Viewtiful Rekk: --------------------------------------- -----------------
kwikkidus: Ed's door slams open, and the osiris stormsout, a hand in his pocket and a duel disc on his other arm. "Kirli...Amado, don't worry. I'll pay her back bigtime, I promise."
Sinisquirrel: "BLURK!" The door slams into a familiar short-statured Osiris female. A cascade of blonde hair can be seen slowly sinking behind it.
kwikkidus: "...Reeh?" The door's momentum makes it shut, and Ed spies his rival. "Reeh?! Myl--Rival! What are you doing here?!"
Sinisquirrel: "GUH, what was THAT for!?" comes the annoyed answer as the girl rubs her face. "I was just here 'cause that cursed cooking girl called me n' said some bad stuff was going on!"
kwikkidus: "Lily called you?! Ahh, I'm sorry... Ijust... I was going out to beat Kirli down because she kinda killedAmado or something... So... I figured... it'd be the right thing to do,right?" He offers her a hand. "You alright?"
Sinisquirrel: "Yeah, that's what she said... that you'd go rushing out and try t'stop her yourself. Said I should go with you..." She slaps the hand away and stands up on her own. "'M fine!"
kwikkidus: "Oh. Well then... are you coming or not? Imean. I'm going. And I'm going to try to stop her myself. I guess acheerleader would be nice."
Sinisquirrel: "Hmph, you wish!" She dusts off her pants. "I'm going, but I'm not gonna be some cheerleader! If you lose, somebody's gotta rescue you."
kwikkidus: "You mean like I rescued you?!" He ballshis hand into a fist, holding it forward in a way that isn't exactlythreatening, but isn't exactly friendly, either.
Sinisquirrel: "Yeah, except better." She nods, then grabs that balled hand. "Let's go!"
kwikkidus: "...Right!" He nods back at her, then heads for the stairs. "We're... a good team anyways, right?!"
Sinisquirrel: "Mm! That one-armed bandit's gonna be sorry!"
kwikkidus: "Darn right she is!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Who is going to be sorry, children?" Hey look, it's Shishio!
kwikkidus: "Kirli is!"
Sinisquirrel: "Mmn! Sensei, she's been doing all sorts of bad things, and now she's hurt Amado... we're going to rescue him!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...I see." He rubs his chin for a second.
Viewtiful Rekk: "And you two are going to go fight Kirli?"
kwikkidus: "I am. She's going to cheer me on." he says, nodding. "She's got Dori-chan, and Amado, too!"
Sinisquirrel: "'Cept for that first bit, I concur!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "..." He nods. "Alright then....follow me then, if you will." He turns and walks off, makjing a 'come with me' gesture.
kwikkidus: "...Right!" He follows off after Shishio. "Wait. Where are you taking us?"
Sinisquirrel: Mylene displays confusion as well. "Y-yeah... we... sorta know where she is..." Whispering to Ed. "Don't we, rival?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I would just like to show you something."
kwikkidus: "...Will it help us beat Kirli?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...I believe it will, yes."
Sinisquirrel: "Mhh..." But I guess... we can trust a teacher, right...?
kwikkidus: "...Al... right. I guess." He follows after Shishio, warily.
Viewtiful Rekk: Eventually, the teacher leads them into the forest....and, in specific, to a ruined shrine.
kwikkidus: Ed seems rather suspicious by this point, wondering what's going on. "...What's... all the way out here?"
Sinisquirrel: "Shrine... just like Lily said, r-right?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...." Shishio says nothing, but merely points. There against a tree, is Amado's body.
Viewtiful Rekk: His eyes are open, but obviously listless. The lights are on...but nobody's home.
kwikkidus: "...Amado!" Ed runs towards the body. "What... what happened to him?!"
Sinisquirrel: Mylene goes over as well. "Sakuma says... he lost his s-soul, so..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...That's right."
kwikkidus: "...Reeh?!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "He and Kirli dueled, and when they lost, she claimed his soul."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Whether he's alive or not....I'm not sure at this point."
Sinisquirrel: "Poor guy... b-but he's... not dead... I don't think... see, he's... still warm."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Yes...his body is still functioning..."
kwikkidus: "...Is this... what happened to Dori? That she exists.. but she's souless?!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "But he obviously can't move as he is. So if his body goes in this state without best, he has a few days."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Doriado is an ethreal being. She had no body to be pulled away from."
Sinisquirrel: "Then we'll just have to take care of him," she says, nodding. "But it won't be long anyways... rival can go get Kirli and he'll be fine!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Mm...that is another reason why I called you here."
kwikkidus: "Mmm... And Dori-chan'll be okay too... and everything... Everything'll be alright!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Shishio holds up his hand for the students to see....on it, is a pink ring.
kwikkidus: "..." A pause for it to sink in. "REEEEEEEEEH?!"
Sinisquirrel: "S-sensei!? What're you...!? Wait, this is like with Honjou, right?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Hm? No."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Jin was set up by Kirli to make you all think he was the opponent."
Viewtiful Rekk: " quite different. I am Kirli's ally by choice."
kwikkidus: "...So you're with her...
Viewtiful Rekk: "..." A nod.
Sinisquirrel: "But... why?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Because she is my friend."
kwikkidus: "Your... friend?"
Sinisquirrel: "How can anybody be friends with that... that person?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I owe her so many things. Without her, I would not exist today. At least, not as you see me."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Please do not misunderstand Kirli's motives."
Viewtiful Rekk: "At least...her previous motives."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Yes, she stole duel spirits...but it was only for the sake of her own survival."
kwikkidus: "...But... she stole MINE."
Viewtiful Rekk: "She is older than anyone at this school. She may even be older than myself."
Viewtiful Rekk: "..." Another nod. "Yes, I understand that."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I was against her taking duel spirits from the academy students from the beginning, to be honest..."
Sinisquirrel: "Well... survival... is one thing... but now she's trying to destroy everything! What happened?"
Viewtiful Rekk: ...A sigh. "I wish I knew."
kwikkidus: "...When did she change?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Munos told me that she wanted me to get the god spirit Horus from Alastor Donovan..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Before that though, she was fine."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I...I have no idea what caused this change within her, but I do know she must be stopped."
Viewtiful Rekk: "But I cannot bring myself to outright oppose her."
kwikkidus: "So... at her very most 'fine...'" Ed giveshis teacher a glare. "Before then, she took my Dori-chan from me?! Andeven you agree she has to be stopped! Why are you here now?!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Because I wish to help you."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Inside of my ring is the Elemental Mistress. I managed to get it from her."
kwikkidus: "..." Surprises upon surprises upon surprises. "REEEH?!"
Sinisquirrel: "... I think I get it," Mylene says, feeling something click together.
Sinisquirrel: "He doesn't want us to fight Kirli, so... he got Doriado so you can get her back..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Partially right, Miss Batolli."
kwikkidus: "...So really... you're a distraction?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I want you to have Doriado back, because only then will your deck be at its optimal efficiency. If you are to be the one to fight Kirli, then only then will you have the slightest chance at doing so."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...But just the same. I must make sure you're ready to face her. If you're not strong enough to beat're nowhere near strong enough to get to her."
Sinisquirrel: So if Ed lost, he really lost, is what he was saying. "Rival..."
kwikkidus: A pause, but only for a moment. "...I'll do it. And I won't lose. Especially not this duel."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Alright." And before their eyes, Shishio begins....changing.
kwikkidus: Ed watches, instinctively scribbling something in a notebook.
Sinisquirrel: Mylene instinctively shies behind Ed. She is apparently not used to mutations.
Viewtiful Rekk: His clothes change from the uniform of an Obelisk teacher into a bizzare robe of some sort...and his skin changes green.
kwikkidus: "...So you're.. a duel spirit, of some sort?" More scribbling.
Viewtiful Rekk: When the transformation is complete, a form that the two duelists should recognize is in the teacher's place.
kwikkidus: "...highbrain..." He scribbles even faster. "Being brought here into this realm... when? How?!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Yes. I am a Duel Spirit. You should know me as the Mutant Highbrain."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Years upon years ago by spells that are better forgotten."
kwikkidus: "...But... Please! Tell me... I have to know!" He throws his hand to the side. "I have to know how it happened!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "..." He shakes his head.
Sinisquirrel: "Rival, I don't think he's gonna give you your free ticket to your goal."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I understand why you wish to know, Mister Finklestein...but that is something you must discover for yourself."
kwikkidus: "...But... I..." he sighs, resigned. "Alright then. Let's just... get this over with."
Viewtiful Rekk: "For now," He lifts up an arm, a duel disk at the ready. "We must fight."
kwikkidus: "Right, but NOTHING's gonna' keep me from my Dori-chan!" He scowls, drawing six. "I hope you're ready!"
Sinisquirrel: "Rival... do your best! Or else!" This said quickly by the girl as she goes to try to make Amado's body more comfortable.
Viewtiful Rekk: He draws five. "I am."
kwikkidus: "I open this up with Homunculus theAlchemic Being! In attack mode!" The creature appears, wearing theblindfold. "And I activate his effect to change him into a wind type!"
kwikkidus: "Now, I set three cards facedown, and I'll call it a turn!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I'll start with my Graceful Charity magic card. This allows me to draw three cards and then discard two."
Viewtiful Rekk: "..." He looks over his hand for a moment.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I'll discard Mystical Space Typhoon and Shining Angel." He slips the two cards into his grave.
Viewtiful Rekk: "And then, the spell card Heavy Storm!"
kwikkidus: "...Crap."
Viewtiful Rekk: A tempst kicks through the field, wiping out all three of Ed's face down cards.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Next, I will special summon my Cyber Dragon in attack mode!"
kwikkidus: The cards are swept away, and he reaches out a hand towards them. "No... I... I don't have a defence anymore!"
Viewtiful Rekk: A metallic serpentlike dragon appears on his field, letting out a small hiss-like roar. (2100/1700)
Sinisquirrel: "..." Mylene seems a little surprised. He changed Homonculus into a Wind type and set three down for nothing? Not even a Miyabi?
Viewtiful Rekk: "And then I'll normal summon The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion!"
kwikkidus: That heavy storm threw everything off... I can't activate Myabi then, because there was nothing...
kwikkidus: And now... Ghh, this isn't going to end well.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Now I'll sacrifice both...and fusion summon my Cyber Twin Dragon!" The dragon and the substitute dissapear, in its place appears a twin-headed Cyber Dragon. (2800/2100)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Cyber Twin Dragon, attack Homonculous...and then attack him directly! Double Evolution Burst!"
kwikkidus: First Homunculus, then Ed get engulfed in Bright shiney Dragon Blasts. (4200) "reeh..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I end my turn."
kwikkidus: "I draw, then!" He pulls a card from his deck.
kwikkidus: "I...I... I summon Exiled Force, in attack mode!"
kwikkidus: The group appears, and with a cry of 'FOR THE CALLLLD!,' quickly bring a giant Katamari ball down onto the Twin Dragon.
Viewtiful Rekk: The twin dragon is crushed ruthlessly. Highbrain seems indifferent.
Sinisquirrel: "K-katamari!?" Last time it was a shoe, now it was... what WAS that, anyway?
kwikkidus: "...I dunno, but it's catchy. One card facedown, and I'm done!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...I believe one time they were documented bringing Pluto down on a Berserk Gorilla."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I play Breaker, the Magical Warrior!" The warior appears, and lifts his blade up. "Destroy that facedown card!"
kwikkidus: "I don't think so."
kwikkidus: The Breaker falls down a really, really, REALLY deep hole. "I use Bottomless Trap Hole!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Alright then."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I will play the spell card Future Fusion!"
Viewtiful Rekk: The air around Highbrain begins distilling...until images of cards, mostly machine related are floating around the field.
kwikkidus: "...What in the world?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "This is a projection of the future, Mister FInklestein. All the cards in my deck that you will come to see as this duel progresses."
Viewtiful Rekk: "From these cards, I can choose fusion material monsters and conduct a fusion summoning. However, the summoned monster cannot attack during the turn it is summoned."
kwikkidus: "Then why are they all showing up now...?"
Viewtiful Rekk: Two cards glow. Two Cyber Dragons. "I fuse two Cyber Dragons!"
kwikkidus: "...Reeehh..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Summon - CYber Twin Dragon!" The two-headed dragon appears again, both hands roaring. (2800/2100)
Viewtiful Rekk: "However, if Future Fusion is destroyed, my monster is destroyed as well."
Viewtiful Rekk: "And it cannot attack this I will end."
kwikkidus: "...I...I..." Ed draws, his eyes shut.How am I supposed to beat a teacher?!"
kwikkidus: "...I... I... I.. I.." He looks at his hand, hesitating.
Sinisquirrel: "Rival! That better not be hesitating I hear!"
kwikkidus: "...Rival! You shut up! This guy... it's not normal!" But then... I don't have any monsters either... I need a plan..."
Sinisquirrel: Mylene makes a face at him. At least he wasn't stuttering now.
kwikkidus: "I... I activate p-p-premature burial!" (3600) A certain army appears on the field once more.
kwikkidus: Again with the 'FOR THE CALLLLLLD!!' ing. Only this time, a volcano is dropped on the dragon. An UPSIDE DOWN volcano.
Sinisquirrel: "..." Plam and forehead. So much for the stuttering bit. But, eh, at least he was trying.
kwikkidus: "Th... That's all I can do."
Viewtiful Rekk: The future-borne dragon is wiped out.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I will play my Mechanicalchase in attack mode!" A four-armed spherical android appears. (1850/800)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Direct attack!" Ed is attacked by about five different weapons.
kwikkidus: (1750)
Viewtiful Rekk: "...I end my turn."
kwikkidus: "Draw!"
kwikkidus: "...Well, it looks like you're... untouchable, huh?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...I do have the benefits of experience, yes."
kwikkidus: "...Alright then. I'll just put all my faith in thi one card."
kwikkidus: "I play my own spell card, Pot of Greed!"
kwikkidus: "This card lets me draw two new cards from my deck!
kwikkidus: "I'm going to place my faith in my deck... and I'm going to beat you." He draws two cards, and eyes them.
kwikkidus: He then smiles, just a little, but a smile."...I'm... not dead. Not yet! I set a monster in defense, and one cardfacedown! Your move!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "....Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Mechanicalchaser, attack his defense!"
kwikkidus: "You destroyed my Giant Rat! When its sentto the graveyard, I can special summon an Earth monster with 1500attack or less to the field, in attack mode!"
kwikkidus: "ANd I call on... needle worm!" The diminuitive bug appears, in attack mode.
Viewtiful Rekk: "..." An eyebrow quirks, but nothing is said.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I end."
kwikkidus: "I draw!"
kwikkidus: "Now... I choose to tribute Needle Worm... for the ever-popular Zaborg, the Thunder Monarch!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Highbrain says nothing as his Mechanicalchaser is (presumabely) wiped out.
kwikkidus: HE points right at the Mechanichalchaser. "When tribute summoned... he destroys one monster. And I choose, Mechanicalchaser!"
Viewtiful Rekk: The four-armed machine is destroyed.
kwikkidus: "Now, Zaborg, direct attack!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Highbrain is stricken dead-on by the monarch's attack, but doesn't react in the slightest (5600)
kwikkidus: "I... I end my turn! Your move!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...I activate the spell card known as Power Bond."
Viewtiful Rekk: "And to it, I will chain another spell card. Cybernetic Fusion Support."
Sinisquirrel: "..." Well, crap.
kwikkidus: "...Reeh?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "By giving up half my lifepoints..." (2800) "I can remove all the monsters listed as the fusion material on one card from my graveyard for my spell card to count as that fusion material."
kwikkidus: "...REEEH?!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I will now be blunt...Future Fusion was a ruse. While getting out Cyber Twin Dragon was beneficial..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I just needed three Cyber Dragons in my graveyard."
kwikkidus: "...REEEEEH?!"
kwikkidus: Ed seems... shocked.
Viewtiful Rekk: Three Cyber Dragons slide out of Highbrain's grave.
Sinisquirrel: "He's boned," Mylene mutters to Amado's body.
Viewtiful Rekk: "COme forth....CYBER END DRAGON!"
Viewtiful Rekk: A massive three-headed dragon appears, towering as tall as the trees that surround them all. (4000/2800)
kwikkidus: "..." Ed wimpers.
Viewtiful Rekk: "And since my dragon was summoned by Power Bond...its attack doubles." The dragon roars as power rushes through it. (8000/2800)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Now, Cyber End Dragon, attack Zaborg the Thunder Monarch! Eternal Evolution Burst!"
Sinisquirrel: If there were just a way for him to live through this one attack... then Power Bond would reduce Highbrain to nothing!
kwikkidus: "..." Ed smiles. "I'm not... I see. I'm not afraid anymore."
kwikkidus: "...I'm going to save Dori-chan!" He throws his hand to the side. "I activate my facedown card! Magic Cylinder!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Highbrain looks surprised....but then smiles. "I see."
Viewtiful Rekk: His dragon's attack flies into one of the tubes.....and shoots right back out at him.
Viewtiful Rekk: (0000)
Sinisquirrel: "Magic Cylinder... COULD YOU GET ANY LUCKIER, RIVAL!?"
kwikkidus: "...It wasn't luck. It was... I dunno. Luck."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Well...whatever it was, you won."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Thus, you earned this." He holds up an arm. His ring begins crackling for a moment, before a vortex opens up.
kwikkidus: "So then... she's alive?!" His eyes widen, and he waches rather expectantly. "She's really okay?!"
Sinisquirrel: Whatever it was, I swear I got gray hairs now... But she's not totally unhappy as her rival appears to be getting his just reward.
kwikkidus: From the vortex flies something that onlytwo thirds of those present can see, landing facedown on the groundnearby. "Nnnh.. Wha..where..." She starts to stand, then falls overagain.
Viewtiful Rekk: "...I am sorry that you two were seperated in the first place."
kwikkidus: "YEah, well... not now!" He runs over to her side, rather shocked. "You... You gave her back. Thanks.."
Sinisquirrel: "So this means we can go after Kirli, right?" Mylene asks, still beside Amado's unanimated corpse.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Yes it does...but before you do..." He pauses. "I have something I must tell you."
kwikkidus: "...Reeh...Maybe... one second!" He pullsout a blue-bordered card, eyeing it. "Ahh... she's... she's reallyher... and she's back.." Then, he looks towards Highbrain. "...Reeh?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Someone will be coming to Duel Academy soon."
kwikkidus: "Who?!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...." It seems as if he's really debating telling him this.
Viewtiful Rekk: ....Lila Daughtily...and Akito Kaito."
kwikkidus: "...REEEH?!" Ed jumps back, pointing. "You... you lie! There's no way Lila's... She's not! She wouldn't! Please be lying!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I wish I was."
Sinisquirrel: "..." The name Kaito seemed to ring a bell with the blonde, but the other... "Huh? Who's Lila?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "It gets worse."
Viewtiful Rekk: "When she gets her...she will most definetly be your enemy."
kwikkidus: "...I'm doomed." he mutters, his eyes shrinking. "She's... an enemy?"
Sinisquirrel: "... so what? When's she coming?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I do not know."
kwikkidus: "...No... nononononono!!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I know that the orginization did not want to move as long as Kirli was still a threat..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "But at this rate, either she won't be a concern anymore, or those two will come anyway to stop her themselves."
Sinisquirrel: "Geez, rival, what's your problem? At least we've got time to prepare!"
kwikkidus: "...So Kirli is enough to scare away... my sister?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "At the very least, they do not want to risk losing personnel in a confrontation with her."
Sinisquirrel: "So we don't have a problem. We're gonna beat Kirli, and if they're at bay because of her..." Ever the positive thinker, huh?
kwikkidus: "...They're... scared of losing in aconfrontation with her...?" Ed soeedenly backs away a little bit."...But... Erm... Rival..? I don't think I wanna fight Kirli..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...." Highbrain glances down at Mylene.
Sinisquirrel: She glances at Ed. "What!? But what about your friend here!?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I'm afraid you do not understand the gravity, Miss Batolli."
kwikkidus: "...If she can beat Lila..." Ed looks away."If she can even intimidate her... I don't wanna fight. Not againstthat kind of power."
Sinisquirrel: "Well, who the heck is this Lila person anyway?"
kwikkidus: "..." He looks away, scowling. "She's... kinda... sorta... my sister."
Viewtiful Rekk: "....She's also an intensly powerful shadow duelist."
Sinisquirrel: "Oh, well then, let's just throw in the towel! Sheesh..." The girl shook her head. "If you won't take 'er on because of that, then at least help me lug this thing somewhere safer, huh?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Also, I would appreciate it if you relayed this information to Mister Kaito."
kwikkidus: "...Mm.. I just... Right. I'll explain morealong the way." He grabs one of Amado's arms, then walks ovver towardsthe sleeping priestess. "...I'll tell him."
Viewtiful Rekk: He nods. "Thank you."
Sinisquirrel: "So... what's gonna happen to you, sensei? Is she gonna be mad and... take you away or something?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...I am not entirely sure."
kwikkidus: "...Right.." He sweeps a hand through Dori. "Are you... awake..?" "Need sleep...Mmmff... Stop it, Ed-kuu.. I'm not ticklish..." "...Oh. Right. Crisis situation." He sighs heavily.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Either way...I think my time as a teacher here is completed."
Sinisquirrel: "Huh... well... at least... thanks for leading us to him... and telling us that stuff..." Pause, glance at Ed, who is talking to himself. "I think."
kwikkidus: "...Thanks... a lot. But. Do you have to go? I've got more questions..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I came here to gather information for Kirli, but...I allowed myself to grow attatched to you all. With things here concluding....I feel I should leave for a bit, to set my thoughts together."
kwikkidus: "...Will you... be back?" A hopeful sort of tint to his voice.
Viewtiful Rekk: "..." A pause. "If after that, all turns out well....then I believe I would like to return here."
kwikkidus: "...Alright. But I'm going to have about a jillion questions when you get back!"
Sinisquirrel: You poor soul.
Viewtiful Rekk: "...." A small shadow of a smile. "I'll try to answer as many as I can."
Sinisquirrel: "But you don't get to ask him a single question 'bout how he's alive an' all that," comes a coughed mutter.
kwikkidus: "...I make no promises."
Sinisquirrel: Mylene flattens her eyebrows in a look that clearly says "cheater."
kwikkidus: "You read mechanical journals. I do this."
Viewtiful Rekk: "..." The duel spirit turns and begins to walk away. "Oh, and....Miss Batolli."
Sinisquirrel: "Hmm?" She looks up and towards the likely still green-skinned former teacher.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I am...sincerely sorry that I never moved on the Maeorunme twins myself."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I didn't think I could defeat them both by myself, and even if I did, one of Kirli's most powerful allies would be gone."
Viewtiful Rekk: " I doubt she would've allowed me to do it if I just said it was for the sake of you and the twins themselves."
Sinisquirrel: "... Yeah... probably not..." She shakes her head. "Besides... I got to know Meso... differently that way. So... it may have been easier that way, but some things are worth dealing with the hard way."
Sinisquirrel: "I got to learn who my friends were... I'd do it all over again if I hadda."
Viewtiful Rekk: "..." He nods in agreement.
kwikkidus: "...Even though he had you do so much homework?"
Sinisquirrel: "... YEAH, TIME TO GO NOW. Hup-two, let's get this body into bed or a morgue or something!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Well at any rate, I should be going." He walks off. "I wish you two luck in your respective projects."
kwikkidus: "...Thanks."
Sinisquirrel: Urgh, stupid... "G'bye! G'luck, yourself!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Another nod, and he's off into the forest.
kwikkidus: "...Rival... erm... I mean... should we? I mean... Kirli kept Lila at bay..."
Sinisquirrel: She looks at him, and sighs, shaking her head. "No... If you're like that, I don't think you can fight her... and Doriado is back with you... you wouldn't have time to switch out, huh?"
kwikkidus: "...I could switch.. it'd take about a halfhour.. but..." He hums. "...Lila... she's a million times better thanme.. even right now."
Sinisquirrel: "I don't think we have a half hour, rival... There's... been something weird going along the coast of the island."
kwikkidus: "...It's... nnnf." He sighs, shaking his head. "The pink stuff?"
Sinisquirrel: "Yeah. I haven't seen it myself, but it's supposed to be growing by the minute. We should probably get in touch with one of the others... someone who can fight her without reservation."
kwikkidus: "...But... who's left?"
Sinisquirrel: "Well, that one girl went with 'Mado and Meso? She has something to do with it, right? Why not her?"
kwikkidus: "...Jenna?" He quirks an eyebrow. "Are you INSANE, rival?!"
Sinisquirrel: "What!? She's an Obelisk, too! Why not?"
kwikkidus: "...Well... I mean... alright, let's call her..." Ed mutters, pulling out his PDA and beginnng to dial.
Sinisquirrel: Eesh, what'd I say, anyway? This guy panics at the smallest thing.
Myushu: Jenna hears her PDA, quickly answering. "H-Hello?"
kwikkidus: "...Jenna. It's Ed. Are you... erm... Well. Look up. Notice that?"
Myushu: Jenna looked up, frowning... "...Amado didn't win.."
kwikkidus: "I... I know. He called me. Look... Someone... needs to beat Kirli. And I... Well, I'm just a red..."
Sinisquirrel: "And he's scared 'cause his sister's afraid of 'er, too!" Mylene piped up.
Myushu: "..."
Myushu: "...You want me to duel Kirli."
kwikkidus: "..Yeah. So. Could you... I mean... I don't know where else to turn."
kwikkidus: "...Please! If you don't do it, who?!
kwikkidus: "Reason with her, duel her... just... get her to stop."
Myushu: ...If I lose, Kirli'll end everything. But he's right... "I.. she won't.. she won't listen to me."
Myushu: "And if Amado couldn't..."
kwikkidus: "...You beat Amado."
Myushu: "Just once... He beat me so many times...ano," her eyes stayed lock on the pinkiness that grew.
Myushu: "...This is my fault.."
Myushu: "I'll... I'll do it..."
kwikkidus: "You... you will?!"
kwikkidus: "Tha-tha-thank you!"
Myushu: "...If I lose, I'm very sorry!"
kwikkidus: "...Just... do your best...?"
Myushu: "...Hai."
Sinisquirrel: "It's all anybody can do, and rival thinks you can... so do it!"
kwikkidus: "...Well spoken. For a rival."
Myushu: "..Okay. I will.."
kwikkidus: "Good luck!!!"
Sinisquirrel: "Well, that's just takin' int'account that you're deflating your ego for two seconds t'say someone else can do what you can't." Nod, nod. "Yeah! Good luck!"
Myushu: Jenna blinked. "Nm.. Ah.. Thank you. I...I'll do my best!" I'll make up for all of this... She ended teh call.
Myushu: "I.. have to find her.." whether or not Meso was about to protest or follow, Jenna headed off.. in the direction the pinkiness was expanding from.
kwikkidus: Meanwhile, overlooking the ocean, Kirli isholding her pendant, staring out at the sea with a blank, almost vacantlook in her eyes.
Myushu: Kirli... Jenna soon found herself coming upon the beach area... and saw the bluehaired maiden looking at the water. "...Kirli.."
kwikkidus: "...Jenna. I see you've come." she says coldly, still looking out over the ocean.
Myushu: She walks towards her. "I have... Kirli.We have to talk, please..."
kwikkidus: "...Then talk." Succinct. Totally unlike her.
Myushu: "...Nrm," she lowered her head a little, "I.. Kirli... I'm sorry.."
kwikkidus: "...An apology? I told you... I don't blame you."
Myushu: "Kirli.. I don't know how to say it!"
kwikkidus: "...Then don't say anything. Just turn around, leave, and let me finish."
Myushu: "I can't do that and you know it..."
kwikkidus: "...You did last time..."
Myushu: "I made a mistake.."
kwikkidus: "You seem... to do that a lot, Jenna-chan."
Myushu: "I know.. I do. I screw up a lot..."
Myushu: "And it feels like.. I keep losing someone because of it."
kwikkidus: "...Don't worry, Jenna... You won't have to cry... not ever again. Not over anyone."
Myushu: "...Kirli!" she walks closer to her, "this isn't right, though! I still want to.. be around people.. and be around you!"
kwikkidus: "...People?! People only cause otherspain... I see that now!" She begins laughingg, a hand on her forehead."All anyone can do is harm others."
Myushu: "But.. but.. They can do other things, too..."
Myushu: "Kirli.. There's so much I don't know about you. And what I'm learning... it's from other people.. and I don't know what to think.."
Myushu: "I... I still want to be friends with you... Can't we, Kirli-chan..?"
kwikkidus: "...It's too late, now."
Myushu: "..."
kwikkidus: She looks out, over the ocean. "...Thisstone... so long as it exists... others know now. They will come afterme... and they will eventually win."
kwikkidus: "..I am as a ghost, already walking the earth. Even if I wanted to... I cannot turn from this path."
Myushu: "Kirli..."
kwikkidus: "..I will not stop, Jenna."
Myushu: "...T-then," she wipes her eye with a hand, "...I'll have to make you, huh..?"
kwikkidus: "The only way to stop me now... is to breakmy pendant. And that, for me... means death." She turns round, finally,eyeing Jenna solemnly. "I will not play games. Not this time."
Myushu: She looks back at Kirli, giving a soft nod. "...Alright. If that' it has to be."
kwikkidus: "...Feel free to ask me anything that hasbeen troubling you. After all, for better or for worse, this is ourlast meeting." Once more, that arm forms from her pendant, completewith the disc.
Myushu: Again, she nods her head, activating her duel disk. "...Hai."
kwikkidus: Kirli solemnly draws six. "I never wanted to have to do this... Not to you."
kwikkidus: "However... I am more that willing, if Imust. I set one monster, and one card facedown!" The card backingsappear on her field. "Your move.
Myushu: Jenna drew her five, then another when her turn came. "I don't want to be like this..."
kwikkidus: "...Play your card."
Myushu: "H..hai.." she placed a card onto her duel disk, the dark bunny-clothed magician appearing, "I summon Ebon Magician Curran.. and play swords of revealing Light."
Myushu: "Kirli.. Why did you come here?"
kwikkidus: Apprentace MAgician is revealed. "MEtaphorical. Very well then, I will answer."
kwikkidus: "I require spirits in order to maintainthis stone... and I need to maintain this stone to keep myself alive.This school, then... was something of an all-you-can-eat buffet..."
Myushu: "...Huh. I see.. I end my turn."
kwikkidus: "Very well then... I draw."
kwikkidus: "Now, I set a card facedown, and end my turn."
Myushu: Jenna drew. "Curran's effect activates."
kwikkidus: (7700)
kwikkidus: Kirli doesn't even flinch as she loses the life points.
Myushu: "I set a reverse..."
Myushu: "...Where'd you get the pendent from?"
kwikkidus: "Long ago... when I was a young girl of 16,lying on my deathbed... a dear friend willingly gave herself to becomethis pendant for me... So that I could live... and see what life was."
kwikkidus: "It cost me my arm... and her... but... I lived on."
Myushu: Jenna frowned for a moment. ..Kirli. " old are you now?"
kwikkidus: "...I believe I am somewhere in my five thousands. But I never... will look a day over what I did that sunset."
Myushu: "F..five... thousand. Gee..." she lowered her head a little, "I end.."
kwikkidus: "I..draw."
kwikkidus: "I activate the spell card, Dimension Magic."
kwikkidus: The Apprentice Magician is sent to the graveyard, and out comes a Dark Magician. "...And I will destroy Curran with it."
Myushu: "I.. I activate Bottomless Trap Hole!"
kwikkidus: The Dark Magician is removed from play. "Nnn... well done, Jenna. I... am afraid that I must end."
Myushu: "Nrm.. Draw.."
Myushu: "..Set a defender and a reverse.. And.. You can go."
kwikkidus: "...I draw!"
kwikkidus: "I set a monster in defense mode, and end. Make your move." ((That makes two turns on swords.))
Myushu: "Draw.."
Myushu: "...Hrm.. Go.."
kwikkidus: "I draw.."
kwikkidus: "If you will not fight me... I will fight you. I end, and your swords are gone."
Myushu: "..Draw. And... just because I'm not doing much doesn't mean I'm not fighting."
Myushu: "I'll play Spell Absorption.. Go."
kwikkidus: "Draw."
kwikkidus: "...Let us begin. I flip summon Magician of Faith, to draw back my Dimension Magic."
kwikkidus: "Then, I activate it. I tribute my Magician of Faith for the Dark Magician Girl..."
Myushu: (8500) "Nrm.."
kwikkidus: "And I will use the rest of the effect to annihilate your defender!" SHe points towards the facedown monster.
Myushu: Apprentice Magician is destroyed.
kwikkidus: "Now... I will tribute Dark MagicianGirl... To summon my Dark Magician Princess!" The girl suddenly becomesfar more... regal. "For each spellcaster in our graves, she gains 300attack points!"
kwikkidus: Three spirits being circling from Kirli's own graveyard.
Myushu: "Iie.. There's two in my grave..."
kwikkidus: The five come together ithint the stone on the princess's staff. (3500/1700)
kwikkidus: "Dark Magician Princess... direct attack!" She points right at Jenna.
Myushu: "Fairy box..!" her reverse card flips, revealing the trap. And she crossed her fingers. Heads..please..
OnlineHost: Myushu rolled 1 2-sided die: 2
kwikkidus: "Tails.. the attack succeeds."
Myushu: "Grk..!" (5000)
kwikkidus: "I end my turn."
Myushu: She drew. "K..Kirli.." she frowns, gazing up at the Princess, as she thought over her new move, "what.. where you dieing from?"
kwikkidus: "...I did not know at the time. However, Ihave since learned that there is a hole, approximately the size of aquarter, inside my left ventricle. It was not sudden, as the tissue hadbeen slowly wearing away for some time..."
Myushu: "..How awful.."
kwikkidus: "...It finally burst, that day... Within another minute... I would have died. But... she saved me."
Myushu: "..Who's she?"
kwikkidus: "...She's standing right in front of you, Jenna."
Myushu: "...Ah.." ..This doesn't feel good. "I.. I set two reverses...Go."
kwikkidus: "I draw."
Myushu: "Flip Ojama Trio"
kwikkidus: "...Ew."
kwikkidus: She points at Jenna again. "Princess. Attack!"
Myushu: "Wait!"
Myushu: "I flip Call of Haunted too.. Bringing back Ebon Magician Curran!"
kwikkidus: "...Then let's roll the dice. Damagi... Destroy Curran!"
Myushu: "Heads..." C'mooon..
OnlineHost: Myushu rolled 1 2-sided die: 1
kwikkidus: "...!"
Myushu: "..Hya!"
kwikkidus: "Now... now what happens?"
Myushu: "Your Damagi's attack is lowered to zero..."
kwikkidus: "...No... That can't be right... That means Curran..."
Myushu: "...Curran stays alive.. and Damagi doesn't..."
kwikkidus: The Princess is destroyed, and begins tofade away. (6500) "No... No, you won't get rid of her... As I can payhalf my life points to special summon Heart of Orichalcum - Damaa!"(3250)
Myushu: "What.. what's that..?
kwikkidus: "It is... my ultimate creature, and myfinal gambit. All spellcasters are removed from both of our decks andgraveyards... And they all add to its power."
Myushu: "W..what?!"
kwikkidus: "All spellcasters in the decks and graves are removed from play."
kwikkidus: "That leaves you your hand, your field, and the support youcan draw.
Myushu: Jenna gulps. "T..twelve..."
kwikkidus: Meanwhile, Kirli's deck is still spewing out monsters... A lot of them.
Myushu: "Uwa..."
Myushu: "K...Kirli.."
kwikkidus: "...Twenty four and twelve make thirty six."
kwikkidus: The sphere is even more massive than lasttime, obscuring most of the field. "However.. Damaa cannot attack theturn it is summoned."
kwikkidus: (10,800/0)
kwikkidus: "Therefore... I must end my turn."
Myushu: (4000)
Myushu: Jenna drew. "Curran's effect activates..."
kwikkidus: "Four monsters. I lose 1200." (2050)
Myushu: "...Kirli.. When you.. said those things about Eon.. were you just trying to split us all up.. or did you really care?"
kwikkidus: "...I wanted you. That much was certain. The rest of them could go to hell... but I wanted you."
Myushu: "...I'm sorry it went this way."
kwikkidus: "...So am I."
Myushu: She looks at Kirli, quite sadly, and just stared at her for a moment before continuing. "..I equip Curan with United we Stand and Malevonet Nuzzler.. bring her attack to 2700." (5000)
kwikkidus: "That isn't even half the power of my Damaa-chan."
Myushu: "...I know. But it's enough."
Myushu: "..I end my turn."
kwikkidus: "...I draw."
kwikkidus: "Do you really intend to put the fate of the world in the hands of a coin flip?"
Myushu: "...If it's meant to be, it's meant to be."
kwikkidus: "...Very well then..." Tendrils fire forth from Damaa, towards the box. "I attack."
Myushu: "...Heads."
OnlineHost: Myushu rolled 1 2-sided die: 1
kwikkidus: "..." As the tendrils go through all the wrong holes. Kirli shuts her eyes. "...What are the odds..?"
Myushu: "...I'm sorry, Kirli."
kwikkidus: "...don't apologize. Just end this duel."
Myushu: "..Damaa's attack goes to zero.. And Curran overpowers it..."
kwikkidus: A single blow, shattering the entire mass,as it crumbles to the ground. And with it, Kirli falls to her knees,the gold around her pendant cracking. "Nnnh..."
Myushu: "K...Kirli.."
kwikkidus: She falls forward, as the runed gold aroundthe set stone shatters. The stone itself, her arm, and the sky'sblockade itself all seem to begin melting, sending shimmering wavesinto the sky. "Ghhk!!" She clutches her chest.
Myushu: "Kirli!" she runs to her, managing to catch hold of her before she hit the ground.
kwikkidus: "...Nnngh?" She coughs violently. "...I'm... I'm leaving... this realm."
Myushu: She hugged her close to her, cupping the back of her head. "I wish.. you didn't have to.."
kwikkidus: Her eyes close halfway as she looks away."Have I... done wrong all these years..?" another hacking cough, and abit of blood esaped. "To... want to live?"
Myushu: "No.. no.. there's nothing wrong wanting to live... Nothing wrong at all.." Jenna winced a little hearing the coughing continue, petting the girl's head softly.
kwikkidus: "...My feather... it must be truly huge...I'm sorry..." another cough, as her eyes widened. "I'm s...sorry forcausing you such trouble..."
Myushu: "Sh... It's okay, Kirli-chan. It's okay... I still care about you, okay?" she hugged her more, "I still care about you a lot..."
kwikkidus: "Damaa..." her eyes seem oddly unfocused,as she looks towards Jenna. Her hand reaches up, touching her on thecheek. "I... I never got to tell you... I never got to say... thankyou..."
Myushu: Tears start to run down Jenna's face and she takes hold of Kirli's hand, holding it against her cheek, "Kirli...."
kwikkidus: "I... love you..." she mutters, eyes stllbarely in focus. Her thumb runs gently accross Jenna's cheek, beforeher entire body goes limp.
Myushu: "..You too, Kirli.." she felt her body go limp and her heart cringed. "K..Kirli..." she hugged Kirli's body tighter, shutting her eyes as tears continued to flow. "Kirli..."
Myushu: "...Good bye."
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