Viewtiful Rekk: --------------------------------------------------------
Polk Kitsune: "You know, I thought it's be a lot harder to get down here." The boy said as the group walked down the path.
kwikkidus: "You'd think that... but then I don't think the enemy's really expecting us right now."
Polk Kitsune: "We met one, we duelled one, and we're not swarmed yet. No alarms, no nothing..."
kwikkidus: "That guy was a weirdo though..."
Polk Kitsune: "Damn right. Either that, or he led us into a trap."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Well...last time, wasn't it like this, so Bruce-sempai could lure everyone into a trap?"
kwikkidus: Cue a disembodied voice doing a bad Joimpersonation. "...Which means we're totally walking into a trap! Weshould turn around and head back!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "....." Blink.
Polk Kitsune: "..."
Polk Kitsune: "We were saying?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "What...was that...?"
kwikkidus: "...We were saying we should run! It's dangerous up ahead!"
Polk Kitsune: The boy's eyes narrowed. "Yeah yeah, let's run! We're surely going to die out here!" But obviously, he wasn't turning back.
kwikkidus: "Exactly! So... so... get out of here!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Who...who is that?" Jo asks, a somewhat weirded out look on her face.
Polk Kitsune: He keeps on going forward, smirking. "Oh we will! Very fast indeed!"
kwikkidus: "D...D... Darn it, stop walking forward!"
Polk Kitsune: "Why should I?" He keeps moving forward.
kwikkidus: "Because if you don't... We'll eat your soul!"
Polk Kitsune: "... Oh har har. Real scary." He shakes his head. "Next you'll want us to sing the greatest song in the world."
Viewtiful Rekk: "....Greatest song in the world?" Jo asks. Whoosh.
kwikkidus: "I'm not a DEMON!" A rustling is heard, as something begins to rise from the underground. Make that a LOT of somethings.
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Gah!" Jo moves a bit closer to the two males in the group. "Wh-what're those...?!"
Polk Kitsune: "Then who are you?" The guy struck a defencive pose. Here they come...
kwikkidus: Many, many, MANY skull servants emerge fromthe ground, in unison, forming a large boz-shaped formation. "Who areWE? We are that which lurks in your nightmares... for none canescape..."
Polk Kitsune: Blink. Blink blink.
kwikkidus: The other skull servants all dance, but theone in front simply steps forward, a duel disc made purely of boneappearing on an arm. "We are the Skull Servants, and I am their king!"
Polk Kitsune: "Okay, good costumes, guys, cut the wire and mirrors act, I-..."
Polk Kitsune: "... Skull servants, huh?"
kwikkidus: "Yes! Do you feel the quivering fear of what is to come?!"
Polk Kitsune: "... I've had walking chicken in my face."
kwikkidus: "...I'm totally scarier than a chicken."
Polk Kitsune: He pulls out his duel disk, slappign his deck in place. "I'm not going to be scared by the weakest monster in the game."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...I've been kidnapped by a demon-possessed toon user." Jo says, holding up a single hand.
Viewtiful Rekk: "'re scary too! ...Kinda..."
kwikkidus: "WE ARE DANGEROUS IN SWARMS! Don't you read the card?! I'll teach you the real meaning of fear!"
Polk Kitsune: "In a Haloween sorta way."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I mean...the dancing kinda takes away from it..."
kwikkidus: "..." The leader snaps, and the dancing stops, as instead the servants surround those present.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Okay! Okay! THis is scary!" Jo says, looking plenty freaked now.
kwikkidus: "Much better... Now let's begin the duel... the final duel either of you will ever see!"
Polk Kitsune: "... I've seen scarier children, bub. But if you're done dancing..." His duel disk opens up. "Let's duel!"
OnlineHost: kwikkidus rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 5
OnlineHost: Polk Kitsune rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 5
kwikkidus: "As the resident king, there shall be no problems when I make the first move!" six cards move their way into a bony hand.
kwikkidus: "I shall begin with the spell card Heart of the Underdog! Then, I shall set a monster in defense position and end my turn!"
Polk Kitsune: He pulls five himself. "Go ahead, boney."
Polk Kitsune: "My turn. Draw!"
Polk Kitsune: One defence position monster, and nothing to protect it. He doesn't care if I attack it. But I won't get far if I do nothing.
Polk Kitsune: "I'll start by summoning Mirage Dragon, in attack mode!" The yellow snake-like dragon apeared on the field, roaring forward. (1600/600)
Polk Kitsune: "And he'll attack your monster!"
kwikkidus: "My Goblin Calligrapher is destroyed!" Indeed, the puny purple monster was blown to nothingness.
Polk Kitsune: Meso just blinked, eyebrow raised. "... That tiny monster? Geez..." He shakes his head.
Polk Kitsune: "I'll set one card facedown, and end my turn."
kwikkidus: "I shall show you fear! Draw!"
kwikkidus: He flashes the card he just drew--skull servant. "Draw!"
kwikkidus: Another flashing, this time the Left Leg of Exodia. "Draw!"
kwikkidus: "Now, I set one monster in defense mode, and that ends my turn!"
Polk Kitsune: A snerk. "Exodia, huh? Draw!"
kwikkidus: "! I did not want you to guess my strategy so soon!"
Polk Kitsune: "That's not a good idea when you have to reveal your hand. Now I just have to kill you quickly." He placed a card. "I summon in Shining Angel to the field." (1400/800)
Viewtiful Rekk: Wait...why would the King of the Skull Servants play Exodia...?
kwikkidus: "...N.. no! Don't do it!"
Polk Kitsune: "And I bet that's a very weak monster on your field. Shining Angel, attack that monster!"
kwikkidus: If skulls could grin... "You've attacked my Oppressed People!" (400/2000)
Viewtiful Rekk: Oppressed People....? Jo just looks flatout confused now.
Polk Kitsune: "Gh... darnit" Meso recoiled from the blowback of his attack. (7400)
Polk Kitsune: "... I'll end my turn..."
kwikkidus: And the skull servants around them closein. "Did I mention? With every life point you lose... you're one stepcloser to becoming their dinner..."
kwikkidus: "I draw!"
kwikkidus: Flashes Kozaky. "Draw again!"
kwikkidus: "I'll set one card facedwn, and then a monster in defense position. I end my turn, mortal!"
Polk Kitsune: Meso looked at the skull servants. "Gh... Well I guess they'll have to go cold turkey tonight. Draw!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo moves a bit closer to Meso. "Aaah...Meso-sempai...please don't lose any more life points..."
Polk Kitsune: ... This guy could help. "I summon in Victory Viper XX03" A small spaceshipship apears on the field. (1200/1000)
Polk Kitsune: "I'll do my best..."
Polk Kitsune: "Victory Viper will attack your new defender! Phazer bursts!" And with that, the ship fired a volley of lazers at the facedown monster.
kwikkidus: "Skull servant... is destroyed!"
Polk Kitsune: Meso smirks. "Good." A green hologram panel apeared beside him. "And with that, Victory Viper's ability kicks in."
kwikkidus: "...huh?"
Polk Kitsune: He taps a few keys onto the screen. "Whenever he destroys a monster, I get one of three options. And this one should slow you down a bit."
kwikkidus: "...Hum?"
Polk Kitsune: A bay popped open on the ship. "Option number two." A bomb was launched afterwards. "I choose one of your magic and trap cards." And down it went on Heart of the Underdog, with a BOOM!
Polk Kitsune: "... And destroy it."
kwikkidus: "...Nnn..."
Polk Kitsune: "Next, your Opressed People... I activate my trap card!"
Polk Kitsune: "Raigeki Break!"
kwikkidus: "...What?!"
Polk Kitsune: "By tossing one card to the graveyard..." Thunder suddenly came down crashing rigth on the crowd. "I destroy one card on the field."
Polk Kitsune: "And with that..." Meso smirks. "Shining angel and Mirage Dragon can attack you directly."
kwikkidus: "...Nnnffff...."
kwikkidus: (5000) "GRAAAAK!"
Polk Kitsune: "And that ends my turn, Boney."
kwikkidus: "...I draw."
Polk Kitsune: "Or should I just call you Mr White?"
kwikkidus: "Call me what you like... as playtime is now, officially, over!"
kwikkidus: "Spell card - Enchanted Fitting Room! I pay800 life points, and any normal monsters on the top four of my deckwill be summoned to the field!"
kwikkidus: (4200)
Polk Kitsune: "... Great."
kwikkidus: "Skull Servant, Charcoal Inpachi, GracefulCharity, Right Arm of the Forbidden one. All in attack mode! AndGraceful Charity is reshuffled into my deck!"
kwikkidus: "Now, I activate the spell card Triangle Power! It allows me to power all three of my monsters up by 2000 attack points!
Polk Kitsune: "... All... In attack mode?" What is he thinking?
Polk Kitsune: "... SHIT!"
kwikkidus: "For too long, you have all made fun of us... taunting us and teasing us... never using us due to our power... I'll show you!"
kwikkidus: "Charcoal Inpachi! (2100) Destroy the Victory Viper!"
Polk Kitsune: "Gh..." Boom went the ship. (6500)
kwikkidus: "Skull Servant... the Mirage Dragon!" (2300)
Polk Kitsune: (5800) "Gh... You'll regret that..."
kwikkidus: "...Not really... Right Arm! (2200) Destroy Shining Angel!"
Polk Kitsune: And down went the angel. "GRAAAH!" Meso fell one one knee, holding his chest in pain. "Mmmnn... Dammit..."
kwikkidus: The skeletons continued to close in, astheir king laughs. "Now we're tied... And before I end my turn, Ishould set a monster in defense mode!"
Polk Kitsune: (5000) Meso quickly got back on his feet. "Shining Angel's effect kicks in."
Polk Kitsune: "I get to fetch a light monster with 1500 attack points or less, and special summon it to the field." He fans the cards of his deck, and pulls out a card.
Polk Kitsune: "And I sumon my favorite monster." *Beepbeepbeepbeep-BEEP-BEEP!* "Batteryman 3 (AA)" (0/0)
Polk Kitsune: And as the monster hits the field, it's attack po0ints raised to 1000.
kwikkidus: "At the end of my turn, all my monsters used for Triangle Power are destroyed! Your move!"
Polk Kitsune: "Yeah... That's the problem with Triangle power. Only good for one shot."
Polk Kitsune: "Draw!"
Polk Kitsune: "I'll start by tributing my little Batteryman 3 to summon in Super-ElectroMagnetic Voltech Dragon!" With that, the huge mecha dragon roared in. (2400/1000)
Polk Kitsune: "And since I tributed Batteryman 3 for him, he gets a power boost." (3400)
kwikkidus: "...Nice monster. But it relies too much on power..."
Polk Kitsune: "Now, my dragon, destroy that defender! THUNDER BEAM!"
kwikkidus: Kozaky appears, and is promptly made into rubble.
Polk Kitsune: "Maybe... But he's muscle when I need it."
Polk Kitsune: "That ends my turn."
kwikkidus: "I draw."
kwikkidus: "Now, I summon myself to the field." As the card is placed, the king steps forward onto the field.
Polk Kitsune: "... Yourself?"
kwikkidus: "Correct." (0/0)
kwikkidus: "Now, my special ability activates. Foreach Skull Servant or King of Skull Servants in the graveyard, I gain1000 attack points!"
kwikkidus: (2000/0) A pile of bones grows beneath the robed figure.
Polk Kitsune: "... So you recycle your troops. How thoughtfull."
kwikkidus: "Thank you... but I'm not done yet. Now, Iuse the magic of Soul Release, to remove five of my monsters fromplay!" Goblin Calligripher, Oppressed People, Charcoal Inpachi, theRight Arm, and Kozaky all appear, before vanishing.
Polk Kitsune: He raises an eyebrow. "... Wha?"
kwikkidus: "Then, I activate my facedown card, Next to be Lost! I choose myself... and send a copy of me to the graveyard."
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo blinks....then gasps as it hits her.
Polk Kitsune: "One more of you in there..."
Polk Kitsune: "More bones..."
kwikkidus: The pile grows still bigger. (3000/0) "I'm not done yet, either..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Meso-sempai!" She says. "He's going to force you to remove his monsters from play!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Then he's going to use Return From the Different Dimension!
kwikkidus: "..." Blink. Blink. "That's a really good idea, actually. I'll do that next time."
Viewtiful Rekk: "....You mean you're not going to?"
kwikkidus: "Of course not. I have other plans. Ah-hem.ANYWAYS!" He throws another card onto the duel disc. "I equip myselfwith Opti-Camouflage Armor!"
Polk Kitsune: Meso blinked, and groaned. "Great... give him MORE ideas..."
kwikkidus: "This card can only be equipped onto an elite level one monster like myself... but it is very very useful."
kwikkidus: "It allows me to do this!" He vanishes suddenly;
Polk Kitsune: "... uh oh..."
kwikkidus: He reappears behind Meso, and kicks the boy in the back of the knee. Hard. "Take that!"
Polk Kitsune: "GAAAAAACK!" He fell forward, breathign heavilly. "D-damn..."
Polk Kitsune: (2000)
kwikkidus: And the servants close in again... "Are youfeeling it? That fear... the fear of knowing you're going to bedestroyed? I told you... I said we were dangerous in swarms..."
kwikkidus: "I end my turn. Prepare to meet your fate!"
Viewtiful Rekk: ""Aaah...Meso-sempai..." Jo mutters. If Mylene were here, she'd probably have some issue with her being so close.
Polk Kitsune: "It... It's not over yet." He treembled to his feet. "I've been afraid and desperate my whole life up to now."
Polk Kitsune: "I've faced real monsters, real horrors..." He shakes his head. "And you... You're nothing. Nothing compred to them."
kwikkidus: "...I'll eat you."
Polk Kitsune: "Then come and get a piece of me... If you can." He places a card on his deck. "But I'll beat you untill you're nothing but dust at my feet."
Polk Kitsune: "DRAW!"
Polk Kitsune: He looks at the card... and smirks. "One combo... It's all I needed."
Polk Kitsune: He glares at the skeleton. "I'll start by playing Battery Charger."
Polk Kitsune: "By paying five hundred points, I can revive one Batteryman from my graveyard to the field."
Polk Kitsune: (1500) The skulls came in even closer now. "And I bring back Batteryman 3" *BEEP!*
Polk Kitsune: "And with his comeback, I use Inferno Reckless Summon."
kwikkidus: "You FOOL! That gives me a second King!"
Polk Kitsune: "If you think YOU'RE big trouble when you're in group, just wait untill these little guys come in trios."
kwikkidus: "Hah... if you say so!"
Polk Kitsune: He smirks. "I know. It doesn't matter. Even if you have three of you on the field."
kwikkidus: "You lie! We're going to crush you!" Only now it's in stereo.
Polk Kitsune: "First, because my little Batterymen 3 get a power boost. A thousand points for each of them on the field." (3000/0)
Polk Kitsune: "Three of them... Plenty to take you two out, and clean out your lifepoints."
kwikkidus: "...Not exactly!"
kwikkidus: They waggle fingers. "You see... we have3000 attack points each. If you kill either of us, the other willbecome stronger than all your monsters!"
Polk Kitsune: "Even if my dragon attacks..." He smirks. "I know."
Polk Kitsune: "Wich is why I'll just clean you out with one blast."
Polk Kitsune: "The magic card, Lightning Vortex!"
kwikkidus: "...What?
Polk Kitsune: "By discarding one card... I destroy all faceup monsters on my opponent's side of the field."
kwikkidus: "...but... if you use that card, then..." they draw back, looking up.
Polk Kitsune: "I know... You two can't revive. Can't stay on the field. So goodbye." He tosses his last card in, and thunder started to rumble in the sky, and come down, dancing on the kings.
kwikkidus: And the two of them... well, one shatters, and the other flies back to his dueling position. "...g...ghh..."
Polk Kitsune: "You're finished..." He looks at all the other skulls. "And as for the rest of you... Batterymen?" The trio looked up at Meso, and gave a nod. "Destroy them all! THUNDER BOMBS!"
kwikkidus: Crackling. Exploding. A sudden lack of zombies. A sudden and TOTAL lack of zombies! (0000)
Polk Kitsune: Intense light flashed through the area as thunder flooded around the monsters.
Polk Kitsune: "And that's all she wrote."
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo, who had been holding her breath for what was probably a while ago, finally releases it.
kwikkidus: "...Well, that was... anticlimactic."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Really...really don't like zombies..." She mutters.
Myushu: "...Fwar."
Polk Kitsune: "They were only show-offs. They rely on fear and ganging up to do the work for them."
kwikkidus: "...Don't you?"
Polk Kitsune: "... Kinda. But I don't try to frighten people. Or rule over others. I've got friend to watch my back, and vice-versa."
Viewtiful Rekk: "But...was Kurt-sempai sending us here only so we'd run into them...?"
Polk Kitsune: *Beep-beep!* A little red battery head poked out of Meso's collar, looking around. *Beep!*
Myushu: "I betcha he was! Stupid good for nothing.." mutter mutter.
kwikkidus: "...So you have... friends. Right." Unableto see spirits, looking elsewhere now. "Well, we'd best keep going.Henry probably won't be rescuing himself."
Polk Kitsune: "Maybe... But those guys didn't want us to go any farther."
Polk Kitsune: Meso pats the little batteryman on it's head, smirking. "Then let's go."
Polk Kitsune: "We don't know what's waiting ahead for us, but we can get over whatever they throw at us."
Polk Kitsune: *Beep-beep-BZZZT!* "GGZZT!" Meso's hair give out a few static sparks, and gives out a small puff of smoke. "Gh... Mylene's gota get that fixed..."
kwikkidus: "Of course we can. This is nothing compared to the prior two groups we had to deal with."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Well...technically, if Bruce-sempai is here, then he by himself would probably be way stronger than any of us...."
Viewtiful Rekk: She's not trying to be so pessimistic. Honest.
Polk Kitsune: "... Could it really be him though?"
kwikkidus: "I wouldn't be so sure... He's dead. People don't just come back from dead."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Well...I used Takumi-sensei's cameras to watch that duel..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I...I don't think he's dead..." She mutters.
Polk Kitsune: "We've faced skulls, walking buffet, and... pirates?"
Polk Kitsune: "We're dealing with something unnatural, that's for sure."
Myushu: She eyes Jo, frowning. "...You sure?"
Myushu: "Takumi-sensei's cameras does... catch just about everything, I guess.."
kwikkidus: "...Then I guess, if it is Bruce... we'lljust have to kick his butt. Assuming his deck hasn't changed, itshouldn't be that hard."
Viewtiful Rekk: "And he did kidnap could be trying to eliminate the only person he sees as a threat to him..."
Myushu: "He'll elimate Henry over my dead body!"
Polk Kitsune: "The last time, it took Amado AND Henry to take him out... Or so's the tale, right?"
kwikkidus: ."...That's how it happened."
Viewtiful Rekk: "But...I haven't seen Amado-sempai anywhere either..."
Myushu: "...Well there's us!"
Myushu: "We could.. we could all take him! Ne?!"
Polk Kitsune: "I saw Amado this morning..."
Polk Kitsune: "But... He didn't want to do nothing about this."
kwikkidus: "Then why IS he doing nothing about this?"
Polk Kitsune: "You got me. He's Amado afterall."
kwikkidus: "That would make him the first in line. He still thinks he has to prove something to someone."
Polk Kitsune: "... Was he the same way back then though?"
Myushu: "He's always been a jerkface."
Myushu: "How can he turn his back on Henry!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Well, there has to be a reason...." Jo mutters.
kwikkidus: "Heck, I don't LIKE the guy... but I'm still here. Maybe he's finally just given up."
Myushu: "Well we cant just stay standing here wondering what the hell's up with him!"
Polk Kitsune: "That's why we're down here... That's why we're lookign for him."
Viewtiful Rekk: A giggle sounds out. "You can look all you want...but you'll never find the guy."
Myushu: "Who's that?!"
Polk Kitsune: A blink. "What? Who's there?"
kwikkidus: "...Sounds... giggly, whoever it is."
Viewtiful Rekk: Suddenly, a girl in red swings down on a vine. "BWAHAHAHAHA....oh, CRAP CRAP LOOK OUT!"
Viewtiful Rekk: She then crashes into Eon.
Polk Kitsune: He whinces. "... Look out for that tree?"
Myushu: "Wah, Eon-kun!"
kwikkidus: "Ghh..." and he's sent toppling over. "...ow... that... Ow."
Myushu: Jenna.. moves the girl off Eon. "Waaah, are you okay, Eon-kun?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Ow...ow...ow..." Isabel is, currently, right on top of Eon.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Geez, why'd you have to get in my way like that?! Talk about inconsiderate!"
Myushu: Jenna.. moves the girl off Eon. "Waaah, are you okay, Eon-kun?"
kwikkidus: "Me? I'm fine... Just a flying girl. If itwas Bruce, I'd need help." He sits up, rubbing his forehead. "...Whothe heck are you?"
Myushu: Glares at the girl. "Who d'ya think you are swinging around like that?!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Isabel stands up and leaps away. "I am Isabel Marias! The Heroine of Duel Academy!" Nice Guy Pose.
Myushu: "..Heroine?"
Polk Kitsune: "... You gota be kidding me."
kwikkidus: "...She's nuttier than that poser who beat Jin."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Nutty? Nutty like a FOX, maybe!" She holds up an arm with a Duel Disk on it.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Now then, as said, you're never gonna get to that Kaito loser!"
Myushu: "Don't you call him a loser!"
Polk Kitsune: "And why do you say that, huh?"
Myushu: "Henry's a great guy! A good guy! And you better give him back or else!"
Rakath Chaos: Crash and niceguypose on Eon's head.
Viewtiful Rekk: "'Cause I'm the one who bagged the little sucked in the first place."
Myushu: "You what--Eon-kun!!"
Rakath Chaos: "Hmm... I think I meant to land a little to the left."
Rakath Chaos: Takes 1 step to the left.
Viewtiful Rekk: Isabel gasps. "Another master of the Nice Guy Pose!?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Who are you, Mysterious Newcomer!?"
kwikkidus: "...Ow..." HEad in ground.
Polk Kitsune: "... that must hurt."
Myushu: "Awww, Eon-kun..." helps him up, "there there.." ;-;
Viewtiful Rekk: "..." Isabel points at Eon. "Man, that guy's a loser."
Rakath Chaos: "You don't know who I am?" Li is confused by this, "But... I was in the school duel, and anyone that knows of the niceguypose should know who I am."
Myushu: Glares at Isbal. "Shut your trap!"
Rakath Chaos: "I'm the one, and only, Raiko Li!" *Teethping*
Polk Kitsune: "Li..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "School duel? Oh, I didn't watch that. Just another excuse for the teachers to gamble compulsively...."
kwikkidus: "...She's not worth the effort, Jenna..." Still rubbing his forehead.
Viewtiful Rekk: Swoon. "Oh....h-hi Li-sempai...."
Viewtiful Rekk: Someone is still a fangirl.
Myushu: "Well then who is?! I have a heel asking for someone's face!"
kwikkidus: "...Whoever kidnapped Henry. Save it for them."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Oh, calm down, you silly girl. You might be kinda hot if y'wern't such a loudmouth."
Myushu: Points at Isabel. "She just said she bagged him!"
Myushu: "..Silly girl? I'm not silly!"
Myushu: "I just want my friend back." >_<;
Polk Kitsune: "... I would have been more concerned why she called you hot, but..."
kwikkidus: "...Well, she -is- hot." He stands up,finally brushing some dust off his coat. "Alright then, little girl, bea good little hero and tell us where the hell Henry is."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Anyway....Bruce told me to make sure you guys don't screw up his plans...."
Myushu: "..Bruce.. So he really is.. Gwar.."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Sounds like he really wants to settle his score with that Henry guy...and Kurt and the skull guy already lost."
Polk Kitsune: "... Bruce again..."
Myushu: "Bruce ought to know he's just gonna get kicked again!"
Polk Kitsune: "Answer me this though..."
Polk Kitsune: "This IS the same Bruce as last time? The leader of Terra Firma?"
kwikkidus: "Well, he -did- lose to Henry."
Polk Kitsune: "Tall, wide, muscled, atitude of a brick wall?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Bruce wasn't the leader of Terra Firma, idiot. They were a bunch of card theives." She says this while picking at her ear with a finger.
Myushu: "He was so the leader of Terra Firma!"
Myushu: "..Right, Eon-kun?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Y'know what, I'm not gonna bother debating with you guys."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Point is, I gotta stomp all of yas."
Rakath Chaos: "Miss, could you please stand down so we can keep going? A Heroine should help us save people in trouble, not get in our way."
Viewtiful Rekk: "So, who first!" She lifts up her arm again.
kwikkidus: "...Uhh... I did work for him... He is kind of evil."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Yeah, but a Heroine won't help people save a villain. That's pretty basic."
Myushu: "...We're here to save Henry. He's not a villain!"
Rakath Chaos: Niceguy Pose, "I can assure you Kaito is not a villain. You can trust me on this." PING
Polk Kitsune: "... Henry... Villain. I've heard him beign called many things, but that's just... Not possible."
kwikkidus: "He's too dense to pull off evil. Haven't you talked to the guy?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Hrmph. Like I said, I don't wanna debate you guys..." She mutters.
Myushu: "Only an idiot would think Henry's a bad guy. Seriously!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Bruce is my friend. I trust him way more than you yahoos."
Rakath Chaos: "Fine, do not trust my words."
Myushu: "...Sigh."
Rakath Chaos: "I will show you the truth in the best fashion."
kwikkidus: "ooh. This could be fun to watch..."
Rakath Chaos: Li vanishes, and appears behind the deluded Heroine, "When I win, you will know the truth."
Viewtiful Rekk: "WAHA!" She spins around, clutching a hand over her heart. "D...don't do that!"
Polk Kitsune: "... Very fun."
Viewtiful Rekk: "G-go over there if you're gonna duel me first!" She points at a space. "Geez...almost gave me a heart attack..."
Rakath Chaos: Before she says attack, Li is standing there.
Viewtiful Rekk: "....Right. Okay! Let's go!" She activates her Duel DIsk.
Rakath Chaos: "It would not be proper for me to go first, ladies should always be given that right."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Uh....thanks!" She draws six.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Li-sempai's such a gentleman, isn't he Jenna-sempai...?" Jo has a slight blush.
Myushu: "...He is. <3"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Elemental Hero - Wildheart!" The buff warrior appears, and flexxes. (1500/1600)
Viewtiful Rekk: "And one reverse card. End turn!"
kwikkidus: "...Pfeh. We'll see how he duels."
Rakath Chaos: *ping* "Draw!"
Myushu: "..Ugh, Ihate that card."
Rakath Chaos: "I'll play Skyflash Assault!"
Rakath Chaos: "This card let's me summon Majestic Mech - Senku from my deck."
Rakath Chaos: The humanoid mech appears, on the field at its pathetic 1000/500
Rakath Chaos: "Senku, Attack!" The mech rushes forward... over Wildheart's head.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Huuuh? So it lets your mech attack directly, huh?"
Rakath Chaos: "Exactly."
Viewtiful Rekk: Isabel smirks as Senku explodes before touching her.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Trap card, Sakuretsu Armor!"
Rakath Chaos: "I'll play Masaki the Legendary Swordsman in defense mode." (1100) "I'm done."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Humm...I'll play Pot of Greed!"
Viewtiful Rekk: The grinning green pot appears. "This lets me draw twice!" She snaps two cards off her deck.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Next I'll play Heat Heart!" A bright red aura begins burning around Wildheart.
Viewtiful Rekk: (2000/1600) "This gives WIldheart 500 attack points and attack Masaki, WIldheart!"
Rakath Chaos: Li braces for the attack. 7100
Viewtiful Rekk: Isabel smirks. "End turn." Wildheart goes back to normal.
Rakath Chaos: Li Draws again.
Rakath Chaos: "Now then, I summon Majestic Mech - Ohka!" (2400/1400)
Rakath Chaos: The large pink wolf-mech appears and lets out a roar.
Rakath Chaos: "Ohka, ATTACK!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Huuum. One-a them no tribute monsters..."
kwikkidus: "...Okay, so he starts strong..."
Viewtiful Rekk: Wildheart is destroyed. (7100)
Myushu: "..He has a nice deck."
Rakath Chaos: "Now, I'll use my magic card Return to Flesh."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Yeeah...he's so cool...."
Rakath Chaos: "And set a card, this ends my turn." Ohka growls and explodes into a storm of flower petals... and a Masaki.
Viewtiful Rekk: "....Buh?"
Myushu: "..I guess he's pretty cool."
kwikkidus: "Ehh."
Myushu: "..Eon-kun's cooler." ^^
Viewtiful Rekk: "Lemme guess. That Return to Flesh doohickey did this?"
kwikkidus: "...Heh. We'll see."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw!"
Rakath Chaos: "Yeah, it revives a Warrior lower level than an Angel that goes to my grave this turn, like Ohka."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Aaah. Well then. I'll play Neo-Spacian Frost Shark in attack mode!"
Rakath Chaos: Ground below the shark explodes.
Rakath Chaos: The card is back in her hand.
Rakath Chaos: "Eh, no."
Viewtiful Rekk: A hammerhead shark with a human body appears. (800/800)
Viewtiful Rekk: "What the heck?!" She exclaims as the shark goes back to her hand.
Myushu: "Ooh~"
Rakath Chaos: "I'll use my Forced Back, it negates your summon and returns the monster to your hand."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Hrr...fine..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Didn't wanna have to use this too quick...Monster Reborn!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Wildheart appears again. (1500/1600) "Attack Masaki!"
Rakath Chaos: 6700
Polk Kitsune: "Monster Reborn... Potent card..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "End turn."
Viewtiful Rekk: "A potent banned card..." Jo mutters, a slight frown on her face.
Rakath Chaos: "Draw!"
Rakath Chaos: Li turns to Jo, "Do not worry, I am fine." Ping.
Polk Kitsune: "For a reason. Yes."
Rakath Chaos: "Now then, Surprising Mataza, join me on the field."
Rakath Chaos: (1300/800) The war trained Samurai takes his spot in front of Li.
Rakath Chaos: "And, I'll remove both my Majestic Mech monsters in the grave for Soul of Purity and Light!"
Rakath Chaos: Glowy angel spirit appears on the field, and looks for Henry for some reason, sighs, and takes a spot next to Mataza.
Rakath Chaos: (2000/1800)
Rakath Chaos: "Now then, Soul of Purity and Light, attack Wildheart."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Hey, I thought I kidnapped that gu- oh, it's part of a monster."
Myushu: Blink
Viewtiful Rekk: (6600)
Rakath Chaos: "Mataza, upset this game, attack!" Mataza rushes forward, takes a huge swing.
Rakath Chaos: Then, using the momentum, swings again.
Viewtiful Rekk: (4000) "Gahaagh!"
Rakath Chaos: "I'm done."
Viewtiful Rekk: After taking the strikes, Isabel bends over, taking a few deep breaths.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Gh...o...okay! Draw!" She gets back up, and draws.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Okay...get ready! I play Elemental Hero Airman in attack mode!"
Viewtiful Rekk: (1800/300) "When he's summoned, I can add an Elemental Hero to my hand!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "And then I'll play Polymerization!" Sparkman appears next to Airman, and the two begin to meld together.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Elemental Hero - Storm Breaker!" (2400/2000)
Rakath Chaos: "What's this one do?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Well...when you activate a monster, trap, or magic effect during my turn, once per turn, I can ditch a card to negate and destroy that effect!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Which raises the question..." She points at pseudo-Henry and the spirit clinging to it. "Is that thing trigger or continuous?"
Rakath Chaos: "Continuous, I must say."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Fah! Well, anyway, Storm Breaker! Attack Mataza!"
Rakath Chaos: Storm Breaker is blinded by the wings and goes down to 2100. 5900
Viewtiful Rekk: "Darn Soul...." She mutters. "I end my turn."
Rakath Chaos: Li Draws.
Rakath Chaos: "I'll summon a new Majestic Mech - Ohka."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Well, there's no point to that...." She mutters.
kwikkidus: "Well... this duel is amusing."
Rakath Chaos: "Ohka, pave the way!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Oh snap."
Rakath Chaos: The wolf flies up and fires down pink death on the E-Hero
Viewtiful Rekk: Storm Breaker grab Ohka and snaps its neck, before dying of Avian Flu.
Myushu: "It is." ^^
Rakath Chaos: "Soul of Light! Go!"
Viewtiful Rekk: (2000) Isabel is hit by the attack and flies to the ground.
Rakath Chaos: "Now then, its your move."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Ghgh...." She slowly pushes herself back up. "D...draw!" She snaps a card off her deck.
Viewtiful Rekk: "I'll play Neo-Spacian Frost Shark, in attack mode!"
Viewtiful Rekk: (800/800) "Next, his effect! Your Soul gets one Frost Counter!" The Soul of Purity and Light is engulfed in ice.
Rakath Chaos: "What's that do?"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Your monster can't attack or change modes as long as it's there. And it doesn't go away until your next Main Phase 2"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Also...two reverse cards. And that ends my turn!"
Rakath Chaos: "Draw!"
Rakath Chaos: "I activate Graceful Charity!"
Rakath Chaos: Draw 3, discard 2.
Rakath Chaos: "Now, I'll tribute my Soul of Purity and Light for Majestic Mech - Goryu!"
Rakath Chaos: "Let's see what those facedowns can do. Goryu, strike it down!" (2900/1800)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Trap card! Soul Union!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Storm Breaker's spirit appears behind Frost Shark, adding its ATK to it. (3200)
Viewtiful Rekk: "And to that, Emergency Provisions!" Soul Union dissapears as Isabel's life points go up. (3000)
Rakath Chaos: (5600) "I'll set this facedown card, and end."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw!"
Viewtiful Rekk: "Breaker, the Magical Warrior!" Breaker apppears, and immediately flings his sword at the reverse.
Rakath Chaos: Goryu's soul flies out of the grave and burns out 800 of her lifepoints. "Blossom of Courage!"
Viewtiful Rekk: (2200) "Ghhrg!" She goes slightly rigid.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Now, Breaker! Forst Shark! Direct attack!"
Rakath Chaos: (3200)
Viewtiful Rekk: "End turn..."
Rakath Chaos: "Draw!"
Rakath Chaos: "Now, Pot of Avarice."
Rakath Chaos: Mataza, Ohka, Masaki, Creator's Avatar, and Soul of Purity vanish from the graveyard.
Rakath Chaos: Li draws two. "Creator's Avatar, come forward."
Rakath Chaos: The warrior appears and slashes once for dramatic effect, and his body pings.
Rakath Chaos: "Now then, end the Frost Shark!"
Viewtiful Rekk: (1400)
Rakath Chaos: "I'll set one card to end."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw!"
Viewtiful Rekk: Isabel smirks. "I don't want this to have any chance of going I'll play Heavy Storm!"
Rakath Chaos: *Sakuretsu armor is destroyed*
Viewtiful Rekk: "Next, Neo-Spacian Shadow Mamba, in attack mode!" A black snake enshrouded in a cloak appears and hisses. (700/500)
Viewtiful Rekk: "Attack the Creator's Avatar!" The snake leaps forward.
OnlineHost: Viewtiful Rekk rolled 1 2-sided die: 1
Viewtiful Rekk: The snake bites on to the Avatar's neck, then leaps back on to Isabel's field. "Heh...end turn."
Rakath Chaos: "Draws."
Rakath Chaos: "Surprising Mataza!"
Rakath Chaos: Li-like flash step and both monsters die. (1300/800)
Viewtiful Rekk: (800)
Rakath Chaos: "Go."
Viewtiful Rekk: Draw. "....Breaker, attack Mataza!"
Rakath Chaos: 2900 "Grr..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "End turn..."
Rakath Chaos: Draw! "I'll set this card face down and end."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Draw!" She glances at her hand for a moment. "....Breaker, direct attack!"
Rakath Chaos: Smile and Ping.
Rakath Chaos: "Miraculous Descent."
Viewtiful Rekk: "...Miraculous who?"
Rakath Chaos: A bright blinding light from above starts taking form.
Rakath Chaos: A form much like Goryu, actually... just like Goryu. It is Goryu.
Viewtiful Rekk: Breaker's blade stops inches from Goryu's face.
Rakath Chaos: "I can revive an Angel that was removed from play."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Ghhg...." Isabel looks over her hand.
Rakath Chaos: "Like the Goryu that hit you when Breaker destroyed my facedown."
Viewtiful Rekk: "I....end turn...." She mutters.
Rakath Chaos: "Draw!"
Rakath Chaos: "Hmm... I don't need to do this, but..."
Rakath Chaos: "I'll summon Masaki the Legendary Swordsman."
Rakath Chaos: Goryu begins to glow and flies into the armor of Masaki.
Viewtiful Rekk: "...What the heck is he doing?"
Rakath Chaos: "You should know, your deck runs many cards that do this."
Viewtiful Rekk: " that Contact Fusion?!"
Rakath Chaos: "Similar, but not the same."
Rakath Chaos: "I don't need them on the field, and instead of the Fusion deck the Fusion monster is sent to the graveyard."
Rakath Chaos: "Anyway, Rumbling Dragon Masaki, let's show them a way to end the duel."
Rakath Chaos: Masaki raises his sword, several gold energy dragons floating around him. His gold armor gleaming in the light, as well as radiating its own light. (3200/2200)
Viewtiful Rekk: Isabel gulps. "Isn't that just...a bit overkill?"
Rakath Chaos: With one swing, every energy dragon rushes the Breaker, and through to its master.
Polk Kitsune: "A bit? Damn..."
Rakath Chaos: "Why end a duel with a flicker when it can end in such a brilliant blaze!" Niceguypose.
kwikkidus: "...Huh. And the broke get broker."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Ghhg....." Isabel lets out a scream as the energy slams into her, causing her to drop to her knees.
Rakath Chaos: "The truth is we are on the side of right, and your Bruce is holding our innocent friend hostage."
Viewtiful Rekk: She gulps....but then puts up a weak smirk. "Heh....not bad..."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Sorry....Bruce is my friend. I gotta trust him first."
Viewtiful Rekk: "But....outta respect." She takes a keycard from her blazer pocket and tosses it to Li. "There's a lab north of can't get in without that."
Polk Kitsune: "... That's where we'll find Henry?"
Rakath Chaos: "Right!" Li turns to the others, "I'll race you all there!"
Viewtiful Rekk: The stone around her neck glows brightly, before a green flame shoots up around Isabel, causing her to clutch her shoulders in pain for a few moments....before dropping to the ground.
Rakath Chaos: Li's gone, long gone, goner than gone.
Viewtiful Rekk: And Isabel is very obviously K.O. now.
kwikkidus: Eon puts a hand in his pocket, standing again, and resumes walking. "...We'd best get going. Meso. Can you carry the girl?"
Polk Kitsune: "... DAMMIT, WAIT FOR US!" And freeze before he just zoom off after. "... Huh?"
Polk Kitsune: A sigh. "Rigth, right."
kwikkidus: "She's not evil. So... yeah."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Li-sempai....he's so coool...." Completely oblivious of the fallen opponent.
Myushu: "..Hrm."
Polk Kitsune: "... Huf." A snerk, and finally, grabbing the girl, and lifting her up on his shoulders. "One more rescue-ee... Great."
Polk Kitsune: "Off to that laboratory, I guess."
kwikkidus: "Yeah..."
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo looks up at Jenna, that dreamy look still on her face. "Wasn't Li-sempai's deck great, Jenna-sempai?"
Myushu: "...It really was." ^^
Myushu: Grabs Jo's arm, "now let's go after him, eh?" Onward!
Polk Kitsune: "... Perfect time to test these." With a tap of his feet, his shoes started to give a whirring sound, the mechanic plates covering them shifting a bit, and soon, the boy was hovering a few inches off the ground.
Viewtiful Rekk: "Aah, right!" She follows.
kwikkidus: "...Tch."
Polk Kitsune: "Much beter." Settlign the new weigth on his shoulders, he began to 'skate off' toward the lab.
Viewtiful Rekk: ----------------------------------------