(10:50:49 PM) Y Ruler of Time: Knockknockknock
(10:51:26 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Hey buddy, what're you, some kinda telemarketer?" Comes a voice from behind the knocking.
(10:54:47 PM) Apopalyctic: Underground: "There appear to be two people at the door. Oh, my! One of them is Isabel. Should I let them in?" "Shit. She's probably here t'make sure I"m not..." Mylene coughed. "Who's the other person?" "I don't know."
(10:55:16 PM) Y Ruler of Time: The visitor turns around. He has a bandana on his head and...a noh mask over the left side of his face, the kind you could get at an obon festival for cheap.
(10:55:38 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "You dumbass, telemarketers don't go door-to-door! Stupid fucking bitch!"
(10:55:42 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "...I mean."
(10:55:51 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "I'm looking to talk with someone."
(10:56:17 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Isabel quirks an eyebrow way the hell up.
(10:56:49 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Uh. Okay. Ignoring that brilliant little flash of manners there - who the fuck are you and what're you doing here?"
(10:57:21 PM) Apopalyctic: "Huh... ... I have no idea who that is. How 'bout you, 'Mado?"
(10:58:10 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "...he. Sounds kinda familiar..."
(10:59:03 PM) Apopalyctic: "Should I..." "I got this." Mylene punched a button. "Hey, Isabel. Who's that asshole?"
(10:59:09 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "I'm looking for a guy named-" stop. Pause. His one visible eye narrows in concentration.
(10:59:26 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "Tsukamaya Marado. Got a message for him."
(11:00:56 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Isabel walks around the guy, not taking her eyes off him as she pushes the button on the intercom. "Dunno. Says he's lookin' for 'Mado."
(11:03:19 PM) Apopalyctic: "Uh-huuh. Okay." She turns to Amado. "Prefer it if y'took it up there. Mom doesn't really like strangers in the house."
(11:04:03 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Okay. I -" Amado's eyes widen. "Oh - oh shit!"
(11:04:24 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: He shoves Mylene out of the way and punches the button. "ISABEL, HE'S WITH THE COUNCIL!"
(11:05:31 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "Dumbass," Koshi smirked, wasting no time in shoving Isabel's head right into the intercom system.
(11:06:10 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Wait, wh-HURHGFUCFKFFCFBG!" Isabel sputters out as her head is palmed and rammed into the speaker.
(11:06:56 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "Little pig, little pig, LET ME THE FUCK IN!"
(11:06:57 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "sonofawhore!" A Sanctuary coats her arm. She rams her shoulder back into Koshi's gut. The Sanctuary turns red and detonates right in front of his stomach.
(11:07:28 PM) Y Ruler of Time: His path to the door is promptly cut off by an explosion.
(11:07:59 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Nnnnfuck." Amado rapidly realizes he messed up and bolts for the door.
(11:08:35 PM) Apopalyctic: "Oh. Oh, shit. Dammit, dad!" As soon as Amado bolts, Mylene is at a different console, putting the entire house into defense mode.
(11:08:37 PM) Y Ruler of Time: Thirty yards later, Koshi lands on his back.
(11:09:18 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Isabel is already leaping after him, a flame the size and shape of a basketball held tightly in her right hand. She wings it at Koshi before he has a chance to get up.
(11:10:40 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "Mmmgh, little fuckin' kids with their magic bullsh- what the" His head lifts up just in time for the fireball to hit him dead in the fact.
(11:10:46 PM) Y Ruler of Time: *face
(11:11:18 PM) Apopalyctic: Another door in the back of the lab opens. "We're ready to go at your order." "No!" Mylene barks at the additional backup units. "We've got this. Just watch the lab." She then runs outside as well, suiting up as soon as she hits the fresh air.
(11:11:59 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Shortly after that, she drops right out of the air, bringing her elbow down at Koshi's chest.
(11:15:06 PM) Y Ruler of Time: Isabel's blow lands right on Koshi's solar plexus. To her, it probably feels as if she's just driven her elbow into highly-compacted diamond.
(11:15:49 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Hghk...!" She grabs at her arm as she gets off of Koshi. The fuck is this guy made of...?!
(11:17:21 PM) Y Ruler of Time: Koshi promptly sits up, and snaps the bandana and mask off his head, revealing the dragon tattoo on his face and his black and crimson hair.
(11:17:41 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "You owe me 1500 yen for ruining my disguise."
(11:18:23 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Holy shit, Yakuza tats? Be more of a tryhard, dude."
(11:18:38 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: As she says that, she spins, throwing a punch at his head with her left.
(11:20:42 PM) Y Ruler of Time: From his seated position, he grabs her wrist as it approaches him, and flicks his arm up, meaning to toss her over his head.
(11:24:24 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: She swings over his head, landing on her back. Her leg swings out, a Sanctuary growing over her lower leg and pointing into a blade at the toe. She tries to catch him in the jaw with her foot.
(11:27:14 PM) Y Ruler of Time: There is a nasty CHLOCK sound of bone splitting apart as the front of Koshi's jaw is speared through.
(11:27:58 PM) Y Ruler of Time: An instant later, he has a ridiculously powerful vicegrip on the offending leg.
(11:28:36 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Ghk!" Isabel tries to pull her leg back, nothing doing.
(11:30:17 PM) Y Ruler of Time: Koshi pries the foot-tipping blade out of his mouth and simultaneously stands up, taking Isabel's leg up with him.
(11:30:48 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Isabel is lifted off the ground. She responds by flinging a fireball the size of a baseball into Koshi's face.
(11:32:02 PM) Y Ruler of Time: Fire in the eye halts Koshi's attack briefly, though he refuses to let go with the one hand while shielding his wounded face with the other.
(11:35:15 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Isabel puts both hands on her leg. The Sanctuary around her feet turns red and starts to heat up.
(11:37:22 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "Grahnah-!" Koshi has enough time and sense to react to this development, and tosses Isabel away from himself with a flick of his arm, the same one would a frisbee.
(11:38:41 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "WHHH-umphh" Isabel is cut off as she hits the wall of a building and crumples to the ground, coughing loudly.
(11:40:05 PM) Y Ruler of Time: Koshi takes the moment of separation to shake some sense into his head while a pale green glow engulfs his jaw, rapidly undoing all the damage dealt to it. When it is fully regenerated, he rolls it around a few times, and spits some blood out.
(11:41:04 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "Y'know I don't know who you are, but you're starting to piss me off." He then steps over to Isabel, and lifts her up by the shoulders.
(11:41:24 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "So just go the fuck to sleep, or better yet, just die completely. I could use that too."
(11:41:26 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Isabel is slow to get up, and unable to stop Koshi from picking her up.
(11:41:53 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: She spits a bloody tooth at his face.
(11:43:33 PM) Y Ruler of Time: "Hehehehehe...like to see you try that again after this..." he takes a breath, while his face takes on a deathly palor. Green strands of energy surround the both of them while the flesh on his face shrinks back and contracts, accentuating the shape of his skull.
(11:44:08 PM) Y Ruler of Time: Then he opens his mouth impossibly wide, and screams in Isabel's face, a flood of the pale green energy blasting out of him.
(11:45:27 PM) Y Ruler of Time: To Isabel's ears alone, the sound of his yell is intermixed with the moans and cries of hundreds more.
(11:52:32 PM) Apopalyctic: At that moment, Mylene wooshes down, giganto arm cannon at the ready. "Hands off my wife, douchebag!"
(11:53:50 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Isabel gasps for air while in his grasp. When she sees Mylene, she reacts quickly - a Sanctuary appears over her left hand and she jams it as his throat.
(11:55:37 PM) Y Ruler of Time: Koshi's bizarre attack comes to an abrupt end, the scream devolving into a gurgle as blood and something green and most certainly not blood spews rather spectacularly from his throat.
(11:56:11 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: "shoot him shoot him fuckin' shoot him!" Isabel rasps out as best she can.
(11:56:22 PM) Y Ruler of Time: He releases Isabel immediately and grabs at his neck, choking.
(11:57:13 PM) Viewtiful Jeff: Amado bodychecks Koshi out of nowhere in an effort to throw him off balance. Then, he grabs Isabel and Wingbeats away.
(11:58:03 PM) Apopalyctic: "I can't with you standin'... Oh. Well, then." Mylene is going to follow very quickly... but she'll fire off a few rounds as she goes.
(11/28/2011 12:00:00 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Koshi goes down and this time goes down hard, the combination of attacks affecting him this time in a way they had completely failed to before.
(12:01:42 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Amado sets Isabel down a short distance away. "Isabel, are you okay?!" She rasps something unintelligible out. Her skin has become pale, and she's not moving much.
(12:01:59 AM) Y Ruler of Time: It takes some time before he at last lurches up, the hole in his neck pulsating as it attempts to close itself up, the occasional glob of ectoplasmic goo leaking out.
(12:02:51 AM) Apopalyctic: "Give 'er t'me." Mylene says as she comes up beside him. "That guy's lookin' for you, after all."
(12:05:11 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "..." Amado picks her up, handing her to Mylene. He looks back at Koshi as he somehow lives through being shanked in the throat and shot at.
(12:08:11 AM) Apopalyctic: "Stay with me, now. I gotta get us somewhere real quick, but right after that I promise you'll feel better." Mylene throws something behind her. In seconds, a BOOM is heard, followed by an odd-looking tube. "Don't do anything crazy, Amado."
(12:08:58 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Koshi begins walking after Amado and the others even before the wound fully closes, though his pursuit is drastically slowed as he staggers forward.
(12:11:54 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Yeah, right," he mutters to Mylene as he looks back at Koshi.
(12:12:28 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "...what do you want with me?" He snarls, holding his ground as Koshi draws closer.
(12:13:18 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "IHONNAHEEHOU!"
(12:13:38 AM) Y Ruler of Time: His throat closes up, and he swallows once before speaking again.
(12:13:47 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "I'M HERE TO KILL YOU!"
(12:14:06 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "..."
(12:14:17 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "What, you still pissy about me chuckin' you in the ocean like four years ago?"
(12:14:46 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Fuck off - I'm going to make sure Isabel's okay," he turns away from Koshi.
(12:15:32 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "I'm here to kill you because I ain't the only one who wants you dead!"
(12:16:48 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Sure, Daughtily wants me dead. Go ahead and tell that bitch the feeling's mutual."
(12:17:23 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Bitch you think I even care if you're lookin' at me when I kill you? Think you're cool because you turn your back on me?"
(12:17:47 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "You'll die like every other moron whose neck I snapped and whose kidneys I shanked."
(12:18:26 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "And then when you're lyin' on the ground bleeding out like a broken little animal I smashed into with my car, I'll choke out your pathetic little cries for mercy with my fuckin' heel."
(12:18:51 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Nice to know you'll go as easy as your bitch of a father."
(12:19:08 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: As he's walking away, Amado stops, his veins turning to ice.
(12:19:36 AM) Apopalyctic: Mylene and Isabel are long gone, BTW. Of course, it doesn't take a genius to figure Mylene rigged her tube to go back to the lab, so.
(12:22:42 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "What's that, you upset I got to him before you did? Don't worry, I'll give you half credit."
(12:23:41 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Amado slowly turns his head back to look at Koshi.
(12:23:44 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "You...?"
(12:23:46 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "You sure made it easy on me, beating the fuck out of each other til you had nothing left. I didn't do any heavy lifting, just helped him all the way into his grave."
(12:24:23 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Hell, it's almost a shame I gotta do you like that. You did me a damn good favor...I never got a boost better than that one. Maybe I never will."
(12:25:27 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Then again, you beat him, didn't you? Guess that makes you stronger...so I wonder how much stronger I'll get off you..."
(12:25:44 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: One second, Amado is standing there. The next, the distance between them closes instantly and a green sword is swinging at Koshi.
(12:26:57 AM) Y Ruler of Time: In his first actual attempt at dodging the entire time he's been there, Koshi weaves out of the sword's path, a wide grin breaking out on his face.
(12:27:05 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Yeah that's it, let's do it the fun way!"
(12:30:03 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: A suit of armor slides into place over Amado's body. He swings his sword at the ground, leaving a deep gash in the pavement and sending a razor sharp blade of wind at Koshi before he has time to get his balance back from dodging the first swing.
(12:31:40 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "GAAAHHH-!" Koshi hurtles backward in a bloody cloud, but lands on his feet and springs forward even as the cuts on his body are healing.
(12:32:08 AM) Y Ruler of Time: His movements are a blur as he lashes out, striking with a barrage of kicks to Amado's body.
(12:34:35 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The kicks bounce off the armor, denting it as Amado is forced backwards. He growls, dropping his sword entirely and grabbing Koshi by the throat.
(12:35:34 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "You killed my father!" He growls and starts punching him in the face as quickly and as hard as he can.
(12:36:26 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-" Koshi screams out as long as he can before the air stops coming out of his mouth. Despite being choked and pummeled, bruises and cuts appearing all over his face and rapidly healing nearly as quickly as they appear, he continues to grin.
(12:37:14 AM) Y Ruler of Time: All the while both his arms batter at Amado's head while he completely ignores the thought of defense.
(12:40:33 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Amado doesn't have the benefit of a healing factor. His helmet dents and cracks, eventually giving way and revealing his face, forcing him to release Koshi and stumble backwards.
(12:42:02 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "YEAH I KILLED YOUR DADDY!" Koshi shouts in Amado's face as soon as he can breathe again. "I KILLED A LOTTA FUCKIN' PEOPLE!"
(12:43:32 AM) Y Ruler of Time: He puncuates this with a drop-kick to Amado's chest.
(12:45:04 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The kick catches Amado off-guard, and he drops to one knee. He instantly picks up his sword and swings it at Koshi's stomach.
(12:49:22 AM) Y Ruler of Time: In probably a very ill-advised move, Koshi catches the blade in one hand, mangling it but still stopping the blow. He snarls in pain and roundhouses Amado in the head in the brief time he can hold onto the sword.
(12:56:50 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Amado's head bucks to the left as he's kicked in the head, but he stays his ground. He swings his right arm - his metallic arm - into Koshi's chest. Right before it makes contact, the arm pulses bright green. It releases the energy of his Seal explosively right at the instant of contact.
(12:58:53 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Off-balance because of the kick he launched, Koshi has no chance to counter, and Amado is granted some breathing room as he tumbles backwards.
(1:01:04 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Mylene's warnings about his new arm vainly try to reach the forefront of Amado's mind - he pays them no mind. He leaps after Koshi, the magical metal pulsing even more brightly as he swings his fist down before Koshi even has a chance to come to a complete stop.
(1:04:49 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Though phenomenally strong, fast, and durable, Koshi doesn't have the power to react while still in the air off a bounce to the ground.
(1:05:35 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "SHI-" the ground suffers more damage than his body does, leaving a crater centered on where his head smashes into it.
(1:08:55 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Amado's sword appears in his hand as he stands over Koshi. He holds the sword to his throat.
(1:09:40 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "You killed my father," he hisses. "You stole my mother's husband and my sister's father! Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you!"
(1:11:14 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Koshi starts laughing.
(1:11:39 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "You haven't got a tenth the power or a third the balls to back that up!"
(1:14:13 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "..." His sword wavers in his hand before he grips it tightly with both hands.
(1:14:23 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: He then brings it down on Koshi's left arm.
(1:14:51 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "HAAAAAAAAAAAAUGAHGAHHAHAHA!" he shouts out in a combination of amusement and pain.
(1:14:56 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "Fucking toldja!"
(1:15:10 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "I might not be able to kill you..." He snarls. He raises the sword again.
(1:15:40 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "But you're never going to put anybody through what you put my family through AGAIN!" He brings the sword down on his other arm.
(1:16:57 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "UUUUUUUURRRROOOOOO THEN YOU'LLGGGGGOONNA HAVE TO DO WAY WORSE!" Both wounds are already glowing with energy that is a different, paler shade of green from Amado's own.
(1:17:22 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: He stomps his foot down on to Koshi's chest to stop him from getting away.
(1:18:13 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "I was planning on it."
(1:19:52 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Koshi thrashes, trying to kick his legs and buck Amado off of him
(1:20:12 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Amado repeatedly slashes at Koshi's limbs, taking them in turn as they start regenerating. As blood eventually covers his sword and his armor, he roars in simple, visceral, rage as all of his aggression is let out one cut at a time.
(1:23:43 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Koshi's yells gradually become more enraged as well, and his speech devolves until it consists entirely of garbled curses and animalistc screams as he's helplessly cut into.
(1:25:32 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Eventually, Amado's sword clatters to the ground. He takes his foot off of Koshi as he steps away, the regeneration finally having slowed to a stop.
(1:26:25 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "There," he snarls."Maybe if you start hobbling now, you'll find someone who pities your ass enough to dump you in a hospital."
(1:26:36 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Koshi's screams have since faded into weak groans of agony.
(1:29:45 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "...I..."
(1:29:52 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Amado gives Koshi a rough kick right to his head. Then, he starts walking away, his armor fading as he head towards his bike.
(1:30:06 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "....you..."
(1:31:29 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "YOU" Ethereal green claws snap around in front of Amado and clutch at his face before he gets very far.
(1:31:50 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "I'LL KILL YOU!"
(1:32:09 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Amado stumbles away, falling on to his ass as the claws narrowly miss his face.
(1:33:32 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Koshi stands over Amado covered in blood, his arms ending in fleshy stumps just below the shoulder and pale green bones making up the rest.
(1:33:40 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME!"
(1:34:24 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Green liquid spews from his mouth like spittle as he slashes at Amado's face again.
(1:35:54 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Shit...! Amado brings his blade up, parrying the claws as he struggles to get back to his feet.
(1:38:04 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "YOU" Koshi grabbed Amado's blade, "TOOK" and squeezed, snapping it like balsa wood, "MY" then turned the sword against its master, stabbing at Amado with the broken blade, "ARMS!"
(1:40:31 AM) Apopalyctic left the room.
(1:44:23 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The blade of Amado's own sword catches him in the shoulder, shattering that piece of his armor and piercing through his flesh. He yells in pain as he doubles over, his sword falling out of his reach.
(1:47:31 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Koshi punches straight into Amado's breastplate before tearing it off, then turns and bashes Amado across the head with it once before tossing it aside.
(1:47:55 AM) Y Ruler of Time: He falls upon Amado, slashing at whatever exposed parts of his body his claws can reach.
(1:50:23 AM) kwikkidus left the room.
(1:57:26 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Eventually he assaults his assault when by chance he catches a glance at his fingers - growing ever more bloodstained - and sees that one is missing, and the bones are beginning to fade and weaken.
(1:57:34 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Amado reels backwards from the hit. He struggles to regenerate his armor, but it's unable to keep up with the speed and frequency of Koshi's blows, and his claws wind up tasting blood soon enough.
(1:58:01 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "...I'm the incarnation of death...of death! I kill, I can't be killed!"
(1:58:44 AM) Y Ruler of Time: He grabs Amado by the face and holds it to his own. The flesh on his face shrinks back against his skull."Your life is mine!"
(2:00:37 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Then once more he screamed, and his voice carried the same message as a banshee's, inviting Amado to his death.
(2:20:19 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Amado coughs repeatedly as the sound of the banshee's scream fills his ears, overwhelming him. The edges of his vision slowly darken. By this point, his armor has almost entirely evaporated, leaving him in his Gravekeeper's cloak, trails of green energy circling around his body. One of the trails lingers around his shoulder. It condenses into a long, clawed green appendaged attached to his shoulder. It swings at Koshi's jaw, punching him right in the middle of the scream.
(2:21:44 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Koshi's head rocks, briefly interrupting the effects of the scream, but he immediately tries to turn his head back.
(2:23:11 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: A second arm slugs Koshi again. A third grabs at his arm, pulling at the bony, skeletal arm around Amado's neck.
(2:24:29 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Koshi struggles against the multiplying arms, but though he's able to maintain his grip, his scream is being constantly interrupted.
(2:30:06 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Amado swings his Psypher arm up, grabbing the arm gripping him. It pulses wildly and repeatedly, more brightly as it had before. He jerks the metal hand, trying to either rip Koshi's arm off of him, or rip it off of Koshi.
(2:33:11 AM) Y Ruler of Time: "GGGGGRNGRGRNAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Amado's face is most certainly scratched up as the bony arm is ripped away, the fingers breaking off and leaving Koshi with no means of maintaining his grip.
(2:40:22 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Amado drops back on to his feet, quickly falling on to his hands and knees. He glares up at Koshi. First another arm appears, then another. Then, suddenly, dozens of the clawed arms are sprouting from his back. Each one punching Koshi once and then withdrawing to swing again.
(2:42:25 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Eventually, they start moving faster and faster, and forego withdrawing entirely, evaporating and then regenerating to strike even faster, become nothing more than a literal blur around Amado and Koshi as they rapidly strike, break down and reappear.
(2:45:26 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Koshi eventually becomes unable to recover or defend himself from the constant stream of blows anyway, his body shudders like a rag doll under the barrage.
(2:54:43 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: The assault continues with reckless abandon, only slowing when the arms are unanble to keep regenerating at the same speed, and only stopping when the arms completely fail to hold up anymore, and Amado is dropped to all fours.
(2:58:06 AM) Y Ruler of Time: It is difficult to determine exactly what shape Koshi's body is in, but it would be safe to say it would better be called a corpse.
(2:58:59 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: Eventually, Amado forces himself back to his feet. He walks (more like drags) himself over to Koshi, and looks down at him, his sword appearing in his hand as he does.
(2:59:38 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Rather oddly, when his form crumbles to the ground, it resumes glowing the pale green that had previously been indicative of his powers. However, instead of surrounding and supporting his body, it instead begins flooding out in a wave of tiny motes of light, which lose their green tint the further they travel.
(3:00:39 AM) Y Ruler of Time: Soon, five green strands lower from the sky, attached themselves to the remains of the body, and lift upwards, pulling out a spectral green substitute for Koshi's body which is dragged up from his true, physical one.
(3:01:08 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "...what..?"
(3:01:59 AM) Y Ruler of Time: The green form quickly rises and vanishes into the shadowy body of a pale, cloaked figure, who remains for little time afterward, fading into thin air.
(3:05:21 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "..." Amado looks up as the green shadow of Koshi is dragged into the air and vanishes. He then stares down at his lifeless body.
(3:06:33 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: He lets out a breath. His sword vanishes. Then, just as he starts back towards Mylene's lab, his arm pulses again. "Hh?" He looks down at it.
(3:07:06 AM) Viewtiful Jeff: "Ngh-GHHHRRRK!" He drops down to his knees, clutching at his chest. The arm pulses again, and he drops to the ground, unconscious before he hits the ground.