stared at the PDA, frozen as he slips out of conciousness.
kwikkidus: "...What the hell just happened?" An audible blink.
Myushu: "E...Eon-kun. Something bad's going on..." she looked at him rather fearful. "We have to find Enishi! He's hurt! And.. and Kirli..."
Myushu: "...She's doing something.. But.."
kwikkidus: "...But what? What are WE suppsed to... Wait, what's Kirli doing?"
Myushu: "I don't know.." she quickly ended the call, as Enishi was out anyway, and started to use the PDA to locate him, quickly rushing off as soon as she got his location. "C'mon!"
Viewtiful Rekk: -----------------------------------------------------------