Viewtiful Rekk: ------------------------------------------------------
kwikkidus: Meanwhile! Ed is dragging along Jo, albeit taking a lot of effort to do it. "Why does she have to be so... heavy? It's okay, Jo. Don't worry. We'll get you to the infirmary safe and sound. I promise."
Viewtiful Rekk: "O-okay Ed-sempai..." She stammers out quite weakly. She's obviously not doing very well. She's more or less completely leaning on Ed, and she looks like she could slip out of consciousness at any second.
kwikkidus: "Just... try to stay awake, okay? And don't go towards the light. That's bad... Stay away from the light, Jo."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Stay away from the it..." She mutters back.
kwikkidus: "Let's see... assuming nothing happens...we should be there... really soon... and then Zaniah can make you all better." A pause. "...Are you sure you want to go there?"
Polk Kitsune: A sigh could be heard. "Aaaahhh... The wounded and the hopeless. Such a welcome sight in these tiring times."
kwikkidus: "Reeh?!" he looks around suddenly, before trying to head forward a bit faster. "Jo... I think we're in trouble again."
Viewtiful Rekk: "Whuh...?" She asks, and looks around.
Polk Kitsune: From the shadows of the forrest, a figure emerged. "Trouble? No no, my dear young man."
kwikkidus: "...Reeh? But... but... normally when people say that they're evil. And then we're in trouble."
Polk Kitsune: "Aaaahhh, but am I evil? Now now, don't be so quick to judge." The female voice came in closer.
kwikkidus: "...Yeah we're definitely leaving now sorry bye!" Onward! At... slightly faster than before!
Viewtiful Rekk: Jo is just short of being dragged with him.
Polk Kitsune: But as he started to move once more, he's feel a hand on his shoulder, a slim, delicate arm reaching around to wrap around his waist. "Now now... We've barely met. What a rude little man you are."
kwikkidus: "Rr...rrreehhh... look, I'm pretty sure you're nice and all but I'm really not interested and I have to get her to the hospital so please just let go of me so I can go. Please?"
Polk Kitsune: "Aaaahhh, but that's one thing I cannot do. You see, no one should have been able to leave the base. Should someone blab about our plans... well..." He grip tightened.
Polk Kitsune: her*
kwikkidus: "Ah-HA! You ARE evil! Now let me go!"
Polk Kitsune: "Evil? Me? No no..." She waves a finger at him. "I simply desire oblivion and rebirth... That is all."
kwikkidus: "See... Bruce did too... and he was evil... so that means you're kinda evil too... So... leggo."
Viewtiful Rekk: One look to the side would indicate Jo's head resting on Ed's should....yeah, she's asleep. And she's still bleeding through that bandage.
Polk Kitsune: "Mmmnnn... No." She squeezed a little more. "Not without a fight."
Polk Kitsune: "You said it yourself. If I am evil, you're in trouble."
kwikkidus: "...Mmmf..." He looks over at Jo, then sighs. "Alright. Fine. A fight it is then. But... can we duel instead?"
Polk Kitsune: "Fine..." She gave a sinister grin, leaning down, and whispering in his ear. "I will grace you with a duel against a queen..."
kwikkidus: "nnfff... do you HAVE to do that?"
Polk Kitsune: "You should be honored..." She back slowly. "I don't usually do the fighting myself."
kwikkidus: "Reeh... fine!" He slowly sets Jo on the ground, leaning her against a convenient tree. "Don't worry, Jo... I'll make sure you get help. I promised."
kwikkidus: That done, he faces off with the queen, his disc activating. "Alright... Let's get this over with..!"
Polk Kitsune: The queen stepped back, pulling out a duel disk. "She will be lucky. She will not be conscious when defeat will fall on you."
Polk Kitsune: She slid in her deck, and activated her disk. "Let oblivion show you the way..."
kwikkidus: "The only person who shows me the way, you'll have the honor of meeting soon enough!"
OnlineHost: kwikkidus rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 6
OnlineHost: Polk Kitsune rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 2
kwikkidus: "I'll go first.." He draws six, eying his hand. "I'll start off with a monster in defense... and that's it."
Polk Kitsune: "Such it is. Draw!"
Polk Kitsune: "I'll lay one monster facedown... And that will end my turn too." She gave a sharp smile.
kwikkidus: "...Then... Then I'll draw now!"
kwikkidus: "Alright... I'll tribute my facedown Giant Rat for Granmarg, the Rock Monarch! When I summon him, I can destroy any facedown card on the field... like your monster!" As the Monarch appears, it sends a punch right for the set card.
Polk Kitsune: She gave a smirk. "So you do..." As the humongous first crushed through the card, a screech could be heard as something flew up, opening huge butterfly wings. "You activated my Sand Moth's special effect."
kwikkidus: "Reeh?!"
Polk Kitsune: "When destroyed facedown, you shattered it's rock-hard cocoon... Sand moths are usually hard, but weak from breaking it open."
Polk Kitsune: "But now, you've let it free... and it returns with full strength." (2000/1000
kwikkidus: "...So... it's not dead... No problem! Granmarg!" He points at the moth. "Take it out!"
Polk Kitsune: She closed her eyes, and the moth was taken out. "Such it is..." ((7600))
kwikkidus: "I set one card facedown, and that ends my turn!" Yes! I'm doing it!
Polk Kitsune: She gave a soft giggle. "If you think you're about to be victorious, you may want to think again. Draw!"
Polk Kitsune: "I summon in the Sonic Bird" (1400/1000)
kwikkidus: "Mm... There's a card I know well."
Polk Kitsune: "And with his effect, I can recover this magic card. The Advanced Ritual Art."
Polk Kitsune: "By playing this ritual card, I can play any ritual monsters in my hand by sending my tributes from the deck."
Polk Kitsune: "So by sending the Spiral Serpent to the graveyard, I can summon the Dark Master - Zorc!"
Polk Kitsune: (2700/1500)
kwikkidus: "r...reeeh!"
Polk Kitsune: She gave a smirk. "Are you familiar with his deadly ability, young man?"
kwikkidus: "N...not really?"
Polk Kitsune: She gave a small smirk. "Very well." She held out a small red dice. "Once per turn, I can roll a dice."
Polk Kitsune: "If I have the bad luck to roll a six, all my monsters are destroyed..."
Polk Kitsune: "If I roll a five, a four, or a three, I can destroy one monster on the field."
Polk Kitsune: "If I roll a one or a two... I destroy all your monsters on the field."
kwikkidus: "...That's... mean..."
Polk Kitsune: "Now let us see..." She tossed the dice in the air. "Who shall face oblivion..."
OnlineHost: Polk Kitsune rolled 1 6-sided die: 3
Polk Kitsune: "A three... Perfect." She pointed to Granmarg, and as she did, a black beam erupted from Zork's hand, turning the poor Granmarg to dust.
kwikkidus: "Reeh! My... Granmarg..."
Polk Kitsune: "He has faced his fate. His death will only pave the way to greater things... But for now..."
Polk Kitsune: "Sonic Bird, Zorc, attack directly!"
Polk Kitsune: ((1400, 2700))
kwikkidus: "Reeeh!!" He's knocked back by the force of the attack, before standing again. (3900) "Ahh... ow..."
Polk Kitsune: "And that... Will end my turn"
kwikkidus: "Then... I draw!"
kwikkidus: "...Alright... It's all I can do now to play this! Monster Reborn, give me back Granmarg the Rock Monarch!"
kwikkidus: "Now... Granmarg! Attack Sonic Bird!"
Polk Kitsune: The bird was destroyed easily. "A good bird, really. He did what he needed to do."
Polk Kitsune: ((6600))
kwikkidus: "Then how about this? I set one card facedown, and tribute Granmarg for Mobius, the Frost Monarch."
kwikkidus: "Nobility beats Oblivion, every time! Your move!"
Polk Kitsune: She shook her head lightly. "Everything faces Oblivion. There is no escaping it. Draw."
Polk Kitsune: "First..." She pulled the dice out. "Zorc... Please."
OnlineHost: Polk Kitsune rolled 1 6-sided die: 6
kwikkidus: "Yes! Luck of the Henry!"
Polk Kitsune: And with a great BOOM, the dark master was gone. "Hrmmm..."
Polk Kitsune: "I play the magical card Fulfillment of the contract."
kwikkidus: "...Not good!"
Polk Kitsune: "With the small cost of eight hundred lifepoints, I can revive a ritual monster. So Zorc... Return." ((5800))
Polk Kitsune: "And with his return..." She held out the dice. "Once more..."
OnlineHost: Polk Kitsune rolled 1 6-sided die: 4
Polk Kitsune: "And with that... Mobius joins his brother." Another beam of darkness shredded though the frost monarch.
kwikkidus: "...Not quite!" Mobius glows blue for a moment, then vanishes, streaking towards Ruin's hand. "I'll activate the Spiritual Water Art - Aoi!"
Polk Kitsune: "Nani?"
kwikkidus: "By tributing Mobius, I can take a look at your hand, and discard any one card I want! And that way, your effect can't kill him!"
Polk Kitsune: She blinked, and gave a sigh. "Fine... Delaying the inevitable. She turned her hand over.
Polk Kitsune: Sonic Bird, Kelbek, Sand Moth, Manju of the Ten Thousand hands.
kwikkidus: The blue haze hovers a moment more, before Manju is sent to the graveyard. "Alright!"
Polk Kitsune: "But your fate is already determined... I summon the Sonic Bird."
Polk Kitsune: "And I'll grab another Advanced Ritual Art"
Polk Kitsune: "Sonic Bird, attack directly!"
kwikkidus: "Hold on! Widespread Ruin, deal with Zorc!" As the bird flies in, there's an explosion behind it.
Polk Kitsune: "Aaahhh... Such it is."
kwikkidus: (2500) "Reeh... reh... this...hurts..."
Polk Kitsune: "It will only hurt once. Then sleep... Then be remade with the universe..."
kwikkidus: "...I can't... I can't sleep yet."
Polk Kitsune: "You will... Once I am done with you. Your friend already is."
Polk Kitsune: "I end my turn with this."
kwikkidus: "Fine then! I'll draw!"
kwikkidus: "I set a monster in defense, and that ends my turn..."
Polk Kitsune: "I draw... I'll turn the bird in defense... And one monster facedown. That ends my turn."
kwikkidus: "Draw!"
kwikkidus: "I flip summon Nightmare Penguin! First, he returns your facedown monster back to your hand!"
kwikkidus: "Then, by its own effect, all water monsters gain 200 attack points!" (1100/1800)
Polk Kitsune: She gave chuckle. "A Penguin... How adorable..."
kwikkidus: "...I'm not done. Penguin! Attack the Sonic Bird!"
Polk Kitsune: Bird versus bird, and the Sonic one didn't fare well.
kwikkidus: "That'll be the end of my turn..."
Polk Kitsune: "Good. I draw."
Polk Kitsune: "One defender, and one facedown. That ends my turn."
kwikkidus: "Draw!" He eyes his card, before turning the penguin sideways. "I'll move this to defense mode, and that ends my turn!"
Polk Kitsune: "I draw..."
Polk Kitsune: She gave a smirk at the card. "I play the Advanced Ritual Art."
Polk Kitsune: "Another Spiral Serpent goes to the graveyard... And I summon myself, Ruin, Queen of Oblivion to the field." (2300/2000)
kwikkidus: "...N... nuts..."
Polk Kitsune: She twirled her staff dangerously, and in a moment, she was on top of the penguin, bringing her weapon down on it.
kwikkidus: "m... my penguin..."
Polk Kitsune: As the penguin disappeared though, a shadowy form surrounded the queen, and went straight for Ed, bringing down a clawed hand right down at him.
kwikkidus: "Reeh?!" (200)
kwikkidus: "T... two attacks."
Polk Kitsune: "When I destroy a monster in battle... I can attack once more." She gave a sinister smile.
kwikkidus: "I... see..." he coughs, panting heavily for breath. "Nngh..."
Polk Kitsune: "And that ends my turn... One last turn before I finish you..."
kwikkidus: "...Maybe... Draw!"
kwikkidus: "One card... one last chance to stop you... and I'll trust in her. I play my own ritual! Doriado's Blessing!"
kwikkidus: "By sending Exiled Force from my hand to the grave... i can special summon the Elemental Mistress Doriado to the field!"
Polk Kitsune: "..." She gave a chuckle. "You're trusting your fate to such a woman? She can barely defend herself..."
kwikkidus: "I can't die yet... I won't! I still have a promise left to keep, to her, to Jin, and to everyone else too! And I promise... Dori-chan and I together can beat anyone. Even someone like you..."
kwikkidus: "I set one card facedown, and end my turn." A note: She's in attack mode.
Polk Kitsune: "Such desperation... I draw!"
Polk Kitsune: She readied her staff, and soon, was heading toward Doriado. "Your end is NOW!"
kwikkidus: "...No." Doriado begins making hand-signs,as the facedown card shoots up. "I activate Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan! Normally, I need a Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind monster... but Doriado's all four at once!"
Polk Kitsune: Ruin stopped in her steps. "Damn... No!"
kwikkidus: "...Element Hurricane... Show her what Doriado's real power is. Blow away all her monsters!"
Polk Kitsune: She covered herself as her staff exploded, along with her defender, and pushed back behind the lines.
kwikkidus: "I told you... you won't die here. I can't."
Polk Kitsune: She gave a smirk. "Or so you think."
Polk Kitsune: "It's natural, really. Every creatures want to delay death. But oblivion comes to everyone."
Polk Kitsune: "I'll lay one defender, and end my turn."
kwikkidus: "...Then that makes it my move. I draw!"
kwikkidus: "First off... let's see what your facedown monster is. I play Swords of Revealing Light!"
Polk Kitsune: She gave a smirk as a rock-like creature, wrapped in a hard cocoon was revealed. "Sand Moth..." (1000/2000)
kwikkidus: "Al...alright then! Dori-chan, go to defense!" She kneels over, folding her arms. "And... I end my turn. Go!"
Polk Kitsune: "Draw!"
Polk Kitsune: She gave a smirk. "I'll end my turn."
kwikkidus: "Draw!"
kwikkidus: "Now, I summon Needle Worm, in attack mode!"
Polk Kitsune: "... Eeeeewww~" She backed away. "Such a creepy little creature..."
kwikkidus: "She's got more heart than seven of you combined!"
kwikkidus: "Now, I move Doriado back to attack mode..and I'll give her United We Stand! That means she'll get 800 attack points for each monster on my field!"
Polk Kitsune: She sweat dropped. "So 1600 more..."
kwikkidus: He breathes heavily, clutching his side as the card activates. (2800/3000) "Doriado... attack Sand Moth!"
Polk Kitsune: The queen winced as her moth was destroyed. "Gh..."
kwikkidus: "Now, Needle Worm! Direct attack!"
Polk Kitsune: ((5050))
kwikkidus: "...That.. .ends my turn." Josie... dori-chan... Don't let me down.
Polk Kitsune: "Gh... Now I'll need to really get cleaned after this..."
Polk Kitsune: "I draw!"
Polk Kitsune: "... One defender."
Polk Kitsune: "That ends my turn."
kwikkidus: "I draw!"
kwikkidus: "Blazing Inpachi! Attack mode!" The flaming log appears. "And that gives Dori-chan an additional 800 attack points!"
kwikkidus: "Inpachi... attack the defender!"
Polk Kitsune: A caped skeleton was revealed as the flaming dummy attacked. "Spirit Reaper..."
kwikkidus: "Needle worm to defense... and that ends my turn."
Polk Kitsune: "I draw!"
Polk Kitsune: "One facedown card... and that ends my turn."
kwikkidus: "I draw."
kwikkidus: "Sonic Bird takes the field in defense mode. That lets me pull Doriado's Blessing to my hand. Inpachi, you defend as well. That ends my turn."
Polk Kitsune: "Draw!"
Polk Kitsune: "... Once more, I end my turn..."
kwikkidus: "Swords is gone.... and now I draw."
kwikkidus: "All I can do is set a card facedown... Go."
Polk Kitsune: "I draw!"
Polk Kitsune: "... And I end my turn."
kwikkidus: "...I draw."
kwikkidus: "Now, spiritual Earth art - Kurenai.
kwikkidus: "This card lets me tribute Needle Worm forthe card I sent to the graveyard to call forth Elemental Mistress Doriado - A card known as Exiled Force."
Polk Kitsune: "... Exiled Forces..."
kwikkidus: "...I tribute them to destroy your Spirit Reaper."
kwikkidus: "Now... Doriado's attack is currently 3600. And you have just over five thousand life points left..."
kwikkidus: "So, I'll activate the spell Ritual Weapon to give any level six or lower ritual monster an additional 1500 attack points!"
: "This... this is one promise I can't break. Not now!" All or nothing, on one attack.... with Dori-chan. Like it should be. "Elemental Mistress Doriado! Direct attack!"
kwikkidus: (5100 ATK)
Polk Kitsune: Ruin's eyes went wide open. "Activate trap card! Mirror Wall!"
kwikkidus: "Huh?!"
Polk Kitsune: Doriado met with her reflection. "Any monsters of yours that attacks while this is on the field have their attack reduced by half."
kwikkidus: "That's still 2550 attack points! Enough to put a serious dent in your life points..."
Polk Kitsune: 2500
Polk Kitsune: She winced at the attack. "But I'm not finished yet..."
kwikkidus: "....That's true... I end."
Polk Kitsune: "Draw!"
Polk Kitsune: "I won't pay for my wall... One defender. And that ends my turn."
kwikkidus: "Draw!"
kwikkidus: "Blazing Inpachi... go to attack mode! Then, attack the defender!"
Polk Kitsune: "Kelbek dies... sending your inpachi back to your hand."
kwikkidus: "That doesn't matter anymore... As Doriado has enough attack to end this duel! Element Whip!"
kwikkidus: (4300)
Polk Kitsune: "No..." She backed away quickly, as the whipped reached out for her. "This isn't... the end!"
kwikkidus: "Maybe, maybe not... But it's definitelythe beginning... a new one for you. When you get back to your world...I hope you're nicer, your highness."
Polk Kitsune: With the crack of the whip, the queen doubled over on herself. In pain, she muttered few words. "O... Oblivion will... Come... KYYYAAAAAaaaa..." And with a bright flash of light, fading out... Without Ruin in sight.
kwikkidus: "...Nngh..." he collapsed onto a knee,wincing as he looked up at Doriado. "...Th...thanks." Panting for a moment more, he deactivated his disc, limping towards the presumably unconscious Jo.
Viewtiful Rekk: Laying down for as long as she had has brought the Osiris girl back to the realm of consciousness, but she still doesn't look any better than she was earlier. She looks up at Ed. "E-Ed sempai...are you okay...?"
kwikkidus: "...I'm fine. Don't worry." Never mind that he didn't FEEL fine, he was fine so long as she needed help. He'd promised, after all. "Come on... We have to get you to the infirmary."Again, he helps her up and heads that direction.
Viewtiful Rekk: Again, Jo is more or less dragged after Ed. Hey, at least she's one of the few students smaller than him.
kwikkidus: ---------------------