Viewtiful Rekk: ---------------------------------------------
Viewtiful Rekk: Obelisk Arena. The bleachers are filled probably past capacity with students from both North Academy and Duel Academy. Standing in the arena at the bottom is Jin, calmly awaiting his opponent.
BreakneckChao: Random North Student: WHOO! GO NORTH.
BreakneckChao: Random North Student: LOOK AT THAT DUEL ACADEMY LOSER!
BreakneckChao: Random North Student: HE DOESN'T HAVE A CHANCE!
Viewtiful Rekk: Jin shoots a casual glance up at the North Section.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Perhaps one of you would like to come down and challenge me?"
BreakneckChao: *section goes quiet*
Viewtiful Rekk: "I believe I have sixty seconds to spare."
BreakneckChao: Random North Student: Yeah? Well....
BreakneckChao: Random North Student: I'm busy.
BreakneckChao: Random North Student: So there.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Hrmph..." Jin shifts his glance back to the opposite end of the arena.
Viewtiful Rekk: Hurry up and get here Li. I don't much care to wait for you...
Rakath Chaos: And, with a sudden flash of light, Li appears on the other side of the arena from Jin. In the goofiest pose EVER (Fo' da Naruto fans out there, Gai-sensei's first appearance pose, sanz turtle), "Yo."
BreakneckChao: RNS: WHOOO! LI!
Viewtiful Rekk: "....I never understood your fascination with that pose."
Rakath Chaos: RDS-Blue: I never did like that idiot Li... ever...
Viewtiful Rekk: Jin uncrosses his arms, and raises up his Duel Disk arm. "Shall we begin, then?"
Rakath Chaos: Li grins, like an idiot, "Sure, whenever you're ready!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Jin's duel disk activate and his life points set at 8000. "Let's duel, then."
OnlineHost: Viewtiful Rekk rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 5
OnlineHost: Rakath Chaos rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4 2

Viewtiful Rekk: "I shall start." He draws six.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I will summon Wisdom Angel Harvest in attack mode and set three cards face down." (1800/1000)
Viewtiful Rekk: "End turn."
Rakath Chaos: Li draws... way too dramatically.
Rakath Chaos: "I'll summon... Marauding Captain, in attack mode!"
Rakath Chaos: The Captain known so well at North Academy appears, along with a small Space suit wearing warrior.
Rakath Chaos: And then two more of them.
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Heh...Hero Kids..."
Rakath Chaos: "Hmm.... with all these monsters I can end."
BreakneckChao: RNS: AWESOME TURN, LI!
Viewtiful Rekk: "Then I will draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...I believe I will summon Hex Channeler!" A man shrouded in a black cloak appears and begins muttering a spell. (1800/1000)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Harvest, attack his Marauding Captain!"
Rakath Chaos: *Captain dies* (7400)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Now, Hex Channeler! Attack one of the Hero Kids!"
Rakath Chaos: *Dead too*
Viewtiful Rekk: "Go."
Rakath Chaos: *Draw!*
Rakath Chaos: "I'll use this, Skyflash Assault!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Skyflash Assault?" Jin quirks an eyebrow.
Rakath Chaos: "I get to special summon a Majestic Mech - Senku from my deck."
Rakath Chaos: (1000/500)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Majestic Mechs...?" I did not expect this...he must've changed his deck since he came here...
Rakath Chaos: "Now then, let's move to the battle phase, this portion of the turn is so boring."
Rakath Chaos: "Since, see, Skyflash Assault lets him attack directly as well.
Rakath Chaos: "Go, strike at his lifepoints!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Kh!" Jin holds his arms up defensively as the angel goes around his monstes and strikes him.
Viewtiful Rekk: (7000)
BreakneckChao: *Two North Students are wearing shirts, one with "L" on it, and the next with "I" on it*
BreakneckChao: RNS: Hurry!
Rakath Chaos: *Li draws*
BreakneckChao: RNS: Now!
BreakneckChao: RNS: Hit the theme song!
Rakath Chaos:Now then, let's move on with the turn now.”
BreakneckChao: *one of them places a boom box down, and presses the button down*
*This song begins blasting: *
Rakath Chaos: "I tribute Hero Kid, Hero Kid, and Senku, COME OUT, GILFORD!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Trap Card!"
Viewtiful Rekk: In an ironic twist of events, Gilford is stricken down by lightning.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Counter Trap - Divine Wrath!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I'll discard one card from my hand..." He slips a card into his graveyard. "And Gilford's effect is negated and he is destroyed!"
Rakath Chaos: "I'll live."
Viewtiful Rekk: "You didn't honestly think I didn't have a trap ready to take out any of your effect monsters, did you Li?"
Rakath Chaos: "Are you for some reason waiting to use those two effects on the field?"
Viewtiful Rekk: A smirk. "The effects of these monsters do not respond to activated traps."
Rakath Chaos: "Nice, then I don't have to worry when I play this."
Rakath Chaos: "Pot of Avarice!"
Rakath Chaos: Light bursts from the graveyard as Gilford, Captain, and the Hero Kids all FLY back to the deck.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Very well. Is it my turn?"
Rakath Chaos: "I'll set two reverse cards, that ends it."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I'll activate the spell card Bait Doll on your left reverse card."
Rakath Chaos: *Blossom of Courage reveils and flips down*
Rakath Chaos: "Wrong card."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Bait Doll is shuffled into my deck." Jin shuffles the card. "Then, I will move on to my Battle Phase."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Hex Channeler, Harvest! Attack Li directly!"
Rakath Chaos: "Sakuretsu Armor, the Channeler!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Sakuretsu Armor freezes up and shatters.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Counter Trap - Trap Jammer." Jin smirks and holds up his card before slipping it into his grave.
Rakath Chaos: "Tch" (3800)
Rakath Chaos: "Go, Blossom of Courage!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Hm?"
Rakath Chaos: Goryu appears behind Li and roars!
Rakath Chaos: Jin feels what 2400 Lifepoints outta nowhere is like.
BreakneckChao: RNS: 'ATTA BOY, LI!
Viewtiful Rekk: "Gh!" Jin flinches slightly at the attack. (4600)
Viewtiful Rekk: "What was that...?"
Rakath Chaos: One of Li's hand cards evaporates. "I can remove an Angel from my hand, field, or grave from play."
Rakath Chaos: "From my Grave, 100 per level. Field it's 200 per level. Hand it's 300 per level."
Rakath Chaos: "Now then, are you done?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Tch....I end my turn."
Rakath Chaos: Draw!
Rakath Chaos: Here we go, summon, Surprising Mataza!
Rakath Chaos: (1300/800)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Trap card!"
Viewtiful Rekk: A miniature explosion goes off, catapulting Mataza back to Li's hand.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Forced Back."
Rakath Chaos: Li laughs.
Rakath Chaos: "I'll just end by setting this one card."
Viewtiful Rekk: "....?"
Viewtiful Rekk: ...What was that about... "Draw!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...I play Bait Doll on your reverse card!"
Rakath Chaos: A wave of heavenly light fills the arena.
Rakath Chaos: Goryu returns to the field.
Rakath Chaos: "Miraculous Decent!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Heh. Well then."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I activate the Field Spell SANCTUARY IN THE SKY!"
Rakath Chaos: "Oh...kay?"
Viewtiful Rekk: Jin just smirks. "End turn."
Rakath Chaos: Draw.
Viewtiful Rekk: The bleachers and arena are now on large rocks that are floating in the air, by the way.
Rakath Chaos: "Now then, where was I last turn."
Rakath Chaos: "Oh yeah, summon Mataza!"
Rakath Chaos: "Now, without interruption, Higher Calling!" He slips a quickplay magic in his hand into the duel disk.
Viewtiful Rekk: Jin narrows his eyes. "What is that?"
Rakath Chaos: "When I normal summon a Warrior, I add an Angelic creature double it's level to my hand from my deck."
Rakath Chaos: "In this case, Majestic Mech - Ohka"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I see..."
Rakath Chaos: *Ohka spirit flies from the card in Li's hand into Mataza."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Now what is happening?"
Rakath Chaos: "The neat thing I found out, The Majestic Mechs fuse."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Fuse...?" Jin looks rather surprised. He hasn't heard anything about this.
Rakath Chaos: "I can fuse Surprising Mataza and Majestic Mech Ohka together!"
Rakath Chaos: "Not only that, I can do it without Fusion!"
Rakath Chaos: The new warrior with two swords, and an slightly effeminate pink accent on his generally black samurai outfit. "Say hello to Sakura Hound - Mataza!"
Rakath Chaos: (2600/1700)
Viewtiful Rekk: Jin frowns. Things were not looking good for him now.
Rakath Chaos: Masaki rushes forward and strikes down Harvest.
Viewtiful Rekk: Harvest is stricken down...and a card slides out of Jin's graveyard.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Harvest's effect...when it's destroyed by battle, I may add one Counter Trap card from my graveyard to my hand."
Rakath Chaos: Masaki smiles, twirls, and strikes down Jin's other monster.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Activate Hex Channeler's effect!"
Viewtiful Rekk: The spellcaster raises its arms up as it chants and a bolt of lightning shoots out and strikes the effeminate samurai.
Rakath Chaos: Li grimaces... "I didn't wish to do this yet..."
Rakath Chaos: "Second Bloom!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "By giving up 1000 life points, I may activate the effect of one trap card in my graveyard!" He slips the card he got from Harvest back into his graveyard. (3600)
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Second Bloom?"
Rakath Chaos: Sakura Hound Mataza appears again, with four halos behind it.
Viewtiful Rekk: "...What is this?"
Rakath Chaos: "When something other than combat kills one of my Angelic creatures, I can revive it with four Halos."
Rakath Chaos: "Every turn end it loses a Halo, and every time you try to take it from the field it loses a halo as well."
Viewtiful Rekk: "And when it runs's destroyed?"
Rakath Chaos: "It leaves the game."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Fine."
Rakath Chaos: Mataza jets forward, his swords both through Channelor's chest.
Viewtiful Rekk: The Channeler is skewered. (2800)
Rakath Chaos: Li looks Jin dead in the eye. "I end."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...."
Viewtiful Rekk: "What?"
Rakath Chaos: "They want a show, and all the North students behind me, and all of Duel Academy now see."
Rakath Chaos: "I could of beaten you just now!"
Rakath Chaos: "But I'm not done with you yet!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...." Jin narrows his eyes.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Do you think I'm going to allow you to toy with me, Li?"
Rakath Chaos: "If you wish to stop me, do it!"
Rakath Chaos: One of Masaki's halo's vanish.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "....I play Swords of Revealing Light!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Swords descend all around the field, holding Li's monsters in place.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I end my turn."
Rakath Chaos: "Desperation? From you?"
Rakath Chaos: Draw!
Viewtiful Rekk: "I prefer to think of it as bolstering my forces."
Rakath Chaos: "Hrm... end." Another Halo gone.
Viewtiful Rekk: At the very least, unless he draws some sort of elimination card, that takes care of the Sakura Hound....
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...End turn."
Rakath Chaos: Draw!
Rakath Chaos: "Graceful Charity!"
Rakath Chaos: "Marauding Captain, Discard. And...Majestic Mech - Goryu, Discard!"
Rakath Chaos: "With that, I'll set two cards. And End."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Fine."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw!"
Rakath Chaos: One Halo left.
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Bountiful Artemis, in defense mode." The caped mechanical angel appears, his cape draped over his body defensively. (1600/1700)
Viewtiful Rekk: "End turn."
Rakath Chaos: "Draw!"
Rakath Chaos: "It's... I see..."
Rakath Chaos: "I summon Creator Incarnate!" (1600/1500)
Viewtiful Rekk: "....Heh."
Rakath Chaos: "Mataza... you understand, right?" Mataza nods.
Viewtiful Rekk: "....?" Jin raises an eyebrow. What is he talking about?
Rakath Chaos: Sakura Hound - Mataza throws his samurai hat into the air, Creator's Avatar catches it. As Mataza bursts into pink flower petals, The Incarnation changes. "I fuse Creator Incarnate with Mataza... to form Demi-Creator!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...What?!"
Rakath Chaos: The smaller, samurai diety appears, putting on the hat. (2900/2350)
Rakath Chaos: "He's a variable Fusion... similar in kind with UFOroid Fighter. I fuse a Light Creature with Creator Incarnate."
BreakneckChao: RNS: "YEEEEEAH, LI!"
Rakath Chaos: Shocking Mataza returns in defense mode. "And when he summons, I can Special Summon a monster in my graveyard that is lower in level than 1 of my Fusion Materials used. Seeing as Incarnate is 4 and Sakura Hound is 5..."
Rakath Chaos: "My Options were limited."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Kh..." Jin frowns.
Rakath Chaos: "Do you understand?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I understand perfectly."
Rakath Chaos: "Do you see how high I've gotten, I'm not that dropout anymore!"
Rakath Chaos: "Take off the kid gloves!"
Rakath Chaos: "I end my turn!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "....Kid gloves...?"
Rakath Chaos: "This can't be all you are."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Do you truly wish to see all I am, Li?"
Rakath Chaos: "If I beat you back when I could, what would it prove. I'm faster than you. I can push you into a corner before you can defend. I want to take out the duelist that judged me a dropout, not this person in front of me!"
Rakath Chaos: "Otherwise, I'll keep growing and take your father down for you. Since you can't!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Jin's expression switches to one of near-fury.
Viewtiful Rekk: He grits his teeth momentarily...but stops. "Fine...if you truly wish to see all I am, I'll show you, Li! Draw!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Bountiful Artemis, shift to attack mode!" The angel stands up.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Destroy Surprising Mataza!"
Rakath Chaos: *Mataza is destroyed.*
Viewtiful Rekk: "I set one reverse and end my turn."
Rakath Chaos: "Draw!"
Rakath Chaos: "Goryu, destroy Artemis!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Trap Card!"
Viewtiful Rekk: A blue spherical barrier begins whirling around Artemis, knocking Goryu away.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Divine Rotation! This card negates one attack from your monster and then ends your battle phase...and then it decreases the attack of all of your monsters by 500!"
Rakath Chaos: "I'll end for now."
Viewtiful Rekk: Jin smirks. "No, not yet, Li."
Viewtiful Rekk: "First, Bountiful Artemis's effect activates, and I draw one card." He slides a card off his deck.
Viewtiful Rekk: "And then...I sacrifice Bountiful Artemis!" The mechanical angel disappears.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Come out, VOLTANIS THE ADJUCATOR!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Ice begins shooting up from the ground on Jin's side of the field, and Voltanis appears, spinning his staff. (2800/1000)
Viewtiful Rekk: "And since I tributed one angel-type monster...." The adjucator raises his staff....and points it at Goryu, ice engulfing the monster and pulling it downwards.
Rakath Chaos: Goryu is dragged down.
Viewtiful Rekk: "It's still your turn, Li."
Rakath Chaos:Grr...”
Rakath Chaos:De-fusion!”
Rakath Chaos: Li's card flips up, as Demi-Creator throws off it's hat and Sakura Hound - Mataza returns, along with Creator Incarnate.
Rakath Chaos: "Now then, Creator's Avatar! I tribute you for Creator!" (2300/3000 DEF mode.)
Rakath Chaos: "Now... I end..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Heh...." Jin draws.
Rakath Chaos: "Go, Blossom of Courage!"
Rakath Chaos: Sakura Hound - Mataza rushes forward. 1000 points off of Jin's lifepoints.
Viewtiful Rekk: (1800)
Viewtiful Rekk: "I play Sky Saint Meltius in attack mode!" Another mechanical angel appears. (1600/200)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Set one reverse. End turn."
Rakath Chaos: "Draw!"
Rakath Chaos: "Hrm.... one reverse card to end..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Jin smirks. "I equip Voltanis with Emblem of the Dark Dragon King!"
Viewtiful Rekk: A spiritual form of Meioryuu Vandalgion appears and turns into a dark shroud that swirls around Voltanis. (3300/1900)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Voltanis, attack The Creator! Adjucator's Rain!" Voltanis's two wings glow and rise up from the ground, before shooting hundreds of mini-spears of ice at The Creator.
Rakath Chaos: "Now, Sakuretsu Armor!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Kh...!" Voltanis is destroyed....and the shroud shoots from Jin's field into his deck. A card is then ejected from his deck.
Viewtiful Rekk: "When Vandalgion's emblem is destroyed...he automatically moves into my hand." He grabs the card from his deck.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I end my turn."
Rakath Chaos: "Draw!"
Rakath Chaos: "I summon Majestic Mech - Ohka!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Very well...." Jin seems rather unconcerned.
Rakath Chaos: "I end."
Viewtiful Rekk: "And Ohka is destroyed, isn't it?" Jin smirks as he slides a card off his deck.
Rakath Chaos: "Yup." ^_^
Viewtiful Rekk: "One reverse. End turn."
Rakath Chaos: "Draw!"
Rakath Chaos: "Goryu, Senku... I'll see you soon!" The two monsters shoot out of the Graveyard.
Viewtiful Rekk: "....?"
Rakath Chaos: "Come forth, Soul of Purity and Light!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Heh. Never knew you even ran that."
Rakath Chaos: (2000/1800)
Rakath Chaos: "Now, with that I'll end."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I believe I'll shift Meltius into defense mode..." The angel crouches down. (1200)
Viewtiful Rekk: "End."
Rakath Chaos: Li Draws.
Rakath Chaos: "I'll use Creator's Radiance!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Hm?"
Rakath Chaos: "The Creator gives his own life to revive 3 of my monsters!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Heh."
Rakath Chaos: "However, none of them may attack this turn."
Rakath Chaos: Goryu, Ohka, and Creator Incarnate appear.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Very well."
Rakath Chaos: Goryu and Li nod to each other. In turn Creator Incarnate and Li do the same.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Ahah...bringing back the Demi-Creator, Li?"
Rakath Chaos: "Yes."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Tell me..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "His own summoning counts as an ignition effect, yes?" Jin smirks. Li should know where this is going.
Rakath Chaos: "It doesn't." Li smiles, "When a monster summons like this it isn't by an effect, it's a condition like Kaiba-san's XYZ-Dragon Cannon."
Viewtiful Rekk: "And its attack increase isn't ignition either?"
Rakath Chaos: "That's a Continuous Effect."
Rakath Chaos: "However, I thank you."
Rakath Chaos: "I won't use his revival effect."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Oh, darn. Such a pity."
Rakath Chaos: 3050/2400
Rakath Chaos: "Attack the defender!"
Rakath Chaos: Demi-Creator rushes forward.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Trap Card!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Demi-Creator smashes into a vortex and flies back.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Negate Attack."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Now...I believe I'll activate Meltius's effects."
Viewtiful Rekk: (2800) "Since a Counter Trap was activated, I gain 1000 life points."
Viewtiful Rekk: "And since I have Sanctuary in the Sky on the field...."The sky darkens. A bolt of lightning shoots out and slaps Demi-Creator around.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Now, it's still your turn. Your battle phase is over though."
Rakath Chaos: "I think I can end here."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...I will merely set a defender and end my turn."
Rakath Chaos: Draw.
Rakath Chaos: "I summon Shocking Mataza!"
Rakath Chaos: (1300/800)
Rakath Chaos: "Mataza, end his Angel!"
Viewtiful Rekk: The angel is run through. Jin seems unaffected.
Rakath Chaos: "Ohka, his defender!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Cat of Ill Omen appears briefly, and is wiped out.
Rakath Chaos: "Soul of Purity and Light!"
Rakath Chaos: "Your turn!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Not that it matters much...."
Viewtiful Rekk: Jin holds up Mirror Force and places it on the top of his deck.
Viewtiful Rekk: He is then hit by Soul's attack. (800)
Rakath Chaos: "And now it's over." A sword tip moves through, visible from the front of Jin's chest. Mataza standing there, grinning.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I suppose it is."
Viewtiful Rekk: (0000)
BreakneckChao: RNS: WHOOOOOO LI!
BreakneckChao: RNS: WE KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!
BreakneckChao: RNS: THAT'S OUR BOY!!!
Rakath Chaos: Li does the only thing he can do right now.
Rakath Chaos: NICE!
Rakath Chaos: GUY!
Rakath Chaos: POSE!
Polk Kitsune: Casey snerks. "Meh..."
BreakneckChao: *North students catapult over the median, and rush Li, lifting him onto their shoulders*
Viewtiful Rekk: "...I suppose I still have room to grow."
Viewtiful Rekk: Jin briefly shuffles his cards, and then walks over to Li.
BreakneckChao: North Students: LI! LI! LI! LI! LI! LI! LI! LI!
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Let him down for a moment, please. I need to speak to him."
Rakath Chaos: Li looks down, "What is it, and why did you still hold back?"
BreakneckChao: North Student: *look at Li* Li?
BreakneckChao: *put down Li*
Viewtiful Rekk: "Oh...I wasn't holding back." Jin scratches his cheek as he says this.
Viewtiful Rekk: He then holds his hand out to Li. "I just wanted to say...a fine duel, my friend."
BreakneckChao: North Students: ...
Rakath Chaos: Li looks down at his hand, "Yes... I hope we can do this again. It was fun." ^_^
BreakneckChao: North Student: *Collective Cheer!*
BreakneckChao: *lifts both Li and Jin onto their shoulders*
Viewtiful Rekk: "...."
BreakneckChao: North Students: LI AND JIN! LI AND JIN! LI AND JIN! LI AND JIN!
Viewtiful Rekk: Jin shoots a very bemused look at Li.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Why do they do this?"
Rakath Chaos: Li just shrugged, "They haven't won in forever, remember?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Good point."
Viewtiful Rekk: Jin then sweatdrops. "I doubt I will be very well received for breaking that record."
BreakneckChao: *All over the place, North Students are going spastic with joy. High-fives and belly-bumps abound*
BreakneckChao: RNS: Johnny! Hit the theme song again!
Rakath Chaos: "Hey, Jin," Li wispers, hoping the North students don't notice, "I need to go make sure someone's okay, just tell them it's important to me." Li vanishes.
BreakneckChao: Johnny: Roger! *presses button on boombox*
Viewtiful Rekk: "...." Jin sends a positively frightening look downwards.
Viewtiful Rekk: "No theme songs."
Viewtiful Rekk: He then nods discreetly as Li vanishes.
BreakneckChao: Johnny: ....
BreakneckChao: Johnny: Kay.
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo happens to have been in the bleachers up at the top, having seen the whole duel. With it concluded...she just, kinda wanders out of the arena.
Rakath Chaos: Li made his way to Jo, hoping Czar would keep the North students from getting too rowdy. "Jo-chan, where are you, Jo-chan?"
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo blinks, and then spins around, still not used to that particular suffix being attached to her name. "Ah...I'm right here, Li-sempai."
Rakath Chaos: "Oh," Li scratches his head, "I'm sorry..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Ah....what for?"
Rakath Chaos: "I think your life might be harder since I won..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I-It's okay..." She pauses, and presses her fingers together.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I....I kind of...wanted you to win...."
Rakath Chaos: "Should I tell your brother you beat me in a duel?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "W-well...that was different...! Rane-sempai was with have to have gotten stronger since then...."
Rakath Chaos: "Yeah, true..." Li sighed, "Man... while the North guys are great... it's kinda boring out there... and cold. Not that it's too much of an issue, but there are only so many snowmen a guy can make..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "O-Oh...." Jo pauses. " could...." Mutter mutter.
Rakath Chaos: "Do you think... I'd be unwelcomed at Duel Academy thanks to what me and the others attempted to do with duel spirits?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "I...I dunno...I don't think so, but..." She pauses. She doesn't want to say 'but everyone else may not be as forgiving'.
Rakath Chaos: "Well... should I risk it..." Li pauses, "Do you want me back here?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...." Jo looks away. "....yes..." She mutters, barely audible.
Rakath Chaos: Li listens, and she said yes, or at least he heard a yes, it didn't sound or look like a no. "Okay!" Niceguypose, "I'll stay!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo, unable to muster up the same kind of enthusiasm, just smiles and nods a bit. "I-I'm glad..."
Viewtiful Rekk: She then looks up at Li. "...Li-sempai...?"
Rakath Chaos: "Yeah, Jo-chan?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...I...I really missed you..."
Rakath Chaos: Li smiles, "I'm glad someone missed me."
Rakath Chaos: Li sorta goes off in his own world, "I hope the guys are okay with me leaving, I mean they probably aren't used to their rep leaving like this.
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Yeah...this must be the first time something like this has ever happened...."
Viewtiful Rekk: -----------------------------------------------