Viewtiful Rekk: -------------------------------
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo is on the roof of the Osiris Red dorm, sketching a sunset. A smile is on her face as she looks out at the grand orange-ish orb.
Polk Kitsune: A head popped right over her shoulder as someone leaned over. "Oooohhhh! That looks really good!" She brushed off some of her pink hair. "Sunsets are always soooo nice."
Viewtiful Rekk: "!" Jo suddenly spun around, nearly crashing right into her easel as she did so. "O-oh...! Hello..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Oh...I agree! I really like to sketch the sunset and the sunrise..." She said, relaxing a bit.
Polk Kitsune: "EEP!" She spun back a bit as Jo almost turned right into her, but she quickly pulled back, smilling. "Haaaiii! But they're a bit boring, neee?" She pondered, and looked again, giggling.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Well...kinda...I like to draw people too when I can..." She picks her sketchbook up off of the easel, and switches to a rather realistic sketch of Dawn head-stepping Amado.
Polk Kitsune: She giggled hapilly. "That's silly!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Ah...yeah, I made this one a while ago...." She places the sketchbook back on the easel. " name's Jo. What's yours?"
Polk Kitsune: She tilted her head, smiling. "Melissa!" She bowed lightly. "Nice to meet you!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Ah, there anything I can help you with, Melissa-sempai?"
Polk Kitsune: "Sempai? That's not my..." She shook her head, and waved a finger. "Trying to confuse me won't work! Nononono!"
Polk Kitsune: "I'm here to duel you for your duel spirit!" She pondered a moment. "Too much?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "....My duel spirit...?"
Viewtiful Rekk: ....Pink-haired. Duel spirit. Two plus two.
Polk Kitsune: "Yeah! Neo... something?"
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo's smile slowly fades. "'re the one who took Doriado-sempai from Ed-sempai...!"
Polk Kitsune: She raises a fist in the air. "HAAAAIIIII!!!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "You...why do you want Neo-Daedalus...?!"
Polk Kitsune: "That's ME! ALL ME!"
Polk Kitsune: She blinks, and tilts her head. "Because... Oh, because onii-chan told me to! And dueling's fun fun FUN!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I...I..." Jo glances around. I...I can't beat her...she beat Ed-sempai and he's way stronger than I am...but I can't just let her take Neo-Daedalus...
Viewtiful Rekk: "Ah...uh.....LOOK BEHIND YOU!" Point.
Polk Kitsune: "Huh?" She turns around. "What is it? What is it?"
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo grabs her drawing stuff and bolts.
Polk Kitsune: She blinks a little. "Really? What is it?" She turns around, and sees Jo run off. "Huh?"
Polk Kitsune: A few more seconds... not used to this thinking stuff. "HEY! WAIT!" And she finally rushes off after her.
Viewtiful Rekk: After reaching the edge, she shoots a glance down the ladder she propped to the roof beforehand and Melissa... and just ditches her drawing stuff, before climbing down.
Polk Kitsune: "Nani?" Melissa grabbed the thrown away stuff, blinking. "Hey, no wasting!" She leaped down onto the ground, with incredible agility, and looked at Jo, tilting her head.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Guh!" Jo looks distinctly surprised by Melissa's... atheletic display.
Polk Kitsune: Melissa simply smiled, and waved. "Hiiii!... Now... What was out there again? What did I miss?"
Polk Kitsune: She giggled lightly. "Oh well. Let's duel!"
Viewtiful Rekk: " was..." Pause. " ... LOOK BEHIND YOU!"
Polk Kitsune: "WAAAH!" Another turn around. "Where?!?!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Again, Jo bolts.
Polk Kitsune: "Huh? There's nothing... Aaaaawwww!" Once more, she bolts after Jo. "Nooo faaaiiiir!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Eventually however, Jo trips and falls right on her face. "Awp! ...Ow...." She gets back up. "Guh...." She looks up at the chasing Melissa.
Polk Kitsune: Melissa was catching up, quickly, still carrying Jo's stuff. "WAAAAIIIIIT!" She was dialing a number on her PDA while her arms were half-full.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Ah....w-why do you want Neo-Daedalus, anyway...?!"
Polk Kitsune: She gave a sigh, and placed the stuff down. "Wheh... I..." She pondered. "Hum... I duno, I was just asked to. Kirli-chan needs it, it seems!"
Sinisquirrel: "... she's probably pulling the 'look over there' trick." Came the droll reaction to the message. Hauling a bag of several things on to her back, she looks at the PDA to the blip's location... and looks out the window. Convenient.
Viewtiful Rekk: "..Kirli-sempai...?" Jo blinks a couple times.
Polk Kitsune: "HAI!" She blinked again. "... Too much, again?"
Sinisquirrel: With a heave, the window goes up, and a call goes out. "Mistress, catch!" And down comes a nice net gun.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Ah...." She shakes her head. "W-well..whatever the reason, I can't risk Neo-daedalus...!"
Polk Kitsune: She blinks up, and catches the gun. "EEP!"
Polk Kitsune: She blinked again, and smiled brigthly. "Thank yooouuuu! You're getting rewarded for this later!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Blink. "Mylene-sempai...?" Now she looks flat-out baffled.
Polk Kitsune: She looked back to Jo, smilling, gun armed. "And I can't let you get away. Gomen-neeee."
Sinisquirrel: "Ghhgh." Rewards weren't as great as Melissa made it sound. "I'll be right down!" SLAM! goes the window as she hurries to the spot by foot.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Ah...ah.." Jo looks around frantically. "...Uh......LOOK BEHIND YOU!" She points, yet again.
Polk Kitsune: "..." She blinks. "Huh?" And of course, she looks. "Again?"
Sinisquirrel: A blink. She's halfway down the stairs when she hears the shout, and shouts back, "DON'T LOOK!" She knows better.
Viewtiful Rekk: And Jo is making to bolt again as she turns.
Polk Kitsune: "... ACK!" She turned back quickly toward Jo. "You..." With a pull of the trigger, a net was launched right at Jo. At least, she hoped it would catch her.
Viewtiful Rekk: And, unfortunately for her, Jo took it right in the back, dropping to the ground as the heavy net fell over her. Guh...this is bad...! She struggles about in the capturing device.
Polk Kitsune: "YATTA!" She juped a bit. "I got her, I got her, I got her!!! HEEE!"
Sinisquirrel: A huffing, puffing blonde comes on the scene, hands on her thighs as she stops. "M-misstress, you shouldn't keep... f-falling for that..."
Polk Kitsune: She blinked at Mylene. "But... what if there really is something? I mean, you never know!"
Sinisquirrel: "..." Oh, the temptation to say 'look over there,' stun her, and then run away with Jo in tow. But that would be too obvious, wouldn't it?
Polk Kitsune: "Now!..." She pondered. "We need somewhere secure where she can't run no more!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo looks over at Mylene. "M-Mylene-sempai...! That's the girl who took Doraido-sempai! Go and get help!"
Sinisquirrel: "..." Mylene just looks at Jo. "... I can't." Not this way, anyway. Then, to Melissa: "An enclosure?"
Polk Kitsune: She giggled. "Silly. Mimi's with me and onii-san!" She looked at Mylene, and gave a nod. "Hai! Something like that!"
Sinisquirrel: I assume she wants a private one... Mylene thinks, then gets an idea, and checks her PDA. "Uhmn... the gym's pool is closed for renovations..."
Polk Kitsune: Her eyes shined. "HAI! Perfect!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo just blinks. This...this is very bad.... " Duel Disk is....back in my dorm...if you'll let me out, I'll go and get it! I won't run! I promise!"
Polk Kitsune: "... Really?" She pondered. "But Mimi could get her duel disk, and you wouldn't have to walk at all?"
Sinisquirrel: There's a sort of... wrenching kind of feeling as Mylene knows she'd rather let the girl run. "N... nn..." she nods, "She could... borrow mine. I brought it..."
Polk Kitsune: She giggled, and took the net, starting to pull, and drag her along merrily, humming a small, cheerful tune.
Sinisquirrel: A sigh... but, unseen by the rest of the party, Mylene has moved her finger just so. Her PDA does not click off... instead, it is set to record.
Viewtiful Rekk: And Jo, unable to resist, is dragged off.
Polk Kitsune: Soon, they arived at the pool. With a little work with pins around the locks, the doors were soon opened, and the trio were entering the pool.
Sinisquirrel: Devoid of water for the duration of the repairs, which were, at the moment, on hold because of some incident or other at the Obelisk dorms. Who knew what that was about?
Polk Kitsune: "Here we aaarreeee!" She giggled happily. "Okay, Mimi. You go check the other doors and lock them properly..." She tilted her head. "And I'll get our friend down here!"
Sinisquirrel: "S-sure!" And off went the girl, leaving her device on the ground as she hurried, not wanting to miss a moment.
Polk Kitsune: She smiled, and looked down at Jo. "Such a helpful little Mimi we have, yes we do!... Now..."
Polk Kitsune: She slowly hauled the net, and the prisoner inside down into the empty pool before letting the opening off, letting Jo climb out. "There we are!"
Viewtiful Rekk: And indeed, she did climb out of the net, letting out a small sigh as she did. Looks like I can't get out of this...but...I don't know if I can even come close to beating her.... She looks up at Melissa.
Sinisquirrel: "S'all secure!" Came the call from outside of the pool.
Polk Kitsune: "HAAAIII!" Melissa giggled, and tossed Mylene's duel disk at Jo. "Here you are!" She leapt down, her own duel disk on. "Get ready~!"
Sinisquirrel: Right... now... if Jo will just... Guh! I don't know how Jo's gonna know to ask questions!
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo, rather amazingly, managed to catch the Duel Disk without dropping it. "Ah...o-okay..." She mumbles, and slips her deck into the device as her lifepoints were set. Okay...just stay calm....
Polk Kitsune: Melissa giggled, and hopped around a bit as she slipped her deck in. "HAI! Let's duel! WHEEE!"
Sinisquirrel: But it's okay... The PDA was still running, recording the session as it continued. Maybe something'll... slip out.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Ah...I'll go first...if that's okay..." She draws.
Polk Kitsune: "Hai!" She pulled five cards, and her eyes gleamed as she stared at them.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I...I'll start with Graceful Charity...!"
Polk Kitsune: "Oooohhh~! Nice card! Love it! Hehehe."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I...I'll discard Minor Toad 1 and T.A.D.P.O.L.E..." She says, slipping the two cards into her grave.
Polk Kitsune: She tilted her head, blinking.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Next, I'll play my Smmoning Technique magic card!" She holds up a card, and a scroll appears in front of her. "By paying 1000 lifepoints, this lets me summon a monster from my deck!" (7000)
Polk Kitsune: She blinked. "Ooohhh?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I'll summon my Minor Toad 2!" A red toad with black markings on its body appears... and shoots a wink at Melissa. (1500/1200)
Polk Kitsune: Melissa winced, and shivered completely. "WAAAAHHH! TOADS! EEWWW!!!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Then...I'll sacrifice Minor Toad 2...." The red toad blows a kiss as he dissapears. "And summon Des Frog!" A large green frog appears on her field... and is joined by a second one. (1900/0) (1900/0)
Sinisquirrel: Blink. Who knew that someone with Melissa's bizarre tastes would dislike toads?
Viewtiful Rekk: "Uh....when my Des Frog is summoned, and there's a T.A.D.P.O.L.E. in my graveyard, it... summons another..." Blink. "Wh-what's wrong with toads...?"
Polk Kitsune: She shivered at the second kiss, but couldn't seem to stop backing away, looking at the toads.
Polk Kitsune: "Yucky! Yuckyyuckyyucky!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Ah... uhm...I-I'm sorry... my deck is kind of centered around them..." She mumbles. "I... I end my turn..."
Polk Kitsune: "EEEWWW!" She whimpered, then shook her head. "I draw!"
Polk Kitsune: "I'll start by summoning Toon Gemini Elf!" The pair of twin ladies apeared, one of Melissa's favorite cards in all. (1900/900)
Viewtiful Rekk: ...Record scratch. "Y-you have Toons?!"
Polk Kitsune: "HAAAAIII! Aren't they kawaaaiiii?" She hopped around happily.
Viewtiful Rekk: "! They're...ah...." She stops, her shoulders slumping.
Polk Kitsune: "Pegasus-Sama gave these to me! I'm so lucky!"
Polk Kitsune: "BUt I can't attack with them yet... Oh well!"
Polk Kitsune: "One card facedown!... And That ends my turn!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "D-draw..."
Viewtiful Rekk: She glances down at her hand. "...I...I pass..."
Polk Kitsune: She blinked, and giggled with glee. "Really! SWEEEET!"
Polk Kitsune: She pulled a card. "Oooohhhh! Sweet~<3"
Sinisquirrel: She... passes? Why? The facedown? Mylene shakes her head, wishing that more conversation was taking place.
Polk Kitsune: "I'll start with one of my favorites!"
Polk Kitsune: "The mystical, comical, wonderful, colorful... TOON WORLD!"
Polk Kitsune: Melissa's life points dropped by a thousand, and a huge cartoony book with pop up images popped onto the field. (7000)
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo flinches visibly at that card's apperance. N-now she can hit my directly...
Polk Kitsune: "And then I'll give my elves a little gift! A little power boost called Mage Power!"
Polk Kitsune: "With this, my little elves gain five hundred attack and defense points for every magic or trap card I have on the field!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Th-that's 1500 extra points...!"
Polk Kitsune: The elves gave cackle that would give shivers down most people's spines as they started to glow. (3400/2400)
Polk Kitsune: "Exactly! And with Toon World, they get to attack you directly! Go, Toon Gemini Elves! Attack Jo diretly!"
Polk Kitsune: The elves arched all around Jo, and delivered a STRONG double kick to her back. "HA!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo lets out a small cry and grits her teeth slightly as she's stricken by the attack (3600)
Polk Kitsune: "And as a special effect... Whenever they damage someone..." The two elves reached out, grabbed the leftmost card in Jo's hand, and pulled it out. "You have to toss a card form your hand to the graveyard!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Another toad, this one in armor, appears momentarily and dissapears. "Gh..."
Polk Kitsune: "And that's the power of TOONS!" She pulled a pose. "V for victory!"
Polk Kitsune: She giggled. "I end my turn!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I...I play Heavy Storm!" Jo says as she holds up another spell and slips it into her Duel Disk.
Polk Kitsune: Melissa's eyes went wide. "What? Nooooo!"
Polk Kitsune: Her eyes went teary as her whole field was wiped away. "My elfiiieees... Toonies..."
Sinisquirrel: Mylene clenched a fist. Yes!
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo takes in a couple deep breaths. Okay...okay....I'm okay.... "N-next, Des Frogs! Direct attack!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Frog Shockwave!" Both the frogs leap up and take in deep breaths, before croaking out shockwaves at Melissa.
Polk Kitsune: "... WAAAAAHHH!!!" She turned, and curled in a ball, waiting for the yucky, disgusting, slimy frogs' attacks. (3200)
Polk Kitsune: Melissa was knocked to the floor by the shockwaves. "Uuuuuhh... That hurtie..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "A-ah! I'm sorry...!"
Sinisquirrel: "..." Right. She was supposed to cheer here, wasn't she? Sorry, Jo... "D-don't worry, Mistress! It's your turn!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I just...ah...! I really don't want to lose Neo-Daedalus...!"
Polk Kitsune: She turned around, and with the grace of a gymnast, flipped back on her feet. "But I gotta get him! For onii-san!"
Viewtiful Rekk: " don't understand...!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I...I once just gave him away...and it turned out so horribly..."
Polk Kitsune: She blinks. "I don't?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I made things so much harder for everyone...and in the end...I had to fight Li-kun..." What's that, the first time she hasn't used 'sempai' in the history of forever?
Polk Kitsune: She placed a finger over her lips, and pondered. "But... I..." She seemed confused. "But it's suposed to be all fun! And for onii-san, and Kirli-sama!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Just because I couldn't show a little courage..." She pauses. "I...I don't know what power Neo-Daedalus has...but I don't think it's a power that people should try to use for themselves!"
Sinisquirrel: Another blink. Kirli? That girl who... It was strange to hear, but it was duly gratifying... now she had the name on tape.
Polk Kitsune: "Onii-san wouldn't lie to me! I know!" She squirmed. "I dunno what they want with it, I just know they do!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "W-well...then I'm sorry, but I'll just have to beat you!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I end my turn...!"
Polk Kitsune: "And I'm sorry I'll have to do the same to you! Draw!"
Polk Kitsune: She scanned her hand carefully. "I play... Toon Table of contents!"
Polk Kitsune: "With this, I get to fetch a Toon card! Like Toon World!"
Polk Kitsune: The book apeared once more, draining more life points away. "WOO HOO!" She giggled. "Funfunfunfunfuuuuun~" (2200)
Polk Kitsune: "Then I'll special summon Toon Mermaid in defense mode!" The little mermaid in her shell apeared, getting her bow ready. (1400/1500)
Polk Kitsune: "And I'm not finished! I play Soul Exchange! With this, I get to tribute one of your yucky toads for one of my monsters!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "S-Soul Exchange!?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Wait...but you already have a monster on your field..."
Polk Kitsune: "Hai! But Toon Mermaid is special! She can only be special sumonned, so I get to summon again this turn!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo backs up, right into the wall of the pool. " way..."
Polk Kitsune: "So I tribute your ugly toad for the one, the only... TOON SUMONNED SKULL!"
Polk Kitsune: A cackle echoed across the gym pool as the skeleton appeared from the book, laughing happily. (2500/1200)
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo watches helplessly as her toad is sacrificed for the cartoony demon. Gh...
Polk Kitsune: Melissa giggled happily. "Unfortunately, it means my turn is over... But that's okay!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "D-draw..."
Polk Kitsune: "I get to attack directly next turn!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "M-my Summon Technique returns to my hand...." The magic card slips out of her graveyard and Jo picks it up.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I..I'll play my Salvage spell card... it lets me add two water-type monsters in my graveyard with 1500 or less attack to my hand..." She grabs the two cards from her grave, both of her Minor Toads.
Viewtiful Rekk: "And...I'll play my SUmmoning Technique!" She holds up the card again. "This time, I'll sacrifice Des Frog and 1000 life points..." (2600)
Polk Kitsune: She blinked. "Huh?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "To summon Toad Fighter from my deck!" A toad with armor on and a short sword in its hands appears. (2300/1200)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Also, when it's summoned by my summoning technique, he gains an extra 500 attack and defense!" (2800/1700)
Polk Kitsune: She blinked. "Eeeewwww..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Next...I'll summon Minor Toad 2!" The same red toad from before appears, and waves at Melissa. (1500/1200)
Polk Kitsune: Melissa blinked. "But... it's stronger than... Noooo!" She squirmed.
Viewtiful Rekk: "N-next...Minor Toad 2, attack the Toon Summoned Skull!"
Viewtiful Rekk: The small toad nods emphatically and leaps at the demon... before latching on to its face.
Polk Kitsune: She blinked... again. "Wait... Isn't toad... weaker?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Whenever Minor Toad 2 attacks a monster, it's immune to battle damage... and your monster loses 500 attack points!"
Polk Kitsune: The skull roared, and tried to claw at the toad, squirming madly.
Sinisquirrel: S-so, even without its summoning boost... But this is better!
Viewtiful Rekk: "Toad Fighter, attack the Toon Summoned Skull!" The toad grips his blade and leaps at the demon, giving it one clear slash across the chest.
Polk Kitsune: "WWAAAAAHH!" She cowered, and didn't even look at the skull was pulverized. "Skully..." (1400)
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo takes a couple deep breaths. Okay...almost there...I'm going to win...!
Viewtiful Rekk: "I end my turn."
Polk Kitsune: Melissa collected herself back together and stood up. "This isn't over!... Yet!"
Polk Kitsune: "Draw!"
Polk Kitsune: Melissa smirked. "Ha! Just what I needed! I summon Goblin Attack Force!" (2300/0)
Polk Kitsune: The pack of green goblins apeared, raising their clubs in the air.
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo gulps. This was bad.
Polk Kitsune: "Attack the armored yucky toad! NOW!"
Polk Kitsune: And they leapt toward the big toad in a crazy goblin melee
Viewtiful Rekk: The Toad lets out a battle cry and takes as many out with it as possible, before being felled itself.
Polk Kitsune: The last standing goblin, whom aparently had soiled itself, tried to run, but fell down, impaling himself on a random butter knife. Oh yes, both groups were dead.
Polk Kitsune: "And... that ends my turn."
Viewtiful Rekk: "D-draw..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...." Jo pauses. "...Melissa-sempai...."
Viewtiful Rekk: "..Is your brother really the only reason you want Neo-Daedalus...?"
Polk Kitsune: Melissa blinked. "Nani?"
Polk Kitsune: She pondered a moment. "Haaiiii... Hum..." She gave a nod. "Yeah! I owe onii-san a lot, so I can't let him down!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Y-you shouldn't think like that..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I'm sorry...b-but...Meso-sempai...." She pauses. "He....he's not a good person..."
Polk Kitsune: She blinked. "Why not?"
Polk Kitsune: She frowned... and pointed. "You take that BACK!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo flinches a bit, but ultimately stands her ground. "I-it's true!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I understand...I'd probably be mad if someone said something bad about my older brother too...but it's true!"
Polk Kitsune: "Onii-san's the best! He's given me a lot! A lot more than anyone else! He's risked a lot, and a lot for both of us!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "He did so many bad things last time, when Alastor-sempai was trying to get the six gods..."
Polk Kitsune: She shook her head. "He had to do a lot of bad things! But he's still... He's... Still..." She shook her head, tears apearing. "He's still..."
Polk Kitsune: "Onii-san's still the best! Even with Munos inside him!" She shook her head. "Just duel!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Blink blink.
Viewtiful Rekk: "What's Munos....?"
Sinisquirrel: "Mmn." Mylene nods... they two know especially well... Her real 'onii-san...' her brother... is the best.
Polk Kitsune: She bit her lower lips, and shook her head. "N-nothing! Nothing!"
Viewtiful Rekk: " something wrong with Meso-sempai..."
Polk Kitsune: She shook her head. "No! N-no!.. N-no there isn't!"
Polk Kitsune: She looked at Mylene, trembling a bit, then set up her duel disk back up. "Let's... finish... this?"
Sinisquirrel: "M-melissa..." Mylene hated to stand there, not saying anything... but she gave the girl a nod, and a thumbs up, mouthing the words 'for onii-san.'
Viewtiful Rekk: "Gh...." What was she talking about... "I shift Minor Toad 1 to defense mode...and then place another monster in defense mode..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "You can go..."
Polk Kitsune: She gave a nod. "Hai! Draw!"
Polk Kitsune: She looked at the card, and pondered. "I... End my turn..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...I draw..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "And Summoning Technique comes back to my hand..."
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo suddenly looks sad. "..I'm sorry for this Melissa-sempai..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I play Mystical Space Typhoon!"
Polk Kitsune: Her face turned white. "Nooo..."
Viewtiful Rekk: A small tornado kicks up around the field, and tears every page from the Toon World book, before shattering the book itself.
Polk Kitsune: And with the book, the mermaid was torn apart, along with her pages.
Viewtiful Rekk: "And...also..." She holds up the magic card she just added to her hand. "Summoning Technique!"
Sinisquirrel: "..." Oh, no! This is bad! Regretfully, Mylene looks down at her PDA... If only more had been said... but Melissa didn't seem to know much, so it didn't matter.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I...I choose to invoke the last ability of my summoning technique... I sacrifice both of my monsters and half of my life points..." (1300)
Sinisquirrel: If this hit went through, though, and all went as bad as it seemed... tap, tap-tap tap.
Viewtiful Rekk: A monster ejects itself from her deck. "I summon....BOSS TOAD!"
Polk Kitsune: She blinked, and her eyes went wide.
Viewtiful Rekk: A gigantic red toad the nearly touches up to the celing appears, a sheathed short sword at his back and a black jacket around him. (4000/2000)
Polk Kitsune: "Oh... oh no..."
Sinisquirrel: "Gheek!" The tapping becomes faster.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I...I'm so sorry for this...but I can't let anyone take Neo-Daedalus from me! Go, Boss Toad! Gama Dosu Zan!"
Viewtiful Rekk: The massive toad pulls his blade from its sheath and leaps at Melissa, driving the weapon down towards her.
Polk Kitsune: Melissa tried to run away, but was soon enough caught by the blade. "KYYYAAAAAA!"
Viewtiful Rekk: As soon as the damage is done, Jo is deactiviating her Duel Disk (or Mylene's rather) and running over to her opponent.
Sinisquirrel: Messages sent and received, Mylene drops her PDA and rushes over. Seeing Jo there, she almost literally barks at the girl. "BACK OFF!"
Polk Kitsune: Melissa was on the floor, twitching, her eyes clenched tightly shut.
Viewtiful Rekk: "!" Jo stops dead still as she's yelled at.
Viewtiful Rekk: "B-but...! I just wanted to see if she's okay...!"
Sinisquirrel: A quick, pained expression at the girl is seen before she bends over Melissa. "M-mel... You... you okay...?"
Polk Kitsune: She turned her head toward Mylene, wincing. "It... hurt... Boo boo..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "B-but...they were just holograms...! I....I didn't mean to actually hurt her....!"
Sinisquirrel: "Sshh... it's okay... he'll be here soon..." Mylene looks up at Jo with a pitiful expression. "It's... different when they duel..."
Polk Kitsune: She winced, and put her hands on the floor, pushing back up, her body trembling. She got to her knees before she took a moment to stop.
Viewtiful Rekk: "D-different...?" She mumbles. So little of any of this makes sense to her...
Sinisquirrel: Seeing the shift, Mylene tries to help the larger girl up, pausing as she does. "Mel..." She looks back at Jo with a 'that's all I can really tell you' look.
Polk Kitsune: Melissa leaned against Mylene, shaking. "G... Good Mimi... Good..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Mylene-sempai...Melissa-sempai..." Jo looks truly desperate. "P-please...tell me what's going on...I want to help..."
Sinisquirrel: For this, the lavender eyes flick over to Melissa... only she can really divulge the information at this point. Or... perhaps, if there's some way to share later... I'll figure it out.
Polk Kitsune: *THWACK!* The door of the pool entrance slammed open, and soon, in leapt Meso, landing in between his two girls and Jo. "Okay, cavalry's here! Nobody move!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Guh!" Jo backs up a few steps. "...M-Meso-sempai..."
Sinisquirrel: ... I probably shoulda warned her he was coming... Sweatdrop.
Polk Kitsune: Melissa smiled at the sight. "Onii-chan..."
Polk Kitsune: Meso pulled out Alfredo, and started to swing him around. "Okay, sugar. Back away... Or my friend Alfredo here gets twitchy, capise?"
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo begins to take a step back....but stops. "....M-Meso-sempai....please, tell me what's going on here..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Why do you want Neo-Daedalus?"
Polk Kitsune: He snerked. "Because a certain hot chick wants to make one hell of a party." He looked back and Mylene and Melissa. "Is she all right?"
Sinisquirrel: "Er!" She balked for a second before looking at Melissa and nodding. "I-I think so...!"
Polk Kitsune: Melissa gave a weak nod. "I... Yes... Let's go, Mimi... Go..."
Viewtiful Rekk: ...What in the world did that mean...?
Viewtiful Rekk: "W-wait! Please don't go yet!" She begins to walk forward.
Sinisquirrel: A small, compliant look at Meso. "U-uhm... I need my... things... can you...?" She offers Melissa up to her stronger brother.
Polk Kitsune: He whipped at the spot rigth a few inches in front of Jo. "Back off..."
Polk Kitsune: He gave a side look at Mylene. "You're going to be all right solo?"
Sinisquirrel: She nods. Vigorously.
Polk Kitsune: "All right." He leaped back, grabbing Melissa off Mylene's arms, and leapt out toward the exit.
Sinisquirrel: Quickly, Mylene makes a 'SHUSH!' motion at Jo, just in case she wanted to do something silly, like, say, trying to get them to come back.
Viewtiful Rekk: She stops, albeit very reluctantly.
Sinisquirrel: "..." Tiny mouthed whisper. "Isshegone?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "..." Blink blink. Then likewise, "..I...I think so..."
Sinisquirrel: "..." The short one looks this way, then that... and proceeds to go get her stuff, immediately getting that recorded file and saving the relevant bits. "Phew..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "..." Jo walks after Mylene. "Mylene-sempai...please... please tell me what's going on..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I won't tell anyone...I promise...I just want to help..."
Sinisquirrel: "Yeah, yeah, I know... you n'everyone else..." Mylene pauses, looking back up at Jo. "But, y'know? I have no idea."
Sinisquirrel: "What'd she say to you before I came along?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "N-nothing important...just that she wanted Neo-Daedalus because Meso-sempai told her to get it..."
Sinisquirrel: "... huh. Wonder what that's got t'do with Doriado or the others..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Well..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I's because Neo-Daedalus is what's considered a 'God' Duel Spirit..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I...I don't know how, but apparently, it's incredibely powerful..."
Sinisquirrel: "Really...?" Mylene listens as she multi-tasks, sending copies of the file to the very few, particular students she trusts.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I..I don't know how. I can't even see them.."
Sinisquirrel: "Same problem I have," she replied with a sigh, nodding brusquely as the 'sent' files became... well, sent.
Viewtiful Rekk: She sighs. "Alastor-sempai wanted it to...I just...didn't want to give him up so easily again..."
Sinisquirrel: Mylene looks at the girl. "You... did your best. And you won. Your card is safe... and... for the time being, I would try to find some way to keep him... somewhere else."
Sinisquirrel: "S'far as we know, they can't take it if it isn't... present."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Yeah..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I...I really didn't mean to hurt her like that..."
Sinisquirrel: "I know." DELETE goes her own copy of the file. Nobody wants evidence, do they? "But don't worry... you took less of a risk than I'm planning to take on the both of 'em."
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo casts a glance at the floor, and opens her mouth, but stops, as if she's hesitating to say the next thing. " you know what 'Munos' is?"
Sinisquirrel: A derisive snort. If she didn't know who Munos was, nobody did. Aside from Meso himself, and his sister. "Yeah..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...You can't tell me what it is, can you?"
Sinisquirrel: "Actually, you're better off asking your brother. Or riiiiEd. Ed. 'Cause... I kinda gotta get going..."
Sinisquirrel: Saying thus, things were stuffed into a backpack and slung over a shoulder. "I hear you, uh, guys meet n' stuff... if you could... get 'em together again, send... Ed over my way t'pick me up?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...My brother?" She blinks a couple times...but then nods.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Uh...yes, I will!" She nods.
Sinisquirrel: "Okay. 'Cause... I can talk more then." A softer look. "I promise, we'll get everything out in the open then."
Viewtiful Rekk: ----------------------------------------------------