(2:15:19 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The ghostly yellow student holds a hand out. Wisps of darkness gradually shoot into his hand one after another, becoming cards until a stack of 40 is sitting in his hand and floats out, a couple feet to his side.
(2:19:41 AM) use megido skill: "Man, now I'm starting to feel unimpressive." Ryuuji just raised his own Disk, shuffling his cards back into it.
(2:20:20 AM) Apopalyctic: "Least you're not 'worthless,'" Mylene groused.
(2:21:17 AM) use megido skill: "Maybe you should start carrying your deck with you. Why'd you even leave it behind?"
(2:22:11 AM) Apopalyctic: "'Cause I haven't looked at it in three years."
(2:23:50 AM) use megido skill: "Judging from this, you might wanna fix that."
(2:24:25 AM) Apopalyctic: "Guh!" Card games!
(2:24:32 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Quit stalling! The deck shuffles. Five cards turn to mist and float in front of him. You're just delaying the inevitable!
(2:26:47 AM) use megido skill: "Fine, fine. Since you're so impatient for me to go, you won't mind if I take the first move, right?" Without waiting for an answer, he draws six.
(2:27:20 AM) use megido skill: "I'll start out slow for you. A monster and two reverses, and end."
(2:27:40 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Draw!
(2:30:54 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Continuous Spell - Ascending Soul! One of the cards in his hand vanishes, becoming the represnetation of his card on the field.
(2:31:29 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Since you decided to start out slow....I'll just crush you from the start! Ritual Spell - Gishki Aquamirror!
(2:33:13 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: By sacrificing my Gishki Vision... Another card in his hand vanishes. It counts as the entire tribute for my Ritual! RITUAL SUMMON - EVIGISHKI LEVIANIMA!
(2:34:53 AM) use megido skill: Shit... Well, this got troublesome fast.
(2:34:55 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: A black demonic serpent wielding a fencing blade crawls out of the darkness and lets out a shrieking roar as it towers above Ryuuji's field. (2700/1500)
(2:35:56 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Evigishki Levianima attacks your set monster! The serpent shrieks again and charges at Ryuuji's field, swinging its sword down at his monster.
(2:36:13 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: When Levianima attacks, its effect activates!
(2:36:30 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: I draw 1 card! And if it's a Gishki monster, I look at a card in your hand!
(2:37:12 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Another card appears off the top of his deck - Gishki Shadow.
(2:37:45 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The student smirks. Levianima points its sword at the center card in RYuuji's hand, revealing it.
(2:38:39 AM) use megido skill: The card shudders, and the image of Red-Eyes Wyvern is shown for everyone to see.
(2:39:26 AM) use megido skill: At the same time, the sword crashes straight through the little monster on the field, but it is immediately replaced by an identical one.
(2:39:48 AM) use megido skill: "Troop Dragon summons a copy of itself from the deck!" (800 DEF)
(2:40:09 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Shrimps...that won't last you for very long.
(2:40:19 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Ascending Soul's effect returns Gishki Vision to my hand.
(2:40:52 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Set 1 card. Turn end!
(2:41:40 AM) use megido skill: "Hey, if you keep insulting my little guys, I'm gonna get mad. I keep them even in a power deck like mine for a reason." He draws.
(2:42:55 AM) use megido skill: "Even if they're little, they still count as a Dragon, so I can activate Stamping Destruction to smash your set!"
(2:45:28 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Aquamirror Illusion is destroyed. (7500)
(2:45:34 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Is this little chip damage supposed to bug me?
(2:48:22 AM) use megido skill: "Hey, I took first blood, you could be a little mad." Ryuuji looked over his hand, and slapped down a monster. "Blizzard Dragon, come out and freeze his Leviathingy!"
(2:49:10 AM) use megido skill: The blue dragon swooped down from overhead, and on its landing, shot a beam of ice from its jaws at the Evigishki.
(2:49:28 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The Evigishki is frozen solid. The ghost seems mildly perturbed.
(2:50:34 AM) use megido skill: "That's all, for now. Turn end."
(2:50:46 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Draw!
(2:54:07 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Gishki Diviner in attack position! (1200/800)
(2:54:59 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Once per turn, I can declare a card's name and then reveal the top card of my deck. If the card I declare is right, I add it to my hand!
(2:55:44 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: I declare....Evigishki Gustkraken.
(2:55:46 AM) use megido skill: "Oi, what's with that half-assed card? Even if you're a magic ghost or whatever, there's no way you can guess it right this early with no setup." He snorts.
(2:55:51 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The top card of his deck flips over.
(2:55:56 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Evigishki Gustkraken.
(2:56:44 AM) use megido skill: "... I guess you can." Was that a fluke?
(2:57:34 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Jo blinks a couple times. "...there's gotta be at least 30 cards left in his deck...how'd he guess that?"
(2:59:07 AM) Apopalyctic: "Please. He's an evil ghost. He's probably cheating."
(3:00:06 AM) use megido skill: "Even if he's an evil ghost, if he was talking about a ritual that kills the loser, this has to be a Dark Game, right? Aren't those supposed to be fair?"
(3:00:57 AM) Apopalyctic: "I dunno, but I wouldn't think anything called a 'Dark Game' would stick to the rules."
(3:03:29 AM) use megido skill: "I guess... It doesn't change anything either way."
(3:07:21 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The ghost just continues smirking like a dick. One of the cards in his hand vanishes. Discard Gishki Shadow. Its effect adds GIshki Photomirror to my hand!
(3:08:36 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Activate Ritual Spell - Gishki Photomirror! By paying life points equal to my ritual monster's level x 500, it's summoned from my hand!
(3:08:54 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: (4500) Ritual summon - EVIGISHKI GUSTKRAKEN!
(3:10:11 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: A bipedal kraken covered in golden and black armor rears up next to the frozen Levianima. (2400/1000) Gustkraken's effect! I look at up to two cards in your hand, then send 1 back to your deck!
(3:10:49 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Gustkraken's tentacles strike the leftmost and second leftmost card in Ryuuji's hand.
(3:10:57 AM) use megido skill: His hand flips around, showing both cards in it: Red-Eyes Wyvern and Delta Flyer.
(3:11:28 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Delta Flyer is snatched up and whipped back into Ryuuji's deck.
(3:12:04 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Now then. The ghost snaps.
(3:12:45 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Diviner waves its hands. A summoning circle appears under Troop Dragon and a tentacle shoots out, dragging it downward.
(3:14:11 AM) use megido skill: The dragon is dragged to a watery grave, and a third hops out from the deck to take its place. It looks down at the circle that just dragged its comrade away, and seems mildly terrified.
(3:15:16 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Gustkraken's tentacles grab at Blizzard Dragon and attempt to just straight-up rip it limb from limb.
(3:16:18 AM) Apopalyctic: Aw, man. This is why I hate ghosts. Mylene winces.
(3:17:20 AM) use megido skill: "Trap card, Burst Breath!" The Blizzard Dragon opened its jaws wide, and the cold came out like flames.
(3:17:47 AM) use megido skill: "It gets my own Troop Dragon, but everything with less than 1800 defense is destroyed."
(3:19:55 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: All three monsters are incinerated.
(3:21:03 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: ....set one card. Turn end.
(3:22:05 AM) use megido skill: "Draw."
(3:23:05 AM) use megido skill: "All I can do for now is this... Summon my second Blizzard Dragon, and direct attack!"
(3:23:59 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: (2700) A huge chunk of the mist gets blown away by the Blizzard Dragon's attack. The ghost seems to be growing slightly livid.
(3:24:43 AM) use megido skill: "Turn end." Ryuuji, on the other hand, seems to be rather confident.
(3:24:54 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Reverse card, open! Miracle Draw!
(3:25:57 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: During each of my draw phases, I declare the name of the card I'm about to draw! If I'm correct, you're dealt 1000 damage, if I'm incorrect, I'm dealt 1000 damage!
(3:26:43 AM) use megido skill: "That again? Are you sure you want to try that with this kind of life difference?"
(3:26:57 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The ghost just grins maniacally.
(3:27:01 AM) Apopalyctic: Mylene elbowed Jo. "Whatcha wanna bet?"
(3:27:02 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The card I'm drawing is SALVAGE!
(3:27:35 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Jo grimaces. "Salvage is the card he needs right now to get his ritual bait back...but it's still one out of close to 30..."
(3:27:57 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The top card of his deck flips off - it's Salvage.
(3:28:06 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: A bolt of lightning shoots from Miracle Draw and strikes Ryuuji on the chin.
(3:28:33 AM) use megido skill: Ryuuji stumbles back a step. (7000)
(3:28:50 AM) use megido skill: "... even if he's decking three of Salvage, that's way too convenient..."
(3:29:08 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Activate Salvage! Two WATER monsters with 1500 or less ATK return from my graveyard to my hand!
(3:30:00 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Gishki Shadow and Gishki Diviner return to my hand! Summon Gishki Diviner in defense position!
(3:30:07 AM) Apopalyctic: "If only we'd brought a judge." Of course, she is starting to get a little worried. If this trend keeps up, bad things are bound to happen.
(3:30:51 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Gishki Diviner's effect! I declare MONSTER REBORN!
(3:31:05 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: His top card flips over - Monster Reborn. He cackles loudly as it's added to his hand.
(3:32:35 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: How does it feel? This is the same ability as the legendary duelist, Yugi! The ability known as GOD DRAW!
(3:33:25 AM) use megido skill: Ryuuji stared dumbfounded for a moment. The same as Yugi?
(3:34:25 AM) Apopalyctic: This also caused Mylene to give Jo a look, then make a gesture that said Dude's crazy.
(3:34:34 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: I activate Gishki Aquamirror's effect. By returning it to my deck, I return a Gishki Ritual monster in my graveyard to hand!
(3:34:37 AM) use megido skill: "... Oi, oi, and you call us freaks? I'm seriously fighting a monster here." He grinned, but at the same time sweat began to form at his temples.
(3:35:43 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Evigishki Gustkraken returns to his hand. Discard Gishki Shadow to add Gishki Aquamirror back to my hand. Ritual Spell - GISHKI AQUAMIRROR!
(3:36:14 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Tribute Gishki Vision - Ritual Summon again, EVIGISHKI GUSTKRAKEN!
(3:36:54 AM) use megido skill: "... Unfortunately, I only have one card in my hand now."
(3:36:58 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Gustkraken flips around the one card in Ryuuji's hand.
(3:37:15 AM) use megido skill: Red-Eyes Wyvern is blown back into his deck.
(3:37:57 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Ascending Soul's effect! Gishki Vision returns to his hand.
(3:38:31 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Magic Card - MONSTER REBORN! Revive, EVIGISHKI LEVIANIMA! (2700/1500)
(3:39:50 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Gustkraken! The Gustkraken comes bearing down and Blizzard Dragon and attempts to rip it apart again.
(3:40:38 AM) use megido skill: "Not yet! Trap card, Prideful Roar!" The Blizzard Dragon catches the tentacles in its claws and roars, before biting deep into it. (6400)
(3:42:26 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: (2400)
(3:44:32 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Its attack is equal to Levianima's now....
(3:44:34 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: ....turn end.
(3:44:54 AM) use megido skill: "Draw!"
(3:45:26 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: You can't hide behind your traps forever....
(3:45:45 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: My ritual that gives me my God Draw....as long as the souls of those damn elites are enslaved by it, I can't be defeated!
(3:46:02 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: They looked down on me before, but... He starts cackling again. Now their power belongs to me!
(3:46:52 AM) use megido skill: Ryuuji gave a toothy grin back. "Hey, brat. Want to hear something interesting?"
(3:47:20 AM) Apopalyctic: "..." Mylene blinks and looks at Jo. "D'ya hear that?" She whispers.
(3:48:26 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "...." Jo blinks a couple times. "...yeah, I think I did."
(3:48:43 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: What'd you call me, freak?!
(3:49:16 AM) Apopalyctic: She also gives a toothy grin. "Thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?"
(3:49:25 AM) use megido skill: "I called you a brat. And on top of it... You're a brat that's going to lose this duel."
(3:50:30 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Lose?!
(3:50:46 AM) use megido skill: Blizzard Dragon roared and burst into black flames and steel. From the carnage, black steel wings shot out like blades, and with a mighty screech, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon took the field.
(3:50:53 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Were you listening?! I have the power of the God Draw! I can draw any card I nee - wha
(3:51:12 AM) use megido skill: "That's not going to help you."
(3:52:22 AM) use megido skill: "The reason you're going to lose is simple." He snapped his fingers, and black fire poured from the Red-Eyes' jaws onto the Levianima.
(3:52:55 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Levianima is incinerated. (2300)
(3:53:07 AM) use megido skill: "I'm strong, and you're weak. That's all there is to it."
(3:53:14 AM) use megido skill: "Turn end."
(3:53:36 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: I'm....weak....?
(3:54:52 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: No....no...I'M STRONG! I'M THE STRONGEST DUELIST IN THIS SCHOOL!
(3:55:20 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: He points an accusatory finger at Ryuuji. You're just like those elites! You look down on me and I'll kill you for it! And use your soul to make my God Draw stronger!
(3:55:34 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: It's my turn! Miracle Draw's effect - I declare DARK HOLE!
(3:55:51 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: He flips the top card of his deck off - Dark Hole. Lightning strikes Ryuuji again.
(3:56:17 AM) use megido skill: Expecting it this time, Ryuuji just hunches his shoulders and grits his teeth as the lightning strikes. (5400)
(3:57:06 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Gishki Diviner's effect.... He grins wildly. This card will spell the end for you...
(3:57:10 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: I declare Berserker Soul!
(3:57:47 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The top card flips off - Berserker Soul - and goes into his hand.
(3:58:13 AM) use megido skill: And that gets Ryuuji's eyes to widen. Oh, shit.
(3:58:16 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Fall into Darkness! DARK HOLE!
(3:58:44 AM) use megido skill: The dragon is sucked into the crushing gravity.
(3:59:00 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The darkness around them turns into a vortex that sucks in both Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and Gishki Diviner. It's quickly replaced by Gishki Vision. (700/500)
(3:59:12 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Gishki Vision - direct attack!
(3:59:23 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The small serpent leaps forward, slashing at Ryuuji with its claws.
(4:00:20 AM) use megido skill: (4700) Ryuuji tries to parry its attack with his Disk, but it's small and quick enough that it gets him in the arm instead.
(4:00:59 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Hehehehahahahahahahah. This is the final play - QUICKPLAY MAGIC, BERSERKER SOUL!
(4:01:40 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: I select a monster with under 1500 ATK on my field that's declared a direct attack! And then I draw 1 card - if it's a monster card, it attacks again! And this continues until I draw a non monster card!
(4:02:01 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: With the power of my God Draw, I'll keep drawing monsters and Gishki Vision will slowly cut you to death!
(4:02:36 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: HERE I GO! DRAW!
(4:02:52 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Evigishki Levianima! Monster Card!
(4:03:11 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Gishki Vision shrieks again and bounds at Ryuuji, vanishing into the darkness before slashing at him from behind.
(4:03:33 AM) use megido skill: (4000) The slash sends him stumbling a step forward.
(4:04:23 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Draw! Gishki Abyss. Monster Card! Another slash, at his legs.
(4:05:38 AM) use megido skill: He lowers himself to avoid falling from the sudden slash, planting his feet as firmly as he can. (3300)
(4:06:14 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Draw! Gishki Marker. Monster Card!
(4:07:06 AM) use megido skill: (2600) He grits his teeth and glares.
(4:08:48 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Draw! Evigishki Soulogre. Monster Card! Draw! Gishki Beast. Monster Card! DRAW! Gishki Vanity. MONSTER CARD!
(4:09:06 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: One after the other, three more slashes come at Ryuuji from the darkness.
(4:09:54 AM) use megido skill: (500) Finally, he is left hanging limp, all his strength going to remaining standing.
(4:10:14 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: What do you think, freak? Am I still weak?!
(4:10:23 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Are you still strong, barely able to stand on your feet like that?!
(4:10:46 AM) use megido skill: "..." Despite himself, he managed a weak grin regardless.
(4:11:14 AM) use megido skill: "Yeah. You're still weak. Nothing you ever do will change that."
(4:11:53 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: .... His fist clenches. We'll see how quickly you change that tune after you're DEAD!
(4:12:13 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: DRAW!
(4:12:15 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Ritual Cage.
(4:12:18 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: MONSTER CARD!
(4:12:39 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Gishki Vision stays still. He blinks in confusion.
(4:13:13 AM) use megido skill: Ryuuji blinks as well. For all his talk, he clearly wasn't expecting that.
(4:13:33 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: .... Eventually, he looks at the card. ....what....?
(4:14:31 AM) Apopalyctic: "Geez! You guys were so distracted playing cards you didn't even notice what was going on?"
(4:14:52 AM) use megido skill: Ryuuji finally looked out from the duel to see where Mylene went to. "Wait, what?"
(4:14:59 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: It's only now that he seems to notice something is amiss. The mist around them has...thinned out considerably.
(4:15:03 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Wha...where are...
(4:15:26 AM) Apopalyctic: "Allow me t'demonstrate." Mylene grabs at a piece of the mist and SQUASHES it between her fingers.
(4:15:55 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Jo, meanwhile, is bent down on her knees, muttering something to what's left of a cloud of the darkness. The marks over her hand and face glow vibrantly for a few seconds before the darkness just...vanishes.
(4:16:15 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "There....I think that's the last of them." She looks up. "Mylene, did you see anymore?"
(4:16:44 AM) Apopalyctic: "If you're talkin' 'bout ghosts, there's only one left I see... But I think Ryuuji's got 'im in hand."
(4:17:18 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Good..." Jo glares at the ghost. "You said that your ritual preyed on the souls of the people you killed to give you your God Draw..."
(4:18:05 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "So Mylene and I used our powers...we healed them and helped them rest in peace. Without their restless souls," she points. "Your God Draw doesn't exist anymore!"
(4:18:18 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Wha....what?!
(4:18:46 AM) Apopalyctic: "Makes your deck about as worthless as mine."
(4:19:40 AM) use megido skill: Ryuuji's eyes widened for a moment, then he grinned. "I owe you two."
(4:19:44 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: But...but...my power...my deck.... He seems too floored by this development to say it, but as he doesn't have any cards left in his hand, it's safe to say his turn's over.
(4:21:12 AM) Apopalyctic: "Nah. You woulda won anyway. 'Cause you're strong. Right?"
(4:22:00 AM) use megido skill: He grinned as he drew. "Damn right I am. And this guy is as weak as they come."
(4:25:56 AM) use megido skill: And as he turned to the ghost, his grin became much less good-natured. "I'm about to show you the real difference in our strength." He placed his drawn card in his disk, and five dragons slid from his grave. Black smoke rose from Ryuuji once more, gathering into the field as the five-headed god.
(4:29:03 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: N-no....
(4:29:10 AM) use megido skill: Around him, duel energy began to spark up, building up into a full-fledged aura around him as he raised his arm. "Five God Dragon... End it." His aura poured into the dragon, which in turn gathered five elements into its mouths.
(4:30:03 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: No...I don't....
(4:30:11 AM) use megido skill: Five streams of energy from five directions collided on on the Vision and came together in a torrential wave.
(4:30:41 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Whatever he was going to say fades into a scream as Gishki Vision is obliterated. The darkness is destroyed swiftly afterwards by the Five God Dragon's overwhelming power.
(4:32:29 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Eventually, the three of them are back in the basement of the Abandoned Dorm...something falls with a clinking noise on to the circle beneath them.
(4:32:39 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: A small, rusty metal blade.
(4:34:22 AM) use megido skill: Ryuuji bends down to try to pick it up, but ends up falling over backwards instead. "... Guess we found it."
(4:34:53 AM) Apopalyctic: "Yeah... I guess so. Poor guys."
(4:35:26 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The circle around the blade just kinda. Vanishes and blows away, as if it were made of dust.
(4:35:46 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "..." Jo lets out a breath. "...well.."
(4:35:55 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "At least we were able to put a stop to this."
(4:36:15 AM) Apopalyctic: "I just can't believe someone did all this... for that."
(4:36:21 AM) use megido skill: "And I didn't even believe it when I came in here..."
(4:38:54 AM) use megido skill: "If people like us exist, there's gotta be people like him, too, I guess." He sighed.
(4:38:54 AM) Apopalyctic: "It's so... stupid." Mylene mumbles as she walks over, her armor disappearing. She picks up the blade.
(4:40:47 AM) use megido skill: "But at least he's gone for good now."
(4:41:33 AM) Apopalyctic: "Yeah. An' I guess I'm over bein' afraid of ghosts." She holds the blade up. "Y'want it?"
(4:42:41 AM) use megido skill: "Pass. Let's melt it down and throw what's left into the ocean."
(4:43:28 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "...I'll take it."
(4:43:38 AM) Apopalyctic: She looks down at the thing. "... Nah. I got a better--huh?"
(4:43:46 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Oh. Um."
(4:43:50 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "What was your idea?"
(4:44:37 AM) Apopalyctic: "Sappy. I was gonna give it a proper burial, right after I... uh... did somethin' for Isabel here."
(4:45:15 AM) Apopalyctic: "Not here here, but... on the island here."
(4:47:40 AM) use megido skill: "... That's probably the best thing we can do, unless Honjou's got something."
(4:48:46 AM) Apopalyctic: "I just feel kinda sorry for the guy, that's all. But Jo knows more'n I do, so."
(4:49:57 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Um....I was gonna catalog it - since it has to do with a dark game, I thought I should make sure it was the kinda thing...."
(4:50:04 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "I should maybe....create a record of..."
(4:50:50 AM) Apopalyctic: "Hey, yeah. That sounds good, too. I mean, sounded like the dude wanted t'go down in history anyway."
(4:52:48 AM) use megido skill: "... Considering what he was willing to do for it, I don't think we should give him what he wanted." Sigh. "But since we don't even know his name anyway, I guess he won't even if we do make a record."
(4:54:33 AM) Apopalyctic: "That's the beauty of it." She said as she handed it over to Jo. "Here."
(4:54:52 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Jo takes the blade and makes sure to carefully handle it because, y'know. Lockjaw.
(4:55:31 AM) use megido skill: "One more thing."
(4:56:29 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Huh?"
(4:57:13 AM) use megido skill: "What should we do with the building, now that it's safe? Use it or leave it?"
(4:58:02 AM) Apopalyctic: "Now that it's safe t'inhabit, I say we use it. 'Bout time this place started getting its rep back."
(4:58:15 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Mmn! I agree with Mylene!"
(4:58:25 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Although um. Maybe we should....ask Kazimir-san first..."
(4:58:50 AM) Apopalyctic: "Oh, yeah! I almost forgot all about him."
(4:59:01 AM) use megido skill: "Hey, even if it's Farkas, he doesn't get to hog an entire building to himself."
(4:59:12 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "..."
(4:59:34 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Jo twiddles her hands a bit. She doesn't say she disagrees, but her face doesn't exactly imply that she doesn't.
(4:59:59 AM) Apopalyctic: "Well, first let's find out what the heck he wanted with it in the first place."