(10:26:43 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Jo sits at the center of the sealing circle she drew with help from the others. She's checked it over numerous times, to check it again would just be wasting her time at this part. She takes in a deep breath and sits down in the center, crossing her legs. She clenches her hand, opening and closing it a couple times. Blue marks begin spreading up her arm.
(10:26:50 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "O-okay....I think I'm ready!"
(10:27:58 PM) kwikkidus: Ed gives Jo a thumbs-up, taking a deep breath before invoking Balance Dragon's seal. "I'm ready anytime."
(10:29:12 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Jin tightens his built and places its card in. "I am as well."
(10:30:22 PM) Apopalyctic: Seems like I'm in here awfully early... Oh, well.
(10:31:39 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Okay...here I go..."
(10:31:43 PM) kwikkidus: Oh come on, Lucas... I need more practice with you anyways.
(10:32:49 PM) Apopalyctic: That's true.
(10:34:21 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: She works her other arm a little. Black mist starts to seep out of it. She grimaces in pain, bringing a hand up to her head. It continues like this for a while, nothing happening but more black smoke pouring from her arm. Then, after about 15-20 minutes, there's a loud, resouding crushing noise as one of the segments of the sealing circle is filled in with Exodia's leg.
(10:36:00 PM) kwikkidus: Ed turns towards it immediately, on guard for the leg to make a move. With any luck, the circle would be enough, but...
(10:38:00 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: The circle rumbles for a second, but Jo grunts, stretching out a hand towards one of the gourds she's planted around the cave. She makes a fist. The gourd explodes, water pouring out of it and over the circle, where it instantly freezes. It doesn't move anymore. Though exhausted, Jo manages a smile.
(10:38:03 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Th-that's one..."
(10:38:29 PM) kwikkidus: "Good job. Keep it up." Ed says reassuringly.
(10:44:04 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: She takes a breath in, and gets right back to it. It takes longer this time, over a half-hour, before the second leg goes in. She stretches a hand towards the gourd, but flinches in pain before she can break it. "N-ngh...can s-someone put something over that one?! I - I'm having trouble concentrating!"
(10:46:10 PM) kwikkidus: "Got it!" Ed yelled immediately, dashing towards the circle. Because of the water... an ice spell. He put a hand forward, and a thick dome of ice formed around the leg.
(10:47:25 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Jo smiles and nods. "G-great! Thanks!" Jin gives Ed a small pat on the shoulder. She immediately gets back to work. This time, the mist starts pouring out much more quickly.
(10:48:16 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: The wait is much shorter after that - it becomes quickly evident that something's gone wrong within a few moments. Jo flinches, shifting her position. Her Seal marks start to recede slightly. "Ngh...c-crap...!"
(10:48:33 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Jin frowns, placing a hand to his belt. "It's coming. Get ready."
(10:48:57 PM) kwikkidus: Ed nods to Jin, turning towards the mist. Noticing the seal marks receding, he readies himself. "Got it."
(10:52:52 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Without warning, the mist rapidly pours out of Jo's arm, filling the entirety of the summoning circle. It slowly condenses into the shape of a torso, a head and two arms up above. The head opens its mouth and lets out an incomprehensible roar. It stretches a hand down towards Jo, attempting to grab her.
(10:53:32 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Transform!" Jin leaps out, his armor covering him in mid-jump, and a paladin's sword appearing in his hand. He swings the sword at Exodia's hand, knocking it away. "Ed! Let's go!"
(10:55:07 PM) kwikkidus: "Right!" Being direct as ever, Ed teleports in front of Jo, calling a fireball into his hand, and throwing it at the other hand. "You're not getting any further!"
(10:57:52 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: The hands slowly draw back. The injuries from the sword and fireball vanish quickly into smoke, before they reform as solid appendages. Instead, balls of black flame form in them. Jin looks at the hands, then at Ed. "If you can shield us, I can attack them after."
(10:58:53 PM) kwikkidus: "I can definitely shield." Ed replied, shifting his weight back slightly. "No matter how powerful, I'll stop them."
(11:04:33 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: He nods. His sword vanishes. It's replaced with a large spear.
(11:05:25 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: The hands press the two balls of fire together. A wave of jet-black flame rains down at the center of the circle, aiming to burn right through Ed and Jin to get to Jo.
(11:07:26 PM) kwikkidus: "Frigid earth, become an unmoving barrier! Glacial Shield!" Stomping a foot on the ground, the ground itself bursts up, becoming coated with ice as it moves over the group, catching the fireballs, though shattering in the process.
(11:12:29 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: The second the shield shatters, Jin leaps up, taking the spear in one hand. He rams it straight through the palms of one of the hands. It shatters into pieces up to its elbow. Jo lets out a grunt of exertion, and the stricken arm is slammed into another segment of the circle.
(11:13:09 PM) kwikkidus: "Three down, right?!" Ed yells, cracking his knuckles. "We're almost there..!"
(11:17:13 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: - - -
(11:18:22 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "HAHA, for such a 'legendary monster', you are surely quite slow!"
(11:21:40 PM) Y Ruler of Time: Gabriel proceeds to STAB with his rapier into Exodia's shoulder.
(11:21:46 PM) Y Ruler of Time: The blade passes through ineffectively.
(11:21:49 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "..."
(11:21:57 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "YOU ARE STILL SLOW!"
(11:23:01 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Jin throws an arm at Gabriel, pulling him away as the arm reforms and swings at him in the manner of somebody trying to swat a noisy gnat.
(11:23:24 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "HA, your silly attack shall be easily do-GWAH!"
(11:23:34 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Don't - taunt the Dark God, jackass!" Jin huffs, dropping on to one knee. Around him, his armor starts to evaporate. "Shit - I gotta come off again..."
(11:24:34 PM) kwikkidus: "It's fine, it's fine!" Ed yelled, throwing a massive ball of flames to cover Jin's escape. "Go on ahead!"
(11:25:06 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Jin removes the card from his belt and darts out of the circle and into cover as his armor vanishes entirely.
(11:27:02 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: The flames strike Exodia's arm. Rather than the injuries just disappearing, this time they leave hairline fractures - slowly, it's being worn down. It responds by roaring again, and swinging its arm across the radius of the circle, sending a wave of flame through it.
(11:27:44 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "HUP!" Gabriel stomps down on his pegleg, the magic of the enchanted limb launching him into the air over the impending wave.
(11:27:54 PM) kwikkidus: "This is... definitely taking a bit longer than I thought it'd be!" Ed yelled, focusing his energy into a large Sanctuary to protect Jo and himself from the flames.
(11:28:41 PM) Apopalyctic: Not getting tired already, are you?
(11:29:10 PM) kwikkidus: Of course not! I just want to get back to practicing to beat Lila, that's all.
(11:29:35 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Exodia brings its hand slamming down on the Sanctuary. Without hesitating, it does it a second and a third time, again and again until it buckles under the constant pressure.
(11:29:38 PM) Apopalyctic: ... Yes, because this can't possibly be counted as doing exactly that.
(11:30:23 PM) kwikkidus: i guess it c-AGH. Ed's thoughts are interrupted by the sanctuary's destruction, and he is forced to get the hell out of dodge, doing so in short order with a teleportation spell.
(11:31:18 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: With speed unbecoming of such a large appendage, the hand snaps out, palm open, to try and grab Ed right out of the air.
(11:32:22 PM) kwikkidus: "BLAGH!" Ed finds himself in the hand of a dark god, unexpectedly.
(11:33:13 PM) Y Ruler of Time: Gabriel, having since reached the crest of his trajectory, plummets through the air, aiming the tip of his false leg at Exodia's wrist.ñ
(11:35:24 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: The hand squeezes him, pumping pure dark magic into his body. Jin is already scrambling to get back into the circle, when Gabriel's leg strikes Exodia's wrist, blowing a giant hole in the Dark God's arm and slackening its grip on Ed.
(11:36:33 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "You are delaying my dinner plans with your former host, so be a good Forbidden God and take your beating like a man!"
(11:37:06 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: At that moment, Jo squeezes her hand shut. All of the remaining gourds, three of them, explode violently, covering Exodia's arm in frozen water, trapping it in place. "I-it can't move now!" She calls out, looking more exhausted than anyone.
(11:37:14 PM) kwikkidus: Ed screams in pain, instantly dashing away the second the hand's grip looses, pausing to kneel on the ground as he panted for breath.
(11:37:35 PM) kwikkidus: Lucas... now I'm a little tired.
(11:38:18 PM) Apopalyctic: Coming back?
(11:38:58 PM) kwikkidus: ...I think I can keep going. We're almost done here.
(11:39:28 PM) Apopalyctic: Okay, but try to be careful. If you're tired, I'm tired, you know?
(11:40:21 PM) kwikkidus: Oh... ok then... "Guys, I'm going to back out a bit. That really, really hurt."
(11:40:48 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "That's the last limb though, no? Should he not be incapacitated?"
(11:42:32 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: As the last limb is slammed into its place on the circle, leaving it 4/5 full, Jo drops on to her hands and knees. "J-just...n-need a few minutes..."
(11:43:35 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "You're doing wonderfully, sirenita! It's almost done!"
(11:43:40 PM) kwikkidus: "Me too... Who's the next one to rotate in?" Ed said, standing up again with a grunt of effort.
(11:43:59 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Just....ngh." She drops on to the ground. She tries to force herself up, but it doesn't look like she can.
(11:44:39 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Hey. Hey. She shouldn't be falling asleep, should she?!" Anna yells.
(11:44:58 PM) kwikkidus: "...No. She shouldn't."
(11:45:01 PM) Apopalyctic: "Now that I think of it, there is no way I can pull Jo back, can I?" Lily, outside of the cave, asked. "Not really, no." A sweaty Lucas answered. "Not unless you want to botch the whole thing."
(11:46:39 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "Sirenita, don't give up! We're all here with you."
(11:47:12 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Jo, for God's sake, GET UP!" Jin roars. What remains of Exodia above her stays still for a moment...then rushes straight down into Jo's body, vanishing completely.
(11:47:44 PM) Apopalyctic: "Of course not!" Lily grunted. "Perhaps you ought to remind your student of that particular capability he has used before?" "No can do. This is a test for him. If he can't think of it, then it's his own problem."
(11:48:28 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: She immediately puts both hands to the ground and forces herself up.
(11:48:46 PM) Apopalyctic: "..." Lily blinked. "Did you...?" "Yep." Ed, get your brain outta your butt and start grabbing some energy, pronto!
(11:49:07 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: She looks around at the sealing circle around her. She twirls a finger. Icicles appear out of the air and start hammering the already sealed parts.
(11:49:39 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "...Ah. Sirenita, I don't think it's necessary for you to do that..."
(11:50:03 PM) kwikkidus: Huh?! Oh! RIGHT! I thought that... less thinking more absorbing. This is about where Ed makes a valliant attempt to channel the dark energy of Exodia outside of Jo's body.
(11:50:14 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: She snaps a hand in Gabriel's direction. An icicle flies at him next.
(11:51:01 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: One more flies at Ed.
(11:51:48 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "EH!?" he's sent flying backwards across the floor, the icicle embedded in his walking stick but the force behind the attack still knocking him for a loop.
(11:52:00 PM) kwikkidus: Lucas, it's not fast enough! Ed thought quickly, slapping the icicle and causing it to burst into a group of motes. We need a different plan!
(11:53:20 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "God dammit," Jin gets back to his feet. Before he can get back into the circle, he's jumping to the ground to dodge another icicle (by coincidence, so is Anna, who was attempting the same thing).
(11:53:28 PM) Apopalyctic: Then be faster.
(11:54:23 PM) kwikkidus: There's a limit on fast! Ed thought, now having to focus on batting away icicles and not on trying to yoink Exodia out of Jo.
(11:54:58 PM) Apopalyctic: Physically faster, you doofus!
(11:55:23 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "This isn't working," he growls. He slams his card into his belt. His armor forms, but not over his entire body. A white Duel Disk forms on his arm.
(11:55:56 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "CLEAR THE ROAD!" Alex shouted out, though in all likelihood his voice was drowned out by the sound of his motorcycle's engine as he charged headlong towards Jo, speeding by Jin.
(11:56:13 PM) kwikkidus: ...right. Ed returned, about to teleport again when... ...is that Alex on a motorcycle?
(11:56:13 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "We're all too fucking tired -- beating it in a Shadow Game is our only cha- JESUS!" Jin leaps out of the way.
(11:57:29 PM) Apopalyctic: "Did Alex just arrive?" "Uh-huh. Forgot to chain him up?" "Shut up."
(11:58:02 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Jo dives away. She twitches her hand, and the ice on the ground around her curves, diverting the cycle away from her as she tumbles to the ground.
(11:58:48 PM) Apopalyctic: Listen, Ed. If Honjou can start a game with her, then let him. Once he does, let us know so we can pull the rest of them out.
(11:59:05 PM) kwikkidus: Okay.
(11/15/2011 12:00:07 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Exodia, I'm - shit -" Alex twisted his bike to the ground, sending it sliding along the ice but still somewhat slowing its momentum.
(12:00:46 AM) Y Ruler of Time: When the motorcycle is sent along the curve, he recklessly dives off of it, tumbling along the ground after Jo.
(12:03:38 AM) Y Ruler of Time: He gets to his feet and falls back on his ass a few times while sliding along the ground, before finally popping up, now missing his helmet and with his Duel Disk at the ready.
(12:03:53 AM) Y Ruler of Time: " - challenging you to a Darkness Game!"
(12:03:57 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: She scuffles along the ground away from him, quickly getting to her feet.
(12:04:09 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: She starts to making another throwing motion at him, but she stops.
(12:04:52 AM) Apopalyctic: "What's going on down there?" "A magnificent performance, not unlike the Ice Capades."
(12:05:06 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: ...you, challenge me? Her mouth doesn't move, the voice is partially hers, partially something else entirely.
(12:05:50 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Damn right I challenge you! This is the entire reason Jo wanted me along for this!"
(12:06:53 AM) Apopalyctic: "Uch!" "What now?" "Jo's lifeline broke. Probably due to Exodia's influence." Keep an eye on Jo, Ed. Her lifeline's kaput.
(12:07:10 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: She tilts her head, a slightly interested expression making its way on to her face. Conditions?
(12:07:29 AM) kwikkidus: Right. I should. uh. let you rest now, huh? There's a shadow game going on.
(12:07:52 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "I win, you release Jo, and the Sealing process finishes. You get locked away."
(12:08:17 AM) Apopalyctic: That would be nice. I'm kind of tired of getting hosed down.
(12:08:37 AM) kwikkidus: Right. Ed takes a deep breath, and releases his seal.
(12:09:16 AM) Apopalyctic: Above, Lucas promptly falls over. "Too reckless."
(12:09:54 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Accepted. A yellow Duel Disk appears over her arm.
(12:10:18 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: I win, the girl is mine.
(12:11:09 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Demand whatever you want, because I'm taking you down!"
(12:11:19 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Jin snarls. "That's not going to happen!" He gets back to his feet. "Alex, I'm help-GHRH!" He's forced to dive back to the ground as another icicle sails inches over him.
(12:11:57 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "It's alright Jin, I got this."
(12:12:10 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Besides, a handicap match against an Exodia deck doesn't sound too good to me."
(12:12:15 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "...are you sure?"
(12:13:52 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Jin, you're the fighter. I'm the duelist. Let me do my job."
(12:14:23 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "..." He sighs. He clearly doesn't like it, but he can't do much about it. "...okay."
(12:14:59 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: No more interruptions. She pulls five cards from the top of the disk. Come.
(12:15:01 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: (8000)
(12:15:05 AM) Y Ruler of Time: (8000)
(12:15:50 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: She draws. One set monster and 3 set cards appear.
(12:16:27 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Magic Card. Golden Sarcohpagus appears above her. A card appears above it and slowly slides in - Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden One.
(12:17:02 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: She makes no further motions.
(12:17:16 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Gonna be one of those kinds of Exodia decks huh..."
(12:17:18 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Draw!"
(12:17:43 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Here we go, I summon Deformer Videon in attack position!"
(12:18:39 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Almost before the camcorder finishes unfolding, he lays another card down. "Activate Equip Spell, Demonic Engine!"
(12:19:15 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Demonic Engine increases the equipped Machine's attack by 800, and Videon gains another 800 attack points for each card equipped to it while in attack position!" (1000/1000 > 2600/1000)
(12:20:00 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Videon, attack the defending monster!"
(12:21:02 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: A grim reaper appears and shatters. Emissary of the Afterlife.
(12:21:25 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: She holds up a hand. Left Arm of the Forbidden One appears from her deck in it.
(12:22:35 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Kh, I've got no Normal Monsters to add to my hand..."
(12:22:41 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "One card face-down, end turn!"
(12:23:55 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Reverse card, open.
(12:24:02 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: A tornado appears, striking the set card.
(12:24:29 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Gah..." his set Ceasefire is swept away by the fierce winds, "So much for that..."
(12:25:20 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: She draws. One more set card and one set monster appears, and she makes no further motion.
(12:26:04 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "You really should learn proper dueling etiquette," Alex says as he draws to start his turn.
(12:27:50 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: I precede such concepts. Her voice sounds almost.. ...amused? Or some approximation of it. Reverse card, open.
(12:28:05 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Drastic Drop Off appears. The card in Alex's hand is knocked away.
(12:29:28 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Gh..." he selects another card from his hand. "Then let me introduce you to a new concept..." he activates Deformer Accelerator Unit, shuffling Deformer Slingen back into his deck and destroying Exodia's set monster.
(12:30:09 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The monster, Sangan, is destroyed. She holds up a hand again, and Right Arm of the Forbidden One appears in it.
(12:30:38 AM) Y Ruler of Time: He slaps down another card, and Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive rolls up beside Videon (1400/1000)
(12:30:51 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "It's called my boot in your ass! DOUBLE DIRECT ATTACK!"
(12:34:16 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Both of the machines hit her, sending her tumbling to the ground. She's motionless for a moment. Eventually, she looks up, staring at Alex. Unlike Jo's normally wide, expressive eyes, they're emotionless, icy cold. She stares directly at Alex for a good few seconds. Aftr a few seconds of this, the ground behind him shifts slightly.
(12:34:48 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "What in the hell...?"
(12:36:38 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: A black statue of Exodia appears behind Alex. Just in time for him to notice it, it slams a fist into and right through his chest.
(12:37:24 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "AG-KUHEEH!" He staggers, and crumples, grasping at his heart.
(12:41:01 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: She gets up, a trap card flipping up next to her. Continuous Trap - Tribute to the Forbidden One. The card is bathed in darkness. If you dare to strike at me, you must pay tribute equal to half the power of your monster.
(12:41:12 AM) kwikkidus: "Alex!! Are you okay?!"
(12:41:35 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Holy shi- Alex, be careful! That's a Shadow Card!"
(12:42:11 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Paa...haaa..." He gets to his feet and turns back to face Exodia. "In that case it doesn't matter, so long as you take twice the damage I get! (6000)"
(12:42:32 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: (4000)
(12:42:45 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "End turn!"
(12:43:21 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: She wipes a small streak of blood from her forehead before she continues. The Sarcophagus above her shatters, adding Exodius to her hand.
(12:44:37 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Enough grandstanding. The two monsters in her graveyard, Emissary and Sangan, appear and shoot back into her deck. Special Summon - The incarnation of Myself - Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord!!!
(12:45:18 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Darkness gathers around Jo and shoots out across the entire sealing circle. Behind her, Exodius rises up, letting out a shrieking roar as it pushes up against the ceiling of the cave. (?/0)
(12:49:09 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The Field Slot of her disk opens, and she places another pitch-black card into it. Field Spell - Temple of the Ultimate Forbidden Lord!! The entire cave vanishes, slowly being changed to an ancient Egyptian temple. Inside of it, Exodius can easily rear up to its full height. At the center, lies a giant throne, which Jo sits in. Her Duel Disk is gone, replaced by a series of giant stone cards laying before her.
(12:49:44 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Two Shadow Cards at once...!?"
(12:50:59 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Two of the stone cards flip around - the two Forbidden One cards she'd added to her hand. They vanish. By returning these parts of Myself to the deck, two normal monsters - Alexandrite Dragon and Sapphire Dragon - appear and evaporate. Exodius roars as power surges into it. (2000/0)
(12:51:43 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "It- it's gonna be at 3000 already!?"
(12:52:06 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: I attack with the incarnation of Myself! Left Leg of the Forbidden One appears, and evaporates. Exodius shoots up to (3000/0) as it swings a fist down at Dekoichi.
(12:52:52 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Metal parts go flying as the train is crunched up like an accordion against the force of Exodius' punch. (4400)
(12:53:30 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: 'Turn end.' The sarcasm is well. It's palpable.
(12:54:24 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Shit...gotta take down that thing fast...Draw!"
(12:54:56 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "...Just gotta gather things up first."
(12:56:01 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "I summon Genex Neutron in defense!" (1800/1200) The red and silver robot appears in a crouch, and Videon folds back into a camcorder.
(12:56:12 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Then I switch Videon (1800/1800) into defense as well. End turn!"
(12:56:57 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: She barely pauses to let another card add itself to her hand. 1 set card appears, and she throws a hand out. The incarnation of Myself - Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord!
(12:57:25 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Right Leg of the Forbidden One appears and evaporates. (4000/0) Exodius brings its other fist down on Videon.
(12:57:48 AM) Y Ruler of Time: The damage to Videon is not covered by the warranty policy.
(12:57:59 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "By Demonic Engine's effect, I add Demonic Motor - Omega from my deck to my hand."
(12:59:15 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: She makes no further movements.
(12:59:35 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "My turn..."
(12:59:38 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "DRAW!"
(12:59:42 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Heh..."
(1:00:16 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Time to bring your temple crumbling down! I activate Mystical Space Typhoon, targeting Temple of the Ultimate Forbidden Lord!"
(1:01:26 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Alexandrite Dragon appears, and it roars and rams into the cyclone. Both are destroyed. My Temple is not so flimsy - by returning a tribute to the deck, it is protected from destruction.
(1:02:08 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Shit...one turn earlier and Videon could've...!"
(1:02:43 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Doesn't matter...summon Deformer Scopen in attack position (800/1400)!"
(1:03:32 AM) Y Ruler of Time: The microscope briefly grows arms and legs before it flashes into a trio of green rings, which combine with four white orbs that blossom out of Genex Neutron.
(1:04:10 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Docking strength with courage to become the world's guardian...Synchro Summon!"
(1:04:21 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Envoy of justice, POWER TOOL DRAGON (2300/2500)!"
(1:05:21 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: FLEX. (23000/2500)
(1:05:30 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "LET'S GO, PETEY! I activate Power Tool Dragon's effect, adding an Equip Spell from my deck to my hand!"
(1:05:59 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Activate Equip Spell - Double Tool D & C!" (3300/2500)
(1:06:07 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: FLEX. (3300/2500)
(1:06:59 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Exodius' attack power is drawn straight from its effect, which means when Double Tool negates its effect, your 'almighty incarnation of yourself' won't have any strength at all!"
(1:07:47 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Yeah! You suck!" Petey shouts. And, of course, FLEXES. (3300/2500)
(1:08:02 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Attack Exodius! POWER BREAK!"
(1:09:39 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Pay the tribute! A statue of Exodia appears behind Alex and punches him through the back.
(1:10:09 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "GRAAAH!!!" he's forced to one knee, but grits his teeth and spits out "GO!"
(1:10:13 AM) Y Ruler of Time: (2750)
(1:10:41 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "HERE I COME!" Petey rushes forward, drill at the ready....and goes right past Exodius.
(1:10:44 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "wha-huh?"
(1:11:25 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Absolute End stands right next to her. The drill slams into her chest, sending her flying through the air.
(1:11:34 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: (700)
(1:13:08 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Damn it - JO!"
(1:14:06 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: She notably wobbles as she gets to her feet. There's a nasty looking gash on her chest from Petey's drill.
(1:14:22 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "J-JO!"
(1:14:49 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Oh - oh geez, aniki, I was aiming for the monster and then she - she did the thing and - oh geez!"
(1:15:00 AM) Apopalyctic: Ed? What's going on down there?
(1:15:02 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Shit...after the first attack I was worried about this..."
(1:15:20 AM) kwikkidus: Jo just got stabbed by a drill. It looks like it hurt her. A lot.
(1:15:29 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "...It's okay Petey, we'll finish this next turn."
(1:16:01 AM) Apopalyctic: Get the healing magic ready.
(1:16:03 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "With all he's sunk into powering up Exodius, he can't afford to suicide it into Power Tool. And even if he does, it's just one more attack to win this."
(1:16:07 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Jin looks like he's about to have a mild cardiac episode of some kind. "Jesus, Alex...."
(1:16:19 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "End turn."
(1:16:26 AM) kwikkidus: Right, partner. Ed starts putting a spell on tap.
(1:16:31 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Power Tool: 2300/2500
(1:17:21 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: She draws. The drawn card is immediately revealed - Exodia the Forbidden One.
(1:17:41 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: It returns to the deck. Alexandrite Dragon appears and evaporates. (4000/0)
(1:18:21 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "...Oh man, this is gonna hurt..."
(1:18:28 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Within My Temple, cards that represent Myself cannot be targeted or destroyed by the effects of your cards!
(1:18:42 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "W-wait what!?"
(1:18:47 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The Incarnation of Myself - Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord, strike down the Crimson One's servant!
(1:19:14 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Left Arm of the Forbidden One is milled. Exodius' roar shakes the temple (5000/0) as it brings both fists down on Petey.
(1:20:29 AM) Y Ruler of Time: The force of the blow shakes the ground under him, causing him to fall backwards as his life points plummet.
(1:20:31 AM) Y Ruler of Time: (50)
(1:21:04 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "GrrrrrrAAAAARRRRAAAAAAAARGH!" Petey forces back Exodius's blow, but its weapons are destroyed in the process.
(1:21:08 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "A-aniki, are you okay?!"
(1:21:46 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Two more. She makes no further movements, her turn done.
(1:21:49 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "aaagh.......I haven't...lost yet so..."
(1:22:16 AM) Y Ruler of Time: He gets his feet under him, then slaps life into his knees until he has the strength to stand up.
(1:22:21 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "...that means I'm FINE!"
(1:22:26 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "DRAW!"
(1:22:43 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Y-yeah! Me too!" FLEX. (2300/2500)
(1:22:58 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "...Even if I get another Double Tool, I don't have the life points to survive Tribute's effect..."
(1:23:32 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "...It doesn't matter how much I power Petey up until I can get something else to come together, so..."
(1:23:45 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "...I search for an Equip Spell with Power Tool Dragon's effect!"
(1:23:55 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Then I activate that Equip Spell, Power Pickaxe!"
(1:24:42 AM) Y Ruler of Time: He jabs a finger towards Exodia. "Power Tool Dragon's level is seven, meaning all five monsters in your graveyard are valid targets for Power Pickaxe's effect!"
(1:24:58 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "So I'll activate its effect, and remove Left Leg of the Forbidden one from the game!"
(1:26:07 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "HrrrrrAAAH!" Petey shoots forward, driving its pickaxe towards Exodius' leg. A huge wall gets in its way, moving up so high it nearly obscures Exodius from view.
(1:26:36 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Reverse card, open. Imperial Iron Wall sits next to Jo, with her other trap card.
(1:27:06 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "...No...no openings..."
(1:27:06 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: You will not remove the pieces of Myself from their resting place.
(1:28:08 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "...I shift Power Tool Dragon to defense position, and end my turn."
(1:29:07 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: A new card appears next to her, representing her draw. She pays it absolutely zero mind. The incarnation of Myself attacks. Right Leg of the Forbidden One appears and vanishes. (6000/0) An even stronger blew is thrown against Power Tool Dragon.
(1:30:06 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "I send-NNGAAH!" Alex is once again thrown to the ground by the force of the attack.
(1:30:52 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Power Pickaxe explodes. Petey is knocked to the ground anyway, looking really busted up.
(1:31:01 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Ghhah..."
(1:31:05 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Petey..."
(1:31:13 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: One more.
(1:31:42 AM) Y Ruler of Time: 'Shit...it's just like back at the desert...Petey getting beat up...getting hurt...all because of my stupidity...'
(1:32:13 AM) Y Ruler of Time: 'Getting pushed into a corner, made me...'
(1:32:26 AM) Y Ruler of Time: 'I can't screw it up again like this!'
(1:32:32 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "My turn...DRAW!"
(1:32:41 AM) Y Ruler of Time: He snaps a card from his deck...
(1:32:47 AM) Y Ruler of Time: And stares at it.
(1:32:51 AM) Y Ruler of Time: And stares at it.
(1:33:02 AM) Y Ruler of Time: And falls to one knee, eyes wide.
(1:33:16 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "...no..."
(1:34:23 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "It's...impossible. Nothing I add to my hand can..."
(1:35:36 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "...no...no...no, no, no NO NO NO!"
(1:35:55 AM) Y Ruler of Time: He slams a fist to the ground. "Not like this, not because of me!"
(1:36:08 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Not after what she went through, I'm not gonna screw it up for her!"
(1:36:53 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "If I have to climb up to that fucking God's eyes and yank them out with my bare hands, I'm not gonna believe I've lost!"
(1:37:42 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Fuck my zero percent winning chance, I'm the last Kaiser of Duel Academy, that means I'm the best duelist we've got, and that means I DON'T LOSE!"
(1:37:49 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: She growls, the first movement her mouth has made the entire time.
(1:38:42 AM) Y Ruler of Time: The mark on his arm flares to life, a red aura surging out from it, surrounding his entire arm.
(1:39:19 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Mmmmmmmmeaaaanwhile.
(1:39:54 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "WHOA, holy shit." Isabel stares at her arm - the mark of the tail on it has started burning brightly.
(1:41:28 AM) Apopalyctic: "Aw, what? Who the hell set this off again?!"
(1:41:34 AM) Y Ruler of Time: From his spot on the ground, Gabriel stirs as his own mark glows.
(1:41:36 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "I....it's Hawkeye."
(1:41:41 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "He's in trouble."
(1:41:59 AM) Apopalyctic: "Hawkeye? You sure?"
(1:42:25 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "I - I dunno!" She pauses. "Y-yeah. I'm sure. It's him."
(1:42:47 AM) Apopalyctic: "Well, shit. What do we do?"
(1:42:50 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: ...then, her mark vanishes.
(1:43:09 AM) use megido skill: "At a guess? That."
(1:43:30 AM) use megido skill: Ryuuji held up his own arm, and the wings vanished in a flash as well.
(1:44:04 AM) Apopalyctic: "... Oh. Geez, Alex... Whatever you're doing, you'd better do it right."
(1:45:33 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Alex gets to his feet, and stands tall while his eyes briefly flash gold, followed by the full mark of the Crimson Dragon appearing on his back.
(1:46:06 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Jin's eyes widen as he stares at Alex's back. "Th-the Crimson Dragon's mark..."
(1:48:44 AM) kwikkidus: "...This is big."
(1:48:54 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "The duelists who stood at the pinnacle of the game in the past...what set them apart from their competition wasn't decision-making, or deck-building, or instinct."
(1:49:57 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "It was a skill for the game of Duel Monsters so pure and so potent that they could simply defy probability and claim victory in front of towering odds."
(1:50:25 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "This game was sealed as soon as you agreed to face me, and me alone, Exodia the Forbidden One."
(1:51:10 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Because right now, I'm the best duelist on the planet."
(1:51:44 AM) Y Ruler of Time: An Equip Spell slides into his hand and snaps into his Duel Disk.
(1:51:51 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Her expression has slowly become enraged from the second Alex's mark appeared and only gotten worse.
(1:52:11 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Just because you have the Crimson One behind you does not mean you can stand against the incarnation of Myself in My Temple!
(1:52:16 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Equip Spell activate - Deformer Repair Unit!"
(1:52:42 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "I discard Deformer Radion from my hand, and Special Summon Deformer Lantron, the card that was discarded by Drastic Dropoff!"
(1:53:19 AM) Y Ruler of Time: A blue spotlight appears, unfolding into a rotund robot (200/200)
(1:54:00 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Level 1, Deformer Lantron; level 7, Power Tool Dragon; TUNING!"
(1:55:38 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "The guardian of the world revolutionizes power and courage..."
(1:56:32 AM) Y Ruler of Time: The two monsters explode into a column of golden light, as Alex swipes his glowing right hand over his Extra Deck, coming away with only air held between his fingers.
(1:56:46 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "SYNCHRO..."
(1:57:29 AM) Y Ruler of Time: His arm snaps up, then slices through the air, a white-bordered card materializing just before slamming into the center monster zone of his Duel Disk. "SUMMON!"
(1:58:07 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Power Tool Dragon reappears, but changed - no longer a robotic imitation but now a genuine dragon.
(1:58:45 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Though entirely organic, all of its familiar features remain, though somewhat altered - the drill, the power shovel, the bizarre wings and tail.
(1:59:31 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "LIFE STREAM DRAGON (2900/2400)!"
(2:01:02 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Alex holds his arms out from his body while the red aura on his arm sweeps into his heart, while his Life Point counter rises.
(2:01:21 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "When Life Stream Dragon is Synchro Summoned, I can immediately set my Life Points at 4000!"
(2:02:12 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: You've set yourself up to pay the tribute....?
(2:02:27 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "And this...this is just the start," he holds out another card from his hand.
(2:02:42 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "I activate Star Blast, and pay 2000 Life Points!" (2000)
(2:03:05 AM) Y Ruler of Time: An image of Demonic Motor - Omega's card appears behind him, and four of its level stars immediately explode.
(2:03:49 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "For every 500 life points paid, Ohm's level is decreased by one, meaning he's level 4...so now I normal summon, without tribute, Demonic Motor - Omega!"
(2:04:37 AM) Y Ruler of Time: As another monster card slaps into his Duel Disk, the tremendous red machine rises up, steam already flooding out of its exhaust pipes. (2800/2000)
(2:05:27 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Omega's effect! Once per turn, I can increase its attack points by 1000!" Smoke loudly begins blasting out of the machine even more rapidly. (3800/2000)
(2:05:56 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Useless! The incarnation of Myself has nearly twice that strength!
(2:06:50 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "You obviously don't know me all that well, because if you did, you'd understand that now that I've brought Ohm out, it's time for the killing blow..."
(2:06:56 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Activate Normal Spell, Synchro Gift!"
(2:07:16 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "This lowers Life Stream Dragon's attack to 0 for this turn, and increases Ohm's attack by an equal amount!"
(2:07:26 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: What?!
(2:07:28 AM) Y Ruler of Time: (0/2400) (6700/2000)
(2:07:44 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Check your math, because this is a perfect kill!"
(2:08:56 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "CRIMSON OMEGA FLARE!"
(2:14:16 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The walls of the temple start crumbling as Exodius is engulfed in flame. It shrieks in pain as all of its supercharged limbs are burned away. It collapses downwards, falling in a pile of burning rubble right on to its duelist. At the same time, both of the Shadow Cards detonate, sending darkness everywhere. Little more than a roar of frustration escapes the pile of flaming debris as one final piece slams into the summoning circle - Exodia's head.
(2:15:08 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: As the temple crumbles and evaporates, the cave returns, exactly as it was.
(2:15:40 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "...And in case you didn't notice, Life Stream Dragon negates effect damage to me, so take your Tribute and shove it up your ass."
(2:16:15 AM) Y Ruler of Time: He promptly stops glowing, and almost collapses on the spot.